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August 09, 2006

Baldwin Lands Sopranos Role

Daniel Baldwin's fortunes have changed following a cocaine possession scandal and a string of driving misdemeanors - he's landed a part in The Sopranos.

The actor will play himself in the final eight episodes of the acclaimed mob drama. In the episodes Baldwin has been hired by Michael Imperioli's movie director character, Christopher Moltisanti, to play a gangster in a horror film.

Last month, the actor was questioned by police in Los Angeles after he was observed speeding through a red light before crashing, while driving under a suspended license. Cops had to pull a weapon on Baldwin at the scene of the accident after he refused to co-operate with them. Officials are still considering whether or not to charge the actor with a misdemeanor driving offence. In April Baldwin was arrested for cocaine possession after he was found in a Santa Monica, California hotel with cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

--Sounds like a perfect fit!

Source: IMDB

Posted by Lawren at August 9, 2006 06:58 AM | Trackbacks (0)

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