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March 31, 2004 

You all know I'm from

You all know I'm from a town in southern Indiana called Vincennes, right? Well, what you may not know is that there is a 2-year junior college there called Vincennes University.

What NONE of us knew was that David Beckham is apparently a fan.

Posted by Lawren at 02:14 PM | Comments (3)

Rudy Giuliani has been named

Rudy Giuliani has been named the most loathsome New Yorker by the editors of the "New York Press."

Who else made the list?

Bud Selig--#36
Joan Rivers--#30 (no disagreement there)
The Hilton Sisters--#26
Sarah Jessica Parker--#13
Janeane Garofalo--#9

And MANY more!

Posted by Lawren at 08:58 AM | Comments (0)

Name the movie and the

Name the movie and the actor/actress.

"Come on in, and try not to ruin everything by being you."

Posted by Lawren at 08:51 AM | Comments (3)

March 30, 2004 

Sarah Jessica Parker to be

Sarah Jessica Parker to be honored with a special Fashion Icon Award this June at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Awards.

Posted by Lawren at 02:16 PM | Comments (0)

Here's an interesting article on

Here's an interesting article on why genetics, brain structure, and social roles make women more prone to clinical depression.

Take care of yourselves ladies: the article states that women have twice the risk of depression as men do.

Posted by Lawren at 01:21 PM | Comments (0)

Johnny Depp's new film needs

Johnny Depp's new film needs 300 naked extras.

Men and women over the age of 16 are needed as extras in "The Libertine" which also stars John Malkovich and Samantha Morton.

The production is described as "period piece packed with sexual material."

Hmmm. I bet I know a lot of poor third year law students who would be interested in this!

Posted by Lawren at 09:02 AM | Comments (1)

March 29, 2004 

If you get pulled over

If you get pulled over and you're a law student, make sure you let the cop know of your plans to NEVER become a defense attorney.

It works wonders. :)

Posted by Lawren at 10:51 PM | Comments (7)

Actress Reese Witherspoon and husband

Actress Reese Witherspoon and husband Ryan Phillippe have placed their Los Angeles home on the market.

The couple, parents of Ava, four, and five-month-old son Deacon, recently bought a Spanish-style six-bedroom, seven-bathroom home in Los Angeles for approximately $5 million.

They are now selling their old four-bedroom, five-bathroom Bel Air home, which sits on close to an acre of landscaped gardens, and has an updated kitchen and revamped bathrooms.

Too bad I just bought a place, or I'd give them a call! ;)

Posted by Lawren at 10:49 PM | Comments (0)

Dan Brown's novel, is being

Dan Brown's novel, is being adapted by Oscar-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman ("A Beautiful Mind") and director Ron Howard.

The movie, still in the writing stages, reunites Howard, Goldsman and producer Brian Grazer, who are also collaborating on the Russell Crowe boxing movie "Cinderella Man," which starts production next month. "Da Vinci" follows.

Posted by Lawren at 08:02 AM | Comments (15)

Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank

Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank is set to be the face of a new sexy underwear range by Calvin Klein. The "Boys Don't Cry" actress will follow in the footsteps of Hollywood hunk Woody Harrelson, rapper-turned-actor Mark Wahlberg and football star Fredrik Ljungberg in the long list of superstars who have modeled for the company.

Posted by Lawren at 07:47 AM | Comments (0)

March 28, 2004 

Did you know that Brad

Did you know that Brad Pitt chipped his tooth during the filming of "Fight Club," but waited until after filming to have it capped because he felt it added to his character?

You do now! :)

Posted by Lawren at 10:57 AM | Comments (4)

Well, the lady accepted my

Well, the lady accepted my offer. I have a CONDO!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?

Now, after a deep breath, my next steps are to secure my loan and get an inspection. Luckily, my realtor gave me a list of inspectors that have a good reputation. I close in 60 days. I'm a little nervous about moving during bar review, but I'll make it work.

The place is 1260 square feet, has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and is just great. Everything is light and off-white, so I don't have to redecorate anything! I'm SO excited about finally having a garage too--I HATE scraping off my car in the winter.

I'm sure I'll keep you posted on all the trials and tribulations of my first home purchase. I know nothing--so everything has and will be a learning experience.

Posted by Lawren at 10:53 AM | Comments (0)

March 27, 2004 

Here's a guide to sign

Here's a guide to sign language I bet you've never seen before.

Learn how to sign phrases such as:

A whisper of weed, old bean? Rightie-O.

I grabbed the hooker by the hair.

Your mouth's a-flappin, but I'm not listening.

May I inspect your prostate?

I work at Wal-Mart.

You've got the biggest melons I've ever seen.

And much, MUCH more!

Posted by Lawren at 08:58 AM | Comments (10)

March 26, 2004 

I made an offer on

I made an offer on a condo today. The lady has until 3 p.m. tomorrow to respond. Cross your fingers for me! :)

Posted by Lawren at 06:33 PM | Comments (3)

Take this quiz--match the beer

Take this quiz--match the beer label to its bottle.

I got 2/12 correct. That tells you how much I like beer.

Posted by Lawren at 09:00 AM | Comments (0)

George Michael has revealed

George Michael has revealed that plans are afoot to stage Wham! - The Musical.

Michael says he and former partner Andrew Ridgley are sifting through offers from producers to make a show incorporating hits such as "Wham Rap," "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go," and "Club Tropicana."

This sounds like such a horrible idea. ABBA was one thing--they actually had more than 2 hits.

Posted by Lawren at 08:43 AM | Comments (0)

March 25, 2004 

Gene Keady might leave

Gene Keady might leave Purdue.

It will be a pleasant basketball season when I don't have to look at his scowling face, his awful combover, and his wife.

Posted by Lawren at 08:33 PM | Comments (0)

On a recent Howard Stern

On a recent Howard Stern show, the Trudie Styler, Sting's wife, admitted that she and hubby/musical icon Sting were into "swinging."

Just to be sure that she and the shock jock were on the same page, he asked her to explain what the term means, and she replied, "Swinging is like wife-swapping, right? Of course we're doing it."

It wouldn't be the Howard Stern show if he didn't ask if she had been "getting it on with other girls." Trudie's response: "It's rock and roll, isn't that what we're supposed to do? I'm European, we do all that stuff here. We have a lot more fun than you guys."

Posted by Lawren at 06:05 PM | Comments (0)

Thought I'd relay to you

Thought I'd relay to you some things I've been using, eating, enjoying that I think are great!

Newman's Own Light Balsamic Vinaigrette--SUCH great flavor you can't even tell it's low fat and low carb.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation--great coverage and won't clog pores. I use warm ivory.

Essie nailpolish--SO much better than OPI and stays on longer.

Christiane Celle Calypso parfum in Violette--Not only does it smell amazing, but distinctive in my opinion.

Fave Starbuck's Drink of the Moment: Venti Latte with soy milk and sugar free vanilla.

Posted by Lawren at 02:51 PM | Comments (4)

The "Beautiful" diva has been

The "Beautiful" diva has been dating Jordan Bratman, who works for her management company, for seven months now and it seems the couple have decided to tie the knot.

Aguilera has been keen to keep the news under wraps, but her new fiance's grandmother let it slip to reporters on Tuesday.

Posted by Lawren at 02:37 PM | Comments (2)

March 24, 2004 

People of Indiana (or anywhere

People of Indiana (or anywhere else for that matter):

There is no "x" in espresso. Heard today: Let's go to Starbuck's and get an expresso." Lawren cringes.

How to pronounce the department store Parisian: Puh-ree-shun. Not puh-ree-see-enne. Heard today: I heard there is a sale this weekend at "Puh-ree-see-enne." Lawren cringes for a second time.

Thank you for your time.

Posted by Lawren at 08:43 PM | Comments (0)

Thought Gwen Stefani looked

Thought Gwen Stefani looked fabulous in "Vogue" this month. She is to play Jean Harlow in "The Aviator," Martin Scorsese's forthcoming Howard Hughes biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Posted by Lawren at 11:50 AM | Comments (0)

Elvis Costello, 49, has agreed

Elvis Costello, 49, has agreed to a two-book deal with Simon & Schuster.

In a statement Tuesday, the publisher said Costello, who married singer Diana Krall in December, had "resisted the rewards for writing a traditionally scurrilous and scandalous biographical memoir."

The first book, scheduled for fall 2005, will be a "series of intimate narrative chapters taking their cue from the styles, themes and characters found in a number of Costello's lyrics."

The second book will be a "work of comic philosophy" entitled "How to Play the Guitar, Sing Loudly and Impress Girls . . . or Boys."

Random thought on Elvis Costello: I love his song "Veronica."

Posted by Lawren at 11:22 AM | Comments (0)

I was just thinking the

I was just thinking the other day how awesome VH1 has gotten in the last year. I love "I Love the 70's," "I Love the 80's," "The Fabulous Life of...," "Bands Reunited," and "Driven." I can watch the same episodes over and over again. I miss "Behind the Music," but I started getting bored with that being the only interesting show on the channel.

This morning I found this article, that details the strategic changes in VH1's programming.

Good news: "I Love the 90's" starts in a few weeks. God, I feel old now.

Posted by Lawren at 09:17 AM | Comments (2)

March 23, 2004 

Reason #4,572 why if you're

Reason #4,572 why if you're "in the moment," and your mate mentions the word "film," you should run like hell.

Posted by Lawren at 03:47 PM | Comments (3)

With March Madness upon us,

With March Madness upon us, test your basketball knowledge with this quiz.

It's pretty easy, but it's the best one I could find.

Posted by Lawren at 12:18 PM | Comments (3)

A 4-year-old Head Start student

A 4-year-old Head Start student brought $7,500 in crack cocaine to school in his backpack Monday, eagerly showing it to other students and explaining that it was flour, Indianapolis police said.

I love the police officer's statement: "Obviously, these parents aren't going to get any Parent of the Year awards," said Sgt. Roger Tuchek, of the Indianapolis Police Department.

No kidding.

"In my 18 years on the force, that is the second-most amount of drugs I've seen one person carry." And HE WAS FOUR!

Posted by Lawren at 08:31 AM | Comments (0)

March 22, 2004 

So I'm at the gym

So I'm at the gym tonight running on the treadmill. I have my discman on blaring "Eye of the Tiger." I look around and I see not one, not two, not three, but FOUR women on machines while talking on their cell phones.

What the hell?

Detach the damn phone from your hands! No one wants to hear about when your nail appointment is tomorrow or how well little Johnny played on the Dreyer-Reinbold soccer team.

Posted by Lawren at 09:10 PM | Comments (0)

You're doing a top five

You're doing a top five list of the best Martin Scorsese films, and you've already got Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Taxi Driver and Mean Streets – what takes the fifth slot?

Gangs of New York
Bringing Out the Dead
The Age of Innocence
Cape Fear
The "Life Lessons" segment of New York Stories
The Last Temptation of Christ
The Color of Money
After Hours
The King of Comedy
The Last Waltz
New York, New York
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Boxcar Bertha
Who's That Knocking At My Door?
I'm not really a Scorsese type of person.

My vote goes to Cape Fear. "Come out, come out, wherever you are."

Posted by Lawren at 12:52 PM | Comments (0)

As many of you know,

As many of you know, my parents are moving this summer from Vincennes, Indiana (a small town in southern Indiana) to Carmel, Indiana (a suburb of Indianapolis). I was visiting them this past weekend and we went to a party with many people from the community.

We were all on the dancefloor dancing, and someone grabbed my arm and pulled me aside. He said, "I am really going to miss your parents after they move. But most of all, this community is going to miss your parents. Very few have the kind of "give back to the community" and "buy local" attitude that your parents have. They've always tried to support local businesses, and we all appreciate that."

I thought that was one of the nicest compliments I've ever heard.

Posted by Lawren at 08:50 AM | Comments (0)

March 21, 2004 

I guess the "City of

I guess the "City of Brotherly Love" didn't have enough love in its heart for "The Real World."

After squabbling with local unions, the producers of the MTV series have given up on Philadelphia as the site of its 15th season. Taping was to begin in three weeks.

Hey MTV! Come to Indy!

Posted by Lawren at 04:51 PM | Comments (0)

Jessica Simpson's new bath

Jessica Simpson's new bath and body line--Dessert--is selling like crazy. Her Kissable Whipped Body Cream With Candy Sprinkles is the number one seller on Sephora.

Sephora says: This delicious body smoother tastes as good as it smells - fresh, juicy and sweet (Juicy), like a fresh baked cake-y indulgence flavored with French vanilla and smooth caramel (Creamy), or a silky, sinfully rich milk chocolate and coconut confection (Dreamy).

Posted by Lawren at 01:50 PM | Comments (5)

March 18, 2004 

George Clooney is single

George Clooney is single once again, after his on/off girlfriend Krista Allen walked out on him.

The pair met two years ago during the filming of "Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind" and have parted ways and reunited a number of times - but this time pals say its different.

A source tells Us Weekly, "He's leaving next month to do "Ocean's Twelve" for four months. She thought now was a good time to make a clean break."

Isn't that just SO sad? (wink, wink). Now if I could only find his number...

Posted by Lawren at 11:22 AM | Comments (0)

First Lady of Cincinnati, perhaps.

First Lady of Cincinnati, perhaps. Nick Lachey told People magazine he'd like someday to run for Cincinnati mayor.

On a related note, I heard on the radio that Mr. and Mrs. Lachey went to the White House last week. After she was introduced to the Secretary of the Interior, she said, "You've done a nice job with the place." Would love to have seen that one.

Baby steps, though, right?. Now that she knows that Chicken of the Sea is actually tuna, there's no limit to what she can do. :)

Posted by Lawren at 08:10 AM | Comments (0)

March 17, 2004 

Happy St. Patty's Day to

Happy St. Patty's Day to one and all! :)

Posted by Lawren at 12:15 PM | Comments (0)

March 16, 2004 

I was just checking on

I was just checking on my newest love--the fashion splurge that I'm currently lusting over:

The Red Crocodile Hermes Birkin Bag:

A STEAL on eBay at $31,999.

Posted by Lawren at 07:53 PM | Comments (0)

Check out this ACTUAL quote

Check out this ACTUAL quote from an Indianapolis Star article:

"In Indiana, destroying or vandalizing the Ten Commandments has become almost as much a state pastime as downing Ding Dongs or attending tractor pulls."

Umm, ok. What about basketball?

Posted by Lawren at 06:58 PM | Comments (0)

March 15, 2004 

Halle Berry thinks she has

Halle Berry thinks she has beautiful feet, and says she's proud they're still smooth and delicate.

The actress told German FHM magazine she was proud they're in such good condition after being squeezed into fashionable shoes.

Posted by Lawren at 09:02 PM | Comments (0)

Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman

Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman among 15 Aussies named "Living National Treasures" by the National Trust of Australia.

Bet Naomi, Heath, the Crocodile Hunter, and Dean Tarr (the dean of my law school) felt left out.

Posted by Lawren at 01:17 PM | Comments (0)

Some radio stations are bleeping

Some radio stations are bleeping out a word of the Maroon 5 song, "This Love," while some are not.

Here's the phrase:

"I tried my best to feed her appetite
Keep her coming every night"

You can guess the word. I just found it odd that the stations don't have a united front as to whether that word has a sexual connotation or not.

Posted by Lawren at 08:28 AM | Comments (0)

Andy Rooney said Sunday he

Andy Rooney said Sunday he got 30,000 pieces of mail and e-mail in response to his Feb. 22 commentary, in which he called "The Passion of the Christ" filmmaker Mel Gibson a "wacko."

He read some of the mail on the air, including one letter that called him an "asinine, bottom-dwelling, numb-skulled, low-life, slimy, sickening, gutless, spineless, ignorant, pot-licking, cowardly pathetic little weasel."

Wow. That's a lot of adjectives.

Posted by Lawren at 07:35 AM | Comments (0)

March 14, 2004 

As the Federal Communications Commission

As the Federal Communications Commission cracks down on broadcast indecency, Osmond's nationally syndicated and family friendly radio show, "Marie & Friends," is hitting the airwaves.

"It's safe radio," said the 44-year-old Osmond, a member of the famously squeaky-clean performing Utah family. "That's one of the things we're going for is to be safe, and funny and clever and quick-witted without getting to the blue side."

"Marie & Friends" is a five-hour afternoon drive time program syndicated by Jones Radio Network.

FIVE hours? Can you imagine listening to her for FIVE hours? You'd get a cavity!

Posted by Lawren at 10:52 AM | Comments (0)

A group that analyzes the

A group that analyzes the latest trends in word usage declared "wardrobe malfunction" as Hollywood's Top Word or Phrase for Impact on the English language.

Rounding out the top five on the group's list: "Bootylicious," "extreme makeover," "Gigli" and "Give it up!"

I would have thought "metrosexual" would have made the top 5.

Posted by Lawren at 10:48 AM | Comments (0)

March 13, 2004 

My friends Heidi and Polly

My friends Heidi and Polly and I went to get fingerprinted at the police station yesterday. We have to get fingerprinted for our bar applications. It was a pretty hysterical event.

After perusing the lovely mullets on the "Indiana Most Wanted" sign, we walked up to the counter. The nice lady behind the counter took one look at us and said, "For the bar, right?" Guess we didn't look like we were in trouble with the law or needed a gun permit.

I made sure to get pics of the girls while they were in action. Everyone in the office looked at us like we were nuts! :)

Posted by Lawren at 11:34 AM | Comments (0)

Got this e-mail on my

Got this e-mail on my law school's listserv:
If you own or know a cow, would you please reply to this email? I have an odd


Posted by Lawren at 11:29 AM | Comments (0)

March 12, 2004 

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, long known

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, long known for its high-calorie treats, says it plans to offer a low-sugar doughnut to attract dieters and diabetics.

It is set to debut before the end of the year.

But just one of Krispy Kreme's Hot Original Glazed doughnuts has 10 grams of sugar and 200 calories. More than half those calories come from fat, 12 grams of it.

BOO!! I've been watching my carbs lately, but there are a few things at are SACRED!! Krispy Kremes are one of them! They're SUPPOSED to taste sinfully wonderful and be awful for you!

Any alteration is just WRONG.

Posted by Lawren at 11:34 AM | Comments (0)

I heard "Baby, Don't Forget

I heard "Baby, Don't Forget My Number" by Milli Vanilli on the way to school today. I can remember going over to my friend Amy's house one day and us dancing in front of the television to that song. And--singing every word, of course.

And then we watched an episode of "Remote Control" on MTV. And ate generic pretzels (which by the way, are WAY better than name-brand pretzels) and drank diet coke.

Those were the days.

Posted by Lawren at 08:42 AM | Comments (0)

March 11, 2004 

Oh. My. Gosh. I just

Oh. My. Gosh.

I just turned in my law review note. 7 months I have been working on this thing. I just don't know what to do with myself. I feel so weird now. What will I do all day every Sunday? Every Sunday since the end of August has been consumed with reading cases, highlighting, outlining, footnoting, and writing. Of course I now need to start focusing hard core on my classes to get ready for finals, but wow.

My topic? It involves physician sexual assault and the victim's/patient's ability (or nonability) to sue that physician for medical malpractice. It is titled: "Expecting Dr. Doright But Meeting Dr. Feelgood: Why a Patient Who is Sexually Assaulted by His or Her Physician Should be Able to Sue for Medical Malpractice."

I just feel lost. Maybe this is what I'll feel like when my kids leave for college.

Posted by Lawren at 03:39 PM | Comments (0)

Two years of celibacy are

Two years of celibacy are over for Angelina Jolie. Jolie tells the New York Post that she's started having sex with her close friends.

Jolie says "as crazy as that sounds, meeting a man in a hotel room for a few hours" and then going back to her son at home is all she can handle right now. She says they're not one-night stands with strangers, but people she knows "very well."

I'm all for taking control of your sexual freedom. But, she has a son to think about. What kind of role model is she for him? He's young--so it's one thing for her to maybe do this and keep it on the DL, but to talk about to the press and public? Bad idea, IMO.

Posted by Lawren at 12:39 PM | Comments (0)

Spinning class is the devil.

Spinning class is the devil.

Thank you for your time.

Posted by Lawren at 10:04 AM | Comments (0)

March 10, 2004 

Pork products processed and distributed

Pork products processed and distributed from the farm of accused Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton may have contained human remains, police and health officials said Wednesday.

That's one way to eliminate the evidence. I'm thinking of the end of "Fargo" right now.

Posted by Lawren at 10:02 PM | Comments (0)

Are you a Samantha, Miranda,

Are you a Samantha, Miranda, or a Charlotte? Wear your answer!


Are you married to a hottie? You can wear that too!

All can be found at

Posted by Lawren at 08:21 PM | Comments (0)

Being as dumb as I

Being as dumb as I am, will someone explain to me what the HELL that is? Is there such a thing as an apple bong?

Link courtesy of Fark.

Posted by Lawren at 09:52 AM | Comments (0)

Oprah Winfrey - talk show

Oprah Winfrey - talk show host, actress and magazine editor - has a new title to add to her resume: one of the world's most fashionable women.

Winfrey appears for the first time on Vanity Fair's 2004 International Best-Dressed List, which is being released Wednesday. Oprah lists her fashion icons as Jackie O. and Coco Chanel. Perfect choices, O!

Others who made the list:
Cate Blanchett
Sofia Coppola (have to disagree with that one)
Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer (Estee Lauder's VP)
David Beckham
George Clooney (who could look good in ANYTHING)
Jude Law
Brian Williams of NBC
Anderson Cooper of CNN (definitely).

Posted by Lawren at 09:05 AM | Comments (0)

March 09, 2004 

Disgraced former U.S. figure

Disgraced former U.S. figure skating champion and aspiring boxer Tonya Harding has a new goal: minor league ice hockey.

The Indianapolis Ice of the Central Hockey League announced Monday that it has signed the 33-year-old Harding to join the team for its game Friday against the Colorado Eagles.

I keep thinking her 5 minutes of fame is UP, but, she just keeps resurfacing! Go AWAY!

Beware Indianapolis!

Posted by Lawren at 10:00 PM | Comments (0)

Robert Pastorelli, who played the

Robert Pastorelli, who played the screwball housepainter Eldin on "Murphy Brown," was found dead in his Hollywood Hills home in what the coroner's office said may have been a drug overdose. He was 49.

Sad! I loved "Murphy Brown" and I loved Eldin. He never seemed to get much painting done, but he always had the best advice.

Posted by Lawren at 03:38 PM | Comments (0)

Watch out Josh--your beloved Norah

Watch out Josh--your beloved Norah has someone close behind ready to take her place at #1.

You may be wondering who?

Posted by Lawren at 10:10 AM | Comments (0)

Fantasy movie + Nicole Kidman=An

Fantasy movie + Nicole Kidman=An Oscar probability of gigantic proportions

LOTR and fantasy fans everywhere who eagerly await the movie version of CS Lewis' classic "The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe" have one more reason to cheer. Not only is the project in pre-production with shooting scheduled to begin this July, but studio bosses at Disney have also signed Nicole Kidman to play the white witch.

Posted by Lawren at 09:15 AM | Comments (0)

...the moon and New York

...the moon and New York City..."

I heard that Christopher Cross song on the way to school today. I just love it! I can remember hearing that song while sitting in the backseat of my grandmother's car while she was driving to the dry cleaners. Random memory, I know.

Too bad the movie "Arthur," where the song is from, SUCKED.

Posted by Lawren at 09:09 AM | Comments (0)

March 08, 2004 

As many of you know,

As many of you know, I am from a small town in southern Indiana. Thought I'd share with all of you the lead headline on my hometown newspaper's website:

Anhydrous is fertilizer for fields: Sheriff's seminar to help farmers secure it from meth-makers

I know Chuck is probably giggling with me on this one! We actually really do have a serious meth problem down there.

Posted by Lawren at 07:49 PM | Comments (0)

I have noticed that my

I have noticed that my posture has deteriorated GREATLY since I started law school. I attribute this to many hours slumped over my computer and reading for hours on end.

Here are some exercises you can do to improve your posture if you too think you ought to work on it.

(Although, the soreness of the neck gives us a GREAT excuse to get massages!)

Posted by Lawren at 03:49 PM | Comments (0)

Don't expect a "Sex and

Don't expect a "Sex and the City" movie, said the TV series' executive producer, Michael Patrick King.

"Nothing we did in the series was altered to save something for the movie," King said at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.

Posted by Lawren at 01:18 PM | Comments (0)

When I first saw this

When I first saw this picture, I thought they were trying to do a reenactment of the "Sargeant Pepper's" album cover.

Posted by Lawren at 11:17 AM | Comments (0)

I found a great website

I found a great website that allows you to play some of your favorite 80's video games online. Choose from Pacman, Simon, Space Invaders, Frogger, Moon Patrol, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Duck Hunt, Pong, Asteroids, or Star Castle.

Sure to keep you away from work on this Monday! :)

Posted by Lawren at 08:39 AM | Comments (0)

March 07, 2004 

Gotta get my work on

Gotta get my work on my law review paper done before the premiere of the new season of "The Sopranos."

Can't wait to see what Tony has up his sleeve this season. I fear for Carmella.

Posted by Lawren at 06:35 PM | Comments (0)

I just watched "Meet

I just watched "Meet the Press." Tim had Mary Matalin and James Carville on. They are officially the oddest couple. I can barely stand to listen to him--not because of his political views, but because of how he talks. He flails his arms around and is so condescending to people. Mary, on the other hand, always strikes me as so calm, cool, and collected. Somehow, they manage to disagree on practically every fundamental issue, and still have a wonderful marriage.

Opposites attract, I guess.

Posted by Lawren at 11:14 AM | Comments (0)

Had a ball at the

Had a ball at the ball! Everyone ate, drank, and was merry. From a planning perspective, the only complaint I heard was that at times, the lines for the bars were too long. I'll make a note of that for next year's chairs.

Today my legs are so sore. Dancing in high heels STINKS!

We took lots of pictures. I can't wait to see them. I can't believe it was my last one. :(

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March 06, 2004 

Tonight is my law school's

Tonight is my law school's big event--the Barristers' Ball (law school prom). I'm really excited since it's my last one--gotta live it up!. I am the co-chair, and the planning has lasted almost 9 months. I sure hope it comes together!

We're having the event here, at the Indiana State Museum. Catering is done. DJ is ready. Flowers are set. Open bar is stocked. We're ready to roll.

The gang and I are meeting at 4:30 pm to begin consuming some pre-ball beverages. I did my nails yesterday and got my hair done this morning. Now I'm going to do a little work on my law review paper before I have to get ready.

It's so fun to see the professors let loose and dance! I can't wait! I'll fill you all in tomorrow!

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March 05, 2004 

Wow. Who would have thought?

Wow. Who would have thought?

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The severed tip of a

The severed tip of a restaurant worker's thumb was found in a customer's salad.

Stark County Ohio Health Commissioner Bill Franks said an employee at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers in the Canton suburb Jackson Township was chopping lettuce at about 7 p.m. Monday when he cut off a part of his left thumb, including part of the fingernail.

She had eaten most of her salad when she put the human tissue in her mouth, Franks said.

She thought it was a piece of gristle, a health department report said. She then alerted a manager.

And I was so looking forward to a nice salad for lunch. GROSS!

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Janet Jackson to host "Saturday

Janet Jackson to host "Saturday Night Live" April 10 and headline as musical guest.

Can't wait to see how they tackle "Nipplegate." I bet it will be hysterical!

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Here's the Friday Five: What

Here's the Friday Five:

What was...

1. ...your first grade teacher's name? Mrs. Latta--she was a big meanie.

2. ...your favorite Saturday morning cartoon? I remember watching Rainbow Bright, Jem, and GI Joe.

3. ...the name of your very first best friend? Christina--still is.

4. ...your favorite breakfast cereal? Cheerios or oatmeal with brown sugar.

5. ...your favorite thing to do after school? Ride my bike, make friendship bracelets, make up dances with my friends, run around and get dirty, etc.

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March 04, 2004 

Twenty women have taken part

Twenty women have taken part in a coleslaw-wrestling competition as part of this year's Daytona Beach Bike Week festival.

Local 6 News says it was the week's messiest event as the women wrestled each other in 2,000lbs of cabbage and 10 gallons of oil.

One woman who took this year was a 61-year-old coleslaw-wrestling first-timer.

I spared you all the pics. Click here if you're interested (and ready to stomach the views).

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There are some really annoying

There are some really annoying commercials out there lately. Top on my list? The 1-800-SafeAuto commercials. Those people are so damn annoying! And the one where it's a jukebox song? Are you joking me???

Which ones annoy you?

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I wanted to alert you

I wanted to alert you all of a new blog: Metaphors of a Magnifico. He's a second-year law student at my law school, and is so freakin' funny.

Warning: it's a bit risque at times. (But that's part of its appeal in my opinion).

And with a post like this, how could I not love him?

Go read Chuck's blog!

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March 03, 2004 

According to an interview in

According to an interview in New York's "Daily News," Elton John says he is prepared to tie the knot with longtime partner David Furnish.

"We're definitely going to do it when it [Britain's Parliamentary law on civil unions] gets passed," John is quoted in the paper. "I would like to commit myself to David. I already have in my mind anyway."

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Oh yes--high school basketball sectionals

Oh yes--high school basketball sectionals have begun.

Some crazies from where I went to high school. Gotta love school spirit!

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Unlikely couple Scarlett Johansson and

Unlikely couple Scarlett Johansson and Benicio Del Toro were apparently showin' some PDA.

Latin star Del Toro, 37, who was nominated for a best-supporting-actor Academy Award at Sunday's ceremony, spent Saturday night canoodling with the 19-year-old actress before the pair retired to the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles at 3:30 a.m.

Rob that cradle, Benicio!

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My generation frustrates me

My generation frustrates me sometimes. Let me recap a conversation I had with someone last week:

Person: I can't wait to see "Starsky and Hutch." Ben Stiller is so darn funny.

Me: Well, he comes by it rightly. He has fabulous comedy genes.

Person: What?

Me: You know, his mother and father are known for being comic geniuses. His mother is Ann Meara and his father is Jerry Stiller.

Person: That guy on "The King of Queens?" He wouldn't have even gotten that part if he hadn't have been Ben Stiller's dad. Way to ride on your son's coattails.

Me: Whatever.

Josh noted yesterday an article stating that 21 percent of those aged 18 to 29 get their news from the "Daily Show" or "Saturday Night Live." I suppose it's good that they are getting news from somewhere. But, these shows are NOT giving them the full picture. My generation has NO CLUE about the entertainment greats from generations past. It's really quite sad. I bet very few people I know could name me 3 or more Jimmy Stewart movies. Odds are, most in my generation probably think Anne Meara got her big break on "Sex and the City" playing Steve's mother.

As for Jerry and Anne, CNN has a great article about them, especially noting their talent and charisma on "The Ed Sullivan" show.

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March 02, 2004 

Jack and Jill went up

Jack and Jill went up in the hill anxious to lose their virginity, according to a social historian who has published a book documenting the real stories behind the nation's favorite nursery rhymes.

Chris Roberts, a librarian at the University of East London, claims the nursery rhymes we all grew up with are full of sex, disease and royal scandal. Check out his new book: "Heavy Words Lightly Thrown" which explores the hidden meaning behind nursery rhymes.

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NBC "Today" star Katie Couric

NBC "Today" star Katie Couric is no longer wearing bangs, perhaps to quell reports that she was about to go under the knife to raise her eyebrows.

Women's Wear Daily is standing by its story that Couric had scheduled the procedure with plastic surgeon Craig Foster, who put the Central Park jogger back together again.

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March 01, 2004 

Please cast your vote for

Please cast your vote for the best caption!

A. I'm with stupid.

B. So then Kerry got a good grip and pulled the waisteband of Kucinich's underwear completely over his head!

C. "Do I support gay marriage," Edwards said with a wink, "let's just say I picked out that tie!"

D. "larry, your wife really did that? that's what john was just saying his intern did."

E. Really? You and your wife want John and I to visit your orgy room?

F. Al Sharpton thinks to himself, "What in the hell am I doing with these guys??? I wonder if I still have a chance to get in good with the Republicans??"

G. dumb, dumber, dumberer, & dumbest.

H. "You know Larry, we are still looking for that fifth and final 'queer' eye."

I. See, see, I told you his chin was just as long as Leno's!

J. How could you embarrass me like that? Nobody better pull this kind of crap at my slumber party tonight! Larry? Whose leg do I have to hump to get a dry martini around here?

K. "okay, now larry this is his lying through his teeth face. now do the one where you pretend to be sincere."

L. Hey! First one smelt it, dealt it!

M. Did I ever tell you about the time a debate ran too long and he pissed his pants!

N. Can I get a lollypop too? Can I? Can I?

O. Larry, Heinz 57? More like Heinz 69... and I ain't talkin steak sauce.

P. "Ahhh Ha! YOU talkin' to me Larry?
...Let me introduce you to: Scary Kerry to my left(watch my finger), the guy to my right is dead or is that a trance, I just received a mind meld from Kucinich...(Ding-Dong!) Do you have any other ?'s, Larry?? BTW: I am Ready Eddie at your service. I am pretty funny, huh?"

Q. and she's pregnant too? Larry, you old dog!

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Get your mind out of

Get your mind out of the gutter, people. ;)

Paris went to Saturday night's "Lord of the Rings" pre-Academy Awards dinner at the ultramodern hilltop estate of New Line Cinema co-chairman Bob Shaye and promptly blundered into a Japanese pool carpeted in rose blossoms.

"Omigod!" Paris shrieked as she drenched herself to her upper calves. A couple partygoers rushed over to help her back onto dry concrete. "God, I didn't see the pool," the hotel heiress and hardcore video star lamented. "Why does he have a pool there? At least I didn't go in the big pool."

She bent over to wipe her shiny silver stilettos, our spy reports. "Oh, my new Vuitton shoes! Well, at least they're clean now."

Her rhinestone-encrusted cell phone started bleating, and she answered. "Nicky, guess what?" she told her sis. "I just fell into a little pond! It's soooo embarrassing."

The kicker? Hilton wasn't even invited to this party. So much for not making a scene.

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I didn't get to

I didn't get to see quite everything, or all of the red carpet fashions, but here are my thoughts on what I did see:

It seemed a little more classier than normal.

Crystal is great, although I did not think the beginning musical number was as good as in years past.

I think Tim Robbins was drunk.

What was with all of the Pete Rose jokes? Get over it.

I was kind of disappointed that there were no surprise winners.

Sophia Coppola has social issues--she cannot carry on a conversation.

Did we really need to see Michael Moore?

Allison Krause is so freakin' talented. I just loved her performances. (and her $2 million shoes).

Some of the best dressed in my opinion: Julia Roberts, Holly Hunter, Renee Zellweger, Naomi Watts, Susan Sarandon, Patricia Clarkson, and Jennifer Garner. I loved Charlize's dress, but not her hair.

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