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October 31, 2005 

Depp's Odd Gift

As previously reported, Kate Moss is out of rehab. The super­model checked out of an Arizona clinic where she has spent a month trying to kick drugs and booze.

"Kate is in excellent spirits and looking forward to getting back to work," a rep for her modeling agency said, adding that she most looked forward to being reunited with her 3-year-old daughter, Lila. Moss, who lost contracts with H&M, Burberry and Chanel after the London Mirror ran photos of the millionaire model "Hoovering" cocaine, has already landed assignments in L.A., Paris and New York, her reps said.

Among those pulling for her is ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp.

The actor is said to have given her the curious gift of a mirror.

It's not meant as a piece of drug paraphernalia, according to the London Sun. Rather, Depp, who's part Cherokee, is said to have given it as a shamanic device to help Moss "face herself without fear."

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Party Time

Paris Hilton was inseparable from Stavros Niarchos at Blender magazine's "Rock 'n' Roll Hollywood" bash in the Hollywood Hills the other night — until Hilton decided to plant a good night kiss on 'NSYNC-er JC Chasez.

Paris didn't show the same affection towards ex-crony Nicole Richie, however. The heir-head bolted the party literally two minutes after Richie made her grand entrance. Richie spent most of the night chatting with Lindsay Lohan. Others there included a black-eyed Sergio Mora from "The Contender," Serena Williams and an unusually tranquil Mike Tyson.

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George Wants Love Like Brangelina

George Clooney concedes he has "failed with women" but he's still searching for the love of his life.

The actor, 44, split from British TV presenter Lisa Snowdon earlier this year. He was then rumored to be dating Italian heiress Gianna Elvira Cantatore.

Clooney is now single again but he confesses he wants to find happiness like best pal Brad Pitt has with Angelina Jolie. He says, "I haven't lost hope. My friends Angelina Jolie and Brad are very much in love. Maybe it's time for me to find the woman of my life, too. "I realize I am the last person who can judge my tastes - I have failed badly with women."

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Nicole Saddened by TomKat Baby

Tom Cruise's ex Nicole Kidman found out her former hubby was going to be dad just like most of the rest of us ... on TV, reports

Katie Holmes, Cruise's fiance, is pregnant with the couple's first baby. Kidman and Cruise divorced in 2001 after nearly ten years of marriage.

Kidman's friend told Grazia magazine: "Nic learned about Tom and Katie's baby the same way as everyone else - from the TV. "She went shopping immediately after hearing the news to try and take her mind off it, but that just made things worse. She says people pointed at her, and everyone was whispering as soon as she turned her back. She's taking it very hard."

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Paris To Play Zsa Zsa?

Paris Hilton is in talks to play Zsa Zsa Gabor in a new film.

The actress was once married to Hilton's great-grandfather Conrad Hilton.

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Halle and Her Man

Lookin' Good As Usual:

Halle Berry stays in step with her main man, her Their Eyes Were Watching God costar Michael Ealy, after having breakfast in Hollywood on Wednesday.

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Mary-Kate To Try Acting Again

Mary-Kate Olsen is going back to her roots — acting.

Rumor has it that she is in talks to play eccentric Andy Warhol acolyte Bridget Berlin in "Factory Girl" alongside Sienna Miller, who is playing Edie Sedgwick. A spy giggled: "Mary-Kate will be playing a speed freak. She's skinny enough!"

Olsen had been taking acting classes at New York University before ditching the school to spend more time on the West Coast with her man David Katzenberg.

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Rambo's Back

Rambo is back in business. Sylvester Stallone will reprise his role as gun-toting John Rambo in the upcoming "Rambo IV," said Ben Nedivi of Millennium Films, which is producing the project with Emmett/Furla Films.

The 59-year-old Stallone also intends to bring boxer Rocky Balboa out of retirement. He will write and direct "Rocky Balboa," the sixth film in that franchise, with shooting set to begin next year.

Nedivi said the $50 million "Rambo IV" will recapture the rawness of "First Blood," which launched the franchise in 1982. Production is set to begin after "Rocky Balboa" wraps.

A new "Rambo" script hasn't yet been written, but the story calls for the reclusive Vietnam veteran to return to his vigilante ways when a young girl is kidnapped.

--Someone stop this man.

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New ALW Musical

The Woman in White, Andrew Lloyd Webber's newest musical, which marks the Broadway debut of Olivier Award-winning actress Maria Friedman, begins previews at the Marquis Theatre Oct. 28.

Friedman stars as Marian Halcombe, a role she created in the musical's London production, opposite Michael Ball's Count Fosco. The musical will officially open Nov. 17.

According to production notes, The Woman in White concerns "a dashing young man, employed as the art tutor to two devoted sisters, [who] is stranded at a remote railway cutting. Out of the darkness looms a woman, a mysterious figure dressed in white, desperate to share a chilling secret. He and the sisters soon find themselves trapped in a web of betrayal and greed, the victims of a seemingly flawless crime. Together they will need all their resourcefulness and courage to outwit a hugely charismatic and ingenious villain. As the compelling plot twists and turns, low villainy vies with high romance in a world where nothing is as it first appears and where it is impossible to know who to trust."

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The Game Arrested

Rapper The Game has been arrested, accused of causing a scene at a mall and refusing to remove a Halloween mask.

"I got arrested for signing autographs," the 25-year-old rapper told WFMY-TV after he was released on $500 bail. "Signing a little girl's autograph got me arrested." But police said The Game, real name Jayceon Taylor, and a group of companions behaved disruptively and swearing Friday at Four Seasons Town Centre. He was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. At one point, police said, his companions were sprayed with pepper spray when they surrounded officers in a threatening manner.

Mall security officers said the rapper was wearing a full-face Halloween mask and cursing loudly, and refused to leave when asked. When police arrived, Taylor continued to act up and was arrested, a police statement said.

The Game said officers overreacted. "They thought I was Rodney King, man. It was a case of mistaken identity," he told WFMY. "It's unfair, man. Their behavior's unfair."

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Odd Reviews

Broadway's golden duo of Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick set a record of $20 million in advance bookings for their return to Broadway as "The Odd Couple" but the opening night drew mixed reviews.

Reviews ranged from "sluggish" and "serviceable" to "hilarious." The New York Sun rated it "a handful of decent laughs from two stars staying firmly in their comfort zone" -- a comment echoed in many reviews.

The show was considered Broadway's hottest this year after the stars of the acclaimed Broadway musical "The Producers" signed on for Neil Simon's much-produced 1965 play, which was also a hit 1968 movie and a television series in the 1970s.

Ticket scalpers were getting $1,000 and more for seats and advance ticket sales were the highest-ever for a non-musical.

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October 28, 2005 


Janet Jackson has been exposed -- and this time, Justin Timberlake is nowhere to be seen.

A video clip showing Jackson sunbathing naked has been circulating on the Internet and was still playing on some Web sites Thursday. The 40-second paparazzi video was shot from bushes near the singer. Jackson's publicist didn't return a call Thursday from The Associated Press for comment.

Her lawyers were reportedly attempting to have the video taken off the Web. On one site, a freeze-frame was still up Thursday, but the video link had been taken down -- replaced with the message "removed because lawsuits aren't really my thing."

The exact source of the video and when it was shot was unclear. Photos taken at the same time popped up online last year.

--Thanks for the tip, Ren.

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Brit Laughs At KFed's Music

Britney Spears had some harsh advice for her hubby regarding his nascent singing career: Don’t get your hopes up. Kevin Federline recently brought home some music he’d recorded and he played it for Spears, according to the new issue of In Touch Weekly.

His efforts were “greeted with hurtful laughter from his superstar wife, who was unimpressed,” reports the mag. “She said his debut CD might sell ‘a hundred, maybe a thousand’ copies if he was lucky,’” an “insider” told the mag, who added, “Kevin looked really hurt.”

Spears’ unkind review comes at a time when the new parents are said to be going through an extended rough patch. Her “tolerance for his behavior is waning quickly,” reports In Touch. For example, while Spears was busy changing their infant son’s diapers, Federline reportedly spent two hours getting his hair braided. And after a blow-up on Oct. 19, Federline went to a nightclub called Mood, where he partied until well after midnight.

“He seemed kind of out of it,” a witness told the mag. “Everyone was like, Go home to your family. Isn’t it a bit soon to be out partying?”

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Samantha Talks More Sex

Actress Kim Cattrall is set to unveil a new TV special on human sexuality, to coincide with the release of her book Sexually Intelligent.

The former Sex And The City star, who penned the successful sex-help tome Satisfaction - The Art Of The Female Orgasm, traveled to various destinations around the world to speak with people about their intimate secrets for the show, which will carry the same name as the new book.

She says, "It was so much fun. We took seven real people and we asked them all the same questions about sexuality and then we took four experts to comment on it. Then we traveled all over the world." And the British-born beauty, 49, admits she was particularly surprised when she spoke with people about their fantasies. Cattrall explains, "This was actually a more scary subject for people, because people don't like to admit that they fantasize, or what they fantasize about." The documentary is set to debut in the US next month.

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When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People

Oh, Miss Alba. Way too Mary-Kate/Mr. Rogers.

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Celebrity Quotes

"Get the best people and don't trust them."
--Donald Trump, in a real-estate seminar for the Learning Annex. The mogul earned $1.5 million for the hour-long speech.

"People assume a brown-haired woman is more serious. The intelligent blonde is unexpected."
– Harvard grad and natural brunette Mira Sorvino, to Time, on why she dyes her hair so fair.

"I think part of my destiny has to be realizing that I'm not the poster boy for drug abuse."
Robert Downey Jr.

"I never wanted to be a salesman."
Walk the Line's Joaquin Phoenix, to Entertainment Weekly, on promoting his films

"It's always frightening when that kind of talk happens this early. People get crazy. Madness ensues."
Charlize Theron, to Entertainment Weekly, on the Oscar buzz for her new film North Country.

"Jessica Simpson says she wants to star opposite Brad Pitt in the big-screen adaptation of Dallas. According to reports, Simpson has asked to play the part of Debbie."
David Spade, on The Showbiz Show

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Matthew Works His Abs

Let the hot man exercise in peace:

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Another Celeb Fragrance

Nicole Richie is planning to follow former pal Paris Hilton's example and launch a new perfume.

She is currently checking out scents that contains lavender and ginger, according to In Touch magazine. The Simple Life star is reportedly looking to call her new fragrance 'Different'.

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Lohan Joins Bobby

Lindsay Lohan has joined the cast of Bobby. The film is about the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

Emilio Estevez wrote the film and is directing reports the Hollywood Reporter. Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Elijah Wood, Nick Cannon and Freddy Rodriguez already are cast in the film.

The film is due to start filming next week in LA.

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Brandy and Fiance Split

Singer Brandy has ended her 15-month engagement with basketball star Quentin Richardson.

New York Knicks player Richardson, 25, proposed to the 26-year-old single mother with a $1 million engagement ring in July 2004. After the couple mysteriously split last month, Brandy has taken painful steps to have a tattoo of Richardson on her back transformed into a cat.

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Keira Says...

Keira Knightley says she likes to strip off in front of the camera but has to recruit body doubles if it involves spreading her legs too far.

"Taking your clothes off in front of the camera is part of acting. I'm not ashamed of that, plus I like to look sexy on screen," she told German newspaper Express, adding that only once did she have to employ a body double.

Speaking about her new film Domino she said: "Only once during a lap dancing scene. I had to dance over man's lap, but the problem was he was so wide that I couldn't get my legs far enough apart. You have to be so flexible...I just couldn't do it and had to get a body double in."

Knightley then had to choose the best bottom from three girls. "I was presented with three naked girls. They had to show me their bums and I said which one I liked best."

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Moss Out of Rehab

Kate Moss has checked out of the Meadows Clinic in Phoenix, Ariz., where she was receiving treatment for cocaine use, her modeling agency announced Thursday.

The 31-year-old British supermodel left the $4,000-a-night facility earlier this week and was spending time with friends in the U.S., said the statement from her London-based Storm agency. The firm went on to say that Moss would be reunited with her 3-year-old daughter Lila in the next few days and that Moss would undertake modeling assignments in Los Angeles, Paris and New York within the next month.

"Kate is in excellent spirits and looking forward to getting back to work. She would like to thank everyone for their messages of support as they have played a major part in helping her," a Storm spokesman was quoted as saying, reports the Associated Press.

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Brooke Pregnant Again

Actress Brooke Shields, who turned a battle with postpartum depression into a book, is pregnant with her second child, her publicist said Thursday.

The baby is due in the spring, Alan Eichorn confirmed.

After Shields and husband Christopher Thomas Henchy gave birth to daughter Rowan Francis in 2003, Shields chronicled her post-pregnancy experiences in "Down Came the Rain: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression." The book was published in May.

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New HBO-Ball Collaboration

HBO has dug up a new deal with "Six Feet Under" creator Alan Ball, but this time he's switching from the dead to the undead.

The first project covered under the two-year development deal Ball signed with the premium cable channel will be based on the "Southern Vampire" book series. Written by Charlaine Harris, the series chronicles the intermingling world of humans and monsters in contemporary rural Louisiana, particularly vampires, thanks to a synthetic blood formula that allows them to roam far from their coffins.

"The books are funny, scary, sexy, romantic, bizarre and really fun," Ball said. "I couldn't put them down. I will try to remain as true to the spirit of her book as possible." HBO has ordered an hour-long pilot to be written and directed by Ball. There is no set timetable for shooting the "Southern" pilot, but Ball believed it would happen sometime next year.

Ball, who also won an Oscar for writing "American Beauty," last created "Six Feet Under," which revolved around a family mortuary business. The Emmy-winning series ended in August.

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October 27, 2005 


Rumors are swirling that The Notebook stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are engaged, as they have been increasingly spotted together and Rachel has been sporting a new ring on her ring finger.

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Janet Denies Love Child

Janet says: You can call me Miss Jackson if you're nasty, but don't call me mom.

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Best Hair

Reese Witherspoon has topped a new Best Hair poll for her look as a ghost in romantic comedy Just Like Heaven.

The actress beat Alfie star Nia Long's locks in Are We There Yet? to claim the top spot in style magazine Marie Claire's 10 Best Movie Hair Moments of 2005.

The top 10 is:

1. Reese Witherspoon (Just Like Heaven) 2. Nia Long (Are We There Yet?) 3. Sienna Miller (Casanova) 4. Hilary Duff/Vanessa Lenies (The Perfect Man) 5. Charlize Theron (Aeon Flux) 6. Angelina Jolie (Mr + Mrs Smith) 7. Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four) 8. Jennifer Lopez (Monster-In-law) 9. Eva Mendes (Hitch) 10. Drew Barrymore (Fever Pitch).

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Lenny's Loo

Lenny Kravitz's leaky toilet has sprung another lawsuit.

The rocker is being sued, for the second time, in connection with an overflow incident last August in his swanky Manhattan penthouse. In a New York State Supreme Court complaint filed Monday, Allstate Insurance contends that Kravitz owes it $9,387, the amount the firm paid to policyholder Daniel Pelson for damage to his 4164-square-foot, third-floor loft (purchased in 2001 for about $2.5 million, Pelson's apartment sits a few floors below the star's Soho penthouse).

Allstate charges that Kravitz is guilty of "negligence and carelessness" for allowing the loo to become "blocked, clogged, and congested." Last October, the Kravitz commode triggered a lawsuit by an insurer that paid a $333,849 water damage claim from businessman Joel Disend, whose fourth-floor apartment is directly above Pelson's pad. That six-figure complaint is pending.

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Laguna Recaps

For those of you who like Laguna Beach as much as I do, you really should read Tvgasm's recaps. This week's (where they graduate from high school) almost made me lose control of my bladder.

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Not Quite a Housewife

Nicollette Sheridan and her fiancé, actor Nicklas Soderblom, have called it quits, her rep says.

"Nicollette Sheridan and Nicklas Soderblom have parted ways after a year and a half," according to a statement from Sheridan's publicist, Nicole Perna. "They ask that you respect their privacy at this time."

The Desperate Housewives star and Soderblom got engaged last winter. (He also gave her a golden retriever – which she named Oliver – for her 41st birthday Nov. 21. "Oliver is my new love," Sheridan said.

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Charlotte Injured

Former Sex And The City star Kristin Davis is walking around in pain, after injuring herself in a fall at a Spanish hotel.

Davis was recently woken at 4am by hotel staff who wanted to inform her that she had a fax waiting for her. But when she got up to retrieve it, she ended up having a painful accident. The brunette beauty says, "I was staying in an old mansion that's turned into a hotel with the hardwood floors. There was like a little napkin that they put down (for) when you step out of bed. (My) foot hit the napkin and the napkin slid and the hand hit the table with the phone and the phone slid and I was splat out on the floor and I tore my (medial collateral ligament). It's a sports thing. I had to go a sports doctor.

He was like, 'Well, this is the first time I've ever heard this injury acquired in this way,' because it's like a basketball or tennis (injury). I should make up some very athletic story." But, in staying faithful to fashion, Davis is refusing to ditch her high-heeled shoes, adding, "I said to the doctor, 'I don't have any flat shoes! What am I gonna do?' I was conditioned, I was brainwashed for seven years (on Sex And The City) that I have to wear (heels), but it actually helps because I don't have any range of motion and that's when it hurts, when you move it a lot."

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Muppet Comeback

After plunking down a whopping $90 million last year for rights to Kermit and cohorts, Disney is hoping to relaunch the Muppets on a prime-time ABC series parodying such unscripted hits as American Idol and America's Next Top Model.

A network rep says the Muppet project is in the extremely early stages of development. But ABC has ordered a pilot script and five additional script outlines for America's Next Muppet, which will see Kermit's crew trying out would-be Muppets to join the pantheon of beloved Jim Henson creations like Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, the Swedish Chef, Scooter, Rowlf, Janice, Dr. Teeth, Animal, Dr. Bunson Honeydew, Beeker and a certain amphibian.

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Lohan Almost Died

Lindsay Lohan has revealed how she almost died ealier this year.

Answering questions about why she lost so much weight, she told OK! magazine that she basically worked herself into the ground. "I was going through a lot of stuff and overworking and not thinking of my body. I was going through that phase that everyone goes through. "I lost, like, 20-25 lbs. I was on IV drips. I nearly died!" she revealed. She admitted how she didn't want to leave hospital because she found it so peaceful there.

The Mean Girls star also went on to say how much she hates her 'party girl' label, saying: "I'm an angel compared to many of my friends. It offends me." Speaking about her new-found maturity she went on: "I used to want flashy cars. "I'd rather go on a hike and go camping than go out to a club now. "I still like to go out, but I'm growing as a person and I've found other ways to feel better."

--I know men everywhere are happy to see her cleavage has returned.

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Gotham Award Nominations

The gay cowboy romance "Brokeback Mountain" and the biopic "Capote" took key nominations for the Gotham Awards, the first stop on the long road to Oscar night.

Both contenders were nominated for best picture by the Independent Film Project in the East Coast equivalent of the Indie Spirit Awards. Also in the running are "A History of Violence" and two lower-budget indies, "Keane" and "You and Me and Everyone We Know."

"Brokeback Mountain," starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal as ill-fated lovers, also received a nomination for best ensemble cast, as did "Crash," "Good Night, and Good Luck," "The Squid and the Whale" and "Nine Lives." Bennett Miller received a nod as breakthrough director for "Capote" starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as the writer, along with Miranda July ("Me and You and Everyone We Know"), Phil Morrison ("Junebug"), Andrew Wagner ("The Talent Given Us") and Alice Wu ("Saving Face").

Nominations for breakthrough actor went to Amy Adams ("Junebug"), Camilla Beale ("The Ballad of Jack and Rose"), Joseph Gordon-Levitt ("Mysterious Skin"), Terrence Howard ("Hustle & Flow") and Damian Lewis ("Keane"). Best documentary noms went to "Ballets Russes," "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room," "Grizzly Man," "Murderball" and "William Eggleston in the Real World."

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Elmer "Len" Dresslar Jr., who extolled vegetables to generations of TV watchers as the booming voice of the Jolly Green Giant, has died. He was 80.

Dresslar died Oct. 16 of cancer, according to daughter Teri Bennett.

Dresslar was an entertainer and singer for nearly six decades. But his voice rang through millions of households when he sang the simple refrain, "Ho, Ho, Ho," in an ad jingle for Green Giant foods.

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October 26, 2005 

Who Has the Biggest Ego?

Paris Hilton has topped a new poll naming and shaming the biggest celebrity egos.

The hotel heiress has beat out the likes of Kanye West, Usher and Lindsay Lohan in the Teen People poll, which has taken stars to task for comments they've made about themselves and their work. Hilton became a winner for stating, "(By) channeling my inner heiress, I created a new opportunity for young heiresses."

The top 10 is as follows:

1. Paris Hilton
2. Kanye West
3. Usher
4. Beyonce Knowles
5. Christina Aguilera
6. Jack White
7. Justin Timberlake
8. Avril Lavigne
9. R Kelly
10. Lindsay Lohan

--I think The Donald should also be on the list.

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She'll Do It Anywhere

Monsters and Critics reports that Paris Hilton had sex with her new boyfriend in a portable toilet.

The hotel heiress is alleged to have got hot and steamy with new lover Greek shipping tycoon Stavros Niarchos in the unlikely love den at an exclusive Hollywood party. According to reports, the pair spent the evening kissing and groping each other before sneaking into one of the "portos" to get frisky.

Meanwhile, Paris was reportedly overheard fuming into her mobile phone 'she's a jealous, ugly, anorexic idiot' - sparking rumours over which one of her celebrity enemies she was describing. (Most likely, Stavos' ex-girlfriend, Mary-Kate Olsen).

--Photos from Just Jared.

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Cage Explains

Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage decided to call his baby son Kal-El because he believes the name has a "magical ring" to it.

Cage, 41, and his 21-year-old wife Alice welcomed the arrival of their first child together earlier this month, and stunned fans when they announced the baby's unusual name, which was originally given to fictional superhero Superman at birth.

The Leaving Las Vegas star says, "Alice and I wanted to have a name that was exotic and American and which stood for something good, because our son is exotic and he's American and we both think he's good. But having said that, I always liked the sound of the name. It has kind of a magical ring to it: Abracadabra Kal-El Shazam!"

--Um, what?

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Tales from the Dark Side

Victoria Beckham has fueled reports she and husband David are converting to Scientology, after she was spotted reading a book from the controversial religion.

The Beckhams struck up an unusual friendship with superstar Scientologist Tom Cruise last year, and newspaper reports at the time stated that Cruise was grooming them as converts.

During her trip to Los Angeles last week, Victoria was photographed leafing through Assists for Illness and Injuries, based on the works of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Victoria also watched a fashion show with Cruise's pregnant fiancee Katie Homes during her trip. The actress, who converted to Scientology after she began dating Cruise earlier this year, recommended the book after hearing of the Beckhams' second son Romeo's recent health problems.

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Elitist Nursery Rhymes

As if the baby clothes from Dior and Burberry weren't enough. Then, came Bugaboo strollers that cost as much as a car.

Now there are posh new nursery rhymes to recite to the spoiled sweeties. In "This Little Piggy Went to Prada," Amy Allen rewrites childhood standards with a designer bent. "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," becomes "Twinkle, Twinkle Diamond Ring." There's also this one, sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques" — "Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Burberry? Nappy bag dilemma — Lulu, Kate or Anya? Shopping spree, buy all three."

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Award Season Begins

Charlize Theron has been named actress of year at the Hollywood Film Awards. The actress picked up the award for her performance in North County reports

Joaquin Phoenix was named actor of the year for his work in Walk the Line, the upcoming film biography of Johnny Cash. Susan Sarandon picked up the gong for best supporting actress for Elizabethtown, and Matthew Broderick picked up best supporting actor for The Producers.

Other celebrities who attended the ceremony included Jennifer Aniston who presented her Good Girl co-star, Jake Gyllenhaal with the award for best breakthrough actor for Jarhead.

--And award season has begun, folks! :)

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Gwen's New Line

Gwen Stefani previewed her new apparel line Harajuku Lovers on Friday at a late-night bash that capped a meandering L.A. Fashion Week.

Although they feature designs based on lyrics and iconography from Stefani's solo debut record, "Love.Angel.Music.Baby," the colorful clothes and accessories on display were above all inspired by Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood - a busy retail district somewhat similar to L.A.'s Melrose Avenue, known for its eye-popping street fashions and for being Japan’s prime incubator for teen style trends. When they hit the stores later this year, Harajuku Lovers' Valentine candy-print underwear, backpacks, tees, and even luggage tags will undoubtedly have stylish Japanophiles squeal in delight, "kawaiiiiiiiiii!" - that's Japanese for "cute."

Hosting the party inside the historic Max Factor building, amidst framed memorabilia commemorating Old Hollywood glitz, was a nice touch. The locale seemed well suited to showcase Stefani's new glamour puss-meets-street-savvy urchin fashion enterprise.

Newlyweds Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, accompanied by one of their daughters, came to pledge their support, as did fierce Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson. Inside, cornrowed homegirls break-danced like ghetto-fabulous versions of '60s go-go girls; members of L.A. indie band The Like shimmied on the dance floor, and a jeans-clad Daryl Hannah tossed her long blond hair back and gave a hearty laugh that displayed a set of fake elongated canines. Veggie tempura snacks and drinks flowing from no less than five bars kept the guests satiated and liquored up as they waited patiently for Stefani to wrap up her concert at the nearby Hollywood Bowl.

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Headin' To Jail

Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille was sentenced to 80 days in jail after pleading no contest to driving while intoxicated.

DeVille, whose given name is Bruce Johannesson, was also sentenced to five years probation, fined $1,000 and ordered to surrender his license for a year, city prosecutors said Monday.

The 43-year-old rocker known for his over-the-top antics hit a parked vehicle Aug. 24 while he was backing out of the driveway of his girlfriend's home, prosecutors said. He allegedly rammed another parked car, deploying his vehicle's air bags and injuring his girlfriend.

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H&M Announces Moss Replacement

Italian model Mariacarla Boscono will replace Kate Moss in TV commercials to help launch a collection by Stella McCartney for Swedish clothing chain Hennes & Mauritz.

Moss lost the contract after photos of her allegedly snorting cocaine in a London music studio were published last month in a British tabloid.

McCartney was personally involved in the selection of Boscono, who has previously worked with the designer, H&M spokeswoman Liv Asarnoj said Tuesday.

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More Domestic Trouble for Harding

Tonya Harding tussled in her home with a man she described as her boyfriend, prompting an emergency call by the figure skater-turned-boxer and an arrest of the man.

Christopher Nolan was charged with assault and pleaded not guilty Monday. He told deputies Harding threw him down and bit his finger when he said she had too much to drink on Sunday. The 27-year-old Nolan was ordered to stay away from Harding and to avoid alcohol.

Harding had a small cut over her right eye and an abrasion on her left cheek. Initially, Harding called 911 and said she was attacked by two masked men who came to her home and assaulted her before she could escape.

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Odd Arrests

The red and cuddly Sesame Street Muppet Elmo has learned a new lesson: ‘H’ is for handcuffs.

A man dressed as the character was one of three impersonators arrested last week for allegedly harassing tourists for tips after posing for photos on Hollywood Boulevard. Booked with him were people impersonating superhero Mr. Incredible and the dark-hooded character from the horror movie “Scream.”

The impersonators said they were taken into custody at gunpoint, handcuffed and paraded on the Hollywood Walk of Fame before stunned tourists and other impersonators. They were charged with misdemeanor “aggressive begging,” police said.

“With all of the crime in Los Angeles they pick on us?” said Elmo impersonator Donn Harper, 45, who makes up to $400 a day in tips.

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October 25, 2005 

Love Child?

Janet Jackson's former brother-in-law made a bombshell claim on a hip-hop radio station Friday — the sexy siren has a secret 18-year-old daughter. The stunning allegation came from Young DeBarge, whose brother James DeBarge was briefly married to Jackson, now 39, in the 1980s.

During an interview on Hot 97, Young said the busty star and his brother — a former member of another Motown family act — are the parents of "Renee," a daughter sent away in shame to live with the eldest of the famous Jackson siblings, Rebbie. "James and the Jackson family kept everything real close, real tight," Young DeBarge said. "No one really knew how it was working out until things kind of surfaced."

Janet Jackson's rep Patti Webster didn't deny the claim Friday, only saying the singer didn't wish to comment. And the young woman is not happy about her star mom's refusal to acknowledge her, the uncle said. "I think there's a little despondence," DeBarge said when asked about Renee's feelings for Jackson. "She hasn't really revealed that, but I'm sure that there's some feelings there. It's only natural that you wonder about what is and how it's come to be that way."

Jackson was just 18 when she and James DeBarge hooked up in 1984. Their marriage was annulled the next year. The couple eloped amid family furor over their relationship, but the marriage was annulled in March, 1985., with DeBarge's drug habit cited as the reason for the split.

--Cue Diana Ross.

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The Power of Maddox

Angelina Jolie's young son Maddox has beaten a slew of Hollywood's leading men to become one of the top celebrities on a new power list.

Editors at the men's magazine Details put the 4-year-old at number two on their 50 Most Powerful Men Under 39 list, ahead of stars including Vince Vaughn, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The publication's Deputy Editor Brian Farnham admits Maddox was a quirky choice but says he deserves to be at the top of the list for his part in the breakup of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, who now reportedly is dating Maddox's mom.

Farnham says, "He's 4 years old but he has a lot more power than most people, in that he broke up America's royal couple."

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Elevator Chat

Diane Keaton got a dose of New York grit when she found herself in an elevator in the Municipal Building with the kind of male youths you hope not to meet in a dark alley.

Keaton was en route to WNYC Radio to be in terviewed by Kurt Andersen for his weekly art show, "Studio 360." "You're famous. You're a famous actress," said one young man who then struggled to come up with a title to one of her films. "Can I have your autograph?" the man asked. "But you don't know who I am," Keaton protested, and then gave him one any way.

"So, what are you guys doing here?" Keaton asked. "Bail refund," the fellow explained. "I get a refund on my bail because I was acquitted." There was a chorus of congratulations as the guy and his friends got off. One of Keaton's handlers remarked, "Now, in L.A., you wouldn't have been riding up to an inter view with a felon." Keaton replied, "He wasn't a felon, that's the thing!"

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They crack me up. She's tres chic, and he's well, in an Airstream T-shirt and a flannel. Whatever works, though!

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Stop Trying To Act

Will Madonna do Broadway?

The Material Girl has written a lot of material for a musical. “I did write about 20 songs over the last couple of years for a musical, for which I never ended up doing,” Madonna told a Canadian reporter from eTV.

Madonna also hinted that she may be turning into a stage mom. She said she herself may one day take the lead role, or she quipped, “I’ll just wait a couple years and my daughter can do it.”

In other Madonna news, apparently she and Michael Moore discussed the possibility of his directing her documentary, “I’m Going To Tell You a Secret” — which has been getting a very chilly reception from critics.

“Michael Moore was very instrumental in helping me, even before I began filming,” Madonna told the London Telegraph. “He actually offered to direct it, but he was editing ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’. He said, ‘Can’t you delay your tour and do it later?’ and I said no.”

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Martin Receives Top Honor

Steve Martin was awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at Washington DC's Kennedy Center Concert Hall on Sunday.

A galaxy of stars including Tom Hanks, Paul Simon, Eric Idle, Diane Keaton, Lily Tomlin and Claire Danes attended the gala evening to celebrate the 60-year-old's glittering career. Idle hailed Martin as "the most intelligent man I ever met," adding, "Honesty simplicity and truth are the secret to comedy." While Oscar-winner Hanks attributed Martin's comedy to "self-loathing and unhappiness". But he added, "He redefined comedy by defining the moment of our ascendancy as a generation. As did Charlie Chaplin, as did the Marx Brothers, as did Laurel And Hardy define their own times, Steve Martin defined ours."

Accepting his award, Martin made mention of his previous honors, including a 1969 writing Emmy, saying, "But of course the Mark Twain Prize is more special to me - because it is more recent!" Previous winners include Richard Pryor and Whoopi Goldberg.

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Danny Says...

VH1 reality train wreck Danny Bonaduce says he still likes to get into brawls even though he's sobered up.

"It's embarrassing, but I'm at my happiest when I'm getting punched in the face," he tells FHM. The former "Partridge Family" child star adds, "My 1991 brawl with a transvestite is still the classic. He was a big guy, so once I got him down, I kept decking him. Then I saw the cops and thought, 'Hmmm. Danny Partridge beating the [bleep] out of a transvestite hooker. I should probably run.' I listened to my own high-speed pursuit on the stereo of my car after beating the [bleep] out of a transvestite prostitute. That's bitchin'. "

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Bono Lennon

Bono says Yoko Ono thinks of him as John Lennon's "son."

The 45-year-old U2 frontman tells Rolling Stone magazine, "Yoko came up to me when I was in my twenties, and she put her hand on me and she said, 'You are John's son.' What an amazing compliment!.

Bono says Lennon's solo album John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band in which he sings about his dead mother Julia helped him cope aged 14 with the sudden death of his own mother. "For me it was like he (Lennon) was talking about the veil lifting off, the scales falling from the eyes. Seeing out the window with a new clarity that love brings you. I remember that feeling."

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Barefoot In The Park

Broadway's new production of Neil Simon's Barefoot in the Park will begin performances Jan. 24, 2006, toward an opening of Feb. 16, the producers announced.

Also revealed late Oct. 21 was the production's costume designer. Isaac Mizrahi will design the 1960s period costumes for the play, directed by Scott Elliott. Mizrahi and Elliott last collaborated on the Broadway production of The Women.

Lead producers Robyn Goodman (Avenue Q, Altar Boyz) and Roy Gabay (Steel Magnolias, Metamorphoses) announced the latest news.

As previously reported, Elliott's production will star Amanda Peet, Patrick Wilson, Jill Clayburgh and Tony Roberts. This is the first Broadway production of the early Simon hit since it bowed in 1963.

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Hero Falls

Rosa Parks, whose refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man sparked the modern civil rights movement, died Monday evening. She was 92.

Parks proved that you don't need embellished words, or a lot of them for that matter, to make a profound point. Here is the context of one of the nation's most influential conversations:

"Are you going to stand up?" the bus driver asked.

"No," Parks answered.

"Well, by God, I'm going to have you arrested," the driver said.

"You may do that," Parks responded.

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October 24, 2005 

Gwynnie Preggers?

Gwyneth Paltrow is reportedly pregnant with her second child.

The actress already has a 16-month-old daughter Apple with rocker husband Chris Martin, but her mother Blythe Danner accidentally announced the pending new arrival at an award ceremony in Hollywood.

And despite her attempts to backtrack, the truth was already out. She blurted, "Yes, I am (going to be a grandmother again.) Well, I think so. Oh, well I have not checked lately."

A pal of Martin says, "Gwyneth is trying to contain her excitement about having another child, but she's incredibly happy."

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Not Ok!

Execs at Richard Desmond's celebrity-friendly OK! magazine are furious they shelled out a reported $3 million for the photos of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's wedding, only to receive tasteful, black-and-white shots of the ceremony.

Deep-pocketed OK! is thought to have given Moore and Kutcher total picture approval, but never expected to be forced to run an unexciting monochrome picture of the couple on the Oct. 14 cover

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Travolta As Bond?

John Travolta allegedly turned down an offer to take over as James Bond.

According to The Sun, the actor was the first choice of producers, who later opted for Daniel Craig to fill Pierce Brosnan's shoes.

Travolta said, “Bond is one of the most dynamic roles in history, one of the most extreme and career defining commitments an actor can make. After careful consideration I feel it might not be best for me at this point.”

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Hip Hop Soap Opera

The mystery gunman who pumped the nine bullets into 50 Cent that helped make him a rap superstar was a Brooklyn stick-up artist named Darryl "Hommo" Baum, a new book reveals.

New York magazine music editor Ethan Brown's "Queens Reigns Supreme: Fat Cat, 50 Cent, and the Rise of the Hip-Hop Hustler" (AnchorBooks) reports that Baum — whose nickname was short for "Homicide" — was himself fatally gunned down three weeks after he shot 50 in June 2000. While 50 has implied in interviews that his assailant was killed in retaliation for shooting him, Brown reports that Baum, 34, was actually offed because one of his street thug pals had killed a member of Brooklyn's notorious Cash Money Brothers crew.

50 may have cheered the news of Baum's violent demise, but Mike Tyson, a close friend of Baum, was so despondent that he stopped training for his fight against Lou Savarese. Baum's death proved not to be too much of a distraction: Tyson scored a knockout after 12 seconds of the first round.

Among the other highlights of Brown's look at the connection between hip-hop and the criminal underbelly: Jam Master Jay — the legendary Run DMC deejay who was fatally shot in the head in a Queens recording studio in 2002 — turned to dealing drugs when he fell on hard times. "By the mid-'90s, Jay had become so desperate that he began running small amounts of cocaine — two or three kilos at a time — down Interstate 95 from New York to Baltimore to one of the city's most well-connected distributors, according to a source who worked closely with the distributor in Baltimore," Brown writes.

* In his first public statement about the federal investigation into Irv Gotti's Murder Inc. hip-hop empire, Russell Simmons refuses to support his former friend, imprisoned Queens crack kingpin Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, whose ties to Murder Inc. are at the center of the probe.

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Better Off Without Them

Britney Spears's first husband, Jason Alexander (the two annulled their 2004 Las Vegas marriage after 55 hours), cozies up to Kevin Federline's ex-girlfriend (and mom to his two eldest children) Shar Jackson on Wednesday at the Jamie/Maddie Jeans runway show at L.A. Fashion Week.

--Hmmm...wonder what they chatted about.

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Just a Matter of Time

Rumor has it that Britney's marriage is about to end in tears.

She and hubby Kevin Federline have had a series of vicious rows because she's fed up being stuck at home with new baby Preston while he goes drinking with his pals. Now it looks like they could be going their separate ways after just a year of marriage.

After one nuclear confrontation last week, Kevin stormed out of their Malibu home. He was later spotted in swanky nightclub Mood, surrounded by gorgeous women. A source tells says: "They have been fighting non-stop since the baby was born last month. Britney feels Kevin isn't supporting her and is just going out with friends all the time. She's had enough of it. "He behaves like he's got no responsibilities while she is at home caring for their newborn son."

Britney withdrew from a deal to publish the first baby pictures after yet another bust-up with Kevin. A source close to the couple revealed: "Britney had done a multi-million-pound deal for the exclusive pictures but suddenly withdrew them as the couple were pictured as a happy family and there is now a wedge between them."

Britney's mom Lynn is also concerned. My source said: "She's worried Kevin has been spending a lot of Britney's money. He went into partnership with Michael Jackson's dad Joe to open a dance studio which will cost millions."

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Charlize Says...

Charlize Theron is so concerned about overworking, she hasn't read one movie script since her Oscar win last year.

The actress, who picked up the coveted trophy for her efforts in acclaimed movie Monster, admits that the only new work she's taken on since her victorious moment has been a guest-starring role on the hit TV series Arrested Development.

She says, "I haven't read a script since right before the Oscars. I said yes to both (new films) Aeon Flux and North Country before the Oscars and I knew they'd keep me busy for the next two years. If you've just committed yourself to two projects, entertaining any other stuff is like dragging yourself over broken glass. It's my life. I'm not just a money-making machine. There have been some offers, but I just didn't feel ready to go (and) spend eight months on a film set. Not one day goes by where I go, 'Oh, f**k, what am I missing out on?' I love my life as much as my work. I don't want one to take over the other."

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Real World: Detroit?

Real World: Detroit?

Royal Oak, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, may be the location of the next Real World season.

Viacom, MTV’s parent company, “leased 8,812 square feet of space for its MTV network in downtown Royal Oak,” the Oakland Business Review reports. “The space is in the Main North development, which is under construction on Main Street, near 11 Mile Road” and “is categorized as office space.”

The paper calls Royal Oak an “eclectic suburban town.” Adding fire to the rumors: Detroit hosts the Super Bowl in February. Dampening the rumors: It’s Detroit and it’s cold, and the show hasn’t filmed in a cold climate during the winter since the Boston season.

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It's settled: Hollywood is completely out of ideas:

Movie bosses are in talks to make another Poltergeist film.

The new film will be called Poltergeist: Kayeri will deal with Native American mythology, according to

The Incredibles star Craig T Nelson, who played the father in the first two Poltergeist films, is in negotiations to return for a fourth film.

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Cowell's Newest Creation

Simon Cowell can be brutal when he judges contestants on Fox's "American Idol," but he has withheld his caustic criticism from his "popera" group.

Cowell founded Il Divo - which means "the male diva" in Italian - in 2003 after a talent search. The four handsome men are formally trained singers who try to bridge the gap between classical and pop music - sometimes called "popera."

"My first impression of (Cowell) was that he's a really honest man," David Miller, a member of Il Divo, told AP Television on Friday. "He says what he thinks and he doesn't hold back, especially for the TV show. Sometimes he's doing them a favor by being so brutally honest with them." "He never spoke that way with us," he added.

Urs Buhler, a tenor from Switzerland, said that those who auditioned for Il Divo were not treated like "American Idol" contestants. "The audition process for us was more like auditioning for an opera," Buhler said. "It was not like, `You are crap. You are pathetic.' That's not the way it went."

Il Divo will release their new album, "Ancora," Nov. 7.

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Ubersexual Men

Goodbye metrosexual. Hello ubersexual:

Look out metrosexuals, there’s a new man in town.

He's the ubersexual — the man who can talk fashion with women but also compete for them with the fireman at the bar. He’s got male buddies, but also enjoys female friends. He might groom himself with expensive products, but he would never, under any circumstances, highlight, wax or self-tan. He works out, but he’s not vainly striving for a six-pack.

“The ubersexual man would look down on a Calvin Klein model,” said Marian Salzman, who writes about ubersexuals in her book, "The Future of Men", co-written by Ira Matathia and Ann O'Reilly. “He still cares about the way he looks — he hasn’t given up aesthetically on himself — he’s just not doing it to satisfy what the outer world sees him as, he’s doing it for how he feels about himself.”

Who fits the bill? Advertising agency JWT, which employs Salzman as director of strategic content, says the Top Ten ubersexuals are Jon Stewart, Guy Ritchie, Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor, Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, George Glooney and — at No. 1 — U2 rock star and world peace activist Bono.

--Personally, that sounds like my kind of man. A guy's guy with taste (and I'm not talking about tastes great, less filling).

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October 21, 2005 

Have a Good Weekend

Hi gang. No posting from me today. I have an all-day CLE class (for those of you not trapped in the arms of the legal profession, that's Continuing Legal Education).

Visit some of these folks instead:
A Socialite's Life
Celebrity Baby Blog
Go Fug Yourself
Perez Hilton
Pink is the New Blog
Pop Culture Junkies
Purpleoff Blog Humanizing Celebrities
VH1 Best Week Ever Blog

Have a great weekend! :)

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October 20, 2005 

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Here's a before and after that needs no description:

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Partyin' With the Queen

Queen Latifah and her posse enjoyed lots of lap dances at Scores early yesterday in the topless temple's famed Champagne Room.

"She is so nice," a buxom, red-headed dancer named Logan told Page Six. "She treated me like a friend. It's great when someone who you are a fan of turns out to be a good person."

Latifah — who has visited Scores several times in recent weeks — drank only mineral water, even after a high-rolling customer sent a magnum of Cristal to her table.

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Out-of-control comic Andy Dick did it again at a Hurricane Katrina benefit in Los Angeles Monday night.

Dick, a master at causing disruptions, joined comedians like Kevin Nealon and Gary Gulman on stage at the Wiltern Theater — but not for long. After pretending to beat up his assistant and bringing his "male lover" onstage, Dick went off on a racist-themed Katrina riff, using the n-word several times before he was loudly booed offstage, a spywitness reports.

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Brangelina Engaged?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are engaged, according to one of her co-stars.

Ray Winstone is currently filming Beowulf with the actress.

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TomKat Update

--Tom Cruise is reportedly planning to buy a $1.5 million home in his fiancee Katie Holmes' hometown of Toledo, Ohio. The Hollywood couple recently announced they're expecting their first child together, and while sources speculate over when they will wed, Toledo locals are preparing for celebrity neighbors.

Dale Bruhl, who owns the nine-bedroom mansion which reportedly caught their attention, says, "The neighbors saw limousines in front of the house when (real estate agents) were showing it. I'm sure it's them. Her mother lives in the area." Cruise's representative has hit out at the reports, stating, "Everyone wants Tom to buy a house in their neighborhood, bit it's not true." But residents of Toledo are still holding out hope - a store window in the centre of town already reads, "We gift-wrap baby gifts for Tom and Katie's baby!"

--Glitterati reports that Tom has asked Giorgio Armani to design Katie's wedding dress for her. (Does she have a say in ANYTHING???)

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Down In the Dumps

Britney Spears is reportedly suffering from baby blues, according to tabloids.

People reports that Britney is "down in the dumps" and "cries at the drop of a hat," after giving birth to Sean Preston just over a month ago.

National Enquirer reports that Britney has been "raging like a tyrant" at her two in-home nurses, causing them to walk out on her, and leaving her in solo charge of the infant.

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McGowan Involved In Scuffle

Charmed actress Rose McGowan made a sudden departure – in handcuffs – from a Hollywood nightclub Tuesday, but it may have been a misunderstanding, New York's Daily News reports.

McGowan, who was at The Vanguard club for a bash sponsored by T-Mobile, was on the dance floor when she was surrounded by security guards who briefly handcuffed her and escorted her from the club.

A witness told the Daily News that McGowan "was having a spirited time on the dance floor" and appeared to be doing something with her keys that led to the intervention by security guards.

But Dominique Appel, a rep for McGowan, tells the paper that the actress was uncomfortable with a man who was standing too close to her, and she asked him to move. "Words were exchanged," Appel said. "It happened he was a security guard. She was handcuffed and taken outside." McGowan was detained, Appel said, but when the club realized what was happening, she was quickly released.

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Banderas Gets Star

Antonio Banderas has been presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 16 years after he arrived as a penniless young actor. Banderas got down on his knees and rubbed his hands over his new Hollywood star Tuesday. His latest film, "The Legend of Zorro," opens in theaters Oct. 28.

"It was an honor and privilege to arrive to this country 16 years ago with almost no money in my pocket," said Banderas, a native of Spain. "A lot has happened since then."

He was accompanied by his wife, Melanie Griffith; their 9-year-old daughter, Stella; and other family members. Sharon Stone also attended.

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Bono and Bush

Before getting on stage before his fans in a Wednesday night concert, U2 frontman Bono bent President Bush's ear about the world's poor.

The rock star and the president had lunch in the private dining room off the Oval Office, ordering from the menu at the same mess hall where White House staffers get their lunch. Bush, dressed in the classic presidential uniform of suit and red tie, also showed Bono, dressed in his trademark black jeans and sunglasses, around the Oval Office.

Bono told Rolling Stone magazine in an interview before they dined that he had no fear of meeting Bush or any other world leader.

"They should be afraid, because they will be held accountable for what happened on their watch," Bono told the magazine for an article on newsstands Friday. "I'm representing the poorest and the most vulnerable people. On a spiritual level, I have that with me. I'm throwing a punch, and the fist belongs to people who can't be in the room, whose rage, whose anger, whose hurt I represent. "The moral force is way beyond mine, it's an argument that has much more weight than I have. So I'm not feeling nervous."

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Marilyn Memento Goes on Auction Block

A watch that Marilyn Monroe reportedly gave President Kennedy as a birthday gift has fetched $120,000 at an auction.

The gold Rolex is inscribed: "Jack, With love as always from Marilyn May 29th 1962." Kennedy was born May 29, 1917.

Bill Panagopulos, founder of the Alexander Autographs auction house, said the buyer was an East Coast collector, but he didn't release a name. The watchcase contains a poem, written on a small piece of paper, titled, "A Heartfelt Plea on Your Birthday."

The poem reads: "Let lovers breathe their sighs/ And roses bloom and music sound/ Let passion burn on lips and eyes/ And pleasures merry world go round/ Let golden sunshine flood the sky/ And let me love/ Or let me die!"

Monroe performed a sultry rendition of "Happy Birthday to You" for Kennedy on May 19, 1962, at New York's Madison Square Garden. The actress is believed to have given the watch to Kennedy aide Kenneth O'Donnell, who passed it on to the president, Panagopulos said. But when Kennedy saw it, he told O'Donnell to "get rid of it," according to a note that was sold with the watch, Panagopulos said.

The watch, which was sold Saturday, had been expected to sell for between $40,000 to $60,000.

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October 19, 2005 

Just Announce It Already

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson may have just had a "romantic" Italian vacation on OK! magazine owner Richard Desmond's dime, but they continue to lead separate lives.

Upon their return last Friday, Lachey ditched Simpson to party in Las Vegas, and "Jackass" star Bam Margera — who supposedly had a fling with Simpson earlier this year — confirmed to Us Weekly that she had left Lachey.

More evidence the two have split? Simpson, who now lives with her assistant Cacee Cobb, is spending her third wedding anniversary alone, in Africa. Sources told Page Six that Simpson, her dad, Joe, and Cobb will travel to Nairobi for Operation Smile — her pet charity that fixes cleft lips — for 10 days. The trio will have a safari elsewhere in Kenya — all without Lachey.

A rep for Simpson says: "Operation Smile is an organization that is very special to Jessica, and she is looking forward to participating in more missions. Nick will be unable to join Jessica on the next trip because of work commitments in Los Angeles."

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Hmmm...their reps deny they're a couple, but, I'm not sure I'm buying it:

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Paris Denies Sizemore Encounter

Don't believe everything you hear on the Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal DVD – at least not according to Paris Hilton.

The racy disc, which goes on sale Wednesday and reportedly contains footage of the Black Hawk Down star having sex, also includes an interview in which the troubled actor details an overnight encounter with the Simple Life actress, reports.

Sizemore says that following a party at his house, he discovered that Hilton had remained behind, which led to a rather intimate evening between the two, Sizemore says in the interview. "She knew what she could do to people," he says. Sizemore claims that Hilton left the next morning, and says nothing about whether they ever got together again.

But according to Hilton, that encounter never happened. "It's disappointing that Mr. Sizemore has to use my name to sell his DVDs," she said in a statement. "He is not an acquaintance of mine nor have I ever had intimate relations with him."

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Good Deeds

Hip-hop stars 50 Cent and Young Buck have announced plans to distribute two new education grants.

The first, going to the Nashville Alliance for Public Education, will help fund Advance Via Individual Determination, a programe designed to increase students' academic performance. Houston's Teach for America will receive the second grant and be presented of $100,000, which will be used to assist in the organization's Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, reports MTV News.

The grants will be distributed through 50 Cent's G-Unity Foundation.

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MJF To Guest Star on "Boston Legal"

Actor Michael J. Fox, who gave up the TV sitcom "Spin City" five years ago to focus his battle on Parkinson's disease, will return to ABC later this season as a guest star on the courtroom drama "Boston Legal."

Fox will play a corporate executive who suffers from lung cancer and is represented by the show's fictional law firm of Crane, Poole and Schmidt in a court case involving a promising cancer-fighting drug, ABC said. During the course of Fox's three-episode stint on the show, his character will become involved with attorney Denise Bauer, played by series regular Julie Bowen.

--It will be good to see MJF again. Um, did anyone see the show last night? Hysterical. Denny Crane should always do the closing arguments.

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Angelina To Be A Bond Girl?

Angelina Jolie could be in the running for a movie role as a Bond girl.

He's worked his way through Solitaire, Mary Goodnight, Honey Ryder and, indeed, Pussy Galore but James Bond's latest conquest will be Russian double agent Vesper Lynd. Angelina is a frontrunner to player her

A source told The Sun: "Angelina is simply perfect for the part of the ultimate Bond girl." Other actresses who are said to be in the running to play opposite new 007 Daniel Craig, include Kelly Brook and Jessica Alba. There have also been hints that Sienna Miller might join the Bond cast, which would provide some interesting chemistry if those rumors of a fling between her and Daniel Craig are true.

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Albright Puts On Her Acting Cap

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright temporarily traded in her diplomatic duties for a guest appearance on the WB series "Gilmore Girls."

Albright, secretary of state under President Clinton, filmed her scene Sept. 30 with actress Alexis Bledel, who plays Rory Gilmore. The episode revolves around the ongoing estrangement between Rory and her mother, Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham).

"I am a big fan of 'Gilmore Girls' and I had a great time," Albright said in a statement Tuesday. "It was an opportunity to do something different for a quick minute, and I learned how hard it is to memorize those lines."

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Dr. Carter Has a Baby

Former ER star Noah Wyle and his wife, Tracy, welcomed their second child, daughter Auden, in Los Angeles on Saturday.

"Mom and baby are doing great," Eddie Michaels, a rep for the actor said. "Everyone is thrilled." The little girl, whose name is inspired by the poet W. H. Auden, weighed in at 7 lbs. 7 oz. She joins brother Owen Strausser Wyle, who turns 3 on Nov. 9.

Wyle, 34, who played Dr. John Carter on ER for 11 years, and his wife, 37, a former makeup artist, met in 1996 on the Bethel, Maine, set of his movie The Myth of Fingerprints. They wed in California's Santa Ynez Valley in May 2000.

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Madonna Begged ABBA

Madonna has revealed she had to write a letter to Abba songwriters begging if she could use their music on her new single. The music to Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie features on her new single Hung Up.

According to The Sun online Madonna told Attitude magazine: "I had to send my emissary to Stockholm with a letter and the record begging them and imploring them and telling them how much I worship their music, telling them it was an homage to them, which is all true.

"And they had to think about it, Benny and Bjorn. They didn't say yes straight away. They never let anyone sample their music. They could have said no. Thank God they didn't." Benny said: "We get so many requests from people wanting to use our tracks but we normally say no. This is only the second time we have given permission. "We said yes this time because we admire Madonna so much and always have done. She has got guts and has been around for 21 years. That is not bad going. If it wasn't any good we wouldn't have said yes. It is a wonderful track, 100% solid pop music."

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Ashanti's Free Bling

Ashanti got a lot of gifts at her 25th-birthday party at Glo the other night — but the best came from a jeweler.

The singer was decked out in 15 carats of borrowed diamonds from PeachTree Jewelers on Fifth Avenue for the party. At the end of the night, she tried to return the baubles, but PeachTree owner Jack Picciotto handed Ashanti back the necklace with drop pearls and almost 4 carats in diamonds, saying: "This is yours to keep. You have been wearing our jewelry all year and have become like family."

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Copperfield to Magically Knock a Gal Up

Now this I'd like to see:

David Copperfield says he plans to impregnate a girl on stage - without even touching her. Speaking to German magazine Galore, the illusionist rejected the theory that there were only seven different kinds of magic tricks.

He said: "Bull s**t! There is a great deal of new territory to conquer. In my next show I'm going to make a girl pregnant on stage." He added: "Naturally it will be without sex. Everyone will be happy about it, but I'm not telling you any more."

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Couple Wants Fantasia Signs Removed

A couple wants signs promoting Fantasia Barrino removed because they think her new autobiography portrays the city negatively.

In her book, "Life is Not a Fairy Tale," Fantasia said she couldn't read after attending local schools. She also described how her friends used to call High Point the "Land of the Dead." The 21-year-old R&B singer won season three of the Fox television show "American Idol."

Kyle Sandler, 29, and Jennifer English, 26, have created a Web site to counter the book's descriptions. "I can see people driving in to (the furniture) market saying, 'Ha ha ha. Fantasia hates them but look at the signs saying 'Welcome to High Point, home of Fantasia Barrino,'" Sandler said.

--Don't these people have other things to do?

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October 18, 2005 

Lookin' Good (For Brit)

Ok, we all know that I love to slam on Brit Brit. But, I must give credit where credit is due. She looks fabulous after having a baby only a month ago. (Ok, maybe not fabulous because her outfit is wretch, but that's typical, so I'm trying to look past that). She has really gotten herself back in shape, and has what every woman wants after giving birth--she has a bigger chest, and she has lost her stomach weight.

And, doesn't KFed look like a dream?

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"Simple Life" Still On

Just when you thought it was over:

Paris Hilton says she isn't giving up "The Simple Life" just yet. "We're shooting Nov. 1," said the 24-year-old hotel heiress, who had a front-row seat at the Louis Verdad fashion show Sunday. "All the networks are fighting over it."

Fox said last week it had canceled the reality show starring Hilton and Nicole Richie. The network said its midseason schedule didn't have a time slot for a fourth season of the show, prompting speculation the feuding ex-friends no longer proved compatible.

Hilton said she and Richie will continue working on "The Simple Life" because other networks want it. Last week, 20th Century Fox Television, the studio that produces the show, said it hopes "The Simple Life" will move to another network — with Hilton and Richie. "We believe this series ... is still a dynamic and valuable franchise," the studio said. "We hope to be able to announce a new network partner in the coming days."

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Enough Is Enough

Sylvester Stallone is sparring with boxing champ Roy Jones Jr. because he wants the fighter to sign up for his Rocky VI movie.

The movie star wants the heavyweight champ to play fictional champion Mason 'The Line' Dixon in the film, which Stallone will write, direct and star in. Meanwhile, Stallone has an initial title for his sixth Rocky film - Rocky Balboa.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in December in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the film is slated to be released next November. The movie star insists Rocky fans will see a few familiar faces in the movie: "People that were in the first movie, that you didn't think much about, are back - really minor characters are now major characters."

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Shame On You Kit

This cracked me up when I saw an ad for it:

Urban Aid has created the Shame on You Kit. Specially made for the aftermath of crazy nights, the pack includes a mini toothbrush and toothpaste, a one-size-fits-all thong, three condoms, one “emergency” phone card (dude, where’s my car?), pain reliever (hangover relief), and one “leave behind” note.

--They should provide these to all entering college freshman. You know, "Here's a map of campus, here's your ID card, and here's your Walk of Shame (or, Stride of Pride as many at my alma mater called it) kit.

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More Rumors

Nick Lachey is fighting off yet another report that he cheated on his wife Jessica Simpson - and this time the accusations come from one of his childhood pals. Just last week, Lachey dismissed claims that he recently spent time in an Columbus, Ohio, hotel room passionately kissing a 19-year-old college student.

And now bartender Chad Leslie, one of Lachey's oldest friends, has stepped forward to allege that the pop hunk got a little too cozy with his then-girlfriend Angela Bartlett, 25, when he was in Cincinnati, Ohio, last month backing his former 98 Degrees bandmate Justin Jeffre's unsuccessful mayoral campaign.

Leslie tells In Touch Weekly, "Nick and Angela came into the bar where I worked at about 3:30 in the morning. Angela asked for my house keys and said she was going to drop Nick off at the Cincinnatian Hotel, and go back to my place." But Leslie claims that when he arrived home at 4:30am, Bartlett was nowhere to be seen, so he passed by Lachey's hotel and saw her car parked outside.

Once getting through to her on her mobile phone after several attempts, Leslie says, "I asked her where she was, and she wouldn't tell me. I told her, 'I know you're upstairs, please come down, I just want my keys so I can go home.' "(Later) I told her, 'I need to know what happened in the room.' She said they opened a bottle of wine and Nick tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away. Obviously, she was trying to hide something. She was in that room for an hour and a half, not answering my calls."

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Back To School

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo is going back to school. The nerd-rock icon — who enrolled at Harvard years ago after the band's second album, "Pinkerton," flopped — says he'll return in February to complete his degree in English literature.

The singer-guitarist-songwriter for the multi-platinum rockers, who are now touring with the Foo Fighters, said yesterday on Howard Stern's show he plans to live in the dorms. It's unlikely Cuomo's school days will lead to any serious rock 'n' roll debauchery — he's been celibate for 21/2 years.

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Local News

I caught some flack from Miss PJDJD for not keeping her informed that Indianapolis now has its very own Sephora Store. So, I thought I'd make a few local store announcements to keep my Indy-area readers informed:

--We now have an H&M at Circle Center. It's fantastic for reasonably-priced, semi-trendy clothing. Great for "going out tops," accessories, and cute jackets. Their men's department leaves something to be desired compared to their Chicago and NYC stores, but it does have some men's clothing.

--March over to Sephora at Keystone at the Crossing as soon as you can. The store is on the Saks side. I love that I don't have to spend $ on shipping from online buying anymore.

--And run, don't walk, to the new Williams Sonoma Home store at Keystone at the Crossing. I went there last night and fell in LOVE! I could have easily dropped $5K there.

Happy shopping, Hoosiers! :)

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Top Mag Covers

On what would be the last day of his life, John Lennon posed for photographs with Yoko Ono in a session with photographer Annie Liebovitz. One of the pictures, a naked Lennon curled around and kissing a clothed Ono, became the cover for Rolling Stone magazine's tribute to him.

That iconic image published a month after his December 1980 death has been ranked the top magazine cover of the last 40 years by a panel of magazine editors, artists and designers. Others on the list include images from the Sept. 11 attacks, the Vietnam War and of Katiti Kironde II, the first black woman on the cover of a national women's magazine, in the August 1968 Glamour.

The American Society of Magazine Editors announced the winners of the competition on Monday during the American Magazine Conference in Puerto Rico. The competition was held as a way to mark the 40th anniversary of the group's awards. "Both the choice of a cover and the execution of a cover are crucial for any magazine," said Mark Whitaker, editor of Newsweek and ASME president. "Every editor wants their cover to stand out."

Coming in second was the shot of a very pregnant Demi Moore on the August 1991 cover of Vanity Fair, followed by an April 1968 image from Esquire of boxer Muhammad Ali with arrows in his body. The Saul Steinberg drawing of New York's West Side dwarfing the rest of the country, published in The New Yorker on March 29, 1976, came in fourth. Esquire's May 1969 image of Pop Art maven Andy Warhol drowning in a can of tomato soup took the fifth spot.

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Jessica Encourages Curves

Screen siren Jessica Alba wants to be a role model for curvy women, because she's proof you don't have to be skinny to be sexy.

The 24-year-old actress is proud of her voluptuous figure and hopes she can encourage younger girls not to diet. She says, "At the end of the day I just had to think that girls who have curves and aren't the skinniest things in the world are going to feel more comfortable seeing me as the main character than someone else."

"So I had to just think that maybe I would help young girls with their body image."

--Word, Miss Alba.

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Former Saturday Night Live player Charles Rocket, who gained notoriety for once letting an F-bomb slip on live TV, committed suicide earlier this month, officials said Monday.

The actor and comedian, 56, was discovered Oct. 7 in a field near his home in Canterbury, Connecticut, with his throat slashed. On Monday, the Connecticut medical examiner's office announced its finding that the injury was self-inflicted.

"An investigation determined there was no criminal aspect to this case," State Police Sergeant J. Paul Vance said. Rocket, whose real name was Charles Claverie, was a cast member on SNL during the low-rated 1980-81 season, following the departures of the show's remaining original players: John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Dan Aykroyd, Laraine Newman, Garrett Morris and Bill Murray.

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Spamalot Brings In the $

"Monty Python's Spamalot" has made a lot. The Tony-winning musical based on the film "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" has recouped its $12 million investment, less than seven months after opening on Broadway.

The show has done strong business at the Shubert Theatre since its premiere last March, repeatedly breaking box-office records.

"Spamalot" currently stars Tim Curry and David Hyde Pierce, who has extended his stay in the musical until April 2006. Simon Russell Beale takes over Dec. 20 for Curry. Original cast member Hank Azaria, who left the production in June to begin filming another season of his Showtime TV series, "Huff," returns Dec. 2.

"Spamalot," which has a book by Eric Idle and a score by Idle and John Du Prez, begins a North American tour next March in Boston.

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New Makeup Line

Josie Maran is best known as Maybelline's face, but the spokesmodel will launch her own cosmetics line next year.

"I'm starting my own line called Josie,” said Maran at the Smashbox / Sephora show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios. “It’s going to be designer, all-natural makeup." The line is currently under development with plans to launch in 2006.

"It’s never been done, natural makeup is always in the back of the health food store," explained Maran. "It's usually really muddy and this is going to be really bright and rich." Proceeds from the line will go to educational programs for children, but while organic lipstick may be on Maran's mind, it's not yet on her face.

"I have a contract with Maybelline, but I do have some Smashbox on tonight," she grinned. "Gotta represent!"

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October 17, 2005 

Ugly County

Oh, Mischa. This is just horrible. Since when is Lance Armstrong a fashion icon? And, is that purple fanny pack I see?

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Rachel and Zach?

Sources say that the OC's Rachel Bilson has fallen for her co-star in a recent movie, Zach Braff. Bilson has a habit of this--she recently split from her co-star on the OC, Adam Brody.

Zach - who has been dating Mandy Moore for months - and Rachel recently shot The Last Kiss in Canada, but their kisses may have continued after filming ended. According to a source for Australian gossip magazine, NW, Braff and Bilson got close one evening at Los Angeles hotspot, The Dime.

"She was practically sitting on his lap. She kept whispering in his ear. They kept laughing and looked like they were totally into each other," the witness said. The co-stars later left the Dime holding hands.

Source: The Bosh

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Stone Still Not Wearing Underwear

Folks in Paris are still talking about last week's opening of the new Louis Vuitton flagship store. Sharon Stone, who did the ribbon-cutting, "showed up in a Louis Vuitton coat with nothing underneath!" said a source. "That was it — like a flasher! She wore it as a dress."

Mingling with Stone was Eve, Karl Lagerfeld, Catherine Deneuve and Winona Ryder with her "friend" (according to her rep) "Murderball" director Henry Alex Rubin, whom she met on the set of "Girl Interrupted." Salma Hayek was also there but was guarded fiercely by her publicist.

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Stars Revamp Lacoste Croc For Charity

Teri Hatcher, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Tom Hanks and Rod Stewart are among the stars giving Lacoste's famous crocodile symbol a new look for charity.

The quintet are among the celebrities putting their own artistic spin on the classic Lacoste polo shirt in a bid to raise funds for the fight against pediatric AIDS. The shirts will be unveiled later this month at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills and will be auctioned off online at All proceeds from the charity auction will benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation.

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Ginger Spicette?

Ginger Spicette?

Geri Halliwell is expecting a baby, according to a report in the News of the World .

The former Spice Girl has been secretly dating British scriptwriter Sacha Gervasi, however the relationship could already be over after the pair were spotted having a heated argument at a cafe last week. Despite this, Halliwell is said to be overjoyed at the news, and has told friends that she will give birth in the spring.

A source revealed, "Geri is thrilled to be pregnant. Although this is totally unexpected she can't wait to be a mum. It's the best thing that could happen to her. She has had her problems in the past, battling bulimia, but now she is grown up and ready to be a mother.

"Not surprisingly, she's very upset her relationship with Sacha hasn't exactly gone to plan. But if she is alone when the baby arrives, then so be it. She's a strong woman and will cope just fine."

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Crazy Man

Oscar winner Roberto Benigni treated Italians watching Saturday's prime time news show to an impromptu strip tease to mark the release of his new film "The Tiger and the Snow" about the war in Iraq.

Benigni, whose poignant Holocaust film "Life is Beautiful" won the 1998 Oscar for best foreign film, left the newscaster on Italy's most watched evening news program open-mouthed when he began unbuttoning his shirt during an interview. A laughing Benigni removed his shirt and draped it over the newscaster's shoulders.

Benigni brought a fresh touch to the often stuffy Oscars ceremony when he climbed on the back of his seat and applauded the audience after he was told he had won the Oscar. He went on to also win best actor.

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Melissa's Medicinal Marijuana

Saying that she is now cancer free "in every detectable way, and in every knowing way … in my heart and my mind," Melissa Etheridge is also now admitting she used medicinal marijuana to help with the side effects of chemotherapy during her treatment for breast cancer.

"Instead of taking five or six of the prescriptions, I decided to go a natural route and smoke marijuana" the singer 44, who was first diagnosed more than a year ago, says in an interview on Dateline NBC.

According to excerpts from the interview and from quotes released to the Associated Press, by last January Etheridge had finished the first four rounds of chemo and had graduated to another drug, Taxol, which produced complications.

"It affected my muscles and bones," says the singer whose new greatest hits album includes the song "I Run for Life" dedicated to the fighting breast cancer. "And there's a chance of neuropathy with Taxol, which is where you lose feeling in your extremities. You know, fingers and toes." She said that as soon as the sensation left her fingertips a red flag arose "and (I) went, 'wait wait wait wait wait.' This is my livelihood you're talking about."

After consulting with her physicians, Etheridge decided to halt the Taxol after having already undergone surgery, two months of chemo (which she describes as "hell") and radiation treatments, which she's still having. As for using marijuana, Etheridge said when she informed her doctors that she smoked it every day for her pain – and "the minute I didn't feel it, I stopped" – "Every single one was, 'Oh, yeah. That's the best help for the effects of chemotherapy.'"

While against federal law, the use of marijuana with a doctor's recommendation is legal in California and nine other states. Asked if she feared federal prosecution, Etheridge replied, "No, I didn't worry. But it was worth it."

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You've Got to Be Kidding Me

Toy maker Mattel Inc. known for Barbie fashion dolls, is expanding the plastic icon's domain to include high-end designer clothing and accessories for adult women.

The merchandise, which includes jeans, shirts, handbags and jewelry, is designed by well-known fashion designers and will sell under the name Barbie Luxe.

Using Barbie as their "muse," designers like Anna Sui, Anya Hindmarch, Citizens of Humanity, Judith Leiber, Nickel, Not Rational, Paper Denim & Cloth, Stila and Tarina Tarantino have added Barbie-esque touches to their designs, such as pink stitching on jeans or a retro silhouette on a cameo pendant.

"Our target market is the fashionista," said Richard Dickson, senior vice president of global consumer marketing and entertainment for Mattel Brands. "From teens through adults in their 20's and 30's. It's not Mattel's usual target audience." Weak sales of Barbie dolls, a lackluster retail environment, and strong competition have hurt Mattel recently. The company is working to raise Barbie's non-toy profile as well as tap a grown-up fan base as part of a long term plan to reinvigorate the toy brand.

There will be a series of promotions to publicize the Barbie Luxe brand, including underground campaigns, launch parties and Fashion Week interviews. Mattel is hoping that the clothing and accessories will catch on with trendsetting teens and women and that popularity will trickle down to Barbie the doll. "When a teen or 20-something is carrying an Anya Hindmarch, Barbie bag it'll reinforce Barbie as relevant, cool brand for little girls," said Dickson. "Little girls are growing up faster than ever and looking to adults and teens for inspiration, and Barbie is their aspiration."

The items aren't cheap, with jeans priced at $176 and a 3/4 sleeve hooded sweatshirt at $140, and this helps add to the cachet of the brand, which is designed to be "aspirational."

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Get a Job

It cracks me up how the people who get on MTV's The Real World never know what the hell to do with themselves after the show is over, yet always seem to have had some real revelation about life in the process.

Landon (RW Philadelphia) appears to be no exception. He's working the technical school tour, and in a nutshell has this to say: "Alcohol is bad." and "No, I won't take off my shirt."

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Kermit's 50th

Kermit the Frog began a globe-hopping tour to celebrate his 50th showbiz birthday in a small West Texas town that shares the beloved amphibian's name.

The town of about 5,700 rolled out the green carpet Friday for the singing, dancing Muppet and former "Sesame Street" star, giving him the key to the city, dubbing him grand marshal of the homecoming parade and crowning him honorary homecoming king.

The town, one of two in the country named Kermit, also painted Kermit's face on the community's large water tower. The local Dairy Queen offered green French fries and ice cream in his honor. A park in town also will bear his name.
"I haven't seen such nice faces since Miss Piggy's last makeover," he said in an appearance at City Hall, which is on a street that's been renamed Kermit the Frog Boulevard. "It's really like coming home again."

Kermit's 50-stop tour will cross four continents and last until the end of 2006. Stops include the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, the Johnson Space Center and a courageous appearance at a Frog Leg Festival in Fellsmere, Fla. He's even scheduled to run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

"I thought they said bullfrogs," Kermit said in a rare Associated Press interview with a Muppet.

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Re-Emancipation of Mimi

Mimi is getting emancipated — again.

Mariah Carey plans to reissue The Emancipation of Mimi with four new tracks this fall, including her new hit "Don't Forget About Us."

The Emancipation of Mimi: Platinum Edition, which was announced to her fan club late Thursday (October 13), will be released in two forms on November 15: as an audio CD with the four extra tracks, and as a limited-edition two-disc set with a DVD of her videos so far ("It's Like That," "We Belong Together," "Shake It Off" and "Get Your Number"). The video for "Get Your Number," featuring Jermaine Dupri, was shot originally for her European fanbase, since it was released as a single there, and this will mark its U.S. release.

The DVD will also contain a link to access her new video for "Don't Forget About Us," which Carey shot last weekend in Los Angeles with director Paul Hunter, who last teamed up with Mariah on her "Honey" video. The clip hits video outlets November 1.

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Scotty To Get "Beamed Up"

Evidently "Star Trek" actor James "Scotty" Doohan took the catchphrase "beam me up" very seriously -- his cremated remains will be launched into space in accord with his last wishes.

Commercial space flight operator Space Services Inc. will launch the late actor's remains into space aboard its Explorers Flight on December 6, a company spokeswoman said on Friday.

Doohan, who portrayed feisty chief engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott on the "Star Trek" television series, died in July at age 85. On the program, when Capt. James Kirk ventured off the spaceship Enterprise and faced peril, he would demand Scotty "beam" his body up to the safety of the ship.

The actual phrase "Beam me up, Scotty," was not used on the show, but it entered pop culture.

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Spielberg To Make Video Games?

Coming soon to a game console near you: a Steven Spielberg video game. The acclaimed film director and producer has agreed to develop three new games under a long-term exclusive deal with video game maker Electronic Arts Inc. The deal to be announced Friday reflects the increasingly intertwined interests of Hollywood and the video game industry.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but Redwood City-based EA, the world's largest game maker behind blockbusters such as "Madden NFL" and "The Sims," said it will own the intellectual property behind the Spielberg games and publish them.

The deal involves much more than the Hollywood director merely putting his stamp on a game or popping in for quick consultations, said Neil Young, vice president and studio head of EA's Los Angeles studio.

Instead, Spielberg will have an office in EA's studio. He plans to work side-by-side with game developers to create original gaming content beginning with the concept — not a game based on a movie, or vice versa, both of which are common practices nowadays.

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October 14, 2005 

Paris Cheated on Paris?

Paris Hilton has revealed during an interview for a magazine that the real reason she dumped her fiancée, Greek heir Paris Latsis was because he cheated on her during his bachelor party.

Last week, Paris announced she broke up her engagement with Latsis after only three months, claiming she’s not ready to marry. She stated at that time: "I'm sad to announce that I've called off my engagement." But now, it appears that Hilton confessed during a party in Los Angeles that she dumped Latsis because he cheated on her during his bachelor party.

And, during an interview with “Extra” magazine she was asked what advices will she give to a man who wants to get married, Paris said: “Just be good to your girl and communicate and tell the truth.” “Don’t cheat on her at your bachelor party ... because when guys do that it’s disgusting. Whoever I marry is not going to have a bachelor party,” added Paris.

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Chris Isn't Bitter

For five years, Chris Klein and Katie Holmes were a hot item. They were even engaged in 2003. But as Chris explained to Details magazine, the relationship ended in March for one simple reason.

“We grew up,” Chris explained. “The fantasy was over, and reality set in. We weren’t lighting each other’s fire anymore.”

And, according to Brian Farnham, Details’ deputy editor, the two haven’t spoken since. “They have no contact,” Brian said. “There was a rumor going around that she had been calling him but that turned out not to be true. They really broke it off completely.”

Chris (whose film credits include the “American Pie” movies, as well as “We Were Soldiers” and “Rollerball”) said he is living well and not looking back, telling Details: “I’m not lonely. I’ll tell you that, I’m certainly not crying myself to sleep at night, sucking my thumb. No, Dude, I’m out and about.”

As for Tom’s couch-hopping antics, Chris was realistic. “...that’s Tom. He can do whatever the f*** he wants. Who gives a s***? I mean, we’ve all felt the need to jump up and down on a couch. Or not!”

And in other TomKat news:

Apparently, Katie Holmes is rehearsing the role of stay-at-home mom. The actress, who recently revealed she is carrying fiance Tom Cruise's baby, has pulled out of the Dennis Quaid drama Shame On You in order to focus on her pregnancy, People magazine reports.

The film, a biopic on country and western swing legend Spade Cooley, had been scheduled to begin shooting in New Orleans within the next month. But the production was pushed back to early 2006 due to Hurricane Katrina. Holmes was set to star as Cooley's wife, Ella Mae.

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I have no idea why the ladies of Laguna Beach are modeling these heinous, overpriced corsets, but they are. Click here.

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Al Pacino is rumored to be dating former 'Cheers' star Kirstie Alley.

Pacino, 65, has been spotted dining out in Hollywood with the curvaceous actress - and according to onlookers the pair were undeniably romantically entwined. The news comes just weeks after Alley, 54, announced she had lost 50 pounds and was ready to start dating again. She has been single since splitting from James Wilder five years ago.

A source told Star magazine: "They were huddled for the whole evening at the Chateau Marmont, and, at one point, Kirstie was stroking his thigh as she talked to him. "It was bizarre. They totally looked as if they were on a date."

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Craig. Daniel Craig.

It's official: Daniel Craig is the next James Bond.

"It's something else, I'm a bit speechless," Craig, looking suave in a charcoal gray Brioni suit, said at a London press conference Friday after he arrived by a Royal Marine commando on the Thames. News of his casting was hardly a secret. He'd long been the rumored top choice for the role, and on Thursday night, the actor's own mother let the cat out of the bag before the producers could make the announcement official.

"Obviously we are thrilled to bits," Craig's mother, Carol Olivia, told the family's hometown paper, the Liverpool Daily Post, about her son's new role. "It has come at a very good time in his career," she added. "He has worked extremely hard all his life and this would be his biggest populist role." She also conceded, "It will be life-changing." "She's a proud mom," explained Bond producer Barbara Broccoli at Friday's news gathering.

As for the new star, the divorced dad of a daughter refused to say who he would prefer as his leading lady in the upcoming $100-million-plus caper, Casino Royale. There have been rumors that it could be Sienna Miller, with whom Craig has been linked personally, or even troubled model Kate Moss, with whom he reportedly had a fling last year.

"I'm not getting into that," he stated. But of his new job, he did say: "I knew positively on Monday when I was in Baltimore. I needed a drink. ... a couple of martinis."

Said Craig: "I don't have many qualifications. but hopefully I can bring something to the role. I've got a big pair of shoes to step into after Pierce."

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Mariah's Born Again

Mariah Carey has spoken about her belief in God and her feeling that she has been "born again" several times in this lifetime.

Mariah says that following her reported "breakdown" in 2001 after filming two movies, Glitter and Wise Girls, and a busy promotional tour in support of the Glitter movie and album,that she felt she had been "through everything but death."

In an interview with Cosmo Girl magazine, the 35-year-old singer said: "I do believe that I have been born again in a lot of ways. I think what I've changed are my priorities and my relationships with God. "I feel the difference when I don't have my private moments to pray. I said to my father when I went through all that stuff, `I feel like I've gone through everything but death, so I'm not scared of anything anymore.'

"Once you fall that hard and have been kicked and kicked you learn to protect yourself. I'm a fighter, but I learned that I'm not in charge. Whatever God wants to happen is what's going to happen. I feel like I've had endless second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth chances. It's by the grace of God I'm still here. Yes,I'm frustrated a lot of the time, I go through bad days. But, I'm ecstatic where I am."

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Stella's New Court

Stella McCartney is getting into sport.

After the incredible success of her debut sportswear line with Adidas that launched in February, the designer is broadening her repertoire to include tennis for the next round of creations. "There is not a great-looking, high-performance spin on tennis and it's about time women look stylish on the court," said Stella.

And if the reaction to her Adidas line is anything to go by, prepare for a serious shopping deluge when her one-off line for H&M hits stores next month. "I think the idea is genius, a perfect match," said Karl Lagerfeld, the high street retailer's first high fashion partner, when he heard of his successor. And while Lagerfeld's H&M collection had his fans queuing around the block last year, they're expecting even more of a rush for Stella's label – beginning with a party on October 25th that is expected to be one of the hottest tickets of the year.

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Stones To Rock "Days"

The Rolling Stones are going to rock like sands through the hourglass and debut their latest video during the NBC soap "Days of Our Lives."

The "Streets of Love" video will air during the Oct. 18 episode of the long-running daytime drama, Daily Variety reported Tuesday. The song will become a "major presence" on the soap through the next month as part of a deal between NBC and Virgin records, Variety said.

Virgin's goal is to increase the British band's exposure among women ages 18-34, which happens to be the core audience of "Days."

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Baby Alert

--Former ER Star Ming-Na gave birth to her second child, a boy, on Wednesday afternoon. "Mother and baby are doing great," the actress's husband, Eric Zee, tells People.

Cooper Dominic Zee was born at 2:23 p.m. at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, Calif. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 9 oz. Cooper joins his 4-year-old sister, Michaela.

--Mayim Bialik, star of the '90s show Blossom, and her husband, Michael Stone, are parents of a baby boy, born Tuesday. "Mother and baby are both fine," says the rep. This is the couple's first child.

Blossom, on which Bialik played the wholesome Blossom Russo, debuted in 1991 and ran until 1995. After the show went off the air, Bialik, now 29, went through a rebellious phase, she told People in 2000 – the same year she graduated from UCLA. The San Diego native also went on to work on a Ph.D. in neuroscience – and met Stone at school.

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October 13, 2005 


Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn were spotted this week in Chicago in more than just a friendly embrace.

On Tuesday night, the pair were seen dancing, eyes locked, before kissing and making out as bodyguards shooed the crowd away, People reports in its upcoming issue.

Earlier in the evening Aniston, 36, showed up at the Vic Theatre, where Vaughn, 35, brought his Wild West Comedy Show tour. During the performance, Aniston watched from the balcony. (She also caught his show Sept. 16 in Oxnard, Calif., after they filmed the comedy The Break Up this summer.) Her favorite part: when Vaughn showed an old clip of himself performing in an ABC After School Special about sex.

At the party after the show, Vaughn grabbed Aniston around the waist, pulled her to his side and told a few friends, "She's the best!" while rubbing her back. He later gave her a kiss on the temple, and the two proceeded to make out.

In the past, Aniston and Vaughn have brushed aside rumors that they were a couple. Yet, at the wrap party for The Break Up, this summer, after mingling and dancing the two made their way to a private booth and, in the words of one onlooker, "got very cozy with each other. Very friendly and very, very comfortable with each other. The hand on the leg, the arm on the shoulder."

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Dashton Wedding Pics

Ok! Magazine has released some of the pics from Dashton's wedding:

--Nice hat, moron.

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Papa Holmes Is P.O'ed

Tom Cruise’s future father-in-law apparently isn’t a happy camper.

Katie Holmes’s dad is said to be “very upset” because his unmarried daughter is pregnant with Cruise’s child. And, what’s more, the devoutly Catholic Martin Holmes reportedly is none-too-thrilled about his daughter’s involvement in her husband-to-be’s controversial religion, Scientology.

“[Martin Holmes] was very upset and got into a real spat with Katie,” the forthcoming issue of Life & Style Weekly quotes “a close friend” of Cruise as saying. “Tom had promised her parents that they would do the right thing and get married before any baby came along.” After scolding his daughter, according to the mag, Martin Holmes berated Cruise by declaring “You’re no good.”

“He said he and his wife were very upset by the news,” according to the source, “and demanded the pair get married quickly.”

Furthermore, a member of Christ the King Church, which the Holmes family belongs to, told L&S that Cruise and Holmes’ publicist, his sister Lee Anne DeVette, sent a letter to parishioners, asking them not to talk to reporters. Although a family friend told the mag that the Holmes family is thrilled by the news of a grandchild, they’re also concerned.

“It seemed like Katie was being controlled by Scientologists,” the friend told L&S. “Now they wonder if it’s a Rosemary’s Baby situation, where Katie is being groomed to provide Tom with a child.”

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Nanny Shar?

Britney Spears has buried her war of words with hubby Kevin Federline’s ex, and hired her as the couple’s nanny!

Kevin walked out on eight months pregnant Shar Jackson when he met Britney, launching a bitter feud between the ex-Moesha star and the pop princess. But insiders say Britney’s become concerned about how little time Kev’s spent at home since the birth of their son, Sean Preston, so turned to Shar for help. Shar’s all too familiar with Kevin’s wayward ways so offered to look after the baby while Britney and Kev patch things up.

“Kevin walked out on Shar when she was eight months pregnant with Kaleb, so he could be with Britney,” said one source. “But ironically the two girls have become very close since Britney became a mother. And they often look after each other’s kids. Shar was the first person Britney turned to when Kevin started going out partying and playing golf, instead of looking after her and their new baby. Shar suspects Kevin is envious of the amount of time Britney spends with her son. So she’s looking after Sean to give Britney more time with Kev. They hope that by uniting all of his children under one roof, and creating a cosy, domestic atmosphere, he’ll want to spend more time at home.”

But Kev’s yet to be convinced by his new living arrangements. “It was a bit of a shock at first. But it’s really helping him realise how important family is. He’s just stunned that Britney came up with such a cunning idea. He always thought she was a sweet, naïve little angel.”

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Dano Gets Desperate

Veteran soap star Linda Dano ("Another World," "One Life to Live," "General Hospital") will be joining Marcia Cross and Roger Bart on the "I Must Be Dreaming" episode of ABC's hit series "Desperate Housewives. Dano has been signed to played Francine Williams, George's mother.

--I loved her on "Another World."

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"Simple Life" Cancelled

"The Simple Life" is over — at least for now. Fox has pulled the plug on the reality TV show starring ex-pals Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

The network said it "did not see a place for 'The Simple Life' on our schedule this season." But a source said that the real reason for the cancellation was Hilton and Richie's inability to end their feud. 20th Century Fox, the studio that produces the show, said it could move to another network.

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Arnold is Back!

Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly agreed to star in two movie sequels.

The Californian Governor has agreed to join forces with James Cameron in a fourth Terminator installment in addition to a sequel to True Lies.

According to Eliza Dushku, who is due to play Schwarzenegger's daughter in True Lies 2, said: "We all caught up. Me, Jamie Lee, Arnold, and Jim, to talk about True Lies 2, about a month ago in California. We're doing it. Definitely doing it. I'm revved."

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Cojo Receives Second Kidney

Steven Cojocaru received a second kidney transplant - this one donated by his mother - after the first one in January had to be removed due to infection.

Cojocaru, a correspondent for the syndicated TV shows "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider," had the transplant Tuesday and was resting comfortably, according to a joint statement released by the television shows.

"I'm immensely grateful for the precious gift my mother has given me," said the 40-something fashion commentator. "Thank you to all for your prayers and good wishes - it gave me the strength to persevere and warmed my heart."

Cojocaru suffers from polycystic kidney disease, a hereditary disorder that causes the growth of cysts on the kidney. He received a kidney from a friend in January, but it was removed in June after it became infected with a virus that can afflict transplant recipients and lead to eventual loss of the organ.

"Both operations went smoothly and the doctors are very pleased with their progress," said Janet Annino, co-executive producer of "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider." "We are thankful they're both doing well and we look forward to seeing Cojo back on the red carpet soon."

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Suvari To Quit Acting?

American Beauty star Mena Suvari is considering turning her back on her acting career, because she doesn't find it mentally stimulating enough.

The 26-year-old star originally dreamed of an academic future in archaeology or paleontology, but was lured into acting when her teenage modelling career sky-rocketed. And she is still optimistic she will realize her early dreams.

She says, "I just fell into acting. I don't have a strong desire to be an actress my whole life - it's just not fulfilling enough for me. No offence to those in the business, that's just me. "If I hadn't got into modelling, I probably would have studied psychology and might be working on a PhD right now.

"But it's not too late to go back to school. I've met people in their 50s who just got their degrees. "I'll see how the acting goes."

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Madonna iPod

Apple is expected to unveil a new, pink version of the iPod nano that will come preloaded with Madonna’s entire music collection, according to published reports.

The vanity version of the iPod nano is expected to be part of the introduction of a number of next-generation products including an iPod with video capabilities, according to AppleInsider, an Apple-focused web publication.

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Do They Know It's Halloween?

A group of US and Canadian musicians, including Beck, have recorded a spoof version of Do They Know It's Christmas?

The new version of Bob Geldof and Midge Ure's 1984 charity classic is titled Do They Know It's Hallowe'en. The record, which also features the Arcade Fire, Sonic Youth and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, will raise funds for UNICEF.

Organizers indie musicians Nicholas Diamonds and Adam Gollner say they hope Sir Bob and Midge "don't kill us" for taking the p*** out of the song. Diamonds said he thinks the original was "patronizing." "It just perpetuates this myth of Africa as this infertile ground where "nothing ever grows, no rain or river flows." It's obviously not true," he said. "We wanted to balance it, while taking the p*** out of that song, but have fun doing it.''

The song also features Sum 41, Devendra Banhart, Buck 65, Peaches, the Postal Service, Rilo Kiley and comedian David Cross amongst others.

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October 12, 2005 

Pitt Quits Smoking for Jolie

Brad Pitt has quit smoking for the sake of Angelina Jolie's children.

Pitt has given up cigarettes because his stunning girlfriend doesn't like him smoking around four-year-old Maddox and baby Zahara. Brad is reportedly finding the nicotine withdrawal difficult, but sources claim Angelina is helping him every step of the way.

A friend revealed to People magazine: "Angelina wraps him up in love and comfort and he just calms down."

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Charlize Says...

Forget helping Charlize Theron pick out a wedding dress. She's content being single.

"I'm happy for people who want to get married," says the 30-year-old, South Africa-born Theron. "It's not my thing."

The Monster Oscar winner, currently on the promotional trail for her new movie drama North Country, expressed her sentiments to TV's Access Hollywood at her movie premiere at Hollywood's Grauman's Chinese Theater on Monday, the day after her mother, Gerda, remarried at the exclusive Bel Air Bay Club. Charlize was a bridesmaid at the ceremony. (The name of the new groom has not been reported.)

Theron was 15 years old in 1990 when her mother fatally shot her alcoholic father as he threatened the family in a drunken rage, the Associated Press reports. Although the actress downplays matrimony in her own future, Theron said she remains committed to her boyfriend of five years, Dublin-born actor Stuart Townsend, star of the new ABC series Night Stalker.

"I'm extremely happy in my relationship," she said. "I would love to have kids."

Late last month, speaking to Oprah Winfrey on the media queen's show, Theron also spoke of Townsend. Though "we disagree constantly," she said, "he's the best thing that's ever happened to me. ... Five years later I can't stop talking to him."

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Ashton Glad to Drop "Boy Toy"

Ashton Kutcher says he's glad that people will now call him Demi Moore's husband instead of her "boy toy".

The couple, who have a 15 year age gap, got married earlier this month. Demi was previously married to Bruce Willis and has three daughters.

According to he said: "I'm proud to be the husband of Demi Moore and the stepfather of her three wonderful girls. I hope the love that we share can resonate around the world so that someday I can hear its echo. "Besides, 'boy toy' just never sat well with me."

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Joel's Darker Side Revealed

Grammy award-winning singer Billy Joel tried to kill himself by drinking furniture polish, because he was so tormented by an affair with his drummer's wife.

In new book Billy Joel: The Life And Times Of A Young Man, the rocker reveals keeping his affair with Elizabeth Small secret left him depressed and prepared to take his own life. The hitmaker was saved by the very man he was betraying when bandmate Jon Small rushed him to hospital. Joel was later transferred to a psychiatric ward. Lover Small notoriously inspired Joel's 1978 hit "She's Always A Woman" and the pair later married.

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New Breakup Book

Breakups serve us our most unglamorous moments: hovering over a pint of ice cream at 2:30 a.m., weeping in front of the television, living in sweatpants. And sometimes, that's the least of it.

"After my breakup I definitely did some stalking," said 22-year-old Marie Burtz of Clemson, S.C. "I knew what time he would go get breakfast every Thursday. I would go to that place and just wait around, all dressed up, to show him what he was missing.

"One time, I made cookies for his roommate, even though his roommate and I weren’t really great friends," she continued with a laugh. "I just wanted to take the cookies by and, again, show him what he was missing. One time, I parked my car several times during the night so I could watch him walk back and forth to his apartment. Yeah, that’s a little creepy."

Recognizing the plight of gals like Burtz, former "Sex and the City" writer and come-lately dating guru Greg Behrendt, author of the runaway hit "He's Just Not That Into You," co-authored "It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken," with his wife Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt, to guide dumpees (and to a lesser extent, dumpers) through a breakup with the same solid, uncomplicated advice that made "Not Into You" a success.

"Honestly, I think the self-help section of the bookstore should be called, 'Yeah, duh' because some of [the advice] is really obvious," Behrendt told

One of the strongest messages from the book, which is currently No. 67 on the bestseller list, is that a breakup can be a chance for a "breakover," or a fresh start. "It was the best thing that ever happened to me," Behrendt said of his worst romantic split.

In order to move forward, “Breakup,” advises a period of “he-tox” — going 60 days without contacting the ex — and recruiting a “breakup buddy,” a sympathetically-inclined sidekick firm enough to talk you out of relapsing into typical post-breakup behavior (the book mostly focuses on female dumpees, but also offers tips for lovelorn guys).

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Depp Digs Stockings

Johnny Depp has a fetish for dressing in women's clothes. The actor has admitted he has always sneakily stared at girls' shoes and stockings.

He is quoted in Britain's More magazine as saying: "I'd be embarrassed for my friends to find out that I'm familiar with women's clothing. Since wearing a slip and a bra in 'Ed Wood' I have much more respect for women.

"Actually I find myself constantly sneaking looks at women's shoes and stockings. I've developed this subconscious habit. It may be a little dangerous - I'm a little worried."

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They Say It's Your Birthday

Today I turn the big 2-7. I hope I always feel this young. (Yes, I'm aware that I won't).

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No More Spidey Movies for Dunst

Kirsten Dunst has warned Hollywood bosses they will have to pay her an "exorbitant" amount of money to star in another Spiderman movie, because her initial contract was for just three films.

The actress, who plays Spiderman's love interest Mary Jane Watson, is adamant she will not return to the role after filming on Spiderman III is completed - unless swayed by a huge salary and an amazing script.

She says, "Unless they pay me an exorbitant amount of money, this will be my last one." "If there is more of a story to tell and Sam Raimi (Director) is on board, and everyone is, then maybe." "But this is what I am signed to do - three."

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Rizzo Pleads No Contest

Actress Stockard Channing pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor drunken driving charge stemming from an incident last year on the Hollywood Freeway.

Channing, 61, who won an Emmy for her role as the first lady on NBC's "The West Wing," was ordered to pay a $390 fine and take part in an alcohol education program after pleading no contest Thursday, said Frank Mateljan, a spokesman for the city attorney's office. She was also placed on 36 months of probation, Mateljan said.

The actress was arrested Dec. 14 after allegedly trying to drive around a roadblock set up so a tow truck could removed a disabled tractor-trailer.

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Allure's Best Of

Click here for Allure's Best of Beauty winners.

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You're Elected?

Raj Bhakta, a former contestant on the TV show "The Apprentice," may run a long-shot campaign for Congress. Now living in Fort Washington, Bhakta says he is very close to deciding to whether to seek the 13th District seat held by Democratic Rep. Allyson Y. Schwartz.

Schwartz was elected to her first term last year, defeating Republican Melissa Brown by 15 percentage points after spending $3.5 million to win. Bhakta, just weeks shy of 30, is primarily a real estate and technology entrepreneur; he recently managed the redevelopment of a lodge in Vail, Colo.

In the 2004 season of "The Apprentice," he was noted for his bow ties, his high-intensity preppy demeanor, and a definite eye for the ladies. He was the ninth apprentice fired by Donald Trump that season. On his way out the door, he hit on Trump's receptionist.

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October 11, 2005 

Bid on Brit's Baby Domain

Hurry! Only 3 days left to bid on the domain name on Ebay!

Current Bid: $2,000,000

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Famously Bad Tippers

Bad tippers, beware the Web site, where servers post reports on the celebrities they encounter. The submissions are anonymous and uncorroborated, and it is certain that every celebrity identified will dispute he or she is a bad tipper.

The latest target is Sean Penn, who was famously photographed in New Orleans rescuing Katrina victims and carrying a shotgun. Says one server of Penn and three others: "Waited on them hand and foot. The bill: $450. The tip: none. Cheapskate!" The list also includes Bill Cosby, Bruce Willis, Britney Spears, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst.

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Smell Like Marilyn

Marilyn Manson told WWD he's "in the final stages with one of the major companies" to launch a fragrance and he hopes a full line of cosmetics will follow.

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Steve and David Are Back!

After 10 seasons on "Beverly Hills, 90210," Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green knew they could never escape the characters that set millions of teenage hearts aflutter. So they decided to do the next best thing: lampoon their prime-time personas in the movie "Domino," opening Friday.

Ziering, 41, and Green, 35, play themselves — acting as hosts of a fictional reality-TV show — in the drama based loosely on real-life bounty hunter Domino Harvey. Keira Knightley stars in the title role.

In the film, the former teen idols become "celebrity hostages" when a ride-along on Domino's most dangerous assignment goes awry.

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Another One?

The brains behind the Austin Powers movie franchise are racing to shoot a fourth film to coincide with the 2006 release of the new James Bond movie Casino Royale.

The planned new project would focus on the young Powers and only regular Seth Green would possibly return for the film - to play the younger version of his movie dad Dr. Evil. Producers are keen to work quickly on the film so it will be ready for release on the back of the new 007 movie because Austin Powers is a spoof version of James Bond.

Austin Powers regular Michael York, who will not be part of the new film, tells website, "I have heard that they want to do a new film to coincide with the release of the next James Bond movie. Since 007 is going to be younger in that movie, they're considering doing a Young Austin movie. I don't know if Mike Myers would even be involved. It would probably be Seth Green playing Dr. Evil Junior."

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Lose The Hat

Alex Rodriguez expects respect for the Yankees, at least when he's in New York.

After the Yankees-Angels rain cancellation Saturday, A-Rod, his wife and friends went to Nobu 57, where he noticed a red Angels baseball hat in the crowd, reports The Post's Braden Keil.

On his way out, A-Rod shouted from across the room, "Hey, lose the hat!" A few patrons cheered. The red-faced, red-capped provocateur was sitting with Donnie Wahlberg, older brother of Mark — both of whom usually root for their hometown team, the hated Boston Red Sox.

--Right. And I'm sure if it was a Yankee hat that A-Rod would have also gone Emily Post-al on Wahlberg.

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Roth Takes Over For Stern

Infinity Broadcasting will announce that David Lee Roth is taking over for Howard Stern.

The one-time lead singer of Van Halen will assume the microphone in New York and several other markets where Stern's radio show is heard. Still not set is where Adam Carolla, former co-host of "The Man Show," will be in the lineup, but sources say that Roth and Carolla will not be together.

The president of programming for Infinity Broadcasting, which owns Stern's show, said last winter that there wouldn't be one person replacing the notorious shock jock. Roth and Carolla will divide up the territories so that no one person can regain Stern's monopoly of the airwaves. Carolla will likely have the West Coast.

So far, Roth has no on-air team assembled. He doesn't have a sidekick like Robin Quivers or any of the other necessary cast members to pull off a three- or four-hour comedy show.

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Gwyneth Helps Out Brother

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is playing a supporting role in "The Good Night," a $15 million romantic comedy written and directed by her brother, Jake.

Most of the film, which is set in New York, will be shot starting Nov. 7 in London, Daily Variety said Monday. The cast will also include British actors Martin Freeman and Simon Pegg. Freeman starred in the original British TV version of "The Office" as well as the recent big screen "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." In "The Good Night," he stars as a former pop star going through an early midlife crisis as he writes advertising jingles, Variety said.

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Evening The Score

Sienna Miller has denied claims that she had a fling with Jude Law's mate Daniel Craig.

Newspapers are reporting that her on-off relationship with Jude is finally over following the revelations of her tryst with Daniel. The Sun claims that the 23-year-old actress is in Morocco after Jude threw her out of their London home. This comes just months after Jude himself confessed to an affair with his children's nanny, it was thought they were since trying to patch things up.

Daniel and Sienna played lovers in Layer Cake, and were spotted having dinner at The Ivy in London in September. After leaving the restaurant separately, the pair spent the rest of the evening dancing at Elysium nightclub nearby - before Sienna was dropped off by Daniel at her mom's home at 7am.

At one point during the evening, whilst being pursued by photographers, Sienna asked them to leave her alone in exchange for a quick photo opportunity. "I'm going straight to my mum's place. There's nothing going on between me and Daniel, we were in a movie together two years ago," she told snappers from a picture agency.

Jude and Daniel have both refused to comment about this latest episode, while Sienna has denied the affair or refused to comment, depending on which paper you read.

--Wait--he dumped her for cheating? Doesn't that just make it even?

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Tofu Pie in the Face

Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue magazine, was hit with a tofu pie by anti-fur demonstrators as she attended Paris fashion week.

Dan Mathews, vice president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said the vegetarian tofu tart was retaliation for Vogue's decision to run fur ads while refusing to use PETA's anti-fur messages. The animal rights group offered to pay the same fee, Mathews said.

Wintour, editor of the U.S. edition of Vogue, was hit with the tart as she waited to see the Chloe fashion show Saturday. It was the second time in a year that PETA has hit her with a pie.

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Celeb Assistants Meet

Sixty-five members of the New York Celebrity Assistants association met in the glass-walled penthouse at Le Parker Meridien last week to get a head start on holiday shopping with pitches from about a dozen vendors.

“This is our most popular meeting of the year,” says Bonnie Low-Kramen, assistant to Olympia Dukakis and co-founder of the NYCA. “Our members get a lot of giveaways.”

Among the items touted to the champagne-swilling assistants: handmade knee-pad pants for newly walking children and adult-size bibs for eating in the car by Poi Wear; “Pee-pee Teepees,” which keep boy babies from tinkling on your clothes while being changed; a “pink boa” Christmas tree (feathers, not needles); a dancing Tigger doll; and Scrabble in a hardwood case. Lash Fary, whose company stuffed swag bags for the Grammy Awards this year (value: $30,000), reminded the assistants that re-gifting was acceptable.

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October 10, 2005 

Laguna Spinoff

"Laguna Beach," MTV's popular reality series, will be back for a third season. The show follows the trials and tribulations of various groups of real teens who live and love in one of the ritziest neighborhoods in Orange County, Calif.

"We're gearing up right now to sort of roll right back into production," says Tony DiSanto, the show's executive producer. "The idea is since these kids who live there go off to college, they come home occasionally so it will be similar to this [second] season in that you'll see a lot of familiar faces coming through, but the story will focus on a whole new batch of high school juniors and seniors."

"Laguna" uses multiple cameras and special editing techniques that make it look more like a scripted drama than a reality show. One of the most noticeable aspects of "Laguna" is its slick, network-TV appearance, as opposed to the videotaped, single-camera style of reality shows like "The Real World" or "Survivor."

Besides the unique look of the show, its stars have become so popular with fans that producers want to keep the phenomenon going. At the moment they are in the final stages of casting the latest batch of "Laguna" kids. "When we interview [potential castmembers] we look for stories — and not just individual stories. We try to figure out how the kids are going to relate to each other," says DiSanto.

DiSanto also said he hopes to be able to film scenes for the show in the local high school, an area that the school board deemed off limits to the crew since "Laguna" began. "I would be open to discussions," he says. "After season one we decided to stay out of the school so as not to disrupt education and classes. Maybe now there is an opportunity to get into the school for a couple of key events, a sporting event would be great," he says.

MTV also officially revealed a rough debut date for its previously announced Laguna Beach spin-off, 8th & Ocean, which will kick off early next year. That show will be set in Miami Beach and will be shot like its sibling series, but will follow vapid, empty models instead of vapid, empty rich teenagers. Those 10 models, both men and women, will “live in a South Beach apartment complex,” reports.

Tony DiSanto, the series’ executive producer, says, “Our goal with ‘8th & Ocean’ is to pull back the curtains on this seemingly glamorous business and present the real life drama of this dynamic group of young models. We are going for a unique cinematic style with a narrative which will allow the viewers to feel as though they are there, eavesdropping on the lives of these up-and-coming models.”

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Locklear Can Still Party

Heather Locklear still knows how to party. Locklear and six girlfriends, including Charlie Sheen's wife, Denise Richards, celebrated the blond bombshell's 44th birthday in a private room at Koi recently.

The party "got really rowdy — everyone was having a good time, and Heather calls [her ex-hubby] Tommy Lee and tells him to get over there." Lee hotfooted it, but not soon enough. Just as he arrived, Locklear, who's married to Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, and her pals left to continue partying at her house. An hour later, Richards exited the soiree, telling a pal: "I have enough of the craziness! That was wild!"

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Saturday Night Lacking

Did anyone else catch them on SNL this weekend? Yeah, she really sang. And, she's terrible. What was more disappointing, however, was how awfully-not-funny the show was. I mean, Napoleon was hosting! Him simply talking is funny most of the time. I know it's not as good as in past years, but this was horrendous! Seriously--hire new writers SNL.

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"Today" Bans Bacon?

Kevin Bacon claims the "Today" show bumped him from a scheduled interview segment after producers realized the movie he was promoting was rated NC-17 because of a gay sex scene.

The kiss-of-death rating was assigned to director Atom Egoyan's "Where the Truth Lies" over a steamy scene involving Bacon and Colin Firth. "They had me booked on the 'Today' show today, and they canceled it because of the NC-17 rating," Bacon said on Howard Stern's radio show. "And I come to find out that none of the other morning shows will have me on."

A spokeswoman for "Today" said, "While we always enjoy having Kevin Bacon on the show, in this case he was never booked to appear." Bacon suspects that homophobia was behind the movie's NC-17 rating: "If that scene didn't end with a homosexual act, would the ratings board have given us the NC-17? I don't know. I can't answer that because I'm not behind closed doors."

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Lil' Says...

The bad blood continues between Lil' Kim and 50 Cent.

Though the rappers paired up for the 2003 smash Magic Stick, the relationship between the two quickly disintegrated, and 50 Cent dissed Lil' Kim in performances.

In a recent interview - before she entered a U.S. federal detention center to serve a year-a-day sentence for perjury - Lil' Kim made it clear there would be no duets in the future between the two. "I can't front. I don't have a lot of respect for 50 Cent because his music is hardcore ... violent," said Lil' Kim. "And I love his music sometimes, but I feel like in his personal life, his real life, he carries that on, and that's not a great message, you know what I mean? I think he promotes it."

When asked about the beef between the two, she said: "How can a man have beef with a woman? Whatever, that's just not cool," she said. "If I was selling six, seven million records, I'm not mad at anyone! How can you still be angry at people, still want to come at people? You're making money, you're selling millions of records, you should do something with that leverage," she added.

Lil' Kim knows plenty about rap feuds - it's one of the reasons why she's incarcerated. The rapper was convicted of lying to a grand jury investigating a 2001 shootout involving members of her entourage and a clique loyal to her nemesis, rapper Foxy Brown.

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I'm Holding Them For a Friend

Boy George’s lawyer is denying that drugs found in the British singer's apartment belonged to him, the Associated Press reports.

On Friday, the singer was arrested in New York on suspicion of possessing drugs and making a false police report after he called 911 and falsely said his home had been burglarized, police say.

The British-born 44-year-old singer, whose real name is George O'Dowd, phoned police from a Little Italy apartment around 3:14 a.m. and reported a burglary, said NYPD spokesman Detective Kevin Czartoryski. Officers arrived on the scene and discovered a small amount of cocaine adjacent to a computer.

The singer was arraigned on drug charges early Saturday and then released without bail. He was charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, allegedly more than an eighth of an ounce of cocaine, said Barbara Thompson, a spokeswoman for the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

"It was a small amount of drugs," the singer's lawyer Lou Freeman told the New York Post. "He does not know where it came from. He's had a lot of people in his house."

George is scheduled to return to court on the drug charges on Dec. 19. On Sunday, George returned to London, where he was greeted by a throng of reporters. "I am not speaking to anybody about it," he told them. "Don't ask me any questions because you are not going to get any answers at all. It's nice to see you, though."

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John Travolta and Kelly Preston are urging Katie Holmes to have a 'silent birth' when she has Tom Cruise's baby.

Scientologists believe children should be brought into the world quietly with no expressions of pain from the mother. Kelly said: "It's just because everything in moments of pain is really recorded and you want to have that peaceful and clear of sort of suggestions or different words that can then affect them in their future."

Katie, 26, who started dating Tom in April is thought to be three months pregnant.

And in other TomKat news:

Katie Holmes has fired her publicist Leslie Sloane-Zelnick after nine years together, and has hired her fiance Tom Cruise's sister as her new spokesperson.

Since Holmes began her controversial relationship with Cruise, she has parted ways with her management company, agents and now Sloane-Zelnick. Holmes will now be represented by Cruise's sister and fellow Scientologist Lee Anne DeVette, who became the actor's spokesperson last year after he left his longtime publicist Pat Kingsley.

Sloane-Zelnick tells the New York Daily News, "We were with her for nine years. We wish her the best. She has chosen to work with her future sister-in-law. We wish her well, and congratulate her on her happy news."

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"Fat" Ban

Sarah Jessica Parker has reportedly banned the word 'fat' as she doesn't want her son "learning to use it in a derogatory way."

The Sex and The City actress said: "I've forbidden the word 'fat' to be used in our home because I don't like the way it's used and I don't want him to ever use that word."

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W Backs Moss

Fashion magazine W has become the first to publicly support Kate Moss since her drugs scandal broke. W's new November issue features Kate on the cover and has eight pages of photographs of the supermodel inside.

In an article headlined Survivors, deputy editor Julie Belcove writes: "When Kate Moss burst into the fashion world in the early Nineties, few imagined she'd still be the dominant model more than a decade later.

"Her delicate frame posed a paradoxically giant challenge to the prevailing ideal, epitomized by towering, busty mannequins like Cindy, Claudia and Naomi. "But the big-eyed waif developed a womanly presence. As the world now knows, she has not come through the transformation unscathed. "A tabloid sting recently caught the 31 year old Moss using cocaine, the resulting photographs cost her several lucrative contracts.

"Moss, who was booked for this issue well before the scandal broke, has had a long relationship with the magazine, appearing on more covers - by far - than any other model or actress." W's creative director Dennis Freedman added: "She has shown courage by taking steps to deal with her personal problems and it is only natural that we would support someone that we regard as a friend."

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Juilliard Celebrates Years of Excellence

Happy Birthday, Juilliard!

As Juilliard celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, the school's President Joseph Polisi says much has changed since it was founded in 1905 as the Institute of Musical Art.

In his bare studio classroom at New York's famed Juilliard School, 21 drama students spar, perhaps imagining themselves as Shakespeare's Mercutio or Tybalt, as they jab, block and swipe with long black padded sticks.

"Stop, stop," cries Ivanov, unimpressed by some overly theatrical swings. "I'm so happy we don't have real swords." "It's all about aura," he tells the young students, an international bunch of men and women dressed as if for yoga. Ivanov is trying to teach them to make wide circles with the sword to avoid bringing the tip anywhere near a partner's eyes. "You're working with the partner's aura, not the body."

The stage combat class is part of a busy curriculum for the drama students at Juilliard, the performing arts school which boasts such illustrious alumni as cellist Yo-Yo Ma and actors Kevin Spacey, Laura Linney and Robin Williams.

The disciplines of dance and drama were added in 1951 and 1968 respectively, and Juilliard moved in 1969 to the city's premier arts complex, the Lincoln Center, where its neighbors include the Metropolitan Opera and the New York City Ballet.

Even Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan studied there, playing the clarinet before he turned from music to economics.

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October 07, 2005 

Ring Still On

And in the ongoing "Are they or aren't they?" dialogue, Jessica was photographed the day Us Weekly announced that she and Nick were splitsville with her wedding ring ON.

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More Stalkerazzi Nonsense

Photographers trying to get snapshots of Brad Pitt on the Canadian set of his new flick are being met and hauled off by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Pitt is in Calgary shooting 'The Assassination of Jesse James,' where three photogs in the past few weeks have been arrested. Tuesday, an Italian photographer was found in the trees and arrested. Monday, a U.S. photographer was detained and the previous month a Canadian culprit was discovered hiding on a nearby film set and charged with mischief.

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Is it still "cheating" if the stripper keeps her dress on? Sting apparently doesn't think so.

The soft-rocking singer, who's married to Trudie Styler, spent several hours at New York Dolls strip club on Murray Street in the company of two dancers — but asked them to keep their gowns while they lavished him and his driver with lap dances and neck massages.

Rumor has it that Sting, who drank only bottled water during the fully-clothed frolic, took a special liking to a blond Slovenian sexpot named Anna. The former Police chief plunked down several hundred bucks to be pampered by Anna and an Israeli-born babe.


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Brangelina Gets Familial Thumbs Up

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship continues to progress: Now, his family is giving her a thumbs-up.

Pitt's brother Doug, who owns a computer store in Springfield, Mo., made it clear during a recent business speech to the junior Rotary organization Rotaract, "We've met Angelina, and my family really, really likes her. She's great." Doug, however, means no disrespect to Pitt's ex. "Of course," he added, "we liked Jen too."

Since Pitt's marriage to Jennifer Aniston officially ended on Oct. 2, it appears more and more plausible that Pitt and Jolie could eventually become Mr. and Mrs. Pitt, People reports in its latest issue. The couple, along with Jolie's son Maddox, 4, and daughter Zahara, 9 months, were spotted on Sept. 21 at the Galaxyland Amusement Park at the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alta.

"Maddox was looking around at all the rides and he said, 'Daddy, can we go on that?'" onlooker Sarah Gardener told People. Pitt happily obliged, escorting the boy on the whirly Rockin' Rocket ride.

A giddy Maddox "was laughing," says Kelly Glandon, who was riding with her own 2-year-old daughter Taylor. "He looked like he was having the time of his life."

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So Not Shocking

Is there trouble in paradise for Britney Spears and her hubby?

The couple has acknowledged rough patches in the early days of their marriage, and it looks like having a baby hasn’t helped things. The buzz is that Kevin Federline — who walked out on his pregnant girlfriend and child to be with Spears — isn’t taking too well to fatherhood this time around either.

Since Spears brought home little Sean Preston, his dad has been “a real brat” — hitting golf balls, partying and chatting on the phone until well into the night, an insider tells Life & Style Weekly. Spears has reportedly complained that she’s “raising two kids now.”

After one particularly nasty row, Federline moved into a friend’s house for three days, according to the mag. But Spears’ mom, Lynne, has reportedly come to the rescue and is helping the couple through its tough patch. Spears’ rep didn’t respond to The Scoop’s request for comment.

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Another Celeb Fragrance

R&B star Ashanti has become the latest in a long line of celebrities to launch her own fragrance.

The singer follows in the footsteps of Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton and, most recently, Hilary Duff with her venture, which will be named Precious Jewel.

She says, "This project was very precious to me. I wanted everything to be perfect! I must have driven the fragrance developers nuts by making sure everything was exactly how I envisioned." Her representative says of the scent, "(It's) fruity without being overpowering, powdery enough without giving a headache."

It comes in perfume, mist and shimmer stick, and is available at discount store chain Wal-Mart from this week, reports MTV News.

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"The West Wing" Goes Live

NBC will air a live episode of "The West Wing" featuring a debate between presidential candidates Matt Santos and Arnold Vinick on Nov. 6.

Airing scripted TV shows live is a rarity these days, although NBC tried the attention-getting device earlier last week with the "Will & Grace" season premiere.

"The West Wing," which has lagged in the ratings with its move to Sunday nights this season, is in the midst of the campaign to replace Martin Sheen's character, President Bartlet. Jimmy Smits plays Democratic candidate Santos and Alan Alda the Republican Vinick.

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Etheridge Surprises Students

The 300 UCLA cancer biology students shifted in their seats as they waited for class to begin. Then came a loud knock on the door and in walked a surprise guest professor - Melissa Etheridge.

"Good afternoon," Etheridge said Wednesday afternoon as she smiled at the undergraduates. Some students gasped, others clapped.

For an hour, the 44-year-old singer delved into her emotional, yearlong battle with breast cancer - from the rousing performance she delivered at the Grammy Awards in February to hating chemotherapy and having to tell her children she might die.

"I've been a rock star since you were very young," said Etheridge. "But I've never encountered anything as powerful as cancer." The visit, filmed for MTV's college network mtvU, will air Oct. 17. "We're all a big fan of hers. We're looking for icons," mtvU's Stephen Friedman said.

Mostly female students questioned Etheridge, and her frank responses drew laughter - and tears. "Were you afraid to die?" asked one student. "I don't fear death. I have a lot more to do," Etheridge answered. Of what it was like to go through chemotherapy and surgery, Etheridge pointed to her scars and said even her ears hurt during treatment. "I couldn't turn music on, which broke my heart," she said.

Other guest professors on mtvU's "Stand-In" series have included Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Shimon Peres, Tom Wolfe and Marilyn Manson.

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Oprah Helps Ray

She did it for Dr. Phil. Now, Oprah Winfrey is hoping to bring daytime talk show success to Food Network personality Rachael Ray as well.

The host of "30-Minute Meals," "$40 a Day" and "Tasty Travels" has signed a deal with Oprah's production company to host a syndicated talk show targeted to launch in fall 2006. "People know me for my love of food, but I have so much more I want to share," says Rachael. "You know the real deal when you see it, and that's exactly what Rachael Ray is," Terry Wood, president of creative affairs and development at King World and Paramount Domestic Television says. "We already know Rachael can make life easier in the kitchen, and now she'll do it for people in all other aspects of their lives. Rachael has a huge connection with the audience, and her comfortable, relatable style makes her perfect for daytime television."

The new syndicated show will be based in New York and Rachael will continue to appear on Food Network.

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Harris Makes Euro Stage Debut

Actor Ed Harris is to make his European stage debut in the Irish city of Cork next month, in the world premiere of a play titled "Wrecks," written and directed by filmmaker and playwright Neil LaBute.

Harris, currently in movie theaters with David Cronenberg's "A History of Violence," will play a man described as having a unique love for his recently deceased wife.

The play will run at the Everyman Palace Theater November 23-December 3.

--I think he's one of the best actors out there. He's fantastic in everything he does.

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A New Bratt

There's a new little Bratt in NBC "E-Ring" star Benjamin Bratt's household. Mateo Bravery Bratt was born Monday in Los Angeles, weighing 7 pounds, 7 ounces, said publicist Craig Bankey.

Bratt and his wife, Talisa Soto, have a daughter, Sophia Rosalinda, who will be 3 years old on Dec. 6.

The 41-year-old actor and his 38-year-old wife met while filming "Pinero," the story of poet-playwright-actor Miguel Pinero. Soto has also appeared in "Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever" and "Mortal Kombat." Movie credits for Bratt, who starred in the "Law & Order" TV series, include "Catwoman" and "Miss Congeniality."

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Wayne Manor Escapes Fire

Tudor-style mansion in Pasadena that was used for a number of movie shoots has been destroyed by fire, but the house nearby where the 1960s "Batman" TV series was shot escaped damage, fire officials said on Thursday.

Early news reports said the house that burned down on Wednesday night was the historic mansion on S. San Rafael Avenue, Pasadena, 15 miles north-east of downtown Los Angeles, that served as the "Wayne Manor" of Batman TV series fame. That house was reported to have been bought by former Beatle Paul McCartney in 2005.

But the 16,000-square-foot home that caught fire was actually further down the street. Some scenes from "Rocky V" and the Peter Sellers movie "Being There" were reportedly shot there. The owners were not at home when the fire started and the cause is unknown.

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WalMart Launches Fashion Line

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is launching its own brand of trendy clothing for women as part of an overall strategy to increase U.S. sales by getting more shopping dollars out of the millions of customers already in its stores.

The urban-style line dubbed Metro 7, designed with the help of Wal-Mart's trend-spotting office in New York City, will be rolled out this week in 500 of the more than 3,000 Wal-Mart stores in the United States, mainly in urban areas, the company announced Thursday. The clothes should be in about 1,000 stores by spring and is being sold online at

The world's largest retailer, based in Bentonville, Ark., is not so much trying to win new customers as trying to persuade its huge existing customer base who come for staples to also buy clothes. It is part of a broader effort to revive sales and catch up with faster growing rivals like Target Corp.

"We can grow our business by getting the customer who is already in our store to buy more apparel," John Fleming, Wal-Mart's chief marketing officer, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

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October 06, 2005 

Hollywood Stars On The Moon?

Jack Osbourne wants to fly to the moon.

The reality TV star is in talks with NASA to join their next mission to the moon in 2018. Jack, 19, is desperate to sign up for inter-galactic trip and wants to use the proposed space odyssey to promote the Macmillan Cancer Relief and his mother Sharon's charity the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program.

He said: "Going to the moon would be amazing. The training's hardcore but I could handle it". Jack is not the only celebrity currently in talks with NASA to join their lunar expedition. Tom Hanks is reportedly begging the space agency to let him take part in the mission and fulfill his dream of walking on the moon. The 'Apollo 13' star - who recently wrote and produced new movie 'Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon' - has always been a supporter of NASA and space travel.

He is said to be hoping the agency will repay him by letting him join the crew on the moon mission. However, according to reports, NASA sources say Hanks' age and height will count against him. The Oscar-winning star will be 62-years-old when the shuttle launches - and at 6 feet 1 inches tall, the actor is too tall to be an astronaut.

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Cancel the Cake

Lisa Ling has called off her 8-month engagement to media entrepreneur Philip Levine.

Ling — a former co-host on "The View" who left the daytime chatfest in 2002 to host "National Geographic Ultimate Explorer" — spends most of her time shuttling between L.A. and New York, while Levine is based in Miami. And, like many long-distance relationships, the Ling/Levine fling was destined to fail. Those craving dishy details should look elsewhere: the split was described by one friend of Ling's as "amicable."

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I Know What You Did Last Summer star Freddie Prinze Jr. woke with a cracked rib yesterday morning - and he has no idea how it happened.

The Hollywood actor is currently in New York City promoting his upcoming sitcom Freddie, and he was taken aback when he struggled to get out of bed this morning because he was in such dire pain. He says, "I have a cracked rib... I don't even know how it happened. I woke up and I just couldn't breathe." The actor, married to Sarah Michelle Gellar, costars in his new ABC sitcom with Madchen Amick.

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Em Sues

Via his publishing companies, Eight Mile Style and Martin Affiliated, Eminem has filed suit in U.S. District Court in Detroit to stop five companies from making his tunes available online for cell-phone ringtones.

"This is a big business. We're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars a year," the rapper's lawyer, Howard Hertz, told the Detroit News. Hertz says the lawsuit would block the sale of any rings offered by Cellus, USA; FanMobile;; MyPhoneFiles and MatrixM LLC. The companies were not available for comment Wednesday.

Ringtone sales are becoming an increasingly bigger slice of the music business. A recent study from Jupiter Research claims that ringtone sales pulled in $217 million in 2004 and will reach $724 million by 2009.

The lawsuits won't stop at cell phones, however. Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, is also taking on karaoke companies spinning ill-gotten songs.

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Don't Quit Your Day Job

Justin Timberlake has been derided by critics for his acting debut Edison, in which he plays a cub reporter exposing police corruption.

The film, which also features Hollywood heavyweights Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey, has been panned by critics as "a star-studded dud of a B-picture". The Hollywood Reporter singled out the Cry Me A River singer as "green but earnest" and attributed the whole cast with "enough posturing to start up a chiropractic clinic".

And Variety were quick to agree with their analysis, piling criticism on Timberlake's performance. Their review of the film compared him to "a reporter from Seventeen magazine" while the film as a whole was dismissed as a "parade of cliches".

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Casting News

Michael Douglas is set to join Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon in a comedy.

He has signed up for You, Me and Dupree, a romantic comedy directed by Joe and Anthony Russo. The Universal Pictures movie is about a newlywed couple that allows the best man to stay with them after the wedding, only to regret it.

Douglas will play the over-the-top, controlling father of the bride, reports Variety.

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Another One Bites the Dust

Add Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds and his wife to the growing list of celebrity bust-ups. Edmonds and his wife Tracey issued a statement Wednesday announcing the end of their marriage after 13 years.

They have two young children. The pair said they had already been unofficially separated "for quite some time."

"It is with deep regret that we announce our permanent separation. We remain best friends," said the couple, who have also produced movies and television shows together, including "Soul Food."

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Which Team Are You On?

Most companies pay millions to jump on MTV’s success. Not Hollister, who took feuding Laguna Beach reality stars Kristen and Lauren ( aka LC) and made them their latest fashion statement.

Here’s the catch: “Kristen” and “LC” aren’t trademarked, meaning Hollister could plaster their names on the shirts for free—no MTV negotiations, no copyright fees, and no stamp of approval from the network. Which team are you rooting for?

Price: $15.50; Available: at Hollister stores

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An Odd Duet

Good pals Regis Philbin and Donald Trump are already getting into the holiday spirit.

The talk show host and real-estate mogul are teaming up for a duet on Philbin's new CD, The Regis Philbin Christmas Album. The pair sing the holiday classic "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." The album includes 12 tracks of festive favorites and also features Philbin's wife JOY. The album is in stores now.

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Putting Her Skills To Use

If this isn't irony, I don't know what is.

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October 05, 2005 

TomKat's With Child

Just when you thought Wednesday couldn't get any more horrific after hearing about the Jessica-Nick, split...

Tom Cruise's fiancée, Katie Holmes, is pregnant with the couple's child, Cruise's spokesperson, Lee Anne DeVette, said

"Tom and Katie are very excited, and the entire family is very excited," says DeVette.

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Nick and Jessica--OFFICIALLY OVER

Us Weekly has revealed that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have really split.

Gawker reports that the couple is waiting to make an official announcement later in the month, but according to Us Weekly’s scoop — kept so under wraps that employees were not allowed to receive their advance issues yesterday, presumably for fear that People might rape and pillage the story — the marriage has been dead for some time.

The article has a laundry list of contributions to the break-up (mostly blamed on Jessica), including creepy-dad Joe Simpson, Jessica’s “diva” behavior, and her fondness for whiskey on the rocks. One of those ubiquitous sources close to the couple says, “Jessica’s the problem. She’s not the girl America fell in love with anymore.”

UPDATE: On the other hand, E! is stating that Jessica and Nick issued a joint statement through a rep, denying reports from Us Weekly and Life & Style that the couple has ended their union. "Nick and Jessica have not separated," the rep said. "Rumors to the contrary are simply not true."

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Stalkerazzi Strikes Again?

Lindsay Lohan and an unidentified female friend suffered minor injuries Tuesday when the star's Mercedes crashed into another vehicle during a chase through West Hollywood that involved paparazzi, according to police and eyewitness accounts..

The Mean Girls star, 19, was driving a black convertible Mercedes shortly before 5 p.m. "when she collided into the passenger side of a maroon Chevrolet Astro van that was apparently turning in front of her," according to a statement from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The impact also deployed the driver and passenger air bags in Lohan's car. According to the sheriff, "Miss Lohan and her female passenger (were) transported by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries." The male driver of the van was taken to the hospital with "moderate injuries."

The chase reportedly began after Lohan had a late lunch with friends at the Ivy Restaurant and then embarked on a shopping expedition that took Lindsay to a clothing store. "Paparazzi were outside the window following her, and she got in her car and zipped off," New Orleans resident Richard Starr, who was in California with his wife, Katherine, said.

"She came up the street like a bat out of hell," says Katherine Starr. "She was nailing it. The guy she hit was making a U-turn to get into his parking place." The collision caused the van to spin around in the street and then hit a parked truck, according to the sheriff's report. "There was smoke everywhere," said Katherine. "Lindsay jumped out and ran to the antique store."

The van driver, whose name has not been released, will "probably be alright, but he's pretty banged up," said Kirk Martin, manager of the Newsroom Cafe, where the driver works. A witness inside the ER of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center stated that Lohan and her female friend were taken inside a private room at the facility. "She wasn't crying, but she seemed upset. Mad. She wanted to get out of there," he said.

Said another witness: "She was in and out in 45 minutes. She had a couple of scratches on her legs, but she was totally fine. She was wheeling around having fun. Her friend was pushing her through the hallways." That witness added: "By the time she left, there were six or eight girlfriends with her ... all 19- or 20-year-olds."

A source close to Lohan said: "She's shaken up. She's rallying her friends around her for support." Lohan's rep, Leslie Sloane, said: "This is another example of the paparazzi endangering citizens, both Ms. Lohan and the other driver involved in the collision. As the matter is still under investigation, we cannot comment further at this time."

This was Lohan's second such paparazzi-related incident. On May 31 she emerged unscathed from a crash in which a photographer was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after hitting her car while allegedly following her, according to Los Angeles police.

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Brit and KFed's Tape Scandal

Britney Spears and her hubby, Kevin Federline, sicced their home videos on the public when they gave us "Chaotic," but there's one video floating out there they don't want us to see.

According to Us Weekly, a member of the couple's low-rent entourage "has threatened to release raunchy footage of the two taken before Spears looked pregnant [that was copied from a tape in the Spears/Federline collection]."

A copy of the original tape viewed by the couple's lawyers elicited laughter and disgust.

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Hugh and His Hair

Hugh Grant says he looks like a 'butch lesbian' with his hair cut short.

The actor says he tried to change his trademark floppy hair style but it made him look "ugly".

The Notting Hill star told Now magazine: "I tried to change. I had my hair cut off by Elizabeth Hurley's hair person. I thought it would look butch. "Unfortunately I looked like a butch lesbian. "I'm plug ugly with my hair cut off. Even Elizabeth couldn't look at me."

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TomKat resurfaces:

Tom Cruise and fiancée Katie Holmes stroll hand-in-hand Sunday on the Los Angeles set of his Mission: Impossible 3. The pair have been engaged since mid-June, and his rep says Holmes has been a near-constant presence on the M:I 3 set.

--Pics from People and A Socialite's Life.

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Ashleegate #2?

Ashlee Simpson is returning to the scene of the mime.

Nearly one year after the pop star danced a jig on Saturday Night Live, Simpson will be back at Studio 8H as this weekend's musical guest. Her set list was not known. It was presumed she would sing, not dance.

Simpson had been talking up a SNL do-over since late summer. NBC said the booking came together only late last week. The appearance coincides with the Oct. 18 release of Simpson's sophomore album, I Am Me.

It was on SNL back on Oct. 23, 2004, that a flustered Simpson broke into a self-described "hoedown" after her drummer pressed a wrong button, and audiences heard her singing voice even as her mouth was nowhere near the microphone. Shortly thereafter, SNL put Simpson out of her misery, and cut to a commercial.

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Banks v. Banxxx

The woman who has been making Tyra Banks' life a misery came face-to-face with the supermodel on her TV chat show.

Adult film star Tyra Banxxx stunned the model/TV star when she appeared on the front cover of porn industry magazine Xtreme, dressed up to look like the real Tyra. In a taped segment on her daily show, which will air on Thursday, Banks confronted her doppelganger and declared she's taking her name back.

Banks also told Banxxx, whose real name is Alana, how shocked she was upon first hearing that the Xtreme magazine cover girl was using her name. She says, "For a second I was like, 'Did they put my head on someone else's body?' I thought that it really did look like me. The first thing that went through my head... It wasn't anger, it was more of a curiosity, and an empathy like, 'Where does this girl come from... And what led her to this?'"

Banxxx has agreed to retire her name, insisting she never intended to offend her heroine. She tells the real Tyra, "Growing up, everyone always said I should be a model and everyone said I looked like you... You're an inspiration to me." By way of thanks for letting the name go without legal action, Banks has offered to help her doppelganger escape the adult film world and find employment in another field.

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Sinead Says...

Sinead O'Connor has criticized anti-gay priests, pointing out that they are actually preaching against love.

Whilst they claim to be doing God's work in advocating and spreading love and respect for fellow humans, homophobic members of the Catholic Church are in fact doing the opposite, she has suggested. quotes her as saying: "There are people who say they represent Christ but actually they preach against love, which is blasphemous as far as I'm concerned. "The teaching against homosexuality is blasphemy. God created gay people, so who is anyone else to say you should not be gay?"

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The Late Show With U2

In his 12 years in charge of booking musical guests on Conan O'Brien's "Late Night," Jim Pitt always listed U2 and Johnny Cash as the dream artists he'd tried but never succeeded in getting. He lost his chance with the late Cash, but the U2 dream is coming true Thursday in a major way.

O'Brien will turn over his entire show to the band, which is in New York for seven sold-out engagements at Madison Square Garden. "We were able to offer them something to feel enough like an event for them to do the show," Pitt said. "It's basically `Late Night with Conan O'Brien,' the U2 edition."

The NBC show has never before devoted itself entirely to a musical guest, although it gave major time a few years back to a holiday appearance by bandleader Max Weinberg's other employer, Bruce Springsteen.

O'Brien's a big U2 fan, and made a personal connection by talking at length with Bono during breaks in rehearsals for the band's "Saturday Night Live" appearance last season, Pitt said.

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They Say It's Your Birthday

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!!!!

Party like a rock star! (Haha!)

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La Tigre e la Neve

Like the Oscar-winning "Life Is Beautiful," which tackled the Holocaust, Roberto Benigni's new film, "La Tigre e la Neve (The Tiger and the Snow)," is a comedy set against a tragic backdrop - the war in Iraq.

The movie is an anti-war statement in Benigni's preferred style - a love story driven by the 52-year-old actor-director's exuberant and sometimes slapstick humor.

"If you make a direct argument against the war, it bounces back at you," Benigni said Tuesday as he screened the film in Rome. "While certain modern works on modern wars or wars of any time go to the head or are powerful as documentaries, this I think goes to the heart," he said. "And that is more dangerous, stronger." "I'm aiming to distract, to move people, this is the only thing one can do. It's not that art or movies can save the world ... but they can comfort us."

Benigni stars as an Italian poet who travels to Iraq to save the love of his life, played by his wife and frequent co-star, Nicoletta Braschi, just as the American-led war is beginning.

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Pretty In Pink

This month, Song dedicates one of its planes to breast cancer awareness, with a pink and white exterior and 10 limited edition pink products inside including Chip & Peppers Pink Power jeans and a pink Tumi purse.

Proceeds from the goodies benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and are available through October 31. As for the pink plane, it’s available a lot longer—the jet was recently christened a permanent part of the Song fleet. It’s first passengers? Evelyn Lauder and Elizabeth Hurley, who charter its inaugural flight from Boston to New York this Thursday morning.

For more info. visit

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Dior Show @ the Palais

British designer John Galliano used a "nude" theme and a dramatic light show to bring the enormous glass cupola of Paris's Grand Palais back to life on Tuesday after it was closed for works for a decade.

To loud drum beats, models wearing transparent, skin-colored dresses streamed out from behind a large mirror in Galliano's show for Christian Dior, parading into the giant hall.

The Palais, built for the 1900 world exhibition, has housed major art shows and was used as a hospital and lorry park during the world wars. But its oak foundations had started to rot, and it closed after a bolt fell off its glass ceiling in 1993. Since then, the 200-metre-long masterpiece has undergone a major facelift and finally opened its doors again last month.

"We are very proud to have this show in the Grand Palais," said Bernard Arnault, chairman of the LVMH luxury goods group to which Dior belongs. "I'm very excited," he told reporters ahead of the show.

Galliano used the space of the Palais for a dramatic light show and spectators could see the models on the catwalk reflected in the high glass-paneled roof. He based his ready-to-wear collection on a "nude" theme, sending out the first models in light, transparent dresses, and adding touches of color as the show progressed. He combined floating skin-colored chiffon dresses with leather bands and presented a washed denim jacket with a "nude"-colored organza skirt. He added bright patches of pink, green and yellow to the final dresses of the show.

--I bet that was so cool.

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Hopkins Will Do Hemingway

Anthony Hopkins will star as Ernest Hemingway in "Papa," to be directed by Roger Donaldson.

Donaldson said the film will be based on Hemingway's encounter with Denne Bart Petitclerc, America's youngest war correspondent in the Korean War, who was inspired by how Hemingway reported on the Spanish Civil War.

"Hemingway invited him to Havana for some weekends and the movie is really about what happens when he goes there," Donaldson told the Dominion Post newspaper in Tuesday's editions. "It's a thriller, it's a love story, it's Hemingway as he falls apart and is suicidal. This guy was a witness to it all." "It's a pretty ambitious movie for what it is ... Hemingway is a great writer and a great character. If anybody can play Hemingway, Tony Hopkins can," Donaldson said.

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October 04, 2005 

"Gold Digger"

Click here to hear Sean Preston sing an ode to his father. It's quite amusing.

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Paris Moves On

In the world of young Greek billionaires, Paris Hilton, 24, has traded up. Hilton — who ditched her fiancé Paris Latsis, 23, a month ago but only formally announced it last week — has been romancing Mary-Kate Olsen's boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, 20, whose princely family makes the Latsis clan, worth $7.5 billion according to Forbes, seem nouveau riche.

On Friday, the new duo showed up at Spider Club in L.A. and "made out all night and closed the place down," a spy said.

The next night, the couple was at Element with Paris' sister Nicky. Paris "tried to get the club to turn the lights down so no one could see her and Stavros make out," another spywitness recalled. "She also got the club to clear out the bathrooms for her and her friends so that no 'fans' would be in there with her."

Insiders predict Hilton's latest pairing — the party girl was also spotted cozying up to her music producer, Scott Storch, last month — won't last because the reserved Niarchos clan is so publicity-shy they didn't like Stavros dating Olsen. "They haven't seen anything yet," snickered a source.

The Stavros conquest is also threatening Hiltie's friendship with Olsen and her sister Ashley because Mary-Kate is said to feel betrayed. In fact, a lot of Hilton's famous friends seem to be flocking elsewhere. "One Tree Hill" star Sophia Bush, Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and other young Hollywood hotties have all stopped hanging out with Hilton for various reasons.

However, Paris can console herself with her jewelry. It's rumored that the hotel heiress intends to keep the $5 million, 24-carat diamond ring Latsis gave her.

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Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage's wife of 14 months gave birth on Monday to the couple's first child together, a son they named Kal-el -- a moniker recognized by comic book fans as the birth name of Superman.

The child's delivery in New York City and his full name, Kal-el Coppola Cage, were confirmed by the actor's publicist, Annett Wolf, who said of the family, "They are healthy and happy and it's quite lovely."

No further details were released, including how the actor and his wife, Alice Kim Cage, were inspired to borrow from the mythology of Superman in naming their child. Cage is known as an avid comic book devotee who once sold his personal collection, including a copy of Superman's 1938 pulp debut, at auction for more than $1.6 million.

--I clearly don't need to even comment on this one.

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La Lohan's Diva Behavior

Lindsay Lohan was a big pain at Wyclef Jean's Yeli Foundation benefit for Haitian children in Chicago on Saturday.

Lohan demanded a private plane from New York but canceled the trip, costing the foundation a penalty fee. Then, she changed her mind and agreed to fly commercial. But she missed that flight, requiring a new charter. Lohan arrived for that jet an hour late, so the company bumped its rate from $4,000 per hour to $6,000. When she finally arrived at the venue, a tented stage at a suburban mansion, she refused to talk to the press or mingle with other celebs such as Drew Barrymore.

"Lindsay sat in a corner playing with her BlackBerry and made frequent trips to the ladies' room," said one atendee.

For the song "Guantanamera," Wyclef summoned P.M. club owner Unik onstage to play drums. As the music crescendoed, Wyclef shed his shirt revealing a newly gym-toned physique. Jeremy ("Entourage") Piven then took off his own shirt, exposing what was described as "a flabby upper body." Lohan shrieked, "Oooo, I can't stand to look at that!" She ran out of the tent and the party. One guest told Page Six, "Lindsay was a total pain from the get-go. She needs help."

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Hef Says...

Hugh Hefner, king of the Playboy empire, says he had to reinvent his identity to leave his Puritan roots behind.

Hefner tells Time magazine he is a direct descendant of William Bradford, a Puritan who came over on the Mayflower. "There was a great deal of repression in their lives and the way they were raised and, in turn, the way I was raised," he said. Hefner said he first reinvented himself in high school, when he was rejected by a girl. He started calling himself "Hef" and wore yellow cords, saddle shoes and flannel shirts he wouldn't tuck in instead of what his parents wanted.

Later, after Playboy became successful, he reinvented himself again. He started smoking a pipe, bought a Mercedes-Benz and bought the Playboy mansion. "I became the personification of the prototype that I was describing in the magazine. I became, in effect, Mr. Playboy," he said.

He credits his success to his transformations. "Instead of the Puritan world that my folks accepted and, from my perspective, paid the price for, I created a world for myself," he told Time.

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King of Queens star Kevin James, 40, and his wife, Steffiana De La Cruz, 30, a model, have welcomed their first child, a girl. Daughter Sienna-Marie was born Friday, his publicist says. No other details were released.

James and De La Cruz tied the knot in June 2004 at a Catholic church in Dana Point, a beach town in Orange County, Calif., before 180 guests that included Clint Eastwood and Ray Romano. "Kevin was very nervous," one guest said. "He was sweating."

After the ceremony guests headed to nearby Laguna Beach for the reception at a resort that was complete with gaming tables and a buffet that included "all kinds of food," said wedding planner Mindy Weiss, "even McDonald's." Eddie Money played for an hour and a half, with James joining in on "Take Me Home Tonight."

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Britney's Charity Garage Sale

Wear Britney's bra, kick off her flip-flops and cuddle her toy bear - all for charity. Britney Spears is holding a veritable garage sale, auctioning clothing, furniture and jewelry on the eBay auction Web site to raise money for the Mississippi Hurricane Recovery Fund.

"This is a great opportunity to get some cool (and rare) Britney items while contributing to a very important cause!" says a posting on Spears' Web site. The 23-year-old pop singer was raised in Kentwood, La.

Items include a white stone bra worn in one of her videos, a pair of blue-and-pink jeans with a pink suede buckle belt, and an autographed "I Have the Golden Ticket" burgundy tank top with an arrow pointing down. The tank top is similar to the light blue top a pregnant Spears wore to the premiere of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

The auction, which opened Saturday, continues this week, with proceeds going to The Britney Spears Foundation to help hurricane victims.

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Ellen To Host Oscars?

Whoopi Goldberg has ruled out the possibility of ever hosting the Academy Awards again - and she's recommending Ellen DeGeneres for the job.

Goldberg has had enough after hosting the prestigious ceremony four times, and she believes that fellow comedienne DeGeneres - who recently hosted the Emmy Awards - would be the perfect choice for the job. She says, "I think actually there's another young lady who would like to do it and so I've got my fingers crossed for her. I think it's Ellen. I think she would be good." Comedian Chris Rock hosted this year's awards show.

--I vote for Ellen. Chris was terrible.

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Beyonce Does Vanity Fair

Pop diva Beyonce denied rumors she is secretly married to rapper and music impresario Jay-Z, and said she assumed an alter-ego called "Sasha" for her sexy stage persona in an upcoming Vanity Fair cover story.

Beyonce, flying high as a solo act since venturing from the hit trio Destiny's Child, told the magazine she and Jay-Z are not even engaged despite a long relationship that has often seen them pictured in gossip pages on exotic beach holidays. Asked if she was hitched, she said only, "No." Pressed further if she was engaged, she said, "I'm not."

The sultry soul and hip hop vocalist, whose musical background is rooted in gospel singing, wears some revealing outfits in the magazine spread, but said she sees no conflict between her religious devotion and her sexy image.

"When I go back to Houston and go to church and see those people, I feel like the same country girl," said the 24-year-old Texan, who becomes 'Sasha' on stage. "I always held back in Destiny's Child, because I was comfortable in a group and felt that I didn't have to do anything 100 percent, because there were other people on stage with me. I would not lose myself or go all the way," she said.

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The Song That Will Not End

Rufus, Sylvester and the rest of the gang are back at it. R. Kelly will release the entire saga (so far) of "Trapped in the Closet" and its circle of cheating lovers on DVD November 1 — and although the R had originally said "Trapped" would have 10 chapters, he's taking it all the way up to 12 on the DVD. It's not yet clear when the series will conclude, but Kelly recently made an offhand comment about writing 20 chapters.

If you remember where Chapter 5 left off, Kelly's narrator character, Sylvester, found, er, proof that his wife is having an affair with a police officer who'd just given Sylvester a speeding ticket. During his performance at the VMAs, Kelly provided a little insight into what will happen next: Rufus, who found out his wife was cheating on him with Sylvester, literally kissed his gay lover Chuck goodbye and said he was going back to his wife.

Chapter 6 of the song will be released within the next couple of weeks — a representative for Kelly's label said a date has not yet been confirmed — and its video will air on BET during the week of October 10. Two weeks after the "Trapped" DVD hits, Kelly is releasing Remix City, Volume 1, a collection of remixes of some of his biggest hits.

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Nipsey Russell, who played the Tin Man alongside Diana Ross and Michael Jackson in "The Wiz" as part of a decades-long career in stage, television and film, has died. He was 80.

The actor, who had been suffering from cancer, died Sunday afternoon at Lenox Hill Hospital, said his longtime manager Joseph Rapp.

Born in Atlanta, Russell launched his television career as Officer Anderson in the 1961 television series "Car 54, Where are You?" He also appeared in the 1994 film version.

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October 03, 2005 

Hilton Has Bladder Issues

Newly single Paris Hilton has been known to jump the line when she needs the ladies' room. But high-stepping Hilton decided to wait her turn last weekend in Las Vegas during the opening celebration of Tao at the Venetian, and it was a bad idea.

Several witnesses report her "not being able to wait in line for the bathroom," and Michael Politz of the Eye on Vegas blog reports that "cleaning crews were quietly brought in" when her bladder couldn't hold out long enough.

Hilton was escorted to her room soon after. Hilton, who announced last week that she had broken off a five-month engagement with Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, has been seen cuddling with her record producer, Scott Storch. Her mom, Kathy Hilton, is trying to cover all bases, now telling people that Latsis was not good enough for her daughter because he did not work, even though he was enrolled in film school.

--Get that girl some Depends!

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Brad and Jen -- Really Over

Former Hollywood golden couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have put their California home on the market for $28 million.

The couple, whose divorce is expected to be finalized this week, are selling the house as part of their financial settlement deal, reports the Los Angeles Times newspaper. The stars purchased the property for $13.5 million in 2001, and spent two years refurbishing the luxury home. The building reportedly boasts a screening room, an art studio, tennis courts, mahogany floors and a pool and spa area. Pitt and Aniston were married in July of 2000 but filed for divorce on March 25.

Their divorce was finalized on Sunday.

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Renee's Man-Hopping

Renee Zellweger called it off with hubby Kenny Chesney because, it seems, there was an other man.

According to WWD's Aileen Mehle, Zellweger — just two weeks after dropping the bomb on Chesney — is already planning a trip to Ireland to visit her new beau, Irish singer Damien Rice.

The star is fond of singers. Before she married country-music star Chesney, she dated singer Jack White for two years. Meanwhile, Chesney is said to have been shocked at his wife's demand for an annulment. "Just three weeks before, they spent five days together and had a blast," says a pal. "He had no idea she was going to drop him."

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Did Miller Miscarry?

Sienna Miller's sister was married last weekend in England, but the actress appeared unusually sad for such a happy occasion. Sure she was possibly wistful about the wedding that never happened with former fiancé and current boyfriend Jude Law, but the New York Daily News reports that Miller was heartbroken over the loss of a baby.

According to a family friend, the 23-year-old actress recently suffered a miscarriage. "She's only told her family and closest friends," the source told the New York Daily News. "Naturally, everyone feels terrible for her."

Weeks after Law admitted to the press that he'd had an affair with his children's nanny, reports of a pregnancy appeared in several British newspapers. One even speculated that Miller may have to bow out of Factory Girl, a project in which she is set to play the tragic Andy Warhol icon, Edie Sedgwick, but the producers insisted it was a go.

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Worst Movie Sex

Madonna and Jennifer Lopez have been panned for starring in the worst on-screen sex scenes ever. The stars are joined by actors Sharon Stone and Keanu Reeves in the top ten.

Erotic drama 'Showgirls', starring Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle MacLachlan in a swimming pool sex scene, came top of the poll by Britain's Empire magazine. A spokesman for the magazine said: "It was less like a love scene and more like the first ten minutes of 'Jaws'.

"Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche came second for their un-sexy performance in art-house movie 'Damage' when Jeremy's character bangs his lover's head on the floor while love-making. Madonna's 'Body of Evidence' scooped fourth place and was described as "a sad attempt to titillate" when the singer is seen dripping hot wax over actor Willem Dafoe's body.

Lopez claimed seventh place for movie 'Gigli' - described as "cold, corny and lame" - while Keanu Reeves' scene in 'Matrix Reloaded' was voted ninth for being a "damp squib." 'The Stud' came tenth for Joan Collins and Oliver Tobias' tryst on a swing.

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Stop The Reality Insanity!

VH1's concept of "celebreality" may be spreading.

Word is that pariah Robert Blake, who came thisclose to being convicted of murdering his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakely, is "aggressively" shopping a reality show.

He is promising the show would be a "diary" that would take us through the civil case Bakely's family has brought against him.

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Keira On Her Mom

Keira Knightley says she's so close to her mom they smoke and talk about sex together.

Keira told Esquire magazine: "My mum's a bit mental - in a good way. "She's this chilled out hippy mother. I haven't seen Meet The Fockers, but I have a feeling she's like the Barbara Streisand character.

"My house was always the one where my brother and his mates would be drinking when they shouldn't be. "Mum and I would always talk about sex." Keira added: "She'd come up to my room and have me roll her cigarettes and then tell me I had to have one with her. "Not the typical mother-daughter thing. But we're extremely close."

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Madden Sticks Up for His Woman

Good Charlotte frontman Benji Madden is angryat "American Idol" winner Kelly Clarkson for poking fun at his girlfriend, Hilary Duff, in a recent interview.

Madden writes on his website, "It does make me laugh when someone like Kelly Clarkson disses someone like Hilary Duff, 'cause lets not forget, Kelly ... you were a 'contestant' on a TV show. Hilary made herself. OK, OK, I am a little partial to Hilary because I know what a great person she is and how talented she is firsthand. I just think it is funny how us little humans lose perspective."

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LL Says...

LL Cool J is urging his fellow hip-hop stars to stop marketing themselves as gangsters, in order to rid the genre of its violent image.

While the rap veteran is a fan of today's rap music, he believes it's lacking the positive messages it was once sent out to fans. He says, "I think that the state of rap is good. On certain levels, I think that it's commercially viable. I think it's afforded a lot of people great lifestyles.

"I think that message wise it's lacking balance. I think that a lot of people get the wrong idea about what hip-hop is all about, because you really only get one side of it promoted continuously, which is the more aggressive, gangster end of it. "So many people who are not really used to rap or don't know anything about it think that that's all there is. It's kinda like if there was a country artist who came out just singing about robbing gas stations all the time, you would think that's what country music was about if you've never heard anyone else.

"But I am a fan of the music today and I do love it. But there is a lack of balance."

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Lindsay and Wilmer On Again?

Things may be heating up between Lindsay Lohan and her former flame Wilmer Valderrama once again.

Star magazine reports that Lohan and Valderrama were seen at two Hollywood nightspots on Friday, September 23, where they partied it up at club LAX and then headed to after-hours club Xenii, where according to sources, they kissed.

Once the club tour was over, Lohan headed to Valderrama's house. "She got into her black Mercedes convertible and headed over to Wilmer's house in the Woodland Hills area," said an eyewitness. "Wilmer got into his black SUV and headed home - and actually got to his house before Lindsay."

While Lindsay wasn't the only one who kept the party going at Wilmer's house, she was one of the only ones to stay over night. Lindsay's assistant came to pick up Lohan at noon the next day.

--Does anyone else wonder how this clown gets all these woman?

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Charles and His Love Letters

Ebay was forced to withdraw love letters written by Prince Charles from their website. The six letters to a mystery Canadian girlfriend were on offer at £40,000.

Five were written in 1976 when Charles, then a Navy officer, was said to “have a girl in every port”. The other was penned in June 1980 — a year before he married Princess Diana. The Sun discovered they were on sale. But an EBay source said last night: “They are very private. We don’t want to upset the Prince so it is likely they will be withdrawn.” Los Angeles-based royal collector Alicia Carroll was given the notes by the ex-love.

In the 1980 letter Charles moans about not being able to sneak women into his hotel room on tours for fear of the press. A second tells how he longs to spend more time with the woman and a third says he hopes they can be together when his ship visits Canada. He writes: “I wish I could come roaring across the Atlantic to make you less lonely.”

Referring to pressure on him to wed Charles says: “I shall just have to get married as soon as possible and then all these people will relax a little.” Alicia said: “The letters are significant because they are written at a time Charles claims his only true love was Camilla.”

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Doherty and His Drugs

Bad-boy British rocker Pete Doherty, famous for his relationship with supermodel Kate Moss, has been held by police after a drugs raid on a venue where his band were playing, a spokesman for the singer said on Sunday.

Officers with sniffer dogs raided Shrewsbury Music Hall in central England, where Doherty's group, Babyshambles, were playing on Saturday night to target "the suspected illegal use of class A drugs." They also searched the band's tour coaches.

A West Mercia police spokesman said they had arrested a man and a woman, who was later freed without charge, for suspected possession of a class A drug -- a category which includes cocaine and heroin. Police would not identify the arrested man but Doherty, a confessed drug addict, had been held according to his spokesman. "I know he was held by police last night. He was taken from the venue," the spokesman told Reuters. "I don't know if he's been charged."

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October 01, 2005 

Paris-Paris Engagement OFF

Paris Hilton has ended her five-month engagement to a Greek shipping heir, according to a published report.

The celebutante-turned-model broke off the wedding plans with Paris Latsis, according to a report posted Friday on Us Weekly's Web site, which quoted a statement it said Hilton released to the magazine.

"I'm sad to announce that I've called off my engagement. Over the last couple months I've realized that this is the right decision for me. We remain best of friends, and I'll always love him. I hope people will respect my privacy during this emotional time," Hilton told the magazine.

Hilton's publicist did not immediately return a call from The Associated Press.

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