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April 14, 2004

Did you know...

...that Starbucks will give you used coffee grounds to use in your garden?

Apparently, coffee grounds act as a green material with a carbon-nitrogen (C-N) ratio of 20-1. They make an excellent addition to your compost. Combined with browns such as leaves and straw, coffee grounds generate heat and will speed up the composting process.

So, the next time you're grabbing a toffee nut latte, grab some grounds and watch your garden grow!

Posted by Lawren at April 14, 2004 06:26 PM

You Said

Can't wait to try THAT on my tomatoes. I wonder - might'nt they become big red speedballs?

Says: maura at April 14, 2004 07:47 PM

A word of warning: you want to ensure that your soil does not already contain a high level of nitrogen already, or you may be doing more harm than good.

Also, toss the filters in the compost pile as well. They decompose quickly.

Another thing you did not mention is that earthworms love the stuff. Work the stuff into your soil on a consistent basis, and you will notice HUGE earthworms in no time.

I would not add large amount directly to the garden uncomposted. The decomposition will take necessary nitrogen from the soil and thus from your veggies. Work the stuff in after composting, or ideally in the fall when you but the bed to bed for the winter. When you come back out in the spring, time will have done the work for you. My mom just tosses the stuff out there once a week in the winter, quitting around the middle of Febuary.

PS, Banana peels are also great for the garden, but should not be tossed directly in during the growing season, due to the insects it will attact.

Can you tell I am a HUGE garden geek. I already have my mom's patch diagrammed and everything, planting dates and all!

Says: chuck at April 14, 2004 10:01 PM

Were you in the FFA, Chuck?

Says: Lawren at April 14, 2004 10:24 PM

I just use my own grounds. I certainly have plenty. I'm certain that coffee is now the third most common element in the universe after hydrogen and helium. Coffeeium!

Says: Brian D. at April 14, 2004 10:40 PM

Hehe... Tomaccos [from The Simpsons episode where Homer crossed Tomatos and Tobacco and all the farm animals got addicted to it] What would a coffee hybrid be called... cafemato, toffee, tomees???

Says: Madfish Willie at April 15, 2004 12:24 AM

Hey - I was in FFA, for one year...Okay, I can't believe I just admitted that to Lawren's readers! But I can't grow squat! I learned nothing...well, that is not true, but this is a family blog... ;)

Says: Kelly P at April 15, 2004 09:17 AM

Yep! That's true, that does work. But I'm surprised they aren't trying to make a buck off of it and marketing it rathering than giving it away for free!

Says: Kelly at April 15, 2004 09:22 AM

No, I was not in the FFA. I didn't really fit in with the "ag crowd" in high school, believe it or not. I have taught myself horticulture from planting my mom's rose garden and vegetable patch. I do all the hard stuff, and my mom does the daily chores.

Lord, I am such a dork!

Says: chuck at April 15, 2004 11:19 AM

Oh Kel P. FFA? Tell me it isn't so!

Says: Lawren at April 15, 2004 05:38 PM

Something I learned last year was to rinse eggshells, crush 'em, then spread them in a ring around your plants. Slugs hate going across them, and they'll eventually decompose. You'll need to occasionally replenish.

Says: Ted at April 16, 2004 10:59 AM

Slugs don't like to go across copper also. Just put a three inch wide strip around the perimeter of your garden, and you will be safe from slugs, assuming they are not already in there.

If they are already in there, put a can of beer, with some beer still in the can, in your garden. The sugary yeast attracts the slugs, but the alcohol kills them.

Damn, I really need to stop!

Says: chuck at April 16, 2004 01:28 PM

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