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February 28, 2006 

Wilmsay Again?

Lindsay Lohan, was spotted at 5:30 a.m. yesterday coming back to the SoHo Grand hotel room of her ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama.

The ex-couple had been partying together at Lotus into the wee hours Sunday night. Word is that Us Weekly has already bought pictures of the devilish duo leaving the hotel together. It was a full weekend for the "That '70s Show" party boy. On Saturday, Valderrama dined at Nobu with a posse of pals before letting off steam at Marquee and G-Spa.

Source: New York Post

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According to several sources this is the cast for VH1's Celebrity Fit Club 4.

And they are:

Sally Struthers (actress), Jennifer Tilly (actress), Shar Jackson (ex-wife of Kevin Federline), Lisa Welchel (Blair from Facts of Life), Phil Margera (from Wild Boys), Corey Haim (actor), and Vince Neil (rockstar).

Source: Dlisted

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Hard Rock Hotel

Former Baywatch star Carmen Electra and singer Ashlee Simpson will try their hand at interior designing by creating suites for the newest Hard Rock Hotel.

The stars will create themed 'Rock Star Suites' for the Hard Rock Hotel and condominium development in San Diego, California. Electra will design a Rock Star Goddess Suite, complete with a heart-shaped bathtub and a stripper pole, while Simpson will create a Surfer Rock Chick Suite.

Meanwhile, hip-hop group the Black Eyed Peas will design the uniforms for the hotel staff.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Matthew Found SJP "Peculiar"

Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker star as onscreen sweethearts in Failure To Launch, but the actor reportedly couldn't stand Parker off-screen and found her "peculiar."

The pair were starring in a breezy romantic comedy, but sources on the set say filming was anything but fun. One insider tells Msnbc's The Scoop website, "Matthew gets along with pretty much everyone, but he basically couldn't bear Sarah."

The actor recently made an appearance on Oprah Winfrey's talk show and seemed to struggle when asked about the former Sex And The City star. When asked by Winfrey to sum-up working with Parker, the actor eventually came up with, "Great comedic timing." The actor then added, "Very peculiar, too. Man, she's a very interesting woman. Yeah."

Source: IMDB

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Swank To Be Perfume Muse

Hilary Swank will be both muse and spokesperson for a new women's fragrance by Guerlain to be launched later this year.

In making the announcement Monday, Guerlain described the 31-year-old actress, an Oscar winner for her roles in "Million Dollar Baby" and "Boys Don't Cry," as a "radiant and natural beauty" who does not conform to stereotypes.

"Her background of always opting for the more challenging and `risky' roles coupled with her warm and genuine personality, a far cry from the usual Hollywood mold, were all factors that made her an obvious choice for Guerlain," the luxury French fragrance and beauty company said in a statement. Guerlain said it has a three-year contract with Swank.

A spokeswoman for the company declined to comment Monday on the terms of the deal or the details of the fragrance. Patti Hansen, who is married to Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, and her daughters, Theodora and Alexandra Richards, represented Guerlain's musky fragrance Shalimar Light in 2004.

Other Oscar winners who have represented fragrances include Nicole Kidman for Chanel No. 5 and Gwyneth Paltrow for Estee Lauder's Pleasures.

Source: New York Daily News

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Reese Is Rollin' In the Dough

Oscar-nominated actress Reese Witherspoon is set to surpass Julia Roberts as Hollywood's highest paid actress. She is expecting a pay check of some 30 million dollars for appearing in the supernatural thriller "Our Family Trouble," according to reports Monday.

Southern belle Witherspoon, 29, has an advantage: She is producing the movie and can essentially write her own paycheck. The movie is about a mother fighting demons that possess her child in Witherspoon's native South. Part of Witherspoon's salary is dependent on the success of the movie.

If she does earn the 30 million dollars, she would surpass Roberts, who was the first woman to break into the "all boys club" of 20 million dollar pay packets with "Erin Brockovich" in 2000. She then earned a record 25 million dollars in 2003 for Mona Lisa Smile.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Casting News

--Mariah Carey is to star in Tennessee, a new movie about a family hit by crisis.

She will play a waitress who sets off with two brothers to find their estranged father, reports Variety. Their goal is to get the father involved in saving their younger brother, who has leukemia. Shooting on the film is due to start in New Mexico and Tennessee this spring.

--Wedding Crashers star Vince Vaughn and director David Dobkin will reunite for a holiday comedy for Warner Bros, Variety reports.

Their new project Fred Claus will focus on the eponymous character, the less famous loser brother of festive bringer of joy Santa Claus. The film will see Fred travel to the North Pole in an effort to redeem himself. Dan Fogelman wrote the script.

--Both movies sound dreadful. Did Mariah not learn from the disaster that was Glitter?

Sources: Ananova and Digital Spy

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Smithsonian Preps For Hip-Hop Exhibit

For nearly three decades, hip-hop relics such as vinyl records, turntables, microphones and boom boxes have collected dust in boxes and attics.

On Tuesday, owners of such items - including pioneering hip-hop artists such as Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and Fab 5 Freddy - will blow that dust off and carry them to a Manhattan hotel to turn them over to National Museum of American History officials.

The museum, part of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., is announcing its plans to embark on a collecting initiative, "Hip-Hop Won't Stop: the Beat, the Rhymes, the Life." The project, the beginnings of a permanent collections, will gather objects that trace hip-hop's origins in the Bronx in the 1970s to its current global reach. It is expected to cost as much as $2 million and take up to five years to complete.

Museum officials have yet to raise the money, which will come from private donors. They will use the funds to pay for artifacts, record oral histories, hold consultations with advisory groups and mount an exhibit telling hip-hop's story.

Source: New York Daily News

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February 27, 2006 

Skating Scandal

Former vampire slayer and current Skating With Celebrities ice queen Kristy Swanson says she's absolutely, positively not the reason why skating partner Lloyd Eisler and his wife Marcie became estranged and those of you who think she is should step aside and let her though.

Last week it was reported that she and pro skating partner Lloyd Eisler had paired up both off as well as on the ice, and the two fell hard for one another during their rigorous routines for the show. Unfortunately, Eisler is a married man whose wife Marcie says she was tossed aside after her husband and Kristy met toe to toe on the ice.

But Kristy says that Marcie--who was pregnant when Lloyd and Kristy began dating--isn't being completely honest. According to Kristy, Skating With Celebrities had already finished taping when she and Lloyd actually got together and she claims he and wife Marcie were already separated.

Kristy has spoken out and says: "There was no romantic relationship while we were working. It (the romance) started in November, after the show." Although the couple have yet to get a divorce, Marcia's already gone back to her maiden name, Marcia O'Brien, and she's also changed the children's last names to hers.

Says their Skating competitor Bruce Jenner, who saw them at a recent press event: "They seem to be very happy." According to one source on the set of the show (which premiered in January but taped in the fall), the pair's away-from-the-rink relationship was an open secret: "Everyone knew there was something going on. It was obvious they were together." Well, not to everyone. "I just noticed that they got really good (at skating)," Jenner said. "I never knew anything until I saw it on the news."

Source: Glitterati and People

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Drew Lachey Dances to Victory

Drew Lachey danced away as the winner of "Dancing with the Stars" Sunday night.

The former 98 Degrees pop singer out-hoofed pro wrestler Stacy Keibler, thought to be the favored finalist, along with NFL great Jerry Rice, as ABC's ballroom hit wrapped its second season, airing live from Los Angeles.

The couple racked up a total score of 27 out of a perfect 30 from the three-judge panel, which, combined with their score from Thursday's pre-finale, gave them a total of 87 out of 90. But it was viewers — whose vote carried half the weight — who settled the matter. In somewhat of an upset midway through the two-hour finale, they eliminated the leggy, blonde Keibler. Then, in the program's final moments, host Tom Bergeron disclosed that Lachey was the choice over Rice.

"Woooooooooooooo!" yelped Lachey, who gratefully accepted the mirrorball trophy (which he had earlier acknowledged was "ugly").

During the program, all seven of the previously bounced celebrities — ESPN sportscaster Kenny Mayne, actress Tatum O'Neal, news personality Giselle Fernandez, rap star Master P, actress Tia Carrere, tanned ladies' man George Hamilton and talk-show host Lisa Rinna — returned for a last dance with their partners.

--As usual, Nick was there cheering his brother on.

Source: Foxnews

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If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Bruce Willis was very eager to get tsunami model Petra Nemcova's number - finally scoring it after he donated a large amount to her charity. Since then, the two have kept in touch.

Nemcova has told pals: "He's been really sweet to me, but I wouldn't call it dating," while Willis has told pals the two are dating. A rep for Nemcova declined to comment.

Source: New York Post

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Cruise Control

Katie Holmes has finally decided college is not for her, and now her dad wants his deposit back from Columbia University.

Tom Cruise's fiancee was accepted to the prestigious school back in 1998, the year 'Dawson's Creek' premiered. Her dad, Martin Holmes, plunked down a $500 "non-refundable" deposit. Because of 'Dawson's,' Holmes kept deferring her admission to Columbia, where starlets like Anna Paquin, Julia Stiles and Maggie Gyllenhaal were enrolled at the time.

Last week, eight years after Holmes was accepted, her dad wrote to Columbia's undergrad admissions office withdrawing his daughter's name and requesting his 500 bucks back.

Source: TMZ

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Clay Gay?

Some homophobic Clay Aiken fans have lodged a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission over the marketing and promotional practices of Aiken's label.

They charge false advertising and misrepresentation and conspiring to market and promote Aiken - the "American Idol" contender who allegedly had a tryst with a former military man - in a false and deceptive manner. A spokesman for the group said, "As consumers, we feel ripped off. It is obvious now that the private Clay is very different from the manufactured, packaged public Clay who was marketed to us."

Source: New York Post

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George Michael Arrested

British singer George Michael was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of possessing drugs after he was found slumped in a car in central London, a police source said.

Michael, 42, who has sold more than 80 million records worldwide during a 25-year career, was arrested in the Hyde Park area of the capital early on Sunday, the source said. A London police spokesman issued a statement saying a 42-year-old man had been held on suspicion of possessing Class C drugs, a group in British law that includes cannabis, tranquilizers and some painkillers.

"We were called by a member of the public to a man seen slumped over the steering wheel of a car," the statement said. "He was arrested on suspicion of possession of controlled substances."

Source: Reuters

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Darren McGavin was painting a movie set in 1945 when he learned of an opening for a small role in the show, climbed off his ladder, and returned through Columbia's front gates to land the part.

The husky, tough-talking performer went on to become one of the busiest actors in television and film, starring in five TV series, including "Mike Hammer," and endearing holiday audiences with his role as the grouchy dad in the 1983 comedy classic "A Christmas Story."

McGavin, 83, died Saturday of natural causes at a Los Angeles-area hospital with his family at his side, said his son Bogart McGavin.

--He was just perfect in "A Christmas Story." He will always be remembered because of that role.

Source: IndyStar

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Crow Has Breast Cancer

Sheryl Crow underwent surgery for breast cancer on Wednesday, she confirmed via her website. According to the site, Crow's doctors call her prognosis "excellent"; she will receive radiation therapy treatment as a precaution.

In a statement, Crow's former fiancé, Lance Armstrong, said, "I was devastated to hear this news. Once again I'm reminded of just how pervasive this illness is as it has now touched someone I love deeply." The cycling champion continued, "Based on my contact in recent days with Sheryl, her doctor, and her family, I am confident that she will have a full and complete recovery and the world will be a better place for it. And to all of her fans and friends out there, please keep Sheryl in your thoughts and prayers yet know that I have never known a stronger woman in my life."

Crow underwent surgery in Los Angeles in a procedure she called "minimally invasive." On her website, she said, "I am joining the more than 200,000 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. We are a testament to the importance of early detection and new treatments."

She also said she would have to postpone her North American tour, which was scheduled for March and April. In addition, she suggested visitors contact the Lance Armstrong Foundation's LIVESTRONG SurvivorCare to help other cancer survivors.

Source: People

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Peace Prize Nominees

Irish rock campaigner Sir Bob Geldof and U2 frontman Bono are among the nominees for the coveted 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.

The former Boomtown Rats star is up for the award for organizing last year's Live 8 extravaganza, while Bono is on the list thanks to his human rights campaigning. The rockers are flanked by former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, for his efforts to halt civil war in the Sudan, and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Chat show queen Oprah Winfrey is also rumored to be nominated.

Source: IMDB

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Don Knotts, who won five Emmys for portraying the bungling deputy Barney Fife on "The Andy Griffith Show," has died, media reports said on Saturday. He was 81.

Knotts died on Friday night at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, California, of pulmonary and respiratory complications, according to media reports.

Knotts' bug-eyed, high-strung character helped make "Andy Griffith," a sitcom about a folksy sheriff in small-town America, one of the most popular U.S. television shows of the 1960s.

Knotts also had a string of successful comedic movies, including "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" and "The Incredible Mr. Limpet," and later appeared as a regular in the TV comedy series "Three's Company."

--I remember always liking it when his character was on Scooby Doo.

Source: People

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February 24, 2006 


Photographs of Hollywood star Val Kilmer allegedly groping and kissing socialite Paris Hilton have been published in an Australian magazine.

Weekly publication NW claim they have exclusively obtained the images, which show the 46-year-old actor getting up close and personal with the 25-year-old socialite several years ago. NW believe the images have been leaked for the upcoming auction of Hilton's belongings, which were legally seized from a Los Angeles storage unit after The Simple Life star fell behind with payments.

The photos are believed to have been taken in the actor's rented West Hollywood mansion in 2002, when Kilmer was filming Wonderland. Hilton had a cameo role in the movie, joining Kilmer's character on a yacht.

Last year, Kilmer criticized the media fascination with Hilton, saying, "Paris Hilton is a great example. She's famous for nothing. It's what we are celebrating in my country - the nothingness of her fame."

--Click here to take a look at the pics. (They're just making out, so they are safe for work).

Source: Teen Hollywood

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The only thing worse than women who think those random Vera Bradley purse patterns go with everything, is someone (let alone a star) who thinks that this purse should be worn EVER! The Golden Girls carried better accessories!

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Janet--we know you were embarrassed about Nipplegate, and your overexposure, but that's no reason go overboard and start covering every ounce of skin up!

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Poor Nick

Nick Lachey was the recipient of Cosmopolitan's Fun Fearless Male Award earlier this month, reports Us Weekly.

Opening his acceptance speech with a joke about Greg Behredt's book, "It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken," the 32-year-old singer quickly became serious.

"It is a little ironic to receive the Fun Fearless Award right now," he admitted, alluding to his recent separation from wife, Jessica Simpson. "I've never been more afraid."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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The Beauty of a Prenup

Hollywood actress Ellen Barkin reportedly received $20 million in her quickie divorce from billionaire Ron Perelman.

The Revlon boss, 62, and the Sea Of Love star, 51, reportedly ended their marriage on February 14, only a month after Perelman served Barkin divorce papers, according to the New York Daily News.

Perelman's lawyer Adria Hillman asked for an order to seal the case earlier this month, which was granted by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Laura Drager. Barkin and Perelman signed a pre-nuptial agreement before their June 2000 wedding. The newspaper claims Perelman has lost $118 million in settlements with his first three wives, Faith Golding, Claudia Cohen and Patricia Duff. Barkin has two children, Romey and Jack, from her previous marriage to actor Gabriel Byrne.

Source: IMDB

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Cool Photos

The New York Times Magazine has a very cool photo collection of actors in this year's most memorable movies. Click here to see them all.

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Jessica Simpson will earn a whopping $1,240 per-word in her new film, according to a new American media report.

The pop star/actress will pick up a cool $1 million for new movie Employee Of The Month, according to American publication In Touch.

Her character will utter a mere 806 words throughout the comedy.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Renfro Gets Probation

Former child actor Brad Renfro has pleaded guilty to attempted possession of heroin and was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to attend rehabilitation. The 23-year-old actor is best known for such films as 'The Client,' 'Apt Pupil' and 'Ghost World.'

Renfro could face up to 18 months in prison if he violates the terms of his probation or his rehab program and remains free on $10,000 bail pending his next court appearance on March 6.

Source: ET

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Posh To Design Shades

Victoria Beckham is designing her own range of sunglasses.

Posh got the idea after she was told sales of Dior glasses has increased since she began wearing them. According to The Sun a source said: "Victoria was amazed to hear that sales of the sunglasses have increased so much.

"When she starts wearing something it isn't long before a copycat version appears on the High Street. "But Victoria has a good business sense and wanted to expand brand Beckham to fill her boots in the specs market."

Posh already designs a range of jeans for Rock & Republic. The glasses will be on sale later this year.

Source: Ananova

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February 23, 2006 

Vince's Proposition

Vince Wants To Be a Babydaddy:

Jennifer Aniston allegedly got a big-time birthday present from her beau Vince Vaughn ... he said he wanted to be the father of her children.

Life & Style magazine reports that Vaughn, 35, made the offer with no strings attached. Vaughn allegedly told Aniston, 'I'm not asking to be your husband.' "You're my best friend," Vince, 35, told Aniston at her 37th birthday party reveals a friend of the actress.

Vaughn continued, "I know how badly you want kids, so let's have them together. We don't have to promise each other anything, but we'll always be the mom and dad." Aniston reportedly told her friend, "I didn't know what to say. I love Vince, but I'm not in love. I want a child more than anything - but with my best friend? I don't know what to do."

While Jennifer desperately wants kids, she's not ready to jump into motherhood with Vaughn. "She's worried," adds Aniston's pal, "that at some future time she'll feel she's sold out."

The magazine reports that the 'Derailed' star even consulted an astrologer, who gave her good news. "She was told there'd be babies in her future," says someone in the know."

Source: AZ Central

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Lost Her Touch

People are still talking about how bad Whitney Houston was performing at the Olympics in Turin.

"Nowhere close to a gold-medal performance, nor even a bronze contender," a witness told Canadian columnist Shinan Govani. Houston coughed, sniffled and talked her way through one song and told the crowd: "Why did they choose to do this outdoors? I don't sing in the cold. It makes my voice funny."

Her last number, "I Will Always Love You," quickly became "her all-time low moment," the witness reports. Unable to reach the high notes, "Whitney smiled, waved and winked to the fans. Karaoke drag queens can belt it out better."

Source: New York Post

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Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe announced their split in January – but on Sunday the couple met at the low-key Tra di Noi restaurant in Malibu for a late lunch.

"They seemed to be getting along very well," said an observer, noting that after the meal, Lowe, 38, walked Swank, 31, to her car. "He put his arm on her back when they were saying goodbye."

So, are the pair, who wed eight years ago, reconciling? No official word yet, but a close friend of the double-Oscar winner said, "It's not the first time (they've eaten together), it's just the first time the cameras have been around. It's evidence that they're working on their marriage."

These preservation-of-marriage acts can be typical, say professionals. "In any divorce or separation, people are confused. They think, 'Maybe I shouldn't be so hasty,'" says Beverly Hills psychiatrist Carole Lieberman.

Source: People

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Talk To Kristin

Fresh off of the likely cancellation of her UPN series, Kristin Cavalleri is now offering herself for sale. The high bidder during a charity eBay auction will have a 10-minute conversation with Kristin, although via Skype, not a real phone.

Brooke Shields, Rachel Bilson, and Melissa Etheridge are among the other celebrities participating in the Skype-a-Celeb auction. The proceeds benefit The Art of Elysium, an organization “that encourages artists to dedicate their time and talent to under-served, at risk and hospitalized children whose lives are constantly disrupted by hardship, or chronic and often terminal illness.”

If you should win the conversation with Kristin, just don’t try to talk to her about her cocaine use: The New York Daily News’ Lloyd Grove did that, and she said, “I just really don’t want to go there. I don’t want to be associated with that.” Then her eavesdropping publicist cut off the conversation, saying, “I just don’t like the way this conversation is going.”

Source: Reality Blurred

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English actor Hugh Grant reportedly struck a photographer with a manila folder on the streets of New York City on Tuesday.

The Four Weddings And A Funeral heartthrob, 45, lashed out at an unnamed paparazzo while walking down Central Park South at 9:20am, according to the New York Daily News.

Former Daily News spokesman Ken Frydman, who witnessed the incident, says, "Hugh Grant had his head down, looking at his cell phone, when this young guy started flashing his camera." Grant responded by taking photographers of the snapper with his camera phone, saying, "How do you like it, mate?" before calling the paparazzo a "p**sy" and slapped the manila folder he was carrying across his head.

Frydman explains, "The photographer kept smirking at him. He said, 'I don't know what you're so mad about.' (Grant responded), 'You're invading my privacy. This is your last warning, you c**t.' The photographer kept taunting him. That's when Grant kicked him in the butt. Not hard - he was just trying to shove him away. I said to the photographer, 'Leave him alone or he's going to hit you again.' I said to Hugh Grant, 'Don't hit him again, or he's going to sue you.'"

--Um, is it proper for a guy to call another guy the C-word?

Source: IMDB

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Fat Camp

Did any of you catch MTV's 2-hour documentary called Fat Camp this past weekend? Well, if you didn't, you should.

And if you did, you probably got as much of a kick out of Diane's attitude as I did. FourFour has a hilarious recap.

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Baby Time

Former Ed star Tom Cavanagh and his wife, Maureen have welcomed a daughter.

Alice Ann was born on Feb. 10 in New York City. This is the first child for Cavanagh, 37, and Maureen, 35, a deputy photo editor at Sports Illustrated. The couple, who met on a New York City basketball court in 2002, wed on Nantucket in 2004.

Source: People

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Industry News

--Steven Spielberg will begin filming the fourth Jurassic Park film next year.

Producer Frank Marshall says the script has been finalised he said: "It has a good script now, so we should have that one up and running next year, for release in 2008." The character of Lexie, the granddaughter of Sir Richard Attenborough's character, will take the lead in the new film reports

--Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange have agreed to star in Grey Gardens.

The film follows the story of two eccentric relatives of Jacqueline Kennedy who made headlines when the health department threatened to raid their home. Barrymore will play Little Edie, and Lange will play her mother, Big Edie Bouvier Beale, the socialite cousin and aunt of Kennedy Onassis reports Variety.

Source: Ananova

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February 22, 2006 


Rumor has it that George Clooney has been getting chummy with an ex... Renee Zellweger.

According to spies at George's private Bafta aftershow party at the The Dorchester hotel, Renee was seen "canoodling" in the corner with her former A-list boyfriend. The Sun newspaper adds: "When the barman finally threw them out, the pair went giggling down a corridor clutching a bottle of champagne."

To add further fuel to the romantic confusion of a fire that is George's love-life, apparently he told reporters he was still searching for a date to take to the Oscars. When asked if he would go with Teri Hatcher, he told The Sun: "No, no chance."

Source: Ananova

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Would someone tell her that the TonyGear has GOT to stop? I remember when I went through a glittery puffy paint phase in fifth grade. I, on the other hand, let that phase go.

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Jake's Matilda's Godfather

Heath Ledger is so close to his Brokeback Mountain co-star Jake Gyllenhaal, he has asked him to be godfather to his four-month-old daughter Matilda.

Gyllenhaal, whose turn in the movie earned him a Best Supporting Actor Bafta on Sunday, credits the movie with building a unique bond between them. He says, "Heath and I are best friends now, making the film was very intense for us." "I'm actually godfather to Heath's daughter Matilda, which is an amazing honor."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Don't Call Her A Teen Queen

Lindsay Lohan doesn't want to be called a Teen Queen. In an interview in the March issue of Allure magazine, now on newsstands, the 19-year-old says she wants to be considered a serious actress — and rejects her youthful, party-girl image.

"I hate it when people call me a teen queen," Lohan says in an interview.

Lohan, star of family friendly movies such as "Freaky Friday" and "Herbie: Fully Loaded," has recently graduated to more grown-up roles, acting opposite Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin and Tommy Lee Jones in Robert Altman's "A Prairie Home Companion," due in theaters in June.

She's also been working on "Chapter 27," a film about the death of John Lennon, starring Jared Leto.

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You And Every Other Pregnant Woman

Gwen Stefani fears she may never regain her sexy physique after giving birth to her first child with husband Gavin Rossdale.

The 36-year-old is resigned to having to hang up many of her raunchy and revealing concert costumes once she becomes a mother. Stefani says, "It's the best gift, but I do look at my stage clothes and wonder if I will ever get into them again."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Trump Lays Into Martha

In an open letter to Martha Stewart , Donald Trump has come out swinging against the other Apprentice host, saying that her version of the NBC reality show – which was not renewed after suffering low ratings – "never had a chance."

Below is Trump's letter in its entirety, followed by Stewart's response.

"Dear Martha:

It's about time you started taking responsibility for your failed version of The Apprentice. Your performance was terrible in that the show lacked mood, temperament and just about everything else a show needs for success. I knew it would fail as soon as I first saw it – and your low ratings bore me out.

Between your daughter, with her one word statements, your letter writing and, most importantly, your totally unconvincing demeanor, it never had a chance – much as your daytime show is not exactly setting records.

Despite this, I did nothing but positively promote you. Your only response to your failed show was that, "I thought that I was supposed to fire Donald Trump!" You knew this was not true – NBC would never fire me when The Apprentice was, for a good period of time, the #1 show on television and my recent finale, where I hired Randal, was the #2 show for the week, easily beating the competing finale of Amazing Race and others. Even Mark Burnett said, "Thank God that didn't happen," when asked about firing Donald Trump.

Essentially, you made this firing up just as you made up your sell order of ImClone. The only difference is – that was more obvious. Putting your show on the air was a mistake for everybody – especially NBC.

In any event, my great loyalty to you has gone totally unappreciated.

Donald J. Trump

P.S. Be careful or I will do a syndicated daytime show, perhaps called The Boardroom, and further destroy the meager ratings you already have!"

Martha Stewart's response: The letter is so mean-spirited and reckless that I almost can’t believe my long-time friend Donald Trump wrote it. I am very proud of the work we did with Mark Burnett Productions and Mr. Trump, who was an executive producer, on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Many young entrepreneurs learned so much from the show and enjoyed it. Many families sat their children down weekly to watch it. We are even more pleased with our excellent daytime show Martha – syndicated by NBC Universal – which has just been nominated for six daytime Emmys (including best show and best host), was touted by The New York Times as one of the best shows on television, and has been embraced by our wonderful audience throughout the country.

Source: People

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Cavalli Could Wear Stripes

Famed fashionista Roberto Cavalli could go from dressing starlets to spending time behind bars.

The designer is on trial for fraud in Italy and could face two years in jail if convicted. He allegedly spent $2.6 million renovating his Tuscan villa, which he then claimed as a tax-deductible business expense.

Cavalli, who lives in the villa with his wife and three kids, claims the posh pad is used for fashion shoots and for entertaining the likes of Madonna, Sting, Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Lopez. "I have to have luxury, my work requires it and my house is used for VIP parties," Cavalli told British Vogue online.

Source: New York Post

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Bennett Tribute Album

The legendary Tony Bennett turns 80 in August and his fellow big-name musicians are coming together on one album to celebrate the singer's big day.

Paul McCartney will duet with the soon-to-be octogenarian on the album, set to be released this September. U2 frontman Bono, Sting, Elton John, Barbra Streisand and recent Grammy winner John Legend will also appear on the tribute album. The crooner, whose big day is August 3, is currently on a U.S. tour.

Source: ET

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Elle Style Awards

Charlize Theron has been named Woman of the Year at this year's Elle Style Awards.

The actress, who is nominated for an Oscar, picked up the award at the ceremony in London. Rachel Weisz put her Bafta disappointment behind her as she picked up the gong for Best Actress. Matt Dillion was named Best Actor. Mischa Barton and James McAvoy collected the awards for Favorite TV star. Elle MacPherson was honored with the Style Icon Award.

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White Gets Animal Honor

Actress Betty White, whose many TV roles included domestic guru Sue-Ann Nivens on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" in the 1970s, was honored by the Los Angeles Zoo Monday for her commitment to animals. The zoo made the Emmy-winning star an Ambassador to the Animals at a ceremony attended by about 50 people, including Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

A bronze plaque will be placed next to the zoo's gorilla exhibit, home to White's favorite animal.

"Betty has such a big heart and a beautiful spirit. She is a 'Golden Girl' in every sense of the word," Villaraigosa said, referring to White's former TV series, which ran from 1985 to 1992.

White, 84, joked that the honor would make her "tough to live with from now on." "I'm not sure what I'm going to do as ambassador except to love the animals as I have all my life," she said.

White has served for more than three decades on the Morris Animal Foundation and the board of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, and has been a zoo commissioner for eight years. She also has written two animal-related books and received the Humane Award from the American Veterinary Medical Association. White has earned six Emmys during a TV career spanning more than 50 years. She was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 1995 and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Source: Yahoo

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February 21, 2006 


Ok. We all love The Smoking Gun, right? Well, via their site, I found one of the most hysterical documents I've read in a long time.

This country, as you know, is filled with the deranged. And then there's Travis Frey, a 33-year-old Iowa man who is facing charges that he tried to kidnap his own wife (not to mention a separate child pornography rap).

Frey, prosecutors contend, apparently is a rather demanding guy. In fact, he actually drew up a bizarre four-page marriage document--a "Contract of Wifely Expectations"--that sought to establish guidelines for his spouse in terms of hygiene, clothing, and sexual activities.

In return for fulfilling certain requirements, Frey offered "Good Behavior Days," or GBDs. Each GBD, Frey wrote, could be redeemed by his wife to "get out of doing the things" he requested daily.

--You guys HAVE to click here and read the document....all of it. I would point out my "favorite" highlights, but there are just too darn many.

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Get Ready, Feddy

Kevin Federline is ready for a backlash over his brand-new role as white-boy rapper.

But it already can't get worse, the dancer and husband of pop star Britney Spears told Newsweek for its issue on newsstands Monday. "'He hates his children, he treats his wife like dirt, he gets high all day,'" he said, quoting his critics. "If I was that bad, you think anyone, let alone Britney, would put up with it?"

He has released his single PopoZao on his website. It got 2 million hits in eight days, he said, which proves there's interest. He plans to release his debut album by this spring, but without featuring his wife on the album, said Federline, 27.

"We have collaborated," he said. "But I'm not going to put the songs on this album because it's like, 'Respect me first; then I'll show you what I've done with my wife.'"

Source: USA Today

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Fightin' Over Mya

50 Cent and his protégé-turned-nemesis, The Game, are feuding over the affections of R&B vixen Mya.

In Fitty's latest diss track targeting Game, "Not Rich - Still Lying," he says he was "with" Mya before Game was. Previously, The Game rapped about wanting to date Mya in his video for "Dreams," in which she also appeared.

A friend of Mya insisted to Page Six that the sexy songbird has not hooked up with either rapper. In other Mya news, Ford Models just signed her to a six-figure deal.

Source: New York Post

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Cruise May Sue

Tom Cruise is considering suing magazine Life + Style for claiming the actor had ended his high-profile relationship with Katie Holmes, according to his lawyer Bert Fields.

The Mission: Impossible star, 43, was furious by the report, which alleged not only had that he finished his engagement to Holmes, but also the couple were keeping up the pretence of togetherness for good publicity. When the story was published last week, Cruise immediately issued a denial, labeling the claims "malicious fallacies". However, Life + Style say they stand by their story "100 per cent".

Cruise is set to meet with his lawyer Fields this week to discuss possible action against the publication. Fields says, "This is a disgusting and malicious story."

"It is unequivocally false and I have already demanded a retraction. I will be sitting down with Tom in the next couple of days to discuss this story, and ultimately it's his call as to whether we bring a lawsuit. But if it was up to me, I would sue."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Blake's Broke

Robert Blake is desperate for cash.

The former "Baretta" star, who filed for bankruptcy last week, was spotted at Norman's Rare Guitars in Tarzana, Calif., trying to sell off his collection of instruments to buy a used car.

Steve Walter, who owns Flatiron District lounge the Cutting Room, says: "I was in L.A. and went there to check out some guitars. There was Robert Blake trying to sell off his guitars from 'Baretta.' All I could think of was Joan Rivers' bit about going on a date with Blake in her stand-up show [at the Cutting Room]. I almost bought the guitars myself." Last year, Blake was acquitted of the 2001 murder of his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley.

Source: New York Post

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Paris Enlists Pussycat Founder

Socialite Paris Hilton has given her upcoming pop career a sexy boost by signing up Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin as her choreographer.

The woman behind the raunchy burlesque pop act will work on Hilton's videos and live appearances. Hilton announced the news during her 25th birthday celebrations at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday night.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Lee To Make Springfield Biopic

Kate Moss is set to play a lesbian in a film by Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee.

The film is based on the life of singer Dusty Springfield, and Moss is expected to play a socialite who became one of her early lovers.

Charlize Theron, 30, is lined up to take on the role of Springfield. The film will follow the Dusty's life from her birth in Hampstead, north London, to her death from breast cancer in 1999.

According to a source said: "Kate's the ideal choice to play the love of Dusty's early life. She's beautiful, aloof and she epitomises swinging London. "There'll probably be sexual scenes but as Ang is behind the camera they will be very tastefully done. "Kate's character breaks Dusty's heart and sparks off the chain of tumultuous relationships that dogged her throughout her life."

Source: Ananova

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What A Joke

Producers of the hit ABC show "Dancing With the Stars" need to lighten up.

Last week, Nick Lachey's brother, Drew - who's competing against a batch of fellow C-list celebs on "Dancing" - canceled an appearance on Fox's satiric show "Mad TV" at the last minute, on ABC's orders. According to an e-mail, Lachey's rep claimed that "Dancing" producers "weren't thrilled with anyone on their shows participating in a parody of any sort. Drew has had a great experience on the show and since they only have 10 days left, his team doesn't think he should ruffle feathers or bite the hand that fed him."

Source: New York Post

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The Woody Creeker

The first issue of The Woody Creeker, a magazine co-edited by Hunter S. Thompson's widow, debuts Monday on the anniversary of the gonzo journalist's death.

The magazine will be available first to people in Woody Creek, where he lived, and will go out to subscribers later this week, Anita Thompson said Sunday.

Hunter S. Thompson shot himself in his home Feb. 20, 2005, following health problems. In August, friends and family held an elaborate private memorial service at his farm. His ashes where shot out of a 15-story cannon in the shape of a fist.

On Sunday, Anita Thompson made public a rarely seen photograph of her husband at his Web site, . She said she was offering the photo as a free download to fans who had asked her about marking the anniversary of her husband's death.

Source: New York Post

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February 20, 2006 


Sources say that Jennifer Aniston is trying to hard to please her beau, Vince Vaughn, by trying to keep up with his party habits.

The couple was recently spotted in Las Vegas where Vaughn was to perform with his Wild West Comedy Show. Aniston and Vaughn were seen gambling and drinking all night. Recently it was reported that a few of Aniston’s pals "feel she’s trying too hard to please her hard-partying boyfriend." One friend allegedly said, "She’s changed since she’s been with Vince."

She recently celebrated her birthday with Vaughn and a number of close friends and recently said in an interview, "I’m doing amazing things. Things are good and looking really bright."

It was reported late last month that Aniston had asked Vaughn to move into her Malibu beach house since he had been staying there 24/7. When they first began hanging out Aniston needed someone to help her through a really rough time, now it seems as if the two have found love. A source close to Vaughn said in an interview recently, "I’ve never seen him care for anyone this deeply." The source also said, "They met at a time when she needed someone to make her smile. He did a really good job of lifting her spirits, and now it’s evolved into a true love affair."

Source: Buzzle

And, in other Jen news, Brad and Jennifer have concluded their $60M divorce settlement.

Aniston will assume sole ownership off their $29M Beverly Hills mansion, while the Fight Club actor will take control of their lucrative film company Plan B Productions.

Aniston will retain a "minor stake" in the production firm, which is believed to be worth more than $50M after a string of 12 successful independent movie releases, including Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Source: Ireland Online

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Richard Bright, a character actor who appeared in all three "Godfather" movies and more recently on "The Sopranos," was struck and killed by a bus, police said.

Bright, 68, was hit by a private Academy Bus as he crossed the street at about 6:30 p.m. Saturday in his Manhattan neighborhood, police Detective Bernard Gifford said. There were no arrests as of Sunday but police said the investigation was continuing. The bus driver told police he was not aware that he had hit anyone.

Bright played mob enforcer Al Neri in the "Godfather" movies, a bodyguard to the Corleone family patriarchs played by Marlon Brando and Al Pacino.

He played a con artist hustling Ali McGraw in 1972's "The Getaway" and acted in dozens of other films such as Sergio Leone's "Once Upon a Time in America" and "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" and in TV shows such as "Hill Street Blues."

Source: Indy Star

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Can't We All Just Get Along?

Rap mogul Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter once challenged former foe Nas to a boxing bout because he felt it was the "cleanest way" to end their long running feud.

At the height of their war of words, the new Def Jam Records president fired off at Nas and then suggested the two hit the boxing ring for a rap fight to end all scraps. He says, "Boxing was a clean way. I wasn't on the radio, saying, 'When I see him, it's on...' (and be) ridiculous with it."

The two former rap rivals spent years knocking each other on records and in interviews, but it took Jay-Z's 2001 attack on The Takeover to really hit home and take the feud to a whole new level. Jay-Z, who recently signed Nas to Def Jam, explains, "I was in it. I wasn't viewing it from a statistical point of view... I felt that there were things that were said that was over the line that made me say things that was over the line." "There are unsaid things, like, where you from and where we grew up and once you say certain things, you've crossed the line."

Nas recalls his fans insisted he fight back: "At first, I was like, 'Whatever,' but the streets wasn't letting me let it go like that. Then I had to really pay attention and when I did pay attention I realized that it was really on."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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What A Shocker

UPN has quietly pulled its reality newcomer "Get This Party Started" for the remainder of the February sweeps period.

The series, hosted by Kristin Cavallari and Ethan Erickson, drew an embarrassingly low 0.4 rating among adults 18-49 on Tuesday according to final Nielsen data released yesterday.

A repeat of the 2001 Martin Lawrence-led feature "Black Knight" will sub in for the network's Tuesday schedule on February 21 while repeats of "Girlfriends" & "Half & Half" will fill the 9:00/8:00c hour on Tuesday, February 28.

It's not clear if "Party" will return to UPN's schedule once the sweeps period concludes.

--Not exactly shocking...

Source: The Futon Critic Pic from Popsugar

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Brit Hopes To Fill Lull

Britney Spears is looking forward to a return to performing.

"This may sound weird, but I miss traveling," Spears tells People magazine. "I miss the road, seeing different places and being with the dancers and having fun. That feeling of being on the stage, knowing it's your best -- I love that. I needed a break. I needed to be hungry again."

The 24-year-old pop princess has been out of the music game for about a year-and-a-half during which she married former dancer Kevin Federline and gave birth to the couple's first child, Sean Preston. Spears, who is recording an album slated to release later this year, says she thinks she can fill a "huge lull" in a dull pop scene. "It's been boring," she says. "Nothing's been 'wow' to me."

Spears also told People that she rarely takes her son outside because she fears aggressive paparazzi. "I don't really go out with him," Spears said. "And it's kind of sad because I can't walk down the street with a stroller. I'm not expecting people to pity me. I'm just telling the truth." "I've pulled over and asked the cops, 'Could you please help me? They've been driving recklessly back there.' And they say, 'Sorry ma'am, I can't help you. This is how it is.' I mean, Princess Diana got killed by one of these people. They're crossing the line."

Last week, photos were published of Spears driving with her 4-month-old son sitting in her lap rather than strapped to a car seat in the back seat. She blamed aggressive behavior by the paparazzi, but conceded later it was a "mistake." "I sound bitter," she told People in its Feb. 27 issue. "I'm not bitter. I'm doing great. I really am. I'm happy."

Source: Billboard

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Hooked On Oxygen

Madonna has become addicted to her oxygen machines.

She has equipped all of her homes with the kooky contraptions, which are said to boost her energy levels and combat jet lag. The superstar originally bought the devices for oxygen facials, but after indulging in the procedures for more than a year, she discovered what every gambler who's played in an oxygen-infused casino knows: It keeps you awake and alert. Madonna's enthused spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, said: "She loves the machine and it is phenomenal. I want to try it myself."

Source: New York Post

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Mary-Kate Adores Moss

Young millionairess Mary-Kate Olsen is obsessed with supermodel Kate Moss and is desperate to play her idol on the big screen.

The teen star wants to make a movie about Moss and star in it herself - to show people she can really act. A friend of Olsen says, "Mary-Kate absolutely adores Kate Moss." "She was so worried about her when she went into rehab (for cocaine use) and she even wrote her a really nice letter offering her support and friendship."

The 19-year-old believes the two have a lot in common and are both "independent, free spirits". The source adds, "Mary-Kate thinks that she would be able to bring the right edginess and depth to the role." "She sees Kate as a survivor, just as she is herself."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Brokeback Mountain was the big winner at last night's Orange British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs), scooping Best Film, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor honors.

Taiwanese film-maker Ang Lee was presented with the David Lean Award For Achievement In Direction, while Jake Gyllenhaal was honored for his performance - beating off competition from George Clooney, who left empty-handed despite being nominated in four categories. Gyllenhaal's co-star Heath Ledger was beaten to the Best Actor Award by Capote actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Golden Globe-winner Reese Witherspoon was named Best Actress for her performance in Walk The Line.

Zambian-born star Thandie Newton won the Best Supporting Actress Award for her powerful portrayal of a racially abused woman in Crash, and writer/director Paul Haggis and Bobby Moresco won the Best Original Screenplay Award. The Constant Gardener scooped a staggering ten nominations last month, but was widely snubbed by the British Academy, winning only the Best Editing Award. The adaptation of John Le Carre's political thriller was also bested for the Alexander Korda Award For The Outstanding British Film Of The Year by Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit.

Memoirs Of A Geisha picked up three awards: Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, and composer John Williams was honored with The Anthony Asquith Award For Achievement In Film Music for his score for the period epic.

Source: IMDB

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Nick Reserves Right For Support

Nick Lachey filed papers in L.A. Superior Court on Friday reserving the right to seek spousal support from soon-to-be ex-wife Jessica Simpson. In her Dec. 16 divorce filing, Simpson, 25, had petitioned that Lachey, 32, not receive alimony.

According to his divorce response, Lachey cited irreconcilable differences for the dissolution of the marriage. Also, he asked the court to confirm that "miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects" remain separate property, as well his earnings after the date of separation and additional property assets to be determined.

In his filing, Lachey reports the couple's separation date as Dec. 13 while Simpson cited it was Nov. 23 in her divorce papers. The discrepancy in the dates is particularly relevant because of the nearly $1 million Simpson earned during those weeks that she'd have to split with her former husband under California law.

Source: People

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Famous Chefs' $12M Gamble

This is not what celebrity chefs Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich, along with her restaurateur son, expected when they opened Del Posto, New York's latest culinary hotspot. There have been mixed reviews, carping about high prices and a nasty dispute with the landlord.

"Overbuilt, over-hyped - and at risk of just being plain over," The New York Post wrote this week about Del Posto and a neighboring restaurant of equal fame, Morimoto. The paper concluded the "two places opened badly out of tune."

The problems Del Posto has endured since it opened in December underscore just how unforgiving the restaurant business can be - even for Batali and Bastianich, two of TV's best-known chefs and most successful restaurateurs.

For Batali, Bastianich and her son, Joseph, Del Posto is one of the biggest bets of their careers, a nearly $12 million gamble on what could be the most ambitious Italian restaurant in the country. "I'm not going to tell anybody, but of course I'm worried," Batali said in an interview. "I'm working every hour of every day. This is my main event."

Batali, known for his flowing red hair and orange clogs, is a star on the Food Network, where he hosts two popular shows. He and Joseph Bastianich have created such New York City restaurants as Babbo, Lupa and Otto that put a contemporary twist on Old World food at relatively reasonable prices. Lidia Bastianich has achieved fame through her New York restaurants and popular cookbooks and as the host of public television's "Lidia's Family Table." The matriarch of Italian cooking in America, she has also branched out, bringing her traditional Italian cucina to Pittsburgh and Kansas City.

Source: New York Daily News

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February 17, 2006 


TomKat resurfaces in Australia:

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When Will People Learn?

Red Light District has acquired a tape that shows Kid Rock and former Creed lead singer Scott Stapp engaged in explicit sex acts with several female fans.

The never-before-seen video is 45 minutes long and features Kid Rock and Stapp partying and receiving oral sex from several of their groupies while touring nearly six years ago.

“We obtained the tape from a third party,” Red Light District president David Joseph told “We haven’t decided exactly when we’re releasing it, but look for it in a few months.”

To see a 45-second preview, visit or

Source: AVN

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Coldplay to Breakup?

Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin set tongues wagging last night when he hinted the band might be splitting up.

As he accepted one of the band's two awards at the Brit Awards in London, Martin said, "You won't see us at one of these for many, many years. We won't see you for a long time. I mean it. It's going to be years before we have the chance to say this again."

He prompted even more speculation when, later in the evening, he said: "We got to go. People are fed up with us, and so are we."

Coldplay won for best single ("Speed of Sound") and best album (X&Y). Despite Martin's proclamations, Coldplay's London rep insists the hiatus will be no more than the standard break bands take between churning out albums. Perhaps Martin just wants to spend more time with his pregnant wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, and their daughter Apple.

--I have two words for Gwyneth: Yoko. Ono.

Source: People

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Another Naomi Campbell assistant has bitten the dust.

The sybaritic supermodel parted ways with her latest underling on a British Airways London-L.A. flight last week. Before boarding, Naomi was heard complaining on the phone about service. Then, she turned on her assistant. "Naomi was angry because some dresses didn't get where they were supposed to go, and the assistant yelled that she was quitting," says a snitch.

"Passengers complained to the stewardess, who was going to get the pilot, when they stopped their screaming match. Then they didn't speak to each other for several hours." Campbell's rep didn't return calls.

Source: New York Post

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Presley Goes For #4

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of rock 'n' roll king Elvis Presley, has married guitarist and music producer Michael Lockwood in a ceremony in Kyoto, Japan, her publicist said Thursday. Presley, 38, and Lockwood exchanged vows in a traditional Japanese ceremony on Jan. 22, spokesman Paul Bloch said.

It was Presley's fourth marriage. She was previously married to Nicolas Cage, Michael Jackson and Danny Keough, who is the father of her two children. The bride's mother, actress Priscilla Presley, walked her daughter down the aisle and gave her away, Bloch said. Daughter Riley Keough was maid of honor and son Benjamin Keough was a groomsman.

The best man was Presley's first husband Danny Keough. Also attending the wedding were Lockwood's parents, Vivian and William Lockwood.

Source: New York Daily News

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Hoffman Celebrates Sobriety

Philip Seymour Hoffman, the favorite to take home the best actor Oscar next month, says he never would have reached such heights if he didn't get sober 16 years ago.

Hoffman, whose performance as Truman Capote in "Capote" has drawn enormous praise, speaks in an interview on CBS News' "60 Minutes" to air Sunday (6 p.m.) about nearly succumbing to substance abuse when he was younger.

The 38-year-old actor says that after graduating from New York University's drama school, he fell into a fast-paced city social life. "It was all that (drugs and alcohol), yeah. It was anything I could get my hands on ... I liked it all," Hoffman says. He changed quickly, however. "I went (to rehab), I got sober when I was 22 years old," says Hoffman. "You get panicked ... and I got panicked for my life."

Hoffman's first notable movie role was "Scent of a Woman" in 1992. He gradually became one the most critically acclaimed character actors after films like "Boogie Nights," "Happiness" and "Cold Mountain."

He's glad fame didn't come until he had cleaned himself up. "I have so much empathy for these young actors that are 19 and all of a sudden they're beautiful and famous and rich," he says. "I'm like, 'Oh my God, I'd be dead.'"

Source: AZ Central

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Race Swapping on New Reality Series

When writer John Howard Griffin turned his skin from white to dark and traveled the South in 1959 for a firsthand look at the depths of racism, he relied on a simple medical treatment and his wits. In the 21st century, such a journey requires Hollywood makeup wizardry, the well-honed conventions of both reality TV and documentary filmmaking, and two families, one black, one white, acting as undercover race detectives in Southern California.

As superficially different as FX's "Black.White." and Griffin's landmark book "Black Like Me" appear to be, they are brothers under the skin.

"Black.White." proceeds with open-minded seriousness as it leads viewers to a conclusion both obvious and powerful: race counts, for better and worse. Expressions of racism and racial identity change, but that bedrock truth remains.

"I didn't realize, more than anything, how hard it was going to be for whites and blacks to see the world through each other's eyes," said executive producer R.J. Cutler. "I didn't realize how genuinely different an experience it is to be a white American and a black American."

Cutler insisted the six-episode show, which begins March 8 on FX, doesn't "aspire in any way to say definitive things about race." But the participants and their actions do.

Source: New York Daily News

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Jess Cheated With Adam?

Jessica Simpson and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine first became romantically involved in 2004, according to two eyewitness who have come forward with shocking new revelations.

Although Simpson and husband Nick Lachey battled infidelity rumors throughout their marriage, new information seems to confirm the marriage was in trouble long before the couple separated in November. According to photographer Andrew Sweeney and reporter Lisa Ladabouche, Simpson and Levine got together after they both performed at a concert in Boston, Massachusetts, for radio station Kiss 108 FM in May 2004.

Simpson was attending the concert without her husband, who was on holiday in Fiji with his brother, Drew. Sweeney and LadaBouche, who were covering the concert for local paper, The Raw Story, tell Us Weekly they witnessed the two singers kissing in a VIP area backstage.

Sweeney says, "They were backstage flirting. He was touching her hand. And then they just leaned in and started going at it, making out." "Not horribly, like teenage making out, but like adults, little kisses."

LadaBouche agrees with Sweeney saying, "I definitely saw them kissing. It was a shock - especially knowing her husband was away.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Breakin' The Law

John Michael Montgomery was arrested and charged Thursday with driving under the influence and concealing two loaded firearms.

The country singer also was charged with possessing a controlled substance not in its proper container. According to the report, the bottle was under the name of one of Montgomery's friends and contained a different drug than was found inside. Attorneys for Montgomery, 41, entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf. Montgomery didn't appear in court.

Montgomery disregarded a traffic light and smelled strongly of alcohol when he was arrested, according to a police report. He was released from custody several hours later, jail spokesman Darin Kelly said.

Attorneys released a statement on behalf of the singer: "John Michael is not yet able to comment in detail regarding the impaired driver allegations. We are awaiting completion of a final report to be issued by the arresting officer." Attorney Brent Caldwell said Montgomery had a prescription for pain medication. Attorneys also said he had permits for the guns, but didn't have the permits with him Thursday morning.

Montgomery, a Kentucky native, had several No. 1 hits in the 1990s including "I Love the Way You Love Me," "I Swear" and "Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)."

Source: New York Daily News

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February 16, 2006 

Get Thee To a Stylist

Fashion is about making choices, Brit Brit. It's EITHER floral print OR animal print. NOT both.

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New Bond Girl

French stunner Eva Green is the new Bond Girl.

The "Kingdom of Heaven" cutie will appear as 007 Daniel Craig's arm candy in the upcoming "Casino Royale," sources say. Green, who appeared nude in Bernardo Bertolucci's steamy "The Dreamers," beat out her closest rival, Olivia Wilde, who recently appeared on several episodes of "The O.C."

Green, 25, snapped up a role that was reportedly turned down by Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Thandie Newton. Sony chiefs greenlighted Green this week after flying her to Prague for a screen test with Craig.

Source: New York Post

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Kiefer Says...

Kiefer Sutherland, who plays the lead Jack Bauer in 24, has said that he thinks the character should die.

The show has achieved massive success since its launch in 2001, but Sutherland says that he is more than willing to kill his character off if it would mean a good ending to the show.

He says: "I'll be happy to die. In fact, it's important to the show that Jack eventually dies. And that he does so when you least expect it.

"I've always said that if there comes a point in the show where to kill Jack is what serves the show best, then so be it, and I think every actor who has been in the show feels the same way about their role."

Source: Digital Spy

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Baldwin To Give Divorce Seminars

Alec Baldwin is still suffering through one of the nastiest divorces in Hollywood history from Kim Basinger - he's constantly having to go to court to see his daughter, Ireland.

But now he's putting his experience to good use and writing a book for St. Martin's about the process. Baldwin "plans to share his personal insights and will reveal the unimaginable pressures involved in fighting a high-conflict custody battle while continuing to function as a busy actor and public advocate . . . [Baldwin] hopes the book will create opportunities for healing, and inspire both public debate and changes in antiquated divorce laws."

He's also planning to lead seminars for parents on divorce.

--Wasn't he supposed to move to France?

Source: New York Post

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Gay Cowboy Anthem

Country music outlaw Willie Nelson sang “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” and “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys” more than 25 years ago. He released a very different sort of cowboy anthem this Valentine’s Day.

“Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other)” may be the first gay cowboy song by a major recording artist. But it was written long before this year’s Oscar-nominated “Brokeback Mountain” made gay cowboys a hot topic.

Available exclusively through iTunes, the song features choppy Tex-Mex style guitar runs and Nelson’s deadpan delivery of lines like, “What did you think all them saddles and boots was about?” and “Inside every cowboy there’s a lady who’d love to slip out.”

The song, which debuted Tuesday on Howard Stern’s satellite radio show, was written by Texas-born singer-songwriter Ned Sublette in 1981. Sublette said he wrote it during the “Urban Cowboy” craze and always imagined Nelson singing it. Someone passed a copy of the song to Nelson back in the late 1980s and, according to Nelson’s record label, Lost Highway, he recorded it last year at his Pedernales studio in Texas.

Nelson has appeared in several Western movies and sings “He Was a Friend of Mine” on the “Brokeback Mountain” soundtrack.

Source: MSNBC

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Neves Likes Kissing Chicks

Neve Campbell loves kissing other girls on screen.

The actress has smooched with a number of women in several different films - including a racy embrace with a champagne-covered Denise Richards in 'Wild Things' - and insists she enjoys getting hot and steamy with another actress.

She said: "I think I've kissed girls in six movies I've made. It's a pattern that seems to have stuck." Neve claims her big screen lesbian antics have attracted a lot of unwanted attention. The brunette beauty admits her racy roles have made her a sex symbol, but the actress says she can't think of herself as a desirable female.

She added to Britain's Sunday Telegraph: "Maybe I've had some of the wrong sort of attention, but I just can't think of myself as a sex symbol. I'm someone who pokes fun at myself, I don't go round thinking, 'Hey I'm beautiful.'"

Source: Female First

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Blige Overcame Criticism

Mary J. Blige is still furious over the way she was treated by some of her relatives when growing up.

The hitmaker insists she will never forgive her aunts for making her feel "ugly" and criticizing her dreams of becoming a singer. She says, "They were mean, ignorant, hateful women. They told me I'd never finish high school, and I didn't."

"I just felt like I was fighting all the time. "I was growing up around women who didn't feel good unless they were drinking alcohol, and that rubbed off on me. They always laughed at my ambition and made me feel like the ugly girl, and there was no sanctuary." "Music was the only thing that really helped me."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Halle's New Man

At the recent reopening of Donatella Versace’s flagship boutique on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, all eyes were on a 6'2" blond with broad shoulders, a chiseled jawline and – oh yes – Halle Berry on his arm.

At the party Berry, 39, and her new boyfriend, Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, 30, let go of each other’s hands only once (to flank their hostess on a couch) during the party. "Oh my God, it's like you can read it on their faces," says a pal of Aubry. "They are so smitten." And have been since they met shooting a Versace ad in L.A. in November.

A month earlier, Berry was still seeing ex-beau Michael Ealy, her costar in the TV movie Their Eyes Were Watching God. But at the shoot, says Aubry’s friend, they noticed each other "in a big way." By Christmas, when Aubry flew to Montreal to spend the holiday with his father, Gérard, 62, and his eight brothers and sisters, he spoke of Berry "with brilliance in his voice," says Gérard.

Showing that kind of emotion is unusual for Gabriel, who overcame a tough childhood – he lived with five foster families between the ages of 3 and 18 until moving in with his dad – before rising to the top of the modeling world. Says Nadia Canova, whose Montreal-based Montage Models Inc. discovered Aubry, then a cook, in 1997 at a Quebec ski resort: "He's a very quiet person, with good values."

The model also has excellent taste in wine. Last month, the Manhattan resident squeezed in time during fashion week in Milan, says his friend, to "buy a few bottles of red he knew Halle would enjoy."

Source: People

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Hayek Helps Battered Women

Hollywood actress Salma Hayek has made donations to groups aiding battered women in her native Mexico, calling domestic violence a problem that touches every corner of the globe.

Hayek, nominated for a best actress Oscar for her role in the 2002 film "Frida," on Tuesday made a $25,000 donation to a battered woman's shelter in her hometown Coatzacoalcos, in Veracruz state on Mexico's Gulf Coast.

A day earlier she donated $50,000 to anti-domestic violence groups in the northern city of Monterrey, 435 miles north of Mexico City. "No woman has to be a victim of physical abuse," Hayek told a Mexico City news conference on Tuesday. "Women have to feel like they are not alone."

The 39-year-old works with the "Speak Out Against Domestic Violence" campaign of the Avon Foundation, which cites statistics that domestic violence affects one in three women worldwide. "Every woman who thinks she is the only victim of violence has to know that there are many more," Hayek said.

The actress was born in Coatzacoalcos and now lives in Los Angeles. She said the United States is not immune to domestic violence. "It's not worse here or there, it's a worldwide problem," she said. Attending the news conference with Hayek was Patricia Espinosa, who heads Mexico's National Women's Institute. "There has to be a complete rejection of violence against women. Zero tolerance," said Espinosa, whose institute recently sponsored a gritty anti-domestic violence campaign showing national female celebrities bruised and battered under the slogan "Hit one of us, hit all of us."

Source: AZ Central

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Oscar Dark Horses

Click here for a good article on Oscar underdogs pulling through.

Will Crash pull an upset victory over Brokeback Mountain like Shakespeare in Love did over Saving Private Ryan?

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February 15, 2006 

TomKat Splitsville?

Not true. That was Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' response Tuesday to a Valentine's Day report by Life & Style magazine claiming that the Hollywood superstar and his pregnant paramour have split up.

"It should be known that the story is 100 percent false," Arnold Robinson, a publicist for the couple, said in a statement. "Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes are still engaged and are moving forward with their wedding plans, as well as planning for the arrival of their child."

The Feb. 27 issue of the magazine, which will be on news stands Friday, says in a cover story that the public pair "plan to keep up the charade of their romance until after their baby's birth this spring." Holmes, 27, and Cruise, 43, have been engaged since June. They announced her pregnancy in October.

"Despite the malicious fallacies put forth by Life & Style magazine, the couple is looking forward to a long and happy life together as a family," Robinson said. A representative for the magazine said, "We stand 100 percent behind our story."

Sources: Yahoo and A Socialite's Life

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Brit To ER?

TMZ has obtained video of Britney Spears leaving the Malibu Urgent Care Center on Monday.

A spy told TMZ that Spears complained of stomach cramps. Yesterday afternoon, Spears' publicist told TMZ that her client was on her way home from the 'Will & Grace' set when she stopped at Urgent Care because she was coming down with a cold and not feeling well.

Source: TMZ

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Redford Says...


"To the outside world, it's a big fat market where you have people like Paris Hilton going to parties." "Now, she doesn't have anything to do with anything. I think the festival is close to being out of control."

--Robert Redford, to Newsweek, on his annual independent film event becoming "too intense" for him, and why he was not around for the festival's duration this year.

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Madonna Has Hernia

Madonna needs to stop exercising so much and twisting herself into contortions.

The 47-year-old mother-of-two went from the Grammys to Cedars Sinai hospital in L.A. last week for hernia surgery, sources say. Afterward, she appeared "pale and had no appetite."

At the L.A. Kabbalah Center Friday night, spies said Madge "didn't eat anything . . . and did not lead the prayer after dinner, as she usually does when she comes. She was unusually quiet." Worse, hubby Guy Ritchie was not at her side. A rep for Madonna said, "I have no information."

Source: New York Post

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Denise Gets Tested

Denise Richards has reportedly been tested for HIV after discovering husband Charlie Sheen cheated on her during their marriage.

The sexy actress reportedly rushed to a medical clinic for testing after discovering Sheen's infidelity. A representative for the star confirmed the actress was tested for sexually transmitted diseases at a Thousand Oaks Medical Centre in California on January 27.

A source claims Richards had a number of blood tests carried out to detect "every disease known to man" - including the potentially fatal HIV virus, according to reports in Us Weekly magazine.

Source: Female First

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Twins To Model

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen go high-end to model for Badgley Mischka's new ad campaign, due in print publications next month. It's the twins' first time promoting a brand other than their own. Says designer Mark Badgley: "We always thought that they had great personal style." Here, Mary-Kate and Ashley pose at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. "They are definitely young women who are coming into their own," says designer James Mischka about the Olsens' grown-up look and professionalism on the set.

--It's a bit of a step up from their Wal-Mart clothing line...

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Pammy Boycotts Derby

Pamela Anderson is boycotting the Kentucky Derby. The 38-year-old actress, who is an animal rights activist, says her opposition to animal cruelty in all its forms means she can never go back to the famed horse race.

"It makes me want to avoid Kentucky altogether, which is sad because there are so many great people there," Anderson said in a statement released Tuesday by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Anderson, a PETA member who attended the Derby in 2001 and 2003, has been involved in anti-fur ads and a campaign to raise awareness of what she calls abuse of chickens in processing plants that supply poultry to Louisville-based KFC.

"Like most people, I don't want to support cruelty to animals, whether it's forcing horses to race for our amusement or scalding chickens alive for our plate," Anderson said. "We have to be more evolved than this."

Last month, Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher refused Anderson's request to have a bust of KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders removed from the state Capitol. Fletcher cited Sanders as a state icon and KFC called Anderson's attack a misguided publicity stunt.

Source: New York Daily News

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Brenda Pulls An L.Lo

Shannen Doherty was involved in a car accident Monday in California that sent another driver to the hospital, her publicist has confirmed.

The Charmed star suffered bruises and a cut on her left thigh during the incident, which occurred on the Pacific Coast Highway. The actress was driving a Range Rover and making a left turn onto the busy Malibu highway at 10:17 a.m. when there was a collision with a Ford Mustang, according to Lt. Steve Wilson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The man driving the Mustang, James Warren Paul, was taken to Santa Monica Hospital, treated and released, the lieutenant said. The extent of his injuries is not known. Doherty, 34, "went in a private car to Cedars-Sinai (Medical Center). She refused to go in an ambulance," the actress's New York publicist, Leslie Sloane, tells AP. "She was examined in the emergency room for thigh bruises and cuts." Doherty "is resting and is doing fine," said Sloane, who added, "She's in pain a little bit. Her left side is a little messed up, to use her words." Wilson said investigators listed Doherty as "the party most at fault."

Source: People

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Because 10 Just Weren't Enough

Director Michael Bay and his production company, Platinum Dunes, are preparing to bring Jason Voorhees back to the mulitplexes in yet another 'Friday the 13th' movie.

The new slasher flick will be the 11th installment in the popular horror franchise and the plan is to release it on, appropriately, Friday, October 13th. The last time the horror icon made his presence known was in 2003's 'Freddy vs. Jason,' which found the masked killer battling it out with Freddy Krueger from the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' series.

Bay's Platinum Dunes also produced the 2003 remake of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' and the upcoming prequel 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.'

Source: ET

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Mizrahi Designs For Broadway

Isaac Mizrahi was a tot growing up in Brooklyn when Neil Simon's classic comedy, "Barefoot in the Park," debuted on Broadway. Now he's designed the costumes for a revival of the romantic romp.

"My goal here was not to design costumes, but to almost document what the winter of 1965 was like," Mizrahi says. "I wanted this to be as random as real life."

A challenge for the designer was to develop each character through clothing choices that best reflected the character's personality. "Clothes are part of the character. They can't but help inform who you are," says Jill Clayburgh who plays Mrs. Banks, mother of the comedy's young heroine, portrayed by Amanda Peet. Patrick Wilson plays Peet's husband in this new production, now running at the Cort Theatre.

Source: New York Daily News

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February 14, 2006 

She'll Roll Over In Her Grave

An Indian film director wants to cast Paris Hilton as the star of a new film about Mother Teresa.

Award-winning director T Rajeevnath told IANS: "My agents in California have contacted Paris Hilton." The director said he was impressed when he heard the hotel heiress had refused to strip for Playboy magazine.

"Although there are several actresses willing to play the role of Mother Teresa, the most widely respected and loved person, the history of the actress who is finally chosen for the role would have to be analyzed thoroughly before she is chosen," he added.

The English-language film will be mostly shot in West Bengal and overseas.

Source: Ananova

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V-Day Lexicon Fun

From our dear friends at Daily Candy, I bring you Valentine's Day lexicon fun:

n. an irrational fear of Valentine’s Day.

blue bawls
n. an emotional, romantic version of flirting that leaves you feeling sad and crying.

bud light
n. the blatantly cheap flower selection from a guy who needs to be dumped ASAP. (How was your V-Day? Bud light.)

n. a girl who puts out for carnations.

adj. as in, if I don’t see a ring today, he’s dead to me.

long-stem posers
n. people who send themselves flowers from a “secret admirer.”

v. to walk the thin line between love and hate. (I lote Johnny. One day he’s a dollface; the next he’s a total wanker.)

ménage à flaws
n. when you crash your friend’s Valentine’s Day date only to talk about all your relationships gone wrong.

n. public display of rejection: when your valentine takes you somewhere lovely only to break your heart in front of strangers.

Valentiny Tim
n. a man whose masculinity is put in question by his overenthusiasm for V-Day. (I mean, I don’t expect him to be a Valentiny Tim, but he could at least try to hide his total amoraphobia.)

--Enjoy! Happy V-Day to all of you!

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Robin Williams stayed warm during the blizzard by getting loads of lap dances at Scores West.

The fast-talking funnyman turned up at the West 27th Street topless temple at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday with a group of pals and proceeded to lap up dances until 5 a.m.

"He was very friendly," says Scores dancer Mackenzie. "I showed him my new boobs, and he said that they looked great." Adds Scores girl Katherine, "I was trying to dance for him, but he kept making me laugh by making funny faces and noises."

--I'm sorry, but this story makes me gag and laugh hysterically at the same time. "I showed him my new boobs?" Ha.

Source: New York Post

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Too Big For Your British Britches

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has claimed the band's next album will not just the best they have ever done - it will be the best in history.

The 28-year-old singer who is married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow, has already started writing for the new record, which will also contain the "best song ever." He says, "I think the next time we'll be everyone's band. Our next album is going to be the greatest piece of music ever made."

The band's last album, X+Y, has sold over five million copies since its release last year - Martin claimed at the time the group were "reinventing the wheel".

--I love me some Coldplay, but get over yourself, Chris.

Source: Contact Music

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Nicole's Nightclub

Socialite-turned-actress Nicole Richie is set to take on her ex-fiance as a Los Angeles club boss.

The Simple Life star is reportedly in secret negotiations to take charge of a nightclub that would be in direct competition with her former lover Adam Goldstein's trendy Lax. An insider tells magazine In Touch that Richie is keen to become a club co-owner after seeing DJ Goldstein's venue take off last year.

The source says, "She wants a piece of the action." According to the publication, Richie has been scouting possible locations and touring available industrial spaces in Hollywood. Her plans will also rival those of former best friend Paris Hilton, who has nightclub ventures in Las Vegas, Nevada and Miami, Florida. Hilton is also in negotiations to take over a club in London.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Penn Died of Enlarged Heart

Reservoir Dogs actor Chris Penn died accidentally from an enlarged heart and the effects of a combination of various medications, according to autopsy and toxicology tests.

The Los Angeles coroner's office released a statement late Monday, confirming the reasons behind the shock death of Sean Penn's younger brother in his Santa Monica, California, apartment on January 24. The tests labeled the primary causes of death as "nonspecific cardiomyopathy" (an oversized heart) with the "effects of multiple medication intake."

Chief coroner investigator Craig Harvey says, "There is absolutely no indication that this is anything but an accident. We know he had several prescriptions, including promethazine with codeine, which featured predominantly in his death. We don't know how much he ingested or when. There are a lot of 'what ifs' to be factored in." Chris, 40, starred in hit films Rush Hour, Starsky & Hutch, True Romance and The Funeral, for which he won the Volpi Cup at the 1996 Venice Film Festival.

Source: IMDB

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Creed lead singer Scott Stapp was arrested Saturday at LAX on charges that he was drunk in a public place (Penal Code, Section 647).

Police sources say that Stapp tried to board a plane yesterday but was allegedly so drunk that airline personnel would not let him on. Sources say Stapp was "antagonistic, boisterous and pissed off." Stapp was taken to LAPD's Van Nuys division and demanded a blood-alcohol test. He blew a .18, more than twice the legal limit.

Stapp's arrest in LA came just one day after his marriage in Miami. His bride is Jaclyn Nesheiwat. Unclear if she was at the airport during the arrest. Stapp must appear on March 8 for arraignment.

Source: TMZ

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Spears To Flash People At Mardi Gras

Louisiana native daughter Britney Spears will celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans later this month as the devastated city continues to revive – and revert to its old, partying ways.

Spears will join ABC's Good Morning America on Feb. 28 when the morning show broadcasts live from the Big Easy.

"I am honored to be a part of the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans this year," the pop star, 24, said in a statement Monday. "It is so important for this amazing city to continue its annual traditions and I am really looking forward to being involved."

The network, in its own announcement, said that Spears – who grew up in Kentwood, La., and has participated in fundraisers for victims of Hurricane Katrina – will bring "surprises for a group of very deserving young residents." The Mardi Gras parade season lasts from Feb. 18-28. Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras Day, is Feb. 28.

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Judge Judy Marks 10th Year

Judith Sheindlin, familiarly known as television's Judge Judy, fixes the lawbreaker with her trademark brace-yourself-buddy glare.

"You're drinking my tea?" she says to Jerry Sheindlin, her husband of 29 years, who's lunching alongside her during a production break on her court show. Not bothering to appeal, he stops pouring from her cup into his and returns the property to its rightful owner.

For Judy Sheindlin, marking her 10th season as the star of one of TV's top-rated syndicated shows, watched by 10 million people daily, enforcing justice is a full-time job. Her grandchildren may enjoy some slack; all others, watch out.

That unforgiving approach to small-claims disputes culled from courts nationwide is what draws viewers. When Phil McGraw barks at an errant spouse or parent on "Dr. Phil," he's reflecting the influence of Sheindlin's decade of TV toughness. "Accept responsibility for what you do in everything," the former New York family court judge said in an interview. She was referring to her own expectation of how judges should behave and, in a more expansive view, the world.

At one point, she interrupts herself to search her purse for a stash of newspaper clippings, reports on a series of violent deaths of New York children that have raised questions about city government oversight. "All these articles, you know who they blame? They blame the Administration for Children's Services. Now, I'm not absolving them. ... But that's not where the fault is, really," she said. "The people who are supposed to protect children are their parents."

Source: New York Daily News

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February 13, 2006 

Janet's Trimming Down

We're all about to see a lot less of Janet Jackson - literally.

The pop queen bulked up over the last year but has been given her marching orders by her label, Virgin, to lose the weight by September - or it won't release her album. "Janet had a really bad year," a spy said. "After the incident at the Super Bowl [two years ago], it just went downhill. Her album 'Damita Jo' was a flop. Then her brother Michael had the child-molestation trial - it just wasn't good to her."

Jackson found solace in food and, as recent photos will attest, has packed on the pounds. "This new album is supposed to be pretty good, but Virgin feels it can't market it without Janet being back in fighting form, so they have hired her a personal trainer and put her on a diet. She has to lose at least 20 pounds." But a pal said: "Janet always gains weight when she's not working - and always loses it in time to promote her albums. Janet always takes care of it when it matters."

Source: New York Post. Pic from A Socialite's Life

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You're not fooling anyone, Nicole...

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So Romantic

Pop star Pink finally proposed to husband Carey Hart when she realized she couldn't get rid of him.

The volatile singer tried to leave the motocross rider repeatedly during their stormy courtship - but resistance was futile. And the star quickly discovered his determination to stay put was a good thing.

She says, "I had tried to kick him out eight times but he never went anywhere." "That says consistency and loyalty so I thought, screw it! Marry me."

--Yeah. I know when I picture the day I get engaged, I envision a guy saying, "Screw it! Marry me!"

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Rogers Likes Nip/Tuck

The Gambler isn't what he used to be.

Kenny Rogers, who is almost unrecognizable after years of plastic surgery, told "The Insider" correspondent Kathie Lee Gifford: "Dolly [Parton] used to laugh. She's, like, 'Oh, my God! Kenny's gone to Jiffy Suck again.' I always wanted to look my best, and I do think that is an obsessive compulsion. Here's what I've learned: If you tell people, nobody cares. If you hide it, people are going to make more out of if than it was."

Rogers, who's been married five times, also revealed, "I've never had a prenup in my life, and I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do it, and it's damn near wrecked me."

Source: New York Post

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MSNBC highlights the Top 5 Worst Valentine's Day gifts. They are:

Lingerie--This all depends.

Gas-station flowers--Seriously, guys. We can tell the difference. Be different. Go with something besides roses every once in awhile.

Gym membership--Not the day to remind us we could lose a few. Use some tact, even if it kills you.

Clichéd jewelry--I know others disagree, but I so agree with this. There's nothing that makes me want to vom more than heart-shaped jewelry. I don't care if it IS the Tiffany heart-shaped necklace. It's still hokey.

Household goods--Not unless asked for. And even then, think about what would really spoil her, but that she won't ask for, and buy that instead.

Oh, and don't get your boxer-briefs all in a bunch on this, boys. My advice of creativity and not taking the easy way out applies to a lady's gift-giving to a man as well.

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NBC Launches Idol-Like Show

With Fox’s “American Idol” showing no sign of going flat, NBC announced it’s planning a singing competition based on a 50-year-old European show that helped launch the careers of Celine Dion and ABBA.

The U.S. version of “Eurovision Song Contest” will combine broadcast and online elements, NBC said Friday. As with “American Idol,” which itself was patterned on the hit British series “Pop Idol,” the winner will receive a recording contract. “‘Eurovision’ is the granddaddy of all talent shows and the Super Bowl of singing,” Ben Silverman, chairman of series producer Reveille, said in a statement.

As described by the network, the show will include an online competition to find singers from each state, with the winners advancing to the broadcast series to vie for the title. Voting will be in the hands of viewers. Further details on the series, which will feature amateurs and professionals and solo act or group acts, are in development, NBC said.

In 1974, ABBA won the “Eurovision” contest for Sweden with “Waterloo.” Dion won for Switzerland in 1988 and Olivia Newton-John competed for the United Kingdom in 1974. In 1958, an Italian singer performed the show’s most widely recorded song, “Volare,” NBC said. No air date for the NBC series was announced.

Source: MSNBC

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Slater Refiles Divorce Papers

Actor Christian Slater is seeking joint custody of his 4-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son, according to refiled divorce papers.

The documents, filed Friday in Superior Court, also indicate that Slater wants to divide property under terms of a written agreement between himself and estranged wife Ryan Haddon. Those terms were not disclosed.

Slater, 36, first filed papers last February to end his marriage to the television producer, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple married on Valentine's Day in 2000. They separated on Jan. 1, 2004, according to the new papers. The original papers said they separated on Jan. 5, 2005.

Source: Yahoo

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Jaws author Peter Benchley died in his Princeton, New Jersey home on Saturday night. He was 65.

The writer, whose 1974 best-selling novel was adapted into Steven Spielberg's movie blockbusters, died from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a progressive and a fatal scarring of the lungs, his widow Wendy confirmed. Despite his novel turning sharks into objects of fear for millions of people around the world, the author was a long-time campaigner for the conservation of the sea creatures.

Wendy says, "Spielberg certainly made the most superb movie; Peter was very pleased. But Peter kept telling people the book was fiction, it was a novel, and that he no more took responsibility for the fear of sharks than Mario Puzo took responsibility for the Mafia." Benchley is survived by three children and five grandchildren.

Source: IMDB

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Brangelina To Live in Paris?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are starting a new life in France after setting up home there, according to an entertainment show.

Access Hollywood reports the couple, who are expecting their first child together in the summer, are living in a Paris apartment with their adopted children Maddox and Zahara.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Franklin Cover, who became a familiar face as George and Louise Jefferson's white neighbor in the long-running TV sitcom "The Jeffersons," has died, his publicist said Thursday. He was 77.

Cover died of pneumonia Sunday at the Lillian Booth Actor's Fund of America home in Englewood, N.J., said publicist Dale Olson. He had been living at the home since December 2005 while recuperating from a heart condition.

In his nearly six decades in show business, Cover made numerous appearances on television shows, including "The Jackie Gleason Show," "All in the Family," "Who's the Boss?" "Will & Grace," "Living Single," "Mad About You" and "ER."

Source: Foxnews

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Barker Fights For Elephants

Bob Barker pleaded with city officials to close the Los Angeles Zoo's pachyderm exhibit and allow its three elephants to retire to a sanctuary.

Appearing jovial when he arrived at Friday's City Council meeting, the veteran game show host and longtime animal rights activist turned serious when he began to talk about the zoo's elephants, Gita, Ruby and Billy. "I came here today to ask, to beg you ... to vote to release those elephants from that zoo," Barker said. "They have lived in misery."

Gita and Ruby are ill, leaving only Billy on display. A fourth elephant, Tara, died in 2004. Several zoos nationwide, including San Francisco's, have closed their elephant exhibits.

Barker denounced plans to build a 2-acre, $19 million exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo that supporters say would provide a spacious and more natural environment for the elephants. The 82-year-old host of "The Price is Right" said it was too costly and would likely be obsolete by the time it is completed. The exhibit was not an issue on the council's agenda and no vote was taken. "There's only one solution to the tragic, the embarrassing elephant problem going on at (the zoo), and it's to release those elephants from captivity and place them in a sanctuary," Barker said.

Source: Yahoo

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February 10, 2006 


Looks like wise parents Brit and K-Fed are practicing how to teach little SPF how to count.

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Nick Lachey's publicists are furiously denying a magazine report suggesting the pop hunk is dating his ex-wife Jessica Simpson's best friend and assistant.

Lachey, who has recently been linked romantically to former beauty queen Lizzie Arnold, has now been spotted in the arms of CaCee Cobb, according to US magazine Life & Style.

In its new issue, the publication claims the couple was spotted getting cozy at Los Angeles' Level 3 nightclub last week as onlookers gasped in astonishment. One reveler says, "Nick had his arms wrapped around her, and he was kissing her all over the side of her face and neck. Her arms were around him, too. We were watching in total disbelief. We kept waiting for them to rip each other's clothes off."

The revelers felt Cobb should not have been cavorting with her best friend's ex in such a public place. One fumes, "There may be nothing going on between them, but it was inappropriate behavior. Everyone was like, 'Wow, what are they thinking?'" But Lachey's representatives are strongly denying rumors of a romance between their client and Cobb, insisting, "Nick and CaCee are friends, that's it."

Source: IMDB

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Page Six The Magazine

Page Six The Magazine took the city by storm yesterday, as nearly a million copies of the 76-page glossy were delivered to Post readers in their morning newspaper.

"It's fantastic," Kelly Ripa told Regis Philbin. "They should do it every week." Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein said, "The magazine looks great. Congratulations on a job well-done." Tina Brown, who turned Vanity Fair into a success and then transformed The New Yorker, said, "Raced through it cover- to-cover this morning and my 15-year-old daughter gave it total thumbs up, devouring it on the way to school. It's really lively, sharp and fun." Vogue's Andre Leon Talley clutched a copy at the Bryant Park tents and said, "I'm going to read it cover- to-cover tonight."

Source: Page Six

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Cox Pregs?

Courtney Cox, 41, is pregnant reports Life & Style Weekly Magazine, but the former 'Friends' star is worried her age might age might cause complications.

"We're expecting a child, but she doesn't need the pressure of everyone watching us," hubby David Arquette, 34, told an inside source. "She's not that far along, but she has it in her head that there might be problems. You can never tell until after three months. It's scary enough as it is. I just wish it hadn't gotten out. The problem is most times the media knows before you do."

Courteney's rep denies the pregnancy, but another close insider confirms the pregnancy and adds: "She's very concerned."

Source: AZ Central

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Sure To Win An Oscar

Hollywood beauty Pamela Anderson will make a cameo appearance in the forthcoming movie spin-off of TV show Baywatch.

Anderson, who starred in the lifeguard soap in the early 1990s, is being lined up by David Hasselhoff to appear in the big screen version alongside other Baywatch cast mates, who are yet to be confirmed but could include Carmen Electra, Erika Eleniak, Yasmine Bleeth and Traci Bingham.

The movie's director Eli Roth says, "Pammy and the original girls will most likely do cameos in the movie. For the main cast, they want to go with a new crop of hotties. The other producers spoke to Pamela about it and she said she'd love to do a cameo. For me, it just wouldn't be Baywatch without her." Hasselhoff adds, "The film will be set in different locations around the world. There will be lifeguards who are also sent on crime-busting sprees."

Source: IMDB

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Mena's New Man

American Beauty actress Mena Suvari is single no more.

For "almost two months" she has been dating Mike "Murda" Carrasco, a 23-year-old professional breakdancer who is part of Knucklehead Zoo, a Las Vegas-based troupe, she says. Asked where they met, Suvari, 26, answered, "at an event, at battle of the year," which Carrasco explained is "like the World Cup of breakdancing, and the USA qualifications were in Los Angeles, and we won that." "They win all the time," Suvari interjected proudly.

What the two of them won't be doing, however, is dancing all the time. She refuses. "He's such a good dancer, I'm extremely embarrassed," she says. As for their first date, Carrasco was a total gentleman, who didn't even try for a good-night kiss. "We just had dinner, had sushi," she said. "I gave him a hug and I was like, bye."

One thing that Suvari found really found attractive about Carrasco: "He didn't know anything about me," she said. "Nothing. He didn't know who I was or anything."

Source: People

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JT's Street Cred

Justin Timberlake confused bilingual audiences when a false tattoo he donned for his role in new film Alpha Dog took on an unintended translation.

The pop star-turned-actor used faux body art to enhance the realism of his onscreen portrayal of a drug dealer. However, his street credibility took a dive when one inked Chinese symbol was translated to mean "ice skating".

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Wedding Bells

Actress Neve Campbell is engaged to British actor John Light.

To propose, Light, 31, got down on his knee and recited Shakespeare to Campbell, 32. The pair have not yet set a date for their nuptials.

Campbell is best known for her role as Julia Salinger on the family drama Party of Five and starred in all three Scream films. Light starred in the HBO film The Lion in Winter, and also appeared in the miniseries Band of Brothers.

This will be the second marriage for Campbell, who split from Canadian actor Jeff Colt in 1997 after 2 1/2 years of marriage.

Source: People

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Casting News

Tom Hanks has agreed to star in Talk of the Town.

The film is written by My Big Fat Greek Wedding's Nia Vardalos. The idea for the film came from Hanks himself, reports Variety.

Vardalos said: "Tom will play a man who is forced into a career change when he least expects it." Hanks next film, The Da Vinci Code, will be released on May 19.

Source: Ananova

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Katie v. Pigeons

And you thought Dan Rather was too weird to be an anchor. Katie Couric, the preternaturally perky co-host of NBC's Today show and the leading candidate to be the next anchor of The CBS Evening News, Wednesday launched a strange and obsessive on-camera discourse on . . . well, pigeon poop.

Couric, hosting Today from the Winter Olympics in Italy, alertly noticed that the city has pigeons and decided to score a major scoop by feeding them on the air. But when she held up a handful of bird feed, a bunch of the pigeons ungraciously repaid her with a hailstorm of Pigeon No. 2, also on the air.

"Sometimes you're the pigeon, sometimes you're the statue," observed Couric, an aphorism likely to stand right up there with "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" in the annals of television journalism.

Source: AZ Central

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February 09, 2006 


The buzz is that Tom Cruise wants his wife-to-be to focus on being a wife and a mother — not on her career. He also reportedly wants her to avoid the spotlight for a while.

I’ve got Katie tucked away, so no one will get to us until my child is born and until I want them to,” Cruise recently told “a friend” according to the new issue of Life & Style Weekly.

What’s more, according to the mag, the friend claims Cruise doesn’t want a repeat of his marriage to Nicole Kidman; the couple had two adopted children and also tended to their careers.

“I said [Katie's] life from now on was going to be about being a mother,” Cruise allegedly said. “I’m not giving her the chance to turn into another Nicole.” Cruise’s rep denies the story.

Source: MSNBC

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Jay To Do New Album

"Retired" rapper Jay-Z, who now toils as president of music label Def Jam, has industry sources snickering - because it seems the narcissistic hip-hop mogul can't stand life out of the recording booth.

One music business insider in L.A. for the Grammys snipes, "The big gossip of the Grammys is about Jay-Z. After saying he was going to retire when he became president of Def Jam so he wouldn't compete with other artists on his label, he has a record coming out in June. To make matters worse, Dr. Dre is producing the record, which is huge because Dre hasn't produced an album in years. Dre is on rival label Interscope, and while Def Jam and Interscope are both under the Universal umbrella, people have their noses out of joint. This album will be huge. But first of all, Jay is not using a Def Jam producer, and second of all, he will be competing with his own artists. Not cool. His ego is so big he can't not release an album. He is a president of a label and should not be doing this."

Source: New York Post

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Cattrall To Join Wisteria Lane Cast?

Kim Cattrall is reportedly joining the cast of 'Desperate Housewives', according to published reports.

The "Porky's" actress - who played Samantha Jones on "Sex and the City" - will guest star as Edie Britt's sex-crazed sister on the hit TV show. According to Britain's News of the World, the star's character will be even more outrageous than the catty Edie.

Source: The Post Chronicle

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Sorry, Linds

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has laughed off singer/actress Lindsay Lohan's claims she will front the fashion house's next advertising campaign, insisting she is too immature.

In December star boasted she had won a lucrative contract with the fashion giant, following supermodel Kate Moss' dismissal over allegations of drug abuse.

But chief designer Lagerfield insists the label needs more sophisticated icons, such as film star Nicole Kidman - who advertises signature scent Chanel Number 5. The 67-year-old tells New York Magazine, "I prefer Nicole Kidman and that generation."

Source: Contact Music

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Grammy Winners

Click here for the complete list of last night's Grammy winners.

--What's the over/under on how many days it will take Kanye to bitch about only winning 3?

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Damon and Affleck To Do Movie

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are teaming up once again to co-star in a new fact-based court drama, according to Daily Variety.

The pair will play lawyers who spent 15 years overturning a murder conviction in the case of a death-row inmate. The as-yet untitled project marks the first time they have appeared together in a film since 1999's 'Dogma.'

Source: ET

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Fiennes Separates From Partner

Two-time Oscar nominee Ralph Fiennes and longtime partner Francesca Annis have separated, lawyers for the actress said.

The announcement came after the Mail on Sunday newspaper reported that Fiennes had had an affair with a Romanian singer. "Ms. Annis confirms today that she and Ralph Fiennes are to separate," said a statement issued Tuesday by her law firm, Schillings.

Fiennes, 43, and Annis, 61, met while starring in a 1995 stage production of "Hamlet," in which Fiennes played the title role and Annis played his mother. Fiennes was married to actress Alex Kingston at the time, while Annis had three children with photographer Patrick Wiseman.

--For those of you who don't know, Alex Kingston played Elizabeth Corday on ER.

Source: Yahoo

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Adult contemporary crooner Barry Manilow topped the chart this week with his American classics collection The Greatest Songs of the Fifties.

The compilation, in the vein of Rod Stewart's successful Great American Songbook series, sold 156,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. While this marks the Brooklyn native's eighth Top Ten album on the pop chart, it is only his second Number One in a three-decade career.

In second place is R&B diva Mary J. Blige's former chart-topper The Breakthrough (123,000), up two spots. The other R&B blockbuster of the moment, Jamie Foxx's on-and-off chart-topper Unpredictable, dropped one spot to Number Four (95,000). And R&B newcomer Heather Headley, formerly the star of the Elton John musicals The Lion King and Aida, saw her sophomore effort, In My Mind, bow at Number Five (95,000). This is a big leg up for the Trinidad native: Her debut, 2002's This Is Who I Am, barely cracked the Top Forty.

--I have to say, I never thought Barry would be #1 again.

Source: Rolling Stone

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Daytime Emmy Nominations

The Daytime Emmy Awards are going to Hollywood, with Ellen DeGeneres and "The Young and the Restless" leading the way.

Held annually in New York for 32 years, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is taking the show West. It will be held at the Kodak Theatre on April 28, televised by ABC.

DeGeneres, whose hit daytime series won best talk show in the last two years while she won best talk show host last year, was nominated again in both categories Wednesday. She benefits from the absence of daytime queen Oprah Winfrey, who stopped participating after winning for several years.

CBS' "The Young and the Restless" earned a leading 18 Daytime Emmy nominations, including best soap opera, even though no one in its cast was nominated in the lead acting categories. "General Hospital," which has won eight Daytime Emmys as best soap opera, was nominated again. It will vie with "The Young and the Restless," "Guiding Light" and "As the World Turns."

Nominees for lead actor in a daytime drama: Maurice Benard and Anthony Geary of "General Hospital," Robert Newman and Ron Raines of "Guiding Light" and Thorsten Kaye of "All My Children."

Two other "Guiding Light" cast members - Beth Ehlers and Kim Zimmer - earned best actress nominations. They'll compete against Bobbie Eakes of "All My Children," Susan Flannery of "The Bold and the Beautiful" and Kelly Monaco of "General Hospital."

Meredith Vieira has the chance for an unusual double win: She's nominated for best game show host for "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and best talk show host as part of "The View" ensemble. "The View" was also nominated for best talk show, along with DeGeneres' series, "Live with Regis & Kelly" and "Dr. Phil." Good thing for its hosts - because the nominations were announced live on "The View."

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences also said it would honor Carroll Spinney, whom children know better as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, with its lifetime achievement award.

Source: New York Daily News

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February 08, 2006 

Who Needs a Baby Seat?

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) are to investigate Britney Spears after pictures were taken of her driving through Malibu, California with her baby son on her lap.

Spears claimed she took off without putting her son Sean Preston in his rear babyseat because she was suddenly hounded by paparazzi during a coffee break. But the DCFS and California police officials are taking a very dim view of Spears' decision to drive off with her baby on her lap.

It is illegal under California law to drive with a child as young as Sean Preston not restrained in a recognized baby seat, and Britney can expect a $270 fine at the very least. Malibu Deputy Sheriff Mark Winn visited Spears at home yesterday afternoon, to set the wheels in motion for the DCFS investigation. Dcfs officials are refusing to comment about the investigation.

Source: IMDB

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Brady Joins 8 Mile High Club

It looks like former Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady has called it off with his love of two years, Bridget Moynahan.

Spies said Brady was in Detroit over the weekend and "acting very single - going out to the parties and hitting on a lot of women." Usher also scored at Playboy's Super Saturday "8 Mile High Club" party with Playboy's Miss April 2005, Courtney Culkin.

Source: New York Post

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Baring It All For VF

With award season still under way, Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley are exchanging ballgowns for birthday suits.

Under the artful eye of photographer Annie Leibovitz, the starlets posed nude for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine's yearly Hollywood issue, to be released today.

Fashion superstar Tom Ford also appears on the cover photo, though he stuck with a more traditional suit -- one of black fabric.

--You may be asking yourself, "Why a clothed Tom Ford?" He stepped in when a nervous Rachel McAdams backed out.

Source: Egotastic and Foxnews

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Give Her a Chance!

Notorious Hollywood party girl Tara Reid is begging the media to give her a chance to save her movie career, instead of portraying her as a drunk reveller.

The actress insists the reputation given her by America's tabloids is beginning to affect her movie career - because Hollywood bigwigs believe everything they read about her. And she'd like the top magazines and tabloids to start focusing on the more positive things about her in an effort to help her climb back onto directors' wish lists.

She says, "I work really hard. I don't just party. I work with charities, and I'm a huge family girl. I'm with my family every Sunday." "I just bought my parents a house on the beach, three houses from mine." "I'm sensitive, and I care what people write about me. I don't like that they make me look like an idiot. I'm not an idiot. I'm smart. I'm a lot smarter than people realize."

"I just want to act again. I'm more than they're letting me be. I need a chance. If I get that chance, people will see."

Source: Teen Hollywood

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"I Didn't Ask For Them!"

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora were working through a rough patch in their marriage, due mostly to the strife of two busy careers. Then, sources say, a suggestive e-mail sent to Sambora by an acquaintance of the couple became a final straw in Locklear's decision to seek a divorce.

Locklear found the e-mail, which contained "provocative pictures" of the female, a close friend of the pair says. Though the woman had long been "a sore subject," says the source, Locklear never thought she and Sambora had actually been "romantic." Whatever conclusions Locklear has now drawn from the photos, they were, her friend believes, the deciding factor. "She's devastated," says the friend. "Absolutely devastated."

Sambora, meanwhile, is as upset by the photos as Locklear, according to their friend: "Richie's saying nothing ever happened, that he never asked for the pictures."

Source: People

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Mariah Eats With Bib

Mariah Carey says she likes eating in bed while wearing a bib.

The singer says she doesn't like eating in public and works hard to maintain her figure. The 35-year-old singer tells Marie Claire she doesn't want to be a "skinny twig," but she's "bad with the weight thing." She adds: "I go up and down really quickly, because I am a muscular person. People don't know that I have well-defined biceps and these could easily become weird bodybuilder arms."

Revealing her penchant for wearing a bib while eating in bed, Mariah says, "I am just like, 'Whatever, nobody is looking at me for once!' "That's why I don't really like to eat in public. When people say, 'Mariah never eats in public,' I'm like, 'You're right.' "

Source: Ananova

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Apprentice 5 Cast

Click here to meet the new Apprentice 5cast.

1 -- ANDREA A self-made multimillionaire, the 31-year-old owns five companies, including an online wedding-planning service.
2 -- SUMMER The 30-year-old Californian worked her way up from minimum-wage jobs to owning her own eatery.
3 -- THERESA The 36-year-old psychotherapist also heads a real-estate design and development firm.
4 -- PEPI The first Hispanic to be Florida college student of the year, the attorney, 25, devotes a lot of his time to such charitable efforts as Habitat for Humanity.
5 -- BRENT Originally from Toronto, the 30-year-old newlywed is an attorney who works in the insur­ance industry.
6 -- BRYCE Four years ago, at age 24, he cofounded his own high-end residential building company.
7 -- TAREK The Mensa member grew up in a housing project and won a scholarship to an elite prep school. Now 27, he's a marketing man­ager at a Fortune 500 company.
8 --STACY A former reporter, she traded in her press card for a law degree and, at 38, is now a New York City public defender.
9 -- LEE This year's youngest candidate at 22, the Cornell University graduate devises business strategies for both large companies and government agencies.
10 -- ALLIE She may have been a Florida Gators cheerleader, but the 30-year-old is also a summa cum laude grad with a Harvard MBA.
11 -- LESLIE A former champion swimmer and college volleyball and tennis player, she's now a 28-year-old real-estate agent involved in multimillion-dollar deals.
12 -- DAN Among the companies founded by this 31-year-old entrepreneur: a wholesale bakery, a hat manufacturer and a brand of activewear.
13 -- CHARMAINE Raised in a small town in Kentucky, this 27-year-old is an area manager for a real-estate warranty firm in Nashville.
14 -- LENNY In the 13 years since he left Uzbekistan, the Soviet Army vet, 37, has gone from janitor to restaurateur to stockbroker, and now runs a medical trading company.
15 -- TAMMY A vice president at a major investment firm, Tammy, 33, is also founder and CEO of a company that designs stylish briefcases for women.
16 -- MICHAEL He earns his living as a mergers and acquisitions consul­tant, but the Chicagoan, 29, gets his thrills from snowboarding and motorcycling.
17 -- SEAN Born and raised in London, the Miami-based 33-year-old is the top-ranking salesperson at his recruitment consulting firm and the recent recipient of a U.S. green card for "persons of extraordinary ability."
18 -- ROXANNE Inspired by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, she clerked for Texas Supreme Court justices before becoming an appellate attorney. Now 26, she moonlights as a Jazzercise instructor in Austin.

Source: Just Jared

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Crazed Jen Fan Lashes Out At Angelina

A devotee of former Friends star Jennifer Aniston flew into a rage when she discovered the actress' love rival, Angelina Jolie, was dining at a nearby table in Berlin, Germany and attempted to beat her up.

The angry fan was dining at Berlin's Nola restaurant when she spotted Jolie dining with her boyfriend Brad Pitt over the weekend. According to website the fan approached Jolie and Pitt, screaming, "Where is that home-wrecking Angelina?"

Bodyguards held the woman back while Pitt and Jolie made a hasty exit.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Casting News

Jake Gyllenhaal is being touted as Gotham City district attorney Harvey Dent in the next Batman sequel, along with Paul Bettany, who may play the Joker.

Gyllenhaal would play Gotham City's good-guy lawyer, who mutates into his alter-ego, Two-Face, in the third film. In the sequel, Batman would team with Harvey Dent to destroy the Joker, according to

Director Chris Nolan is set to return, along with Christian Bale, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine.

Source: Contact Music

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February 07, 2006 

Witherspoon Paparazzo Found Dead

A paparazzo who was charged with battery and child endangerment after attempting to get a photo of Reese Witherspoon and her children at a Disney theme park has been found dead.

Friends of photographer Todd Wallace discovered his body in his Brentwood, California apartment, but his identity couldn't be confirmed because of the state of the body. Witherspoon was celebrating her daughter Ava's sixth birthday at Disney's California Adventure, along with a group of children, when Wallace attempted to take pictures of them last September.

When the group declined to be photographed, Wallace became enraged, shoving one child and hitting another with his camera in an attempt to get shots of the star. Two theme park employees attempted to restrain the irate photographer, and he reportedly struck them, while cursing at Witherspoon and causing some of the children to burst into tears.

Wallace was subsequently charged with six misdemeanor charges and pleaded innocent in October. After Wallace failed to show up at a bail hearing in December a judge issued a warrant for his arrest. The photographer was also scheduled to be arraigned December 27 on an unrelated charge of petty theft but it is unclear from court records whether he attended.

Source: IMDB

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Jack Black's Time In A Sex Cult

Wild child Jack Black grew up in a sex cult where his father and mother were in a nightly menage a trois. And all in the naturist commune were urged to go naked all the time.

"My parents met this other woman who ended up coming and living with us. In the same bed," the "King Kong" star tells GQ. Joining the Family Synergy preserve, Black says, was his parents' attempt to save their troubled marriage. Instead, his jealous mother would beat up his father's girlfriend: "It was a meltdown."

Source: New York Post

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Clarkson Talks About Contracts

Like the critics, Kelly Clarkson was less than thrilled with her 2003 movie musical From Justin to Kelly - and she wants people to know that she had no choice in the matter.

"Two words: Contractually obligated!" the first American Idol winner told Time magazine for its issue on newsstands Monday.

"I knew when I read the script it was going to be real, real bad, but when I won, I signed that piece of paper, and I could not get out of it," said the 23-year-old singer, whose second album, Breakaway, contains four top 10 hits and earned her two Grammy nominations. "Seriously, I never thought I could act, but I knew I could sing. Not to sound cocky, but I can."

If Clarkson seems charmed lately, she says it's largely due to her own insistence on independence. "To be totally honest, the problem was I wanted to write a lot of my own songs on Breakaway. Nobody else wanted me to," she told Time. "So there was a big ol' fight." Clarkson ended up writing or co-writing six tracks, including one bona fide hit, Behind These Hazel Eyes.

Source: Jam!

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Fey To Have Own Show

"Saturday Night Live" star Tina Fey is reaching into the roster of the late-night comedy to cast her new, semi-autobiographical sitcom.

Rachel Dratch, an "SNL" regular, is the latest to join the cast of Fey's yet-to-be-titled pilot about the head writer on a variety show. The pilot for NBC is slated to be filmed in early spring and, if it is picked up by the network, will be based in New York.

Fey, who is writing and executive producing the show, will keep her job as head writer at "Saturday Night Live" and "Weekend Update" anchor. But, sources say, it has been hard for NBC to work around the women's grueling work schedule - including Fey's duties as a new mom.

Tracy Morgan, another "SNL" alum, is expected to join the cast of the new half-hour comedy, which is under serious consideration for NBC's fall schedule.

Source: New York Post

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Roseanne On George

Roseanne Barr says George Clooney does impressions of Groucho Marx - with his penis.

She told Attitude magazine: "One night we were all drunk, John Goodman took a picture of George naked with Groucho Marx glasses over his private area and we used to have that on the fridge on the Roseanne show with a magnet on top of it." "But someone stole it. I always check to see if it's on eBay, all of us do, but somebody must have just thrown it away because it's never shown up."

Roseanne also admits she developed a crush on George when they worked together on her sitcom. She revealed: "He a great person, he was so fun and funny. I thought he was handsome but I didn't know he was going to be this huge. "He was always George to me. More than being gorgeous, he is so funny it's unbelievable."

Source: Ananova

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Glenn Close Marries

Glenn Close has married her beau, David Shaw.

The actress, who most recently starred on The Shield, was hitched in a small, private ceremony in Maine on Friday, her spokeswoman, Catherine Olim, confirmed. Close, 58, has been nominated for five Oscars, most recently for Dangerous Liaisons in 1989. She has a 17-year-old daughter, Annie, from a previous union. This is Close's third marriage.

Source: People

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Keep It Together

Nick Lachey's new single, "What's Left of Me," portrays the singer as a bruised and heartbroken guy after his publicized split with Jessica Simpson, reports the New York Daily News.

"I watch my life pass me by in a rearview mirror," sings an angst-ridden Lachey. "Stuck in the shadow of my mistakes . . . Now I'm broken and I'm fading, I'm half the man I thought I would be." The song, which premiered on AOL, is the first musical offering from either artist since their Thanksgiving separation.

--Keep it together, man.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Best Dressed

She's shrunk so much she reportedly buys kids' clothing these days. Yet Nicole Richie is still admired for her classy dress sense. She's the year's highest climber in Glamour's annual style list, up 33 places to no.4.

Kate Moss topped the list - printed in the March edition of the magazine - for the third year running. She was closely followed by style rival Sienna Miller, in second for the second year. Another big style loser was the Manolo Blahnik-wearing Sarah Jessica Parker, who slumped from three to no.14.

There were 15 new entries, including Mariah Carey (48), Charlotte Church (42), Reese Witherspoon (34), Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria (29), burlesque performer Dita Von Teese (28) and The OC's Rachel Bilson (13). The most stylish couple were the Beckhams, with Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody at no.2 and Jude and Sienna at three. The worst-dressed couple crown went to Jordan and Peter Andre.

Glamour's top 20 best-dressed women:

1 Kate Moss 2 Sienna Miller 3 Victoria Beckham 4 Nicole Richie 5 Halle Berry 6 Charlize Theron 7 Jennifer Aniston 8 Mischa Barton 9 Catherine Zeta-Jones 10 Nicole Kidman 11 Gwen Stefani 12 Angelina Jolie 13 Rachel Bilson 14 Sarah Jessica Parker 15 Beyonce Knowles 16 Jennifer Lopez 17 Gwyneth Paltrow 18 Kirsten Dunst 19 Rachel Stevens 20 Cate Blanchett

Source: Ananova

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Bobbi Brown's Chocolate Bars

Cosmetics maven Bobbi Brown may be known for her natural makeup for eyes and lips, but her fall collection is intended to appeal to another body part entirely -- the tongue.

In a first for the cosmetics company, Bobbi Brown will offer specially designed chocolate bars with its line of chocolate-coloured eye and lip shades for fall, said founder and chief executive officer Bobbi Brown in an interview.

The cosmetics firm, a subsidiary of beauty and fragrance company Estee Lauder Cos., has struck a deal with luxury chocolate maker Vosges. Vosges shops, located in Las Vegas, New York and Chicago, will sell some Bobbi Brown makeup next to its chocolates, while Bobbi Brown will offer the healthy "Beauty Bar" to shoppers on its Web site after it officially launches its new line, Brown said.

"I love dark chocolate," she said. "It's a no-brainer."

Source: Yahoo

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February 06, 2006 

Brangelina Update

It looks like we won't be seeing Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt walking up the aisle after all. The rumors have been rife since news of her pregnancy and his adoption of her children Maddox and Zahara.

But Ange is adamant that she'll never marry Brad. She told tabloid The Globe: "We will never marry... Brad is going through a divorce and I've been divorced twice, so it's not something we're considering."

Meanwhile speculation continues about where the new family will call home. The Daily Mirror reported that Ange is selling her Buckinghamshire estate, in the UK, in favor of returning to the US. But Us Weekly claims that France and Rome are on the house-hunting list.

UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina has also revealed to a TV station that she gives away one third of her money to Third World causes. She said: "It's the best money I ever spend."

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Shooting Leaves Busta's Bodyguard Killed

A star-studded music video shoot was interrupted by gunfire that killed a bodyguard for rapper Busta Rhymes, police said.

Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes and G-Unit members including Lloyd Banks were scheduled to be filming on a ninth-floor soundstage when violence erupted outside the Brooklyn building early Sunday, said police Sgt. Kevin Farrell.

Israel Ramirez, 29, was killed with a single shot to the chest, Farrell said.

Some 500 people were gathered for the Busta Rhymes video, and it was unclear how many had been outside when shots were fired. Investigators took possession of a nearby parked car that was hit by the gunfire. They were still trying to determine early Monday what led to the violence, Farrell said.

Source: Yahoo

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Brit Doesn't Want TPT Look For SPF

Britney Spears must be cleaning up her act – she is refusing to have her baby son’s ear pierced.

The singer, who has taken to slobbing around in sweats and flip flops, obviously sets different standards for four-month-old Sean Preston. The one-time pop princess was spotted in the street having a blazing row with hubby Kevin Federline when he tried to take the tot into a parlor for a piercing.

But K-Fed was determined to give his baby boy the trailer park look — and carried on walking towards the piercing shop near their home in Malibu. Britney responded by ordering her bodyguard to chase after them.

An onlooker saod “Britney was out of control. She was screaming at Kevin in the street that she didn’t want her son to look like trailer trash. And she was yelling that people would think Sean was a girl if he had an earring. “Kevin was shouting back, insisting it was the right thing to do."

Source: The Sun

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Paris Wants Diaries Back

Paris Hilton's diaries, along with photos of her in various stages of undress, are among a trove of the celebutante's personal effects that have found their way into the hands of a broker aiming to sell them.

David Hans Schmidt, known for handling deals involving celebrity porn, is trying to auction off the Hilton belongings, which had been locked away in a Los Angeles-area storage locker until a few months ago.

The pricetag? $20 million.

Schmidt told the Los Angeles Times the items include 18 diaries in which Hilton recounts past sexual dalliances, celebrity encounters and other adventures. Also included are photographs of Hilton at "wild parties" on yachts and in private homes, as well as her computers, clothing, videos and furniture.

Hilton's publicist, Elliot Mintz, has said the belongings were "illegally seized" from the storage facility, but would not comment on Schmidt's description of the items because he has not seen them.

Thanks for the tip, Iceman.

Source: CNN

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Did Donald Trump teach him to be such a cheapskate?

"The Apprentice" finalist Kwame Jackson tried to return a bag of old clothes last week at the Tommy Hilfiger department in Bloomingdale's.

A shocked spywitness snickers, "The nerve on this guy. He walked in confidently and had this big bag full of dirty clothes with no tags on them. Some of the stuff was three years old. And he asked for a refund or store credit like he'd bought them yesterday. The worst part was he brought a girl with him who looked embarrassed to be there." When the manager declined to accept the return, Jackson replied, "Guess I'll take them to the homeless shelter."

Source: New York Post

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Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox are engaged, Cox's publicist announced Friday. The couple plan to marry next winter, publicist Alisha Mahon said.

Cox plays Mary Connell on the NBC series "Las Vegas." She and Mohr, host of "Last Comic Standing," met when Mohr guest-starred on the Sin City drama, Mahon said. Mohr, a comedian, has appeared in films including "Jerry Maguire," "Go" and "Suicide Kings." He was a member of "Saturday Night Live" from 1993-1995.

Cox, 27, was previously engaged to comedian Bob Goldthwait.

Mohr, 35, was married to model Nicole Chamberlain for six years. They had one child together before divorcing in 2004.

Source: New York Daily News

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Hot and Heavy

The rekindled romance between Mary-Kate Olsen and her ex-flame David Katzenberg is getting hotter.

The couple, who had the grapevine buzzing in December when they stepped out to see a basketball game together, arrived at L.A.'s posh Matsuhisa sushi restaurant on Jan. 26 chatting and laughing with David's arm draped around MK, an eyewitness tells Star People.

David, 22, the son of DreamWorks studio boss Jeffrey Katzenberg, and MK, 19, split in September 2004 after dating for most of that year. MK went on to date wealthy Stavros Niarchos III, who is now with Paris Hilton.

Inside the eatery, Mary- Kate and David "looked really tight," another diner gushed. "They were leaning close together, touching hands and stuff and only had eyes for each other — and they were big, gooey doe eyes at that! From what I could tell, they're very much a couple!"

Source: Yahoo

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Cleaning Up Her Act

Christina Aguilera is going to stop being sexy - so her children won't be embarrassed.

The singer - who married music executive Jordan Bratman last year - has decided to cover up her curves and tone down her X-rated image.

A friend is quoted in Britain's Now magazine as saying: "Now that she's married, she wants to come across as a more classy performer - she's thinking about her future family. "She and Jordan have been talking about having kids for a long time now and Christina doesn't want to do any videos that could embarrass her kids in later life."

Source: Female First

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Not Strong Enough

The much anticipated wedding of Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow is officially off.

The couple, who released a joint statement through Armstrong’s spokesman to People, are calling it quits after two years of dating and an engagement that lasted a little over five months.

"After much thought and consideration we have made a very tough decision to split up. We both have a deep love and respect for each other and we ask that everyone respect our privacy during this very difficult time," the statement said.

Rumors of trouble began surfacing around Christmas, but the couple insisted there was no truth to them and that they were moving forward with wedding plans for this spring.

Source: People

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Al Lewis, the cigar-chomping patriarch of "The Munsters" whose work as a basketball scout, restaurateur and political candidate never eclipsed his role as Grandpa from the television sitcom, died after years of failing health. He was 82.

The actor was widely reported to have been born in 1910, but his son Ted Lewis said Saturday that his father was born in 1923.

Lewis, with his wife at his bedside, passed away Friday night, said Bernard White, program director at WBAI-FM, where the actor hosted a weekly radio program. White made the announcement on the air during the Saturday slot where Lewis usually appeared.

Source: Foxnews

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Fashion Week

Working women rejoice: You'll actually have stylish-yet-appropriate clothes to wear next fall. Even better, there also will be clothes for you to wear to dinner, parties and play dates - with or without the kids.

The collections previewed Sunday on the runways of New York Fashion Week were mostly wearable. But there were some misses, too, especially the short bubble skirts and knickers that have graced more than one catwalk.

Designer shows continue through Friday with Chanel and Fendi designer Karl Lagerfeld making his runway debut in New York with his new Karl Lagerfeld/Lagerfeld Collection as the finale.

Diane von Furstenberg: Von Furstenberg brought back the '80s power suit, down to the slim pencil skirts with high waists, puffy sleeves and oversized lumberjack-check and houndstooth prints. But von Furstenberg modernized the look by slimming the silhouette and adding feminine details, such as a peplum on a jacket or using a rosebud-print chiffon fabric for a blouse.

Badgley Mischka: It was a subtle shift, but to mark their return to Fashion Week after sitting out a few seasons, eveningwear designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka decided to court the funkier Grammy crowd instead of the more staid Oscar-goers. The duo also offered a cool daytime look - at least a daytime look for celebrities: sheared mink skirts with unsheared mink hemlines.

Luella Bartley: Londoner Bartley offered something for the woman who likes the look of both country crooners and punk rocker, but still dresses up in a dress with a pearl collar and bow around her waist for tea with her grandmother.

Tuleh: Tuleh's socialite customer will have to go even lighter on their low-fat fare to get into Bryan Bradley's new long, skinny skirts, but it's all in the name of a super-polished look.

DKNY: Donna Karan's DKNY line is aimed at her younger customers and has more of New York's street style than her signature collection. But with this fall's offerings, anyone could wear the outfits.

Tracy Reese: Reese's signature style is "pretty" and for fall she did it again. However, she didn't go overly girlie, except for a few too many bows on dresses that didn't need them.

Source: IndyStar

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February 02, 2006 

"Full" Admission

What is this world coming to? Stephanie Tanner Was Addicted to Meth?

As Stephanie Tanner on the 1990s hit sitcom "Full House," child actress Jodie Sweetin portrayed a young, innocent girl who lived in a happy, healthy supportive home.

"Growing up when I was on the series, I never really watched, even from this day, it's surreal to watch myself on television," said Sweetin. "Growing up in the business you have to grow up very fast — you do have a different type of childhood, that has its benefits and it has its drawbacks."

When the show ended in 1995, she said she wanted to be a normal kid. She went to high school and college and by age 20 was married to a Los Angeles police officer — TV older sister Candice Cameron was in the wedding party.

But two years ago, she found herself dangerously addicted to one of the most debilitating drugs, methamphetamine. She said she was unemployed and bored and began simply by experimenting. Soon, she was using meth everyday. The tabloid press reported a three-day bender as well as an intervention staged by her "Full House" castmates — including the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, John Stamos and Bob Saget.

Sweetin, 24, never went as far as to blame her life as a child star for her addiction, but said that it was difficult to discover who she truly was after the show ended. "There is a certain sense of loss when a series ends," she said. "It is kind of hard to figure out who you are when you've lost your job at age 13, when that was basically how you identified yourself."

Sweetin said she checked herself in to the Promises drug rehab facility where she went underwent six weeks of intense treatment. She realized that she "was living a total double life," she said. "I was married to a police officer — we are going through a divorce right now — he had no idea."

Sweetin has been clean and sober since March of last year and now wants to get back into acting. "I want to make movies, TV series, wherever the career takes me," she said. "I really hope this isn't the last people hear of me. In fact, I would like to make this a footnote in my career, not the end."

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Zach and Mandy To Wed?

Zach Braff and singer/actress Mandy Moore are reportedly heading for a wedding after the Scrubs star quietly asked her to marry him late last month.

The couple are staying tight lipped about their plans, but Braff, 30, popped the question and presented Moore - his girlfriend for the past 18 months - with a $450,000, 4-carat princess-cut diamond-and-platinum Neil Lane engagement ring. Moore's past boyfriends have included tennis ace Andy Roddick and actor Wilmer Valderrama. Insiders tells America's In Touch magazine that the wedding is being scheduled for next April, when both stars celebrate their birthdays.

Source: IMDB

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Manson To Star In Movie

Shock-rocker Marilyn Manson will play "Alice in Wonderland" author Lewis Carroll in a movie that also marks his writing and directing debut.

Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, is heading to the upcoming Berlin Film Festival's European Film Market to drum up financial support for "Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll," which is budgeted at about $4.2 million. The film is set to begin production in the summer.

"It's a kind of art house horror; what people expect from Manson, they're going to get here," said the film's producer, Alain de la Mata of French sales company Wild Bunch. Manson will attend Berlin to preview some of the music he has composed for the film as well as a trailer featuring the production's early art and costume design.

The Berlin Film Festival runs February 9-19.

Source: Yahoo

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Writing Through the Pain

Superstar Jessica Simpson is returning to her Christian roots in a bid to overcome the heartbreak of her impending divorce from Nick Lachey.

She has posted a personal message on her website encouraging her fans to embrace themselves if they want to discover true happiness.

Appearing originally as an unpunctuated stream of consciousness, Simpson writes, "I just wanted to let ya'll know that with everything we go through in life, the good, the bad, the ugly, the sad, the right, the wrong, the-think-we-don't-belong, we all have to allow our hearts to remain open to create who we are.

"Find that for yourself no matter what. Take the advice from the wisdom of those we love. Remember that bad company corrupts good character. "Breathe to allow yourself the freedom to just be. Getting to know yourself is so important. Spend time alone with your thoughts for this creates a world of true serenity. Do not be afraid. Inner beauty, outward charm - greet everyone we meet with a smile (unless it is paparazzi - haha), a smile is contagious.

"I love you guys so much and appreciate the support through all the unfortunate pain of loss. What doesn't kill us makes stronger. Carry on. Soar. Glide. Fly. This is a wonderful life."

--Soooo deep. Cue Enya.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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From Bad To Worse

Things have gone from bad to worse for Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards.

On Jan. 4, after talk of reconciling, they instead requested that their divorce proceed with a private arbitrator. Now the two are no longer on speaking terms. "It's gotten very ugly," someone close to Richards, said. "They aren’t talking to each other at all."

Sources familiar with the couple say the relationship deteriorated rapidly and there is no hope of reconciliation. "His only concern is for the kids," says a friend of Sheen's. As for the status of their split, Sheen and Richards are trying to figure out custody arrangements for their two daughters, Sam, almost 2, and Lola, 8 months. According to their initial court petitions, Richards is seeking sole custody but Sheen wants joint custody.

"This has been really hard on Denise," says a Richards pal. "But she's staying strong for her daughters' sake."

Source: People

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Number 9

Eva's all Tony Parker-fied wearing the number 9 on her necklace and jeans. It seems that with each rumor of her flirting with another guy, she shows more team spirit.

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Good Deed

Nick Lachey is joining the online game. The pop star said he was at a restaurant last summer when "a lady came up to the table and told me that my name is one of the more frequent names used by predators to lure kids online. That was really disturbing."

The lady was Parry Aftab, a privacy lawyer. And the encounter eventually led to Nick's involvement in a safe Internet chat and networking site created for teens, which blocks uninvited guests. Lachey is a cofounder of, which was expected to launch Thursday.

"We thought we could do something special, if we all put our resources together," Lachey says. "This is new to me. The whole thing of networking online wasn't around when I was a teen. I wasn't aware of how big a problem this was. And when you are 17 you have no idea of who you are dealing with."

Source: People

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Guilty Plea In Nightclub Fire

The former manager of the heavy metal rock group Great White has agreed to plead guilty to 100 counts of involuntary manslaughter for his role in a 2003 nightclub fire that killed 100 people, a judge said Tuesday.

Daniel Biechele, 29, will enter the plea next Tuesday and serve no more than 10 years in prison under a deal with prosecutors that may have spared him a life sentence, Superior Court Judge Francis Darigan said.

Biechele had been charged with 200 counts of involuntary manslaughter for starting the blaze when he ignited pyrotechnics during a Great White performance at The Station nightclub in West Warwick.

Sparks from the pyrotechnics ignited highly flammable foam lining the club's walls and ceiling, creating a fast-moving blaze that killed 100 people and injured more than 200 in the fourth-deadliest nightclub fire in the country's history.

Source: USA Today

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A&E's Movie Gets High Ratings

A television movie about one of the doomed Sept. 11 airplanes was A&E's most-watched program ever, a sign that audiences may be ready for a coming spate of movie and TV projects dramatizing the terrorism of five years ago.

"Flight 93," about the hijacking of the United Airlines plane and passengers' efforts to retake it, drew 5.9 million viewers when it premiered Monday, the cable channel said. It was the most-watched A&E program since the channel launched in 1984.

The movie was based on public records, including phone conversations between passengers on the plane bound from Newark, N.J., to San Francisco and their relatives and friends. Officials believe the hijackers of the aircraft, which crashed in a Pennsylvania field, had targeted either the White House or the U.S. Capitol.

A&E's "Flight 93" will repeat at noon EST on Saturday and Sunday and at 3 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

--If you didn't catch this yet, I would highly recommend it.

Source: IndyStar

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No Way

This is one new fashion trend for spring, that I will NOT be wearing.

Source: Sky

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February 01, 2006 

Nick's New Lady

Jessica Simpson's estranged husband Nick Lachey has reportedly found love in the arms of beauty queen Lizzie Arnold.

Just two months after splitting from Simpson, the former 98 Degrees star has been spotted romancing the former Miss Kentucky. The couple were seen "making out" at Los Angeles club Lax earlier last month, and now friends insist they're an item. One pal tells America's In Touch magazine, "They've been together for about a month." Sexy brunette Arnold, 28, was crowned Miss Kentucky in 2001.

Source: IMDB

UPDATE: In an interview with the Lexington Kentucky-Herald Leader she listed her favorite activities as long drives with loud music, reading, being with family, hanging out with friends, long, hot baths, and McDonald's french fries.

--I didn't realize that french fries were an activity. That Nick...always goin' for the smart ones. ;)

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For the Men

Here's a post sure to appeal to my male readers:

--Click here for's 99 Most Desirable Women.

--Click here for a preview of this weekend's Lingerie Bowl.

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Normally I think she's "quirky-cool," but this is a mess. I think she stole that blanket out of the trunk of my car. And, are those medieval torture devices on her feet? It's Stefugli.

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She Gets Around

Club impresario Scott Sartiano sure has a thing for famous young babes. Last year, Sartiano, who co-owns Butter with Richie Akiva, dated Mary-Kate Olsen.

This year, he seems to have an eye for "Laguna Beach" star Kristin Cavalleri . On Monday night, they were seen cuddling up at Butter. A spy said, "They held hands and he made sure no other guys talked to her."

Source: New York Post

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Boxoffice Blowout

Actress Julia Roberts' Broadway debut in Three Days Of Rain has sparked a buying frenzy, causing ticket websites to crash shortly after seats went on sale on Saturday.

Tickets to see the Pretty Woman star on the New York stage are costing fans a pretty penny, with the only ones left being premium seats which cost $251.25 each. The show is nearly sold out and scored $7 million in advanced sales in one day. The Oscar-winning actress will play two characters in the limited run of Tony-winner Richard Greenberg's family mystery. Three Days Of Rain will run from March 28 to June 18.

Source: IMDB

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Kind Words

Don't put Mischa Barton and Nicky Hilton in the same room.

When the two arrived (separately) for power manager Benny Medina's 48th-birthday party at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Saturday night, Hilton spat out, "What is that fat pig doing here?" She then scuttled to the other side of the room where she glared at Rick Salomon, who made that infamous porn tape with her sister Paris.

The other guests - Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Tyra Banks, Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, billionaire Steve Bing, hotelier Jeff Klein, Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes and Medina's friend, real-estate marketer Scott Benaglio - happily partied 'til the wee hours. Bing was overheard saying, "Thank God - someone who finally knows how to throw a party in L.A."

Source: New York Post

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Industry News

Val Kilmer and Denzel Washington are to team up for the first time to play time-travelling FBI agents in new movie Deja Vu.

Kilmer will reteam with his Top Gun director Tony Scott for the thriller, in which his and Washington's characters step back in time to stop a terrorist from blowing up a ferry.

The film will shoot next mont in New Orleans, Louisiana.

--This sounds stupid.

Source: Teen Hollywood

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Brit To Make Sitcom Debut

Britney Spears makes her episodic TV debut with a role on NBC's "Will & Grace."

In the episode, airing Thursday, April 13 at 8 p.m., Britney guest-stars as Jack's new Christian conservative co-host. The action all begins when Out TV is purchased by a Christian television network. In addition, Britney will get her own piece on the series, "Cruci-fixin's," a cooking segment. But once Will and Jack get a hold of her, she goes from uptight to all right!

Source: ET

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More Originality

ABC is apparently developing a television series to be based on the hit movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

The movie, starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, was based on the lives of two secret assassins married to each other unknowing of the other's career and made more than $186 million at the North American box office last summer.

ABC has ordered a pilot, which the film's director, Doug Liman, is expected to shoot, subject to availability. The pilot will be ready for midseason 2006-07 or fall 2007 consideration.

Source: Digital Spy

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Did Paris Lie Under Oath?

Will Paris Hilton ever learn?

When the celebutard was questioned under oath in the $10 million slander suit brought against her by jewelry heiress Zeta Graff, Hilton said Graff was as old as her mother "and should stay at home with her child instead of being at nightclubs with young people. And just that . . . What else did I say? Just that she is not cute at all."

A pal of Graff says, "Kathy Hilton has now been subpoenaed to declare her real age in public, since Paris made false claims that Zeta was 'old' and her 'mother's age.' In fact, a source says that Kathy is 46 - Zeta is 37. And Kathy goes out all the time."

Source: New York Post

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Sienna Digs Her Stretch Marks

You'd think being one of the most desirable women in showbiz would demand the gym workout. Not if your name is Sienna Miller.

The star told Heat: "I don't keep in shape. I'm really a lazy cow when it comes to exercizing."

And she was far too modest to comment on what she thought were her best bits, saying: "I don't consider things like that... People say I've got long eyelashes - that's about it. My stretch marks."

Source: Ananova

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Star Power

Actor Samuel L. Jackson left his mark on Hollywood Boulevard on Monday, sinking his hands and feet into wet cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, where many other stars have been honored.

"It's an awesome sort of experience, the kind of thing you don't really think about as a young actor," Jackson said at the ceremony. "You sort of stop to pause and say to yourself, 'Wow, you're in a very elite club.'"

Jackson began his film career in 1972 with Together for Days, and has appeared in more than 100 movies, including Do the Right Thing, Jungle Fever and Pulp Fiction.

Source: USA Today

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