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March 31, 2006 

Wonder Who Will Get The Massive House

The rumor mill was accurate on this one:

Rap mogul Russell Simmons and his wife Kimora Lee Simmons are splitting, a rep for Kimora confirms. An announcement is expected later today.

A spokesperson for Russell had no comment.

Russell, 48, and Kimora, 30, married in 1998 and have two daughters: Ming Lee Simmons, 6, and Aoki Lee Simmons, 3. Both girls model for Baby Phat Clothing, Kimora's offshoot of her husband's Phat Farm clothing line.

The former Kimora Lee, whose father is African-American and mother is Japanese-American, was a model, for Chanel and others, when she began dating Simmons, a cofounder of Def Jam Records. The pair met in November 1992 during New York City's Fashion Week. She was 17 and about to finish high school; he was 35 and a self-admitted ladies man.

"I was skeptical," model Tyra Banks said in 2002 of her initial reaction to the relationship. But, she said: "She turned the man about town into a loving husband and papa."

Source: People

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What Is Her Problem?

Naomi Campbell has been arrested and charged with felony assault for allegedly attacking her housekeeper. A law enforcement official said that the alleged victim is 41 year-old Anna Scolavino. Cameras caught Campbell leaving the police station Wednesday afternoon.

NYPD sources say that the model was arrested at her home and taken to the Midtown North Precinct. The incident occurred at 8:00 AM EST. Edison Alban, spokesperson for the Manhattan DA, said that Naomi threw a cell phone at Scolavino, striking her in the head. Scolavino was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital. We're told it took four staples to close the wound. A police source says that Campbell will be charged with one count of second degree assault. If convicted, Campbell could face up to seven years in prison.

In 2000, Campbell pled guilty to hitting former personal assistant Georgina Galanis with a telephone. She was ordered to take anger management classes. In 2001, another former personal assistant, Simone Craig, claimed Campbell threw a mobile phone at her. Campbell denied it and no charges were filed.

Campbell's rep issued this statement: "We believe this is a case of retaliation, because Naomi had fired her housekeeper earlier this morning. We are confident the courts will see it the same way."

Source: TMZ

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Makin' Up

Looks like love is even sweeter the second time around for DJ AM and Nicole Richie:

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She Gets Around

The latest leading man rumored to be dating Lindsay Lohan none other than Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to New! magazine Linds, 19, and Leo, 32, are thought to have fallen head over heels for each other. They are said to have met at a New Year's Eve party in Miami.

It's also thought that he's helping Linds get over her split from Wilmer Valderrama, while she returns the favor by helping him put his five-year relationship with Gisele Bundchen behind him.

Source: Sky Showbiz

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JT's Got It Right

Britney Spears’ ex-sweetie reportedly does not approve of her hubby. In fact, Justin Timberlake believes that Kevin Federline is “gross,” according to Star magazine.

“He thinks Kevin is gross, and there’s not much that would change his mind about that,” a source told the tab. “He says that they [Spears and Timberlake] had a lot of great years together, and he’s pretty sad at how things turned out for her.”

Timberlake apparently hasn’t ruled out the possibility of reuniting with Spears — professionally, that is. “I’ll bet if Britney wanted Justin to help her put together a comeback record, he’d jump at the chance,” says the source. “He’s someone who never backs down from an artistic challenge, and he’s said that he’d love to see Britney redeem herself through music — even if he has to give her a push.”

Source: MSNBC

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Her Broadway Debut

Julia Roberts gets a round of applause with her costar (Paul Rudd) Wednesday after a preview performance of her Broadway debut, Three Days of Rain. The show's entire limited run, which opens April 19, is nearly sold out.

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Of Course It's Not About Food

Nicole Richie will follow up her best-selling novel with another book dedicated to fashion and beauty. The 24-year-old wrote "The Truth About Diamonds" last year and wants to write a guide filled with her style tips. A source says, "It's called 'Nicole Richie Style.' It's going to be about her hair, make-up and clothing."

A representative for Richie confirms a book is in the works, but says the title and content are yet to be decided.

Source: Starpulse

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Joey's Divorcing

Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc, 38, and his wife, Melissa, 41, are divorcing, the couple announced Thursday.

"Melissa and Matt LeBlanc have decided to end their marriage of three years," the actor's rep, Joe Libonati, said in a statement. "The dissolution is amicable. They remain devoted parents and friends. For the sake of their family, they ask that their privacy be respected at this time."

According to legal documents filed by LeBlanc, the actor is seeking “dissolution of marriage” based on “irreconcilable differences.” He lists the couple's date of separation at Jan. 1, 2006, and requests joint legal custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Marina.

Melissa, a former model, has two other children from a previous marriage.

The pair were originally introduced in 1997 by actor Lou Diamond Phillips and his wife, Kelly. After a five-year engagement, Matt and Melissa were married on May 3, 2003, in Hawaii in front of 75 guests that included former costars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

Source: People

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Who Will Play Janis?

Hollywood stars including Pink, Lindsay Lohan, Zooey Deschanel, Scarlett Johansson and Britney Spears are battling it out to see who will land the coveted role of Janis Joplin in a new biopic.

Director Penelope Spheeris has already met with Pink, Lohan and Deschanel and still wants to speak with Johansson. The film, titled The Gospel According To Janis, will chronicle the life of the 1960s blues singer, who was known for her outrageous performances.

Spheeris says, "(Pink) would be my first choice, but she may have scheduling conflicts." Pink's rep confirms, "She would do just about anything to be part of that project!" Regarding Spears, Spheeris says, "Her agent asked if I could meet with her. Music ability is important, but most of all, the actress must have the spirit of Janis." "Each of the actresses who has expressed interest in the role (would) bring her own special talents to the part."

The film would start shooting in September and would go head-to-head with another movie on Joplin, Pieces Of My Heart, starring Renee Zellweger.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Going With Wang

Nicollette Sheridan's wedding plans are well underway with designer Vera Wang creating the star's dress for the big day. The actress announced her engagement to singer Michael Bolton two weeks ago after a four-month courtship. The couple previously dated from 1993 until 1995.

A source tells Us Weekly magazine, "It (the wedding) will be in late summer and her dress is being made by Vera Wang."

The celebrity couple is also reportedly looking to buy a farmhouse in Malibu, California.

Source: Starpulse

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Casting News

Tom Hanks has reportedly agreed to star in the new film How Starbucks Saved My Life.

The film is based on the memoirs of Michael Gates Gill whose life changed for the better thanks to the coffee establishment. The film is due to begin shooting later this year reports Variety.

Source: Ananova

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March 30, 2006 

Crack Is Whack

Whitney Houston is hooked on crack cocaine and living in squalor at the mansion she shares with Bobby Brown, according to reports.

The allegations were made by Bobby's sister, Tina, a former addict who claims she used to use crack with the star. Tina told National Enquirer magazine: "The truth needs to come out. Whitney won't stay off the drugs. It's every single day. It's so ugly. "Everyone is so scared she is going to overdose."

Pictures in The Sun, of what is claimed to be Whitney's bathroom, show a crack-smoking pipe and cocaine-caked spoon lined up alongside rubbish and beer cans. Whitney, mother to 13-year-old Kristina, is thought to have blown much of her multimillion dollar fortune on her habit.

She was rushed to hospital in 2003 with blood gushing from her nose. Tina claims drugs have made Whitney so paranoid that she sees demons everywhere and once made a hole in the bathroom wall as a spy hole. She added: "I understand what she's going through. Addiction is a disease. "Maybe this interview will save her life."

Source: Sky Showbiz

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Look like the Hatchcrest rumors are true:

Source: US Weekly

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Charlotte and Chandler?

TV stars Matthew Perry and Kristin Davis are Hollywood's new 'it' couple, according to new reports.

The couple were spotted kissing while dining at Los Angeles restaurant La Dolce Vita recently, where they shared a ice-cream and looked like a couple in love. A fellow diner tells magazine Life & Style, "He kept his arm around her the entire time and kissed her forehead at one point." Meanwhile, a friend of Sex And The City star Davis' says, "She's really fallen for Matthew."

Source: IMDB

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Oh Blah Dee

Remember Chris Burke, the dude who played Corky on Life Goes On? Well, he has a band. Click here to check out their website. Hope you enjoy the little tune. ;)

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Not Another One

Will we be seeing Sienna Miller in Basic Instinct 3? According to Channel 4 News Sienna Miller actually wanted to be in this year's Basic Instinct 2, but Sharon Stone balked at the idea.

Rumour has it that when Sienna heard a sequel to Basic Instinct was being planned, she went to movie producers showing interest in the role of Catherine Tramell. Sharon was of course offered first refusal of the lead role, and she accepted, only to have a quiet chuckle when she found out Sienna had been after it. According to sources, Sharon didn't think Jude Law's ex was woman enough to take on the role and many Hollywood stars believe she is talentless.

But with news that Sharon Stone won't be back for Basic Instinct 3, this could be Sienna's chance.

Source: Egotastic

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Swag Bag Fetches Large Sum

George Clooney's Oscar swag bag has sold at charity auction for $45,100, a spokesman for the United Way announced.

The winner has not been identified, but the money will be used for the United Way's hurricane response and relief recovery fund, organization spokeswoman Sheila Consaul tells the Associated Press.

In this case, the loot included a two-night getaway in Carmel, Calif., a BlackBerry 8700c, a vintage silk kimono, a Tahitian pearl necklace – and a handwritten thank-you note from Clooney.

Source: People

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Oh, Darn

After a three-year run, Myrtle Beach's homegrown airline, Hooters Air, is bowing out of regularly scheduled air service.

The airline will cease its public charter flights April 17 and will run only private charters out of Winston Salem, N.C.

Bob Brooks, the airline's founder, and its president, Mark Peterson, said Hooters Air will serve large groups such as sports teams and tour groups, which was the original business model for Pace Airlines. Brooks acquired Pace in December 2002.

Source: Myrtle Beach Online

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ET reports the Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora got friendly at their daughter Eva’s softball game this weekend. The couple arrived and left separately but exchanged kisses goodbye.

ET may be questioning if they are back together but it sounds like they are just trying to be civil, especially in front of their daughter. Richie injured his arm this week, which is why it is in a sling.

--Source: Popsugar

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Pour Some Sugar On Me

No strangers to arenas, Eighties rockers Def Leppard and Seventies ballad masters Journey are teaming up for a massive, three-month summer tour.

--Oh, I'm excited about this one (despite the fact that Journey is Steve Perry-less). Locals: they'll be rolling into Indy on 7/22.

Source: Rolling Stone

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Mimi's Musical

Mariah Carey is set to fulfil her lifelong dream by starring in her own Broadway, New York City, musical.

The hitmaker hopes to create, produce and star in the show, which will include songs from her 1994 album Merry Christmas and new material written especially for the project. She tells MTV, "I don't want to mention anything definitive until things are signed, but there's a very big company that just signed on to develop the project with me."

However, the 36-year-old claims the show may hit the big screen before it takes to the stage. She adds, "It's probably going to be a movie first." "I don't want to say a television movie, because it's not like a cheesy network movie, but then it's going to be made for the Broadway production." "So the (tv movie) will set the stage for the stage."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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If Seacrest Has One...

In a career that spans more than 25 years, "Weird Al" Yankovic has sold more than 12 million records, won three Grammys, starred in a cult-classic film (1989's "UHF") and hosted his own Saturday morning kids' show. He's written odes to bologna and Spam, restored the accordion to its rightful place in the pantheon of ridiculous instruments and has — at various points throughout the years — rocked an Afro/mustache combo that would give even the most hirsute musicians pause.

Despite all these accomplishments, Yankovic is still lacking a milestone that has already been bestowed upon the likes of Billy Joel, Bob Marley and Britney Spears: He has no star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

A dedicated cadre of Yankovic's fans is looking to change that. Led by 31-year-old New Jerseyite David Rossi (who's met Al "dozens of times"), the group has launched, an online campaign dedicated to raising the necessary funds to get Al his own sparkling spot on the Walk of Fame.

"I was out in Hollywood being interviewed for VH1 with Al for a story they were doing, and I took the opportunity to check out the attractions, the most famous of which was the Walk of Fame," Rossi told MTV News. "I was taking a look at some of the stars on there, and I thought, 'Wait — Al is definitely on par with some of the people who have already gotten stars.' And I decided something should be done about that."

Source: MTV News

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March 29, 2006 

Because It's The Cool Thing These Days

Jessica Simpson is considering adopting a child, her publicist, Rob Shuter, has confirmed.

"Nothing has been finalized yet," Shuter, who was asked when and how Simpson would adopt, told the Associated Press on Tuesday. He added, "It is true that she's exploring options."

The 25-year-old singer-actress, who filed for divorce from Nick Lachey last December, recently told TV's Extra: "I want to adopt, and I plan to adopt before I have my own kids. She also said of a particularly well-known adoptive mother, "I think Angelina Jolie has done amazing, amazing things, and the international adoption rate just since her has skyrocketed. It's unbelievable."

Source: People

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Wilmer Spills It

That '70S Show star Wilmer Valderrama spilled all regarding his Hollywood conquests during an appearance on shock jock Howard Stern's morning radio programme yesterday.

Among his revelations were that Lindsay Lohan was one of the best girl's he's ever had slept with, Ashlee Simpson was loud in bed and he rated Jennifer Love Hewitt an "eight" out of ten when it came to sex. Lindsay Lohan rated 8 out of 10.

The actor talked about his sexual prowess in detail, claiming that he has been with two women at once and also engaged in anal sex with a famous actress, who he refused to name. The star discussed dating singer/actress Mandy Moore, whom he met when she guest starred on his hit show, saying they were each other's "first loves".

Valderrama claims he is "blessed" when it comes to penis size, clocking in at "slightly bigger" than eight inches.

--How tacky. I so don't understand the allure of this guy.

Source: Female First

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Nice Shoes

Mary-Kate exemplifies the famous saying..."There's no place like the dumpster." ;)

--On a side fashion note, I am so against the leggings craze this season.

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Offer Them A BJ

Sharon Stone never fails to grab a headline when she wants to. In the latest attempt to get her name in the news to promote her upcoming film, Basic Instinct 2, the actress proclaims that teenagers should practice more oral sex.

A report from the United Kingdom says that the 48-year old actress believes that teenagers should be prepared to engage in oral sex, if it saves from them the dangers of an overly aggressive individual that is pushing them to engage in intercourse.

Contact Music UK has the details: She explains, "I was in the store the other day and I watched a young girl trying on clothes, showing her abdomen." Her mother was trying to talk to her about not being inappropriately alluring. I said, 'Gee that would look much nicer with a camisole under.' "Her mother walked away, and I said to the girl, 'I'd like to give you a two-minute conversation about sex.'

"Young people talk to me about what to do if they're being pressed for sex. I tell them (what I believe): oral sex is a hundred times safer than vaginal or anal sex. "If you're in a situation where you cannot get out of sex, offer a blow job. I'm not embarrassed to tell them."

Source: Tittle Tattle

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Justin Timberlake has landed his first Hollywood leading role as an action hero in war film Stop The Loss.

The star will be playing a tough renegade soldier, in a role similar to that of Sylvester Stallone's unhinged Vietnam War veteran John Rambo.

A source says: "Justin is thrilled about getting his first leading role. It is a huge challenge for him and he's excited as well as nervous."

Source: Ireland Online

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Xtina Buys Racy Art

Recently married pop star Christina Aguilera has splashed out over $50,000 to buy artwork of Queen Victoria.

The controversial painting by graffiti artist and routine prankster Banksy portrays Queen Victoria as a lesbian. In the painting Queen Victoria is dressed in stockings and a suspender belt and is sitting on another woman’s lap.

A friend of Aguilera said to "She said she loved the print so much she was going to hang it in her living room. "She's been a huge fan of Banksy for months and was desperate to get her hands on some of his artwork."

Source: Entertainmentwise

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Coming Out Is Hard To Do

Portia de Rossi came out to her family after she moved in with America's most famous lesbian, Ellen DeGeneres.

But she asked her mom to explain things to her 99-year-old Australian granny for her. "My grandmother knows every actor, every TV personality who has ever lived," said Portia. "I told my mom to show my grandma photos of me and Ellen and to kind of tell her for me. "She went back, showed her photos and said that we lived together, so I thought it was done."

"When I told my grandma, she was completely surprised. I then turned to my mother and said, 'I thought you told her?' "And Granny said: 'I knew you were living with Ellen and all this time I was thinking, 'I hope that lesbian isn't hitting on my granddaughter!'"

Source: Ananova

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Earlier this week, MP&S reported that Vanessa Minnillo is going to be in the new Nick Lachey video, to portray a Jessica-esque character. Now, it seems they are dating.

The two were in a flimsily curtained-off area at the W Union Square’s Underbar. “Nick’s a single guy,” is all a Lachey pal will say. A source says Lachey, 32, and Minnillo, 25, were doing an R-rated bump-and-grind. "I saw tongues on skin," says the source.

The next night, the pair dined with friends at Fiamma in SoHo then went on to hotel 60 Thompson.

Source: People

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View Catfight

TV presenter Star Jones called her The View co-host Joy Behar "a b***h" live on air yesterday after Behar told Jones to stop talking about her recent breast life operation.

Jones called the show yesterday to address rumors she was near death after receiving a blood transfusion following breast enhancement surgery in Los Angeles. Behar appeared to grow increasingly irritated as Jones kept going on and on about her surgery. She then grabbed a pen and furiously scribbled a note, gesturing to co-host Meredith Vieira to read what she had written, tapping on the paper for emphasis.

After Jones remarked, "Last Friday was my 44th birthday, but my boobs still think they're 20", Behar decided she had heard enough, snapping, "Ok, Star. That's enough about you. On to us. Bye!" TV censors bleeped out Behar when she added, "Keep your (breasts) perky!" in a mock-cheerful voice.

Jones shot back, "I'm glad to see you haven't changed. Even today, you are still a b***h." Producers abruptly ended the call before the fight could escalate. A spokesman for the show tells the New York Post, "If you watch The View regularly, Star and Joy enjoy teasing each other. No harm done. There's not reason to read any more into it than what was on-air."

Source: IMDB; Pic from A Socialite's Life

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Walk of Fame

Beyonce Knowles, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, collectively known as Destiny's Child, were honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame yesterday.

The ceremony coincided with the release of their concert DVD, titled 'Live In Atlanta.' It features the group's July 2005 concert at Atlanta's Phillips Arena.

Source: ET

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We Know You Love Them, Pete

Pete Doherty says he takes drugs because he enjoys them, rather than to "deaden" himself.

The Babyshambles singer is currently attempting to get clean after a series of court appearances over drug possession. According to BreakingNews, Doherty has spent over $170,000 on drugs such as heroin, cannabis and crack cocaine.

He explained: "I don't take drugs to deaden me, I take 'em cos I love 'em. I know they're bad for me, financially crippling and I'm an addict. It's like being in a war, and now I'm picking up the pieces. I really do want to clean up this time. It would be interesting to film someone like me trying to detox because then people would see the pressures, how hard it is."

Source: Digital Spy

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March 28, 2006 

You Know You're a Loser When...

File this under, "You know you're a loser when...:"

Tom Cruise is even less popular than... Saddam Hussein.

The 'Mission Impossible' star was voted the person people would least like to go camping overnight with in a recent poll.

The actor took a massive 41 per cent of the vote in the survey, conducted by Stuff magazine, ahead of the Iraqi dictator.

Source: Monsters and Critics

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FHM's Sexiest Women

Scarlett Johansson tops a lovely list of the "100 Sexiest Women in the World," in a poll of readers by FHM magazine.

Angelina Jolie is No. 2 on the list, followed by Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Keira Knightley, Halle Berry, Jenny McCarthy, Maria Sharapova, Carmen Electra and Teri Hatcher.

--Jenny McCarthy beat the likes of Ashley Judd and Eva Mendes? I'll never understand men...

Click here for the entire list.

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JK's Demands

Note: JK hates celery.

Click here to see what the hell I'm talking about.

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Maxim Lounges On The Way

Rande Gerber is about to Maxim-ize his nightlife empire with a chain of Maxim lounges, a joint venture with Felix Dennis' lad magazine.

Gerber - husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford and father of their two kids, Presley, 61/2, and Kaia, 41/2 - will open the first Maxim lounge next fall in the Royal Palms Hotel in South Beach. "We're looking at all the major cities," Gerber told Page Six. The new joints will add to the 20 lounges he already operates, including Stone Rose at Time Warner Center, plus the four he's currently building, including Cherry in Las Vegas.

Source: New York Post

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Dylan's Back!

NBC will air a drama Windfall with Luke Perry, Lana Parrilla, Jason Gedrick, Sarah Wynter and D.J. Cotrona.

The show follows 20 lottery winners after their unexpected good fortune and premieres on June 8, 2006.

NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly says, "This is an engaging and dramatic series with an extremely talented cast. Windfall is an important component of our summer lineup and exemplifies our commitment to quality year round original programming." The show follows 20 lottery winners in the wake of winning a massive, 386 million-dollar lottery. Unfortunately, their initial ecstasy is tempered by the romantic, social and family complications caused by instant wealth.

At the center is a close-knit foursome who have known each other since college when the 'wrong' spouses were in love. Perry stars as Peter Schaefer, a devoted husband to Nina played by Parrilla and father of two. Parrilla finds herself caught between her love for her husband and the deep feelings she has for her college beau and her husband's best friend, Cameron Walsh, played by Gedrick. Sarah Wynter plays Cameron's loving but suspicious wife.

--Dylan McKay forever! Glad he's found work though.

Source: Indian Television

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He's No Hef

"Girls Gone Wild" mogul Joe Francis wants to go big-time.

Insiders say Francis is not content with putting out videos of tipsy college girls (and now guys) doffing their tops and dropping their pants while on Spring Break or at Mardi Gras. He now has an eye on Playboy.

"He wants to buy Playboy," our well-informed source said. "Think about it - who's a better candidate to be the next Hugh Hefner?" While it sounds like a crazy idea, those in the know say "Girls Gone Wild" made more money than Playboy last year.

Source: New York Post

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Who Can Keep Track?

Nick Lachey has gotten in another dig at ex wife Jessica Simpson. He's traded in Kristin Cavallari for a more mature, but just as beautiful Kristin Chenoweth. The pint sized hottie from the 'West Wing' and 'Bewitched' has reportedly captured Nick's attention.

The 1999 Tony Award winner and Nick are reportedly seeing each other reports the National Enquirer. Fresh off her FHM photo spread the blonde star looks fabulous for 37 and is five years older than Nick, and 18 years older than Kristin Cavallari. But the 4'11" babe always references her religious upbringing (even in FHM) so she's basically Jessica at 37.

Speculation is rampant that Cavallari has dumped Nick and is headed back to her ex-boyfriend, and the Enquirer reports that Nick has swapped Kristin's and is dating Chenoweth.

Source: National Ledger

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Vag Mon

Sharon Osbourne is set to make her stage debut in the Vagina Monologues.

Sharon was due to take part in the show in the West End last year alongside her daughter Aimee, but they had to pull out after Aimee suffered a cancer scare. The show which features stories about women's sexuality will run for a week at Newcastle's Theatre Royal.

Other stars who have appeared in the show include Kate Winslet and ex-Spice Girl Mel B.

Source: Ananova

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Ocean's 13

Ocean's Thirteen is moving ahead full-steam, and a development date has now been set — welcome news to fans of the series and the heist genre in general. The picture will begin shooting on July 21st under the direction of Steven Soderbergh once again, reports Variety.

Thirteen will be just like good old times, with all eleven of Danny Ocean's gang back for the new caper (or capers). Apparently, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Soderbergh all had to make some concessions in order to get their schedules lined up; however difficult a $100-million-heist is to plan, it can't be worst than coordinating the itineraries of three of Hollywood's hottest actors. "The odds were long on this happening, and it would not have been possible were it not for those actors and director moving other projects out of the way," said producer Jerry Weintraub. "The five of us are all great friends, and we decided we were going to kill ourselves to get this done."

Also returning is Andy Garcia's gambling mogul; it's interesting to speculate what his part will be this time, since he's already gotten his lucre back.

Not returning, unfortunately, are the last film's leading ladies — Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Hopefully, they'll be left out in a way that makes sense, without doing anything drastic to their characters and undoing the progress of the last two films. Instead, Ellen Barkin (The Big Easy, Switch) will be Thirteen's starring actress; apparently, she'll be having a tangle with Damon's character.

Ocean's Thirteen will return to its roots this time and be set in a casino again (giving a hint as to why Terry Benedict is back). However, shooting on location at the Bellagio during Eleven was too difficult, so Soderbergh will oversee the construction of a fully operational casino on five Warner Brothers sound-stages. Ocean's Thirteen is expected in theaters in the summer of 2007.

Source: IGN

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Rod To Show Off On Idol

Veteran rocker Rod Stewart will give wannabe singers advice in an upcoming episode of hit TV show American Idol. Following in the footsteps of recent guests Stevie Wonder and Barry Manilow, the star will perform on the popular talent show after the contestants perform hits from his Great American Songbook albums.

Judge Simon Cowell enthuses, "All these people are going to link the theme of their album to the show."

Source: Starpulse

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March 27, 2006 

Demi Pregnant?

Demi Moore is pregnant again - at the age of 43.

The Hollywood star and 'toy boy' husband Ashton Kutcher, 28, are said to be expecting their first child together at the end of the summer.

Moore already has three daughters with ex-husband, actor Bruce Willis: Rumer, 17, Scout, 14, and Talullah, 12.

Source: This Is London

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I won't give any spoilers away about last night's Sopranos episode.

However, who else was pumped to see Max Casella as Benny Fazio on last night's episode? For those of you who don't remember Max, he was good, old Vinne Delphino on Doogie Howser, MD. I thought he had disappeared.

I was waiting for him to walk in someone's window and say, "HEY DOOOOG!"

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Lovin' The Little People

Britney Spears and her trashtastic hubby Kevin Federline love little people.

At Federline's birthday last week at Tao in Las Vegas, Spears had two female midgets carry in his birthday cake. One night later, the couple was back at Tao for a special performance arranged by Spears. A Cher impersonator sang "If I Could Turn Back Time" before "she" was joined by a midget Sonny Bono impersonator, and they both sang "I Got You Babe."

Source: New York Post

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Jessica Stand-In

Nick Lachey has become inspired by Justin Timberlake in dealing with his split from Jessica Simpson.

When Justin's relationship with Britney Spears came to an end, he cast a lookalike in the video for his single, Cry Me A River. Lachey is now doing the same for new hit What's Left Of Me.

An insider told the Daily Record, "Vanessa Minnillo from MTV stands in for Jess and Nick sings in a house similar to one they shared in Newlyweds."

--Ummm...Vanessa Minnillo, while gorgeous, looks nothing like Jess.

Source: Digital Spy

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Morty and Apple

Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow wants to name her new baby, due in two months time, after director Steven Spielberg.

Paltrow hopes the new arrival will be a boy, so she can call him Mortimer after her godfather Spielberg - who she affectionately calls Uncle Morty.

She says, "If it's a boy, I am going to call him Mortimer."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Elvis fans already consider Graceland a national treasure.

Interior Secretary Gale Norton will arrive in Memphis on Monday for ceremonies to make the designation official. The home of Elvis Presley, which hosts more than 600,000 tourists a year, will join the Alamo, Pearl Harbor, the White House and Mt. Vernon as a National Historic Landmark.

Graceland, bought by Elvis in 1957 for $103,000 with earnings from his first hit record, "Heartbreak Hotel," will be one of about 2,500 national landmarks.

The Interior Department calls these "exceptional" places on its Web page. "They form a common bond between all Americans. While there are many historic places across the nation, only a small number have meaning to all Americans — these we call our National Historic Landmarks." "Graceland is so famous it is arguable that on a worldwide basis it is the second most famous home in America," said Elvis Presley Enterprises chief executive officer Jack Soden.

"You go to the far corners of the Earth, and they don't really know what Mt. Vernon or Monticello or Hearst Castle are, but they know what Graceland is. It is kind of in a class of its own."

Source: MSNBC

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Babs Is A Slut

Just in time for Barbra Streisand's latest planned comeback tour comes a scandalicious new bio packed with fresh dirt on the world's most reclusive diva. For starters, Christopher Anderson's "Barbra: The Way She Is" reconstructs her truly awe-inspiring sexual résumé.

In addition to exclusive accounts of Streisand's affairs with both Prince Charles and Princess Diana's doomed lover, Dodi Fayed, Anderson writes that her conquests include Warren Beatty, Ryan O'Neal, Steve McQueen, Kris Kristofferson, Don Johnson (whom friends dismissed as her "Goy Toy"), Jon Voight, Elliott Gould, Andre Agassi, Richard Gere, Omar Sharif, ice cream heir Richard Baskin, hairdresser-turned-studio chief Jon Peters, Liam Neeson, Peter Jennings, Tommy Smothers and "Robocop" Peter Weller.

But what's really sure to grab readers' attention is Anderson's painstaking portrait of Streisand's "[Maria] Callas-sized" ego, extreme paranoia and cring-inducing tantrums. Among the many highlights:

* Hillary Clinton banned her from Bill Clinton's White House after learning she'd stayed overnight while the First Lady was in Arkansas at her father's deathbed.

* During a 1963 stage production of "Funny Girl," Streisand had a torrid affair with her co-star, Sydney Chaplin, son of Charlie. When it fizzled, Chaplin would whisper insults in Streisand's ear onstage. What really got her goat, however, was a simple four-letter word: "nose."

Source: New York Post

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Those Lips

Farrah is one scary looking woman:

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Nicollette's Bling

The scoop on Nicollette's engagement ring from the No Talent Assclown:

Size: Approximately 5 carats

Setting: Cushion-cut diamond with side stones set in platinum

Estimated value: $150,000

Bling details: Last year, Sheridan, 42, sported an almost-3-carat gem from ex Niklas Soderblom, but traded up when old flame Michael Bolton, 53, proposed March 9. A Sheridan pal tells Us the star borrowed a similar ring for January's SAG Awards and bets "she told Michael that is the ring she wanted."

Source: US Weekly

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Brainless Quiz

You Are Uptown
You are classy, cultured, and well educated. You are an expert on the finer things in live.
Your city girl persona loves all of the opportunities a city offers. But only in the best neighborhoods.
Are You Uptown or Downtown?
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Kiefer Sings

Kiefer Sutherland has sparked rumors he is launching a music career - after revealing he has built his own personal recording studio.

The '24' star recently put the finishing touches to the project and admits he can't wait to try it out. He said: "I've built a recording studio in Los Angeles. I made it from scratch - not only is it functional but it's quite beautiful. I'm pretty proud of that."

Kiefer has been harboring musical ambitions for some time and has revealed his most treasured possessions are his two classic guitars. He added to Britain's Loaded magazine: "I have a 1959 Les Paul guitar and a 1959 Fender Strat. Both of them are sunbursts and are beautiful instruments. They play amazingly too."

Source: Female First

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Working Girls

For actress Lily Tomlin, the 9-to-5 workday sounds quaint these days. The star of the 1980 film "Nine to Five" - about three women who turn the tables on their oppressive male boss - Tomlin said the world now "is just so pressured."

"Look at the generation we're creating, with Survivor and all that stuff," she told Time magazine for its issue on newsstands Monday. "You're supposed to outwit everybody and double-deal," she said. "Nine to Five was trying to bring a female sensibility to the corporate world, which can really grind you down to nothing."

The 25th anniversary edition of the movie is set to be released on DVD this spring.

Source: Indy Star

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Entertainment Law

Screen veteran Paul Newman is backing a bill to protect image and vocal rights for actors.

The possible ruling could make it illegal for movie-makers to steal previous footage or speech and use it in other projects for up to 70 year's after the actor's death, unless consent has been sought. Newman, alongside fellow actors Christopher Plummer and Charles Grodin, fears developments in movie technology will mean he can appear in an entire film without being physically involved - and without permission.

He says, "They could make a whole movie that looked like me, talked like me, acted like me, sounded like me, but wasn't me." Plummer adds, "We are suddenly being cloned into something we're not. We are robbed of our individuality and our life's work is tarnished."

Source: IMDB

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March 24, 2006 


A nude Britney Spears on a bearskin rug while giving birth to her firstborn marks a 'first' for Pro-Life. Pop-star Britney Spears is the "ideal" model for Pro-Life and the subject of a dedication at Capla Kesting Fine Art in Brooklyn's Williamsburg gallery district, in what is proclaimed the first Pro-Life monument to birth, in April.

Dedication of the life-sized statue celebrates the recent birth of Spears' baby boy, Sean, and applauds her decision of placing family before career. "A superstar at Britney's young age having a child is rare in today's celebrity culture. This dedication honors Britney for the rarity of her choice and bravery of her decision," said gallery co-director, Lincoln Capla. The dedication includes materials provided by Manhattan Right To Life Committee.

"Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston," believed Pro-Life's first monument to the 'act of giving birth,' is purportedly an idealized depiction of Britney in delivery. Natural aspects of Spears' pregnancy, like lactiferous breasts and protruding naval, compliment a posterior view that depicts widened hips for birthing and reveals the crowning of baby Sean's head.

The monument also acknowledges the pop-diva's pin-up past by showing Spears seductively posed on all fours atop a bearskin rug with back arched, pelvis thrust upward, as she clutches the bear's ears with 'water-retentive' hands.

"Britney provides inspiration for those struggling with the 'right choice'," said artist Daniel Edwards, recipient of a 2005 Bartlebooth award from London's The Art Newspaper. "She was number one with Google last year, with good reason --- people are inspired by the beauty of a pregnant woman," said Edwards.

Source: Send2Press

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Little Girl

Nicole Richie, seen below, filming a segment for the upcoming season of The Simple Life.

--With that body, she only looks a few years older than the little dude in the picture.

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He Needs To Stop

Kevin Federline, who recently had his cornrows harvested for publicity — er, charity — has released a new rap single to follow-up his earlier effort, “Y’all Ain’t Ready." Us Weekly got a charming shout-out towards the end of his untitled ditty:

And you magazine mother[bleepers], too
can all kiss a [bleep]
Us Weekly, I’ll shout
every one of you bitches out
All your sh-t is fake!
I love my kids
I love my wife, too
You know what you could do? [laughs]
Grab your socks!

--Grab your socks? What the eff?

Source: US Weekly

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Charlie Sheen has joined the 9/11 gone-bonkers brigade.

The "Two and a Half Men" star gave a bizarre interview on GGN Radio Network's conspiracy-minded "The Alex Jones Show," in which he suggested that the federal government was covering up what "really" happened.

"It seems to me like 19 amateurs with boxcutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75 percent of their targets, that feels like a conspiracy theory. It raises a lot of questions," Sheen said. "A couple of years ago, it was severely unpopular to talk about any of this. It feels like from the people I talk to, and the research I've done and around my circles, it feels like the worm is turning." Sheen said the collapse of the Twin Towers looked like a "controlled demolition."

The out-there actor also expressed his disbelief over how one of the planes hit the Pentagon. "Just show us how this particular plane pulled off these maneuvers . . . It is up to us to reveal the truth. It is up to us because we owe it to the families, we owe it to the victims, we owe it to everyone's life who was drastically altered, horrifically, that day and forever. We owe it to them to uncover what happened."

Source: New York Post

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Celebrity Cooking Showdown

Did you know there's a new show coming out called Celebrity Cooking Showdown?

Check out who's participating: Alan Thicke (none other than Jason Seaver from Growing Pains), Sean Combs, Naomi Campbell, Tom Arnold, Ja Rule, Gabrielle Reese, and the incomparable Ashley Parker Angel.

--Sure to be entertaining.

Source: Best Week Ever Blog

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Paula To Get The Boot?

'American Idol' without Paula Abdul? Say what!?

According to US Weekly magazine, that was almost the case earlier this month when the 'Straight Up' singer's behavior became increasingly more and more bizarre. "Paula was being very difficult. (She was) crying all the time and arriving late for meetings," a source told the magazine.

The magazine claims that Abdul even went so far as to seek medical treatment for "exhaustion and dehydration." The source added that execs from the show thought about other pop stars to replace the stressed out judge: "(They) liked Jessica (Simpson) a lot. And some were pushing for Britney (Spears)."

Neither Simpson nor Spears met with 'Idol' officials and for now, Abdul is still on board. Abdul's rep denies the the magazine's allegations: "Paula is always a joy on the set and everyone loves her. "If they were looking at Britney or Jessica, that's news to me."

Source: AZ Central

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Chad Robs the Cradle

One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray has hooked up with another beauty from the hit TV show - an extra who has just turned 18 years old.

The 24-year-old star - who split from co-star Sophia Bush last September after just five months of marriage - is reportedly now dating Kenzie Dalton, who plays a cheerleader on the teen drama. The actress, who is also a model, confirms the relationship saying, "We've been going out since December." The couple have largely kept their relationship out of the limelight, because they started dated when Dalton was only 17 years old.

She explains, "Chad and I just hang out. We don't really go out at night." Life on the set of the teen drama is understandably tense, with the ex-couple still working together and Dalton has a frosty relationship with Murray's ex-wife. She says, "Sophia and I don't talk, but she is aware of our relationship."

Source: IMDB

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Rumor has it that tennis legend Billie Jean King is set to endorse RainbowVision Santa Fe, a senior community for lesbians, gays, transgenders and bisexuals.

The Post's Lois Weiss says the condos and rental units offer assisted living, with health care, dining, spa and fitness facilities.

Source: New York Post

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Diddy Sells Cheap Clothes

Sean 'Diddy' Combs has scrapped his Sean John women's fashion range and replaced it with a line of cheaper clothes.

The rapper hopes the refashioned line, called Sean John Women's, will appeal to a younger audience and increase sales, according to

However, a Sean John spokesman promises, "We look forward to re-entering (the upscale) market at a future date."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Stars Do Voiceovers

"Bright. Crisp. Clean. Pure," says the silky smooth, perfectly masculine voice on the beer commercial. "This is Budweiser. THIS is beer." Quick, who is that? Hint: It's a big movie star. Though his name's never mentioned, the makers of Budweiser are banking on the fact that you'll get it eventually - and that you'll say "Wow!" when you do.

Twenty years ago, voiceovers were the domain of the baritone radio announcer or the character actor. No longer. These days, more A-list stars than you might imagine are cashing in.

Kevin Spacey's pitching Honda. Kelsey Grammer does Disney. Kiefer Sutherland voices Apple commercials, and his dad, Donald, did Volvo. There's Queen Latifah (Pizza Hut), Sean Connery (Level 3 Communications), Christian Slater (Panasonic), Gene Hackman (Oppenheimer Funds) - oh, and then there's Julia Roberts.

"Honestly, sometimes I'm mystified," says Maureen Kelly, a casting director who's worked in the voiceover field for two decades. "I guarantee you most people couldn't tell the AOL voice was Julia Roberts. I'm just not sure why advertisers spend this astronomical amount of money when the voice isn't even identifiable."

By astronomical, we're talking seven figures, easy. Although companies won't say how much they pay, industry experts say a megastar like Roberts would have to make well into that range.

Source: New York Daily News

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March 23, 2006 

KFed Celebrates His BDay

Britney Spears threw husband Kevin Federline a birthday party on Tuesday in his favorite city: Las Vegas..

The singer and Federline, who turned 28 on March 21, arrived just after 8:30 p.m. at the restaurant Tao Las Vegas at the Venetian, where they slipped in through the back door and joined their 10 guests in a private dining room.

Spears (in a black halter dress with a lethally low-cut back) drank a Cosmo, while K-Fed (in a wife-beater and a New York Yankees cap) went for a Jack and Coke, shots and beer. The group dined on sushi, chicken satay, lobster tempura and grilled Kobe beef, followed by cake (served by two little people in tight dresses).

By 10:30, Federline had finished opening his presents and the party headed to Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace, where Spears snuggled with the birthday boy on the club's VIP bed when she wasn't dancing barefoot to tunes spun by DJ Hollywood (she requested Prince).

"They didn't leave each other's side all night," a clubgoer tells PEOPLE. "They danced together – Britney was doing all her famous dance moves. Toward the end of the night, they were all over each other – kissing and hugging, having a great time." The couple finally called it a night at around 2 a.m.

Source: People

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Blow Out Is Right

Jonathan Antin is the face of the smash Bravo series 'Blow Out' and the name behind a line of hair care products. He's become the celebrity's go-to guy for hair. Antin's intensity has made him a big TV star. It's also gotten him into trouble.

Court records have turned up that reveal, back in June 1997, Antin got into an argument with a girlfriend. The fight became physical. A few pushes later, Antin ended up in jail -- busted for domestic violence.

Antin ultimately pleaded no contest to one count of misdemeanor spousal abuse. His sentence included 36 months probation and 15 days of community service. Antin was also ordered to complete a one-year domestic violence counseling program, which he did. Antin's criminal record was expunged in March 2004.

Source: TMZ

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Wonder What Lynda Carter Thinks

Lindsay Lohan is desperate to play Wonder Woman in the forthcoming movie version of the comic book superhero.

The 19-year-old actress admits she'd like to showcase her talents outside of kid and teen films, but feels the role would be too fun to turn down.

She says, "Wonder Woman would be cool." "I'm trying to find roles right now that are different to anything I've done to show my abilities, to show that I have some sort of stretch in me. Because most of the things that I've done so far are aimed at younger girls and are light-hearted."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Who Needs Dear Abbey?

Olsen Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley have tag-teamed with top author Jessica Weiner to launch a brand new advice column for their website, according to a published report.

The author confessed that she was charmed when the twins requested that she assist them in creating the new advice column for girls going through difficult times or that just want to talk, 'Real Girls, Real Advice,' because Jessica feels it will be a great deal of help for alot of depressed teenagers.

She says, "We're gonna be tackling all the issues that make sense for girls in the world - their bodies are a big one but boys are an even bigger one." The author claims that she is the ideal partner for these lovely young ladies in making this new and exciting feature because, much like Mary-Kate, she has had to endure an eating disorder.

Source: Tittle Tattle

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Momma Latifah?

Is Queen Latifah planning on motherhood?

The rapper-turned-actress breaks news that she hopes to be a mom by this time next year. "I'm really working on it," she says. "I've got everyone galvanized, I've cleared my schedule, and it's going to happen soon. God willing, I will be a mom!" Latifah, who puts her maternal instincts to use in 'Ice Age: The Meltdown,' says she doesn't plan on being a stay-at-home mom but will make her baby top priority. "The thing about having a child is -- I believe it's the most unselfish thing you could ever do," she says. "They're going to come first."

Source: ET

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Sting's A Kinky Dude

Sting is one kinky customer.

The rocker - who is trying to open his own strip club and has nattered on about his love for tantric sex with wife Trudi Styler - has asked about setting up a fantasy sex party with notorious orgy organizer Palagia, according to Palagia's rep. Lately, "whenever Sting is in New York, he has looked into checking out one of Palagia's sexy Eat In parties," the rep said. "Unfortunately, there has not been one on the weekends he is here. He has been interested in attending the sexy X-rated soirees for months, even asking Palagia herself to throw a special one for him and Trudi to fit their busy schedule."

Palagia's Eat In parties are for "couples and single females that are carefully selected by Palagia herself," according to Web site At the parties that "take place in private lofts/suites around Lower Manhattan, couples are strongly encouraged to explore their fantasies." A rep for Sting said: "This is so absurd I can't even comment. Sting is in the studio working on a record."

Source: New York Post

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Pumpkin Gets Canned

A woman who was a contestant on a cable television dating show was removed from the school district's list of substitute teachers because officials thought she might be a distraction, school officials said.

Brooke Thompson, 26, was on VH1's "Flavor of Love," a dating show where women competed to become the girlfriend of Flavor Flav, the eccentric hype man of rap group Public Enemy.

"She is a victim of her own celebrity," district spokesman John Teves said.
Thompson's name was taken off the list Monday. She said the termination was unfair, but that her long-term goals were in entertainment.

Thompson, who was nicknamed "Pumpkin" on the show, was the second runner-up and gained notoriety when she spit in the face of one of her rivals. "Flavor of Love" was VH1's highest-rated show ever, according to the show's producer.

Source: Mercury News; Pic from Dlisted

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New Edition Reunion

Bobby Brown and New Edition are getting back together — at least for one night, anyway.

Brown, who lives in Alpharetta, Ga., and the rest of the old-school boy band are scheduled to perform together at the Essence Music Festival, which will be held July 1-3 in Houston. Other performers announced Monday include Diddy, who will host a "Diddy and Friends" show, and singers Jaheim and Chris Brown.

Brown left the group, best known for hits like "Mr. Telephone Man" and "Cool It Now," back in the 1980s for his solo career, and since then has only performed with the group sporadically.

Other performers already slated for the festival include Mary J. Blige, Steve Harvey, LL Cool J, Earth, Wind & Fire, Yolanda Adams and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.

Source: USA Today

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Star Suffers Complications

Beloved TV host Star Jones has undergone cosmetic surgery to have her breasts lifted.

The newlywed co-presenter of magazine show The View has spoken out about her procedure following reports her elective breast lift procedure went wrong and she suffered "critical complications." Sources close to Jones claim she was taken to Santa Monica, California's Saint John's Health Center, where she underwent a blood transfusion on Friday night.

After days of speculation, Jones' spokesperson confirmed the TV star had undergone the procedure, but refused to comment on the problems. She says, "Star is recovering wonderfully." Ironically, The View star's husband, Al Reynolds, also found himself in the hospital over the weekend - after suffering two lacerations to his head after slipping at the gym.

Source: IMDB

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Preppies Will Be Wearing Black

Bernard Lacoste, the French clothing manufacturer who for more than four decades put crocodiles on the chests of people around the world, died Tuesday in a Paris hospital of a lengthy, undisclosed illness, said his company. He was 74.

Lacoste, widely credited with turning the family sportswear business into a major apparel company (especially when it came to those crocodile-adorned polo shirts), succeeded his father, tennis player Rene "Le Crocodile" Lacoste, as president of the clothing company in 1963, 30 years after the company had been founded.

The elder Lacoste's nickname apparently originated when he admired a crocodile suitcase in a store window, and his Davis Cup captain promised to buy it for him if he won an important upcoming match. He never got the bag, but U.S. sports writers took up the name because it described his style on the court, according to the Associated Press.

Source: People

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Moore To Do Play

Julianne Moore will return to the New York stage in the world premiere of "The Vertical Hour" by British playwright David Hare.

Moore will portray a former American war correspondent turned college professor who meets an older man while on vacation in Wales. The play will open Nov. 30 at a Broadway theater to be announced.

It will be directed by Sam Mendes, whose stage work includes the long-running Broadway revival of "Cabaret," "The Blue Room" starring Nicole Kidman, and the Bernadette Peters revival of "Gypsy." The announcement was made Wednesday.

Source: New York Daily News

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March 22, 2006 

Don't Mess With Faye

Who didn't love Faye Dunaway in "Mommie Dearest?" Click here to listen to a voicemail message she recently left--perhaps she wasn't acting in the movie after all.

Doesn't it remind you of the part in the movie where she's taking on the board of Pepsi Co.? "Don't f&*! with me, fellas!"

Source: World of Wonder

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Who's Glib Now?

Scientology Kills is not an attractive slogan.

The highest profile celeb in Scientology is Tom Cruise. And the star and his church routinely recommend that everyone should refuse and/or abstain from any drugs prescribed by psychiatrists. And also reject any suggested care or counseling offered by mental health professionals.

This belief apparently led to tragedy when a Scientologist’s 28-year-old son stabbed his mother to death. The young man Jeremy Perkins is deeply disturbed and now is being held within the Rochester Psychiatric Center. He was found not responsible for the murder of his mother due to mental defect.

Perkins was the schizophrenic son of Elli Perkins a senior auditor (counselor) at the Buffalo Scientology branch in New York. Consistent with his mother’s beliefs Jeremy Perkins never received treatment from mental health professionals, but instead was cared for according to Scientology’s guidelines and practices. He received vitamins.

Source: A Socialite's Life

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Tyler To Undergo Surgery

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler will undergo surgery this week for an undisclosed medical condition, forcing the band to cancel the rest of its North American tour, says the group's publicist.

"Despite Aerosmith's desire to keep the tour going as long as possible, Tyler's doctors advised him not to continue performing to give his voice time to recover," rep Marcee Rondan said in a statement, the Associated Press reports.

Rondan would not elaborate on the specifics of Tyler’s condition, but said he is "doing fine." Published reports have said the singer, who turns 58 on Sunday, has vocal problems.

Source: People

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The Hiltons on Saturday Mornings?

We've had The Flintstones and The Simpsons — now another wacky family is being lined up for an animated series: The Hiltons.

Yes, Paris and Nicky Hilton are drawing up plans to do a cartoon show of their lives for TV. Heiress Paris, who is about to launch a pop career in the UK, has already had meetings with Interscope boss Ted Fields about the project. His company will make the programs and try to sell them to the networks.

Source: The Sun

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Worst Rapper Ever?

VH1's Best Week Ever Blog poses the question, "Who is the worst rapper of all time?" Some of their suggestions include Shaquille O'Neal, Deion Sanders, Allen Iverson, Ron Artest, and KFed.

And, the newest egomaniac to throw his hat into the ring is none other than Terrell Owens. Click here for a listen. Yeah, that's "baaaaahhhhhddd."

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Oprah's on Team Aniston

Chat show host Oprah Winfrey has vowed never to have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on her show as couple to her friend Jennifer Aniston.

Oprah who is a good friend of Aniston’s has promised not to help publicize Brangelina. According to Star magazine Oprah believes that Aniston has handled the break in a “tasteful” manner while Brad has just been a big show off.

A friend told the mag: "Oprah sees herself as on of Jen's best public advocates - the captain of Team Aniston." And although having Brangelina on her show would pull in huge ratings the friend admitted: "I don't think she wants anything to do with them anymore." "Oprah thinks Brad should have had a baby with Jen. She thinks that Jen is the one that should be pregnant right now - not Angelina," "Oprah is against the (Brangelina) wedding” “She said she hopes it won't happen, because deep down, in her heart of hearts she doesn't believe they're meant to be together."

Source: Entertainmentwise

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Prince's Purple Palace

Prince recently upset his landlord, NBA star Carlos Boozer, by allegedly turning a $11.9 million rental property into a purple fantasyland.

Boozer, who is renting a West Hollywood home to the musician for $70,000 a month, sued Prince in January, alleging that the singer painted the title of his new album, 3121, and his "prince" symbol onto the exterior of the house, according to papers obtained by the Smoking Gun Web site.

The suit also alleged that Prince had purple stripes painted on the house and installed a purple monogrammed carpet in the master bedroom.

Lawyers for Prince countered the suit with proof that Boozer had collected his rent without complaint, and the lawsuit was dismissed in February – though the Smoking Gun says Boozer can file again on the same grounds.

Source: People

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Bruce Lee To Star In Bway Musical?

Martial arts superstar Bruce Lee is set to be the subject of a new Broadway musical featuring music provided by David Bowie.

Theatre bosses want the show to be ready to premiere in 2008. According to, Tony Award-winner David Henry Hwang has been hired to write the musical and Matthew Warchus is reportedly onboard to direct. Bowie has been linked to project because he was recently spotted chatting with Wachus in Toronto, Canada - where Warchus is poised to launch his new The Lord Of The Rings musical. The Bruce Lee musical follows hot in the footsteps of plans for a musical based on kung fu movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Source: IMDB

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Stork Visits

--Entourage star Debi Mazar gave birth to a girl on Friday.

Giulia Isabel Mazar-Corcos weighed in a 8 lbs. 1 oz., and was 19 inches long.

"Everybody is at home now and doing great," Mazar's publicist, Rene Riddinger, said. The 41-year-old actress and her husband, Italian jazz musician and producer Gabriele Corcos, already have a 3-year-old daughter, Evelyn Maria.
Source: People

--Actor Fred Savage, the baby-faced star of the hit '90s show "The Wonder Years," is going to be a dad! The former child star, who can now be seen on the sitcom "Crumbs," and his wife Jennifer are expecting their first child.

A rep for the 29-year-old actor confirms that the baby is due in July. No further details were given. Savage and his wife have been married since 2004.
Source: ET

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March 21, 2006 

Paris Squared!

Paris Hilton has reportedly split with her lover Stavros Niarchos Iii and returned to the arms of ex-fiance Paris Latsis.

The 25-year-old socialite broke up with Greek shipping heir Niarchos after weeks of public fighting. And now Hilton has been spotted with old flame Latsis in Los Angeles nightclub Privilege.

A source tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror says, "The two Parises spent most of the evening together, head to head and laughing in the corner. "It certainly looked like they had a lot of catching up to do - they were getting pretty up close and personal."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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She's Baaaaack!

People who love Barbra Streisand concerts are the luckiest people in the world - because the legendary songstress is doing another farewell tour.

The Brooklyn-born diva - who previously bid her fans goodbye in 2000 - is to hit the road this fall, says our insider, but there's already plenty of behind-the-scenes intrigue. Streisand's tour will have 20 shows, in which she'll perform "in the round" from the middle of arenas. She'll be paid $2 million per show, and the best tickets will go for $1,500 a pop.

Streisand's handlers have yet to secure an opening act. "They've tried unsuccessfully for Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond and Andrea Bocelli as opening acts," says our music industry snitch. "They're trying to get [operatic vocal group] Il Divo now."

A spy continued, "The big worry is, 'Can Barbra lose the extra 50 pounds she's put on?' She feels that confirming the dates is the only thing that will make her lose the weight.

Source: New York Post

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Tribute To Angie's Mom

Angelina Jolie wants her baby to be born in France – as a tribute to her dying mother.

Angelina’s mom Marcheline Betrand, who has terminal cancer, was born in France and has suggested the Hollywood actress maintain a “circle of life” by giving birth to her first child with Brad Pitt there. Tradition is important to Marcheline, who has made her home in the US, and sources say she doesn’t have long to live.

One said: “Angelina is torn between wanting to be close to her gravely-ill mum in America and respecting her wishes by having the baby in France. She adores her mother and wants more than anything for her to be around to see her firstborn. “She and Brad have been staying in France as much as they can and Angelina will have to decide soon, before she is too far gone in her pregnancy to travel.”

Source: The Sun

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Pay Up--Or Else

Cast members of hit mafia series The Sopranos are demanding higher salaries after the show's bosses extended the period over which they will broadcast the final 20 episodes.

Stars including Michael Imperioli, who plays Tony Soprano's hotheaded nephew Christopher, and Lorraine Bracco, who plays Tony's shrink, Dr. Melfi, are having their pay renegotiated after insisting that splitting the series is equivalent to two season's work rather than one, according to the Wall Street Journal. However, bosses at HBO disagree, claiming that all 20 episodes are still part of the same season and do not warrant double pay.

Sopranos star James Gandolfini has already successfully renegotiated himself a $1 million deal for each of the final eight shows, and more minor characters hope to follow suit. Despite the confusion, a spokesman for HBO is adamant cast members will not stage a walkout: "We're confident that everyone will be signed for the last eight episodes."

--What do you guys think of the season so far? I'm loving it.

Source: IMDB

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Slap Happy

Liza has officially lost it. Click here to watch and see why.

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Paula's New Idol

Paula Abdul has a new man.

He's Tony Schiena, an actor who has appeared on 'CSI: NY' and in the upcoming film, 'Saurian.' TMZ spotted the couple canoodling and holding hands at the grand opening of designer Leona Edmiston's boutique in West Hollywood. Sources say Schiena has been hanging out backstage during the 'Idol' telecasts.

Source: TMZ

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Salma Bares All

Salma Hayek is defending her full-fontal nude scene in the upcoming film, Ask the Dust. Hayek plays Camilla, a fiery Mexican beauty who hopes to rise above her station by marrying a wealthy American. In the film, which co-stars Colin Farrell, Hayek appears completely naked in a beach scene alongside Farrell. She told the New York Daily News:

"I don't want to do nudity just for the sake of doing nudity. But this is an iconic part of the story (from) the book. It's important because it represents [Camilla's] spirit, which is very free, and yet she lives in world where she's very repressed by the circumstances. So [the nudity is] almost symbolic for who she is."

Source: I Don't Like You In That Way

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Not Surprising

Frustrated husbands and boyfriends now have some ammunition. According to a recent survey, women spend two years of their lives getting ready to leave the house. Men, meanwhile, spend less than a year. That's a lot of tapping feet and staring at watches.

Women take an average of 90 minutes to get dolled up for a night out - compared to the half an hour that men said it takes them to look presentable.

It also takes an average of 54 minutes for women to get ready for work in the morning. That means spending nearly an hour on showering, doing hair and applying makeup sucks up almost 10 days a year from women's lives.

Source: New York Post

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Wedding Bells

Richard Dreyfuss has married Russian-born Svetlana Erokhin in Harrisonburg, Va., where the Jaws and Mr. Holland's Opus star was in town for an appearance at James Madison University.

The Brooklyn-born Dreyfuss, 58, and Erokhin, 46, appeared unannounced at the Rockingham County Courthouse on Thursday, took out a marriage license and were then wed in the magistrate's office, according to Andy Perrine, JMU spokesman and associate vice president of communications and marketing.

"We had no idea" they would be marrying, said Perrine. "Although one look at Svetlana and you wouldn't be surprised he wanted to marry her. She's beautiful and has a sultry Russian accent. She clearly is head over heels in love with Richard, who is captivatingly funny. They were like two young loves who couldn't seem to get enough of each other."

Rockingham County Sheriff's Deputy Bill Spinar spotted the couple as they walked into the courthouse, where he staffs the metal detector. Said Spinar: "I happened to glance at him and said, 'You look like Richard Dreyfuss.' He said, 'I am Richard Dreyfuss.' I said, 'Yeah, sure you are.' He said, 'Seriously, I am Richard Dreyfuss' ... and he laughed at me."

Source: People

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Della Starts Clothing Line

Della Reese is tired of boring clothes for larger women. So the plus-size actress and singer has started her own clothing line.

"It's very difficult for me to find anything with shape or color ... some oomph," said Reese, who described herself as 5 feet 2 inches tall and 200 pounds.

Reese, 74, has designed her own vividly hued outfits for years. Her line, Della Reese Fashions, will debut April 4 on the Home Shopping Network. "I want to give women the opportunity to have some pizazz also," said Reese, who starred in TV's "Touched by an Angel."

Her line of cocktail, office and casual wear will feature a range of colors. "I like bright yellows, oranges, reds. I like purple and pink, not just purple and purple and purple," she said.

Source: Indy Star

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March 20, 2006 

KFed Cleaned Himself Up?

Britney Spears' husband Kevin Federline has hacked off his hair for a charity group that makes wigs for cancer patients.

The aspiring rapper is currently working on his debut album while vacationing with his family in Maui, Hawaii, but took time out to make the big-hearted gesture.

Spokesperson Marilyn Lopez says, "He just chopped of 10 inches of his hair for Locks Of Love." She adds, "The album comes out at the end of May or early summer. "He's expected to do some club dates and eventually he'll come to New York."

--Check him out on the right of the above pic.

Source: Yahoo; Pic source: Popsugar

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An Ebay Room?

Tori Spelling's parents, Aaron and Candy, have stopped speaking to her, sources say.

"There is a scene in the first episode of her new show, 'So noTORIous,' in which she makes fun of the eBay room in her parents' house," a friend says. "Her mother has a huge shopping problem and has a whole room dedicated to the stuff she buys on the site. When Candy saw the episode, she threatened Tori and said she was going to sue her."

Apparently, Tori and Candy's relationship had been strained for some time. Pals of Tori say when she and Dean McDermott got engaged, she sent her "cold" mother a note, inviting her to meet McDermott. "Candy sent back a note saying only, 'You need to get your things out of the apartment.' " (Tori and her ex-husband, Charlie Shanian, had lived in an apartment owned by her mom.) "The Insider" reports Spelling and McDermott plan to wed this summer.

Spelling, via a rep, said: " 'So noTORIous' is a fictionalized account of my life after '90210' with fictional characters . . . We take poetic license with everyone and every story line on the show. With regard to my apartment, Dean and I wanted to start a new life together, so leaving the apartment I had for over 10 years was the right thing to do for both of us." The show premieres April 2 on VH1.

Source: New York Post

And, speaking of her boy Dean, check out his new, sweet tattoo:

--Source: A Socialite's Life

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The Newest Trump

It's a baby boy for Donald Trump and wife Melania, the real-estate entrepreneur announced early Monday morning on MSNBC. The beaming father did not divulge the new arrival's name.

"Everyone's perfect," Trump said in a telephone interview about 20 minutes after the arrival of his fifth child. Of Melania, who was in labor for eight hours, Trump said, "She's very happy and it's really great."

"I continue to stay young, right? I produce children, I stay young," said the Apprentice star, 59, who has four children by his two former wives, Ivana and Marla.

Source: People

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Flavor of Being Single

Did any of you watch the trainwreck that was Flavor of Love like I did? Well if so, you'll be interested in the following:

It seems that recently on the Tom Joyner show, there was an interview with Hoopz and she stated that she has not returned one Flav's calls since the taping of the show ended. She also stated that she only used Flav to get her name out there and to make a career in TV and movies.

--And here I thought they were in love. ;) He'll always have a thing for Gitte.

Source: Oh No They Didn't

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Just What We Need

Burlesque-style dancing troupe the Pussycat Dolls -- who hit a high note in the music world last year with their top five debut album "PCD" -- are looking to make their mark in television as well.

Sources said that Telepictures Prods. and producer-director McG are shopping an unscripted series around town that features the Pussycat Dolls, with the CW said to be in talks to sign a development deal with the group that would involve the reality project. Telepictures and the CW declined comment Thursday.

The Dolls -- which has featured such celebrity performers as Carmen Electra, Christina Aguilera and Christina Applegate -- have appeared and performed on several TV series, including NBC's "Las Vegas" and ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," as well as in the McG-directed feature film "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle." The group also is featured at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, which opened the Pussycat Dolls Lounge last year, and will be opening for the Black Eyed Peas on the group's upcoming tour.

"PCD," released by A&M Records in September, has spawned three hit singles and is certified platinum. McG is executive producer of Fox's "The O.C." and WB Network's "Supernatural." Along with its sequel, he also directed the feature film "Charlie's Angels."

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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Tupac In Wax

Tupac Shakur will join the ranks of celebrities sculpted in wax at Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas, the city where he was killed in a drive-by shooting nearly 10 years ago.

The 55-pound figure will go on display April 5 at The Venetian hotel-casino, it was announced Thursday. The slain rap star will be depicted shirtless, sporting a bandanna and proudly displaying his tattoos. Shakur’s precise measurements are being reconstructed by sculptor Jeni Fairey — the woman behind the museum’s wax Beyoncé — with the help of photos provided by Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur.

After a viewing in Las Vegas, promoters say they plan to take “Tupac Eternal” on the road. It’s bound for Madame Tussauds galleries in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, China, and London, and is expected to be exhibited at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Atlanta.

Source: MSNBC

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Ben Says...

Ben Stein says the people who were snubbed on Oscar night weren't the stars who were passed over for Academy Awards, but American troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The conservative humorist, writer and political pundit said movie stars and film industry professionals failed to highlight the sacrifices of soldiers during the awards ceremony on March 5.

"Not one prayer or moment of silence for those who have given their lives," Stein said, speaking Thursday at a Republican Party fundraising dinner. He said the real stars aren't his Beverly Hills neighbors but the soldiers "wearing body armor in 130-degree heat, pulling 24-hour shifts" in the Sunni triangle, the dangerous area of armed insurgents in Iraq.

Stein, who starred in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and hosted a game show titled "Win Ben Stein's Money," noted that Hollywood executives have complained about falling box office revenue. "Stop spitting in the face of Americans and maybe we will go to the movies," he said.

Source: New York Daily News

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Those Duke Boys

Tom Wopat, who played Luke Duke on the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard, faces a drunken driving charge in northern New Jersey, authorities said Friday.

Wopat was arrested in Ringwood and charged with driving while intoxicated and reckless driving, said Bill Maer, a spokesman for the Passaic County sheriff's department. He was pulled from a Ford Bronco Wednesday night after hitting orange traffic cones and nearly striking a Ringwood police car sent to an accident, Maer said.

Wopat, 54, of West Milford, was released into the custody of his girlfriend, Maer said. In the TV series, which aired from 1979 to 1985, Luke Duke and his cousin Bo, played by John Schneider, were known for driving a speedy 1969 Dodge Charger, the General Lee.

Source: USA Today

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Are We Supposed To Feel Sorry For Him?

A year after Robert Blake was acquitted in criminal court of killing his wife, the former tough guy actor spends his days exercising horses at a friend's ranch and planning a comeback.

He acknowledges the past year has often been a time of despair, particularly the civil trial last fall in which a jury ordered him to pay his wife's family $30 million. But the 72-year-old Blake, who was a child actor in the "Our Gang" movie series and a hard-boiled cop in the 1970s TV show "Baretta," says he's finally begun to emerge from that dark period. "I want to live," he says. "Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my acquittal," he told The Associated Press on Friday in the first interview he's granted since his civil trial.

"I've woken up some nights and wanted to drive till the car goes off a cliff," he said. "And an hour later, poetry is coming to me. I want to go act. I want to go teach. I want to dance. "I can be an actor no matter what happens. I was in the middle of a job when my father committed suicide and I went to work the next day."

He threatened to end the interview when he was asked about Rosie, the daughter he had with his late wife, Bonny Lee Bakley. Rosie, now 5, has been adopted by his adult daughter. At another point, saying he wanted to "sing a song to Rosie," he launched into a melodic rendition of the pop song "You Are So Beautiful to Me." "I'd like to give my best performance," he said. "I'd like to leave a legacy for Rosie about who I am. I'm not ready for a dog and fishing pole yet. I'd like to go to bed each night desperate to wake up each morning and create some magic."

Blake said he's broke and living on his Social Security and Screen Actors Guild pension. With his bankruptcy case pending, he said he needs permission just to get a new car. He's living in a small apartment now, a far cry from the homes he once occupied.

Source: Yahoo

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Lachey's New Show

Nick Lachey could be looking at another steady TV gig. Heading toward single status in real life, as his divorce from Jessica Simpson nears completion, he'll play a bachelor in a sitcom pilot for the new CW network.

He'll star as Colin, a single man living in Manhattan, in the comedy "She Said/He Said," CW spokesman Paul McGuire said Friday. Other cast members are still being hired for the pilot that will shoot in April, McGuire said.

Whether the show makes it onto CW's schedule will be announced at the network's first presentation to advertisers May 18 in New York. CW is a hybrid of the WB and UPN networks.

Source: Indy Star

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Oleg Cassini, who designed the dresses that helped make Jacqueline Kennedy the most glamorous first lady in history, died Friday. He was 92.

Cassini died on Long Island, said Senada Ivackovic, marketing director for Oleg Cassini Inc. The cause of death was not immediately known. Kennedy, only 31 when her husband was elected president, was the pinnacle of style in the White House years from 1961 to 1963. Her simple, geometric dresses in sumptuous fabrics, her pillbox hats and her elegant coiffure were copied by women from 18 to 80.

Cassini said that shortly after John Kennedy was elected, he persuaded his wife that she should use him as the creator of her total look, rather than one of many designers. The one-time Hollywood costume designer turned couturier had been friendly with the Kennedy family for years. "We are on the threshold of a new American elegance thanks to Mrs. Kennedy's beauty, naturalness, understatement, exposure and symbolism," Cassini said when his selection was announced.

The fashion establishment was shocked, Women's Wear Daily journalist John Fairchild wrote in his 1965 book "The Fashionable Savages." "Everyone was surprised," he wrote. "Oleg Cassini had been around for years. He was debonair, amusing, social, but none of the fashion intellectuals had considered him an important designer."

Source: Indy Star

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March 17, 2006 

This Weekend?

Speculation spread once again that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would wed on these Italian shores - perhaps this weekend.

George Clooney is a friend of the Hollywood couple and his lakefront villa in the town of Laglio is cited in Italian news reports as a credible location for such a ceremony. Saturday has been mentioned as a possible date.

Clooney's press representative, Stan Rosenfield, told The Associated Press on Thursday: "Rumors are rumors." Pitt's representative, Cindy Guagenti, declined to comment. Reports about an impending wedding at the northern Italian lake were rife last year, but quickly fizzled out after Clooney denied his friends were scheduled to marry at his villa.

Meanwhile, Monica Mantero, the wife of Laglio Mayor Giuseppe Mantero, said Thursday her husband could marry the couple on an hour's notice. "There's a lot of movement at the villa, a lot of people there. We were expecting Clooney today but he didn't show up," Monica Mantero told the AP. She said Pitt and Jolie hadn't fixed a date with her husband, but that "even if they contacted him an hour before he could still marry them."

Mantero, who lives across from Clooney's villa, said preparations taking place on the grounds were the ones routinely done ahead of the actor's arrival and that a reception in the garden didn't seem to be in the works. "I can tell you Clooney isn't here (in Laglio), because whenever he's here a motorboat is tied up to his dock and there's no motorboat. I'm looking right now from my window," said Mariuccia Riva, whose husband's boatyard often rents boats to Clooney's guests.

Another rumored location for the marriage is a luxurious hotel in the nearby town of Cernobbio that often hosts stars and international conventions. "We don't have any booking under their name, but if they show up we'll be happy to take them in," said Annamaria Duvia, a spokeswoman for the Villa D'Este resort.

"Of course I can't rule out they've booked under a false name," she told the AP. Giuseppe Salvioni, a spokesman for Cernobbio city hall, said there was no official indication of an upcoming ceremony.

Source: AZ Central

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Put on Shoes

Britney Spears had to be rushed to hospital after treading on a hypodermic needle.

The pop babe - who is on holiday in Hawaii - had stepped out of her car without shoes on when she trod on the needle in a parking lot.

The panic-stricken star was taken to Hawaii State Hospital, but tests showed the needle was unused. A source is quoted in Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "Britney is going to be fine. She's got a nasty cut but it's been disinfected and dressed and she's been released from hospital.

"It was more the shock of seeing the needle poking out of her foot - as you can imagine. All sorts of things race through your mind in that situation. The conclusion we would all jump to is that it was discarded by a drug user. "Britney was distraught but brave."

--What is her aversion to footwear?

Source: Female First

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Susan Says...

Susan Sarandon doesn't think Sen. Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House.

"I find Hillary to be a great disappointment," the lefty actress tells More magazine. "She's lost her progressive following because of her caution and centrist approach. It bothered me when she voted for the war. There were brave people who didn't. She's not worse than other politicians, but I hoped she would be better. What America is looking for is authentic people who want to go into public service because they strongly believe in something, not people who are [just] trying to get elected."

Source: New York Post

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Must Love Jaws

Click here to watch Must Love Jaws--a fake movie trailer showing the softer side of Jaws. I thought it was hysterical, but maybe I'm a little warped. ;)

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LL Loves LV

Lindsay Lohan is set to replace model Gisele Bundchen as the face of fashion label Louis Vuitton.

The label's head designer, Marc Jacobs, has asked her to pose for the Autumn/Winter 2006-07 collection. Lohan will follow in the footsteps of Jennifer Lopez and Uma Thurman, who have also represented the company.

A source tells Us Weekly, "She just got asked to be in the ads. She's going to say yes." Lohan is a long-time fan of the company and is "extremely excited" according to the source.

The move has raised fashionista eyebrows, as some insiders believe the 19-year-old isn't sophisticated enough to represent the prestigious fashion house. Jacobs has stated that he wants his next ad campaign to be young and "cartoony".

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Rock Star 2

As promised earlier in the week, when Rock Star 2’s new format was revealed, the rockers involved have been announced. Along with Tommy Lee, who we already knew was participating, “guitarists Jason Newsted (Metallica) and Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses), are forming a new band called Supernova,” Variety reports.

In addition, the show “has signed songwriter-performer Butch Walker to produce Supernova’s first album, to be released just before the new band hits the road in 2007,” Variety says.

Besides hosting the show with Brooke Burke, Dave Navarro says he’ll have “[f}riends of mine, like Slash, Macy Gray, Moby and Rob Zombie, … join us and throw in their two cents about who should stay and who should go.”

Source: Reality Blurred

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Divorce Battle

Actress Shannon Elizabeth’s estranged husband filed a lawsuit Wednesday seeking half of all property and assets the pair accumulated during the five years they lived together before they were married.

Actor Joseph D. Reitman and his then-girlfriend, who was born Shannon Elizabeth Fadal, began living together in 1997, according to papers filed in Superior Court. Until their marriage on June 15, 2002, the couple agreed to “be equal partners in the acquisition of assets and in financial affairs whether such transactions were separate or joint,” the lawsuit states.

Reitman claims that Elizabeth secretly transferred assets acquired during the years before their marriage and contends that he deserves half. Reitman also alleges that he sacrificed his career to promote Elizabeth’s.

Source: MSNBC

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Best Celebrity Makeovers

Ashlee Simpson, Alicia Keys and Lindsay Lohan have topped a new list of the best celebrity makeovers.

Pop star Simpson's decision to ditch her dark punk pop locks for a new classic blonde style has put her at the top of the new US Weekly list, while soul star Keys was commended for softening her look in recent months.

Lohan came in third after ditching her skinny chic appearance for a more full-figured image. Sienna Miller, Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff also make the new list.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Say It Isn't So

The Spice Girl reunion tour is off.

According to The Sun , Mel C and Victoria Beckham no longer want to take part. Mel reportedly visited Posh in Madrid last week to talk about a tour in honour of the tenth anniversary of their debut single, Wannabe, getting to No. 1. The tour had been scheduled for November and December.

A source said: "Melanie has never really been into the idea of performing with the girls again. She is proud of everything they did together but she has moved on. "She wants to concentrate on solo work. She met with Victoria, who was thinking the same thing. Posh is now heavily into fashion and realized the Spice tour had the potential to be a PR disaster.

"Geri Halliwell is expecting a baby in the summer so she's not going to be in any position to start rehearsing for a while. Emma Bunton and Mel B both wanted to do it but now Victoria and Melanie C have vetoed it."

Source: Ananova

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Lollapalooza Lineup

Kanye West, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Wilco are among over 120 acts to perform at this year's Lollapalooza festival.

The lineup, announced Thursday at the South by Southwest music festival, is about twice the number of last year's festival, when Lollapalooza was downsized from a coast-to-coast tour to a weekend event in Chicago.

Lollapalooza 2006 will take place Aug. 4-6 in Chicago's Grant Park. Other acts include Common, Death Cab for Cutie, the Flaming Lips, Queens of the Stone Age, the Shins, Iron & Wine and the Raconteurs, the new band formed by Jack White and Brendan Benson.

Source: New York Daily News

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March 16, 2006 

Madonna's Lineage

Madonna has revealed that she shares distant family roots with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Both the singer and the Duchess are descended from French-Canadian roots, Madonna has discovered on a quest to trace her entire family tree. Madonna has also discovered that she is related to fellow diva Celine Dion, and is now encouraging her "relations" to join her and genealogist William Addams Reitwiesner in their quest to trace their entire family tree.

Reitwiesner is quoted on, explaining: "Camilla and Madonna are both descended from Zacherie Cloutier, who lived from 1617 to 1708. And Camilla and Celine descend from Jean Guyon, who lived from 1617 to 1708.

"Both Jean and Zacharie died in Chateau-Richer, Quebec. Because of their unusual French-Canadian ancestry, they are all blood relations. "Madonna is absolutely fascinated by this."

Source: Digital Spy

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Bree Digs Chicks

Desperate Housewives is set to shock fans with a lesbian storyline. Marcia Cross' character Bree Van De Kamp is to fall for another woman, and rumors are rife Kim Cattrall is being lined
up to play the redhead's gay lover. Kim Delaney is also being considered by bosses.

However, the controversial plot could prove to be difficult for Cross to film as she has been plagued by rumors about her own sexuality over the last year.

A source said: "Bree will embark on a big romance that will really turn heads. In an ironic twist to the false rumors that plagued Marcia in real life, straight laced Bree is set to take on a secret gay lover." But the sexy interlude will be short-lived. Bree's son Andrew - who had a gay rendezvous of his own - discovers her secret and outs his mother. The storyline is an attempt by producers to increase viewing figures for the show, and it is believed creator Marc Cherry will direct the episodes.

Source: Starpulse

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Last week after Nick Lachey and Kristin Cavallari were spotted together, she said they were "just friends." But they were spotted together again over the weekend.

The pair were seen having a drink together at Stanley's restaurant in Sherman Oaks, Calif. So, is it turning into something more substantial than "just friends"?

"Eventually it might turn into something more serious," a pal of Cavallari, 19, who recently split from reality star Brody Jenner, said. "But right now it's not. They're at that stage when they're getting to know each other."

That seemed to be what they were doing over drinks. "They were talking to each other. They weren't being overly touchy-feely; he was playing it pretty cool," says a patron standing nearby. "But she was definitely flirting. She was laughing and flipping her hair back. They seemed to be enjoying the conversation."

A buddy of Lachey's admits that Cavallari, who starred in Laguna Beach, "actually is his type: blonde, a little ditzy, a sweet girl. It makes sense, but I just can't imagine he would follow through with it." According to Cavallari's friend, she and Lachey, 32, "have not hooked up." And a source close to Lachey insists, "Nick's not looking for a girlfriend. He's not exactly healed from (Jessica)."

Besides, on Monday, Lachey began an 11-city radio tour to promote his CD. Says the source: "That's what he's focused on."

Source: People

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Concerned about politicizing her favorite charity, singer-actress Jessica Simpson on Wednesday turned down a invitation to meet with U.S. President George W. Bush, a snub that left Republicans dismayed.

The apparent final word that Simpson would be a no-show at a major Republican fund-raiser with Bush and congressional leaders on Thursday night came after a day of conflicting reports from her camp and organizers of the event. The blond star of the film "The Dukes of Hazzard" still plans to visit Washington on Thursday to lobby members of Congress on behalf of Operation Smile, a non-profit venture offering free plastic surgery for disadvantaged children overseas with facial deformities.

People close to Simpson said she declined a request to appear that same evening at the gala fund-raiser of the National Republican Congressional Committee -- even after she was offered some private face time with Bush -- because Operation Smile is a non-partisan group. "It just feels wrong," one Simpson insider told Reuters on Wednesday, adding that the actress keeps her political views private. "She would love to meet the president and talk about Operation Smile ... but she can't do it at a fund-raiser for the Republican Party."

NRCC spokesman Carl Forti said he was surprised at Simpson's position. "It's never been a problem for Bono," he said, referring to the U2 rock star who has met regularly with political leaders of all stripes to promote various causes, including Third World debt relief. "I find it hard to believe she would pass up an opportunity to lobby the president on behalf of Operation Smile."

Although Simpson's publicists insisted she never had planned to attend the fund-raiser, Forti said the actress initially accepted the NRCC invitation when it was extended on Tuesday night, only to change her mind the next evening. Forti said the Republican group had even arranged for Simpson to dine at one of the head tables with U.S. House of Representatives Majority Leader John Boehner, an Ohio Republican. The NRCC hopes the $2,500-per-plate dinner event will raise $7.5 million for Republican candidates in the congressional midterm elections in November.

--"Jessica Simpson" and "lobbying" should never be used in the same sentence.

Source: People

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Teri Hatcher is rumored to be romancing 'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest.

The 'Desperate Housewives' beauty, 41, has reportedly enjoyed a string of dates with the TV host, who is ten years her junior. A friend is quoted in Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "Teri really enjoys his company."

--Sick. Seabiscuit makes my skin crawl.

Source: Female First

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Good Deed

Maybe George Clooney feels that taking home an Oscar was enough.

The winner of the Academy Award for best supporting actor for his role in "Syriana" has donated his decadent Oscar gift bag to the United Way, a spokeswoman for the organization said Wednesday.

The loot will be sold in an online auction to benefit the United Way Hurricane Response and Relief Recovery Fund, said spokeswoman Sheila Consaul. Clooney is a member of the charity's board of trustees, she said. "This refocuses people back to the long-term nature of hurricane recovery efforts," she said.

The gift bag given to presenters at the 78th Annual Academy Awards includes a BlackBerry 8700c, a Kay Unger kimono and a cultured Tahitian-pearl necklace, among other items. The entire collection will be sold to "one very, very lucky bidder," Consaul said. The auction will begin March 21 on the United Way Web site. The winning bidder will also receive a handwritten thank-you note from Clooney acknowledging the donation to hurricane relief, Consaul said.

Source: New York Daily News

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Lucy Says...

Charlie's Angels star Lucy Liu has lashed out at America's obsession with celebrity culture, declaring the country is in a 'tabloid coma'.

The actress has been a frequent subject in the tabloids and is often linked with ex-boyfriend George Clooney. She says, "America is in a tabloid coma. We've blacked out as a society." "The main reason people put you up on a pedestal is, basically to tear you down."

"So it's a dangerous idea to think that being in the public eye is that great a thing." "I like to keep my private life private."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Kanye Overkill

Rapper Kanye West is bringing his music - and himself - to the big screen.

The Grammy-winning West has joined with New Line Cinema and the production company Anonymous Content to develop a film inspired by his music, New Line announced Wednesday. West will also appear in the film, a multi-perspective look at life in America through the eyes of West and various writers and directors.

The untitled project will "synthesize (West's) vision with a fantastic group of filmmakers to create what will be a one-of-a-kind film experience," said producer Richard Brown.

Source: New York Daily News

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Bad Idea

Vin Diesel considers himself a bit of a music-man, and has long favored the idea of doing a remake of “Guys and Dolls” – yeah, the old Marlon Brando thing – at one-stage even trying to coax Nicole Kidman into getting behind his idea, and appearing in a redo with him.

According to, the hairless hero is still pretty keen to do the film, and now that it’s gearing up – as a vehicle for Catherine Zeta Jones, no less – he’s out to let the decision-makers know that he’s their man.

“This is the role of a lifetime”, says Diesel, currently appearing with a wig in “Find Me Guilty”. “I know I can pull it off”.

Apparently he has already taped himself in character as the film’s Sky Masterson, sort of an impromptu audition reel, in the hopes that producers will see that he has what it takes.

--Um, no.

Source: Moviehole

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Kelly Taylor Makes More Babies

Actress Jennie Garth and her husband, actor Peter Facinelli, are expecting their third child together.

Garth, 33, and Facinelli, 32, already have two daughters, Lola Ray, 3, and Luca Bella, 8.

The couple, who met in 1995 during the filming of the TV movie An Unfinished Affair, married in 2001 in Santa Barbara, Calif. The couple's daughter, Luca Bella, was the flower girl at the ceremony.

Garth, who stars on the WB sitcom What I Like About You and who played Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills, 90210, told People in 2003 that she prefers her role as a wife and mother to TV stardom.

Source: People

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March 15, 2006 

KFed To Strut His Manmeat

Don’t worry about Kevin Federline’s future. If K-Fed’s rap CD doesn’t hit, he’s got a fallback career: Britney’s hubby says he’ll become a stripper.

Blender mag asked Federline what he’ll do if his upcoming album fails. “I’ll be at your local strip club, but I’ll be the one dancing,” he replied.

With all the hours he devotes to rapping these days, how does Federline find time for his wife and children, the mag asked?

“I have no golf game anymore,” he explained. “Monday through Friday, I get up at 7:30 a.m., train at the gym for two hours, then go to the studio. I have weekends off to see my kids and to spend time with my old lady.”

--For the love of God...

Source: MSNBC

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Nice Car

Paris Hilton makes a $450,000 entrance Monday, emerging from a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLarenas at The Ivy in Beverly Hills. How'd she snag it? It could be thanks to Dad: His hotel empire has a sponsorship deal with the automobile's Formula 1 racing team.

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Billionaries' Club

Oprah Winfrey is one of the richest women in America. The talk show queen - who made $100 million last year - is now worth $1.4 billion.

However, Oprah only comes 562nd on the Forbes magazine rich list. Fellow media mogul, Martha Stewart's personal fortune fell from $1 billion to just $500,000,000.

As a result the domestic-goddess-turned-TV-host dropped off the list just one year after qualifying. Elsewhere, Microsoft founder Bill Gates held on to his position as the world's wealthiest man for the 12th year running - his net worth rose from $46.5 billion last year to an all-time high of $50 billion.

'Star Wars' creator George Lucas also made the cut ($3.5 billion), as did DreamWorks heads Steven Spielberg ($2.8 billion) and David Geffen ($4.4 billion). Their business partner, Jeffrey Katzenberg, fell off the list. Tycoon-turned-TV-presenter Donald Trump held his place on the list with the fortune remaining unchanged from last year ($2.6 billion).

However, he admits making a billion dollars doesn't mean as much these days. He revealed: "There are more ways to do it. I think its easier now than ever before. Forbes' associate editor Luisa Kroll agrees, saying: "Making a billion just isn't what it used to be."

Source: FemaleFirst

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Michael Says...

Michael Douglas is doing some heavy Brangelina bashing.

"I don't know about Brad Pitt, leaving that beautiful wife to go hold orphans for Angelina," Douglas, referring to ex-Mrs. Pitt Jennifer Aniston, snipes in an interview appearing in the new issue of GQ. "I mean, how long is that going to last?" Pitt's rep, Cindy Guagenti, and Angelina Jolie's manager, Geyer Kosinski, have not responded to requests for comment by the Associated Press.

Douglas, 61, also took aim at Renee Zellweger and Julia Roberts: "I mean, don't ask me what happened with Renee Zellweger. I don't know how you get married for four months. And Julia with Lyle." (Zellweger annulled her four-month marriage to country singer Kenny Chesney last fall, while Roberts divorced singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett in 1995 after a two-year marriage.)

As for his own marriage to Catherine Zeta-Jones, 36, now in its sixth year, Douglas says he's "been fortunate. You learn to respect something of value and nurture it and treat it well." He was formerly married to Diandra Douglas from 1977-2000.

Source: People

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Dallas Cast

A cast for the upcoming Dallas adaptation is taking form, with producers hoping for an October start.

Director Robert Luketic has offered his Monster-In-Law colleague, Jennifer Lopez the part of Sue Ellen Ewing, while Luke WIlson is in talks to play Bobby Ewing and John Travolta has been offered the part of J.R. Shirley McLaine is set to play Miss Ellie Ewing.

Whilst no contracts have yet been signed, Variety reports that all of the deals are likely to be reached.

--I love Luke Wilson, but I think he'd be a terrible Bobby. It needs to be someone taller and more universally handsome. Bobby (Patrick Duffy) was the beefcake of that era. Personally, I think Tara Reid should play Lucy.

Source: Digital Spy

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Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton are engaged, the actress's rep said.

At a post-Oscar party earlier this month, Sheridan, 42, flaunted a huge rock on her left hand, but when asked if she and Bolton, 53, had an announcement, she said coyly, "No. Do you?" Asked about engagement rumors in January, Bolton told the New York Daily News: "Nicollette and I are very serious about each other. ... I am very committed. It is a very special time in my life. I have a good feeling about the future."

The couple, who rekindled their romance last year after Sheridan's split from fiancé Nicklas Soderblom, dated for several years in the early '90s. In 1994 Sheridan, who stars on Desperate Housewives, said she hoped to have "the ultimate relationship" with Bolton. Now it looks like they will.

Sheridan was previously married to L.A. Law actor Harry Hamlin. The pair wed in 1991 while she was starring on Knots Landing. They separated the following year. Bolton has three daughters from a previous 15-year marriage to Maureen McGuire. They divorced in 1990.

--Looks like the "no talent assclown" bagged a Housewife.

Source: People

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Another Effing Remake

Ice Cube is not ashamed to admit that when it comes to "Welcome Back, Kotter," the 1970s series that helped launch John Travolta's acting career, there "was no bigger fan than me." And Cube is thrilled about his latest role — as the lead in Hollywood's big-screen adaptation of the sitcom classic.

According to Variety, Ice Cube has signed on to both star in and produce "Welcome Back, Kotter," and the rapper's "very excited to be able to put a new twist on it." The rapper/actor — who executive produces the FX reality series "Black. White." — has inked a deal with Dimension Films, the company that will be releasing "Kotter." Production is expected to begin this fall with Tom Brady ("The Hot Chick," "The Animal") in final negotiations to direct and write the script.

Cube will assume the role of a wisecracking teacher who returns to the rough inner-city high school from which he graduated. There he encounters the next generation of unruly, underprivileged troublemakers — who are as apathetic about education as he once was. In the original series, Mr. Kotter was played by Gabe Kaplan. Travolta played Vinnie Barbarino, a scatterbrained himbo and the unofficial leader of a gang of students nicknamed the "Sweathogs."


Source: MTV News

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Sore Loser

Annie Proulx, whose 1997 short story inspired the film "Brokeback Mountain," has penned a scattershot blast in a British newspaper unleashing her anger over the film's best-picture Oscar loss.

Proulx criticizes Oscar voters and the Academy Awards ceremony in the 1,094-word rant, which appeared in Saturday's issue of The Guardian, a liberal paper boasting 1.2 million readers daily. The best-picture Oscar went to "Crash," which focuses on race relations in Los Angeles.

Academy members who vote for the year's best film are "out of touch not only with the shifting larger culture and the yeasty ferment that is America these days, but also out of touch with their own segregated city," Proulx writes. The 70-year-old Pulitzer-prize winning author points out that "Brokeback," which was nominated for eight Academy Awards, was named best picture at the Independent Spirit Awards one day before the March 5 Oscars.

"If you are looking for smart judging based on merit, skip the Academy Awards next year and pay attention to the Independent Spirit choices," Proulx advises. She even lashes out at Lionsgate, the distribution company behind "Crash." "Rumor has it that Lionsgate inundated the academy voters with DVD copies of Trash - excuse me - Crash a few weeks before the ballot deadline," Proulx writes.

She decries the "atmosphere of insufferable self-importance" inside the Kodak Theatre, the Oscars site, and describes the audience as a "somewhat dim LA crowd." The show, she writes, was "reminiscent of a small-town talent-show night." "Clapping wildly for bad stuff enhances this," Proulx writes.

When Jack Nicholson announced "Crash" as the best-picture winner, "there was a gasp of shock," Proulx writes. "It was a safe pick of 'controversial film' for the heffalumps," she writes, using the elephant-like "Winnie the Pooh" character to describe academy voters. "For those who call this little piece a Sour Grapes Rant," Proulx concludes, "play it as it lays."

Source: AZ Central

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Vieira To Be Matt's Co-Host?

NBC's interest in Meredith Vieira as a possible replace ment for Katie Couric is reportedly heating up.

Vieira herself has said she wouldn't rule out the possibility of jumping to the "Today" show if Couric decides to leave NBC for a CBS anchor slot. There's nothing official, of course, and while the Philadelphia Inquirer reported yesterday that NBC execs have had "several" meetings with Vieira, insiders say the Vieira-to-"Today" scenario is remote, at this point.

Vieira, for starters, has never coveted a morning-show gig, which requires brutal hours. As a working mom, she has a convenient schedule as co-host of "The View" (which airs live at 11 a.m.) and as the host of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire."

Vieira's contract on "The View" expires this summer, while her "Millionaire" contract has two more years to go, according to the Inquirer story. Couric's deal with NBC prevents her from negotiating with CBS until May, although it is believed that discussions are under way with NBC officials to allow her to at least field an offer from the rival network sooner.

NBC brass is said already to have a plan in place and ready to go if Couric departs. The network has reportedly offered Couric around $20 million a year to stay, but is waiting for her decision - which, sources say, she won't make until she is allowed officially to hold talks with CBS.

--Anyone is better than Couric.

Source: New York Post

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Black Elopes

King Kong's Jack Black is one up on his costar: In the end, he got the girl.

The big-screen funnyman has eloped with his girlfriend, musician Tanya Haden, People reports. While there's no word on when exactly the couple tied the knot, one thing's for sure: Black's new father-in-law couldn't be happier. "They love each other very much," renowned jazz bassist Charlie Haden told the magazine. "We're thrilled."

Black, 36, and Haden, 34, first met while attending Crossroads High School in Santa Monica, a school heavy on the perfroming arts, though they were never romantically involved. It was only last spring that they reconnected, shortly after Black's split from his longtime girlfriend, comedian Laura Kightlinger, and began dating.

Source: Yahoo

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Indy's Coming

George Lucas has finally given the go ahead to a script for the long-awaited Indiana Jones sequel and has passed it onto director Steven Spielberg for fine tuning.

Speaking at last night's Empire Awards in London, Star Wars producer Rick McCallum confirmed that shooting on the next adventure in the Jones franchise is moving towards a start date. McCallum said, "(George has) just finished the Indiana Jones script, and Steven's having that rewritten and a few things done."

Last week, star Harrison Ford told the British movie magazine, "The reason it hasn't happened yet is we haven't had a good enough script."

Source: Star Pulse

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March 14, 2006 

Brit Tightens Her Grip

Britney Spears has reportedly put husband Kevin Federline on an allowance.

The New York Post says the singer is to give Kevin a set amount each month for personal use such as clothing, nightclubs, alcohol and "any day-to-day activities."

The paper quotes a source as saying: "Any big items - cars, or trips that go over allowance - need to be approved by Brit herself. "She acknowledges she has made a great deal of money. However, she is trying to show Kevin that he needs to be responsible and curb his out-of-control spending habits."

Source: Ananova

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Jack's Advice

Jack Nicholson has advised admirer Diane Keaton to be more sexually adventurous if she is to be in with a chance of winning his heart. The actress revealed her feelings for her Something's Gotta Give co-star on hit chat show The Oprah Winfrey Show. She lamented, "He's the man I love. But he doesn't feel that way about me."

Nicholson later responded to her confession diplomatically, telling the New York Daily News, "Just like me, everybody loves Diane Keaton." He then jokingly advised her to "invest more in heavy sexual acts. Not too distorted, but at least interesting in nature."

Source: Star Pulse

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No More Chef

Christians, Jews, Muslims, Mormons and Scientologists have been raked over the comic coals of Comedy Central's South Park, and Isaac Hayes, who voices the character Chef, says he won't stand for it anymore.

"There is a place in this world for satire, but there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs of others begins," the 63-year-old soul singer and outspoken Scientologist said in a statement.

"Religious beliefs are sacred to people, and at all times should be respected and honored," he continued. "As a civil rights activist of the past 40 years, I cannot support a show that disrespects those beliefs and practices."

"South Park" co-creator Matt Stone has a different take. "This is 100 percent having to do with his faith of Scientology," he told the Associated Press. "He has no problem – and he's cashed plenty of checks – with our show making fun of Christians."

Source: People

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Jay-Z's Wandering Eye?

It's not enough that Jay-Z wants to run Def Jam - he also has set his sights on being a real-estate magnate like his idol, former NBA star Magic Johnson.

The two were overheard at Philippe the other night “finalizing the buying of a building in Harlem,” said our spy. Jay-Z’s rep denies he’s getting into real estate but acknowledged the two had dinner.

Meanwhile, Jay-Z still appears to be happy with his girlfriend Beyoncé Knowles - but he seems distracted while she’s out of town working on “Dreamgirls.” Witnesses saw the rapper/mogul hanging out with two lovely ladies at the kickoff for the Armory Art Show at Nikki Beach the other night. “We were upstairs in the VIP area and he was with these two gorgeous women and started talking to a friend,” one source said. “He said, ‘You gotta leave now man, I’m busy getting with these two girls.’ They all three left together later.” Jay-Z’s rep said, “He was also hanging with Jimmy Iovine and 20 others that your spy missed.”

Source: New York Post

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Pink on Being Called "Fat"

She's just criticized Hollywood's obsession with all things skinny in her new vid, Stupid Girls. And now Pink has spoken out about what it's like to be called fat.

She told new! magazine: "People often refer to me as fat, and it has taken a long time for me to come to terms with that. "I have the same thoughts as everybody else. But I'm athletic, strong, fit and healthy."

Speaking about her Stupid Girls video, in which she spoofs the likes of the Olsen twins and Paris Hilton, Pink explained: "I don't need to name names. I'm attacking the general idea that you have to be cute and dumb to be successful."

The singer, who recently married her motorcross boyfriend Carey Hart, also revealed some secrets from her past, admitting to drug use in her teens: "I did a lot of very bad things, very young. I was your typical messed-up kid... I'm glad I got it all out of my system by the time I was 20."

--"I'm not naming names..." Um, the video speaks for itself.

Source: Ananova

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Big Whammy

TV game show host Peter Tomarken and his wife Kathleen were killed in a plane crash Monday morning when his Beechcraft airplane, en route from Santa Monica to San Diego, crashed into the ocean about a half-mile south of the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles.

The aircraft had just left Santa Monica Municipal Airport when the pilot reported engine trouble after being in the air for about two minutes, then banked around to head back before it plummeted into the sea, according to Mike Fergus of the Federal Aviation Administration.

The 63-year-old Tomarken worked as an actor but was perhaps best known for hosting a popular game show in the '80s called "Press Your Luck." He also hosted such shows as "Hitman" and "Bargain Hunters."

Source: ET

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SJP Says...

Sarah Jessica Parker's career has been in orbit for almost 35 years.

She has starred on stage, TV and feature films and is currently starring opposite Matthew McConaughey in the romantic comedy Failure to Launch.

Parker who turns 41 on March 25 was trained as a dancer and received her first professional acting credit when she was cast as one of the eerie children in the Broadway production of the psychological thriller The Innocents. Two years later she was singing up a storm as the red-headed heroine of Broadway's Annie.

She met her husband Matthew Broderick when they starred together in the Broadway musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and later scored a major personal triumph as the star of the musical Once Upon a Mattress. Now that she has put her award-winning TV series Sex and the City behind her, it seems natural to wonder if Parker will head back to Broadway.

Rumors abounded she and hubby Broderick would star in a musical together once he finished his run opposite Nathan Lane in The Odd Couple. "I would do another Broadway show if all the stars were aligned properly. If things worked out, but not with Matthew," says Parker. "Matthew and I have separate professional careers. I am a great audience for Matthew and a great support. "I think I serve him well in that capacity.

"When I think of the two of us going through the very painful process of putting together a Broadway play or musical, I don't know how our family could survive it." Parker and Broderick married in 1997. She lived with Robert Downey Jr. from 1984 to 1991, dated singer and songwriter Joshua Kadison and then lived briefly with John F. Kennedy Jr.

Parker and Broderick had son James Wilke Broderick on Oct. 28, 2002. "Matthew and I have a good marriage that was made stronger with the birth of our son. Having a child makes a marriage more romantic. It certainly did with ours. "You have this new, wonderful thing in common that you love separately and together in a new way."

Source: Jam!

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Way Better Than a Boyfriend

Perhaps Kate Moss is swearing off unruly boyfriends, given all that bad press her junkie ex-lover Pete Doherty caused her.

This theory springs from a recent sighting of the supermodel making a very personal purchase at La Petite Coquette on University Place. Moss bought a limited-edition, Jimmyjane "Little Something" vibrator in 24K gold for $350. The buzz-worthy bauble comes inscribed with choice of endearment ("Sugar," "Be Mine," "Sweetie" or "Flirt") and is guaranteed not to get you in trouble with the law.

Source: New York Post

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C-Murder Innocent?

C-Murder could be out of jail as early as Wednesday after the Louisiana Supreme Court overturned his second-degree murder conviction and ordered a new trial on Friday.

The rapper (born Corey Miller), brother of Master P, has been facing life in prison without parole in the wake of his 2003 conviction in connection with the killing of 16-year-old Steve Thomas outside the now-shuttered Platinum Club in Harvey, Louisiana, in January 2002.

The high court agreed with the lower court judge, who said the jury should have been told about the criminal backgrounds of witnesses who testified against Miller (who renounced his longtime stage name last year and took the alias C-Miller), according to Miller's attorney, Ron Rakosky. The district attorney's office has not decided whether it would retry Miller, who still faces an attempted-murder charge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he is accused of shooting a club owner and patron in August 2001.

Source: MTV News

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Maureen Stapleton, an Oscar-winning character actress whose subtle vulnerability and down-to-earth toughness earned her dramatic and comedic roles on stage, screen, and television, died Monday. She was 80.

The longtime smoker died from chronic pulmonary disease in the Berkshire hills town of Lenox, where she had been living, said her son, Daniel Allentuck.

Stapleton, whose unremarkable, matronly appearance belied her star personality and talent, won an Academy Award for her supporting role as anarchist-writer Emma Goldman in Warren Beatty's 1981 film "Reds," about a left-wing American journalist who journeys to Russia to cover the Bolshevik Revolution.

Stapleton was nominated several times for a supporting actress Oscar, including for her first film role in 1958's "Lonelyhearts"; "Airport" in 1970; and Woody Allen's "Interiors" in 1978. Her other film credits include the 1963 musical "Bye Bye Birdie" opposite Ann-Margret and Dick Van Dyke, "Johnny Dangerously," "Cocoon," "The Money Pit" and "Addicted to Love."

--I remember becoming a fan of hers while sitting on the mat in kindergarten class watching "The Electric Grandmother." Anyone else see that? Probably not her best work, but a good kid movie!

Source: New York Daily News

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Bravo has acquired the exclusive rebroadcast rights to 63 one-hour episodes of Six Feet Under, HBO's critically acclaimed drama series. "Six Feet Under" focuses on the cathartic journey of the extended Fisher family, whose personal trials and tribulations are played out against the solemn backdrop of an independent funeral home in Los Angeles.

"'Six Feet Under' represents the artistic, creative and critically acclaimed series that defines Bravo's programming," said Lauren Zalaznick, President, Bravo. "The phenomenon that hooked so many HBO viewers will be brought back to 'life' on our air, now available to more than 80 million households, with its signature dark situational humor and dramatic irony."

The series will be telecast on Bravo in 2006.

Source: Star Pulse

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March 13, 2006 


Charlize Theron has split from actor-boyfriend Stuart Townsend after more than five years.

He was noticeably absent from the Aeon Flux star’s side at last Sunday’s Oscars and the Baftas the week before. Hollywood’s rumor mill went into overdrive. And last night a pal said: “Charlize is free and single again. “Her relationship with Stuart is well and truly over. “They just grew apart. It wasn’t always easy because filming often kept them apart for months.”

Charlize, 30, revealed only weeks ago she had no intention of marrying Dubliner Stuart, 33 — who starred in The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Source: The Sun

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Connery Has Tumor Removed

Scottish superstar and The Untouchables Academy Award winner Sean Connery is convalescing after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from his kidney.

The 75-year-old From Russia With Love actor underwent the operation in January in a New York City hospital, and is now back home in the Bahamas with his wife Micheline. He says, "I was opened in five places, including a tube up my d**k." Brother Neil says, "As far as I'm led to believe the tumour was benign. He seems to be quite upbeat about it."

Source: IMDB

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Stinky Feet

Kimberly Stewart should pre-wash her feet before going to get a pedicure.

Rod's daughter showed up to the W magazine Oscar Hollywood retreat house in Beverly Hills for a spa treatment, but when she took off her shoes for the pedicurist, our spy said, "her feet stunk so [bleeping] bad that the pedicurist refused to do her toes . . . or anybody else's for the rest of the day."

Source: New York Post

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New Face of Burberry

The Constant Gardener star Rachel Weisz may have fit her pregnant figure into a sleek black Narciso Rodriguez gown when she accepted her Best Supporting Actress Oscar last week, but her face belongs to Burberry.

The British actress, 35, who is seven months pregnant, is the new face of the British fashion house's fragrance, London, which is described as light and floral with a rich undertone.

Weisz, whose companion is 37-year-old director Darren Aronofsky, tells the Associated Press: "I'm British. I grew up with Burberry being the ultimate brand in chic, elegance and history. My granny, the chicest lady I ever knew, had a Burberry raincoat. Now it's a cool and edgy fashion house, too." \

Source: People

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Back Together

Nicole Richie and Adam 'DJ AM' Goldstein have rekindled their romance - but their engagement is still on hold.

The couple stayed in contact after breaking up in December (05) and have been seen regularly around Los Angeles holding hands and kissing. A source tells US Weekly, "Nicole convinced him to give her a second chance, but they're not engaged." "She asked if she could put her ring back on and he said no."

After the intense media scrutiny after their break-up The Simple Life star vowed not to discuss her personal relationships with the media again. The couple, who dated for nearly two years before separating, are taking things slowly. The source adds, 'They miss each other and want to try it again."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Osama bin Laden’s niece, an aspiring singer who posed for a sexy photo shoot in a men’s magazine last year, has signed up for a reality television show about her life and her as yet unfulfilled “quest for stardom.”

Wafah Dufour Bin Ladin, whose mother was married to the al Qaeda leader’s half brother, was born in California but lived in Saudi Arabia from the age of three to 10.

“I understand that when people hear my last name, they have preconceived notions, but I was born an American and I love my country,” Dufour said in a statement from ReganMedia announcing the deal to develop a reality TV series. Dufour has dropped the “Bin Ladin” — a different spelling of the Arabic name from that used by Osama bin Laden — and now goes by the name Wafah Dufour.

Based in New York, Dufour has been promoting herself as a musician and last December appeared in a sultry GQ photo spread, reclining on satin sheets wrapped in feathers and posing in a bubble bath wearing nothing but a necklace. “Her story will bridge the gap that people feel exists between the cultures she has lived in,” ReganMedia President Judith Regan said. “She is also a young woman who falls in love, has her heart broken, worries about her looks, doesn’t always listen to her mother, and hasn’t spoken to her father in years,” Regan said.

Dufour’s mother Carmen bin Ladin wrote the 2004 bestseller “Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia,” an account of her rocky marriage to Yeslama, Osama’s half-brother, who amassed a fortune in the family’s construction business and started his own investment firm.

--This makes me sick.

Source: MSNBC

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TV News

'Sex and the City" star Kim Cattrall has landed back on series television - while Matt LeBlanc is going bye-bye for now.

NBC has once again put LeBlanc's "Friends" spinoff, "Joey," on hiatus - and the show might never return, according to Variety.

"Joey," in its second season, never got off the ground. NBC hoped "Joey" - co-starring former "Sopranos" star Drea de Matteo - would anchor its Thursday-night schedule, but yanked the sitcom last month during the Olympics, moving the show to Tuesday, where it faced the "American Idol" behemoth. "Joey" returned last Tuesday to a miserable 4 million viewers - and is now on hiatus. NBC hasn't officially canned the show and it could return this summer, according to Variety.

Meanwhile Cattrall, who played Samantha Jones on the HBO series, will co-star in "Him and Us," the ABC sitcom, produced by Elton John, about a gay British rocker and his manager. Anthony Stewart Head will play the rock star, with Cattrall playing his manager, Freddie. The role originally was written for a male but is being reworked for Cattrall, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"Having a great comic actress like Kim is so exciting," said John. "I'm a huge fan of hers."

Source: New York Post

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No Hugging For Jones

Don't try to hug it out with James Earl Jones - his wife gets upset when women embrace him.

A spy spotted the deep-voiced Verizon pitchman in an elevator being accosted by an overzealous female fan who wanted a squeeze: "The woman was lunging for him with her arms outstretched. [Jones], meanwhile, was backing away, panicky, and he told her, 'I don't hug.' So the woman said, 'Oh, come on.' And he told her, 'No. My wife wouldn't like it. But I'll autograph something. Are you from the South?' So she says, 'No, I'm from Jamaica.'

And Jones says, 'Now, Southern women like to hug, but I didn't know Jamaican women like to hug, too. I'm from Mississippi, but my wife is from Wyoming. So I can't hug you.' "

Source: New York Post

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At The End of the Day

Producer Cameron Mackintosh announced St. Louis will host the final stop of the national tour of Les Miserables prior to the smash show's return to Broadway.

After 18 years and 151 cities, the North American tour of the international award-winning musical by Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg will end its run at the Fox Theatre, July 18-23. Expect a big cast party in St. Louis. The tour opened in Tampa, FL, Nov. 28, 1988 and has since played 521 engagements throughout North America (a hiatus or two happened in between).

As previously announced, Les Miz will then return to Broadway in a revival to open at the Broadhurst Theatre this November. The physical production will be shipped to New York, with a new cast to be announced for what's billed as the Broadway revival (it closed on Broadway three years ago).

The show has been seen at the Fox by more than 270,000 people and has grossed more than $10.3 million in nine previous engagements.

The musical drawn from the Victor Hugo novel opened in London in 1985 and recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary on Oct. 8, 2005. The show had its American premiere at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC in December 1986 and opened on Broadway March 12, 1987 where it played over 16 years, ending May 18, 2003. It is currently the third longest running show in Broadway history with 6,680 performances.

Source: Yahoo

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March 10, 2006 


Eating disorders aren't just for girls anymore. Dennis Quaid confesses in the new issue of Best Life that he battled "manorexia" in the mid-'90s.

After losing 40 pounds to play Doc Holliday in "Wyatt Earp," Quaid says, "My arms were so skinny that I couldn't pull myself out of a pool. I'd look in the mirror and still see a 180-pound guy, even though I was 138 pounds." Quaid, now fit and elegant on the mag's cover, says, "for many years, I was obsessed about what I was eating, how many calories it had, and how much exercise I'd have to do."

Source: New York Post

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Failure To Launch

Ex-Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker and People's Sexiest Man Alive, Matthew McConaughey, double the fun at Wednesday's New York City premiere of their movie Failure to Launch.

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Lohan's Mom Worried

Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina fears her teen queen daughter may die if she continues smoking, as she suffers from respiratory disorder asthma.

The concerned matriarch begs A Prairie Home Companion actress Lohan to quit cigarettes, but the rebellious redhead refuses to listen, reports

Dina says, "Lindsay's smoking. You think I like it? No. I cry to her. I told her, 'You have to stop smoking. You have asthma. You could die.' I can tell her, but I'm her mother. Did you listen to your mother at 19?" Lohan was hospitalized in Florida on January 2 after suffering a broken blood vessel during an asthma attack.

Source: IMDB

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Mary-Kate Olsen has rekindled her romance with ex-boyf David Katzenberg and friends reckon this time it's for good.

What's more, if David gets his wish, it could become permanent. MK was devastated last year when she split up with Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, who's now dating Paris Hilton.

Now David is helping mend her broken heart. Star magazine quotes a source as saying: "David is crazy in love with Mary-Kate and says that he's not going to let her slip through his fingers again. "He says that she is the love of his life. She's the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

"He's totally gone! He said he knows he wants to marry Mary-Kate and have children with her, and he's just trying to build up to the right moment to ask her."

But the friend doesn't think David will get the answer he wants if he pops the question just yet. "Mary-Kate's happy to be back with him again and is enjoying his company, but I don't think she's ready for marriage or anything just yet. "She just wants to take things slowly and have fun hanging out. I think she feels way too young for a marriage commitment at the moment."

Source: Ananova

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2 blogs to check out:

Us Weekly

MC Hammer (Yep, that MC Hammer. His most recent entry is a letter to Barry Bonds).

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Neverland Shut Down

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch was shut down Wednesday morning by authorities for reportedly letting its worker's compensation policy lapse. The pop singer was also fined $69,000. According to California Department of Industrial Relations spokesman Dean Fryer, the "stop order" was issued after an injured worker complained on Tuesday that he did not have the state-required health coverage.

It was determined that the coverage for 69 of Neverland's employees had lapsed on January 10. Fryer says Jackson's ranch operators have five days to appeal the stop order and fine. Animal shelter agencies in Santa Barbara have also been notified and are reportedly now trying to check on the status of all the animals at Neverland. Ironically, District Attorney Tom Sneddon, a major force in last year's alleged child molestation case against Jackson, could be involved in any prosecution.

Source: ET

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Nelly's Kicks

Nelly has joined forces with sportswear giants Reebok to launch a new Derrty 1 sneaker range.

The new footwear line will hit stores next month and the rapper claims the new shoes were designed to merge his love of entertainment with his passion for sport.

The one-time baseball prodigy says, "I kinda tried to merge the sports with the entertainment, considering I come from both backgrounds."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Poor Pete

Pete Doherty has reaffirmed his love for Kate Moss as he left court following an appearance on drugs charges.

The Babyshambles frontman wrote "I love Kate 4 eva" on the window of his Jaguar outside Thames Magistrates' Court.

Pete split from Kate at the end of last year. He faces seven counts of possessing controlled drugs. The case was adjourned until March 23.

Source: Ananova

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Lance Reaches Out

Lance Armstrong spent Wednesday morning comforting 13-year-old Will Reeve, less than two days after his mother, Dana Reeve, died of lung cancer.

"I would say that his spirits were pretty good considering that, in the last 18 months, he's lost his father, his mother and his grandmother," Armstrong told syndicated entertainment show "Inside Edition." "In situations like this," Armstrong said, "all you can do is say, `Hey buddy, I'm here if you want to go hang out, if you want to play games, whatever you want to do, I'm here.'"

Will's father, Christopher Reeve, died in October 2004 from complications from an infection. The former "Superman" actor was nearly totally paralyzed in a horse-riding accident in 1995. Armstrong said he became close to Will during his mother's illness and the two spent time together during the last few months.

"I love hanging with him," the cyclist said. "I never thought I'd say that about a 13-year-old, but he's a great kid. He's a big sports fan. He's an athlete himself. Will is not your normal 13-year-old. He's a smart, well-adjusted, mature, humble kid."

Source: New York Daily News

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MTV Movie Awards

The golden popcorn trophies are just around the corner. MTV said Wednesday it will hold its annual Movie Awards on June 3.

Set for the Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, the 15th annual MTV Movie Awards will be televised on June 8. Known for eccentric categories, including "Best Kiss" and "Best Villain," the show's nominees will be announced later this spring. In a statement, MTV officials teased the debut of "several new awards."

Nominees are chosen by a national poll conducted of MTV and MTV2 viewers.

Source: MSNBC

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I Hope It's True

Madonna says her acting career is over.

She has appeared in flop films Shanghai Durprise, Swept Sway and Body of Evidence.

She fears her terrible acting reputation will condemn any film. According to she said: "What film can survive people saying it's going to be a bomb from the second it's announced?

"Making movies is such an effort, and to do that over and over again, with the possibility that I am going to get the sh** kicked out of me - and they really enjoy doing it - I mean, it doesn't make sense. "I have sort of let it go."

--And, even though she got some praise for Evita, I frankly thought she was terrible in that, too.

Source: Ananova

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March 09, 2006 

Harrison and Calista Engaged?

Harrison Ford has proposed to longtime girlfriend Calista Flockhart over coffee and croissants, according to media reports.

Weekly publication In Touch is reporting Ford hid a two-carat diamond engagement ring in a bakery bag, so the actress would find it as she reached for a croissant.

A source tells the magazine, "When Calista reached in the bag she found a gorgeous two-carat diamond from Tiffany's." Flockhart's publicists insist the engagement story isn't true, and the couple, who have been together for four years, are not planning to wed anytime soon.

Source: IMDB

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Lil' Kim's Reality Show

Jailed rapper Lil' Kim is set to star in a reality TV show about her final days of freedom.

The hip-hop honey - currently behind bars in a Philadelphia jail for perjury - let cameras follow her for two weeks before she was locked up. Fans will see the star, who began her year-long sentence last September, saying goodbye to friends and family in 'Lil' Kim: Countdown to Lockdown'.

A show spokesman said: "This courageous show will chronicle the artist's last two weeks of freedom as she ties up her businesses, says goodbye to friends and makes peace with herself."

Meanwhile, the rapper - real name Kimberly Jones - is reportedly terrified her breast implants are leaking. She has allegedly told family members she's having problems with her false mammaries. A source said: "Apparently, she's worried her boobs are leaking. "She needs to have them serviced."

Source: Female First

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Hasselhoff Accused of Domestic Violence

David Hasselhoff's estranged wife filed a motion Monday alleging domestic violence.

Pamela Hasselhoff asked a Los Angeles Superior Court judge for a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the former 'Baywatch' star. The judge did not grant a TRO based on domestic violence, but did order that David and Pamela each stay away from the other. Sources say, with the judge's blessing, David has temporary custody of one daughter while Pamela has temporary custody of the other.

A court official said that the records are "sealed in a lock box," in part because they contain "mental health records." David Hasselhoff filed for divorce against his wife last January. She filed a day later.

Source: TMZ

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JLH's New Man

Jennifer Love Hewitt went public with her new romance at the Oscars post-show parties on Sunday night by revealing her date Ross Mccall is her boyfriend.

The actress fell for the Scottish actor when he recently appeared as a guest on her hit TV drama Ghost Whisperer.

Handsome McCall appeared in hit war series Band Of Brothers and started his acting career by playing the young Freddie Mercury in Queen video The Miracle.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Chloe Wins Project Runway

Step off, Santino. In a surprise victory, Chloe Dao was crowned the winner of Bravo's "Project Runway" in the fashion-competition show's finale Wednesday night.

And Dao, in an interview with The Associated Press, directed some sharp words at fellow finalist Santino Rice, who had questioned her design pedigree during a tense elimination round. He had told her he thought she was a "brilliant pattern-maker" but an average designer.

"I can only say that I guess you're wrong!" Dao, 34, shot back in the recent interview. "I can't help it if I had skills, honey." Dao snagged the title after she, Rice and Daniel Vosovic, considered the favorite, staged presentations during New York Fashion Week in the season's last showdown. The runway show was taped in February. "I'm still shocked that I was chosen," said Dao, who has a pattern-making degree and 13 years of design experience.

The Houston native wowed supermodel-host Heidi Klum and judges Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Debra Messing with her elegant runway collection, which she called her "baby."

"I think my collection was the most cohesive, and I think I did step out of my own boundary," Dao told the AP.

--I was rooting for her all along. Her stuff was totally wearable, and her men's collection was to die for.

Source: Yahoo

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Casting News

Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman has agreed to star in The Savages. The film will also star Laura Linney reports Variety.

Hoffman and Linney will play siblings forced to care for their ailing and estranged elderly father. Production gets under way in New York in April.

Hoffman next will be seen in Mission: Impossible 3.

Source: Ananova

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Church Kicks Smoking

Welsh singer Charlotte Church has kicked her smoking habit because it was starting to take its toll on her voice.

Church was getting through at least a pack of cigarettes each day towards the end of last year, and decided to quit for 2006. She says, "I smoked about 20 or 25 a day and I'd tried to give up a couple of times before but only lasted half a day." "I decided to make it my New Year's resolution, I just wanted to. In the last four or five months before I gave up it was affecting my voice, my breathing control, my tone, and I thought, 'What am I doing here?'"

"Now that I've stopped it's got so much better. The first two weeks were tough, and the first month I still really missed it, but I feel so much healthier now and can really feel the difference in my voice."

However, Church has relapsed just once - on her 20th birthday. She adds, "I had two cigarettes on my birthday in February but I got really ill. It was horrible, and I won't smoke since."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Paris Slapped With Restraining Order

Paris Hilton has to be careful where she lands, according to the rules laid out in an unusual restraining order filed against the 25-year-old socialite.

On Monday, a California Superior Court representative approved a three-year order filed against Hilton by Brian Quintana, an event producer who was once friends with Hilton, the Associated Press reports.

Because they often travel in the same social circles, the order dictates that Hilton must stay at least 100 yards away from the producer – unless they're at the same party. In that case, the distance need only be at least 25 feet.

Quintana and Hilton's friendship reportedly fell apart after Quintana urged Hilton boyfriend Stavros Niarchos III to reconsider his relationship with the hotel heiress. Quintana, 37, who originally introduced the couple to each other, testified that Hilton harassed and threatened him.

A spokesman for Hilton said "The Simple Life" star is happy to keep her distance from him.

Source: People

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Diva Behavior

It seems singer Mary J. Blige is rather fussy about where she parks her derriere.

She will only allow her backside to come into contact with a brand new toilet seat each night she's on tour. An insider told The Sun: "Mary's demands gave even J.Lo a run for her money. She wanted a new toilet seat installed backstage at all 35 venues she played at throughout the tour. "It's good to be hygenic but these demands had everyone giggling."

Mary's people explained to the newspaper she's not as demanding as she sounds: "She doesn't change all the toilets in the whole venue. She just wants it changed in her dressing room." The star herself claims: "Please! I'm low maintenance, unless I've got a show."

Her rider - that's her list of tour requests - also includes two humidifiers, a love seat made from fine fabric (no leather), lilies and Aveda candles. Apparently, she also specifies "no pork in the vicinity of her changing room".

Source: Ananova

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CMA Nominations

Brad Paisley led the list of nominees for the 41st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards with six nominations, including top male vocalist of the year.

Brooks & Dunn and Sugarland received five nominations each, while Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood, who announced the nominations Wednesday, had four apiece. Besides top male vocalist, Paisley was nominated for album of the year for "Time Well Wasted," single of the year for "Alcohol" and song of the year, vocal event of the year and video of the year for "When I Get Where I'm Going," his hit duet with Dolly Parton.

Brooks & Dunn were nominated for entertainer of the year, top vocal duo and single of the year, song of the year and video of the year for "Believe." Sugarland received nominations for album of the year for "Twice the Speed of Life," top new duo or vocal group and top vocal group of the year. They also were recognized in the single record of the year and song of the year categories for "Baby Girl." Rascal Flatts' four nominations include one for the prestigious entertainer of the year award. Rascal Flatts was also among the nominees for top vocal group.

Underwood, whose debut album, "Some Hearts," was also one of country music's big sellers in 2005, led all female nominees with her four nominations, including top female vocalist, top new female vocalist and song of the year for her No. 1 hit "Jesus Take the Wheel." "I was hoping for new female vocalist and that's all I was really hanging my hopes on," said Underwood, who won the popular "American Idol" TV show last year. "This is a monumental moment for me, a milestone in my life and my career." Her nominations also included single record of the year for "Jesus Take the Wheel."

Members of the Academy of Country Music select the nominees and winners of the ACM awards, which will be broadcast May 23 from Las Vegas on CBS.

Source: New York Daily News

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March 08, 2006 

Hatcher Speaks Out On Personal Pain

"Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher revealed on Tuesday that she was sexually abused by an uncle as a child but kept it secret until he was arrested years later for molesting a girl who ultimately committed suicide.

In an interview appearing in Vanity Fair magazine, Hatcher said she told prosecutors about her abuse in 2002 because she was haunted by thoughts of the 14-year-old girl who shot herself and feared that her uncle might escape conviction.

"I was just blown over by this girl's pain," the 41-year-old television star told Vanity Fair, recalling she learned about the case from newspaper clippings. "I thought, 'Boy, that's really close to being me.' Any day of the week, I could feel that sort of pain. I haven't tried to kill myself, but I've certainly thought about it, and then I feel guilty about thinking about it, because what's so terrible about my life?"

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Chuck Gillingham credits Hatcher for putting her uncle, Richard Hayes Stone, who was then 64, behind bars. "Without Teri, this case would have been dismissed," he told the magazine, explaining that Hatcher's account provided key corroborating evidence to establish a pattern of behavior.

Stone, who was married to Hatcher's mother's sister when she was a girl, pleaded guilty to four counts of child molestation in December 2002 and was sentenced to 14 years in prison after Hatcher agreed to testify against him. "He pleaded guilty, and even though it wasn't to my crime, it was because of my crime, and that made me feel validated," the television star told the magazine.

Hatcher initially kept her involvement in the case, which never went to trial, a closely guarded secret, declining to include the experience in her upcoming book "Burned Toast," in part because she worried it might harm her career. "But I'm 41 years old, and it's time for me to stop hiding," she said.

In the interview, Hatcher recalled in chilling detail how she was sexually molested by Stone starting at age 5, when she and her parents lived in Sunnyvale, California, and the conflicted emotions of feeling both special and ashamed. "The most horrible thing, that has stuck with me all my life, is that he was touching me and doing things to me, and he said, 'Doesn't that feel good?' (And) I said, 'No, it doesn't.' He said, 'Well, someday you'll know what I'm talking about."'

Source: People

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Bobby Arrested AGAIN

Bobby Brown is in legal trouble again after being arrested over the weekend on an outstanding warrant stemming from a motor vehicle violation in 1992.

The warrants were issued in Webster, Massachusetts, where Brown was attending 13-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina's cheerleading tournament. Webster police chief Timothy Bent described Brown as "very cooperative" and authorities even allowed the singer and his bodyguard to drive to the police station after the cheerleading event was over. Brown was held for an hour before being freed on $40 bond. The singer currently lives in Georgia with his singer wife Whitney Houston.

Source: IMDB

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It's splitsville for Uma Thurman and hotelier Andre Balazs.

The rumblings about their breakup built into a roar after the glamorous "Kill Bill" star showed up solo at the Oscars - but insiders say the bloom was off the rose weeks ago.

"They recently got into a huge fight and Uma dumped him," says one in-the-know source. "Uma had decided he was not the kind of man she would marry and was looking for a way out."

Source: New York Post

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Just Friends

Since splitting from Jessica Simpson last year, Nick Lachey been seen with former Miss Kentucky Elizabeth Ann Arnold – and with Dancing with the Stars' Cheryl Burke. Now he's been spotted with Laguna Beach's Kristin Cavallari.

So, what's up with the latest sighting? According to both parties: Not much. Lachey, 32, and Cavallari, 19, have been in the same restaurants and parties. But "there’s nothing to talk about, there's nothing going on," Cavallari says. "He's a nice guy, but I'd have to say we're just friends."

According to a Lachey pal: "Nick is not looking for a girlfriend or anything serious. He is a single guy now." The buzz about the pair started when the newly single Lachey and his extended family stopped by the bar after dinner at the Palomino restaurant in the L.A. area, says a friend of Lachey. Cavallari was there with friends and the two groups chatted. "Whatever happened was extremely casual," says Lachey's friend.

A few days later the two were at L.A.'s Koi – but Lachey dined with one of his agents, not Cavallari. Going solo suits him, says pal Alyssa Milano: "Every time I see him, he's got a bevy of women around him."

Source: People

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Gender Bending at Hood College

Hood College is reviewing its homecoming rules after a lesbian was crowned king, a college official said. Jennifer Jones, the 21-year-old senior who beat out three men for the honor, said the crowning was a positive step for the private liberal arts college.

"It is cool that Hood allows people to be themselves," Jones told The Frederick News-Post. "If people didn't want me to be king, they wouldn't have nominated me and voted for me."

Jones, of Newark, Del., received 64 of 169 votes cast for king last month. More than two weeks after Jones was crowned, criticism and praise were still rippling through the 2,100-student campus in western Maryland. "She is not a man," said Singleton Newman, a 22-year-old senior who was nominated for queen. "It is a gender issue, and she is a woman." Santo Provenzano, 21, who competed for king, said Jones' selection made the event seem like a joke. "It discourages guys from wanting to take part in the future," he said.

Source: Foxnews

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Kissy Kissy definitely appears that Nicole and DJ AM are reconciling:

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Jess/James Jolie-Pitt?

Brad Pitt has reportedly chosen names for his new baby.

Angelina Jolie is due to give birth to their first baby in the summer. Brad has picked Jess for a girl and James for a boy reports the Daily Express.

Brad has told friends that he has picked the names as he believes Angelina conceived while he was filming The Assassination Of Jesse James. A source said: "Brad thinks it would be neat and he really likes the names."

Source: Ananova

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Project Runway Renewed

In the world of reality television, Bravo's "Project Runway" is "in."

The fashion competition series, in which supermodel-host Heidi Klum begins tense elimination rounds with the catchphrase "you're either in or you're out," is coming back for a third season, Bravo President Lauren Zalaznick and Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of The Weinstein Co., announced Monday. Klum will return as host of the reality show.

"We have been able to show these designers' passion for creativity and incredible talent to an ever-growing audience," Zalaznick said in a statement. "We can't wait to get back out there and give another crop of budding designers the opportunity of a lifetime."

The second season finale of "Project Runway" will air Wednesday (10 p.m. EST). One of three aspiring designers - Daniel Vosovic, Chloe Dao and Santino Rice - will be named the winner. The winner will receive $100,000 to help launch his or her own fashion line and a mentorship from the Banana Republic design team, according to the show's Web site.

Source: New York Daily News

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Donald Trump joked that he would date his 24-year-old daughter, Ivanka - if he weren't her father.

Trump and Ivanka, a vice president of real estate development at the Trump Organization, appeared Monday on ABC's "The View" to promote her five-episode stint as a boardroom adviser on "The Apprentice. When asked how he would react if Ivanka, a former teen model, posed for Playboy, Trump replied, "It would be really disappointing - not really - but it would depend on what's inside the magazine."

He added: "I don't think Ivanka would do that, although she does have a very nice figure. I've said if Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her."

His comments drew laughs from the audience, and prompted "View" co-host Joy Behar to crack, "Who are you, Woody Allen?"

Source: AZ Central

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Playboy Jazz Festival

As a boy growing up in Chicago, Hugh Hefner says he fell in love early - and it wasn't with women. Well, actually, it was with women. But the founding editor of Playboy magazine also fell in love early with jazz, and both affairs have lasted a lifetime.

"It's the music of my youth. It's the music I grew up with. It's the music of my dreams," Hefner, looking wistful, said as he stood in the backyard of his Los Angeles mansion as a swinging jazz combo played just a few feet away. The occasion was a recent news conference announcing plans for this June's 28th annual Playboy Jazz Festival.

The lineup of stars for the June 17-18 event at the Hollywood Bowl is to include George Duke, Stanley Clarke, Chuck Mangione, Elvis Costello, Kevin Eubanks, Allen Toussaint, the Spanish Harlem Orchestra and numerous others.

"It's a combination of music from many, many sources; a combination of Afro and Caribbean and Cuban sounds ... mixed in with particularly American sounds," he offered. Such music, Hefner added, does much more than entertain people. In its best moments, he said, it can bridge racial and cultural gaps, bringing people of all backgrounds together. "And I'm in favor of anything that breaks down the walls," said the creator of the swinging, free-love 1960s Playboy philosophy.

Hefner turns 80 on April 9, and almost every one of those years is reflected in a pale, deeply lined face and thinning gray hair that is turning white around the fringes. "I can't believe it - 28 years," he says of the festival that began as a "one-shot deal" in 1979 but proved so popular he decided to hold it the next year. And then the next year and the next year after that. "When you're having fun, time flies," he adds with a wry smile.

Source: New York Daily News

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Axl Sues Slash

Just last month, while speaking to a British radio station, Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash proclaimed that former bandmate Axl Rose's long-awaited, fabled opus Chinese Democracy would finally surface in March. Slash added that he's "always been supportive" of Axl's work with the refurbished GN'R, and that he was glad the world would soon experience Democracy.

But things actually aren't chummy between Rose and his erstwhile GN'R comrades. They haven't been in more than a decade — not since the original members of Guns N' Roses parted ways. A statement released Monday (March 6) by Rose's management, the Sanctuary Group, called Slash's remarks "surprising" and dubbed him "a consummate press, photo and media opportunist and manipulator" who "has attacked Axl Rose on a number of levels."

On Friday Rose filed suit against Saul "Slash" Hudson, seeking a federal judge's confirmation of Rose's "ownership of his own creative works." The filing comes in response to a federal suit filed in August by Slash and bassist Duff McKagan, who accused the GN'R frontman of changing the publisher of the group's copyrighted songs without first conferring with them and then pocketing the royalties. That suit claimed "Rose's actions were malicious, fraudulent and oppressive, and undertaken in conscious disregard of [Slash and Duff's] property rights."

There's no word on what financial damages, if any, last week's filing will seek.

Source: MTV

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March 07, 2006 

KFeddy's Child #4?

Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline are telling friends that they're expecting a second child — less than six months after their first, Sean Preston, was born.

"I'm pregnant!" revealed the 24 year-old pop star to another woman in the spa at Maui's Four Seasons Hotel where Britney, Kevin and their baby son are staying. Federline, 27, also delivered the bombshell baby news to a friend, who told Star: "Kevin said, 'Britney's pregnant again,' and when I expressed surprise he said, 'Yeah, it shocked the sh-- out of me too.'"

Before they flew March 1 to Maui — where they're staying in the $12,000-a-night Presidential suite — Britney and Kevin looked like they were headed for a split. Kevin's broken promise to spend Valentine's Day with Britney prompted her to take baby Sean and jet off to Hawaii, leaving Kevin at home alone in Los Angeles.

But with news of a second baby on the way, the couple appear to have called a truce. "Britney seems very cheerful and happy, an eye-witness at the Four Seasons told Star. "She certainly looks pregnant. And she doesn't seem to be making any effort to disguise the fact. She's wearing clothes that clearly show a large tummy bump."

Source: Star

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Well, even though Bjork didn't show up at the Oscars, Paris stepped up to the plate and sported a heinous fowl-inspired dress:

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Nice Answer

Pop superstar Madonna's televized kiss with Britney Spears backfired, when her daughter Lourdes asked her to clarify her sexuality.

The hitmaker hit headlines around the globe after enjoying a lesbian kiss on MTV, but the 47-year-old was horrified when her eldest child learned of her antics. However, she reassured her daughter, now aged nine, the lip-locking embrace was simply spiritual.

Madonna says she told Lourdes, "I am the mommy pop star and she is the baby pop star and I am kissing her to pass my energy on to her."

Source: Contact Music

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Jessica Simpson has finally spoken out about those Johnny Knoxville rumors. Sort of.

The singer-turned-reality-show-star-turned-actress has blasted the rumors linking her with her “Dukes of Hazzard” co-star — which some say led to the breakdown of her marriage — and complained that “everybody’s always out to get” her.

“It’s so cruel and I just try not to let it affect me, whatever everybody was thinking about me. If I did, I don’t think I’d be here now,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying. “I can’t save anything from being talked about because then it becomes this game, and it’s not a fun game. I feel like everybody’s always out to get me, and that’s a weird feeling.”

Meanwhile, a source says that the pounds that Simpson is packing on lately may be from more than overeating. “I think there’s more going on there and that’s all I’m going to say,” says an insider.


Source: MSNBC

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Nicole looks oh so interested in hanging out at the post-Oscar Vanity Fair party with Keith Urban:

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Alba's New Tat

Jessica Alba topped off her Versace look at the Oscars last night with a new tattoo on the back of her neck.

The actress, her mother and an aunt all had ladybird tattoos as part of a bonding experience.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Yanni Arrested

The musician Yanni was arrested at his home after an alleged domestic dispute with his girlfriend, authorities said.

Yanni, whose legal name is John Yanni Christopher, was arrested early Friday and faces a domestic battery charge, according to a police report. The Greek-born singer-pianist denied the allegations.

Yanni asked his girlfriend, Silvia Barthes, to leave his beachfront home in Manalapan on Thursday night, the police report said. Barthes, 33, told police she attempted to pack her clothing but the 51-year-old musician threw it on the ground. She told officers he then grabbed her arms and shook her, throwing her on the bed, and jumped on top of her, according to the report.

Yanni told police Barthes kicked him, and he believed he injured his finger during the incident, the report said.

Source: Indystar

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Dana Reeve, who led the Christopher Reeve Foundation, named for her late actor-husband, has died of lung cancer, the foundation said.

Source: Foxnews

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Runaway Bride Bobblehead

Like the woman who inspired their creation, Runaway Bride bobblehead dolls disappeared quickly during a sports promotion in her hometown.

The dolls, given to the first 1,000 people through the doors at the Gwinnett Gladiators ice hockey game Sunday, were gone in about 10 minutes. People lined up more than three hours before the gates opened.

The minor league ECHL team named the trinket the "Runaway Bride Any Similarity to Actual Persons is Unintended and Purely Coincidental" Bobblehead Doll.

The bobblehead features a generic woman's face, with a veil over her head, a sweat shirt that says "I [heart] Duluth," a pair of running shoes labeled "Adios" instead of Adidas and a picture of the state of Georgia on the back.

--Hysterical. Too bad they don't have a string attached to pull so her eyes pop out of her head.

Source: Foxnews

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Cohen to Act?

Could there be Oscar gold ahead for Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen?

Fresh from the Turin winter games, where she came back from a fall to take second place in figure skating, Cohen has taken a spin into the Hollywood arena.

The diminutive brunette served as a special correspondent for TV's "Inside Edition" at Sunday's Academy Awards and the star-studded parties that followed. Her whirl through the celebrity world led to an offer for a cameo role in an upcoming picture, she said.

Actor-comedian Ben Stiller approached her at the Vanity Fair party to talk about his next project: a comedy focusing on figure skating, Cohen said. "I want to do it," she said. "It's not like it would be a stretch and hopefully I'll get to be funny."

Source: New York Daily News

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Macaulay Update

Macaulay Culkin wonders where he fits into Hollywood these days.

"I don't know what people want from me," the grown-up child star of the "Home Alone" movies told Time magazine.

He said he had considered a career in sports management, instead of acting, Time reports in its edition hitting newsstands Monday. "Acting found me. I thought maybe I should try to find it again. We'll see," he told Time.

Culkin, 25, said he has talked by phone once with his friend Michael Jackson since the singer left the United States and described him as "doing OK."

--After seeing his somewhat recent performance in Saved, I definitely think he should keep acting. He was great in that.

Source: AZ Central

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March 06, 2006 

Oscar Roundup

Well, another Oscar season is over. Click here to see the list of winners. What did you guys think of Jon Stewart? I thought he did OK for his first go at it, but I wasn't all that impressed. He didn't do too well off the cuff.

Ok, here's my best and worst dressed list:


--She looked great in this Vera Wang dress. And her Bulgari necklace was to die for. She sported a sleek ponytail (which proved to be a common hairstyle for the evening).

--She looked like (and was) the belle of the ball.

--This was my overall favorite dress. She looked sensational in this Zac Posen number.

--Sometimes Meryl pulls the frump card, but last night she hit the nail on the head. The beading on the bottom was gorgeous.

--Glad to see that messy husband of hers hasn't rubbed off on her. Her dress had pockets, which was a very cool thing. Her hair and makeup complimented the look perfectly.

--I think we'll be seeing a lot more of Amy Adams this year. She looked sleek and sexy in this Carolina Herrera dress.

--When Uma walked out to present her award, my jaw dropped. She looked fantastic! Wow.

--As usual, Salma doesn't disappoint.

--Also on my "best" list: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.


--I was not a fan of this. Her hair looked messy and her lipstick was way too bright.

--I'm putting her on my worst list for lack of originality. I like the dress, but she's worn a black dress a million times, and how many times have we seen her hair like that?

--Helena Bonham Carter looked horrendous. That beehive 'do is wretch.

--Also on my "worst" list: Naomi Watts and Dolly Parton.

--And to my two friends (you know who you are) with whom I bet that "Crash" would upset "Brokeback Mountain," I'll be collecting my dinner winnings at Oceanaire and Sullivan's. ;)

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Oscar season always brings out young love.

Jake Gyllenhaal, single since his split with Kirsten Dunst last year, was "getting cozy" with fellow Oscar nominee Keira Knightley in L.A. in the days leading up to the ceremony. "They were at Soho House two nights in a row together and definitely looked like a couple," snitched a spy.

Source: New York Post

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Hairspray Movie

John Travolta and Queen Latifah have signed on to star in New Line Cinema’s upcoming feature film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical Hairspray.

Travolta will play Edna Turnblad and Queen Latifah will play Motormouth Maybelle in the film. A nationwide casting search is currently under way to find a newcomer to play the lead role of Tracy Turnblad in the film, with production on Hairspray scheduled to begin this Fall for a potential Summer 2007 release.

“From cult classic film to hit Broadway musical to major motion picture, Hairspray is a true New Line franchise,” commented Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, New Line Co-Chairmen and Co-CEOs. “John and Queen Latifah will bring new sensibilities to the characters of Edna Turnblad and Motormouth Maybelle, and introduce this innovative musical comedy to new audiences."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Paris Hilton won worst-of prizes Saturday at the Razzies, an Academy Awards spoof mocking the worst of 2005.

But they were upstaged by Jenny McCarthy, who received three Razzies for worst picture, actress and screenplay as producer, star and writer of the gross-out romantic comedy Dirty Love.

Cruise had been nominated for worst actor for War of the Worlds, though he lost to Rob Schneider for Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. But Cruise did win in a new category for most tiresome tabloid target, for the public spectacle of his romance with Katie Holmes. "As guarded, not necessarily secretive, but as private about his personal life as he used to be, for him to suddenly propose in front of reporters on the Eiffel Tower and jump up and down like the monkey in Curious George on Oprah Winfrey's couch, there truly is some problem there," said Razzies founder John Wilson.

Hilton was named worst supporting actress for House of Wax, a prize "I could have told you she would win as soon as I heard she was going to be in the movie," Wilson said. Kidman and Will Ferrell were picked as worst screen couple for Bewitched, while Hayden Christensen was chosen as worst supporting actor for Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.

"Darth Vader portrayed as a Backstreet Boy gone bad just doesn't cut it as a villain," Wilson said. "Though it was fun to see his arms and legs cut off."

Son of the Mask, which had led the Razzies field with eight nominations, was named worst sequel or remake. McCarthy's husband, John Asher, whom she is divorcing, received the worst-director prize for Dirty Love.

Source: Jam!

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Britney Smells

Singer Britney Spears is dismissing her failed pop career, in favor of expanding her popular perfume line.

In Control will be the third fragrant release from the hitmaker, following stratospheric sales of her 2004 scent, Curious, and last year's Fantasy.

The singer hopes to release the vanilla-based aroma as a limited edition in April.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Have Some Taste, Nick

It's a match made in MTV reality TV hell: "Newlyweds" hubby Nick Lachey is hooking up with "Laguna Beach" babe Kristin Cavalleri.

The swingin' single ex of Jessica Simpson introduced his mother to bubbly blonde Cavalleri last week over dinner at Palomino in Westwood, Calif., tattles an eatery insider. Lachey had previously enjoyed some rebound relief with buxom Miss Kentucky Elizabeth Ann Arnold, while Cavalleri had been dating former Olympian Bruce Jenner's son, Brody.

Source: New York Post

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Abdul Causes Security Breach

Paula Abdul was allowed to board a plane at the Las Vegas airport without passing through a security checkpoint, prompting all passengers and luggage to be screened when they landed in California, officials said Friday.

A worker led the American Idol judge and a companion around the mandatory screening process before they boarded a Southwest Airlines flight headed to Burbank, Calif., on Thursday afternoon, said Elaine Sanchez, a spokeswoman for McCarran International Airport.

She said she could not confirm reports the employee was trying to help the pop star avoid a swarm of fans. U.S. Federal Transportation Safety Administration officials were alerted to the security breach while the plane was in the air, TSA spokeswoman Jessica Altschul said.

"We're conducting an internal investigation to see who exactly was responsible," she said.

Source: Jam!

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Charmed Cancelled

The witches on Charmed won't be making the move when the WB network combines forces with UPN to become the CW network in the fall.

A WB spokesman confirmed a TV Guide report on Friday that said the supernatural series, which stars Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs, will end after eight seasons in May.

With 7th Heaven having already announced its exit, it means that two WB long-running series won't move to the CW. The WB and UPN will both shut down in September.

The final episode of Charmed will air on May 21, TV Guide said.

Source: USA Today

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March 03, 2006 


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continue to mystify the press and their fans.

First we hear they'll never marry, then whispers start that they're planning a wedding, now there's a rumor that they've already gone and tied the knot in secret.

According to The Sun, there have been recent sightings of Ange wearing a gold ring while out and about in Paris. The paper quoted a Hollywood source as saying: "Brad and Angelina have their own secret and the rings are part of it. "In her mind they're married."

Brad and Ange, who are expecting their first baby together, are said to have been renting a flat in Paris, along with their adopted children Maddox and Zahara. It has also been claimed that the 30-year-old Tomb Raider star is due to give birth in June, and will have her baby in Africa.

Insiders say she wants the child to have a "kinship" with her adopted kids.

Source: Ananova

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A-Team Reunion

The A-Team are getting back together for a one-off reunion show.

Mr T, who played BA Baracus, Dirk Benedict, who played handsome Face, and Dwight Schultz, who starred as Murdock, will all appear.

George Peppard, who played Hannibal, the leader of the fun-loving vigilantes, died in 1994.

Show presenter Justin Lee Collins is quoted in Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "They're older and less muscly and scary. But they're still the guys."

Collins admitted he struggled to get the 80s stars to reunite for 'Bring Back The A-Team'. He revealed: "It was hard to get them back together because there's been a bit of bad blood between them since the show was made. "The aim was to get them in a room for a reunion."

--Ok, I'll admit it. I LOVED THIS SHOW! No joke. One of my best friends and I used to pretend we were members of the A-Team when we would play. I mean, how great is that theme song? And who doesn't still coin the phrase, "I love it when a plan comes together." Ok, I've dorked myself out enough now.

Source: Female First

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Bachelor Back On The Market?

Looks like The Bachelor might be available again.

Vandy ER doc Travis Stork gave Nashville kindergarten teacher Sarah Stone a promise of a new relationship (and some bling) on Monday's finale of ABC's The Bachelor: Paris.

But another guy may be in the picture, though that guy, Matt Lauderdale — roommate and business partner of Titans star receiver Drew Bennett — insisted last night that he and Sarah are "just friends." But several people who know the two and have seen them together say they look very much like a couple. On Tuesday night in particular, some folks at the Corner Pub in Green Hills say Sarah and Matt were touching, hugging, flirting and looking very much like a couple.

Matt says there is no romance. “We’re strictly just friends. I’ve been friends with Sarah for a long time,” said Matt, who added that he and Sarah met through Drew’s girlfriend, Heather. So why do people say you and Sarah are dating, Matt? “I’m not sure.”

How about this canoodling with Sarah on Tuesday night? Matt sighs. “I hang out with Drew a lot, too, and I hope people don’t say we’re dating, too,” he said.

Sarah and Matt also were spotted having dinner at Belle Meade eatery Sperry’s Friday night, and then Sarah and Matt went to a private post-Kid Rock concert party that same night at Layl’A Rul. Last Tuesday, the two spent quite a bit of time talking together at the Nashville Lifestyles’ Singles in the City party at the same hot spot, Layl’A Rul, though they arrived separately. And Sarah and Matt have been seen in a 7 a.m. spin class at the Green Hills YMCA, which is also where Travis works out.

Source: The Tennessean

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Are they or aren't they?

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Call Her Emily Dickinson

Jessica Simpson is planning to share the poetry she has been writing since her marriage split last year with her fans.

The pop star has been scribbling down her most personal thoughts and now she's hoping to turn her musings into a new book. She says, "It's a piece of my heart I want to share with my fans."

Source: Contact Music

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Burnett To Visit Wisteria Lane

Carol Burnett, paying a visit to "Desperate Housewives" as stepmother to Bree Van De Kamp, won't be dispelling any wicked stepmom myths.

"Just make her a little bitchier," Burnett said she advised series creator Marc Cherry after reading a description of her icy, distant character. "It will be fun. I just think it's so campy," Burnett told The Associated Press. She's scheduled to film her appearance as Eleanor Mason next week, with the episode tentatively set to air April 9.

Burnett is a fan of ABC's hit suburban satire - she calls a scene in which Eva Longoria's character famously did yard work in formal wear "an inspired bit of comedy" - and Cherry in turn is an admirer of the legendary actress-comedian. Cherry had first let Burnett know he wanted her on the show when they met at an event about a year ago, then repeated his intention recently while talking to a TV entertainment news magazine. "The interviewer asked who he would like to be a guest and he said my name, which was very sweet," Burnett said Thursday.

Viewers will learn that Eleanor became part of Bree's (Marcia Cross) life after her mother was killed. Burnett's character arrives on Wisteria Lane when Bree's son creates a risk that family secrets will be exposed.

Source: New York Daily News

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Let's Hope Not

Is Whitney Houston pregnant?

Comments by her hubby Bobby Brown are leading fans to think she is.

Denying buzz that his marriage to the singer is in trouble, Brown told a mag that their bond is stronger than ever. “I’m hoping that she’s pregnant right now,” Brown told Sister2Sister. “She’s just resting.”

Source: MSNBC

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Maybe Next Year

Despite the trash-tastic star power of their daughter Paris, proud parents Rick and Kathy Hilton can't score an invite to the notoriously snooty Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Mortons in Beverly Hills.

"They requested to come, but we could not accommodate them," a mag insider confirms. We hear the couple's fate was sealed when VF overlord Graydon Carter decreed that this year's bash would accommodate 500 fewer guests than last year's. Would-be invitees have deluged VF's mobile office at the Beverly Hills Hotel with phone calls, faxes and e-mails begging for admittance.

Source: New York Post

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Meg Resurfaces

After two years out of the spotlight, Meg Ryan resurfaced on The Oprah Winfrey Show Wednesday, speaking out about her "unhealthy" marriage to Dennis Quaid ("I should have left sooner") and her newly adopted baby girl, Daisy.

As for why she took the time off, the star of When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle said she needed some space. "It was definitely time to take a break and just regroup and see where I was," Ryan told Oprah.

Ryan, 44, said her time away from Hollywood was not only to focus on herself, but also to help others. To that end she began working with an international organization called CARE, which is dedicated to wiping out poverty in the poorest corners of the world by building up bonds between women. She also adopted her baby girl from China, which fulfilled a dream that began 10 years ago. But Ryan first wanted to wait until her son Jack, 13, with Quaid, was older.

Ryan first named the girl Charlotte, but quickly realized that name didn't fit her and changed it. "I thought she was Charlotte and she's just not," Ryan said. "She's a Daisy. She's got the most open, beautiful, honest face you'll just ever see."

The actress also dished on her much-publicized involvement with Russell Crowe and split with Quaid in 2001. Although Crowe had been blamed as the cause of Ryan and Quaid's breakup, the actress denied that was the case. "It was never about another man," she said. "My and Dennis's relationship just couldn't sustain." She said the couple's relationship had been on the outs for at least five years and probably should have ended sooner.

Source: People

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Kid Rock Says...

Kid Rock blames Scott Stapp for losing a sex video showing them with several strippers, but appreciates Stapp for one thing. "What perfect timing," Rock told The Associated Press in an interview Wednesday. "I got a record coming up ... Maybe I should thank him."

The hard-partying rap-rocker, whose new live concert album "Live Trucker" hit stores Tuesday, defended his backstage antics, saying, "It's not any big revelation that this goes on in rock 'n' roll, especially with who I am." Still, Rock (aka Robert Ritchie) has fired back against Stapp's claim that the tape was stolen, saying the former Creed singer filmed the tape, which was made in Rock's motor home in 1999, and is responsible for losing it.

"He's the idiot because it's out," the 35-year-old Rock said. "I'm holding him responsible."

Rock has won a temporary court order preventing World Wide Red Light District from distributing or promoting the video. Red Light, which sold the Paris Hilton sex tape in 2004, had displayed a 40-second preview clip of the video on its Web site. The company has acknowledged that the tape came from a third party, but denied it was stolen.

"At this point, I don't even care," said Rock, who said he hasn't spoken to Stapp since the tape was filmed. He's upset, though, that someone might make money from the tape. "If there's money to be made, it's my performance" he said.

In a recent interview with AP Radio, Stapp, 32, said he thinks the sex video was stolen from him and is meant to destroy his career. Rock scoffed at that notion: "I'm like, what are you talking about? This tape gets out - it's your tape - and you're (saying) someone's trying to sabotage your career?"

Rock said he invited Stapp to join him and four strippers after Stapp entered his motor home with a video camera and asked to "get in" on the action. "'I only got two beers left,'" Rock said, describing what he deemed to be his gracious behavior toward Stapp, whom he had never met. "'You can have one.' How nice is that?"

Source: AZ Central

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March 02, 2006 


Lindsay pulls a "Tara Reid" at a GM fashion show:

Source: A Socialite's Life

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Fonda Sex Tape?

In her 2005 memoirs, "My Life So far," Jane Fonda acknowledged engaging in threesomes with her first husband, French movie director Roger Vadim, in the early 1970s. But a soon-to-be-published book claims the 68-year-old Oscar-winning actress was similarly occupied 20 years later- in the early '90s, with her third husband, media mogul Ted Turner. And this time, the book says, it was on videotape.

"Prisoner of X," Allan MacDonell's account of his experiences as an editor at Hustler magazine, describes a purported video in which Fonda, Turner and an unidentified brunette have sex on camera. MacDonell's description is quite graphic. Suffice it to say that the purported Fonda is allegedly wearing artificial equipment to pleasure the alleged Turner while he services the brunette and asks the camera operator, "Are you getting this?"

(The racy content was corroborated yesterday by two former Hustler colleagues who say they screened the tape, former editor Mike McPadden and another ex-editor who asked for anonymity.)

Source: New York Daily News

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If You Have To Ask...

Someone sent me a link to Does My Ass Look Fat In These Pants? blog.

Take a picture of your ass in the questionable pants and send it to, and they'll put it up there for people to comment.

Their tagline: Why? Because a) you can't see your own ass, and b) no one you know is going to tell you the truth.


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We're Stupid

Americans apparently know more about “The Simpsons” than they do about the First Amendment.

Only one in four Americans can name more than one of the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment. But more than half can name at least two members of the cartoon family, according to a survey.

The study by the new McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum found that 22 percent of Americans could name all five Simpson family members, compared with just one in 1,000 people who could name all five First Amendment freedoms. Joe Madeira, director of exhibitions at the museum, said he was surprised by the results. “Part of the survey really shows there are misconceptions, and part of our mission is to clear up these misconceptions,” said Madeira, whose museum will be dedicated to helping visitors understand the First Amendment when it opens in April. “It means we have our job cut out for us.”

The survey found more people could name the three “American Idol” judges than identify three First Amendment rights. They were also more likely to remember popular advertising slogans. It also showed that people misidentified First Amendment rights. About one in five people thought the right to own a pet was protected, and 38 percent said they believed the right against self-incrimination contained in the Fifth Amendment was a First Amendment right, the survey found.

The telephone survey of 1,000 adults was conducted Jan. 20-22 by the research firm Synovate and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Source: MSNBC

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Alba May Sue

Actress Jessica Alba has threatened to sue Playboy magazine over claims of unauthorized use of her photo on the cover of its March 2006 issue.

Her attorneys claim that the actress' photo -- a promotional shot for her film 'Into the Blue' -- was used without her knowledge or consent on the cover, and that it misleads the public to believe that she appears nude or partially nude in the mag, which she does not.

"Playboy has violated my personal rights and blatantly misled the public, who might think I had given them permission to put me on their cover when I didn't," says Alba in a statement. "I'm simply protecting my personal rights and I hope that they will think twice before they try to do this to someone else."

--Um, did she think they were going to put a regular picture of her on the cover fully-clothed? Um, it IS Playboy! I can understand her being angry in that it was an unauthorized picture, but of course guys were going to be hopeful when they saw her on the cover that she had given up on the "no nudity" thing. I don't see how that can come as a surprise.

Source: ET

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Cox Comes Back To TV

When “Friends” left television, so did Courteney Cox, who played Monica Geller on the long-running series.

But the actress is coming back in “Dirt,” a drama pilot for the FX network, in which she will play tabloid editor Lucy Spiller. Production on the pilot is scheduled to begin in March.

“We are absolutely thrilled that Courteney has chosen ‘Dirt’ for her return to series television,” Nick Grad, the network’s vice president of original programming, said in a statement Tuesday.

Along with the show’s director, Matthew Carnahan, Cox and her husband, David Arquette, are credited as executive producers.

Source: MSNBC

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Silent Treatment

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have started filming a new series of their reality TV show - even though they're not talking.

They reportedly fell out over Nicole holding a private screening of Paris's infamous sex video, and haven't spoken to each other in more than a year. For the fourth series of The Simple Life, they will stay with families from different cultures around Los Angeles playing the role of "wife".

Filming began on Monday, but, the New York Post reports "that they did not speak and steered clear of each other". According to industry sources, they did not want work with each other ever again but each had signed contracts with the show's producers.

Source: Ananova

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Celebrity Tokers

I was reading an article that referenced this site. It lists Celebrity Cannabis Consumers and contains quotes from some of them about smoking weed. Pretty entertaining.

Some of my faves:
When asked if he ever smoked pot, he replied, "You bet I did. And I enjoyed it!" --NYC Mayor Bloomberg

Marijuana is an herb and a flower. God put it here. --Willie Nelson

There's some pretty good homegrown dope. I'm sure it would be even better if you could grow it with fertilizers and have greenhouses. . . ." --Steven King

Source: Frank Discussion

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Two Shot At Kanye Concert

Two concert-hall ushers were shot during a Kanye West show, police said Wednesday.

West Midlands Police said the men were wounded at the National Exhibition Center, near Birmingham in central England, on Tuesday as several people were being ejected from the venue for trying to get in without tickets.

"Firearms were discharged and two stewards were taken to hospital with gunshot wounds," police said in a statement. "Their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening," police said in a statement.

The concert was the last stop in Britain on West's "Touch the Sky" tour. The 27-year-old rapper was scheduled to perform Thursday in Milan, Italy.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Coming Clean

The latest star to come clean about her enhancements is Desperate Housewife Teri Hatcher.

According to the Daily Mirror, the stunning actress admitted: "In the past I've had botox and collagen." Teri, 41, was said to have opened up to Glamour because she plans to give up the beauty-enhancing jabs.

She said: "I haven't had anything done to my face in over a year... and I don't plan to. It needs to be OK to have wrinkles."

--Yeah, so glad you "came clean," because we couldn't tell at all.

Source: Ananova

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March 01, 2006 

Bush Seeks Annullment

One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush has petitioned to annul her five-month marriage to Chad Michael Murray.

In papers released by the Los Angeles Superior Court, the actress cited “fraud” as the grounds for annulling the union. There was no explanation of the alleged fraud. A fraud claim can be "difficult to prove," Hollywood divorce attorney Sorrell Trope said. If a judge denies Bush's annulment request, she can seek a divorce from Murray.

Bush, 23, and Murray, 24, who still costar on the WB show where they first met in 2003, separated in September.

"Sophia went into the marriage believing in the sanctity of marriage," a friend of the actress said in October, "and Chad simply did not share that vision."

Renee Zellweger also famously annulled her five-month marriage to Kenny Chesney in December on grounds of fraud, though she clarified in a statement that "'fraud' is simply legal language and not a reflection of character."

Source: People

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Reducing Himself To Infomercials

Nick Lachey just scored a cool $500,000 for agreeing to be in an infomercial.

According to Us Weekly, Lachey "pumps it up" with Brooke Burke in new ads for celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson's "Core Secret" DVDs. And because he signed the deal after his separation from Simpson, he doesn't have to give her a dime.

Source: New York Post

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Trying To Impress Angelina

Look for Brad Pitt to become a U.N. goodwill ambassador, just like his woman, Angelina Jolie.

A spy overheard Brad with two European men as they quaffed Pilsner Urquell beer at the World Bar in Trump World Tower the other night and yakked about an upcoming event at the U.N. across the street. While pregnant Jolie is in Paris with kids Maddox and Sahara, lonely Pitt chatted for an hour with the diplomats before leaving in a limo with a police escort.

The star caught the U.N. bug last month when Jolie dragged him to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. U.N. chief Kofi Annan must figure two stars are better than one for fund-raising.

Source: New York Post

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Virginia Says...

Sideways star Virginia Madsen has come out in defense of teenager Lindsay Lohan, insisting she has to answer unsavory questions the media would never ask of boys.

Madsen has become fond of the 19-year-old after working with her on the set of new Robert Altman film A Prairie Home Companion, and admits she can't believe the interview horror stories the Mean Girls star has spoken of.

The actress explains, "(In) every interview I read, somebody was asking her about her weight and, 'Do you throw up in the bathroom?' I mean, no one asks teenage boys, 'Do you have pubic hair yet? What size are your balls?' Whereas they'll ask a teenage girl, 'Are you still a virgin?'"

Source: IMDB

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Tab Energy

Some people remember TaB Cola for its distinctive pink can, while others recall its "unique" taste. Still others associate the soft drink with a 1970s cancer scare.

Now, TaB is back — sort of. The Coca-Cola Company has reengineered the TaB franchise, pink can and all, as a highly-caffeinated energy drink called TaB Energy, marketed, like the original TaB, toward young, "health"-conscious women.

And weight-conscious celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie have already been seen tossing back a cold one. "Nicole Richie and Fergie (from the Black-Eyed Peas) were seen guzzling TaB Energy drink all over Manhattan," said Jarett Wieselman, senior lifestyle editor for In Touch Weekly magazine. "And when these two put their stamp of approval on a product, expect other celebrities to follow suit."

According to the label, the new TaB Energy is sugar-free, aspartame-free and saccharin-free (the sweetener this time around is Sucralose), and is hyper-loaded with caffeine (95mg), ginseng (116mg), taurine (785 mg) and carnitine (19 mg).

Coca-Cola is doing its best to get celebs behind their new comeback in a can. TaB Energy was officially introduced Feb. 2 with a premiere party to kick off New York Fashion Week, complete with models, celebs and custom pink furniture. And a major ad campaign (“TaB Energy... Fuel To Be Fabulous”) is scheduled to begin during Sunday night's Oscar telecast.

“TaB Energy will be introduced to America in style," said Mary Merrill, Sports and Energy Drinks group director for The Coca-Cola Company. Speaking of style, the new TaB Energy can is slimmer, but still "fashionably pink," with the same pop-art logo. The taste and color of the drink, however, have changed. According to Coca-Cola, it's now a "deliciously pink 5-calorie energy drink created specifically for women with a sense of style and purpose."

But how does it taste? Fashion Week Daily described the taste as like "a liquid Jolly Rancher," while other reviewers have described the flavor as a lightly-carbonated cross between cough syrup and Pixie Sticks.

"It is replacing Red Bull as the energy drink du jour, especially at trendy clubs where it’s being mixed with vodka," said Wieselman.

--I'm intrigued. Anyone out there tried it? I'll report once I do...

Source: Foxnews

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Kristin Cavallari, 19, and Brody Jenner, 22, have called it quits. The reality stars -- she, of Laguna Beach fame, he, of the short-lived Fox show, Princes of Malibu -- had been dating since September 2005 and were a regular fixture on the Hollywood party circuit.

In fact, the couple first met at a Stuff Magazine party held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where Brody, the son of Olympian Bruce Jenner, was introduced to Kristin by mutual friend (and fellow Laguna alumnus), Talan Torriero. They made their red carpet debut three days later at the PETA Humanitarian Awards Show, where Kristin was recognized for her anti-fur stance.

Kristin said in an interview that Brody was her "first mature relationship" and, in truth, her first "real love," relegating her well-documented high school relationship with Laguna's Stephen Colletti to a thing of the past. She also credited Brody with steering her clear of drugs like cocaine. "He would kill me, which is good," she said. "I would never want to date someone who's into it."

Source: Teen People

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Hollywood's Word of the Year

And the winner for Hollywood's word of the year is "Brokeback," thanks to all the talk around the water cooler and Internet jokes that have turned a film about two gay cowboys into a cultural phenomenon.

The nonprofit group Global Language Monitor placed "Brokeback" -- as in the film title "Brokeback Mountain" -- at the top of its list of Hollywood words and phrases that captured attention this year. Paul JJ Payack, the head of Global Language Monitor, said the movie became a cultural phenomenon that generated a million jokes, according to Google. Overall, a Google search shows more than 38 million references to the film, although only about 10 million people saw the movie.

In second place was "Brangelina," the hybrid name given to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as Hollywood's hottest new couple. They beat out "TomKat," bestowed on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and "Vincifer," a hardly used term referring to Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn.

Placing third on the list was "petronoia," a phrase inspired by the film "Syriana" and meaning an irrational fear of the collapse of the oil industry followed by global economic crisis.

In fourth place was "tuxedo," a reference to the nature film "March of the Penguins." Payack said, that "while the dialogue, not to mention the stars, were a bit stiff, the chronicle about Emperor penguins in their breeding trek across Antarctica flew to remarkable heights."

Payack said the term "pimping" was fifth on his list, thanks to the film "Hustle & Flow," which is about a pimp's dream of becoming a rap star.

Source: Reuters

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Casting News

Leonardo DiCaprio will produce and could star in prison drama Kite.

The movie will examine gang culture and guard corruption in the California prison system, says The Hollywood Reporter.

DiCaprio and his partner Brad Simpson will produce the project for Warner Bros. The Kite script was written by Michael Lander and Ryan Roy.

Source: Ananova

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Stern's Sued

CBS Corp.'s radio division sued Howard Stern Tuesday, claiming its former star shock jock breached his contract with them when he moved to Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.

The lawsuit, which also names Sirius and Stern's agent as defendants, claims Stern improperly used CBS radio's air time to promote his new show with Sirius, which began last month. CBS also claims Stern discussed his plans with Sirius without disclosing them to CBS as required under his contract.

Even before the lawsuit was filed in New York State Supreme Court, Stern tried to upstage the action with a hastily arranged news conference in Manhattan Tuesday to strike first at his former employer. Stern said the lawsuit was meritless, and said CBS was trying to "bully" him. He called the lawsuit a "personal vendetta" against him by CBS Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves, whom Stern said held a grudge against him.

Stern said CBS officials knew of his plans to leave for Sirius and also condoned his references to satellite radio on the air and did nothing to stop him when he spoke about it on his show.

CBS wants Stern, his agent, Don Buchwald, and Sirius to return any financial benefits they received from using CBS radio's air time to promote Sirius, including the value of a tranche of Sirius shares that Stern and Buchwald received early for exceeding a target for subscriber increases by the end of 2005.

Source: AZ Central

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Secret Trove of Music Donated to Juilliard

One of the most famous phantoms of the auction circuit - the anonymous buyer - has unmasked himself.

He's a commodities trader, one of Forbes magazine's 400 richest people, and he just donated some of his trophies to the Juilliard School - an eye-popping trove of manuscripts of works by such immortal composers as Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Brahms.

Bruce Kovner, who dropped out of a Harvard Ph.D. program and drove a New York taxi before starting Caxton Associates LLC, secretly amassed the priceless collection during the past decade of auction hunting. "I started collecting just for the personal pleasure of being close to these icons of the greatest musical achievements in Western music," said Kovner, who is also chairman of Juilliard's board. "At a certain point I realized that it would be better to make this collection available to the rest of the world rather than to keep it under a mattress."

It also was a perfect birthday gift for Juilliard, which is celebrating its 100th year.

Works in the Juilliard Manuscript Collection range from the 1680s - Purcell's opera "Dido and Aeneas" - to Schnittke compositions of the 1990s. Also included are works by Schubert, Schumann, Liszt, Wagner, Mahler, Copland and Stravinsky.

Source: New York Daily News

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