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April 30, 2008 

Mariah Engaged to Nick Cannon?

Mariah Carey's keeping mum about that ginormous diamond ring she started wearing on her ring finger last week, but a source say it's definitely from her new beau, Nick Cannon - and that the duo are now engaged.

Cannon bought the bauble for $2.5 million at Jacob & Co. on East 57th Street, where he was spotted again yesterday. "Maybe he's making payments on it," laughed our witness, who overheard Cannon telling Jacob Arabo they are set to marry. Carey's new bling is 17 carats, with a whopping 10-carat center stone, and made of rare pink and purple diamonds. Cannon was also once engaged to Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks.

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Poor Paula

Paula Abdul totally got confused last night (yeah, that’s not a first, I know), critiquing two of Jason Castro’s performances — when he had only sung once! Check out Simon's face!!!

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Cher and Tom?

Cher is admitting to a brief romance she had with Tom Cruise some 25 years later. She was 36 and Tom was just an innocent 23.

Their happy time together took place just as Cruise, now 45, was kicking off his career 25 years ago, the 61-year-old diva tells Oprah Winfrey for an upcoming show taped in Las Vegas. "I was so crazy about him," says Cher, who was 39 when she reportedly met the 23-year-old Cruise at a White House fund-raiser in the mid-'80s, not long after his breakthrough role in 1983's Risky Business. Instantly smitten with the young actor, Cher recalls, "He was so wonderful ... And he was so, like, different."

"He was a shy boy. He didn't have any money. One night we walked into this restaurant in New York and this girl came up, this waitress came up and she took our order and stuff like that and he said, 'I knew that girl in school and she wouldn't give me the time of day.' "

Winfrey's audience particularly appreciated Cher's remembrance of the "long date" she spent with Cruise – "I lived in his apartment," she tells Winfrey – which elicited cheers from the crowd, reports Britain's Daily Mail.

Interesting! I wonder if Katie knew...

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April 28, 2008 

SATC Movie Theme Song

Fergie was "thrilled" to record the theme song for 'Sex and the City: The Movie'. The Black Eyed Peas singer - who forged a successful solo career with her debut album 'The Dutchess' - said singing 'Labels and Love' for the film adaptation of the TV show was an honor.

She said: "I was thrilled to do this song. I've been such a huge fan for so long. My mother and I would watch it religiously. The song completely fits the personalities of the girls - it's kind of a love triangle between love, friends and fashion."

She added to OK! magazine: "I saw the movie! But I can't say anything about it!" "Sex and the City: The Movie" sees Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis reunited for the first time since the show ended in 2004. The film soundtrack is released in the U.S. on May 27.

Click here to listen.

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Dinner Conversation

Nobody expected to see Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt at the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington, DC, Saturday night, especially after the obnoxious couple (see photo, facing page) were disinvited from MSNBC's table. But they managed to snag a last-minute seat at Fortune magazine's table.

And, of course, the fame-hungry duo from MTV's "The Hills" spent the night snaking their way through the DC after-parties. They hit the Bloomberg LP soirée at the embassy of Costa Rica, which was such a disaster, half the invitees couldn't get in.

Colin Firth stood outside in the pouring rain, arguing with apologetic event publicists who denied him entry to the over-capacity party, spies said. Inside the event, we hear things weren't much better for celebs who did get let in like Rob Lowe, Eric Dane, Aaron Eckhart, BJ Novak, Donatella Versace, Rupert Everett and "Gossip Girl" star Ed Westwick.

They are so pathetic.

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April 25, 2008 

You Go, Quincy!

Quincy Jones celebrated his 75th birthday at Cafe Carlyle the other night with his 20-year-old girlfriend, Heba Elawadi, and an enormous lemon tart cake. "It's because we know you love tarts," his Grammy-winning god-daughter, Patti Austin, quipped to the legendary composer and ladies' man. Other guests included Ashford & Simpson, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Vernon Jordan and Michael Feinstein.

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Ice-T To Produce Documentary

Ice-T, who named himself after his hero, Iceberg Slim - is producing a documentary on the pimp-turned-novelist. "Iceberg Slim has been one of the most influential people in black culture," the rapper said. "Few people know the story behind the man and it's time that story is told."

Slim, who churned out such urban classics as "Trick Baby" and "Mama Black Widow," drew on his 35-year involvement in prostitution and crime to turn himself around in middle age and become a world-renowned writer.

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Sure To Be Entertaining

Nail down the couch, Oprah...'cause Tommy's coming back!

“Tom will be doing the Oprah show,” Cruise’s rep Julie Polkes said. “He is really looking forward to it.”

The show, which will appear in two parts during May sweeps, will celebrate Cruise’s career since his breakout role 25 years ago in Risky Business. One part will be shot in-studio before a live audience. In the other, Cruise will show Winfrey around his Telluride mountain retreat and do a portion of the interview at the home.

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Wesley's Heading to Jail

Wesley Snipes is prison-bound.

The Blade star, 45, was sentenced Thursday to three years behind bars as his punishment for failing to file his tax returns, U.S. District Judge William Terrell Hodges announced in an Ocala, Fla., courtroom. The actor sat stone-faced – and some people in the courtroom gasped – when the sentence was read. "I'm very sorry for my mistakes and errors. I apologize to my family, the court and the community," Snipes said as his wife looked on. "I've asked the court to show me mercy and the opportunity to make things right."

In February, a federal jury convicted Snipes of three counts of failing to file a tax return (from 1999 through 2001). Thursday he received 12 months for each count. Prosecutors say the actor owes a total of $41 million in taxes, of which he paid $5 at the sentencing.

Several famous names sent in letters of support for Snipes, including Denzel Washington, Woody Harrelson and TV judge Joe Brown. Washington called Snipes a "great oak." Harrelson, who starred with Snipes in Wildcats, wrote, "Wes continues to encourage and challenge me to be the best man I can be by being a constant friend."

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April 23, 2008 

Breaking News

Star Jones has filed for divorce from husband Al Reynolds. In a statement to Entertainment Tonight, Jones says: "Several years ago I made an error in judgment by inviting the media into the most intimate area of my life. A month ago I filed for divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is a difficult time in anyone's life that requires privacy with one's thoughts. I have committed myself to handling this situation with dignity and grace and look forward to emerging from this period as a stronger and wiser woman."

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John Legend is taking a break from modelizing to warm up with sultry "ET" host Maria Menounos. The former Miss Teen USA was spotted with Legend at the Carlyle Monday night, "enjoying a romantic dinner." A spy said "they looked very cozy and it definitely seemed to be a date." Legend might have been at the hotel taking music tips from Woody Allen, who was there playing clarinet with his jazz band as he does every Monday.

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A-Rod Spawns Again

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez took leave from his fellow Bronx Bombers this week for a very good reason: A-Rod became a father to another B-aby.

Rodriguez, 32, was with his wife Cynthia, 34, as she gave birth to the couple's second daughter, born Monday night in Miami, his team announced.

The baby, whose name has not been revealed, weighed 7 lbs., 2 oz., at birth, according to the Major League Baseball Web site. "We are thrilled with the birth of our second daughter and the blessing of having two beautiful, healthy children in our lives," the happy father said in a statement.

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April 22, 2008 

For the Love of No

A Wikipedia page has gone up for a new Vh1 show called "I Love Money." The show is supposed to debut this July. It's a spin-off featuring the rejects from "Flavor of Love," "I Love New York" and "Rock of Love."

This co-ed battle between reality stars will throw contestants from each of those shows in a mansion in Huatulco, Mexico and have them battle each other. Similar to MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge, these reality show stars will be fighting physically and mentally to take home $100,000. Production started in early February, 2008, and is wrapping up in March.
This is the supposed cast:

Host: LaLa

Pumkin (Flavor of Love, Season 1)
Hoopz (Flavor of Love, Season 1)
Toasteee (Flavor of Love, Season 2)
Nibblz (Flavor of Love, Season 2)
Bootz (Flavor of Love, Season 2)
Sinceer (Flavor of Love, Season 3)
Thing 1 (Flavor of Love, Season 3)
Thing 2 (Flavor of Love, Season 3)
Chance (I Love New York, Season 1)
Real (I Love New York, Season 1)
Heat (I Love New York, Season 1)
12 Pack (I Love New York, Season 1)
Whiteboy (I Love New York, Season 1)
The Entertainer (I Love New York, Season 2)
Midget Mac (I Love New York, Season 2)
Heather (Rock of Love, Season 1)
Brandi C. (Rock of Love, Season 1)
Destiney (Rock of Love, Season 2)
Megan (Rock of Love, Season 2)
Kristy Joe (Rock of Love, Season 2)

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Lindsay Lohan gets feisty when it comes to gal pal Sam Ronson. The two spent the weekend partying at the Beatrice Inn on Friday and Hawaiian Tropic Zone on Saturday, where Ronson was spinning, but Lohan didn't like all the attention Ronson was getting. "Ashley Olsen said hello to Sam at the Beatrice, and Lindsay screamed at her, 'Get your 15-year-old 'Full House' a - - away from my girlfriend,' " said our spy. Saturday, Lohan said Ronson "was ignoring her" and became upset. "Samantha was really focused on her work and didn't leave the booth for anything," said our spy. Lindsay is so into her pal, she's even created a Facebook profile under "Lindsay Ronson."

Uh, sounds a little "Single White Female" to me...

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I Ain't Sayin' She's a Gold Digger

Kanye's engagement is off.

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April 21, 2008 

The Prez on Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel must hold some clout with President George W. Bush. On Monday’s episode the President will make an appearance in honor of contestant Captain Joseph Kobes, a US Army transportation officer.

Kobes has served three tours of duty in Iraq and is decorated with a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. The Captain volunteered for his second and third deployment.

The shows producers found out that the President is one of Kobe’s heroes and decided to contact the White House. Their efforts paid off because the President took the time to video tape a message to Kobes.

The show will likely hold some very emotional moments for the soldier and his family. Deal or No Deal is known for digging into their contestants lives in order to discover what means the most to them. The show often springs surprises on the players - bringing in items that may tempt them to make a deal.

In the video, Bush jokes with Howie about balancing the budget and asks how he would like hosting a three trillion dollar reality show. Tune in on Monday night to see if Bush’s appearance proves lucky for Captain Kobes and his family.

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Paris Forgiven?

Kim Kardashian publicly forgave ex-pal Paris Hilton for saying her booty was "disgusting," but she's still steaming. Kardashian and her sisters are in Mexico, and she managed to wrangle Ed Hardy clothes and bathing suits for everyone on the trip under one condition. "She called paparazzi and tipped them off and she'll be wearing Ed Hardy clothes," said our insider. "But she tried to get them to promise that they wouldn't give any more clothes to Paris." "As of last week her and Paris were okay," said Kim's rep.

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Big Year for Eli

Eli Manning said 'I do' to his college sweetheart, Abby McGrew, in a sunset ceremony on the beach in front of the Sea of Cortez Saturday.

Giants star Manning, 27, and McGrew, 24, exchanged vows on a platform in the sand as waves crashed over rocks behind them at the One&Only Palmilla in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, reports the New York Daily News.

The bride, in a strapless white gown with gold embroidering, carried white roses and walked down the aisle to an altar covered in pink wildflowers.

McGrew was attended by six bridesmaids in champagne-colored gowns and Manning and his six groomsmen wore khaki suits.

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April 18, 2008 

Easy on the Self-Tanner

Whoa. Pacino is looking rough these days. He looks more like a cross between George Hamilton and Wayne Newton.

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If you watch the "Girls Next Door," you know that Kendra loves The Olive Garden. That is why she's decided to hold a Playboy casting call for Olive Garden waitresses.

Kendra wrote on her MySpace that she will hand-pick the winners for the exclusive Playboy Olive Garden pictorial.

To be considered, you must submit the following:

-At least two photos: one head shot and one full-body shot (bikini or nude)
-A recent pay stub showing proof of current employment at Olive Garden
-A clear and legible photocopy of a government-issued photo ID proving you are 18 or older.

Leave it to Kendra.

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Mary Kate Fugs Again

Um, what the eff? I'd be late for work if I spent time dictating the litany of things wrong w/ this ensemble.

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April 16, 2008 

Just Shut Up

Watch Nelly try not to burst out laughing in Heidi Montag's face when she tries to rap.

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You're the One That I Want

Um, what the heck was Faith thinking with this ensemble at the CMT Music Awards? She's usually so stylish and right on. I DO love her Christian Louboutin shoes, though. :) Hmm...maybe she's pregs.

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Cameron Diaz's father, Emilio Diaz, died Tuesday morning, it is being reported.

Emilio Diaz, 58, had been suffering from a flu, which turned in to pneumonia, according to, which first reported the news.

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April 15, 2008 

Hide Your Children

Amy Winehouse is the babysitter you wish you had.

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Shotgun Wedding for Simpson?

Despite denials from new fiance Pete Wentz, Us Weekly is confirming that Ashlee Simpson is pregs.

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It's Hers

Did we have any doubt that Kim Kardashian would have monogrammed seats in her car?

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April 14, 2008 

Rock of Love 2

Ok, who watched the Rock of Love 2 finale last night? I was SOOOOO pleased to see that Ambre won! She had been my favorite from the very start. Daisy is a complete idiot. I summed up everything when she was voted off and she said she wanted to go home and eat ice cream. What is she? 6 years old?

Can't wait for next weekend's reunion show. Think they are still together?

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Baby Brigade!

--Harold and Kumar star John Cho and his wife, actress Kerri Higuchi, are expecting their first child together, he said. "I'm really excited – and scared," he says. Cho, whose film, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, is in theaters April 25, also reveals that they are having a boy.

--Jodie Sweetin and her husband of less than a year now have their very own Full House: The actress has given birth to a baby daughter. Baby Zoie was delivered via C-section Saturday afternoon, and arrived weighing 8 lbs. 7 oz. and is 21 in. long.

--And baby makes five for Cate Blanchett and her writer-director husband, Andrew Upton. Their third child, son Ignatius Martin, was born Sunday at a Sydney hospital, according to Australian magazine WHO. Just two days earlier Blanchett had attended her younger sister's university graduation. The couple, who are based in Australia, already have two sons: Dashiell John, 5, and Roman Robert, 3.

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April 11, 2008 

Police on the Scene--You Know What I Mean

Surreal Life “star” and wannabe rapper Vanilla Ice was arrested last night in Palm Beach County, Florida for domestic battery.

Vanilla Ice (or Robert Van Winkle) was booked last night at 10:42 and is due in court today. His wife, Laura Van Winkle, called police after she claimed Vanilla Ice hit and kick her. Later she changed her story and said Ice pushed her.

I wonder if he tried to pull the "Don't you know who I am?" card. In honor of Big Vanilla himself, here you go:

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April 10, 2008 

Blast From the Past

Actor Stanley Kamel was found dead in his Hollywood Hills home on Tuesday. The 65-year-old actor died from a heart attack.

That name may mean nothing to you. It didn't me either. But, the moment I saw his picture, I said, "Oh my gosh! That's the guy who played Tony Marchette, the father of Rebecca Gayheart’s character on Beverly Hills 90210!" Remember? He and Dylan hated each other, and he tried to kill him, but instead killed his daughter (who was dating Dylan)? And, then of course, Dylan turned into a recluse and rode away on his motorcyle. Ahhh, the days.

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No, Natalie, No!

Check out Natalie Portman's new man, singer Deandra Barnhart. Ewww.

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Ashlee's Gettin' Hitched!

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are getting married, they announced Wednesday.

"We know there has been a lot of speculation recently about Pete and I, and we wanted our fans to be the first to know, because you guys are the best," Simpson said in a statement posted on "Yes, we are thrilled to share that we are happily engaged. Thank you for all of your support and well wishes – it means the world to us. We consider this to be a very private matter, and we wanted to be the first to tell you and to hear it straight from us."

Simpson's father, Joe, said he's "totally happy" and "so excited to have Pete as part of (our) family." "We are blessed," he says.

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April 09, 2008 

The Secret About Men

Trista Sutter's husband Ryan is sharing secrets of fatherhood.

"Even when you're about to breastfeed, we get turned on because we're guys and we just see boobs," he says at the start of a column for titled "10 Things You Don't Know About Dads."

We always knew you were brilliant, Ryan.

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Don't Do It, Meryl

The Queen got Helen Mirren. So, who should play Hillary Clinton on the screen?

Meryl Streep, who played a U.S. senator ruthlessly trying to get her son to the White House in the 2004 remake of The Manchurian Candidate, was the top pick among 500 women surveyed nationwide in Lifetime Television's latest "Every Woman Counts" polling. In results tabulated Tuesday, Glenn Close was the runner-up, with Diane Keaton placing third.

Clinton's rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Barack Obama, told Tyra Banks in September that he initially thought Denzel Washington would make a fine Obama. "But then somebody pointed out that, with my ears, it might have to be Will Smith," Obama added.

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Braxton Hospitalized

Grammy-winning singer Toni Braxton is in "good condition" after being admitted to a Las Vegas hospital for chest pains Monday night, says a spokeswoman for a hotel-casino where the singer has been performing.

The singer, 40, is expected to be released from the St. Rose Dominican Hospital on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Flamingo Hotel-Casino rep. She has been headlining her live show "Toni Braxton: Revealed" five days a week at the Flamingo since 2006.

The singer has spoken in public about her heart condition, pericarditis, an inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart.

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April 08, 2008 


"I dislike Victoria Beckham. The entitlement - the total entitlement. You want to say: ‘Calm down, you were a Spice Girl.’ The arrogance when she walks into a room is astonishing.” --Joan Rivers

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Kirsten Dunst was sprung from her West Coast rehab center and is back in New York . . . and spending time off-set with her "All Good Things" co-star Ryan Gosling. Dunst, 25 - who reportedly checked into Cirque Lodge in February - was spotted with Gosling at Chrystie Street eatery Freeman's Saturday afternoon. "They were definitely acting like they were on a date," said the fellow diner. "They lingered there for hours and were both dressed kind of shabby."

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Whitley Files for Divorce

Remember her????

Actress Jasmine Guy has filed for divorce, Los Angeles court documents show.

The former A Different World star cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split from her husband Terrence Duckett. The couple, who are both 46, were married for nearly 10 years.

Guy is seeking physical and legal custody of their 9-year-old daughter, Imani, with visitation for Duckett. She is also requesting that the court deny any spousal support to Duckett, but is asking it from him.

Guy is most noted for her role as Whitley Gilbert on A Different World.

Maybe she should give Dwayne and his flip up glasses a call.

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April 07, 2008 


--Dancing with the Stars host Samantha Harris and her daughter, Josselyn

That is some serious hair.

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Nicky's New BFF

Nicky Hilton doesn't need a reality show to find a new best friend. Hilton was spotted getting chummy with "The Hills" star Whitney Port, and LA sources say it's because their boyfriends are best friends. Port has found love in Ashley Olsen's sloppy seconds, former Columbia University quarterback Matt Kaplan. Kaplan is friendly with Hilton's beau David Katzenberg from the days when he dated Ashley's sister, Mary-Kate. The foursome partied at the hot spot Villa Thursday night.

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ScarJo's Album

She's calling her debut album Anywhere I Lay My Head – and it looks like Scarlett Johansson is taking a literal approach to her album art. Due May 20, the album features covers of alternative troubadour Tom Waits's music, plus one original composition. Johansson was joined in the studio by David Bowie, who lends guest vocals on "Falling Down" and "Fannin Street." A label rep confirms he snapped the cover photo, taken in Louisiana, where they recorded the disc.

What do you guys think?

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