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July 25, 2006

Farrell Stalker Approaches Him

Apparently the author of Colin Farrell: A Dark Twisted Puppy had more to give the actor last week than a copy of her latest magnum opus.

Dessarae Bradford, who unexpectedly approached Farrell during a Tonight Show taping Thursday and left a copy of her self-published tell-all on Jay Leno's desk before being escorted out of the building, announced Monday that she had been trying to serve the 30-year-old Irishman with court papers.

Whatever she was trying to do, Farrell didn't much appreciate it. First he joked to Leno that he had just met his first stalker. Then he obtained a temporary restraining order against her the next day, compelling her to stay at least 150 yards away from him; his son, James; and James' mother, model Kim Bordenave.

On the other hand, Bradford wrote on her personal Website after the incident that she is "not stalking Colin Farrell," but in fact is "too self-absorbed to ever stalk anyone."

"I am telling the truth," she continued, directing her comments at the media. "Colin and his handlers are lying...If you all don't start checking more thoroughly what Colin's people are saying you will be unknowingly, yet viciously lying to your viewers, readers and listeners, not to mention destroying my name, and my life."

Bradford sued Farrell in December 2004 and again in July 2005 in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging he had stalked her with phone calls and profane, smutty text messages. After her initial claims proved to be too small even for small-claims court, the 31-year-old woman re-sued the Miami Vice star for $10 million in U.S. District Court in May, adding slander to the original harassment allegation. A federal judge has since ordered her to produce clear evidence why this suit shouldn't be tossed out, as well.

--Thanks for the tip, Brian.

Source: Yahoo

Posted by Lawren at July 25, 2006 06:47 AM | Trackbacks (0)

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