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March 30, 2007 

Have a Great Weekend! But, Don't Pee Your Pants

--Britney Spears and Kevin Federline reached a divorce settlement Thursday. "The parties signed a global settlement on all issues of their marriage and the custody of the children," Michael Sands, a spokesman for Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, said. The deal was worked out in five-hour meeting in the Los Angeles high-rise offices of Spears's attorney. At the table were Spears and Federline, along with Spears's lawyer Laura Wasser and Federline's counsel Kaplan and Jim Simon. During a smoking break downstairs, Spears met with Federline for 15 minutes. (Sounds like they are playing ball maturely...)

--Actress Ali Landry is expecting her first baby. The sexy Fastlane star, 33, wed Mexican moviemaker Alejandro Gomez Monteverde last April and the couple will become first-time parents in July.

--Nobu in London was the scene of a scene the other night. Soccer stud David Beckham and his newly blonde wife, Victoria (formerly Posh Spice), were sitting near the table where former model Kelly Killoren Bensimon was dining. "Beckham was straining his neck to check Kelly out the entire time. Everyone at her table was commenting on it," a witness said. "Finally, Posh got up and left, and she barely ate anything." A rep for Beckham said, "If David was checking anyone out, it was his wife."

--U2 frontman Bono has accepted an honorary British knighthood at a ceremony in Dublin. The rocker - real name Paul Hewson - was joined at the ceremony by his wife Ali Hewson and their four children Jordan, 16; Memphis Eve, 15; Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q, seven; and John Abraham, five; as well as band mates The Edge and Adam Clayton. Bono received the award at British ambassador to Ireland David Reddaway's official residence in the Irish capital. Like fellow Irishman Bob Geldof before him, Bono is not entitled to use the title 'Sir' because he is not a British citizen. He enthused, "You have permission to call me anything you want except Sir. Lord of lords, your demi-godness." British Prime Minister Tony Blair wrote a letter, praising Bono, which was read out at the ceremony. He wrote, "I'll leave it to others far more knowledgeable than me to talk about U2's music - all I'll say is that, along with millions of others right across the world, I'm a huge fan."

--The Black Eyed Peas' Fergie is still mortified by the notorious 2005 incident which saw her accidentally urinate on stage. She says, "We had to rush onstage before I had the chance to go to the restroom. It was a very embarrassing night for me." The star, real name Stacy Ann Ferguson, confessed to her embarrassment on British TV series The Dame Edna Show, and blamed the incident during a performance San Diego's Street Scene festival in California on a lack of toilet-going opportunities. (At least she admits it now. Like anyone believed it was sweat).

--Religion in the technological era: many kids gave up MySpace and Facebook for Lent.

--"When I have sex with my husband these days, I fantasize I am with someone like Keith Urban or a petite, hot young woman." --Dolly Parton (I'm sure that made her husband feel awesome. I think Dolly's starting to lose it...)

--Drew Barrymore reportedly had lesbian sex with a magazine editor. Jane Pratt, the former editor of Jane magazine, claims she once had sex with the 'Music and Lyrics' actress. Pratt - who previously told DJ Howard Stern she had slept with a woman - said on her new radio show: "It was someone famous. I did have sex with Drew Barrymore. "One of my dreams is to return to Howard's show and tell him the truth about Drew Barrymore and me."

--I'm glad Helen Mirren won her Oscar already because I doubt she'll win one for her next role: playing Nicholas Cage's mom in National Treasure 2.

--“As soon as we landed, we went straight to the Eiffel Tower, drank champagne at the top and just kissed and kissed. Then we went up to my suite and had tantric sex for at least 30 hours, ordering up whipped cream and strawberries while we were at it.” “As meticulous as I am with my work, I'm more meticulous with lovemaking. I like to do it for a long time.” --Diddy, on his recent trip to Paris with girlfriend (and babymomma), Kim Porter. (Maybe he talked to Sting...)

--Halle Berry tried to commit suicide over her failed first marriage. Berry, 40, admits in Parade magazine - coming in Sunday's Post - that she was so miserable in the wake of her break-up with baseball player David Justice, she attempted to gas herself. But she pulled out at the last minute. "I was sitting in my car, and I knew the gas was coming when I had an image of my mother [Judith] finding me," Berry told Parade. "She sacrificed so much for her children, and to end my life would be an incredibly selfish thing to do . . . It was all about a relationship. My sense of worth was so low. I had to reprogram myself to see the good in me . . . Because someone didn't love me didn't mean I was unlovable. I promised myself I would never be a coward again." Berry also described her second marriage, to singer Eric Benet, as "really horrific." "We were in sex rehab after one year," the Oscar winner said. "I wish I had left then, but I was putting everyone's needs before mine." (What exactly is sex rehab? Is that like sex therapy?)

--Paris Hilton has been found in violation of the terms of her probation and faces a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail, the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office announced Thursday. Hilton, 26, was spotted Feb. 27 speeding down Sunset Boulevard around 11 p.m. without her headlights on, says L.A. Sheriff's spokesman Oscar Butao. After pulling over her 2007 Bentley Continental GTC Convertible, officers found Hilton was driving with a suspended license – the result of her DUI arrest last September. In that case, she pleaded no contest to a lesser charge of alcohol-related reckless driving on Jan. 22, and was placed on 36 months probation. (I just don't understand. She's filthy rich. Can we not hire a driver???)

--Can you guess which celeb this is? No, it's not an old picture of Naomi Watts. No, it's not Sienna Miller. Find out after the jump!

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March 29, 2007 

Wax On, Wax Off

--The cast of The Sopranos fought back the tears on the red carpet of the show's final season premiere on Tuesday night. Leading man James Gandolfini joined his on-screen family and mobsters at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Co-star Michael Imperioli told the New York Daily News, "It's sad. I didn't know I was gonna feel this way until I got out of the car. The memories just welled up." Lorraine Bracco added, "It hasn't hit me yet... Maybe we can have group therapy." Gandolfini took the opportunity to praise series creator David Chase for his "humor, humanity and courage", saying, "He had the blue-collar work ethic and he brought a lot of blue-collar people together to make something quite exceptional." The final season will begin on HBO on April 8. (Click above to watch one of the newer trailers).

--Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is going out of her way to keep her new romance with Josh Hartnett out of prying eyes after enjoying public affairs with Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey. The star and her actor beau fled from trendy Los Angeles restaurant El Coyote on March 21 after learning all private rooms were taken. Cruz and Hartnett then showed up at another top restaurant, The Little Door, where they asked for the restaurant's secluded Blue Room, according to In Touch magazine. A waiter tells the publication the couple left through separate doors, but "before they went, they kissed goodbye," adding "they were touchy-feely all night, holding hands and kissing... They were cute." (How does he do it? First Scarlett and then Penelope? He's one of the worst actors EVER, and he's not even attractive!?!?)

--Soccer star Mia Hamm and husband Nomar Garciaparra of the Los Angeles Dodgers welcomed twin girls Wednesday, a rep tells said. "Both babies are healthy," says Josh Rawitch, spokesman for the Dodgers.

--The editors of Us Weekly have pleaded with ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham to cover up when she becomes a Los Angeles resident this summer because they're sick of seeing her nipples. The magazine chiefs have penned a letter to Beckham, formerly known as Posh Spice, asking her to wear bras - and posted it on their website. They write, "There is nothing Posh about forgetting to wear a bra when gallivanting about in thin T-shirts, as you've unfortunately been known to do. It is obvious to us that the bra may be a foreign concept to you - much like American football, or the good sense to avoid Tom Cruise - so allow us to explain: You're a 32-year-old woman with perky breasts that apparently like to breathe. Keep shunning that bra and in five years you'll end up with pendulums hanging off your clavicle that hubby David Beckham might mistake for soccer ball bags." (Ha! Awesome!)

--Sources say that Jennifer Aniston, 38, wants to move to Manhattan for better dating prospects. "Jennifer is dying to move to New York City," an Aniston pal said. "She thinks she can meet smart and cultured guys in New York," says another source close to the actress, who hasn't been linked with anyone since her official December 5 split with Vince Vaughn. Moving now wouldn't be a bad idea for Aniston, who, a source says, "is over Hollywood and the whole scene."

--There was a bomb threat at E! Studios yesterday, forcing an evacuation. (I bet Simon did it to annoy Ryan).

--Julianna Margulies was in a Duane Reade on Sixth Avenue in the Village "hugging on a guy (cute, salt-and-pepper hair, aviator glasses)," according to a sighting on "His purchases included deodorant, saline solution and a nice big box of Trojan Magnum condoms." Margulies' publicist declined to comment on her personal life, except to say that she's dating a good-looking man who is not in show business.

--Click here for Radar's Top 10 April Fools Pranks That Bombed.

--Golf Digest has cut Donald Trump's posh Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach from its latest list of "America's 100 Greatest Courses," and the furious developer says he unfairly got the chop because he refused to advertise in the mag. "Golf Digest is a disgrace to their profession. They should be ashamed of themselves," Trump said. On its last list, Golf Digest placed the 27-hole West Palm Beach course on 200-plus acres at No. 84. This year it was banished, he said, as a result of a tense Nov. 28 meeting he had at Trump Tower with the magazine's publisher, Thomas Bair. "Bair came to my office and told me the only way I'll get the ratings I deserve was if I advertised. I said, 'No thanks' and sent him on his way," Trump recalled. "Can you believe it? The magazine had already told me that I have built the best new courses in this country in years - but then they say I have to advertise to make it in? It's unbelievable." Bair refused to comment, but Golf Digest editor Jerry Tarde said of Trump, "I think he's kidding. He knows it never happened. Nobody can buy their way on the list."

--And speaking of The Donald, yesterday he launched a line of home furniture. He unveiled his line of home furnishings and upholstery, Trump Home, to 350 furniture buyers, and said no subject was off limits. (Gross. Have you seen the way his places are decorated? The Solid Gold dancers would blend into the walls. Gawdy).

--Click here for the Cliffs Notes on The Karate Kid. This provided at least 30 minutes of entertainment for me. Even the character descriptions are hysterical. (SWEEP THE LEG!!!)

Random Thought of the Day: Seriously, what the eff is going on here? This freakshow already has a Wickipedia entry. Will he be Farrah tonight? Will he be Pebbles from the Flinstones? Will he ever be able to carry a damn tune? Are people seriously calling in for this clown?

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March 27, 2007 

Who's the Bigger Ass: The Piv or the Penn? You Decide

--Um, duh.

--Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle star Kal Penn is set to add professor to his resume after taking on the chance to be a guest instructor at the University Of Pennsylvania next year. The Asian-American actor - real name Kalpen Modi - will teach two undergraduate courses, according to university director Grace Kao. Penn received a bachelor's degree in sociology with a specialization in theatre, film and television from the University Of California in Los Angeles, and he is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in international security at Stanford University. (Penn to teach at Penn? Oh, how cute...)

--Jeremy Piven not on tip-top behavior? Say it ain't so! The "Entourage" arriviste has reportedly been warned to keep away from Nobu Matsuhisa 's restaurant empire after boorish behavior in Aspen during the recent U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. "He was asked never to return to Matsuhisa in Aspen by a manager," alleges a snitch. "He came in with a large group of 12 or more without reservations and asked for a table. It was a very busy night, but a table, although cramped, was provided. On his way out, he made a nasty comment to the manager: 'Thanks for nothing.'" Piven was at the HBO-sponsored festival to appear on a panel with fellow "Entourage" stars. Allegedly his tip also left something to be desired. "He left a DVD of the first year of 'Entourage' to one of the waiters. [An employee] ran up the stairs and hurled it at him as he was leaving." (As Iceman noted when I shared this story with him, it's a bit disturbing that he carries around copies of "Entourage" with him).

--The wife of Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland was arrested and booked for investigation of felony arson vandalism after allegedly burning his clothes outside their Southern California home, police said Monday. The alleged torching took place on Saturday – just hours after the two had fought at a nearby luxury hotel, which the couple left vandalized, the Associated Press reports. Mary Weiland, 31, was taken into custody after officers in Toluca Lake responded to a call on Saturday night that a female was setting clothes on fire at their home, said Sgt. Mathew Ferguson, adding that police found a trash can full of smoldering clothes. Weiland, 39, told police the wardrobe was worth $10,000. (They sound stable...)

--With his divorce from Pamela Anderson finalized, Kid Rock has been spotted stepping out with another blonde Anderson, this one with an "e" – Danish model May Andersen. Rock, 36, arrived hand-in-hand with Andersen on Sunday to Elton John's birthday concert in New York City. The pair spent the three-hour-plus show sitting side-by-side, looking happy and comfortable together. (He's so nasty. I just don't understand it).

--Grace Kelly had an affair with her bridesmaid's husband, according to a new book on the Hollywood actress-turned-European royal. The Rear Window beauty is alleged to have enjoyed an illicit relationship with Malcolm Reybold - husband of her best friend Carolyn - during her marriage to Prince Rainier Of Monaco. Wendy Leigh, author of True Grace: The Life And Times Of An American Princess, tells the New York Post that legendary gossip columnist Aileen Mehle told her about a note written from the actress to Carolyn. Mehle said, "In August 1960, I was at dinner and everyone was agog about the letter Princess Grace had written. It was a full confession to Carolyn, her friend and bridesmaid, telling her she loved her but she would never be happy, could never live with herself if she did not confess to Carolyn that she had had an affair with Carolyn's husband, Malcolm. She said she was sorry. She was seeking expiation." Leigh adds, "At that time, Grace's father was on his deathbed. I believe that Grace became virtually unhinged by grief at the prospect of losing him. Hence, her letter of confession to Carolyn. As to her affair with Malcolm, wrong as it was, I believe that she succumbed to Malcolm, an accomplished seducer, at a time when she was vulnerable in the extreme. But receiving that letter from Grace was the beginning of the downfall of Carolyn." Leigh says Carolyn has confirmed Kelly wrote a confession letter to her and that she had forgiven her. (If I could look like any woman, it would be her. She was the epitome of style, class, and, er...grace. She will always be my favorite, despite the rumors. There hasn't been anyone like her since).

--Sean Penn fashions himself a writer, but he could use some rewrite. The Oscar winner with the increasingly archaic mustache incoherently slammed President Bush Saturday at an anti-war rally in Oakland. "We cower as you point your fingers telling us to support our troops. You and the smarmy pundits in your pocket - those who bathe in the moisture of your soiled and blood-soaked underwear - can take that noise and shove it," roared Penn. (Um, ok).

--The video series Ask a Ninja and OK Go's treadmill-choreographed music video are among the winners in the first YouTube Video Awards.
The video-sharing site announced the seven winners from its inaugural awards on Monday, a week after the nominees were put forth for voting. Each category included 10 nominated videos, which users could rank in order of their liking.

--Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, known for their hit TV show ‘The Girls Next Door’ were in Vegas for Hugh Hefner’s birthday party and received their own Brenden Celebrity Star at Brenden Theatres inside the Palms this weekend.

--Tony Parker's new album sounds like a real disaster...

--Martin Scorsese wants to team up with Leonardo DiCaprio to film the story of one of Wall Street's most notorious swindlers. Variety reports Scorsese hopes to direct "Wolf of Wall Street," with DiCaprio playing Jordan Belfort, a penny stock trader whose Stratton Oakmont group pulled off "pump and dump" schemes, in which fast-talking "boilerroom" brokers ran up the prices of shares with fraudulent phone pitches. The movie would be based on Belfort's autobiography, but any money he makes from it would immediately be seized. "He still owes a fortune to investors. He's made $13 million in restitution, but still has $75 million or more in claims," a source said.

--Courtney Love and Bruce Willis? Ewww...

--James Blunt may be singing “You’re Beautiful” to Lindsay Lohan. The crooner and the “Mean Girls” star were spotted leaving a Hollywood nightclub together. Lohan tried to hide from onlookers under her coat — and fan sites about the starlet are buzzing that they spent the night at Lohan’s place. Blunt has most recently been linked with model Petra Nemcova — and Lindsay with a slew of men, from Jude Law to Calum Best — but gushes one fan, “[Blunt and Lohan] are even being called a couple now.” (Haha. Blohan).

Random Thought of the Day: My Bible-o-beauty arrived: In Style's issue where they highlight the 148 Best Beauty Buys. As usual, it doesn't disappoint. There's even a shopping guide tear-out that you can keep all year. Get yours today!

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March 23, 2007 

The Manning Boys Make Headlines

--Live, from New's Peyton Manning! (Set your DVR's, kids...)

--Former Dallas star Ken Kercheval has quietly served a three-day sentence in jail in Indiana after being caught drink-driving last September. The actor, who played Cliff Barnes in the 1980s soap, was pulled over for driving at night without his lights on. Police suspected he had been drinking and conducted a field sobriety test, and discovered Kercheval was well over the limit. Kercheval, a self-admitted alcoholic, pleaded guilty to charges against him late last month and was sent straight to jail for three days. The 71-year-old also had his license suspended for a year and was told to pay a fine and court costs.

--Actor Terrance Howard is working on a debut album. (I bet it won't be half bad...he's pretty talented).

--A line of clothing co-designed by pop queen Madonna went on sale around the world Thursday in branches of Swedish fashion retailer H&M. Pieces in the M by Madonna collection, co-designed by H&M design chief Margareta van den Bosch, include a leather trench coat, sequined shift dresses, cream-colored calf-length pants and matching cropped jackets. In Britain, the items are priced between $16 and $295.

--Dina Lohan, momager to Lindsay, was unceremoniously booted from her scheduled guest spot on The View yesterday morning after cohost Rosie O'Donnell made clear on air this week that she was no fan of the elder Lohan's mothering—or, as it happens, non-mothering—ways. The 44-year-old was due to appear on the femme-fueled chat fest Thursday morning, presumably to speak about her daughter, as well as, no doubt, the current Harper's Bazaar article in which she lashes out at her "party mom" image and the media's assumption that Lindsay, who as it happens just completed a stint in rehab and who boasted in December that she had gone an entire seven days without a drink, is an alcoholic.

--NBC Universal and News Corp. joined forces with several Internet companies Thursday to distribute TV shows online in an effort to better control their programming and stave off competition from YouTube. The new network, which would launch this summer, comes in response to the explosive growth Google's YouTube, a do-it-yourself video-sharing site that is currently being sued by Viacom, another major media company, for copyright infringement. The venture is aimed at giving broadcasting companies like NBC and News Corp., which owns the Fox broadcast network and the Twentieth Century Fox movie and TV studio, greater control over how their shows are distributed on the Internet. Programs owned by NBC and News Corp. such as Heroes, 24, and House will appear on the network, supported by advertising, and distributed through Yahoo, Time Warner's AOL unit, Microsoft's MSN site, and MySpace, which is owned by News Corp.

-- Lawyers for Britney Spears won a British court injunction Thursday designed to prevent publication of stories about her recent stay in rehab. The injunction bars unidentified "person or persons ... who has/have been leaking information about Ms. Spears' time in a rehabilitation clinic from further disclosures invading her privacy," said Schillings, the 25-year-old pop star's London law firm. (Oh please...she'll sell-out and write a tell-all book within a year...)

--Sparks appear to be flying again between Katie Couric and trumpeter Chris Botti. They were having a cozy dinner Wednesday night in a private booth at SoHo's Lure Fishbar, a short walk from Botti's new penthouse apartment. Couric seemed particularly giddy when the smooth jazz musician continuously purred in her ear. Botti and Couric have been off and on since her four-year relationship with TV mogul Tom Werner ended in 2004. (Is that an acid-washed scarf I see, Chris? Oh my...Katie needs to give you some style tips ASAP!)

--Is Leo getting hitched?

--Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards said Thursday his wife's cancer has returned but his bid for the White House will continue. "The campaign goes on," the former senator from North Carolina said at a news conference, contradicting earlier media reports. John Edwards said tests this week had shown his wife, Elizabeth, had cancer in a rib on her right side. He said the cancer is treatable but not curable. (This is very sad. I'm sure she pushed him to continue, but I personally think he should spend the remaning couple of years (if that) he has left with her not on the campaign trail).

--This clip of some outtakes from Full House made me laugh.

--A recent article in Star magazine claims there’s a rumor that Ron Howard wants to make a movie of Britney’s troubled trashtastic life and that she’s been slated to play the lead role. (Oh for the love of all things way he'd stoop that low).

--New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning surprised longtime girlfriend Abby McGrew with a sparkling diamond ring and a proposal Tuesday night. After a speechless moment, the lady said "yes." "It was really low-key - it happened at home at a very unexpected moment," says a source. "It was so Eli - casual, no-frills, so in his nature."

--While budgets aren’t likely an issue in TomKat talks, Tom Cruise has reportedly forced wife Katie Holmes to say bye-bye to Barneys. “Katie looks like she has been moping about having to curtail her shopping sprees. She said Tom wants her to take a break as he thinks it might be sending out the wrong message,” a source told Britain’s Grazia magazine. “He just doesn't want people thinking she is frivolous and all about shopping and money.” Holmes has apparently been on a spender bender for quite some time now, and has been busted bagging it out in Beverly Hills with best bud Victoria Beckham. Luckily, Katie can cry on the shoulder of the former Spice Girl, as reports indicate that “Top Gun” Tom is controlling his young wife’s every move. "Katie has been crying over the phone," an insider told Us Weekly. "She's frustrated. Tom is denying her every single thing. Once, Katie and Victoria talked on the phone for four hours."

Random Thought of the Day:
Part of the beauty of cabs in NYC and Chicago is, that unless it's bumper to bumper traffic, you can get to and from rather quickly b/c the cabbies know the best routes and drive at the speed of sound. Well, the cab drivers in Indianapolis need to take a class or something. They drive slower than my grandma, and have no clue where they are going! We may not be NYC, but we certainly have our fair share of businessmen/women, conventions, etc. come through town. I'm sure they'd all like the cab drivers to be moderately knowledgable of the city. Hell...God forbid we get a Super Bowl bid. They won't know what to do with themselves. Oh...and Mr./Mrs. Cab Driver: if you're gonna drive like Miss Daisy, get the hell out of the left lane!

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March 22, 2007 

I Want Spring

--Nicole Richie's health troubles on the set of The Simple Life – she was hospitalized for dehydration earlier this month – are the result of hypoglycemia, her rep says. "In her ongoing effort to focus on her well-being, Nicole has recently been diagnosed with hypoglycemia" or low blood sugar, her spokesperson said. (I don't doubt that...but being anorexic doesn't help either).

--Paul McCartney and estranged wife Heather Mills are still friends and the former Beatle sent a bouquet of flowers to mark the former model's debut on reality TV show Dancing With The Stars. Despite media reports of a bitter battle between the pair - who split last year after four years of marriage - Mills insists relations between her and McCartney are amicable, and blames the rocker's lawyers for dragging out their divorce. She told talk show host Larry King on Tuesday night about McCartney's gift: "It was nice. There was a card that read, 'Dear Mummy, love Daddy and Beatrice.' (Hmmm...I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that she accepted a $55M divorce settlement--MUCH less than what she was asking for).

--Woody Harrelson's father, Charles, died in prison last week. Charles Harrelson, 69, had been serving two life sentences in a maximum-security Colorado federal prison for the 1979 slaying of a federal judge. He was found unresponsive in his cell on March 15, Felicia Ponce, a Bureau of Prisons spokeswoman in Washington, told the Associated Press. Fremont County Coroner Dorothy Twellman said he probably died of a heart attack in his sleep. Harrelson was convicted in 1982 of the slaying of a federal judge in San Antonio, Texas, in what prosecutors described as a $250,000 contract murder. Harrelson maintained his innocence and appealed in 1998, but the conviction was upheld. The actor was just 7 when the elder Harrelson was first jailed, for killing a Texas businessman, the AP reports. He was in college when his father was convicted of the judge's assassination.

--Fox has picked up the action drama "Prison Break" for a third season. Details on the serialized drama's story line for next season are being kept under wraps, but it is understood that brothers Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) -- who recently escaped to Panama with the FBI hot on their trail -- and many of their fellow fugitives would end up back behind bars, possibly in Panama. "It essentially will be a new chapter," creator/executive producer Paul Scheuring said. "It's going to return to the fundamental conceit, to the roots of what the show was about." (So pumped. It's such an awesome show!)

--Actress Vivica A. Fox was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence Tuesday night, according to the California Highway Patrol. Around 11 p.m., a patrol car noticed Fox's silver Cadillac SRX traveling on a Los Angeles freeway at about 80 mph in a 65-mph zone, says CHP spokesman Leland Tang. "Fox exhibited signs of alcohol intoxication," Tang says. "A field sobriety test was administered and she scored over 0.08" – the California legal limit.

--One celeb gets out of rehab, another goes in. On the heels of Britney Spears' release from the Promises clinic, Hollywood hunk Jesse Metcalfe checked himself in to an undisclosed rehab center for alcohol abuse this week, a rep for the star confirmed. (Makes sense after I reported on this rampage at the Mondrian...)

--A few select critics have been awarded the opportunity to see the first few episodes of the final "Sopranos" season. One critic said, "There are only nine episodes, and the first two, while terrific in every sense, only foreshadow a little of what may come before the last shot is heard." (Ooooooh! I can't wait!!!!)

--Calvert DeForest, the white-haired, bespectacled nebbish who gained cult status as the oddball Larry "Bud" Melman on David Letterman's late night television shows, has died after a long illness. The Brooklyn-born DeForest, who was 85, died Monday at a hospital on Long Island, Letterman's "Late Show" announced Wednesday. He made dozens of appearances on Letterman's shows from 1982 through 2002, handling a variety of twisted duties: dueting with Sonny Bono on "I Got You, Babe," doing a Mary Tyler Moore impression during a visit to Minneapolis, handing out hot towels to arrivals at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

--What did celebrities do before Myspace?

--Tom Cruise is set to star in an untitled thriller based on an attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler at the height of World War II. (I wonder if he's actually playing Hitler. He's certainly the right height for the part. It doesn't matter. The best Hitler movie EVER is Downfall. Truly amazing. I'd recommend watching it if you haven't seen it. Am I right, Iceman?)

--Charlie Sheen is the newest moron to back the twisted theory that the United States government was behind the 9/11 terror attacks. Sheen, has agreed to narrate a new version of the loopy YouTube documentary "Loose Change," which claims that a corrupt faction within the federal government orchestrated the mass murder at the World Trade Center. Sources say Sheen - whose father, Martin Sheen, has been arrested 63 times protesting on behalf of various leftist causes - is in talks with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban's Magnolia Pictures to distribute "Loose Change." Sheen has called for a new independent probe of the attack, telling Alex Jones' radio show: "It seems to me like 19 amateurs with box cutters taking over four commercial airliners and hitting 75 percent of their targets, that feels like a conspiracy theory. It raises a lot of questions." (What an effing idiot. Go bang another hooker, Charlie)

--Jay-Z pays off when he loses a bet. Four years ago, the rap czar gave Playboy editor Rob Tannenbaum 50-1 odds that he'd never, ever come out of retirement and snatched $20 out of Tannenbaum's hand. When Jay-Z ended his retirement with the recent release of "Kingdom Come," Tannenbaum figured he'd try to collect and called Jay-Z's assistant to remind him of the wager. Last week, a messenger delivered him 10 crisp $100 bills from Jay-Z's office. Tannenbaum told us, "Jay-Z is a man of his word. I just bought a plasma TV with the money, and the first thing I'm going to watch on it is a Jay-Z video." (That says a lot about a person. I've always liked him).


Random Thought of the Day: If you aren't listening to the music of Amy Winehouse, you really should be. Click here to hear a few of her tracks. She has an amazingly unique voice. Think of a modern-day Sarah Vaughn. A breath of fresh air from the crap on the radio right now.

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March 20, 2007 

Reunited and It Feels So Good

--Never ones to follow the crowd, the "happily unmarried" Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed nevertheless have joined a growing trend – of couples who get plastic surgery together. "I'd thought about it before," Simmons, 57, the eel-tongued, kabuki-faced guitarist from KISS, saod. "I was aware I had jowls." "Like Jabba the Hutt!" teases Tweed, 50, Playboy's 1982 Playmate of the Year. And though she was all for the surgery, "I didn't want him to look younger than me," she says. So in November, the couple, who have been together for 24 years and have two kids together, were ready for new faces.

Check out what Gene looked like right after surgery:

--Jessica Alba was taught to act by husband-and-wife Hollywood stars William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman. Before finding fame, the Sin City star enrolled on an intensive six-week long course at the Atlantic Theater Company that Macy founded with writer David Mamet. And Alba has mixed memories of the grueling experience. She said, "Felicity was very hard on me. She's a tough cookie, that one. I just remember her making me cry because I didn't prepare a scene right, or I didn't talk loud enough." (She should call them up and get a few more lessons...)

--Uma Thurman and hotelier Andre Balazs have ended their three-year, on-again, off-again relationship.

--Two artists sued NBC Universal and the creators of the network’s superhero drama “Heroes” in U.S. district court this week, claiming their work had been wrongfully copied on the television show. New York-based artists Clifton Mallery and his wife Amnau Karam Eele charged in a suit filed on Thursday in Manhattan that “Heroes” creators based their plot line — about an artist who can paint the future — on a short story, a painting series and a short film the couple exhibited in 2004 and 2005. A spokesman for NBC, a unit of General Electric Co., said in a statement the network believes the suit is without merit. “We intend to defend it vigorously and expect to prevail.” (What's so great about this show? I'll admit that I've never watched it...I need to be persuaded).

--Even on her way to mop floors, Naomi Campbell was runway-ready. The supermodel, sporting black stilettos, a short fitted coat and a newsboy cap (and with work boots slung over her shoulder), began her five days of community service at a New York City sanitation garage on Monday – her sentence for throwing a cell phone at her maid over a pair of missing jeans. Campbell, 36, showed up at the Manhattan District 3 Garage at Pier 36 on the Hudson River in a black SUV and was met by a garage official who escorted her through the building's grimy steel doors, the Associated Press reports. (Can you blame the girl? Ha).

--A British Airways passenger traveling first class has described how he woke up on a long-haul flight to find that cabin crew had placed a corpse in his row. The body of a woman in her seventies, who died after the plane left Delhi for Heathrow, was carried by cabin staff from economy to first class, where there was more space. Her body was propped up in a seat, using pillows. The woman’s daughter accompanied the corpse, and spent the rest of the journey wailing in grief. Paul Trinder, who awoke to see the body at the end of his row, last week described the journey as “deeply disturbing”, and complained that the airline dismissed his concerns by telling him to “get over it”. (Hope that wasn't the old lady's first time in first class...)

--In case you haven’t heard, Friday night’s episode of Jeopardy ended in a three way tie- the first time that’s ever happened in the show’s history. A mathematician calculated the odds of that happening as one in 25 million, but considering that the show has been on the air for roughly 25 million years I guess they were due. (Damn! Alex is looking ancient!)

--Kirsten Dunst has kicked Drew Barrymore's ex, Fabrizio Moretti, to the curb. The blond pixie is now dating Razorlight frontman Johnny Borell, whom she met at a Razorlight show three weeks ago. They showed up at Blender House at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin this weekend and danced to the house band while "kissing and cuddling on the dance floor and drinking Absolut cocktails," a spy said.

--Many predicted Vanessa Williams would fade into obscurity when she gave up her Miss America crown because of a scandal over nude photographs, but her star shone brightly Monday. Williams received the 2,331st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Fellow cast members from the TV show "Ugly Betty," in which she plays a villainous magazine editor, showed up to cheer for her at the ceremony in front of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

--Don't expect to see "Desperate Housewives" star Jesse Metcalfe by the pool at West Hollywood's Mondrian any time soon. According to hotel guests, Metcalfe "was blacklisted" from the Mondrian after "partying for four days straight last week and being really mean to the staff." The last straw came on Friday, when Metcalfe "blew up at the doorman at Skybar because they wouldn't let him in." Metcalfe's bad behavior resulted in him not getting a guest room on Saturday, although a hotel rep claims he has not been officially banned. (He'll never have much of a career...)

--Shanna Moakler has reunited with her rocker husband Travis Barker, she said, but denies rumors she's pregnant. "While I hope one day to have more children with Travis, I am not pregnant," says the former Dancing with the Stars contestant. "But yes, I'm madly in love with my husband." (Guess they forgave and forgot all the crap they said about eachother on Myspace).

--Yo, Fergie! Lay off the self tanner. You look like a muppet!

Random Thought of the Day:
I hate VW Beetles. They are ugly. I see people driving them and think, "What a desperate cry for people to think you're quirky and interesting." It's like when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey kept saying over and over again how stable their marriage was. I might be able to excuse it if it was a great performing car...but alas, no. They always are at the bottom of the Consumer Reports rankings. Oh, and you can replace "VW Beetle" in the above paragraph with "The Mini." My same thoughts apply.

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March 14, 2007 

Does Everyone Have Their Brackets Finished?

--Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott welcomed their first child together, a son, on Tuesday. Liam Aaron McDermott, who was born in a Los Angeles hospital, weighed 6 lbs., 6 oz, according to the couple's rep. Spelling's mother Candy Spelling was at the hospital. The baby arrived just as the new mother is reconciling with her own mom after a long estrangement. (Donna Martin spawns!)

--Cycling star Lance Armstrong has been getting cozy with a new woman – N.Y.C. fashion designer Tory Burch,. The seven-time Tour de France champ has been quietly dating Burch for months, according to sources. "They are very much a couple," says R. Couri Hay, a friend of the designer's. (Does anyone else think she looks a lot like ex-girlfriend Sheryl Crow? Hmmm...)

--The Emmy nominations were announced. (Bob Barker could win his 18th!)

--Angelina Jolie landed in Vietnam Wednesday night to complete the process of adopting a 3-year-old boy. The actress, 31, was quickly escorted into a car with dark windows and driven from the airport, according to a photographer employed by the Associated Press. After she receives the 3-year-old child – and participates in an adoption ceremony with officials in Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday morning – Jolie is expected to meet with U.S. consular officials who will then need to review the adoption before granting the child a passport.

--Is Demi pregs? (I'd like to see what a little Kutchette would look like...)

--Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest cranked up their typical verbal sparring a notch on American Idol's performance show on Tuesday. And contestant Melinda Doolittle got caught in the crossfire. After answering a reader question in which the 29-year-old singer revealed that she loathed wearing dresses and high heels, Seacrest asked Cowell if he had "any advice on the high heels." Cowell's response? "You should know, Ryan." And here's a play-by-play of the rest of their exchange:

Seacrest "Stay out of my closet, Simon." (long pause)
Cowell: "Well, come out."
Seacrest: "This is about the Top 12, okay? Not your wishes."

--Star Trek's gay episode gets made.

--Has Britney Spears found a new love? The troubled pop star has hooked up with a musician she met in AA, and plans to move in with him once she’s out of rehab, according to the upcoming National Enquirer. Spears, 25, has fallen for Jason Filyaw, the 33-year-old lead guitarist of the rock band Riva, reports the tab. “Britney adores Jason,” a friend of Filyaw's told the Enquirer. “He’s been a tower of strength for her at the lowest point in her life. She’s convinced Jason can help her through rehab because as an alcoholic, he’s been through the same thing.”

--Elton sported a uniform for his 60th birthday bash...

--Clark County sheriff's deputies responded to two calls early Sunday morning involving Tonya Harding. Police reports described Harding as "very agitated" and "tweaking out." According to a police report, Harding said four men and a woman tried to break into her car and steal it shortly after 5 a.m. In his report, the deputy wrote that Harding's account was "very implausible." Harding told police she was on "new medication" and was experiencing an adverse reaction. Later that same morning, police received another call regarding Harding, this time from a friend who told authorities the skater was "seeing animals." The deputy took Harding back to her trailer and checked her home to "put her at ease."

Random Thought of the Day:
--I'm on a Tab Energy drink kick. They are seriously amazing. They taste like a cherry Jolly Rancher (unlike Red Bull, which tastes like carbonated pixy stick water with a funktastic aftertaste). And, you really should try one w/ vodka the next time you're out. I just wish bars would start carrying it--I'd never order a vodka and Red Bull again. Who knew a brand as vintage as Tab could come up with something new for the young hipsters?

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March 12, 2007 

Ridin' on the Hip-Hop Peace Train

--U.S. rap stars Sean "Diddy" Combs and Snoop Dogg, who were bitter rivals in a notorious feud between East and West Coast hip-hop in the 1990s, said on Friday they had buried the hatchet once and for all. At a news conference in Helsinki to launch a joint European tour, they said they had "moved on" from the days when members of the two music scenes clashed rather than collaborated. (Oh thank God! The hip-hop peace tour has arrived. Iraq will be saved! )

--The Aspen Ski Patrol had to come to the rescue of three Hollywood actors when they got lost in the snow and fog and ended up out of bounds. Rob Morrow, Chad Lowe and Fisher Stevens all were guided down the mountain to safety Saturday. Morrow, former star of "Northern Exposure," said they are all good skiers but they didn't know the mountain. They ended up with another group of lost skiers, who had called for help on their cell phone. All were in an area closed to skiing. The patrollers decided to lead the pack to the bottom of the mountain, a three-hour trip through heavy snow, streams, and thick forest. (I wonder if they forked over the cash that was needed to fund that rescue so the taxpayers didn't have to pay for their stupidity. Doubtful...)

-- Richard Jeni, a standup comedian who played to sold-out crowds, was a regular on the "Tonight Show" and appeared in movies, died of a gunshot wound in an apparent suicide, police said Sunday. Police found the 49-year-old comedian alive but gravely injured in a West Hollywood home when they responded to a call Saturday morning from Jeni's girlfriend, Los Angeles Police Officer Norma Eisenman said. Eisenman said the caller told police: "My boyfriend shot himself in the face." Jeni died at a nearby hospital.

--Maggie Gyllenhaal is in final talks to replace Katie Holmes in the Batman Begins sequel. The new mom became an instant favorite to take on the Rachel Dawes character in The Dark Knight after Holmes quit the role shortly after becoming Mrs. Tom Cruise. Director Christopher Nolan tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm extremely excited to work with an actress of Maggie's caliber, and she's a great addition to the cast." Cameras will role on the film, which stars Christian Bale as the comic book hero, this spring. The film will be released in 2008.

--Former Melrose Place costars Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner have been spotted together multiple times – even holding hands – but pals say the two aren't starting a Hollywood romance. (Hope it's true. He's so much better looking than David Spade!)

--Having already proven that it can sell other companies' music, coffee giant Starbucks is planning to launch its own record label and is close to a deal for the next album from former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney to be its first release, according to sources familiar with the plans. The formation of Starbucks Records, as the unit is expected to be called, could be announced as soon as this week, according to these sources.

--Add Jimmy Kimmel to the list of people who really can't stand eyeliner-loving Jared Leto. The late-night show host told Stuff magazine he'd rather not welcome Leto back as a guest. When asked if Kimmel ever had to hide his disdain for a guest, he chose the actor/rocker. "He was so insufferably satisfied with himself that I wanted to strangle him," said Kimmel.

--Cameron Diaz, was spotted getting cozy with actor-singer Tyrese at the Xenii after-hours party (which changes locales every week) in Los Angeles. The pair engaged in a full-on PDA display at their reserved table, kissing and holding hands.

--DJ AM is once again without a starlet by his side. Friends of Mandy Moore said the singer/actress has kicked the DJ to the curb and is single again. AM, real name Adam Goldstein, used to date Nicole Richie, and after they broke up, told friends he needed to date another high-profile person because his ratings were plummeting. (Way to go, Mandy! I say she should go after Adam Brody!)

--Double the good news for Salma Hayek: The actress is engaged to businessman boyfriend François-Henri Pinault – and she's pregnant. (Who ever thought THAT guy would end up w/ Salma Hayek?.)

--Before sending Kristin Cavallari off to Miami for a wild spring break, her boyfriend Nick Zano - who was left behind in New Orleans, where he's filming "College" - branded his girl. "He wants the other guys who flirt with Kristin to know she's all his," said an insider, who got a peek at the "Laguna Beach" girl's new wrist tattoo during a Victoria's Secret Pink event on the beach. A spy said the body art displays his initials, "NZ," in black ink. When asked about it, Cavallari "got really giggly and started blushing." (Dumbass).

Random Thought of the Day:
I hadn't seen Vanilla Sky, and it was on this weekend, so I thought I'd watch. All I have to say is, WTF? I consider myself pretty avant garde when it comes to art and movies. I like offbeat, I like symbolism, but weird just to be weird? No thanks. Cameron Diaz now officially scares me. I file this right next to the Hollywood crap that was weird just to be weird, Magnolia.

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March 08, 2007 

Now O.J. Thinks He's the Babydaddy?

--Whitney Houston and soon to be ex-husband Bobby Brown were keeping it together for their kid at a birthday dinner for daughter, Bobbi Kristina, at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills Sunday night. "He was bouncing back and forth from the bar drinking with the bodyguards, who were putting back $135 shots of VO at the bar," said a witness. Stevie Wonder also joined the family, we're told. "Whitney looked pretty put together during dinner, but the moment she pulled away from the restaurant, she yelled at her daughter to 'shut up.' " (That kid has no hope of normalcy).

--Now we know the real reason why Van Halen's reunion tour got canceled last month. According to Rolling Stone magazine, it wasn't just "ego clashes" between Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth - it was because of Eddie's alleged "alcohol problems." The magazine says group members at first "were thrilled about Roth's first shows with Van Halen since 1984." Former bandmate Sammy Hagar said Eddie "was drinking 24/7" during the band's 2004 tour. He's not expected to attend when the group is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Monday.

--Comic book hero Captain America is dead. After close to 60 years in print, Marvel Comics has killed off Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, one of its most famous and beloved superheroes amid an already controversial story line, "Civil War," which is pitting the heroes of Marvel's universe against one another. In the comic series, Rogers was to stand trial for defying a superhero registration law passed after a hero's tragic mistake causes a 9/11-like event. Steve Rogers eventually surrenders to police. He is later mortally wounded as he climbs the courthouse steps. (Um, who still reads comic books?)

--Fast-food chain McDonald's is testing a bigger high-end Angus burger that costs a little bit more for the extra weight, according to a published report Wednesday. The Chicago Tribune said the new Third Pounder is currently available only in about 600 restaurant locations in Southern California. At one-third of a pound, the burger is the biggest on the McDonald's (Charts) menu at outlets where it is being tested. (Just what Fat America needs...)

--Former boy-bander and aspiring cosmonaut Lance Bass is adding a new title to his résumé: author. The onetime 'N Sync heartthrob, 27, plans to reveal "all about his life, his music and his sexuality" in a memoir, Out of Sync, his publisher, Simon Spotlight Entertainment (an imprint of Simon & Schuster), announced Wednesday. The book will hit stores in October. (Zzz...)

--Johnny Depp's seven-year-old daughter Lily-rose is seriously ill in an English hospital, according to British newspaper Daily Mirror. The Pirates Of The Caribbean actor, 43, and his partner Vanessa Paradis, 34, are holding a vigil at the child's bedside after she was struck down by the undisclosed illness nine days ago. The Mirror claims it knows what medical condition Lily-Rose is suffering from, but have decided to withhold it from the press out of respect for the privacy of Depp's family. Depp had been filming Sweeney Todd in London and Buckinghamshire when his daughter was rushed to hospital last week. A hospital source says, "He has not asked for any special favors but just wants the best for his child, like any parent. "It is such a difficult time for him but he is hanging in there for the sake of his daughter and the whole family is just praying that she gets better. They are taking each day as it comes. "It's been an emotional rollercoaster for all of them and he's been worrying himself silly. He's a devoted dad and is spending as much time as he can with Lily."

--MTV veejay LaLa Vazquez and her fiancé, Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony, welcomed their first child Wednesday afternoon, Vazquez's rep, Jack Ketsoyan said. A boy, Kiyan, arrived at 5 lbs. 9 oz., and at 18½ in. – with plenty of time to catch up to his 6'8" father.

--Pierce Brosnan is set to star alongside Meryl Streep in the film adaptation of the musical "Mamma Mia!," reports. The former James Bond will play Sam, one of three men summoned to a Greek isle by a young woman who believes one of them is her father. (I think he'll be good in that role).

--Blues Traveler singer and harmonica player John Popper was arrested after the vehicle he was riding in was clocked going 111 mph, the Washington State Patrol said Wednesday. Popper, 39, was arrested Tuesday afternoon on Interstate 90 near the Spokane/Lincoln county line, the Washington State Patrol said. Inside the black Mercedes SUV, officers found a cache of weapons and a small amount of marijuana, the Patrol said. A police dog searched the vehicle, finding numerous hidden compartments containing four rifles, nine handguns and a switchblade knife. Authorities also found a Taser and night vision goggles. The vehicle was seized.

Check out what they found in his car:

--Jason Wahler, star of MTV's "The Hills" and "Laguna Beach," pleaded no contest today to one count of battery, and was sentenced to 60 days in Los Angeles County Jail. Wahler, 20, and model Kristin DeLuca, 25, were arrested in September 2006 after an altercation on Wilshire Blvd. The two and a group of friends were driving on Wilshire when their vehicle was blocked by a city vehicle and a tow truck attempting to move an illegally parked car. The pair jumped out of their car and got into a verbal altercation with the city employee and the tow truck drivers. Wahler punched one of the drivers and DeLuca kicked the tow operator and spit in his face. The drivers called the cops after restraining Wahler. His blood alcohol level at the time of his arrest was .22 -- nearly three times the legal limit. (I'm sure he'll look great in stripes. What a nothing...)

--Jennifer Aniston has quit smoking. (Good for her! I'm a little surprised since she's so preoccupied about her weight.)

--O.J. Simpson reportedly said he is "throwing his hat into the ring" regarding the paternity battle over Anna Nicole Smith's baby, citing his "slow-moving sperm." Documentary filmmaker Norm Pardo — who filmed 70 hours of footage with Simpson from 2000 to 2005 — told the New York Post that Simpson said "he knew Anna Nicole pretty well, and he said he had slow-moving sperm, and he might be the father." " I hope they don't do a DNA test on Anna Nicole's baby. If they find out Dannielynn is mine, I don't want Fred Goldman trying to seize her money — or the baby herself," Pardo claims Simpson said. (It actually wouldn't surprise me if he banged ANS).

--This doesn't even look like Star Jones. She was at a press conference to announce her new gig with Court TV. The former prosecutor will host a talk show that blends criminal justice with pop culture,

Random Thought of the Day:
Do you enjoy March Madness as much as I do? Well, even if you don't, it's fun to fill out a bracket. So, regardless of whether you'll be watching the games religiously or not, a little competition never hurt anyone.

My buddies over at the G2 (pals I met in law school) are doing an online pool through It's easy, cheap, and fun to talk trash to each other on the message boards. Click here for all the details. No messy brackets to fill out, and no keeping track yourself--it's all done for you!

So, do it already!

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March 06, 2007 

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

--The Internet has buzzed with rumors that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will soon become neighbors of Yoko Ono and Lauren Bacall at the famed Dakota co-op on Central Park West. Gawker has posted several items from "inside" tipsters that the Hollywood couple has a contract to buy a 10-room apartment, once owned by Leonard Bernstein, with a $25.5 million asking price. (That's right near you, Iceman. Find out the scoop for me!)

--English actor Ralph Fiennes incurred the wrath of a Belgium hotel boss after he reportedly frolicked naked in a swimming pool with four women. British newspaper The Sun reports star, 44, and his female companions disturbed guests at the Hotel Tuilerieen in Bruges. Hotel manageress Patricia Homble says, "I wasn't happy about it." Fiennes is currently in the stunning Belgium city filming comedy In Bruges, which also stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. Last month, Qantas flight attendant Lisa Robertson was fired from the airline after she admitted she had sex with the actor in a lavatory during a long-haul flight in January. (He's a total hornball! Get ahold of yourself, buddy!)

--Jerry Springer is taking on another TV show. "The Jerry Springer Show" host and "Dancing with the Stars" alum will be the new frontman of "America's Got Talent," NBC's Craig Plestis announced Monday.

--Lindsay Lohan checked herself into rehab earlier this year after being told she would die young if she didn't stop her hard-partying lifestyle. The star recently checked out of the Wonderland Center in Los Angeles after completing a month-long stay. And party girl Lohan admits she needed the stark warning to turn her life around. She says, "I was really sick. I went to hospital and had people sit me down who said, 'You are going to die if you don't take care of yourself.' "I heeded what they were telling me." (And we're so glad, L. Lo)

--Rachael Ray was attacked by a dog in Union Square Park Saturday while bravely defending her pit-bull mix, Isaboo. According to the TV host's rep, "This dog came up - there was no owner in sight - and became aggressive. Rachael and some others shooed it away, but it came back and attacked Isaboo. Other dogs were involved, and Rachael jumped in and was bit by one of the dogs on the leg. A nurse was in the park and checked her out. She's fine."

--Kanye West, who's slated to perform in Al Gore's Live Earth extravaganza touting global warming, needs to learn about shrinking his own carbon footprint. The hip-hop artist has asked a restaurant in Cardiff, Wales, to fly a chef and a meal across the Atlantic to a Manhattan business meeting today for about $4,000, plus travel and accommodations for the chef. (He's an idiot).

--John Travolta donated $15,000 to central Florida tornado victims at the premiere of his new film, Wild Hogs. Travolta presented a personal check for $15,000 to Lady Lake Mayor Max Pullen before a screening of the biker buddy comedy Friday night that raised an additional $15,000 in donations. A string of tornadoes killed 21 people, many from Lady Lake, and destroyed hundreds of home as they skipped across central Florida on Feb. 2. "These things happen in Florida and when they happen we all have to do something to help," said Travolta, who has lived in Ocala for about four years. (While I've always thought he was a bit odd for the Scientology thing, he's always been quite generous with his good fortune, and seems quite humbled).

--The New York Daily News reports Courtney Love described Paris Hilton's birthday party on her website as having a "big pile of white powder" in the bathroom. The description of the bash, which took place on the eve of the Oscars, might cost Paris and Nicole their new season on their reality show. Now the head of the Foundation for Jewish Camping is skeptical about Paris and Nicole Richie's stint as camp counselors on the next season of "The Simple Life." "Counselors are trained, recruited, and tested," said Jerry Silverman. "We take [it] very seriously."

--Phillhan? (If true, a big downgrade for Ry!)

--Former "Laguna Beach" star Jason Wahler was arrested and booked this weekend after cops say he "resisted a public officer" during a raid on underage drinkers in North Carolina. According to police sources, the 20-year-old lied about his age when he was approached inside Rumors nightclub by members of the Alcohol Law Enforcement Division. Wahler claimed he wasn't carrying any ID that night, but insisted that police could "check" to verify his identity!

--And from the "So sweet, it'll give you a cavity" files...Celebrifams!

Random Thought of the Day:
--Ok, stop sending me links to stories about the DePauw University Delta Zeta sorority debaucle. I know it was in Newsweek. I know it was in People. And, I know it was on "Best Week Ever." No, it was not my sorority--I was a Kappa Alpha Theta. (Along with our first lady, Lynne Cheney, Sheryl Crow, Amy Grant, Melinda Gates, Ann-Margaret, Julie Moran, Melissa Stark, etc.--completely unrelated, but I thought I'd give you some fun-facts).

Feel free to disagree with me, but I'm having a hard time understanding why this made national headlines. 1) Do we really know how dedicated these girls were? I mean, don't get me wrong...if nationals blatantly swooped in and booted some ladies who were minorities, not attractive, etc., just for the sake of doing it, then yes, that is horribly wrong. But, DZ was in trouble, and needed something to drastically change, or they were going to close. I know, because I'm a chapter advisor to my house at DePauw.

Further, this is NOT all that uncommon. When sororities and fraternities choose to try to rebuild and not close, asking the members to leave who are dead weight, not dedicated, don't have good grades, etc., is what happens. These people are given alumni status, and the sorority/frat can start fresh.

I'm not saying it's all that PC, but it's no secret. Sometimes you've gotta cut a man (or woman) loose.

And, cut the "that's what happens when you buy your friends" crap. Give me a break. At DePauw (and at most schools) it was comporable, if not cheaper, than living in the dorms. And, we had plenty of people on scholarship or with mountains of school loans.

And, stop acting like sororities are a hotbed for materialism and eating disorders. Hi...welcome to America. Materialism is everywhere. And, yes, there were plenty of girls I knew with eating disorders, but they were no more fed (pun intended) by the sorority--they were fed by this society, and how vicious girls in general can be.

And, where the critics are really wrong is about grades. Sure, we went to parties, but grades and philanthropy were equally as important. We had study tables, and if you didn't make a certain GPA, you could be on academic probation--and usually, that standard was HIGHER than the university's. And again...none of this is was secret. You knew coming in the door you were going to be held to a higher standard, you were going to have rules. Deal with it, or don't join.

And, stop being as judgmental as you think all those in sororities are. There's always going to be someone richer. There's always going to be someone smarter. There's always going to be someone better looking. That's life.

Ok, so I rambled and this was long...but hey, it's MY blog! ;)

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March 02, 2007 

People of the World...Spice up Your Life!

--The Associated Press ignored Paris Hilton news in weeklong experiment. (I didn't even notice).

--Former Sex And The City star Jason Lewis is moving on from his split with Rosario Dawson and is dating Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Michelle Trachtenberg. Lewis, 35, and Trachtenberg, 21, were recently spotted on a date at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles. A source tells American publication Us Weekly, "They just began hanging out." Lewis and Dawson started dating in 2004 before breaking up in November. Trachtenberg has recently been romantically linked with Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz. (I miss Smith Jarrod...)

--John Mayer and Jessica Simpson returned to Stereo on Wednesday night, where they had also celebrated New Year's Eve. Mayer, who performed at Madison Square Garden, was joined by Jessica's dad, Joe Simpson, designer Mark Ecko and Alicia Keys, who's touring with Mayer. At one point, Mayer stood on a platform near the deejay booth and danced to Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel," a fellow reveler reports. Jessica watched from a nearby booth where she was sipping whiskey.

--Elisha Cuthbert is furious with Justin Timberlake for writing a disparaging song about her - and she's letting new pal and the pop star's ex, Cameron Diaz, know all about it. The song "What Goes Around...Comes Around" is reportedly based on the actress' relationship with her former fiance Trace Ayala, who is one of Timberlake's best friends. Diaz and Cuthbert attended the Night Before Oscar bash at the Beverly Hills Hotel last Saturday and were spotted having an intense conversation for nearly an hour. A source tells Us Weekly Cuthbert was furious with Timberlake for not telling the whole story in the song and the star desperately tried to console her. Diaz reportedly assured Cuthbert her relationship with Ayala was "only an inspiration" for the song. (I always speculated the song was about Brit. Guess not!)

--U.K. singer Charlotte Church, who turned 21 last week, has announced she's pregnant. Managers for the pop star broke the big news on her Web site, saying she and rugby star boyfriend Gavin Henson are "delighted" at the news.

--Internet dating sites just for people with STDs? WTF??????????

--An on-air dig from co-host Rosie O'Donnell during an episode of "The View" this week left co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck in tears after the taping, sources told Page Six. "Elisabeth just can't take it any more," the insider said of her tensions with O'Donnell, who constantly slams her conservative stance. Things got especially ugly on Wednesday. Hasselbeck said she supported the government's access to citizens' phone conversations. Liberal O'Donnell responded, "Elisabeth, you are very young and you are very wrong." Hasselbeck accused Rosie of ageism and broke down later off-camera. By yesterday afternoon, Rosie had blogged: "i said some of elisabeth's comments were ignorant which was ignorant itself." This wasn't the first time the women have clashed on camera, but sources told us the insult was the last straw for Hasselbeck. "Her days there are numbered. She is looking to leave," said the spy, who hinted that Hasselbeck was shopping for a permanent spot at E! O'Donnell's rep, Cindi Berger, said, "They get along great. They have differences of opinion, but that's what makes 'The View' so great and newsworthy."

--Angelina Jolie has filed papers to adopt a Vietnamese child, the country's top adoption official said Friday.

--The Piv has been spotted out lately without his rug.

--“It’s so sad.” “We could have helped her with Narconon but didn’t get a chance to. I wish we had.” --John Travolta, on how Scientology could have saved Anna Nicole (He is totally warped).

--I'm sure they didn't just shoot up in the limo on the way there...

Random Thought of the Day:
Confession: I loved the Spice Girls. Ever since my French foreign exchange student who stayed with us for a few months brought their CD over before they even were popular in the U.S., I've liked them. I even saw Spice World. Worst.Movie.Ever. Ok, Glitter was probably worse, but it's close. Posh was always my favorite (go figure). I'd love to say it was just a phase, but "Spice up Your Life" and "Wannabe" both get regular rotation on my iPod when I'm at the gym.

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March 01, 2007 

Anyone's Better Than Mike Tyson

--It's official: Victoria Beckham has secured a deal with NBC and American Idol producer Simon Fuller's 19 Entertainment for a reality series about her move from London to L.A. Six half-hour episodes are set to premiere this summer, NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly announced Wednesday. (I'll watch!)

--"It's very unlikely my leg is going to fly off, although it would be quite funny. I'll have a strap on which I wouldn't normally in every day life." --Heather Mills McCartney, on her stint on "Dancing with the Stars." (Whew. She said it would be funny so I won't feel badly if I laugh a little).

--A Florida appeals court helped clear the way Wednesday for Anna Nicole Smith to be buried in the Bahamas, saying evidence supports that it's what the former Playboy Playmate wanted.

--Vincent Pastore, who played a tough-guy mobster in the early years of "The Sopranos,' has dropped out of "Dancing With the Stars" after a week of training. At least this time he wasn't sent off to sleep with the fishes, the fate that befell his "Sopranos" character. The new cast includes Olympic skater Apolo Anton Ohno, boxer Laila Ali, former 'N Sync member Joey Fatone, country singer-actor Billy Ray Cyrus and Paul McCartney's estranged wife, Heather Mills. (Perhaps his name on the show rings true...)

--Robin Givens has a new man, and he loves to dance for her. Givens was spotted last Thursday night at Stereo with rapper Ginuwine and pals including Kanye West and Jermaine Dupri. Clubgoers got a show when, according to witnesses, Ginuwine "got up on Jermaine's table in the VIP section and started doing a sexy, slow dance for Robin, followed by a lap dance."

-- "I met with Ang Lee on that movie, I read 15 pages of the script and got a little creeped out. It was very graphic, descriptive - the spitting on the hand, getting ready to do the thing. I told Ang Lee, 'I like you, you're a talented guy, if you want to talk about it more...' Thankfully, he didn't." --Mark Wahlberg, on being considered for "Brokeback Mountain"

--The blonde madam who ran a stable of high-priced hookers has Los Angeles in a lather because she's naming names in her new autobiography - among them, superstar Bruce Willis and former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda. Jody "Babydol" Gibson was convicted in 2000 of operating a global prostitution ring, but prosecutors blacked out the names of famous alleged clients found in her phone books and records. Now, in "Secrets of a Hollywood Super Madam," out today from Corona Books, Gibson names celebrities she says patronized her "California Dreamin' " service, which operated in 16 states and in Europe, employed porn stars and Playboy models, and charged customers as much as $3,000, according to trial testimony.

--Bridget Moynahan - three months pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Tom Brady's baby - has the support of another woman who was dumped while she was expecting, Mary-Louise Parker. Moynahan and Parker grabbed breakfast yesterday at City Bakery and were "deep in conversation," a spy said. Brady ditched Moynahan in December - right around the time he found out she was pregnant - and immediately started dating Gisele Bundchen. Parker was dumped by Billy Crudup two years ago when she was eight months pregnant. Crudup immediately took up with Claire Danes.

--Will Paris serve jail time? (Ha. Yeah, right...)

--Djimon Hounsou is one amorous guy. Last week, the "Blood Diamond" star was all over Cameron Diaz. This week, he turned his attention on Kimora Lee Simmons. Hounsou and Simmons made out all night at Boulevard 3 in L.A. Tuesday during a Dom Perignon dinner for Forest Whitaker. The two, there to help celebrate Whitaker's Oscar win, ignored Oprah Winfrey, Mary J. Blige, Chris Tucker and Quincy Jones to grope each other, and left together. (Ewww...he can do much better than that!)

--Justin Timberlake and business partner Eytan Sugarman, who own Destino on First Avenue and Chi in Hollywood, are expanding their restaurant empire. Next month they'll launch Southern Hospitality on Second Avenue at 76th Street, right across from Brother Jimmy's. The eatery will feature Southern barbecue, a stage for live performances and a jukebox filled with Timberlake's favorite Southern anthems.

--Anna Nicole Smith will be buried in a custom-made gown next to her 20-year-old son following an "over the top" memorial service with a tightly controlled guest list, said a friend helping to organize the memorial. The memorial service, with about 300 guests at an undisclosed church, will feature large amounts of pink flowers, her favorite color, and singing from a well-known performer whose name organizers aren't ready to disclose, said the friend, Patrik Simpson of Beverly Hills, Calif. "It will be a very beautiful, Anna Nicole send-off," Simpson told The Associated Press in an interview Wednesday night in the Bahamian capital of Nassau. "Of course it will be over the top because it's Anna Nicole." (But of course...)

Random Thought of the Day:
I am so glad they got rid of Katie Couric on "Today." Meredith Viera seems smart, sweet, and does good interviews (and thus far, seems to ask some of the tough questions). She and Matt seem to have a very friendly banter. It's a good fit. However, can someone PLEASE bring back Katie's stylist? My God! They make Meredith look like a boring frump every morning! Please--someone burn down all the Coldwater Creek and J. Jill stores in the NYC area so the folks at "Today" stop buying Meredith's clothes there!

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