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February 08, 2006

"I Didn't Ask For Them!"

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora were working through a rough patch in their marriage, due mostly to the strife of two busy careers. Then, sources say, a suggestive e-mail sent to Sambora by an acquaintance of the couple became a final straw in Locklear's decision to seek a divorce.

Locklear found the e-mail, which contained "provocative pictures" of the female, a close friend of the pair says. Though the woman had long been "a sore subject," says the source, Locklear never thought she and Sambora had actually been "romantic." Whatever conclusions Locklear has now drawn from the photos, they were, her friend believes, the deciding factor. "She's devastated," says the friend. "Absolutely devastated."

Sambora, meanwhile, is as upset by the photos as Locklear, according to their friend: "Richie's saying nothing ever happened, that he never asked for the pictures."

Source: People

Posted by Lawren at February 8, 2006 08:03 AM | Trackbacks (0)

You Said

This isn't the end.... Men are basically stupid....even those who are most happy in their relationships. What "we" think of as "the worst" they seem to think is only a "slip." I've been there and I should know. I am about to celebrate my 20th anniversary and I'm not one to "forgive and forget." I will forgive, but I need to know he now understands the difference between what he thinks is "harmless online flirting" and what could become a distastrous marriage breaker.

My husband is a physician and there are ALWAYS women who think he's an easy target. Maybe they think doctors divorce their wives all the time for cute nurses.. I don't know! Seems kind of similar to the Hollywood set.. one co-star for another. Trust is a HUGE!!!!!! issue, but then again, so is a history. My husband is no saint (and neither am I), but when there is a "thing" that we don't see eye to eye, we do ALOT of talking about it.

I'm not a regular fan of yours (either Richie or Heather), although, you are about my age and I've liked your (collective) work over the years.

Writing (by either email or "snail mail" isn't something I've done since I was about 14, but it just seemed like the thing to do tonight after reading about your split.)

Marriages splitting up in Hollywood are nothing new. Marriages splitting up in Hollywood after 15 or 20 years is tough. They seem to be happening, but I'm not sure it's for the same reasons as those "quickie" marriages.

I do not doubt that marriage is tough with actors and singers being separated for long periods of time. I don't doubt that it's attactive having movie co-stars seeming to be attractive and "meant to be" partners. What isn't happening is the actors (and musicians) remembering what "REAL" is all about. It IS NOT the movie set or the traveling to promote. It is NOT the parties for the awards or the openings. It's all about the BORING stuff. Nobody's marriage lasts because the fun stuff is fun. Nobody's marriage lasts because you have great clothes and limo rides and hair stylists to help you every step of the way to look great.

Marriages last when all of the above can be left behind in the blink of an eye. For some of us, this stuff is really important. Just make sure your level of importance for the fame is the same or less than your level of importance for your happiness.

I only know my circumstances... My happiness level is WAY different than my income level. Umfortunately, you can't always separate the two and still come up with an even equation.

The balance in a good marriage is figuring out what's most important to each of you and compromising on what you are willing to "go for."

Maybe these "Hollywood" marriages fail because of the goals. But, it seems to me that most of these marriages fail because of a lack to acknowledgement of the partner's talents and worth REGARDLESS of their own talents.

Wow, that's quite a lecture... probably won't even make it to your mailbox!

I have liked you, Heather, in all of your roles. I like Richie and U2. I read the magazines. I enjoy reading the paparazzi "stuff" about all of "you." But, I know it's all with major "TWISTS" to the stories. Unfortunately, I also know that most stories have at least some small basis of truth to them.

Heather and Richie, Marriage is REALLY HARD!! Gotta tell you that the internet has only made it worse. getting a little too emotional. Probably won't ever hear back from you, but hope so. I don't know if you and Richie belong together. I don't know a lot about you guys as a couple over the years. All I know is marriage is THE HARDEST THING I'VE EVER DONE!!!

I wish you luck in all you chose. What seems like a "greener pasture" might only be a different kine of mine field.


Says: Sue at February 10, 2006 12:34 AM

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