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December 30, 2004 


This headline is just so wrong: Dick Clark to Watch Ball Drop From Hospital Bed.

And in other NYE news, check out 100 Things You Didn't Know About the World's Most Famous Party. I found it quite interesting. For instance, did you know that after the millennium celebration, workers found two kilts, still unclaimed? (Thought you'd enjoy this article, Iceman, since you're an "official" NY-er now).

Posted by Lawren at 07:00 AM | Comments (6)

Desperate Diaz

Cameron Diaz is such a huge fan of TV show Desperate Housewives, she's reportedly signed up for a cameo role.

The Charlie's Angels actress is an avid viewer of the latest drama - focusing on the lives of five suburban women who spend their days seducing workmen - scoring millions of fans across America. And now Diaz has managed to secure a small role in the hit series.

An insider says, "Cameron is one of 20 million fans of the show and thought it would be quite cool to play herself. She thinks it will be a ratings smash of the year."

Posted by Lawren at 06:55 AM | Comments (4)

Jellyfish Shmellyfish

More proof (like we needed any) that Hugh Grant is a big, fat sissy.

Posted by Lawren at 06:52 AM | Comments (4)

Blogs Get More Press

Read "Why There's No Escaping the Blog" from Fortune Magazine.

Props to the Manolo Shoe Blog for getting mentioned:
"More important, obsessive blogs can mean obsessive customers. The witty blogger behind Manolo's Shoe Blog may bash Birkenstocks and Uggs, but he drools over Coach, Prada, and, of course, Manolo Blahniks. Before blogs, finding someone like him—a person who probably helps others make buying decisions—would have been difficult and costly."

Posted by Lawren at 06:50 AM | Comments (0)

Hollywood Dating Scene

Renee Zellweger is back on the market, boys.

And in other dating news, Scarlett Johanson is NOT dating Derek Jeter. "Recently I read I was dating Derek Jeter," the 20-year-old tells USA Today. "We were at a mutual friend's party, and no, we are not dating."

Posted by Lawren at 06:46 AM | Comments (2)

Bridezilla of the Year

And the award for Bridezilla of the year goes to...

...none other than Star Jones.

(What a shocker). Hat tip to Miu.

Posted by Lawren at 06:38 AM | Comments (3)



A new reality TV show will feature dogs having facelifts and a rabbit having a tummy tuck. Pet Plastic Surgery will show how far owners go to make their pets feel good, reports The Sun.

The Five documentary features a neutered male dog being fitted with false testicles to raise his self-esteem.

--SO wrong.

Posted by Lawren at 06:36 AM | Comments (2)

December 29, 2004 

Jerry Orbach Dies


--What a fine actor. I really liked him in Dirty Dancing, and everything he did since. He was the highlight of Law and Order.

UPDATE: I just found out that Orbach was the voice of Lumiere in the Beauty and the Beast movie. I had no idea! I LOVED Lumiere!

Posted by Lawren at 11:03 AM | Comments (34)

Teri Polo to Bare All

I guess starring in a movie with the word "Focker" in it wasn't enough for Teri Polo:

Fans of America's number one movie Meet The Fockers are set for an extra special treat in February's Playboy magazine when the film's star Teri Polo bares all. The actress, who plays funnyman Ben Stiller's fiancee in the Meet The Parents sequel, appears in a teaser in the new January issue of the men's magazine wearing nothing but thigh-high white socks.

Posted by Lawren at 06:51 AM | Comments (2)

Broadway Update

--Broadway's box office inched upward in 2004 and attendance also increased slightly, according to figures released by the League of American Theatres and Producers.

--Former Noxzema Girl Rebecca Gayheart set to costar in the Broadway revival of Steel Magnolias, opening Apr. 4.

--Nathan Lane pulled out of the last two weeks of his run in the London production of The Producers because of a bad back. He'll spend six weeks recovering, then begin shooting the film version of the hit Broadway musical in February.

Posted by Lawren at 06:48 AM | Comments (0)

New Year's Workout

Want to have Aniston's arms, Cindy Crawford's abs, Michelle Pfeiffer's legs and Claudia Schiffer's rear end? According to a new book by trainer-to-the-stars Kathy Kaehler, your very own "Hollywood" body is just a hop, skip and a "pylo push-up" away.

Click here for some sample exercises.

Posted by Lawren at 06:44 AM | Comments (1)

Way To Shoot Yourself In The Foot

Said by an insider of rapper Lil' Jon: "Lil' Jon seriously hates Usher," says the insider. "He feels like he was responsible for the success of 'Yeah,' which he was. He produced the song and sang on it. He likes to mock Usher by saying his name in a little high voice and calls him 'Baby Usher."

--RRIIIGGGHHHTT. Because you just have sooooo much talent Lil' Jon. You must have been consuming too much of your new energy drink, Crunk Juice. (And it must have some serious hallucinogens in it).

Posted by Lawren at 06:39 AM | Comments (6)

Odd Jobs Quiz

Take the Odd Jobs of the Rich and Famous Quiz. 8/12 for me, and MANY of them were guesses. And let me just say, #11 floors me.

Posted by Lawren at 06:35 AM | Comments (2)

Aviator Sunglasses

We all know that Hollywood influences fashion. Here's one more example:

Aviator sunglasses are poised for a new surge, this time as The Aviator glasses. The Aviator’s director, Martin Scorsese, a longtime friend of Giorgio Armani, approached the designer to create the period eyewear for the film. Working closely with Safilo Group, Armani’s eyewear manufacturer, and its historical eyewear archives from this era, Giorgio Armani developed two signature sunglass styles in particular for lead actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

And now, just in time for the film’s theatrical release, Armani is introducing a version of the featured classic metal aviator into his signature eyewear collection. Known as the GA 261S, this metal aviator sunglass will be available in four colors (gold/green, gold/brown, ruthenium/dark gray, gun metal/dark gray) and comes with a limited edition hard case. The sunglasses retail for $260.

Posted by Lawren at 06:32 AM | Comments (0)

December 28, 2004 

Spidey to Model?

Spidey Could Be the Next Face of Ralph Lauren:

Tobey's girlfriend Jen Meyer, is an executive for fashion giant Ralph Lauren and, according to pals, she's trying to persuade him into posing for an advertising campaign for the acclaimed designer. A source says, "Jen already has Tobey wearing a lot of Ralph's clothes."

And in other Spiderman news:

Kirsten Dunst has been spotted gearing up for a big New Year's Eve bash.

The star has started plastering her Los Angeles home with balloons and a ginormous inflatable champagne bottle in preparation for Friday night.

Posted by Lawren at 09:44 AM | Comments (29)

Did You Know?

Did you know...

that Universal trimmed nearly an hour off of "The Breakfast Club," and writer-director John Hughes possesses the only complete, uncut version of the film?

Posted by Lawren at 09:40 AM | Comments (4)

Top 10 Search Terms

Click here for the Top 100 Search Terms of 2004.

Here are the top 10 (with last year's ranking in parentheses):

1. Janet Jackson (-)
2. Paris Hilton (4)
3. Clay Aiken (24)
4. Britney Spears (2)
5. Nick Berg (-)
6. KaZaA (1)
7. Tattoos (-)
8. Pamela Anderson (9)
9. Michelle Vieth (-)
10. Poker (-)

--Who the hell is #9? Since I've never heard of her, I'm betting she's a porn star.

Posted by Lawren at 09:36 AM | Comments (2)

Recount, Please

I demand a recount.

Posted by Lawren at 09:32 AM | Comments (3)

December 27, 2004 

Porn Phenomenon

Porn is about to inch further into the mainstream with an upcoming documentary about "Deep Throat." (I copied that line straight from the article. I cannot take credit for that awful pun).

Universal is releasing "Inside Deep Throat," a documentary about the legendary 1972 picture's "social impact" and "cultural legacy," in February. The flick, premiering at Sundance next month, features commentary from the likes of Erica Jong, Gore Vidal and Norman Mailer.

It's the latest in a recent wave of mainstream porn phenomena, including Timothy Greenfield-Sanders book of XXX star portraits and Jenna Jameson's best-seller, "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star."

Posted by Lawren at 06:42 AM | Comments (7)

Trivia Time

Who was the first actress to win three Oscars for lead roles?

Guess first, then Google the answer.

Posted by Lawren at 06:38 AM | Comments (8)


Colin Farrell has admitted what producers of "Alexander" probably already knew, reports He's overpaid.

The bad-boy Irish actor scored $15 million for playing the lead in the box office flop, and now the star is saying he gets more money than he should.

"You couldn't do enough work in a lifetime to get paid the money that I got paid for certain gigs when I shoot for four or five months," said Farrell. "No matter how much I break my bollocks and work my arse off, you can't explain it."

--At least he's a self aware man.

Posted by Lawren at 06:36 AM | Comments (1)


What's in store for 2005? Click here for Art Bell's predictions.

#40 is intriguing. And, #53 is unlikely.

Posted by Lawren at 06:34 AM | Comments (0)

Santa Baby

Santa was very good to me this year. Here are some of the highlights:

This so I won't miss a moment.

These so my home and office smell great.

Some great books. This, this, and this so I can keep up on my hostessing skills and this so I start seeing through dating bullshit.

A gift certificate from here so I'm a coordinated traveler.

This so I smell great. Such a classic.

--What were some of your favorite gifts?

Posted by Lawren at 06:31 AM | Comments (4)

They May Need an Exorcist

Ghost Digs Robbie Williams:

A ghost is causing chaos at a Scots castle by turning up the jukebox when Robbie Williams songs are played.

The phantom menace is spooking staff and visitors by blasting out Robbie hits such as Let Me Entertain You, Angels and Rock DJ.

--I have to say, I really like "Rock DJ." And, his version of "Angels" is WAY better than Jessica Simpson's.

Posted by Lawren at 06:23 AM | Comments (0)

Peyton's Place

Move over, Marino. Manning's 21-yard touchdown pass to Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Brandon Stokley with 56 seconds to play broke one of the NFL's most honored records and carried the Colts into overtime, where they beat the San Diego Chargers 34-31 to lock up the No. 3 seed in the AFC playoffs.

Seriously, what a game. My dad and I were at a bar downtown watching. Everyone was jumping up and down and high five-ing each other. Thank God we won the overtime coin toss.

Afterward, my dad and I attended a Colts fundraiser sponsored by Mike Vanderjagt called Kickin' It For Kids. It was a lot of fun--there was food, alcohol, a band, an auction, and tons of casino games. My dad and I played a lot of blackjack. And, I got my picture taken with some of the players (which was fun!). For obvious reasons, everyone was in good spirits. Some of the players did a nice rendition of "Brown Eyed Girl" with the band.

Posted by Lawren at 06:13 AM | Comments (15)

December 25, 2004 

Merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone! Eat, drink, and be MERRY!

And take some time to remember and thank these guys and gals:

Posted by Lawren at 09:07 AM | Comments (9)

December 24, 2004 

The Dad Who Auctioned Off Christmas

The Dad Who Auctioned Off Christmas:

There's not much laughter today at the home of a Pasadena information technology specialist who has decided to auction off his kids' Christmas presents - and possibly dismantle the family tree - because the youngsters, ages 9, 11 and 15, have been naughty, not nice.

"One thing we teach around this house," said the man, who asked that his name not be revealed, "is that good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people."

In Christmas' context, bad people get switches or lumps of coal - or lose the presents they want the most.

"BAD CHILDREN get no Nintendo DS. Santa will skip our house this year," the man announced in his eBay posting to sell three DS systems with PictoChat and Metroid. Also offered were three games for use with the system. "No kidding. Three undeserving boys have crossed the line. Tonight we sat down and showed them what they WILL NOT get for Christmas this year. I'll be taking the tree down tomorrow."

Posted by Lawren at 08:40 AM | Comments (3)

December 23, 2004 

'04 Round Up

A look back at 2004:

--Don't know what to get your favorite celebrity for the holidays? Here's what they really need--based on their antics over the past year. My favorite from the list: For Liza Minnelli — A punching bag. One that doesn’t sue.

--Heard in 'o4--the year's wacky catchphrases. My favorite: Too many good ones--I like them all!

--Here are the Top Celebrity Shockers of '04. From Ashleegate to Brit's wedding!

--And finally, those we lost in 2004. On that same note, Pat Tillman was named "Inspiration of the Year" by BeliefNet--to be announced today.

Posted by Lawren at 06:46 AM | Comments (2)

The Real World: Austin

"The Real World" is headed to Austin, Texas. "We've been thinking about Austin for a long time," co-creator and executive producer Jon Murray told The Associated Press Wednesday.

"It's a great college town. It's a great music town. It's just a really young place. People go to college there and just don't want to leave," Murray said.

Murray promised "The Real World" homestead in Austin would be just as unique and palatial as the pier in Seattle, the loft in New York, the mansion in New Orleans and the former bank in Philadelphia, the location of the latest season. There will be a hot tub, some antiques and maybe even some neon or cowboy kitsch from local stores. But don't expect a horse. "In the past 16 seasons, the cast haven't done a good job taking care of fish so I don't know about a horse," said Murray.

Posted by Lawren at 06:30 AM | Comments (3)

Just In Time For Christmas

The hot new Christmas gift in Canada this year is a board game that lets players run their own "B.C. Bud" marijuana farm.

Creators of "The Grow-Op Game" say the $39.95 "educational board game" highlights the perils of the marijuana business and cautions would-be growers.

"You get ratted on by neighbors, hydro cuts you off, you get floods, there are tons of stuff that is negative about it," said Vancouver-based creator Ivan Solomon Saturday.

Solomon said the Monopoly-style game is the brainchild of a young, 20-something reformed pot grower, known only as the "Rabbit," to conceal his identity. Solomon said Rabbit came up with the idea for the game while serving time in jail.

--Fun for the kiddies!

Posted by Lawren at 06:26 AM | Comments (0)

Where's Martha?

The Quest for the Perfect Martha:

CBS recently revealed the contestants on "Wickedly Perfect," a domestic showdown to find the "perfect Martha Stewart" hosted by Joan Lunden.

The 12 makeshift Marthas will live together in a New England estate, where they will try to prove they are role models for housewives everywhere.

They will be critiqued by celebrity chef and Food Network host Bobby Flay, stylist David Evangelista and "Sex and the City" author Candace Bushnell in a variety of challenges in entertaining, decorating, cooking, baking, sewing and crafts.

Posted by Lawren at 06:22 AM | Comments (0)


Take the Word Origin Quiz. It's a toughie--I scored a pathetic 8/12.

Posted by Lawren at 06:19 AM | Comments (1)

December 22, 2004 

Acting Class for Ashley

This just in--Ashley Olsen admits she can't act! (Which we already knew, but it's nice to see she's not in denial).

The Olsen twin, who has earned $150 million from her TV and movie career so far, has signed up for acting classes. A source told Star magazine she "has secretly been attending a drama class two days a week at the prestigious William Esper Studio on New York's West Side. The class, which costs $295 a month, teaches the Meisner Acting Technique, which centers around students' exploration of spontaneity and improvisation."

Posted by Lawren at 06:42 AM | Comments (5)

Replacement Found

Kidman's Replacement Found:

The search has ended for a sexy star who can handle the role of Ulla, the Swedish secretary, in the movie version of "The Producers."

Uma Thurman is said to have taken the role that Cady Huffman assayed so well on Broadway. Nicole Kidman was Mel Brooks' first choice but dropped out, reportedly because of her injured knee. The movie, starring Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, starts filming at Brooklyn's Steiner Studios in February.

Posted by Lawren at 06:37 AM | Comments (1)

Cure Drunk Dialing!

We SO need this in the US:

WHAT: Virgin Mobile Australia’s Dialing Under the Influence Service

WHY: Because there is nothing worse than waking up in the morning with your head split in two, only to flip through your phone and find you called everyone from your past three exes to some random hopeful booty calls to that hot guy from your office party whose number you shouldn’t even have.

The folks over at Virgin Mobile in Australia took a drunk dialing survey and found that the situation is pretty pandemic—a whopping 95 percent of those surveyed said they do in fact dial under the influence.

Across the great divide, Virgin Mobile is now offering ‘Dialing Under the Influence Service.’ By simply dialing 333 plus the phone number you don’t want to drunk dial, Virgin will block calls to that number until 6 am! Think of it as your own black book blacklist, and enjoy the piece of mind of knowing you are in good hands.

Posted by Lawren at 06:30 AM | Comments (2)

Bras 101

Store employees are taking Bra Fitting 101:

Britain's largest exam board, Edexcel, is running a bra fitting course for high end stores. It will result in students getting a certificate of excellence reports The Sun.

Shops asked for the course because they are worried many shoppers do not know how to buy the right bra and often staff do not know how to help them.

Michelle Wallace, head of development at Debenhams, said: "We want our staff to have a more rounded knowledge of the subject."

--"More rounded knowledge" Heh heh. :)

Posted by Lawren at 06:25 AM | Comments (1)

Christmas Quiztime

Some Christmas quizzes for you:

You Are "Joy to the World"
Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let earth receive her King; Let every heart prepare Him room, And heaven and nature sing,

It's not about what you get under the tree
But sharing love with family, friends, and strangers

What Christmas Carol Are You?

And this one is totally accurate:

Your Christmas is Most Like: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Christmas is a big, boisterous event at your place. And no matter what, something hilarious usually happens.
What Movie Is Your Christmas Most Like?
Posted by Lawren at 06:21 AM | Comments (0)

December 21, 2004 

The Giving Season

Tom's Got Heart:

Actor Tom Cruise left a lot of cash in a tip jar for an accident victim. Cruise walked into a Virginia Dairy Queen and saw the jar with a photo of Ashley Flint and her story.

Flint was in a go-cart accident in September. It has left her family with a mountain of hospital bills.

So Cruise left $5,000 in cash in the jar.

Posted by Lawren at 06:44 AM | Comments (5)

Wear It on Your Chest

Is this Lindsay's way of squelching those anorexia rumors?

Posted by Lawren at 06:41 AM | Comments (5)

Celebrity Justice--With an Indiana Link

Blade: Trinity star Wesley Snipes filed a lawsuit against New York City yesterday, charging its officials with having no jurisdiction to arrest him as part of an Indiana paternity case.

The suit, filed in Manhattan federal court, seeks a court ruling invalidating an arrest warrant issued by a New York family court judge. The Manhattan judge took the action on an interstate paternity petition filed in Indiana by a woman who says the actor fathered her young son.

In his suit, Snipes accused the woman of being a mentally ill former crack addict who has made other claims she's the mother of many celebrities' children. He claims the woman began having delusions about him after watching his movie Blade.

The suit also names LaPorte County, Indiana, as a defendant.

Posted by Lawren at 06:38 AM | Comments (3)

Celeb Presents

Best, worst and weirdest: Celebrity presents.

Posted by Lawren at 06:32 AM | Comments (0)


Footage of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s final concert before his untimely death was recently sold on EBAY with a final selling price of $100,000, according to the Internet auction site.

Approximately 30 to 40 minutes of ODB’s performance on November 11 at the Aggie Theater in Ft. Collins, Colorado was allegedly filmed two days before the Brooklyn-bred rapper collapsed and died in a Manhattan recording studio.

The video allegedly shows ODB smoking minutes before appearing on stage and then performing in unstable condition, and footage of him traveling back to his motel where he continues to smoke crack, the seller stated in the listing.

--Sad, but not surprising.

Posted by Lawren at 06:30 AM | Comments (3)

Even Lawyers Have Standards

Romanian authorities are facing a legal challenge from some of the country's top lawyers over courtrooms they say smell like stables.

The lawyers' bar in Iasi in eastern Romania city is demanding £1 million from the state for what they claim are the "humiliating" conditions they work in, local daily Adevarul reported.

Lawyer Mariana Bazdara, who is representing 600 lawyers in Iasi, said that she and her colleagues had had enough of the "pestilential smell in court rooms that look like either cellars or stables and have no fresh air flowing into them".

--Um, have they seen or smelled the City/County Building in Indianapolis? We might give them a run for their money.

Posted by Lawren at 06:27 AM | Comments (2)

You Know You Shop Too Much When...

You know you shop too much when...the following conversation occurs while you're out at the bars on a Saturday night:

Girl: I know you!

Lawren: (Smiles and knows she looks extremely familar, but has no clue where she knows this chick from).

Girl: Remember? I've waited on you several times in the Nordstrom Petite Department.

Lawren: Of course! (Lawren secretly knows that this chick could probably buy drinks for the entire bar on the commission check she's made on Lawren).

Posted by Lawren at 06:24 AM | Comments (2)

December 20, 2004 

Life After Sex

Sarah Jessica Parker will go head to head with Diane Keaton on the big screen soon, in a new romantic comedy for Fox.

The two have signed on, along with actor Dermot Mulroney, to star in an untitled feature. Parker, known for her edgy role in TV's "Sex and the City," will play a woman who goes home with her boyfriend (Mulroney), only to be rejected by his family and overprotective mother (Keaton). Production on the movie is expected to start in late February.

Claire Danes, Rachel McAdams and Luke Wilson are reportedly in negotiations to join the cast as well.

Posted by Lawren at 06:39 AM | Comments (4)

It's Falluja for Ford

Film legend Harrison Ford has agreed to star in Hollywood's first movie about November's second Iraq conflict, The Battle Of Falluja.

US General Jim Mattis - who halted the first assault on the city by American marines in April - will be played by Ford in the controversial film, which goes into production next year. It will be based on war correspondent Bing West's unfinished book No True Glory: The Battle For Falluja.

West explains, "If America needs a hard job done, the marines will do it, and they won't lose their humanity in the process or any sleep over pulling the trigger. Yes, they are 'the world's most lethal killing machine'. That's what America needs in battle."

--Ford will be perfect for this. It'll be good to see him back on screen. I grow tired of the younger male actors of today. None of them can pull off a man's man kind of role like Ford.

Posted by Lawren at 06:36 AM | Comments (0)

McCartney's Faux Nails

Paul McCartney has revealed he has fake nails applied to help him play the guitar.

The Beatles legend says he opted for the beauty salon treatment at the suggestion of his wife, Heather Mills, after he complained that 40 years of strumming had ruined his hands.

According to quoting The Sun he said: "The way I flick the strings with my fingers wears my nail down. A couple of years ago Heather suggested I put acrylic nails on.

"I said, 'No, I can't do that.' But I did do it on the last tour and it works like a dream."

--Um, not sure he needed to share that with us.

Posted by Lawren at 06:32 AM | Comments (1)

Not Into You

The shirt to go with the ever-so-popular book:

Posted by Lawren at 06:29 AM | Comments (2)

Wyclef Dabbles in Design

Wyclef Jean is making his way into fashion. The hip-hop star kicked off his new urban clothing line, Refugee, at Lotus the other night with pals Salt 'N Pepa, Lukas Haas, Bridget Hall and Jet Jonathan Vilma.

Jean decided to jump into the fashion after meeting Parisian designer Dia at the Cannes Film Festival. Wyclef draws sketches for Dia, who designs the line, and offers inspiration on colors, material and style.

--I mean, his last name is "Jean." I realize it's not pronounced like the blue kind, but it's still pretty much a given he'd capitalize on that.

Posted by Lawren at 06:26 AM | Comments (0)

December 17, 2004 

Not an A Student

Britney Spears' old schoolwork has gone on sale - littered with mistakes and errors.

The pop babe's primary school homework, which she did when she was eight, was savaged by one of her teachers for being "messy" and having lots of grammatical and spelling errors.

--Like anyone would be shocked by this. On another note, I guess the Plymouth Rock look is back in.

Posted by Lawren at 06:46 AM | Comments (4)

Neil Wanted for Assault

Motley Crue singer Vince Neil is accused of knocking out an employee of a Dallas nightclub after a disagreement over sound levels during a concert.

An arrest warrant for misdemeanor assault was issued Wednesday for Neil in the fight.

--Guess some things never change!

Posted by Lawren at 06:40 AM | Comments (3)

Lyttle Lytton Contest

The fourth annual Lyttle Lytton Contest is over. You may be asking yourself, "What the hell is that?" Well, the annual Lytton Fiction Contest challenges entrants to pen the world's most atrocious first line to a novel.

Here are the winners. My fave:

"The dame had balls, you had to give her that, and a Jetta."

Posted by Lawren at 06:35 AM | Comments (1)

Celebrity Name Game

Play the Celebrity Name Game. 10/10 pour moi! :)

Posted by Lawren at 06:28 AM | Comments (6)

Another Brilliant Quote from Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton claims she's "too lazy" to have sex and would rather just kiss.

The 23-year-old hotel heiress tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I'm not a sexual person, really. I don't really care about sex. If I'm in a relationship, we don't even do anything, really. We just watch TV. I'm too lazy. I'd rather kiss."

--Rrriiiigggghhhhttt. We've all seen how "lazy" she is.

Posted by Lawren at 06:27 AM | Comments (3)

Celebs--Naughty or Nice?

Hollywood celebrities including John Travolta and Sarah Jessica Parker have been lining up to tell Santa what they want for Christmas.

'Santa to the Stars' Brady White earns 5,000 dollars a night by listening to the Xmas wish lists of the famous. Over the 25 years he has been playing Santa, Brady has heard some wacky gift requests from the A list stars.

One of the strangest was Madonna, who asked for her virginity back.

Cher said she wanted an Oscar and Jack Nicholson asked for his beloved Lakers basketball team to win a championship.

--The other wishes seem doable. But Madonna's? Even Santa isn't that powerful.

Posted by Lawren at 06:25 AM | Comments (2)

December 16, 2004 

Lexicon Fun--Holiday Style

I received another installment of Lexicon Fun from Daily Candy. This time, it had a holiday theme. Enjoy!

Violent night, troll-y night n. The aftermath of the holiday party where a certain elf swills too much vodka.

Mistleho n. Someone who hangs around under the mistletoe, waiting to get kissed. ("Eve was being such a mistleho at the company party that no one else could get any play from the cute tech guys.")

Eggsnog n. A makeout session that takes place under the influence of eggnog.

Hallmarketing n. The outrageous marketing push that begins two months before each holiday (Halloween decorations in July, Christmas decorations in October).

Round yon virgin n. Severely overweight child relative who hogs all the dessert. ("I never even got to try Aunt Martha's cranberry squares — the round yon virgins charged the dessert table.")

Santa fraud n. Poorly costumed Santa Claus impersonator. ("Avoid department stores at all costs. They're overrun with Santa frauds this year.")

Dreidel robber n. Someone who cheats young children at dreidel.

Yulezilla n. Someone who goes way too overboard with the Christmas decorations (usually Mom).

Mrs. Claws n. Work buddy's wife whose steely gaze keeps her husband's female colleagues on the other side of the office-party dance floor.

Posted by Lawren at 05:58 AM | Comments (5)


I really wanted to post this picture, but wasn't sure what to say about it--Other than it's really scary to me.

Posted by Lawren at 05:54 AM | Comments (3)

Ashlee Won't Do Lesbo Scene

Pop beauty Ashlee Simpson's manager and father Joe Simpson has changed the gay plot in her movie debut Wannabe, because he's uncomfortable with his daughter playing a lesbian.

The former Baptist minister fears the star's chances of breaking into Hollywood would be hampered if she played a homosexual, so he ordered movie producers to alter the romantic comedy's script, reports American gossip site Pagesix.Com.

He explains, "I changed it. It doesn't work for her to be gay the first thing out. She said, 'But it's cool, it's edgy, it's different,' and of course the filmmakers were like, 'It's cool for a woman to be a lesbian.' She's going to be a huge movie star. She's like Meg Ryan or Cameron Diaz, with probably more depth. When we're done, she'll play it all."

--Let's re-read the bolded quote again. I'm sorry, I'm still laughing.

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Love-Survivor Style

Jeff Probst has had many adventures as host of Survivor, such as hacking out of the Vanuatu brush, skydiving over the California desert and zooming into this season's finale on a big hog (motorcycle, that is). So who knew the biggest adventure for Probst would be embracing a new love?

Probst, 43, and Survivor: Vanuatu's fifth finalist, Julie Berry, who turned 24 Wednesday, are a couple.

--I don't watch this show, but I figured there were some of you out there who did.

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Disproving a Rumor

Making them an offer they can't refuse?

The Romanian Prime Minister is offering to sleep with the wives and girlfriends of journalists on a Romanian newspaper to stop them claiming he is gay.

He said: "If people from Evenimentul Zilei newspaper want me to prove to them that I have no homosexual inclinations, I will test all their wives and girlfriends to show them where my preferences really are."

--When you act so outlandishly, it tends to make people believe the rumor more, I would think. Remember the Cindy Crawford/Richard Gere full-page "Richard isn't gay" newspaper ad? Didn't really help the situation.

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Quiz Overload

Fun quizzes!

You Are a Martini

You're not a total lush, but you do like your drinks strong For you, drinking is an art. An experience to be relished. That doesn't mean you don't get really really drunk. A few strong martini's, and you're dancing on the bar!
What alcoholic drink are you?
--Thanks for the tip, Amanda Y. :)

You're Rent!

What Broadway Musical Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
--Courtesy of Chuck.

And here's a Merry Mythmas Quiz for you. I scored 8/10. I missed #4 and #7.

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December 15, 2004 

Who's Your Daddy?

Taking a page from the daytime talk show playbook, Fox will air a reality special called "Who's Your Daddy?"

The concept for the program, set to air Jan. 3, is fairly simple. A young woman, adopted at birth, is searching for her biological father. Producers have found him, but rather than a simple on-air reunion, à la "Maury" or "Oprah," they've created a game show-like format for this usually personal experience.

Turns out, before meeting her father, the woman will visit with eight men who claim to share her genes. No surprise, through a series of interviews with the men, she'll have to pick which one is her dad.

Now, mind you, this is reality, so there's a twist. There's an incentive - a $100,000 prize - for the men not to expose details that might reveal the real dad. If the daughter guesses correctly, despite the hurdles placed before her, she'll get the $100,000. If she guesses wrong, the man she picks gets the cash.

And, cash in hand or not, the real father will be reunited with his daughter at the end of the 90-minute special.

--Is nothing safe from the reality show influence?

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Insurance May Not Be Enough

A theater star’s penis has been insured for £1million — so he can dip it into a cup of steaming tea in a play.

Comic Arthur Smith, 50 — who appears in TV series Grumpy Old Men — will perform the stunt nightly later this month.

Producers at London’s Comedy Theatre took out the cover. Spokesman Rupert Gavin said: “We’ll try to ensure the water is not actually scalding.”

--Guys, would you risk it?

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Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE

A glass-shattering brawl erupted between a hip restaurateur and a miffed model at Lafayette Street hot spot Butter, sending Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen scrambling for safety.

It happened in the wee hours of Dec. 7, when Karim Amatullah, owner of Hue and No. 1 Chinese, faced off with New York Model Management mannequin Susan Bauer. But as with many late-night bar brawls, the combatants tell wildly divergent versions of the story.

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Wedding Bells

Mediocre tennis player weds mediocre singer: (Thanks to Kevin for the title)

Russian tennis beauty Anna Kournikova has secretly married her boyfriend, Latin recording star Enrique Iglesias, according to a report in Us Weekly.

The magazine reported that Kournikova was seen at a charity tennis event in Florida this past weekend wearing a wedding band on her ring finger.

When asked about the ring and how things were with her boyfriend, Kournikova, 23, was heard to say: "Enrique is great. Everything is awesome. We are married," according to the magazine.

--I hear the hearts of many men breaking right now.

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December 14, 2004 

Robbin' the Cradle

Looks like Colin Farrell is putting another notch in his headboard.

--Way to rob that cradle, Colin.

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Irish rock sensation U2 will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March, it was announced Monday. The group's frontman, Bono, and the rest of the band have gained international acclaim since bursting onto the music scene in the '80s with their debut album Boy and subsequent hit recordings like The Joshua Tree.

Their most recent album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, was released in November and has already climbed to the top of the British and American music charts. Also inducted with the group will be R&B singers The O'Jays, "When A Man Loves A Woman" crooner Percy Sledge, blues guitarist Buddy Guy and musical group The Pretenders.

The official induction will take place at the Hall of Fame Foundation's 20th annual ceremony on March 14 in Manhattan.

--Usually the inductees somewhat baffle me. However, I think this is a well-deserving group--especially U2 and Buddy Guy.

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Socks for Sale

Smelly socks worn by Ed Harris during the filming of "Empire Falls" were among the treasures snatched up by fans during a weekend sale of props and costumes from the HBO movie.

On Saturday, about 300 people bought a variety of items used by Harris, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward and Helen Hunt during last year's filming in the Waterville-Skowhegan area.

The sale concluded Sunday after the remaining items were marked down in price. Proceeds will help defray the costs of the film, directed by Fred Schepisi and also starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright Penn and Kate Burton.

The inventory included racks of clothes, shoes, license plates, jewelry, books, signs, gazebos, a couch, menus, a wet suit worn by Woodward and a "fat suit" worn by Hunt.

"I've got Ed Harris' socks, and they smell, but I'm not washing them," said Bonnie Goodwin, pulling her loot out of a plastic bag.

--People never cease to amaze me.

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Kitchen Glam

With the upcoming holidays, many women (and men, of course, but these little numbers lean toward being used by women) will be in the kitchen cooking.

Why not look chic while protecting your holiday duds? Well, thanks to Kitsch 'n Glam you can. They have aprons in some VERY cool patterns and colors. Not your typcial Betty Crocker look!

I like this one--and of course, the pattern is called the "Martini:"

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Best TV Characters?

MSN has announced its list of the 10 Best Current TV Characters.

I overwhelmingly agree with #2 and #3--Dr. Cox on Scrubs and Emily Gilmore on Gilmore Girls.

Who would be on your list?

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Celebrity Justice

Sharon Stone says she hasn't had a facelift and she's suing a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to prove it.

The 'Basic Instinct' beauty filed a defamation suit Monday against Dr. Renato Calabria, claiming he's been wrongfully taking credit in popular magazines and newspapers for Sharon's youthful looks "in order to increase the profits of his plastic surgery business and attract clientele." The 46-year-old actress says she's never had a procedure done by Calabria.

He could not be reached for comment Monday.

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December 13, 2004 

GG Noms

Here's a full list of the Golden Globe nominations announced today.

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Dance Spice

Emma Bunton was once known as Baby Spice; that is, when she was one-fifth of multi-million selling girl group the Spice Girls. These days, she is just known as Emma.

Her U.S. solo debut, "Free Me," is due January 25 via 19 Recordings/Universal. Wildly buoyant, the album is equal parts Petula Clark, Motown and Burt Bacharach-with sun-bleached splashes of bossa nova.

In November, remixes of the title track went top 5 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music Club Play chart and top 10 on the Hot Dance Radio Airplay tally, and Emma couldn't be happier with that success.

--I swore all of their 15 minutes of fame was up. Looks like I may have been wrong.

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Bad Decision?

A furor has erupted in the NYPD's 13th Precinct over a decision to hold its Christmas party at rapper Jay-Z's 40/40 Club.

The committee that organizes the precinct's social functions negotiated a great deal with the Chelsea nightspot to have the bash there tomorrow night, said a precinct insider. But many officers are refusing to attend.

"It's caused outrage, divisiveness and tremendous bitterness," our insider says. "Some officers are very upset. Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, was arrested on gun charges [in 2001], and he trashed the guys who did it as racist. And we've arrested bouncers at 40/40 in the past. It's just wrong to hold it there."

An NYPD spokesman had "no comment."

Former crack dealer Jay-Z was busted outside the Exit nightclub in April 2001 after his bodyguard was caught with a loaded gun. In 2000, Jay-Z was charged with assault following a knife attack on a record producer.

In past years the 13th has held its Christmas party at other spots in the precinct, such as the W Union Square and Park Avenue Country Club, paying full price and avoiding any appearance of impropriety.

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Kidman Quits

Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman has left the big screen adaptation of hit Broadway musical The Producers because of scheduling difficulties.

The actress was set to don fake breasts to play busty Swedish secretary Ulla in the film version of the Mel Brooks musical, opposite Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane. According to Variety magazine, Kidman left the production, due to start filming February, because her hectic schedule would not give her enough time to practice the singing and dancing the role requires.

Kidman is currently shooting a film adaptation of '60's TV series Bewitched.

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Ocean's 12

I saw Ocean's 12 this weekend. Seems like everyone in America did as well.

I think the script was much better written than the first one. The delivery of the actors' comedic lines was superb--there was much more humor this time around. thought Matt Damon was at the top of his game. His portrayal of nervous Linus was right on. However, I must say that I just don't think it was as good as the first one. The story was a little disjointed. Anyone else agree/disagree?

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Party Time

Here are some comical party tips for your holiday soirees!

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Colts Clinch

Way to go Colts! AFC South Champs!

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December 10, 2004 

Spears' Scents and No Sensibility

Scents and No Sensibility:

Britney Spears caused a real stink when her smelly feet gassed a plane full of people. Passengers complained when the star shed her shoes on a flight.

The smell was so bad that a stewardess asked Britney to put them back on reports The Sun.

One passenger said: "The smell was unbelievable. One woman had a word with the air hostess, then three or four others complained. She looked pretty embarrassed as she tapped Britney on the shoulder and asked her very politely to put her shoes back on.

"Britney went red, laughed and said her shoes make her feet stink. Thankfully she put them on. There's no way we could have put up with that."

And in more yummy Britney news:

Miss Spears had to be carried out of the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel by her mom Lynne and a bouncer after allegedly drinking way too much.

Once outside, the 23-year-old - who had been staying in a sumptuous villa at the Bellagio Hotel - then proceeded to throw up in the car park. Nice girl.

--She's a stinky, vomitous, train wreck.

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Sir Kingsley

To Sir With Love?

Brit actor Ben Kingsley's marriage is on the rocks after little more than a year because he insisted his wife's friends call him "Sir."

Kingsley, 60, famed for his role in "Ghandi," was knighted in 2002; he married Alexandra Christman, 30, in 2003. Kingsley supposedly snapped at Christman's pals who dared address him improperly, "You should call me Sir Ben."

--Hey Ben: You're a great actor and all, but, um, GET OVER YOURSELF!

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TV News

And now, I bring to you some TV news:

--Legendary comedienne Carol Burnett will return to the soap opera world of Pine Valley next month, when she joins the cast of ABC's "All My Children" in celebrating the show's 35th anniversary. The multi-talented star will reprise her 1983 role as the beloved Verla Grubbs, a representative for the network announced Thursday. "I am thrilled to be back," says Burnett about returning to the Emmy® Award-winning series.

--MTV will return to "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" next summer with more antics and escapades of the young and wealthy. The cable network has reportedly picked up another season of the popular, new reality show, which follows a group of teens from the famously affluent area of Southern California.

--Sex & the City star Chris Noth is set to return to the force in 2005 as a Law & Order regular. The actor, who played Mr. Big in Sex & the City, is set to reprise his detective character Mike Logan, which he played for five seasons on the original Law & Order drama in spin-off show Criminal Intent. And if series star Vincent D'Onofrio's health problems become a serious problem, Noth is being tipped to take over the lead role in the program.

--Take the What's Your TV IQ quiz. I scored a pathetic 7/10.

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Bah Humburger

Assault with a steamy burger:

Police issued an arrest warrant Monday for a man charged with assaulting a convenience store clerk with a hamburger.

The incident unfolded at the Highland Street Cumberland Farms, in East Rochester, when a man entered the building and placed a fast-food burger in the microwave, then attempted to pay for the hamburger as it was heating, police Sgt. Anthony Triano said.

The man became enraged when clerk Scott Litzenberger told him he had to bring the burger from the microwave to the front counter 15 feet away in order to pay for it.

After a sharp exchange of words, the man walked back to the microwave, removed the steaming burger and walked back to the waiting Litzenberger.

Instead of paying, the suspect shoved the steaming, greasy burger into Litzenberger’s left eye, causing scalding burns, Triano said.

--This guy is a total Scrooge. Bah Humburger. :)

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December 09, 2004 


Two big thumbs up to Mischa:

The OC star Mischa Barton is unlikely to become the latest celebrity Kabbalah follower or a Buddhist - she hates 'show business religions'.

The British-born actress insists she'll never become one of "those people" who seek spiritual enlightenment from a trendy religion, and mocks the likes of Demi Moore and Madonna who do.

She says, "I'm not one of these people really into the latest fetishes like yoga or the Kabbalah. I can't imagine anything worse than wearing a trendy red bracelet around my arm and running around saying, 'I'm at peace with myself.'"

In other news, construction is underway in Beverly Hills on several mansions for the gurus of the kabbala sect that numbers Madonna and Demi Moore among its faithful.

The homes, which are said to cost at least $2 million each, are being constructed as kabbalah-friendly dwellings.

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Additions and Absences

As far as I'm concerned, New Year's Eve isn't New Year's Eve without Dick Clark. I hope he's better in time!

On the other hand, I applauded the absense of Joan and Melissa Rivers at the Emmys this year. Looks like my glee is short-lived. Ugh. Could they be more obnoxious?

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Trend Alert

Go raid your grandmother's closet:

Styles that Granny has been wearing for years — beaded cardigans, big brooches, pleated skirts, fur-lined snow boots over pants and gold brocaded clothing — are anything but dated this season.

“The theme, I’d say, is ‘Granny chic,’” said Glamour magazine fashion editor Suze Yalof Schwartz. “It’s Grandma’s closet that's come out to the runways this season. And it’s sexy.”

Last year, the Ugg boot was the must-have in footwear. This year, moon boots and furry, shaggy snow boots with a wedge heel are hot — but make sure to wear them over your pants or jeans if you want to be really hip.

Marc by Marc Jacobs' Snow Boot for $180, Tecnica's Moon Boot for $129, Coach's Sofie Boot for $400, Mukluks Native American boots for $395 and the KORS by Michael Kors Crosby and Cosmic boots for $353 and $373, respectively.

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What He Won't Do For Work

George Clooney vows never to put weight on for a movie again, after his last role left him feeling hideous.

The gorgeous star gained 30 pounds to play a bearded spy in new flick Syriana.

But George, 43, who's soon to be seen in Ocean's Twelve, hated the way he looked and now admits: "It was good for that film and I'm glad I did it but I'd never do it again."

The actor has struggled to shed the extra weight, saying: "I'm still in the process of losing the last few pounds. It's hard to do, and it's hard on your system."

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Blog Alert

If you're in for a good laugh, check out this blog.

It's an audio blog of people leaving drunken messages. Truly hysterical.

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I had the pleasure of attending the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's Yuletide show last night. It was, in a word, FANTASTIC!

Seriously--if you're in town, you MUST go. It stars NYPD officer and famous singer, Daniel Rodriguez. He's just wonderful, as is the rest of the cast, sets, and orchestra members. I've had the opportunity to see a lot of shows of this type, and this truly was the best one I've seen. Go, Go, GO!!

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December 08, 2004 

Not Your Typical Nativity

Church leaders united on Wednesday to condemn a Christmas nativity tableau depicting soccer star David Beckham as Joseph and his pop singer wife Victoria as the Virgin Mary.

Anglicans, Catholics and Presbyterians called the exhibit at Madame Tussaud's waxwork museum in London a new low in the cult of celebrity worship.

In the tableau, Australian pop star Kylie Minogue hovers above the crib as an angel while "Posh Spice" Victoria lays her shawled head tenderly on Beckham's shoulder.

Tony Blair, George W. Bush and the Duke of Edinburgh star as The Three Wise Men. The shepherds are played by Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson, British actor Hugh Grant and camp Irish comedian Graham Norton.

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Tribe's Unusual Worship

The Mandinka tribe of Gambia, Africa, adheres to a religious practice completely unique to its people -- they worship actress Salma Hayek's breasts!

When Hayek first appeared on screen, the Mandinkans were blown away by the sight of the 36C-25-37 actress. "Everyone gasped -- men, women, and children," recalls Kianga. "Salma was breathtakingly exquisite. She gave off a force, a light, an energy that came right through the screen and entered our very souls."

After that screening, all any of the Mandinkans could talk about was Salma Hayek -- her looks, her spirit, her energy.

--I'm sure men everywhere will be using the excuse that they too "worship" Salma to their wives and girlfriends.

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Play Ken

Watch out Ken Jennings!

I took this quiz, and scored 9/10. (I missed #3).

When's the next Jeopardy audition?

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Pink to Pen

Pop punk Pink will expose her innermost thoughts and feelings in a big screen adaptation of her private diary.

The singer wants to tell her own story, following the decision to postpone a planned biopic of sixties icon Janis Joplin, starring Pink in the lead role.

Pink - whose acting experience is limited to a cameo role in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle - says, "I plan to write a film script based on them. They are shocking, inspiring and, above all, true to my heart." She plans to call the movie The Diary of Pink.

--The Diary of Pink? Wow, that's original. I'm sure this will be a bestseller.

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New Chess Champ

Searching for Hikaru Nakamura?

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Ticked Off Deliveryman Shares Beer

Beer raid in Indy:

Police say they're looking for a former deliveryman accused of allowing people to raid a semitrailer containing nearly $30,000 worth of Miller Lite beer.

Authorities found the trailer Tuesday near the intersection of 29th and Harding streets on the city's west side. Police said they believe the trailer, which once contained more than 14,000 cases of beer, was parked there about six weeks ago by a disgruntled deliveryman who had just been fired.

The trailer still contained some beer Tuesday. Information about the amount wasn't available.

"I'm really surprised there's any beer left," Marion County sheriff's Detective Christa Moncrief said. "I figured it would have been gone within the first week, but maybe not a lot of people knew it was here."

--I have to say, I'm surpirsed there's any beer left too.

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Stevie's Ticked

Watch out Em--Stevie's ticked:

Stevie Wonder has blasted Eminem for mocking Michael Jackson in his Just "Lose It" video.

In the promo, Em is seen ridiculing Jacko for his reputed plastic surgery and for when his hair caught fire. "Kicking someone when he's down is not a good thing," stormed Stevie. "I was disappointed that he would let himself go to such a level.

"Eminem has succeeded on the backs of people predominantly in that lower pay bracket, people of colour. So for him to come out like that is bulls**t."

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December 07, 2004 

Puffy and the Pres

Puffy and the Pres:

"So you're Sean Combs" — that's what President Bush kept saying yesterday as he gave the hip-hop mogul a private tour of the White House.

When Combs — in D.C. to present a Kennedy Center honor — was offered a tour, "he didn't realize his guides would be the president and first lady," a source said.

Laura Bush told Puffy: "I understand you had a wonderful birthday party recently." When it was revealed that Combs and Laura share the same natal date, the president suggested they celebrate jointly next year. "I'll arrange that," P. Diddy offered. As he left, he told the first couple, "You have a nice house."

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Who is the Most Smackable?

GQ has released its list of the 15 Guys They'd Like to Smack.

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People Can be Wicked

Idina Menzel, star of the Broadway musical "Wicked," and her husband, actor Taye Diggs have received hateful threats because of their interracial marriage.

The couple was the focus of at least three letters last week in which bodily harm was threatened, the New York Post reported in Monday editions.

Despite the threats, Menzel still performed on Sunday, arriving at the Gershwin Theater under heavy guard. For the matinee, she was accompanied by five plainclothes guards, who remained stationed outside the stage door.

Diggs, who is black and stars in the UPN drama "Kevin Hill," and Menzel, who is white, were wed in January 2003.

Earlier this year, Menzel won a Tony award for her portrayal of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West.

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Cheese Please

Leonardo DiCaprio declaring "I'm the king of the world!" in "Titanic" has been chosen as the cheesiest line in movie history.

The list:
1. "Titanic" — "I'm the king of the world!" (Leonardo DiCaprio)

2. "Dirty Dancing" — "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." (Patrick Swayze)

3. "Four Weddings and a Funeral — "Is it still raining..." (Andie MacDowell)

4. "Ghost" — "I love you." "Ditto." (Demi Moore)

5. "Top Gun" — "You can be my wingman any time." (Val Kilmer)

6. "Notting Hill" — "I'm just a girl..." (Julia Roberts)

7. "Independence Day" — "Today we celebrate our Independence Day." (Bill Pullman)

8. "Braveheart" — "They may take our lives..." (Mel Gibson)

9. "Jerry Maguire" — "You had me at hello." (Renee Zellweger)

10. "The Postman" — "You're a godsend, a saviour." "No, I'm a postman." (Kevin Costner)

--It's a pretty good list. I didn't take the Mel Gibson Braveheart line as cheesy, but maybe some people did. I have to say that my pick for cheesiest line in movie history would be "Love means never having to say you're sorry," from Love Story.

What are some of your faves?

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I'm Back

Hi everyone. Sorry for the lack of posting, but I was on my law firm trip to South Beach. I'll definitely post all about it, but it won't probably be until tonight. I've got a lot to catch up on at work, and want to get there soon!

I'll tell you this though: it was a great time!

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December 03, 2004 

The Mother of all Martinis

Drinkers might want to keep a clear head when ordering a martini at New York's historic Algonquin Hotel or they might pay $10,000 for that cold sip.

The landmark hotel, where famed wit Dorothy Parker and fellow literary lights at the Round Table imbibed, offers a $10,000 martini, complete with a loose diamond at the bottom.

No one has ordered one yet, in the martini's first week on the menu, but the hotel hopes some romantic soul will buy one any day now.

Today, Parker's ode to the martini adorns hotel napkins: "I love a martini -- but two at the most. Three I'm under the table; Four, I'm under the host."

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All in the Family

All in the family:

Julia Roberts' niece, Emma Roberts, 13, is poised to become the next teen queen.

Not only is she the star of the new Nickelodeon show "Unfabulous," she has two movies — "Aquamarine" and "Daisy Winters" — coming out next year. And she's recording an album for Sony.

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Caption This

Caption this pic:

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Like a Prayer

Like a prayer:

Kabbalah queen Madonna halted a fashion shoot for half an hour so she could pray and meditate.

The 46-year-old mum-of-two, who's an avid follower of the controversial branch of Jewish mysticism, took the time out during a photo session for Versace.

According to US Weekly, she was overheard saying: "Rosh Chodesh for the moon in Sagittarius - it ushers in a period of good fortune."

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I love this bar and grill

Toby Keith demanded one thing from investors who persuaded him to lend his name to a new restaurant franchise: Good food.

"We've got to have great food, and I'm going to have the last say-so on that, and y'all get the royalty checks right and we'll all agree," Keith told reporters at a recent news conference.

The award-winning country music singer-songwriter said he returned to the restaurant business after investors "made me an offer I couldn't understand" to launch the eatery named "Toby Keith's 'I Love This Bar and Grill."

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Did you know?

Did you know that the on the Starbuck's website, you can pick your favorite drink, its size, what kind of milk you want, and if you want whipped cream or not, and it will tell you all the nutritional information?

Very nice feature! (The truth hurts).

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December 02, 2004 

Dolly Parton's Kin?

Christina is apparently trying to start looking like Dolly Parton.

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Stocking Stuffer Idea

Stocking stuffer idea:

Acid-free-paper photo albums by MJ Zoom. Only $5 each. Buy them online:

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Drinkin' with the boys

Hollywood star Brad Pitt was shocked by his "beautiful, elegant" Ocean's Twelve co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones, when she drank more alcohol than her male castmates.

Pitt said, "The great thing about Catherine is there is this great beauty and elegance but at the same time, she'll drink any one of you under the table."

--Nothin' wrong with a lady who likes to throw a few back.

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Leading up to the Oscars

In this lead-up period to the Oscars, the first of many pre-Oscar film awards were handed out:

The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures named Finding Neverland the Best Picture of 2004. Annette Bening was named Best Actress and Jamie Foxx was named Best Actor.

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Mary Poppins

A "practically perfect" premiere:

Many of the surviving stars of "Mary Poppins" reunited at Hollywood Boulevard's El Capitan Theatre to mark the beloved Walt Disney movie musical's 40th anniversary.

--I loved this movie when I was little. "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down..."

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Hot Words

Merriam-Webster Inc. said on Tuesday that blog, defined as "a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments and often hyperlinks," was one of the most looked-up words on its Internet sites this year.

Here's the whole list of the top 10 words of the year based on searches of Merriam-Webster Web sites:

1. blog
2. incumbent
3. electoral
4. insurgent
5. hurricane
6. cicada
7. peloton
8. partisan
9. sovereignty
10. defenestration

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December 01, 2004 

Crue is BACK!!!!!!!!

Break out the hairspray and squeeze into your Spandex — Motley Crue is reuniting for a world tour.

The glam-metal gang of Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars will hold a press conference Monday in front of the Whiskey A-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip, the historic rock club where Crue got its start in the early 1980s.

VH1 will cover the announcement live and the Strip will be shut down. Meanwhile, Neil, last seen bunking with other B-list celebs on "The Surreal Life," marries buxom blond gal pal Leah Gardini Jan. 9 in Las Vegas.

--This seriously rocks. I so hope they come to Indianapolis. :)

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Christmas Gift Idea

For the refined and preppy card player in your life: Kate Spade playing cards

--$18 for 2 sets.

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Pacino and Prince Charles are BFF:

Hollywood icon Al Pacino and British Royal Prince Charles have become unlikely friends after they met at the Royal Premiere of the actor's documentary Looking For Richard seven years ago.

The 64-year-old has been an honored house guest at the Prince of Wales' London residence, Highgrove, and the pair have stayed in contact by letter since their first meeting.

The news of this surprising alliance came to the surface last night at London's charity premiere for the Godfather actor's latest film - The Merchant Of Venice.

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Bye Bye Blonde

Paris ditches the platinum look:

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Bergen's Back!

Attention Boston Legal fans:

Word has it that Candice Bergen, best known for her role on the sitcom "Murphy Brown," is headed back to TV in her first regular role since the popular series ended.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bergen will join the cast of ABC's new drama, "Boston Legal." The Emmy winner, who played an ambitious news anchor on the former CBS series, will now reportedly become partner of a law firm on the legal-themed show.


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