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April 30, 2009 

This Oughta Be Good

Paula Abdul is about to be ridiculed at a theater near you -- and she doesn't even know it. A source said that Sacha Baron Cohen, playing a wildly gay Austrian TV reporter in "Bruno," conducted a wacky interview with the "American Idol" judge. "Paula was totally fooled. She bought into his character and to this day isn't aware she was fooled," the insider said.

Abdul's rep had no immediate comment. Universal, which releases the flick July 10, also had no comment. Texas Rep. Ron Paul has already admitted being tricked into a hotel room by Cohen's character.

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Really Over?

The misery is over for Robin Wright, the long-suffering wife of Sean Penn. The two-time Oscar-winner is divorcing the mother of his two children, Dylan and Hopper Jack. "Extra" reports he filed for legal separation last Friday. This comes as no surprise to Petra Nemcova, Helena Christensen, Ines Misan, Naomi Campbell and Natalie Portman, who all "befriended" Penn during his 13-year marriage to Wright. The couple filed for separation in December 2007 but reconciled five months later, and Wright stoically attended the Academy Awards with Penn, where he snubbed her during his acceptance speech.

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April 29, 2009 


Jon and Kate Plus Eight Plus His Mistress doesn't quite have the same ring...

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SJP's "Having" Twins!

It'll be a girl – and a girl! – for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.

The Hollywood couple, who already have son James Wilkie, 6, announced Tuesday they're "happily anticipating the birth of their twin daughters later this summer with the generous help of a surrogate. The entire family is overjoyed."

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Mel and His GF

Mel Gibson stepped out with his new girlfriend at the L.A. industry screening for X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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April 28, 2009 

Shirley's Busting Out All Over

Shirley Jones just turned 75, but she hasn't slowed down since she starred in "Oklahoma!" in 1955. The grandmother of 10 goes topless in an upcoming episode of A&E's "The Cleaner." Playing a washed-up, alcoholic chanteuse, Jones, who won a 1960 Oscar playing a prostitute in "Elmer Gantry," opens up her blouse in a climactic scene.

Plus, the star of the wholesome "Partridge Family" plans a concert tour with Florence Henderson, the "Brady Bunch" star who went head-to-head with Jones in the Nielsen ratings in 1970. Marty Ingels, who's been married to Jones for 31 years, was asked what he gave her for their anniversary. "Time off for good behavior," he laughed.

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Mary-Kate Emulates Ozzy


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April 27, 2009 

Good To Know

I'm not sure why, but Oprah felt the need to set the record straight via Twitter.

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Could it be a real-life Slumdog Millionaire romance?

Posted by Lawren at 05:30 AM | Comments (13) | Trackbacks (0)

April 25, 2009 

RIP Bea Arthur

Thank you for being a friend...

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April 24, 2009 


Fergie tries the Star Trek meets Edward Scissorhands look.

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Octo-mom Nadya Suleman thinks her family isn't big enough yet.

The unemployed mother of 14 -- who relies on public assistance to pay for her eight nannies -- is considering getting her kids a pet.

"For a couple of years, the kids have been asking for a dog," Suleman tells the San Gabriel Valley News. "I've actually been looking into a pig, like a little one."

Suleman says if she were to buy a pig, it would wear a diaper and live outside the family's $564,000 La Habra, Calif. home because of its smell. She's also thinking about getting a a teacup Pomeranian or a similar small pooch, she tells the newspaper.

The 33-year-old is currently negotiating for a reality show. She also recently tried to trademark her nickname, Octo-mom. "Nadya doesn't like being called it, but if someone's going to make money from it, might as well be her," her lawyer Jeff Czech said.

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April 23, 2009 

J.Hud's Gonna Be a Mommy

Rumor has it that Jennifer Hudson is preggo with her fiance, former "I Love New York" contestant David "Punk" Otunga's baby.

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Get Your Kleenex

Steve Nash, the Phoenix Suns' two-time MVP point guard, is directing a documentary for ESPN about Terry Fox, the Canadian whose battle with bone cancer prompted him to run across his country despite already having had one leg amputated, in 1980, the year before he died at age 22.

ESPN's Chris Connelly is hosting a panel with directors Dan Klores, Barry Levinson, Barbara Kopple and Albert Maysles at the Tribeca Film Festival tomorrow to discuss ESPN's new "30 for 30" series, which will also feature films by Peter Berg and Ron Shelton.

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Angie to Play Kay

Angelina Jolie has agreed to play Dr. Kay Scarpetta in the film version of Patricia Cornwell's best-selling book series.

I'm superpumped about this! I love this book series!

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April 22, 2009 

Speidi Union--Part Deux

These morons are apparently getting married (again) this weekend.

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David Blaine is engaged.

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LC Launches Kohl's Clothing Line

It's a clothes call for Lauren Conrad!

One month after the 23-year-old designer announced that she was taking a hiatus from her upscale clothing line, the Hills star reveals that she is launching a brand-new apparel line for Kohl's department stores.

"It is a California chic line," she tells of the new brand, called LC Lauren Conrad. "It is a little more casual. They are basically trying to take that California style and make it accessible everywhere."

The line -- which will consist of only apparel at first but may expand to include shoes, jewelry, handbags, intimates and sleepwear -- will be available in October exclusively at Kohl's stores and on the store's website. The prices will range from $20 to $60.

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April 21, 2009 


Just when you think Amy Winehouse can't look worse...she does.

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April 20, 2009 

Monday Tidbits

Ellen Pompeo is preggers.

Kim Kardashian got a bit of a sunburn.

Madonna was injured in a horseback riding accident over the weekend.

Kate Hudson celebrated her 30th birthday.

Reports are saying this isn't true God, I sure hope not.

Ok, who is watching The Cougar? And the kiss off ceremony? Man, she turns her head to give the guy her cheek with such attitude!

Here's the newest horrendous installment of Heidi Montag "music." You'll want to do exactly what the title is when you start to listen.

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April 17, 2009 

Another Bun in the Klum-Seal Oven

Heidi's expecting #4.

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Roddick Wedding

Elton John will perform at tennis star Andy Roddick’s wedding to Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker this weekend, sources say.

"He's supposed to perform and everyone's really excited," says a source of the musical superstar, who knows the tennis champ and groom-to-be, 26, through their mutual involvement in charity work.

Two years ago, John, 62, performed at the Andy Roddick Foundation's Charity Gala. Last year, Roddick led "Team Elton John" in the Advanta WTT Smash Hits charity event, which raised more than $400,000 for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Roddick's wedding to Decker, 21, will also feature several other celebrity guests, including tennis stars Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi, as well as Marty Fish and James Blake. The pals will attend the small ceremony, to be held at Roddick's Austin, Texas home, and wedding banquet at a nearby country club.

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April 16, 2009 


Check out Mel's new ladyfriend, 24-year-old Russian pop singer, Oksana Pochepa.

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April 15, 2009 

I Dreamed a Dream

Susan Boyle Sings on Britain's Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 @ Yahoo! Video

Dream that dream, 47-year old Susan Boyle. If you haven't watched this, do so!!!

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100 Movies

100 2-second clips from some of the best movies. How many can you name?

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Madge's Pad

Check out Madonna's new digs: a four-story 12,000 sq. ft. townhouse at 152 East 81st Street in Manhattan. A steal at $40M.

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April 14, 2009 

Here Comes the Cash

Most expensive divorce in history?

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April 13, 2009 

Game, Set, Match

Roger Federer got married.

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Scott Peterson Update

Ever wonder what Scott Peterson is up to? Click here to find out.

The sickest excerpt? "He also receives numerous letters from female admirers who send him checks for his commissary account. "He has a significant amount of money in his account from people all over the world."

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April 10, 2009 

Baby Time


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April 09, 2009 

Where's My Little Friend?

Did anyone else think this was Robin Williams? I did at first glance. It's actually Bono.

It appears he still hasn't found what he's looking for.

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Wha, wha, WHAT?

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April 08, 2009 

For the Love of All Things Holy

There's no other way to say this other than....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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L.Lo Speaks Out

Because dealing with a breakup privately just isn't fun.

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April 07, 2009 


"Dude, I've never been on my own before, how am I supposed to know?"

--Kendra Wilkinson's response to her mother who was shocked when, just a few months ago, Kendra mailed something for the first time and didn't put a stamp on it.

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April 06, 2009 

Sam Ro and L.Lo Split

Dunzo. Locks changed and everything.

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Bachelorette Baby #2

Trista and Ryan Sutter welcomed a baby girl, Blakesley Grace Sutter, at 1:23 p.m. yesterday in Colorado, where they live.

"She's healthy. Everything is really good," an exhausted Trista said. The newest member of the Sutter family arrived by Caesarean section weighing
6 pounds, 2 ounces and measuring 19 inches.

Trista and Ryan wed in 2003 after meeting on the debut edition of ABC's
The Bachelorette the year before. They welcomed their son, Maxwell Alston Sutter on July 26, 2007.

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Fawcett Hospitalized

Farrah Fawcett has been hospitalized. Her current treatment is the latest setback in her long battle with cancer, first diagnosed in 2006.

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April 02, 2009 

Project Runway News

Project Runway is returning to television this summer — and it will air on Lifetime.

According to the network, legal battles surrounding beleaguered reality show’s already-filmed sixth season have been amicably resolved. “The Weinstein Company will pay NBCU for the right to move Project Runway to Lifetime. All of the parties are pleased with the outcome,” the networks say in a joint statement.

Changing gears, the upcoming season of Project Runway relocated from New York to Los Angeles, though it will continue to be hosted by Heidi Klum and judged by Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. Tim Gunn will also mentor the designers. As usual, the finale was shot during New York Fashion Week — this year on Feb. 20.

But ongoing legal disputes prevented producers from revealing any information about the cast, and the three final collections were shown blindly, with their designers unidentified. International Herald Tribute editor Suzy Menkes acted as the guest judge at the show.

In addition, sources close to the show have told said that Project Runway’s season 6 will utilize “local resources” in Los Angeles — namely focusing more on Hollywood — and will feature appearances by Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria Parker and Rebecca Romijn.

Project Runway producer Harvey Weinstein expressed his appreciation for the resolution to the legal battle. “I want to personally congratulate Jeff Zucker and NBCU on their success in the litigation and thank Jeff for resolving this in a professional manner,” he said in a statement. No additional details about the cast or specific airdates have been released.

On Tuesday, Bravo, Runway’s original home, announced details about its new design competition, The Fashion Show, and introduced the cast. That show, featuring Kelly Rowland and Isaac Mizrahi, will air May 7.

According to Lifetime, the network will also air a companion series, Models of the Runway, alongside Project Runway. “All of us at Lifetime are thrilled to move forward with Heidi, Tim, Nina, Michael, The Weinstein Company and the entire Project Runway team,” network president and CEO Andrea Wong said in a statement. “We are proud to add these shows to our growing slate of original programming.”

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Can't Live With Him; Can't Live Without Him

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler have split again, their reps confirmed.

The couple -- who divorced in 2004 but reconciled last September after Barker's near-fatal plane crash -- called it quits "after a nasty fight broke out at his house last night and cops were called...[when] Shanna started freaking out and acting irrational," a source tells said. No charges were filed.

"Travis confronted Shanna about her having an affair with Gerard Butler while he was in the hospital recovering," the source says. Butler and Moakler were spotted getting cozy at the Hollywood opening of Shin Korean BBQ last October.

A source close to Butler insists to Us, "They were always just friends. Nothing more." Barker "just wants to focus on his music and his children right now. He is done with her drama," the source says.

In February, Barker told Us he "couldn't be happier" after reuniting with Moakler, who was spotted wearing her wedding band at a Grammys party. Barker's rep said: "After surviving the plane crash his driving force in life is the love he has for his kids. He is tired of all other drama and is ready to move on."

A rep for Moakler told Us Weekly: "They did break up but Shanna never cheated on Travis while he was in the hospital. Furthermore, Shanna is tired of playing out their personal relationship in the press."

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April 01, 2009 


I realize this has been out for at least a week, but for me, it STILL isn't getting old. I literally watch it at least 5 times a day. I think my favorite thing about it is Pitino attacking the drums. Anyway, some humor for your April Fool's Day!

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Broadway Baby!

After 13 years together, Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel are expecting their first baby.

Think the kid'll be able to sing?

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