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October 16, 2006

Someone Has A Case of the Mondays

The Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC), a grouping of 67 human rights NGOs in Malawi, said they hope to halt Madonna's adoption of a 13-month old baby boy for the moment. Justin Dzonzi, HRCC's chairman, says the group wants to make sure Malawi's laws "are not bent" for the 48-year-old singer. "The laws of Malawi are clear that if one wants to adopt a child one has to stay with the child for at least 18 months for assessment," he said.

--Jennifer Aniston has purchased her first home since divorcing Brad Pitt last year and is moving back to the former couple's neighborhood in Beverly Hills. In April Pitt and Aniston sold their Beverly Hills home for close to its $24.95 million asking price and now she has purchased a new home nearby for $15 million. The 37-year-old's new abode is an early 1970s modernist one-story house with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms designed by architect Hal Levitt. Levitt has also designed homes for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sex And The City creator Darren Star and late writer Norman Cousins. Since the couple split, she has been leasing a two-bedroom home with 50 feet of beachfront in Malibu, California. The beach house rents for approximately $25,000-$30,000 per month, which skyrockets to $100,000 a month or more in July and August.

--Do real men wear flip flops? I say "yes," but Birkenstocks (worn by either sex) should be outlawed.

--Kirsten Dunst turned down a role in 'American Beauty' because she couldn't bear the thought of kissing Kevin Spacey. The 'Marie Antoinette' actress was originally tipped to play the teenager lusted after by Spacey, but was so against the idea of sharing a steamy scene with him she passed. Dunst, 24, told Entertainment Weekly magazine: "I was only 15 then and I didn't want to kiss Kevin Spacey or be seen lying naked in those rose petals." Mena Suvari later landed the role of teenage temptress Angela Hayes in the 1999 film which went on to win five Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Spacey.

--The final chords reverberated off the black, sticker-covered walls of CBGB as the grungy, iconic club toasted the end of its 33-year residence in New York. Rock poet Patti Smith headlined the Sunday night concert, CBGB's last before eviction by its landlord - the Bowery Residents Committee, a homeless advocacy group that owns the property. The club will close Oct. 31.

--Many of the horny actors and literary geniuses of 1950s and '60s Greenwich Village were hot and heavy with former Playboy Playmate Alice Denham, who's dishing the sexual dirt on James Dean, Norman Mailer, Philip Roth and others in a new memoir.

--Four members of Danity Kane were injured in a limousine accident Thursday night en route to a performance in Toledo, Ohio. According to an accident report filed with the Toledo Police Department, the group members minus D. Woods, who caught a later flight to Toledo had just wrapped up an appearance at the 92.5 KISS-FM radio studio. They were heading to their performance at Headliners when the left side of their black Lincoln Town Car was struck by another vehicle at an intersection. "Three passengers complained of head pain," the report reads. "Additional limo arrived and transported the three to St. Vincent's [Mercy Medical Center]." A fourth member was also involved in the accident.

--Katie Couric says about 50,000 people have sent her suggestions on how she should sign off each nights broadcast on the CBS Evening News. She made the good-natured appeal for help with a new catch-phrase exit line on her first night of the broadcast last month. She told David Letterman on CBS Late Show Thursday that her favorite was Here, kitty kitty kitty. Another idea alluded to her 15-year stint as NBCs Today show host. Thanks for watching, she said. Im Katie Couric, and Im not just for breakfast anymore.

--We're about to see a whole lot more of Rosie O'Donnell. After her hit turn in "Nip/Tuck" as Dawn Budge - the embittered lottery winner who pays Julian McMahon's character $100,000 to service her - the creators of the show were so impressed, they now want to create an entire show for Budge, starring, of course, O'Donnell. We even hear Nicole Kidman wants to be in the pilot, says our spy. A rep for O'Donnell said, "They're in talks to do a show that would film in New York. I don't know about Nicole."

--Lindsay Lohan has been called many names throughout her stint as a music, film and tabloid darling. Her next one might be the most surprising of all: Mom. Lohan divulged Thursday her commitment to star as a mother in "The Best Time of Our Lives." The story revolves around Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, his wife Caitlin and the curious real-life incident in which childhood friend Vera Phillips (played by Keira Knightley) and her eventual husband William Killick opened fire on the Thomas home with a machine gun and a hand grenade. The characters were in their 20s at the time of the episode.

--I'm not sure which one seems more boring:

Posted by Lawren at October 16, 2006 05:49 AM | Trackbacks (0)

You Said

Real men only wear flip-flops at the beach or pool.
Heard recently:
"How do you know it's fall in Boulder?" (Colorado)
"The hippies start wearing wooly socks with their Birkenstocks."
Fugliest shoes EVER.

Says: Nanc' at October 16, 2006 09:23 AM

I disagree. I wear flip-flops almost exclusively in the summer and when it's tolerable temperature wise. They're just too comfortable compared to socks and shoes. However, I do not own a pair of Birks, as I think they're so 1997.

Lohan a mother? Even as an actress, that's way too much of a stretch to be believable. Lame. STOP CASTING HER.

Lawren LOVES Danity Kane, folks!

I dislike Kirsten Dunst and have for years ... this only solidifies that.

Jennifer Aniston has asked me to move in with her. I said, "Give me some time to think it over."

I was just walking by CBGB the other day ... I don't get it - why can't the people made famous by that joint just pony up the cash to keep it going?

Says: Iceman at October 16, 2006 10:21 AM

You outed me, Iceman! ;)

Says: Lawren at October 16, 2006 11:19 AM

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Rokusaburo Sugiura began selling true to life materials at his Tokyo apothecary in 1873 and laid the foundations by reason of Konica. Minolta was founded in 1928 to initially manufacture cameras and then went on to establish technologies such as a latent image transfer method, the far-out's ahead strengthening and reduction photocopier and the community's pre-eminent photocopier to deliver two-color images in a isolated pass.

Konica Minolta gave its share of firsts to the superb in the imaging and printing field. All of a add up to these was the people's beginning ambiguous lens reflex camera in 1937, then the age's first camera with a coated lens in 1946. The year1962 took the Hi-Matic camera by Konica Minolta beyond the realms of the soil and into interval by astronaut John Glenn on Amity 7.

Active onto the printing and copier field, Konica Minolta launched the exactly's essential copier to use latent image carry in 1975, and then in 1983 came the copier with zoom raising again another pre-eminent! 1987 and 1991 motto the globe's principal single-pass two-color copier and three-color amalgamation copier and fax machines respectively. In 2001, Konica Minolta launched the polymerized toner.

Konica's Environment Sisterly Technology

The Polymerized Toner People today are more environmentally aware than ever. Unsurpassed this inclination is the Polymerized Toner that Konica created to lose weight kill and printing costs.

The Manufacturing Modify: The word go passage in the prepare is to synthesize resins that are close to a certain hundred nanometers i.e. people billionth of a meter in diameter via emulsion polymerization. These polymerized resin particles are then chemically coagulated and fused into literal ratios. Coloring pigments and additives are added to be prevalent the authoritative colors. The function also utilizes very much undersized dynamism and ergo conserves spirit which these days a days is a unequivocally high-level and expensive commodity!

What to Foresee From the Polymerized Toner

Now why would one use the polymerized toner, here is why,

All Konica Minolta color laser printers use polymerized toner, which reproduces high-quality images to entrust its customers be it in knowledgeable photography or task documents, crown satisfaction and value benefit of money. The negligible diameter and unvaried configuration of these toner particles sell first-rate concealment, which means space previously left between each toner jot has any longer been eliminated. As a conclude, the toner provides in accord, high-quality images with improved imitation of content and nice lines.

Since polymerized toner needs no grease for fusing, it produces natural-looking low-gloss color images and documents that can be written on as warm-heartedly as take into account notes to be attached to, and are wherefore becoming pro subject use.

Smaller toner particles acquire a better transmittal percentage to paper, which for this reduces the amount of toner acclimated to in image reproductions hence conserving the toner and reducing recurring toner replacement costs.

Polymerized toner is also friendlier to our environment. It requires less verve in its manufacturing prepare than conventional toners that bring into play time-honoured kneading and pulverizing methods.

The amount of CO2, NOx and SOx emissions that matter wide-ranging warming and acid volley are shorten at near close to 30%.

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