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October 25, 2004

Ashlee Vanilli?

Singer Ashlee Simpson's "extra help" may have been exposed when a "Saturday Night Live" audience heard her voice - singing the wrong song - while she held a microphone at her waist.

Her record company blamed a computer glitch and she blamed her band for Sunday morning's incident, which cut off her planned performance of the song "Autobiography" on the network comedy show.

Simpson had performed her hit single "Pieces of Me" without incident earlier in the show. When she came back a second time, her band started playing and the first lines of her singing "Pieces of Me" could be heard again.

She looked momentarily confused as the band plowed ahead with the song and the vocal was quickly silenced. Simpson made some exaggerated hopping dance moves, then walked off the stage 35 seconds into the performance.

NBC quickly cut to a commercial.

--Um, isn't the show called "Saturday Night LIVE??"

"Buh, buh, buh, buh , buh, buh, buh, Baby...don't forget my number!" Hee hee.

Posted by Lawren at October 25, 2004 07:49 AM

You Said

I honestly don't see the big deal about this other than it was an embaressing moment caught on live TV. Maybe singing performances that are going to be televised aren't totally live due to the threat of equipment malfunctions such as a bad mircophone.(wardroboe malfuctions are a different story) I hate to shatter illusions, but that's the nature of live TV performances, much of the lyrics are often taped and the singers lip sync.

Now if that occured at a concert that I paid money for it would be a different story.

Says: Brian D. at October 25, 2004 08:11 AM

When you're a newcomer and still in the "prove yourself" stage, I think faking it is poor form.

Says: Lawren at October 25, 2004 09:58 AM

Another no talent hack gets busted lip

Says: Kelly at October 25, 2004 10:34 AM

The fact that she SUCKS so bad probably led to her staged performance. After all, I don't think she COULD sing that song live if she tried to...

Says: Amanda at October 25, 2004 11:26 AM

This girl has ZERO talent. Ever hear her try to sing in the studio on her awful show? She couldn't hit one note, and the studio created the voice you hear on the albumn. Yes, I admit, I saw a few episodes. She has no voice, can't act, and needs to DISAPPEAR from "the industry." Can you tell I'm not a fan? :)

Says: Iceman at October 25, 2004 11:57 AM

I quote from a similar conversation I've been having on this subject that I enjoyed.

"Check out the looks on the band's faces. You can tell they were pretty tickled over the whole thing. I know if I were a real musician
playing in a backup band for someone who is only famous because her
sister is hot, this would definitely convince me that karma does exist."

Says: Brian D. at October 25, 2004 01:33 PM

I think Brian is on to something with the karma thing

Says: Uptown Girl at October 26, 2004 12:52 AM

I hate, hate, hate lip-syncers. To me, it compromises the integrity of musicians and performance.

Back in the early 90s, a few acts came to prominence because they supposedly packaged looks, dancing and music. Turns out some of them were frauds.

It also is a fraud to charge people money for concerts when all you're going to do is play the record and dance to it. If I wanted that, I'd go to a club.

A few years ago, I seem to recall Congress trying to put forth a bill requiring all musical acts to clearly post at live events if they used backing music or pre-recorded vocals of any kind in their performances. I think this should be re-introduced. Not because some pre-fab, bubblegum brat like Ashlee Simpson got busted; but because I'm tired of the entire movement of pre-fab, bubblegum crap music that the record companies put out there.

However, I'm glad she got busted. Record companies know they can get away with it so long as the average idiot teenager doesn't protest. And I guarantee they won't protest this, because they're too busy being stupid and lowering the standards of music. After all, this IS a generation responsible for TRL and Carson freakin' Daly, a man so devoid of talent that he actually makes people around him suck that much more.

Thank God for live, local music.

Says: Kevin the Interloper at October 26, 2004 03:42 AM

That last line in your post has me laughing Lawren! I remember when those guys were on some MTV show when their music was messing up... Girl you know it's, girl you know it's, girl you know its...

Says: Lori at October 28, 2004 12:24 PM


On second thought, never mind. :)

Says: Pixy Misa at October 31, 2004 02:12 AM

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