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October 31, 2003 

Awhile back, I posted about

Awhile back, I posted about some new "slang" that my hip friend in NY alerted me about. Well, here's her second installment:

A poorly made coffee beverage that cost upwards of four dollars.

A state of involuntary celibacy brought on by bad hygiene. (Jake has only himself to blame. His three-year dry spell is a clear case of smellibacy.)

puppy stuff:
Euphemism for the goo that collects in the corner of one's eye, esp. after sleeping.

bust bust:
To be busted by your significant other for staring at another woman's breasts.

tart fuel:
Girlie drinks. e.g., cosmos, kirs, or anything that tastes like Kool-Aid.

phone zit:
The recurring chin zit that results from spending too much time on the phone.

Acronym for "booger in nose." Used to covertly ask a friend "Do I have a bin?"

The loudness one adopts in response to a bad cell-phone connection, in the misguided hope that talking louder will improve the connection. (I'm so embarrassed. I went totally yellular at a restaurant last night.)

I plan on consuming MASSIVE amounts of tart fuel tonight! :)

Posted by Lawren at 09:10 AM | Comments (0)

October 30, 2003 

This is one of THE

This is one of THE worst pick-up lines I've heard in a while: "You're all that and a bag of candycorn."

Festive, but ridiculous, nonetheless.

Posted by Lawren at 07:42 PM | Comments (0)

(sing it with me now)

(sing it with me now)


Posted by Lawren at 10:26 AM | Comments (0)

Good news: The GDP Leaps

Good news: The GDP Leaps Ahead

The article states that "[c]onsumers in the third quarter spent lavishly on big-ticket items, such as cars, boosting such spending by a whopping 26.9 percent rate. And, they also spent briskly on "nondurables" such as food and clothes, which grew at a 7.9 percent pace, the strongest showing since the first quarter of 1976."

Can't say I really bought any "big-ticket" items, but I'm glad someone was!

Posted by Lawren at 09:37 AM | Comments (0)

October 29, 2003 

Babs is just gross. (If

Babs is just gross. (If only I didn't worship her vocal cords so much!) Article courtesy of

Streisand 'Actors Studio' Interview in Limbo?

Maybe you’ve wondered: Whatever happened to that Barbra Streisand interview with James Lipton for "Inside the Actors Studio?"

Lipton taped Streisand in front of a live audience on October 5, and initially Bravo advertised an October 26 broadcast. But the show didn’t air on Sunday night. There were rumblings that Streisand didn’t like the way she looked on camera and was holding up airing of the show.

The singer-actress-director is notorious for her perfectionism, especially when it comes to the way she looks on screen. For her American Film Institute tribute, for example, Streisand set the lighting and designed the stage and all the accoutrements. She even put real Tiffany lamps at every table. When she appeared on the “Rosie O’Donnell Show,” the set had to be flipped so it favored Streisand’s preferred profile.

But Lipton, who I spoke to on the phone yesterday while he was busy in his editing bay, says Barbra’s been no problem.

“She spent five hours with us,” he said. “Five hours! We wanted to use this as a two-hour special for our 10th anniversary. So I’m going slowly, taking my time, looking at everything. She was incredibly candid. At times I felt like her psychiatrist.”

Lipton says he doesn’t know when the show will air, but that so far Streisand has been nothing but helpful. “She’s giving us extraordinary access to old clips from musicals, all kinds of things.”

When I mentioned that Barbra was notoriously particular about the way she’s lit, he said: “I don’t know an actress her age who isn’t. And they should be.”

“Inside the Actors Studio” has a policy I was unaware of, and which is quite different from “60 Minutes” or other interview shows done for news organizations, newspapers, or magazines. They show the subject the final interview before it airs and let them make changes and suggestions. So Lipton will show Streisand the finished product before it airs.

“We do that with everyone. And knowing that before hand makes them much more comfortable when we do the interview.”


Posted by Lawren at 11:11 AM | Comments (0)

Today's tip involves making your

Today's tip involves making your home smell amazing with CANDLES!

I'm a big candle buff (inherited from my grandmother), so here are my thoughts:

White Barn Candle Company
Upside: This is a great place to buy candles and you can find the store in most malls. They have tons of fragrances, sizes, and most of all, COLORS. I buy candles with not only the scent I can handle, but that match my apartment. They also have great plug-ins for rooms that last MUCH longer than a drug-store plug-in. Prices are pretty low, and you can often find good deals (buy 3 get 1 free). Favorites: Plumeria and Vanilla Orchid.

Downside: The jars are boring. You really won't find anything interesting or abstract with the designs of most of the candles. I also think some of the fragrances are boring. And some of the candle fragrances are SO damn sweet they give me a headache. Take your time and smell them well before buying.

Tocca Candles and Diptyque Candles
Upside: These candles are amazing. VERY fragrant, but not overpowering. They last a VERY long time. I also think the list of fragrances are so different than most more common candle stores provide. You can buy Tocca online, here. You can also buy Diptyque online, here.

Downside: A bit pricey, but I suggest having a couple, and supplement with more inexpensive ones. They are WELL worth it. Because both often use essential oils, the fragrance lasts in your room long after you've blown them out--thus, you don't have to burn them as often.

A great place I've found to buy unique candles are spas. For some reason, spas I've been to have excellent selections of candles.

Enjoy! (And get pumped for those holiday candle fragrances!)

Posted by Lawren at 09:00 AM | Comments (0)

October 28, 2003 

Rod Roddy, the announcer on

Rod Roddy, the announcer on "The Price is Right" whose booming, jovial voice invited lucky audience members to "Come on down!" for nearly 20 years, died Monday. He was believed to be 66.

I loved this guy! He sure as hell was the classiest person that was EVER on that show (certainly not Bobby B. or his hoes, er, hostesses).

He is irreplaceable on that show. It's sad that it takes a death to make people note that men can get breast cancer too.

Posted by Lawren at 08:42 AM | Comments (0)

October 27, 2003 

Mold her baby one more

Mold her baby one more time!

Posted by Lawren at 07:16 PM | Comments (1)

Stories like this make me

Stories like this make me sick to my stomach. The oldest boy, aged 19 was 4 feet tall and weighed 45 pounds. A previous article I read which included statements from the neighbors stated that the neighbors weren't sure whether or not to call authorities.

COME ON PEOPLE!! We live in this world together and it's our job to protect each other.

I was IM-ing with a friend a couple of weeks ago when I heard a disturbance outside my door. It was my neighbors fighting (not a rare occurrence), but this time the male sounded intoxicated and was yelling some threats. If I would have heard him hit her, I would have immediately called the police. But sometimes it's our jobs as good neighbors to step in BEFORE horrible things happen. I opened my door walked past them and looked at them, then acted like I was getting some mail. Walked back, glared at the guy, and went back in. The fighting stopped and the man left.

While I know this was a bit dangerous, and my friend expressed concern for me, you just can't let things like that go. I work for a Pro Bono project that helps battered women obtain protective orders against their batterers and many of them state their complete astonishment how their neighbors would turn the other cheek when they were getting theirs bashed in.

The poor boy in the article above is now in critical condition. He might be studying calculus right now if a neighbor had been bold enough to stop the neglect.

Posted by Lawren at 01:30 PM | Comments (2)

"Television lover, baby, go all

"Television lover, baby, go all night!"

Bonus points if you get the artist too!

Posted by Lawren at 08:48 AM | Comments (1)

October 26, 2003 

Eureka! Here's where my Manolos

Eureka! Here's where my Manolos went!

Posted by Lawren at 05:55 PM | Comments (1)

This Texas couple who was

This Texas couple who was renovating their home got more than they'd bargained for.

(Insert "Unsolved Mysteries" music)

Posted by Lawren at 04:11 PM | Comments (0)

Some lucky Hoosier (at least

Some lucky Hoosier (at least I sure hope it's a Hoosier) woke up about $95 million richer today. The winning Powerball ticket (one of two) was sold in Washington, Indiana, just about 20 minutes away from where I grew up.

Very cool.

Posted by Lawren at 02:41 PM | Comments (0)

October 24, 2003 

Athinia to boyfriend: "No man

Athinia to boyfriend: "No man has ever made me this happy. As a token of my love and affection, I give you this cow. "

Girlfriend, if you're gonna spend $320,000 on your honey, don't buy him a cud-chewing farm animal.

Posted by Lawren at 02:34 PM | Comments (0)

Are you smuggling eight dangerous

Are you smuggling eight dangerous snakes in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

Posted by Lawren at 02:25 PM | Comments (0)

October 23, 2003 

There is a very interesting

There is a very interesting article by Katie Roiphe on Susan Estrich's apparent ride down both sides of the feminist fence.

I read a lot of Estrich's work in my Sexual Harassment Law class last semester. I agreed wholeheartedly with her discussions of rape and the idea that "no means no." Alternatively, while I often did not agree with her political thoughts (especially that Clinton was "wrongfully accused"), I respected the manner in which she always "stuck to her guns."

It seems as though she "sees both sides" more clearer than we all originally thought. Is this bad for the feminist movement?

This story was first posted on this morning by Andrew Sullivan.

Posted by Lawren at 01:42 PM | Comments (0)

What 80's Movie Are You?

What 80's Movie Are You?

You're Labyrinth. You dig Jim Henson and muppets
are your friends.

Which 80's movie are you??
brought to you by Quizilla

This COMPLETELY does not surprise me. I LOVED this movie when my old babysitter, Patti, brought it over. I wanted Ludo to be my friend. What scares me is that I actually thought David Bowie looked hot in this movie. Must've been his rendition of "You Remind Me of the Babe..." And people thought "A Beautiful Mind" was Jennifer Connally's best movie?!?! We children of the 80's know better!

Thanks for the tip, Gennie.

Posted by Lawren at 06:27 AM | Comments (1)

October 22, 2003 

You KNOW a man came

You KNOW a man came up with this original idea. No ladies, it's not skanky, it's EXERCISE!


Posted by Lawren at 04:08 PM | Comments (0)

Does anyone else find it

Does anyone else find it odd that I just received an e-mail advertising a product to ELIMINATE spam e-mails in my inbox...which was itself a spam e-mail?

Things that make you go HMMM.

Posted by Lawren at 01:02 PM | Comments (1)

The beauty tip of the

The beauty tip of the week has sort of turned in to a general tip of the week.

This week's topic: cooking!

Now, I'm speaking to those of you who cook. (Notice I didn't say those of "us" that cook). I try, but I don't do the recipe thing too often. However, this product has come HIGHLY recommended from my friends who are fabulous cooks, some of which have chefs in the family. This stainless steel soap is supposedly AMAZING at getting gross smells (onion, garlic, etc.) off of your hands.

Costsaver tip: This product NEVER runs out. Buy one--you've got it for life.

Posted by Lawren at 08:54 AM | Comments (1)

October 21, 2003 

I don't want to jinx

I don't want to jinx anything, but AWWWW YEAH: IU's basketball recruiting class is considered 1 of nation's best.

Posted by Lawren at 05:33 PM | Comments (1)

This just makes me sick.

This just makes me sick.

I know you all share my feeling, so I'll refrain from a profanity-filled rant.

Posted by Lawren at 03:44 PM | Comments (0)

Yo. I need me some

Yo. I need me some chocolate rock to get me through 'dis studying. But don't give me none of that flea powder.

Have no clue what I'm talking about? Check out the White House's list of "street names" for drugs. Some of them made me laugh outloud!

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October 20, 2003 

...then David McMillin is for

...then David McMillin is for you! I've heard nothing but great things from this current DePauw student. His newest CD, Where I Belong, has received 3 1/2 stars from You can buy his CD, read listener reviews, and listen to some song clips, here. He's kind of a cross between Dave Matthews with the scruffy voice of Edwin McCain

I highly recommend listening to "Until Today." It's great.

Posted by Lawren at 10:42 PM | Comments (0)

Ith at Absinthe and Cookies

Ith at Absinthe and Cookies poses the question to women: Is it chic to be a chick? You can all guess my opinion on the matter (and can check my comment by clicking on the link).

Posted by Lawren at 06:16 PM | Comments (0)

Tony Curtis is begging for

Tony Curtis is begging for a gig. How's that bottom rung feel?

M*A*S*H* star in real hospital.

Beatles on Broadway?

What is WRONG with this guy? Diet and exercise work too, David.

Pam Anderson cares about breasts--and not just her own.

Forget hiring a PR rep. Do it yourself!

Whatever floats your boat, Nicole.

How NOT to win over a man's heart.

And finally folks....(drumroll please).
Jessica Simpson really is that frickin' stupid.

Posted by Lawren at 12:23 PM | Comments (0)

October 19, 2003 

So I boarded my plane

So I boarded my plane back to Indianapolis yesterday. I'm walking down the aisle to what I thought was my seat (in an exit row), and someone was in it. I said, "Excuse me, but I think you might be in my seat, or I'm reading my ticket incorrectly." The woman said she knew she was in the wrong seat, but that she and her spouse got separated, and she asked if I wouldn't mind switching. No problem with me, so across the aisle I went.

I climb over the guy with the aisle seat across from where I was supposed to be and settle in to my window seat. The man (heavier set and probably about 50 years old) and I engage in small talk...He lives in Anderson, I'm in law school, etc. A silence falls and I begin reading cases and articles for my law review paper.

Our plane starts to back out from the gate. I keep reading. We approach the runway, and I start to get my usual uneasy feeling. The captain alerts us that we are third for takeoff. I start to get really nervous. Once we start hurling down the runway, I can't read anymore, I grip my hands together, and start to breath heavier. We are no longer touching the ground (the part I really hate), and the man next to me leans over and asks if I'm scared of flying. Thinking that there is a very obvious answer to this question, I politely tell him that indeed I am, but it's only takeoff, and I'll be fine in a few minutes.

Thinking that our discussion of this matter is over, I go back to my breathing. All of the sudden I feel this hand over my clasped hands and a hand on my shoulder. I'm at a loss for words. Why does this guy think he can invade my personal space? Is he just being nice? I literally can say nothing. I glance over at the book he was reading and it is about Haitian mission trips. For some odd reason, it makes me feel a little better that this guy is religious. I'm sure there are sickos that have read the same book, but I played the odds that this guy was just trying to make me feel better. Plus, I figured, what's the worst that could happen? He grabs something he shouldn't, I break his hand and scream, and half the plane pounces on him. I was in no real danger.

He keeps saying, "It's OK, it's OK." After what seemed like an eternity, I finally look at him and say, "I'm OK now. Thank you." He releases his grips and leans back in his chair. He asks, "Have you ever tried prayer?" I informed him that I indeed pray, but that I was sure God had a few better things to do than get me through this takeoff. He says, "No. You are wrong. God doesn't want you to be scared and God likes it when you call upon him, no matter why you do."

I tell him that he has a point--partly because I see his point, but partly because I felt a but weird talking about religion with a total stranger. The conversation fades, and he leans his chair back to sleep.

Overall, I believe in my gut that this guy was trying to be nice and comfort me. Do I wish he would have asked before touching me? YES. But maybe I should try his way next time.

Posted by Lawren at 09:50 PM | Comments (0)

Josh beat me to the

Josh beat me to the basket on this one...but I still couldn't resist posting myself.

It's showtime, folks. Basketball season is here. The IU fans even impressed freshman Patrick Ewing, Jr. Story, here.

He ain't seen nothin' yet. And as a fan, I hope we ain't seen nothin' yet either.

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October 17, 2003 

REAL excited about this--especially since

REAL excited about this--especially since I am flying back to Indianapolis tomorrow. I already freaking hate flying. So much for napping on the flight. I'll now have to be in my "if you look creepy I'll be watching you like a hawk" mode.

Posted by Lawren at 02:14 PM | Comments (0)

I sometimes (about 20% of

I sometimes (about 20% of the time) think Ms. Coulter is way off base with her bitterness. However, I think this piece of hers is GREAT.

Posted by Lawren at 08:59 AM | Comments (0)

October 16, 2003 

I had to watch last

I had to watch last night's game in a bar in Georgia where everyone was a Marlins fan. Not fun. But, those of you who know me know that that wouldn't stop me from cheering just as loud as the rest of them! Too bad it had to end in a heartbreak. Soon after the game I received lots of sad (and intoxicated) phone calls from my pals in Chicago. They said everyone just walked around looking like their pet had just died. I lived there for 8 months and am by no means a native, but I loved every moment and my heart goes out to them all. One of my favorite times in Chicago was going to a game, sitting in the bleachers, and heading to the Cubby Bear afterwards for some libations.

I have to say though, I got in some arguments with my native friends last night. Everyone needs to back up off Steve Bartman. He DID NOT lose the game for them. They lost the game for them. He obviously was just acting on impulse, and I could totally see myself doing the same thing. When something is flying toward your face, you stick your hands in the air. You ALL would have done the same thing.

I know he's been receiving death threats. Even Governor Bush offered him asylum in Florida. Are you joking me? I understand the history. I understand the heartbreak. But people are more outraged at what this guy did than what President Clinton did with his cigar.

Rearrange your priorities, people!

Posted by Lawren at 03:07 PM | Comments (0)

October 14, 2003 

Michael Moore was in town

Michael Moore was in town spewing his crap. Story here.

Posted by Lawren at 07:30 AM | Comments (2)

October 13, 2003 

Would someone explain to me

Would someone explain to me why no freaking water is coming out of ANY of my faucets?


UPDATE: It was fixed at 6 a.m. this morning. The culprit? Water main break.

Posted by Lawren at 11:07 PM | Comments (0)

Professor Cooper asks us to

Professor Cooper asks us to stop and smell the pumpkins.

Posted by Lawren at 06:57 PM | Comments (0)

Monkey receives brain implant and

Monkey receives brain implant and can move robot arm! Think you're reading the newest National Enquirer? Think again!

Read the story, here.

Posted by Lawren at 11:48 AM | Comments (0)

October 12, 2003 

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't blogged for a couple of days. Fall break has begun and a much-needed week off school is here!

Friday I had a nice pre-b-day lunch w/ my friend Heidi and her mom. Then I met my parents who came in to town to celebrate my birthday with me. We had a great dinner at a new seafood restaurant downtown. We were later informed that Peyton Manning was there at the same time, but we didn't see him. We ordered the most FABULOUS dessert I have ever had--the caramel fudge brownie w/ ice cream (thanks to Heidi for the suggestion). It was sinful.

Saturday we had a day of shopping and spa planned, but Dad got a call from the hospital (he's a pathologist) and they wanted him to drive back home (2 1/2 hours away) to do a brain biopsy. He wasn't even on call, but the path covering for Dad didn't feel comfortable doing it. So, Dad drove ALL the way home, did the biopsy, and drove all the way back. I felt so sorry for him.

So, Mom and I had lunch, shopped a bit and I got a massage. It was AWESOME. She started in on my upper back and shoulders and then said, "I know this is supposed to be a full-body massage, but your back and neck are so screwed up, I need to spend the entire hour in that region." I said, "Do what you think is best." Needless to say, I think she was very right. I can barely move today. She told me I won Worst Neck of the Month for all of her clients. Guess law school might be a little stressful. She also informed me that I don't drink enough water. So, I'm going to try to do a little better in that arena. I just wish Starbuck's was good for you!

Dad met back up with us around 5 and we had a beverage waiting for him! Had another yummy dinner and I got some much-needed red meat in my system! Came back to the hotel and sang w/ the piano player. Can you beat that?

Woke up on this birthday morning w/ a nice hangover. Ouch. I'm home now and will be heading to the library in a couple of hours when it opens. I have a lot of law review research to sink my teeth into.

So, even though I'll be spending the bulk of my b-day at the dreaded library, I've already had a FABULOUS b-day. I'm so lucky to have such great parents, family, and friends who have made me feel so special this weekend.

I'm ready to take on the next quarter of a century of my life.

Posted by Lawren at 10:42 AM | Comments (0)

October 09, 2003 

Ok, I'm all for MANY

Ok, I'm all for MANY modes of self-expression. I also think I have a very liberal view of what is artistic.

But this is insane-o even by my standards.

How about that necklace? PLEASE! Turds are most definitely NOT a girl's best friend.

I guess that makes me a pooh-pooher of poo poo art.

Posted by Lawren at 03:17 PM | Comments (0)

Finally, a Democratic candidate who

Finally, a Democratic candidate who is open about the fact that he is full of shit!!

Story, here.

Posted by Lawren at 10:17 AM | Comments (0)

October 08, 2003 

I hope this was an

I hope this was an honest mistake by both parties.

My solution? Hey Wesley, give DPU the money back so they can get a GOP speaker for a change!

Thanks for the tip, Dave.

UPDATE: He gave back the cash. That was the right move.

Posted by Lawren at 07:04 PM | Comments (1)

So trusts and estates class

So trusts and estates class was about to start, and my friend, H, hands her cell phone to me (her FIRST cell phone and one she has only had for 2 months) and says, "What do you make of this?" I look at the phone for a moment and say, "Well it's turned off." She looks at me with a very puzzled look and says, "I didn't know you could turn it off."

We laughed so hard I think I heard snorts.

Posted by Lawren at 02:32 PM | Comments (0)

Ok, every girl loves perfume.

Ok, every girl loves perfume. And men, women love it when you wear cologne. Some of us have signature fragrances, and some of us love to try the ones hot off the shelves.

If you want a brand-new fragrance, be prepared to pay a high price. I think Sephora has the best array of fragrances online.

However, if you can wait a few months, you can get great fragrances at a much more reasonable price.

My two favorite sites:
Ebay--make sure the description says "authentic" and watch hidden, high shipping costs.

PerfumeMart----I LOVE this site! Costs are anywhere from $5-$15 lower than market price. Also, FREE shipping! Plus, they send samples of other perfumes when you order.

Shop on and smell good, folks!

Posted by Lawren at 09:19 AM | Comments (0)

October 07, 2003 

Reason #25,568 why I sometimes

Reason #25,568 why I sometimes think you should take an aptitude test before being able to raise a child. It takes a village my ass, Hill. It takes a parent who knows that his child needs to bathe and brush his teeth.

Story, here.

Thanks for the tip, Jaime.

Posted by Lawren at 08:53 PM | Comments (0)

I posted the following post

I posted the following post on my law school's blog, but I thought you would all enjoy as well:

No wonder people have a distaste for lawyers based on a thinking that they unnecessarily complicate things.

I just read this sentence in my Secured Transactions book: Cliff's Ridge's mortgage grants an interest in the real property together with the hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining.


Posted by Lawren at 05:15 PM | Comments (7)

How 'bout those Colts??? I

How 'bout those Colts??? I have to say I was one of the ones who was shaking my head at halftime. But in my defense, I had a $10 bet on my Colts with a Buc fan friend. I went to bed thinking I was going to get the "Pay up!" phone call...but much to my surprise woke up, and saw highlights of what some are calling the greatest comeback in NFL history.

And yes, I then made the "Pay up!" gloating phone call. :)

The news this morning said that a group of college students (most likely slightly intoxicated) went out to the airport and stayed all night until the Colts flew in at 3:30 a.m. The footage was classic. The team came over to the fence and signed autographs. And of course, the students felt the need to take off their shirts. Indiana residents love their sports.

What a birthday for Coach Tony Dungy!

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October 06, 2003 

I think this lady is

I think this lady is probably just as accurate as the pollsters out in the crazy state of CA.

Posted by Lawren at 06:57 PM | Comments (0)

Name the song AND the

Name the song AND the artist:

you're just a heartache in disguise;
Won't you keep my heart from breaking
if it's only for a very short time

Artist HINT: Think morning beverage.

Posted by Lawren at 09:16 AM | Comments (0)

Inside me, there's a

Inside me, there's a thin woman
crying to get out -
But I can usually shut the
bitch up with cookies.

Courtesy of PJD! :)

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October 05, 2003 

To the coolest MOM in

To the coolest MOM in the whole world! :)

Posted by Lawren at 09:56 AM | Comments (0)

October 04, 2003 a pissed off Ethiopian a pissed off Ethiopian wife. Story here.

Crushed genitalia AND an empty stomach...not a good day for that guy.

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October 03, 2003 

You know how a few

You know how a few days back I was singing the praises of the toilet bowl cleaner I bought off QVC?

Well, they need to work on the marketing for this ladder.

Live TV is GREAT!

Posted by Lawren at 04:18 PM | Comments (0)

Show off those legs ladies

Show off those legs ladies and pay homage to a fallen fashion trendsetter.

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October 02, 2003 

This made me laugh outloud

This made me laugh outloud (maybe it was just the mood I was in).

I often find myself seeing these cars AND Gary Busey and thinking the same thing.

Posted by Lawren at 08:29 AM | Comments (1)

October 01, 2003 

I got home from a

I got home from a LONG day of class tonight and found a big plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies on my kitchen counter from my Gram.

There is something about how great homemade cookies taste. I hope I never outgrow it.

Posted by Lawren at 09:01 PM | Comments (0)

While this is not a

While this is not a traditional beauty tip, I still think you'll find it very useful.

I'm kind of a cleaning product freak. I love trying new formulas and tools. I believe I have found the single-best toilet bowl cleaner and brush in the entire galaxy: Fuller Brush Toilet Cleaning Kit available on QVC.

I have hard water, and I used to end up having to scrub my toilet every three days. It would get that icky brown hard water ring grossness, and I couldn't handle looking at it. Well this stuff remedies that problem, and I scrub my toilet about once every 2 weeks now.

The formula kind of puts a coating over the inside of your toilet and repels the hard water. The brush is great and you can squeeze out all the water without even getting your hands wet (Wouldn't want to mess up that manicure).

And hey, the less we're cleaning, the more beauty rest we can get!

UPDATE: Gennie at Dizzy Girl also has a great beauty tip today.

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