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November 30, 2007 

Mommy Aguilera

Wow. I thought the shock would be that she's half-nude and pregnant on the cover. But, I'm more concerned about the bronzer and cropped jacket. Yowzah.

Posted by Lawren at 07:56 AM | Comments (205) | Trackbacks (0)

Could It Be?

In Touch is claiming that Brit Brit is pregs by JR Rotem (um, who?)

I'm skeptical...(but, obviously wouldn't be surprised!)

Posted by Lawren at 06:39 AM | Comments (11) | Trackbacks (0)

Katie's New 'Do

Shall we now call her Bobkat?

(It looks fabulous, by the way...)

In other Cruise family news... Christian Louboutin has custom-designed a pair of shoes for tiny Suri Cruise, OK! magazine reports. The company had made a mold of the tot's feet and hand-crafted a pair of bespoke shoes for her. "She'll be the youngest client," said a source.

Posted by Lawren at 06:23 AM | Comments (71) | Trackbacks (0)

I'm Back!

Hey gang--sorry for the lack of posts. I was at a health policy conference in Charleston, SC. What a great city!

Posted by Lawren at 06:21 AM | Comments (49) | Trackbacks (0)

November 27, 2007 


In Touch is claiming that Jessica Simpson brought Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo home for Thanksgiving.

The couple showed up at Jessica’s grandparents new home in Waco, Texas, on November 23 (a day late, since Tony had a game to play on Thanksgiving) and received a “hero’s welcome” from Joe and Tina Simpson and Jessica’s grandparents, according to an onlooker. While Tony has denied reports that he and Jessica are dating, insiders say the pair are definitely involved – and they’re getting more serious.

I'd watch out if I was Jessica...I'm starting to think he's a manwhore.

Posted by Lawren at 06:36 AM | Comments (9) | Trackbacks (0)

60 Years of Dior

Happy Birthday, Dior!

To celebrate the sixtieth birthday of Dior, house designer John Galliano and perfumier François Demachy have created a trio of limited-edition fragrances called La Collection Particulière. The scents pay homage to Miss Dior, the original perfume created in 1947—the same year Christian Dior introduced the "new look" at his first fashion show. La Collection Particulière captures the sophisticated and feminine aura that Dior has maintained for six decades.

The three fragrances are inspired by three past Dior models and muses: France, Lucky and Victoire. Each scent focuses on one of three flowers: rose, iris, and tuberose.

The bottles are made from Baccarat crystal — the same material used in the original and elegant Dior fragrances. The colors of the flacons are the same colors as the French flag. Each bottle is 2.5 ounces and sells for a hefty $490 in 30 Dior boutiques around the world.

Posted by Lawren at 06:30 AM | Comments (85) | Trackbacks (0)

November 26, 2007 

How Hannibal Lecter

Shock rock singer Marilyn Manson has been accused of squandering his band's profit on a child's skeleton and masks made of human skin.

Keyboardist Stephen "Pogo" Bier filed a breach of contract lawsuit in August in which he accused Manson of taking cash belonging to the rest of the band to pay for the "sick and disturbing" purchases. His lawyer Keith Fink has now filed additional papers adding to a list of artefacts bought by the goth singer- many of which are illegal in the US. As well as the skeleton and masks, Manson is said to have bought a range of stuffed animals, including a grizzly bear and two baboons. He is also accused of using band funds to pay for a collection of Nazi memorabilia.

Posted by Lawren at 06:42 AM | Comments (119) | Trackbacks (0)

Say It Ain't So

Brit Brit to adopt twins from China?

Posted by Lawren at 06:37 AM | Comments (0) | Trackbacks (0)

Hogan Knew Nothing

Maybe Hulk Hogan doesn't know best – after 24 years of marriage, his wife, Linda Marie Bollea, has filed for divorce.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, a Times reporter reportedly broke the news to Hogan on Friday night. He thanked the reporter for the "great information" then called back five minutes later to say, "I'm kind of shocked. You caught me off-guard. My wife has been in California for about three weeks. ... Holy smokes. Wow, you just knocked the bottom out of me. ... I just pulled over to the side of the road for five minutes to find out what was going on here."

Posted by Lawren at 06:28 AM | Comments (67) | Trackbacks (0)

November 22, 2007 

Gobble Til You Waddle

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :)

Posted by Lawren at 11:11 AM | Comments (279) | Trackbacks (0)

November 21, 2007 

So Good! So Good! So Good!

Neil Diamond revealed who the REAL "Sweet Caroline" is. Click below to find out!

Continue reading "So Good! So Good! So Good!"
Posted by Lawren at 05:55 AM | Comments (77) | Trackbacks (0)

Good Christ

David Gest is preparing to stage an autobiographical stage show in which he'll sing and dance titled, "David Gest Is Nuts . . . My Life As a Musical." The flamboyant ex-hubby of Liza Minnelli will kick off the revue in London in February. It'll feature numerous '70s pop acts, including Gloria Gaynor, who'll warble, "I Will Survive." Gest told London's Evening Standard: "In my wildest imagination, I never thought I'd be dancing, singing and performing . . . considering I have no real talent. This is quite a feat."

Nice gotee, buddy.

Posted by Lawren at 05:49 AM | Comments (61) | Trackbacks (0)


"We're talking to Mario Lopez to put together a celebrity mixed-martial-arts program where celebs beat the heck out of each other." --Mark Cuban, on a new reality show he's shopping around

Posted by Lawren at 05:46 AM | Comments (6) | Trackbacks (0)

Hoffed Off

David Hasselhoff, a judge on "America's Got Talent," apparently isn't happy with the jobs he's being offered lately. Spies at the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel spotted Hasselhoff yelling and cursing at two companions at his lunch table Friday afternoon. One witness said Hasselhoff, after complaining about his career, stormed out as nearby patrons stared. Hasselhoff's publicist Judy Katz, who famously blamed his 2006 Heathrow meltdown on antibiotics, confirmed he had lunch there with his agent, but firmly denied that any unpleasantries were exchanged.

Posted by Lawren at 05:45 AM | Comments (33) | Trackbacks (0)

November 20, 2007 


And, in today's "What the eff were they thinking?" news, I bring you Naomi Campbell and Debra Messy..err...Messing:

Posted by Lawren at 06:51 AM | Comments (7) | Trackbacks (0)

Mary-Kate's Infected

Mary-Kate Olsen has been hospitalized with a kidney infection. The actress entered the emergency room of a New York hospital on Monday. "Mary Kate got a kidney infection," says rep Nicole Caruso. "She's resting comfortably and will be released in the next day or so."

Posted by Lawren at 06:45 AM | Comments (35) | Trackbacks (0)

Casting News

Naomi Watts has scored a major role opposite Tom Hanks in "Angels and Demons," the prequel to the "The Da Vinci Code," which will also be directed by Ron Howard - but the production's start has been moved back due to the writers' strike. "It's been put off at least until February," said one insider. But the picture will get made, and the release date of spring 2009 hasn't been changed.

Posted by Lawren at 06:38 AM | Comments (0) | Trackbacks (0)


Superman is getting ready to marry his Lois Lane. Brandon Routh will wed longtime sweetheart Courtney Ford on Saturday at the Santa Barbara ranch of his "Superman Returns" producer Jon Peters, sources said. The wedding will take place on one of the spread's mountaintops. Expected guests include Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey, Winona Ryder, Mickey Rourke, Ashley Olsen, Warner Bros. President Alan Horn and Director Bryan Singer. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly closed the airspace around the ranch. A rep for Routh confirmed the wedding.

Posted by Lawren at 06:36 AM | Comments (168) | Trackbacks (0)

November 19, 2007 

Poor Kanye

Only a week after his mother's death, Kanye West returned to the concert stage Saturday night in Paris, only to dramatically break down in tears, audience members said. Nearing the end of the more than 60-minute performance, with the riff of "Hey Mama" beginning, West attempted to introduce the tribute to a sold-out crowd at Le Zénith in Paris, saying "this song is for my mother...." and could get no further. "He just cracked," one attendee said, "He was at the end of his concert and had just started to dedicate the song and then he just lost it completely."

"He said the word, 'Mother' and just couldn't go any further," Le Parisien journalist Meddy Magloire said. "A back-up singer, the DJ and a guitar player came over to console him. It looked like he might collapse. He just couldn't continue. He just stood there in a spotlight, crying while the band continued playing." After a few moments of stunned silence, Magloire says, the audience of 5,000 reacted by offering calls of encouragement, which grew into applause.

The band restarted the song, but West left the stage, returning after 10-15 minutes to conclude the concert with a rousing performance of "Stronger."

Posted by Lawren at 06:42 AM | Comments (164) | Trackbacks (0)


Tennis star Serena Williams, who last dated director Brett Ratner, has a new man. The 2003 Wimbledon champ, dressed in a shiny baby-doll dress, was spotted holding hands and getting "very close" with rapper Common last week at Tenjune during a party for her sister Venus. "They were very friendly, arm-in-arm. She looked great," said a spy. "All night they were sitting together. They were keeping it cool, but you could tell Common likes himself some Serena. I asked a friend of his and was told they are dating."

Posted by Lawren at 06:33 AM | Comments (2) | Trackbacks (0)

Eva Does What She Wants

Eva Longoria turned the Chateau Marmont into her own private party the other night, to the chagrin of hotel staffers. Longoria arrived at the Hollywood hotspot and tried to join a crowd that included Shakira, Ken Paves and Victoria Beckham. "Eva ran straight over to Posh and started pulling up chairs around a big table so they could sit together," said a spy. "The host was furious. She told Eva, 'You cannot bring any more chairs over here. This is a dining room.' Eva didn't listen to her, and a head server had to start pulling the chairs from her and move them back to the dining area so people with reservations could sit."

Posted by Lawren at 06:31 AM | Comments (51) | Trackbacks (0)

'Bout Time


Posted by Lawren at 06:28 AM | Comments (4) | Trackbacks (0)

November 16, 2007 

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

"Ashley Olsen and I are strictly friends. We have hung out amongst other friends, and she strikes me as a nice, smart lady."

--Lance Armstrong

Posted by Lawren at 06:41 AM | Comments (49) | Trackbacks (0)

No, It's Not Carrie's

Mr. Big's gonna be a baby daddy.

Posted by Lawren at 06:38 AM | Comments (76) | Trackbacks (0)

Look at My Striped Shirt!

Have you heard of the book Look at My Striped Shirt: Confessions from the People You Love to Hate? Well, click here to read an excerpt and prepared to laugh your arse off. With characters like "I Am the Greatest Pretend Worker This Company Has," "These Personalized License Plates Should Get the Word Out That I'm a Huge Douchebag," "My Fantasy Football Team Is Unstoppable," and "I WILL Get Off This Plane Before You" how could you go wrong?

Thanks for the tip, Iceman.

Posted by Lawren at 06:35 AM | Comments (72) | Trackbacks (0)

November 15, 2007 

Top TV Icons

What do YOU think about the list of Top TV Icons of All Time? (As declared by Entertainment Weekly and TV Land). Click here to view the list.

My thoughts: Sarah Michelle Gellar at 45? I mean...I know Buffy was popular and all, but I'm not agreeing with that one. I feel like they started making people up at the end. My dad will be glad to know his beloved Angela Landsbury made the cut. Glad to see they didn't forget the little guys (Kermit and Charlie Brown!).

Posted by Lawren at 06:56 AM | Comments (0) | Trackbacks (0)

Dropping the V-Card

It's amazing how many leading men lost their virginity at young ages. In his new book on sexual facts, "Where Do Nudists Keep Their Hankies?" just out from HarperEntertainment, Mitchell Simons reveals that Clint Eastwood, David Duchovny, Bruce Willis and Jerry Hall gave up their innocence at 14. Topping them are: Johnny Depp, James Caan and Jon Bon Jovi, who were just 13. Don Johnson was a mere 12. And Sean Connery confessed, "I was 8, but I can't recall with whom."

8???? That means he's been makin' whoopie for like 798 years!

Posted by Lawren at 06:45 AM | Comments (5) | Trackbacks (0)

Be a Santa to a Senior

I was at a press conference this week for a wonderful program called Be a Santa to a Senior. I hadn't heard of it before.

At Christmas, there are some charities I always give to. However, I also try to mix it up--there are just so many good ones to give to. I almost always give to groups assisting needy children or families and frankly, rarely give a second thought to needy seniors alone on Christmas. Regrettably, I always think about kids.

This year, I plan to take part in the Be a Santa to a Senior program. This is a nationwide program helping low or no-income, desolate, seniors who have no one on Christmas. I know we're all busy, and sometimes only have time to give and not "do" during the holidays, and you'll be glad to know that participating in this program is EASY.

Just go to your local Walgreens store and pick an ornament off the Be a Santa to a Senior tree (usually near the entrance). The senior will have picked out a few items they would like and/or need--things like socks, reading glasses, candy, etc. Simply pick up those items, and any extra items you'd like to give, pay at th counter, and give them to the cashier at Walgreens. The Be a Santa to a Senior folks pick up the gifts, wrap them, and deliver them.

Click here to view their website and to find the nearest Walgreens to you participating (Indy folks--ALL Indy area Walgreens are participating). If you can't financially contribute, the website has details on how you can help wrap and deliver.

We ALL have loved ones or people we know in nursing homes. Head to your local Walgreens today!

Posted by Lawren at 06:40 AM | Comments (15) | Trackbacks (0)

November 14, 2007 

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Governor Bon Jovi?

Posted by Lawren at 06:37 AM | Comments (65) | Trackbacks (0)


Even professional hairstylists won't touch Brandon Davis' hair. When "Greasy Bear" paid a visit late Saturday to the Frederic Fekkai Salon for a trim, stylists were so appalled by his oily grunginess they donned rubber gloves. "Even the shampoo person wore gloves," said a source. "He [Davis] was really out of it, sweating profusely. His eyes were half shut and he was asking for carrot juice, even after they told him they only had orange juice."

Posted by Lawren at 06:35 AM | Comments (164) | Trackbacks (0)

Quirkiest, Maybe

Um, really? He looks like a freaking Backstreet Boy in that picture.

Posted by Lawren at 06:33 AM | Comments (552) | Trackbacks (0)

November 13, 2007 


Cuteness factor: off the charts

Posted by Lawren at 06:39 AM | Comments (6) | Trackbacks (0)

Cry Me a River, Heather

She really gets on my nerves. She gives the Mills name a bad rap.

Posted by Lawren at 06:32 AM | Comments (301) | Trackbacks (0)



Posted by Lawren at 06:27 AM | Comments (38) | Trackbacks (0)

November 12, 2007 

Kate Gets Around

Forget Dax Shephard; Kate Hudson has moved on to an actual movie star. Hudson, having dumped funnyman Shephard, was linked to Dane Cook, but Thursday night she only had eyes for Heath Ledger. Spies at Beatrice Inn said they spent their evening at the trendy watering hole "kissing and making out."

Posted by Lawren at 09:48 AM | Comments (49) | Trackbacks (0)


Donda West, the mother and onetime manager of rapper Kanye West, died Saturday in Los Angeles.

Her publicist, Patricia Green, told BBC News she passed away "as the result of complications from a cosmetic surgical procedure," but gave no more details. West's spokesman said the family "asks for privacy during this time of grief."

West, 58, a retired professor and former chairwoman of the Chicago State University English department, was a tireless supporter of her son as he both earned success and stirred up controversy.

Posted by Lawren at 09:42 AM | Comments (120) | Trackbacks (0)

November 09, 2007 

Am I the Only One?

Ok, who else is watching Keeping up with the Kardashians? Anyone? What is Bruce Jenner thinking?

Posted by Lawren at 05:59 AM | Comments (101) | Trackbacks (0)

November 08, 2007 

Glad You Cleared That Up

“I’m only doing the film for the money. It was always about the money. When I made a stand about not being in the movie because I thought the money was terrible, there was a backlash of very negative things from some of my co-stars. The role is very much a double-edged sword.”

--Kim Cattrall, on why she's doing the Sex and the City movie

Posted by Lawren at 06:36 AM | Comments (2) | Trackbacks (0)

Nice Pants!

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Carson Kressley never disappoints. If anyone else wore this, it would be gaudy. ;)

Posted by Lawren at 06:28 AM | Comments (75) | Trackbacks (0)

Buy Lindsay's Car!

Lindsay Lohan's smashed-up car can be yours - if you're an idiot with money to burn. An anonymous seller has taken to eBay to hawk the 2005 black Mercedes SL-Class the actress was driving when she crashed on Sunset Boulevard last May, allegedly under the influence of booze and drugs. The price: $110,500. It has 6,207 miles on it and is driveable, following repairs.

Posted by Lawren at 06:23 AM | Comments (11) | Trackbacks (0)

November 07, 2007 


New couple alert: Mandy Moore and Matthew Perry.

Posted by Lawren at 06:41 AM | Comments (106) | Trackbacks (0)

A-Rod Movin' In to Shaq's Digs?

Shaquille O'Neal is rumored to have finally unloaded his Star Island mansion in Miami - and the buyer is soon-to-be former Yankee A-Rod, according to a report yesterday on Daily Business Review's Web site. Shaq has been trying to sell the place since the beginning of the year. He paid $18.8 million for it in 2004 and has sold it for between $25 million and $27 million.

Posted by Lawren at 06:39 AM | Comments (37) | Trackbacks (0)

Will Work For Food?

Oh, what solidarity! Celebs bring treats to the striking writers...

Guess this is a war-time tip for us all: when in doubt, Thin Mints! ;)

Posted by Lawren at 06:36 AM | Comments (106) | Trackbacks (0)

November 05, 2007 

Katie Runs

Katie Holmes gets a kiss from Tom Cruise and a warm welcome from Suri at the finish line of the New York Marathon Sunday.

Gotta give the girl props. Anyone who can run (or walk) a marathon deserves some credit. And, she's smiling!

Posted by Lawren at 06:32 AM | Comments (221) | Trackbacks (0)

Paris Goes Postal

Paris Hilton recently went bonkers in a porn shop because they were advertising her sex tape. Click here to watch.

Posted by Lawren at 06:30 AM | Comments (107) | Trackbacks (0)

Some Slash News

Slash can't be himself on Halloween without people thinking it's a costume. The former Guns N' Roses guitarist wore his trademark glasses, moptop hair and top hat to Pacha for its holiday bash, and no one believed it was really him. "Everyone kept telling him it was a great costume," said a source. After he convinced staff he was the real Slash, he was escorted to the VIP room, which has showers in each corner. A tall, hot Brazilian woman stripped off her clothes and jumped into the water to dance naked for him.

While in town, the rocker stopped by Howard Stern's Sirius show to promote his autobiography "Slash," where he revealed much from his wild days, including how he cheated on his second wife the night before their wedding. He also talked about his mom's affair with David Bowie when he was 10 years old, and how she and a friend would do "hard-core" drugs with him when he was 12. And he revealed that the band's hit "Sweet Child O' Mine" was created from a guitar riff he made up on the spot - "I never thought it would be a song."

Posted by Lawren at 06:27 AM | Comments (132) | Trackbacks (0)

November 02, 2007 

The Details

More court documents in the ongoing custody battle between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were released Thursday, which revealed some intimate details about their finances.

• Federline, earned more than a half million dollars in 2006, mainly from entertainment and endorsement deals – but minus business expenses, he only grossed $7,436 that year.

• Spears earns approximately $737,000 per month.

• Federline receives $15,000 a month in child support payments from his ex. (The amount may change, depending on how much more custodial time he ends up getting.) He is entitled to child support payments until Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, become adults, since Spears is the higher earner.

• The documents also reveal that Federline earned $3,300 in royalties in 2006 for his debut song "Popozao."

As for expenses, the documents also show that the former couple had very different spending habits. Here is what Spears and Federline spent on a monthly average in 2006 on various items.

Britney's Expenses:
• $102,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacation
• $49,267 on mortgage payments
• $16,000 on clothes
• $4,758 on eating out
• $2,500 on phone bills

Kevin's Expenses:
• $5,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacation
• $7,500 on rent
• $2,000 on clothes
• $1,500 on eating out
• $750 on phone bills

Posted by Lawren at 05:33 AM | Comments (410) | Trackbacks (0)

November 01, 2007 


Is Dog the new Imus?

Posted by Lawren at 05:07 AM | Comments (49) | Trackbacks (0)