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May 11, 2006

Idol Shocker

Shock. Total shock. That was the reaction in the audience when "American Idol" finalist Chris Daughtry - predicted by many to be the last singer standing - was booted off in Wednesday's voting.

In the most competitive "Idol" race yet, Daughtry's exit narrowed the contestants to three. The winner will be named May 24. "Surprised?" Host Ryan Seacrest asked an unsmiling Daughtry, visibly caught off guard. The 26-year-old rocker, drowned out by loud boos and screams of "No!" replied: "Yes."

The other "Idols" stood speechless, mouths agape. Even the judges - usually unflappable - didn't foresee Daughtry's ouster: Simon Cowell's jaw fell slack; Paula Abdul's eyes filled with tears.

Contestants sang Elvis Presley classics - two songs each - in Tuesday night's program. Daughtry's cover of The King's "Suspicious Minds" drew rave reviews from judges, including Abdul, who said "See ya in the finals." Cowell called his second performance - a rendition of "A Little Less Conversation" - "flat" and "not as good as the first." Katharine McPhee, 21, had the next-lowest vote total.

--He's clearly one of the best vocally, and it's sad that this happened. However, since when have Americans ever had good taste or appreciation for good vocalics? We let Britney Spears rise to the top of the charts for example!

Posted by Lawren at May 11, 2006 06:44 AM | Trackbacks (0)

You Said

I am a bitter and broken man over this. Every season I latch onto a performer, and every season I've been disappointed by the outcome. Season 1, for example, I picked Guarini (laugh all you want now, but at the time, he was great) after the auditions. Last season, I picked Constantine after his audition (his getting 6th place is a total fraud, and I will never believe it was a legit result). This season, much of the same, as I've been on the Chris bandwagon from the beginning. He is the star - has the stage presence, the voice, the "it" factor, if you will.

As much as I wanted her gone last night for her AWFUL performances the night before, I think Kat needs to win this. Elliot? Good luck marketing that guy. 'Nuff said. And Taylor? Entertaining, yes. American Idol, no.

Says: Iceman at May 11, 2006 07:36 AM

Couldn't agree more! Seriously, the biggest shock of 2006 for me. I don't think Chris will have any problem becoming a star - I'm going to miss him.

Says: Allison at May 11, 2006 08:36 AM

I think that Idol is totally rigged. There is NO WAY Chris had the lowest number of votes. Everyone I talk to about Idol had him as their favorite. Kat was awful Tuesday and she should have gone home.

Says: at May 11, 2006 08:56 AM

The problem I see, which is the same problem I saw last year with Constantine, is that so many people just assume he's going to win or that he's the best, but those people aren't actually making the phone calls to keep them alive. I have a feeling the genuine Elliot and Taylor fans out there ARE calling, and Kat's fans were probably nervous for her, so they called as well.

I'm pissed. And Chris better get a record deal, because he deserves it.

Says: Iceman at May 11, 2006 09:28 AM

I agree that the contest is "rigged", however, I actually heard a female caller on a radio show this a.m. state - and I quote - "That thang is rigged! I knows it's rigged 'cause I called-in and voted for Chris fiddy times myse'f!"
No, she had no idea that SHE was guilty of "rigging" the outcome. Maybe the judges should be the only voters.

Says: Nanc' at May 11, 2006 09:52 AM

For some reason I think the judges favor Kat. Simon even apologized about saying her performance was bad one time! Can they bring Chris back via the life line thingy that they used with Clay? People are PISSED!

Says: at May 11, 2006 12:44 PM

And by rigged I meant that I have heard several people who called in and had problems when they were trying to vote for Chris. Maybe it was a mistake!

Says: at May 11, 2006 12:46 PM

You said it Iceman. I'm surprised and disappointed. I liked Guarini and Constintine as well. This is really puzzling; HOWEVER, I'm trying to call on the Inventor show RIGHT NOW and cannot get through. The voting system is a problem.

Says: Aubrey at May 11, 2006 08:36 PM

I guess I am the only one who never liked me he sounded like a goat. I wanted him gone a long time ago...I was happy but then again I could care's either kat or Taylor now.

Says: at May 12, 2006 05:50 AM

he's going to get his own cd anyway... the good ones always do.. whether they win or lose

Says: ash at May 12, 2006 03:14 PM

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