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July 31, 2009 

When Will He Go Away?

"Jon & Kate Plus 8" womanizer Jon Gosselin is shopping a new show based on being a single dad, sources said.

The Gosselins have earned as much as $75,000 per episode with "Jon & Kate," but insiders said most of the money goes toward the kids, and that Jon is hard up for cash. "He's looking for endorsement deals to get that extra money," one source said. Hollywood broker Mike Heller is trying to help Gosselin. Fame-mad Michael Lohan introduced Heller to Gosselin (Heller used to broker deals for Lindsay Lohan), and told us he helped brainstorm a new show, "Divorced Dads Club." But an insider insists, "Michael will not be involved," adding, "Jon has been approached to do various reality shows, but due to his contract with TLC, he can't begin to think about doing anything right now." Reps for both TLC and Gosselin declined to comment.

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Diva Much?

VH1 just found out how high "The Price of Beauty" can be.

Jessica Simpson is scheduled to start shooting the new show next week and travel to seven countries examining exotic beauty regimens. But VH1 isn't happy with her budget. "To get her camera-ready each episode will cost $25,000," said a source. "She insists on using her own hair, makeup and fashion stylists, who are more expensive than J.Lo's."

A VH1 rep said, "We never comment on what we spend or don't spend." Simpson's rep, Cindi Berger, said, "A budget was approved when the deal was made. All parties were satisfied."

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July 30, 2009 


Happy 62nd birthday, Governor Schwarzenegger!

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Romo's Romancin'

Is there another woman?

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Kid #4

Jude Law's gonna be a daddy for the 4th time.

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July 29, 2009 

Shadow of His Former Self

Christian Bale sure is taking his new role of a drug-addicted boxer seriously. I hardly recognized him!

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Officially Over

Hulk Hogan and his wife have finally reached a settlement in their divorce case.

At a brief hearing Tuesday morning in Clearwater, Fla., Hogan, 55, and his wife Linda announced that they've agreed to the terms of the split. "We've reached a marital settlement agreement," Ray Rafool, Linda's attorney, told the judge.

In a statement to, Hogan's rep says, "Hulk is looking forward to moving on with his life and is very hopeful that he and Linda can maintain a friendship and work together as parents to their two children."

The terms were not made public. (In 2008 court filings, the couple's net worth was listed at between $26 million and $32 million.)

Before the proceedings began, Hulk, whose real name is Terry Bollea, and Linda were spotted smiling, according to a local ABC affiliate. At one point, she even kissed his cheek. "The war is over," Linda said after the hearing. Hogan echoed her sentiments, telling the Tampa Tribune: "When you're married to someone for 23 years ... you hope for the best .... We just got torn apart."

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July 28, 2009 

Conceited much?

Sean Combs is infatuated -- with himself. The hip-hop czar was dining with a pal at the Serafina branch on Broadway at 55th Street the other night, his table surrounded by three burly bodyguards -- all of them wearing diamond-studded earrings just like Combs. "The funny thing was, his table faced south, where a few blocks away there's a gigantic billboard promoting his new fragrance, 'Sean John -- I Am King,' " a spy said. "So there he was eating dinner, able to look out and stare at himself."

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And the Bidding Will Start At...

Stockpiles of previously unreleased video and audio recordings and love letters Madonna sent to an ex-boyfriend are set to hit the market -- and provide insight into the Material Girl's romantic side.

The personal artifacts, which can be bid on in the online Rock & Roll Pop Art Auction, include two microcassette tapes of answering machine messages Madonna left her long-ago ex-boyfriend James Albright, a former security guard at defunct Manhattan nightclub Limelight who later became Madonna's bodyguard, and 21 love letters she faxed Albright from various hotels around the world. The seller's identity is unknown.

Also for sale is a 15-minute, extended-footage VHS tape of her from Abel Ferrara's 1993 film, "Dangerous Game," co-starring Harvey Keitel and James Russo. In the tape, a portion of which appears as a movie-within-the-movie, Madonna appears to snort cocaine, inhale nitrous oxide and expose her breasts while allowing Russo to snort cocaine off her body.

In the letters to Albright, Madonna frequently refers to herself as "Lil' Booty" and "Lola Montez" -- in honor of a famous mistress of King Ludwig I of Bavaria. Her nicknames for Albright include "Booty," "Ceasar" (sic) and "Sambo." In one fax, she writes to Albright, "Just watched the HBO special. It was OK. My booty looked good and you should see how good it looks in person. It looks Bootyful!"

Bidding on the microcassettes starts at $25,000. The letters can be had for $3,000 while the VHS tape starts at $10,000. Neither the audiotapes nor the video come with copyright, meaning a new owner won't be able to resell the tapes.

Madonna's rep had no comment and Albright could not be reached.

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July 27, 2009 

Sounds Desperate

Adrian Grenier was ordering plenty of booze in his efforts to pick up chicks in Florida. The "Entourage" star was at Miami Beach nightclub Rokbar late last week of fering up shots of Patrón and beer chasers to passing gaggles of girls in an attempt to get them to join his table. "He ended up leaving at 3 a.m. with a bunch," says a spy.

Earlier in the evening, Grenier and co-stars Rex Lee and Perrey Reeves helped kick off the opening of the Entourage bungalow at the W South Beach by spraying bottles of champagne at partygoers.

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Still Close

She may have left the mansion, but Holly Madison is still one of Hugh Hefner's girls. "They remain close," a friend of the former couple said. Hef recently went to Vegas to watch Madison perform in her new act, "Peepshow," and one source told us the former Playmate picked up sweets from the Sugarfactory candy store in the Mirage hotel as a thank-you. "She spent 30 minutes putting together a package of his favorite candies . . . chocolate-covered raisins."

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This'll Be a Train Wreck

It's official: Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman's kids are coming to a TV near you.

Suleman signed agreements for each of her 14 children to earn $250 a day to star in a reality show, according to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Friday. The contracts -- which still require a judge's approval -- guarantee the kids will collectively earn nearly $250,000 over the next three years. They'll receive $125,000 for 36 days of shooting in the first year, $75,000 for 21 days in the second year and $50,000 for 14 days in the third year.

Eyeworks will produce the show, according to court documents. The company is also behind Breaking Bonaduce and The Biggest Loser. The Sulemans begin taping Sept. 1.

In April, Suleman's lawyer, Jeff Czech, told that she wanted to tape a "not so intrusive [show] make a little income for herself." Cameras could follow "Nadya dating, taking the kids to birthday parties, learning how to drive a 14-person van," Czech explained.

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July 24, 2009 

The Big 4-0

Happy 40th Birthday, J.Lo!

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Holmes on SYTYCD

Check out Katie Holmes on last night's So You Think You Can Dance:

I think she did a pretty good job...

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Twins for Federer

There's a new doubles team in town: Roger Federer and wife Mirka are the proud parents of twin girls, the tennis star announced early Friday on his Web site.

Daughters Charlene Riva Federer and Myla Rose Federer arrived late Thursday evening in Switzerland, Federer, 27, shares. "This is the greatest day of our lives," the Grand Slam champ and No. 1 player in the world said in a statement. "Mirka, Myla and Charlene are all healthy and doing very well."

The couple of nine years – who finally tied the knot in April – had announced the pregnancy in March, but never let on that they were expecting twins. (In fact, word was it was to be a boy, solo.)

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July 23, 2009 


“No, no, no! I’m probably 20 percent atheist and 80 percent agnostic. I don’t think anyone really knows. You’ll either find out or not when you get there, until then there’s no point thinking about it."

--Brad Pitt, when recently asked if he believed in God

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RRHoF Celebrates 25 Years

Music's biggest stars are set to perform at two New York City concerts this fall to celebrate the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame's 25th anniversary.

Bruce Springsteen, U2, Metallica and Stevie Wonder are among the industry greats on the initial roster for the Oct. 29 and Oct. 30 shows, the Hall of Fame announced in a statement Wednesday. The shows, held at New York City's Madison Square Garden, will feature different set lists and performers each night.

"Twenty-five years ago a group led by legendary Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun created this foundation to recognize and celebrate the music and careers of artists whose music helped shape and define our generation," Jann Wenner, the Founder and Chairman of Rolling Stone and Chairman of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Foundation said in the statement. "These once-in-a-lifetime concerts are designed to celebrate the artists and their music."

The artists will take to the stage to play their own music and the music that inspires them, and all proceeds from ticket sales will go to create a permanent endowment for the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Foundation and Museum.

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and Museum opened in 1983, with Elvis Presley, Little Richard and Ray Charles among its first inductees. Performers are eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record.

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July 22, 2009 

Slim Pickins

The legendary live concert event VH1 Divas is returning after a four-year hiatus and will feature big voices like Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis and Miley Cyrus.

The VH1 Divas concert will be televised live from the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Howard Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn, New York. The special will air @ 9PM ET/PT on Thursday, September 17 on VH1.

Producer Lee Rolontz said, “Adele, Kelly, Leona and Miley have all captured the world’s attention with their talent and have earned their designation as VH1 Divas this year. Don’t let some of their young ages fool you - these women are among the best entertainers in the world and will continue to thrill music fans for a long time to come.”

Good lord. What a weak bunch. I might give them Leona Lewis and Kelly Clarkson, but Miley? No way. Susan Boyle would be better.

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What Is "A Well-Preserved Game Show Host?"

Happy 69th birthday, Alex Trebek!

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July 21, 2009 

Mayor Naked Cowboy?

Not that this will leave him wearing much, but the Naked Cowboy is tossing his hat in the ring – to run for New York City mayor against formidable incumbent Michael Bloomberg.

The Cowboy – a guitar-strumming, 10-gallon-hat-and-skivvies-wearing Times Square fixture who for the past 11 years has posed for pictures with tourists – plans to announce his candidacy Wednesday, Reuters reports.

"No one knows how to do more with less than yours truly, and that's the kind of thinking I plan on sharing with my fellow New Yorkers when you elect me," said the Cowboy, an Ohio native whose real name is Robert Burck, 38.

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A Great Influence for the Plus 8

Jon's new girlfriend is classsaaaayyyyy.

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July 20, 2009 


In case you've been wondering where's he's been hiding, Prince was recently spootted on a first-class flight from Minneapolis to La Guardia, reading Elle magazine, carrying a gold- and diamond-encrusted walking stick and wearing flip-flops with sparkly silver socks.

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What Would We Do Without Her Tears?

No more Paula on Idol?

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July 17, 2009 


Are Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler not just working on a new movie together, but are also now romantically invovled? Rumor has it...

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Happy Birthday!

Happy 92nd birthday, Phyllis Diller!

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Powerhouse Couple

Ivanka got engaged.

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July 14, 2009 

Munchies, Much?

The best way to a Snoop Dogg concert is through his stomach -- as the employees of a California pizzeria just found out.

Snoop and tour mate Stephen Marley placed a $900 order with Big Louie's Pizzeria in Eureka last Wednesday -- but instead of asking for cash, the restaurant put in a request for concert tickets. Snoop and Marley obliged -- forking over 12 tickets and a bunch of t-shirts and hats.

Fun Facts: S & M ordered pizza, 6lbs of BBQ ribs and hot wings -- Marley stuck to vegetarian pies while Snoop got the chicken pesto and chicken garlic extreme.

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Reading Rainbow Guy Wrecked

Law enforcement sources say that LeVar Burton was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles early yesterday evening.

Burton -- who hosted "Reading Rainbow" and starred in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" -- collided with a car making a left turn at the intersection of Laurel Ave. and Beverly Blvd. at around 7:30 PM PT.

Other sources say Burton and the other driver were both taken to a local hospital with what appeared to be minor injuries.

"Take a's in a book...the reading rainbow!"

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'Bout To Burst

Nicole Richie is tres preggo.

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July 13, 2009 



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Still a Hottie

Happy 67th Birthday, Harrison Ford!

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Stay Classy, Jon

Jon Gosselin has waited a total of 30 seconds to move on from his wife, Kate. He was spotted w/ his new main squeeze, 22-year-old Hailey Glassman (the daughter of the doc who performed Kate's tummy tuck surgery).

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And, He Gets to Go Home to Scarlett

Ryan Reynolds has landed the coveted role of "Green Lantern," getting the starring role in Warner Bros.' live-action film based on the DC Comics hero. Martin Campbell will direct. Production is expected to begin in January.

Warners and Campbell chose Reynolds, who vied for the superhero role along with "The Hangover" star Bradley Cooper and Jared Leto. The momentum built for Reynolds in the last week, as he was the only actor whose option was extended.

The news caps off a memorable summer for Reynolds, who played Deadpool in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," a performance that prompted Fox to begin development on a spinoff film. Reynolds followed that by starring opposite Sandra Bullock in the romantic comedy "The Proposal," which crossed the $100 million mark this week.

The actor will next star in "Buried," a dark indie drama that will begin filming shortly in Barcelona with Spanish director Rodrigo Cortes.

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July 09, 2009 

A Close Bunch?

Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia on "The Brady Bunch," claims Eve Plumb, who played her sister Jan, is upset because McCormick claimed they had a lesbian affair on the set of the '70s sitcom. McCormick, blogging this week on, said all six Brady "kids" were invited to reunite on the Oprah Winfrey show in September: "All of us said yes except for one person, Eve Plumb, who used to be my best friend but now apparently wants to distance herself from the show and, most troubling, from me . . . I have no idea why, unless she's mad at the joke I made a few years ago that we'd had a lesbian love affair. I made the crack to be funny -- and for shock value. I'm sorry if she took offense."

McCormick "joked" about their sex last year just before her autobiography, "Here's the Story," was published. The "joke" made the book a best seller.

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Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson are going strong. The couple joined Bob Costas and wife Jill Sutton after Sunday's Yankees win over the Blue Jays for dinner at Scalinatella on East 61st Street in NYC. "A-Rod and Kate were holding hands and whispering in each other's ears the whole time," says our spy. "They definitely looked every bit together." Two nights before, the lovebirds were in a party of 11 at Serendipity 3.

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Avril Branches Out

A year after launching her Abbey Dawn collection for juniors at Kohl’s stores, punk princess Avril Lavigne is extending the line to include clothing for younger girls as well.

The Abbey Dawn children’s line will debut in two weeks and will be a cuddlier version of the singer’s own rock and roll style, featuring layered tees with friendly skull graphics and comfy leggings. “We have a really cute zebra hoodie with ears,” she says, “and I’m like, ‘Can I fit into the extra-large? Because I really like these!’”

In addition to helping kids find their inner bad girls, Lavigne will debut a new fragrance with Proctor & Gamble called Black Star this summer. “It’s really me in a bottle,” she says of the perfume, which took two years to create. She’s also recording an upcoming album, due out in November. Lavigne says that her fashion and beauty endeavors are a reflection of her own evolving personal style. Although she’s traded in her tomboyish skateboard sneakers for high heels, she makes sure to hang on to her style roots. “I mix rock and roll elements with high-end stuff now — I love Chanel,” she says. “I’m just more feminine now, but my style still has everything I’ve ever liked.”–

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July 08, 2009 

From Champion to Meth-head

Former U.S. figure skating champion Nicole Bobek has been charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine in Hudson County, New Jersey.

Bobek, who won the women’s U.S. figure skating title in 1995, was arrested last week in Florida and brought to New Jersey to appear in Central Judicial Processing Court via videolink Monday from the Hudson County Jail in Kearny, N.Y.

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They'll Be Back!

Yes! :)

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"I spoke at my dad's funeral & it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I was shaking & crying & what Paris did was sooo soooo brave!"

--Kim Kardashian, via Twitter, on Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris, speaking at his memorial

(If you didn't get to see it, here is the clip:)

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July 07, 2009 

Oh, Janet

"Three's Company" star Joyce DeWitt was arrested for DUI on July 4th in El Segundo, California.

Law enforcement sources said DeWitt drove past a barricade Saturday afternoon -- and when an officer approached her, she smelled like booze. She was given field sobriety tests and then arrested for suspicion of DUI.

The 60-year-old actress, who played Janet Wood on the 80's sitcom, posted bail for $5,000.

Sweet mug shot. I never would have recognized her.

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She's So Techno-Savvy

Who knew that Elizabeth Taylor twittered?

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Gettin' Hitched

Jenna Fischer is engaged.

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July 06, 2009 

Is Brooklyn the New Manhattan?

Brooklyn might soon get the "Sex and the City" treatment. Author Amy Sohn got an early publicity bump for her upcoming novel, "Prospect Park West," after Sarah Jessica Parker's Pretty Matches production company optioned the story in conjunction with HBO for a half-hour series.

Says an insider at Simon & Schuster, "It's got sex, parenthood, and celebrity. Brooklyn is about to blow up nationally." A rep for Parker said she was unsure whether the star would be starring or simply producing. On Thursday, The Post reported that Parker and husband Matthew Broderick might have secretly bought a townhouse in Prospect Park formerly owned by Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany.

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Josh Duhamel and Fergie got a stripper pole as one of their wedding gifts, but according to Duhamel, "I've played on the pole more than she has."

The actor tells Women's Health, "If you know my wife, she's a perfectionist and won't get on it until she's good, so she wants to take a class first. So the pole is really just decorative at this point." Meanwhile, Duhamel's not shy about his own taste in female flesh. Asked by the magazine to name the "hottest part of a woman's body," he told the magazine, "Personally, I like the ass."

Word, Josh.

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Happy Birthday!

Hard to believe this guy is 63 today. Yeah, that's what I said. SIXTY-THREE!

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July 02, 2009 


"How are we so famous when...there's been nothing about the biggest bill since the Patriot Act being passed, and nobody reading it. It's mind-boggling trying to say there's global warming right now."

--Spencer Pratt, on the Cap-and-Trade bill, which regulates carbon output, among other environmental issues

Ok, so I'm shocked he even knew what Cap and Trade was!

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RIP, Karl Malden.

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July 01, 2009 

Clean it Up, Howard!

Howard Stern likes to talk trash, but not see it. The King of All Media and his wife, Beth Ostrosky, "have gotten into the habit of taking early-morning weekend walks along Hamptons beaches, picking up garbage left behind by their less conscientious neighbors," a source said. The couple's environmental crusade is also being filmed for a segment on Beth's upcoming show on Plum TV.

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OK! magazine spent more than $500,000 on the "last" picture of Michael Jackson on a stretcher and possibly dead -- but was it worth it? A well-placed source says some staffers objected to owner Richard Desmond's decision to put the ghoulish picture on this week's cover -- and it looks like advertisers and readers may agree. The source said, "Media buyers have canceled upcoming meetings to discuss rates. It's a disgrace. They've sunk to a new low."

In addition, Sean Combs and Jay-Z are said to be so furious, "they're organizing a boycott," according to our source. A rep for OK! said, "This is untrue. No one at OK! has been contacted about any such cancellations as a result of the magazine's coverage of this news event. Any pages booked by the advertising team are running as scheduled." Combs' rep echoed, "Not true." Jay-Z's rep didn't return calls.

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Dolla Dolla Bills

Early salary figures from Simon Cowell's "American Idol" contract negotiations are leaking out and they're eye-popping.

Cowell, who reportedly made $36 million last year for judging the hit competition show, has been offered three or four times that amount -- between $100 million and $144 million per year -- by co-producers Fox and 19 Entertainment to stick with "Idol" when his contract expires next May, according to The Guardian, a London newpaper.

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I'm Back!

I'm back up and running, but I can't promise this won't happen again. I'm going to try to upgrade to the newer version of Movable Type (my publishing system) because it has much better anti-spam software. In the meantime...please be patient! :)

(And yes, I realize that it couldn't have gone down at a worse time in entertainment news! Grrrr...)

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