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January 17, 2010

Golden Globes Live Blog

11:00--I wish I was going to some afterparties.

10:57--Avatar? Seriously? Ridiculous.

10:56--Julia: it's called Frizz-Ease. Try some.

10:47--Wow. Jeff Bridges just stole it from Clooney and Freeman.

10:44--How desperate is Luke Wilson that he has to do these AT&T commercials?

10:41--Holy crap. Hilarious speech by RDJ.

10:40--Love me some Robert Downey, Jr. Ever since Soapdish...

10:37--Congrats to Sandra Bullock. She's a class act.

10:36--Carey Mulligan and Ginnifer Goodwin must have the same hairdresser.

10:34--Hey, Governator. Go home and balance your state's budget. Thanks.

10:29--not sure why Heather Graham brought her purse on stage. Did she think someone was going to steal it?

10:27--And, The Hangover wins. I still don't think it's as funny as Wedding Crashers, but it's darn funny.

10:26--Hilarious that Mike Tyson is there.

10:20--Glee wins! Glee wins! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Maybe they'll sing their acceptance speech.

10:16--We don't care about your bathroom issues, James. Not sure what James is doing w/ his hair. I know a lot went in to making Avatar, but it's just not my thing. I doubt I'll see it. I'm sure it's cool, though.

10:15--Mel is a weirdo.

10:07--Love the shout out to Hitchcock

9:57--Martin Scorsese is a well-deserved winner of the Cecil B. Demille award. God bless those eyebrows.

9:54--we opted for Chinese. Mmmm egg drop soup and shrimp with broccoli

9:50--Oh my God. Halle is a goddess.

9:47--Chloe wins. She really is quite good in Big Love.

9:46--And, some other girly-man from a teeny-bopper series I don't care about is presenting.. Chance. Chace. Whatever the hell his name is...

9:45--Some dude from Twilight that I don't care about is on stage

9:39--YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mad Men!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:38--Mad Men or Big Love. Come on...Mad Men or Big Love.

9:36--The White Ribbon wins. I saw a preview for it before Nine, and it looked really good. I kinda dig subtitles, so I may have to hit it up before the Oscars.

9:33--Samuel L. is a badass

9:28--I'm sorry, but enough w/ the Haiti stuff. We get it. You people aren't relevant, so stop trying to be.

9:27--Alec wins again. Bleh.

9:23--Hello slit, Jennifer Aniston

9:22--I love that Ricky is drinking beer during the broadcast

9:17--Just caught a glimpse of Christopher Plummer. I want him to go up there and sing Edelweiss

9:14--Again, what's with the dead squirrel?

9:12--Kevin and Kyra are so cute.

9:09--God, I love Helen Mirren

9:07--should we order pizza or Chinese food?

9:02--Oh, the lovely Meryl. I think I'll be On-demanding Julie/Julia tonight.

9:00--Ricky is showing some chest.

8:56--why does Drew Barrymore have a dead squirrel on her shoulder?

8:55--And, I'm right.

8:54--I'm calling that Grey Gardens wins.

8:51--How happy am I that I don't have to go to work tomorrow? Yeah...very.

8:45--Cher looks like a tranny. So, she looks normal for her. Love Christina's hair. But, not that belt thing on her dress.

8:44--Uhhh, I think Ricky is hilarious. Love the McCartney dig.

8:43--I just fell asleep while Harrison Ford was talking. Is he on tranquilizers? Oh wait, he's just old.

8:36--Julianna Margulies wins. Totally surprised by that one. Expected Glenn or Kyra.

8:32--So, I guess I need to start watching some shows on Showtime. Damn.

8:33--God, Neil Patrick Harris is so hot

8:31--Uhhh, is Felicity Huffman drunk? She just pulled a Mariah.

8:28--Love Kate Hudson's earrings

8:22--animated movies....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

8:21--Does Paul not have a teleprompter? What's with the notecards?

8:18--I don't watch Dexter, but everyone tells me I should. Congrats, John Lithgow

8:18--WTF with the beard, William Hurt?

8:17--That Parenthood show on NBC looks hilarious.

8:10--Dammit. Lea Michelle lost. Toni Collette is really good in her show, though. And she looks gorgeous.

8:07--Called it. Mo'Nique wins best supporting actress. Great speech.

8:05--Nicole Kidman looks gorgeous

8:01--don't like the black tie-black shirt-tux combo of Ricky Gervais

8:00--been watching the Red Carpet up to this point. Will post my best and worst dressed lists tomorrow. Enjoying some cherry vodka and watching my boyfriend suffer.

Posted by Lawren at January 17, 2010 08:03 PM | Trackbacks (0)