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March 27, 2007

Who's the Bigger Ass: The Piv or the Penn? You Decide

--Um, duh.

--Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle star Kal Penn is set to add professor to his resume after taking on the chance to be a guest instructor at the University Of Pennsylvania next year. The Asian-American actor - real name Kalpen Modi - will teach two undergraduate courses, according to university director Grace Kao. Penn received a bachelor's degree in sociology with a specialization in theatre, film and television from the University Of California in Los Angeles, and he is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in international security at Stanford University. (Penn to teach at Penn? Oh, how cute...)

--Jeremy Piven not on tip-top behavior? Say it ain't so! The "Entourage" arriviste has reportedly been warned to keep away from Nobu Matsuhisa 's restaurant empire after boorish behavior in Aspen during the recent U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. "He was asked never to return to Matsuhisa in Aspen by a manager," alleges a snitch. "He came in with a large group of 12 or more without reservations and asked for a table. It was a very busy night, but a table, although cramped, was provided. On his way out, he made a nasty comment to the manager: 'Thanks for nothing.'" Piven was at the HBO-sponsored festival to appear on a panel with fellow "Entourage" stars. Allegedly his tip also left something to be desired. "He left a DVD of the first year of 'Entourage' to one of the waiters. [An employee] ran up the stairs and hurled it at him as he was leaving." (As Iceman noted when I shared this story with him, it's a bit disturbing that he carries around copies of "Entourage" with him).

--The wife of Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland was arrested and booked for investigation of felony arson vandalism after allegedly burning his clothes outside their Southern California home, police said Monday. The alleged torching took place on Saturday just hours after the two had fought at a nearby luxury hotel, which the couple left vandalized, the Associated Press reports. Mary Weiland, 31, was taken into custody after officers in Toluca Lake responded to a call on Saturday night that a female was setting clothes on fire at their home, said Sgt. Mathew Ferguson, adding that police found a trash can full of smoldering clothes. Weiland, 39, told police the wardrobe was worth $10,000. (They sound stable...)

--With his divorce from Pamela Anderson finalized, Kid Rock has been spotted stepping out with another blonde Anderson, this one with an "e" Danish model May Andersen. Rock, 36, arrived hand-in-hand with Andersen on Sunday to Elton John's birthday concert in New York City. The pair spent the three-hour-plus show sitting side-by-side, looking happy and comfortable together. (He's so nasty. I just don't understand it).

--Grace Kelly had an affair with her bridesmaid's husband, according to a new book on the Hollywood actress-turned-European royal. The Rear Window beauty is alleged to have enjoyed an illicit relationship with Malcolm Reybold - husband of her best friend Carolyn - during her marriage to Prince Rainier Of Monaco. Wendy Leigh, author of True Grace: The Life And Times Of An American Princess, tells the New York Post that legendary gossip columnist Aileen Mehle told her about a note written from the actress to Carolyn. Mehle said, "In August 1960, I was at dinner and everyone was agog about the letter Princess Grace had written. It was a full confession to Carolyn, her friend and bridesmaid, telling her she loved her but she would never be happy, could never live with herself if she did not confess to Carolyn that she had had an affair with Carolyn's husband, Malcolm. She said she was sorry. She was seeking expiation." Leigh adds, "At that time, Grace's father was on his deathbed. I believe that Grace became virtually unhinged by grief at the prospect of losing him. Hence, her letter of confession to Carolyn. As to her affair with Malcolm, wrong as it was, I believe that she succumbed to Malcolm, an accomplished seducer, at a time when she was vulnerable in the extreme. But receiving that letter from Grace was the beginning of the downfall of Carolyn." Leigh says Carolyn has confirmed Kelly wrote a confession letter to her and that she had forgiven her. (If I could look like any woman, it would be her. She was the epitome of style, class, and, er...grace. She will always be my favorite, despite the rumors. There hasn't been anyone like her since).

--Sean Penn fashions himself a writer, but he could use some rewrite. The Oscar winner with the increasingly archaic mustache incoherently slammed President Bush Saturday at an anti-war rally in Oakland. "We cower as you point your fingers telling us to support our troops. You and the smarmy pundits in your pocket - those who bathe in the moisture of your soiled and blood-soaked underwear - can take that noise and shove it," roared Penn. (Um, ok).

--The video series Ask a Ninja and OK Go's treadmill-choreographed music video are among the winners in the first YouTube Video Awards.
The video-sharing site announced the seven winners from its inaugural awards on Monday, a week after the nominees were put forth for voting. Each category included 10 nominated videos, which users could rank in order of their liking.

--Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson, known for their hit TV show The Girls Next Door were in Vegas for Hugh Hefners birthday party and received their own Brenden Celebrity Star at Brenden Theatres inside the Palms this weekend.

--Tony Parker's new album sounds like a real disaster...

--Martin Scorsese wants to team up with Leonardo DiCaprio to film the story of one of Wall Street's most notorious swindlers. Variety reports Scorsese hopes to direct "Wolf of Wall Street," with DiCaprio playing Jordan Belfort, a penny stock trader whose Stratton Oakmont group pulled off "pump and dump" schemes, in which fast-talking "boilerroom" brokers ran up the prices of shares with fraudulent phone pitches. The movie would be based on Belfort's autobiography, but any money he makes from it would immediately be seized. "He still owes a fortune to investors. He's made $13 million in restitution, but still has $75 million or more in claims," a source said.

--Courtney Love and Bruce Willis? Ewww...

--James Blunt may be singing Youre Beautiful to Lindsay Lohan. The crooner and the Mean Girls star were spotted leaving a Hollywood nightclub together. Lohan tried to hide from onlookers under her coat and fan sites about the starlet are buzzing that they spent the night at Lohans place. Blunt has most recently been linked with model Petra Nemcova and Lindsay with a slew of men, from Jude Law to Calum Best but gushes one fan, [Blunt and Lohan] are even being called a couple now. (Haha. Blohan).

Random Thought of the Day: My Bible-o-beauty arrived: In Style's issue where they highlight the 148 Best Beauty Buys. As usual, it doesn't disappoint. There's even a shopping guide tear-out that you can keep all year. Get yours today!

Posted by Lawren at March 27, 2007 05:53 AM | Trackbacks (0)

You Said

Weiland's wife is suprisingly unattractive for a rock star's woman, Sean Penn is a leftist moron, Kid Rock proves that rock stars have no limits to success with hot women (with the possible exception of the drug addicted Weiland), and Tony Parker may have a disasterous album but his success with, and on, the hard wood are quite impressive (pun intended).

Says: aeh at March 27, 2007 07:38 AM

No debate neessary- hottest ever- dead or alive- Grace Kelly. Everyone, do yourselves a favor; go rent "To Catch a Thief" and you will agree with me.

Says: Atilla at March 28, 2007 01:55 PM

Couldn't agree more, Atilla! That's one of my faves of hers. As is "Rear Window" and "High Noon."

Says: Lawren at March 28, 2007 04:21 PM


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