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May 09, 2008

Montana Sues Ex-Wife

Football legend and NFL Hall-Of-Famer Joe Montana is suing his ex-wife and a Texas auction house over the sale of old college love letters.

The former 49ers and Chiefs quarterback is suing his first wife, Kim Moses, and Heritage Auction house for selling the words-of-woo and other memorabilia from his time at the University of Notre Dame. Items includes are: Joe's freshman I.D. card; a letter to Moses penned on a Ziggy card; a University of Notre Dame letter of intent and Joe and Kim's 1979 marriage certificate. The Smoking Gun has photos here.

According to, Joe is suing in excess of $75,000 -- claiming the items were obtained and sold by Moses without his consent. Montana, 51, claims that the sale of the assorted items--which were auctioned last weekend violated his copyright and privacy rights.

Moses' lawyers released this statement: "Ms. Moses is extremely disappointed by this lawsuit. The allegations in Mr. Montana's lawsuit are untrue. All of the items that are the subject of Mr. Montana's lawsuit belong to Ms. Moses, including property that she received from Mr. Montana as token of love and appreciation. The Property Settlement Agreement signed by them makes clear that the property at issue belongs to Ms. Moses."

Posted by Lawren at May 9, 2008 05:41 AM | Trackbacks (0)

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1. Using Bad Form and Technique

Far too many people use bad type and technique when strength training, and it's a common cause of injury. People perform their reps at a fast speed using much more momentum than muscle power. People heave, swing, or bounce the weight instead of lifting it.

Bad form and method often occurs when someone is utilizing a weight that's too heavy for them to lift properly. Use the weight that challenges you, but that's not so heavy that the form and technique get sloppy. Use muscle power, not momentum, to elevate the weight. Don't heave, swing, or bounce the bodyweight. Lift and lower the weight in a steady and controlled manner while concentrating on feeling the muscle that you're working (this is known as the mind-muscle connection).

only two. Not Warming Up

You need to take the time to properly warm up before strength training. Warming up will stimulate blood flow to your muscles, increase your joint flexibility and range of motion, and get you mentally prepared for the workout, all of which helps prevent injury. Warm up by doing a few minutes of light aerobic exercise and 1 or 2 light sets of each weight lifting exercise before using heavier weights.

3. Overtraining

Training many times saps your energy and reduces both your muscle's and nervous system's ability to recuperate from your strength training workouts. If you're in a depleted, weakened Stepper state through overtraining, your risk of injury increases. You also need to realize that muscles don't grow during training, they grow after training. Lifting weights causes microscopic tears in the muscles, and rest days allow the muscles to repair themselves, grow, and get more powerful.

Training too often and not giving your muscles enough time to recover from training not only increases your risk associated with injury, it also causes muscles growth and strength increases to come to a halt.

three. Not Listening to The body

When lifting weights, you need to work out with lots of intensity if you want to build muscle and improve strength. But if your exhausted and lacking energy prior to a particular weight lifting exercise, you may need to help ease up on the intensity for that particular workout, or even consider not working out at all which day. Pushing yourself too much when you're tired and lacking energy increases your own risk of injury.

5. Lack of Concentration

In case you are distracted, preoccupied or lackadaisical when weight lifting, especially when performing free weight exercises like barbell squats or even dumbbell shoulder presses, if you're inviting injury.

6. Bad Nutrition

Weight training and proper nutrition go hand in hand. Proper nutrition provides you with the energy you need for the weight training workouts. Without proper nutrition, you'll be in a depleted, weakened condition, and your risk of injury increases. Proper nutrition is not just necessary to fuel your workouts, it's also necessary to assist you recover from your workout routines.

As you can see, avoiding weight lifting injuries is not really difficult. Just follow these guidelines and your weight training workouts will be productive and injury free of charge.

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