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March 19, 2008

Kirstie Signs w/ Harpo

Kirstie Alley has signed a deal with Oprah Winfreys Harpo Productions to develop television projects which could include her own daily show.

Kirstie is a tremendous talent who is incredibly relatable and a true fan favorite, said Tim Bennett, president of Harpo Productions.

The actress, 57, recently stepped away from her role as an official spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, and announced plans to launch her own weigh-loss brand. Alley, who notably modeled a bikini The Oprah Winfrey Show after losing 75 lbs., said she hopes her willingness to be honest and open will come together to help her offer something totally fresh for the television audience.

Posted by Lawren at March 19, 2008 05:39 AM | Trackbacks (0)

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Russia is once again beginning to think big - and the expectation of Rusal mean that the economic recovery of the country enters a new phase. biting economic downturn 90 years, caused by the chaotic transition from communism to capitalism has ended. The gross domestic product this year will be like 1.2 trillion dollars, which is in nominal dollars in six slightly more than in 1999. only in real terms, GDP finally returned to the volumes of 1990, accurate to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The process of centralization of political authority in the hands of the Kremlin about President Vladimir Putichto bast plestzhe largely completed. Also close to completion and operation of the consolidation of resources, pushed the record rise in prices for oil. for its virtual bankruptcy in 1998, when the state was unable to pay private natural duty, Russia to this day has accumulated reserves of nearly $ 450 billion. But it did not make her rich - GDP per capita is just above 40 per cent of indicators in Portugal. but in the conditions, if the economy is the eighth year successively grows with an exponent close to 7 percent, public and private companies are beginning to think yardstick that a few years ago were unthinkable. At this summer organized by the Russian government in St. Petersburg, Russia Investment Forum has proclaimed the ambitious goal - to 2020 in the top five leading world economies. Given that last year she was in ninth place in the world, economists say, that extra time is very small, but achievable goal. At a similar event held in September in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, the chief has announced plans to invest in the course of decades of one trillion dollars rnizatsiyu fashionable and expanding the dilapidated social, industrial and transport infrastructure. It's pretty odnhotya is the largest program of this kind after the Chinese. only because the state is going to get 80 percent financing with private investors, including foreign ones, then this list can be a real Klondike for foreign construction and engineering companies. If to look deeper, it becomes clear that these two statements indicate an attempt on duty in Russia (and they are carried out from the time of Peter I) to catch up with the West. 'After a long period of insufficient investment finance Russia lags hard for any educated country in terms of infrastructure - be it roads, airports, hospitals or health services, - says head of Barclays Capital and former friend of Russia Hanvmeste Joerg Rudloff (Hans-Jorg Rudloff), - not an effective infrastructure of the country can not happen either economic or geopolitical power. " Scale of ambition and the coming difficulties help to explain why Putin last month signaled its intention to entertain first major role, although he is in compliance with the Russian constitution in the next year leaves the presidency. Parliamentary elections on December 2 and March presidential elections will be abroad for Russia's transition into this new stop their updates. yes even though civil society groups have expressed concern about the future according to fledgling Russian democracy, investors perceived as a guarantee of the stability of Putin's announcement that he will head the electoral list of the pro-Kremlin party United Russia for the parliamentary elections, and the fact that next year he may acquire the post of prime minister. But there are certain questions about the appropriateness of Putin's model of centralized control, and state capitalism to a new stage of development of investment and expansion, which is based for the dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit. shutting down of the suitability of the team, dominated by former KGB man, to lead this transition? 'The problem is that this level of undercover agents, who were lucky with the prices for oil, which has managed to master the strong. and these but most former agents are going to start such an economic transition that caused the desire to greatly strain the brain than the other - and obchelsya dozen Nobel laureates', - says another - and obchelsya Moscow-based banker. The scale of infrastructure problems alone is astounding. Despite Russia's huge for open spaces, railway machinations of the country according to the length of half the US, and freight trains crawl it consistent with the average speed of 40 kilometers per hour. Network of paved roads in the often less than in the US. Yes, only 5 percent of roads have 'good quality', which in Russia means a minimum of two traffic lanes and a decent finish. Trillion digits of public investment to remedy the situation - this is more a symbol than an exact calculation. and referred to more specific figures clearly demonstrate the scope of ambitious projects. Speaking at this year's appeal for the nation, Putin spoke about the plans for the implementation of 2020 projects for the development of electric power for $ 480 billion. The project was named 'electrification-2' - according to the analogy with Lenin's plan for electrification of the country, which was nominated in the 1920's. According to Putin, if for a place in the Soviet period the country was built 30 nuclear reactors, in the course of the next 12 years, Russia plans to establish 26. Russian society 'Railways' plans for 2030 to spend $ 400 billion for modernization and expansion of railway network. 30 billion will go to the airports. Treasury directed that bast plestlko in infrastructure. Russia has invested 5 billion dollars in the corporation "Russian Nanotechnology ', intending to move fast in the future high-tech fields. published during this year's report by the independent Russian Research Center Institute for Regional Policy states that the sum of the planned 2020 godhotya nvestitsionnyh projects in industry and infrastructure exceeds $ 400 billion, and we accept only those projects that cost more than $ 100 million. If the reason for the projects will be successfully implemented, the investment will transform the whole of Russia. Will eliminate such bottlenecks as the lack of electricity, which is already beginning to keep economic growth. Will be reduced fragmentation of the economy engendered by the Soviet plan, if consistent across Siberia to build cities, but the message between them was very weak. Analyzing the investment project, assistant scientist of the Moscow Carnegie Center, Nikolai Petrov came to the conclusion that the center of Russian investments will move to the European part of Russia to the Urals. The result could be new industrialization of Siberia and the Russian Far East. Plans for investment funds and aim for it to reduce the bondage of Russia with raw materials. for this planned expansion of capacity according to processing of raw materials and the work of new manufacturing plants. only the construction of new hospitals, schools and housing will finally be able to Russians feel that they have their share of energy resources and wealth. A while to leave aside the question of whether there lkromeie huge amounts of money, it is evident that there are enormous challenges in managing the investment program is so incredible scale. The first issue is ensuring that the money according to the projects were implemented, but have not disappeared into the pockets of officials and middlemen. Russia should consider the mistakes of other developing countries such as Mexico. Carried out there in the 90 years the list of roads with private financing worth $ 15 billion a simple mired in delays and cost overruns of money, and eventually benefit from it was minimal. Russia will carry out projects according to market principles in a very unfavorable climate. only the means which should be enough to draw lessons from the mistakes of the Soviet past, when costly projects are planned sometimes do not account real economic and environmental costs. In order to keep pace with the desired result, Russia mobilizes the forces of leading public companies in the country, nurtured by Putin. Style agree on gas monopoly Gazprom, the oil giant Rosneft, the pipeline operator Transneft, and the railroad monopoly 'Railways'. Analysts suggest that the country in these endeavors quite hard to expect a new level oligrahov, friendly configured in accordance with respect for the Kremlin, believing that they will make a special contribution. Some of these people who created the lure of the company in 90 years - such as the main shareholder of Rusal, Oleg Deripaska - are determined to prove that they are able to manufacture and build, and that bast plestlko buy cheap according to the Soviet property . Throughout the contrast with China, which in 2004-2006, funded and executed infrastructure projects for the sum of 956 billion dollars mainly due to internal sources, Russia, even with all its oil wealth, separately plans to carry out the bait will not. It is certainly art olknetsya serious problems if it starts to mobilize the 80 percent of capital, which hopes to get private investors. The tactics of strategic sectors of the return to government control may now backfire. Carla Gallo (Carlo Gallo), an analyst and expert on Russia in accordance with the firm Control Risks, which advises companies on issues of investing in Russia, says that what happened with the oil and gas project Sakhalin-2 " created a very negative precedent. Seeing as Gazprom, by force deprived of Royal Dutch Shell controlling stake in the project, worth 22 billion dollars, some partners may zaartachitsya and refuse to cooperate with government in implementing infrastructure projects. 'The question is: Is the Russian government a trustworthy partner for such long-term projects? - Says Carlo Gallo. - State-owned enterprises with the participation of private capital are based for the trust and reputation around the Russian state is not brilliant. " Replying to express such concerns, the first successor of the Russian Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said, for a conference in Sochi, which foreign investors will be offered some 'additional guarantees' that they are not safe to invest in infrastructure assets. Shutting down, the sounds of concern (even the Russian leadership) according to the fact that increasing quibbling to state 'national economic leaders' may inhibit the development of a dynamic economy. Investors say that this example is suitable for the revival of some capital-intensive industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding, nuclear power, where there are state holdings. but the gossip in the government of formirovanikromeih holdings in the production of medicines, road construction and even the fishing industry of growing concern. "The government does not even try tsya understand that but it can perform private entrepreneurs. This is for the Russian economy the way for zero development '- warned for a recent conference Putin adviser Arkady Dvorkovich. Critics have warned that government ownership, mainly in Russia, managed less efficiently than private. Transfer of age after 2004 much of the oil and gas assets to state control according to the time coincided with a sharp reduction in production growth. Rumors that the State may acquire prior to a more energy resources and assets, have forced some private businessmen to freely speak about the impending danger. for among them were the head close to the Kremlin for the oil company Surgutneftegaz head Vladimir Bogdanov, Russia's largest oil company Lukoil Alekperov. During an interview with Financial Times the other - and obchelsya with leading Russian industrialists, Vladimir Potanin, said that the involvement of the state in any sector of the economy leads inexorably to distort competition. 'It reduces the amount of private business, - said Potanin - entrepreneurial quality to be less popular. Therefore, entrepreneurs go into those sectors to which still not reached the power of the state. Accordingly, entire sectors are lost to private initiative. " Best analyst of the Russian financial group 'Uralsib Chris Weafer (Chris Weafer) says that investment expectations Russia is creating enormous opportunities for investors - but after a couple of years, they could cause political problems. In the next stage of development of Russia is quite difficult to maintain the relative agreement of the Russian political elite, which has made Putin. 'Ended with an easy walk to top of the $ 750 billion of proceeds from the sale of oil and gas that Russia has earned during the years of Putin's presidency - says Weafer. - Now is the time to spend money, and they're going to start real projects with real nymi money. if problems arise destiny, then they should hope that is for this stage. " Its material for an article prepared by Catherine Belton (Catherine Belton). _____________________________________________________________ The tycoon will not go away ("The Globe And Mail", Canada) Russia is doing well. that is, no? 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