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New DWTS Cast
Kate Plus 8 is Ixnayed
Grace Kelly Barbie
Shaq 'n Hoopz
Still Trying to Get Over Kelly Kapowski
Pay Up, Buddy
Breakin' Up
No Hard Feelings
Breakin' Up
Gaga Steals from Bette?
New Couple Alert
Can't Contain the Crazy
Denise Adopts
New Couple Alert
One More Year
Baby Alert

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Martinis, Persistence, and a Smile

New DWTS Cast
Kate Plus 8 is Ixnayed
Grace Kelly Barbie
Shaq 'n Hoopz
Still Trying to Get Over Kelly Kapowski
Pay Up, Buddy
Breakin' Up
No Hard Feelings
Breakin' Up
Gaga Steals from Bette?
New Couple Alert
Can't Contain the Crazy
Denise Adopts
New Couple Alert
One More Year
Baby Alert
Hef's Still a Bachelor
Greedy Baseball Lady
Pippa's Single
It Works
In Denial
Thank You for Being a Friend
New Couple Alert
Big Mac. Stat.
Haven't Seen Her in Ages
Le Gross
No Chenowith?
Why She Left Him
Maybe I'll Have to Start Playing
Goodbye, Meredith
Anything Goes
Lovin' Those Lakers
Royal Wedding
Enough Already
Wedding Bells
Born Half Harley?
More Sensible Shoes?
Not Preggo
Harvard Picks Grad Speaker
Mob Wives
Honoring His Friend
Wedding Bells
Why Won't She Go Away?
End of an Era?
Back on the Market
Skinny Mini
Brainy and Beautiful
Aflac Dumped Gottfried
For the 100th Time
New Chanel Ad
Go Away
One and a Half Men
Set the DVR
More Crazy Sheen
Simpson's Next Step
Celebrity Mugshot
Oscar Best and Worst Dressed
Live Bloggin' the Oscars
Kinda Random
Big Oops
The One Thing He Needs Less than Cocaine
Rosie's Back on the Market
Drew's New Man
Over in a Second
Malcolm's Meltdown
Baby Alert
Gaga's Grammy Entrance
Worst Idea Ever?
Can't Wait to See This
Birthday Wishes
One Happy Prince
Learn the Words
Wedding Bells
Really? Blake Lively?
Baby Alert
Rinna to Replace Regis?
Didn't See That One Coming
Ferrell to Replace Carell
Tyson's Tots
Oscar Nominations
Golden Globes Fashion
New Job for Katie
Kinda Weird
Baby on the Way
Angie on Heroin?
Newest Chanel Face
Breakin' Up
Because the Blazer Helped
Single White Female?
Happy #$(%# Birthday!
Good For Her
Tuesday Round-up
Third Time's a Charm?
New Couple Alert
Can You Tell?
No More Rock of Love?
Enough, Already
Kardashian Christmas Card
They'll Probably Butcher It
Hall of Fame
Person of the Year
Are They or Aren't They?
Tommy's an Animal Lover
Celine and Her Babies
Camille Who?
Birthday Girl!
Too Cute
Eva's Not the Only One
Why Didn't They Ask Me?
Some Things Never Change
Enrico Pallazzo!
Baby Benjamin
How Does He Score These Cute Gals?
The Right Outcome
The Other Woman
Sexiest Man Alive
Well Done, Casting Folks
William and Kate

The Great Gatsby Remake
Still Dunzo
Politics and Weed
Achy Breaky Heart
Most Influencial
Not So Fast...
They Can't Be This Desperate
He's Gross
Baby Alert
3rd Time's a Charm?
Packing In the Crazy
Celebrity Apprentice
Look at My Biceps!
Glee News
Heading Back to the Shore
Baby Alert
Another Reason To Hate Him
New Couple?
Chasing Elvis
No Longer on Top
Fiddy and Chelsea?
Lookin' Good
Hail to the Naked Cowboy?
Gross, Britney
Never Ceases to Amaze
Royal Scandal?
Why Should I Change My Name Because He Sucks?
New Network, New Bandleader
Hallmark and Paris Settle
Wedding Bells
LFW Mishap
Birthday Boy
Wedding Bells
Glee Season Premiere
Sorry, Maverick
Kim's Back on the Market
Not So Funny
Broadway Bound
On The Rocks?
I Hope Not
I Give It 5 Minutes
Gaga To Launch Fragrance
Baby Alert
Let's Do the Time Warp AGAIN!
So Obvious
Makin' Out
Jen's New Man
Celine Update
Get After It, Demi...
Why Watch Now?
That's What She Came Up With?
Dash on QVC
Emmy Live Blog!
Don't Mess With a Cheerio
Tax Trouble for Dundee
Little Fockers
She Breaks Her Silence
Life in the Dunzo Lane
The Exependables Win @ the Box Office
Birthday Boy
Early Emmys
This Will Be Hilarious
True Blood Mag Cover
Birthday Boy!
Health Scare
Babies on the Way
Wedding Bells
Happy Friday the 13th!
Le Blunder
Not So Shocking
She's Having Her Own Jagged Little Pill
They Clearly Love Lost
NASCAR Newborn
Brody's New 'Do
Rod's Having Another One
Bad Touch
It'll Just Get Funnier
Channeling Babs
Glee News
Another Celeb Wedding
Wedding Bells
L.Lo's Out of the Slammer
Bad Romance?
Brandon and Dylan are Back!
Guest Starring
"My House is NOT in Foreclosure"
Wyclef 4 Prez?
Quit Whining
Bet Elisabeth is Excited
Lindsay's Visitors
Another Celeb Wedding
Birthday Boy
She's Still a Mess
Love It!
Baby On The Way
A Woman's Guide to Mad Men
Today's the Day
Celebrity Rehab
Channeling Jackie
Jen's Got a New Man?
I'm Sure Sarah's Thrillled
Another Celeb Wedding
Mad Men
Much Better!
Now, That's a Change
Zip it, Judd
Emmy Noms
And, It Talks
Poor Jim
Jessica's New Squeeze
Damn, Girl
Jersey Shore 2
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Looks Just Like Her
Who Will Take His Place?
So Sad
Move Over, Angelina
Off the Market?
A Better Look
Wedding Bells
Team Debbie
Bad Form
Talking Again?
Kim's New Man
We Think You're #1, Too!
No One's Surprised
What Would We Do, Baby...Without Us?
Hide Your Children
Rehab News
Snoop Sings About Snookie
Wedding Bells
Taking a Break
New Couple?
She Must Have Liked the Playgirl Spread
Doogie's Getting Old
Sure to Win a Grammy
Katy Perry's Patriotic Dress
Will Brad Play Mark?
Tony Awards
Moving On From Gerard?
Wonder What the Nuns Thought
Will v. Uncle Jesse
Good Choice
Real Housewives of Bankrupt City
Audrina and Puck?
Covert Bangles
Maybe This One Will Last
Perfect for a 4-year old
Zach and Kelly Reunion?
Wino's Over Blake
Baby Alert
Baby Alert
She's an Odd One
Jane Lynch Got Married
Speidi's Dunzo?
More Kids for Celine
Coleman in Critical Condition
Big News
She's Broken Up a Marriage Before
Holy Sugar High, Batman
Ugly Breakup
It's Finally Here!
Bad Move
Holy Abs!
Nene Gets a New Nose
Everything's Great?
Preggers at 47
Funny and Forty
Baby Time
No Diva
As They Should
That Boy Is Mine
Wonder What Kevin Thinks
Bring Entourage Back Already!
Tragic Coincidence
Kristen Takes a Stand
Rekindling the Love
Is She as Crazy as Whitney?
Kendra Has a Sex Tape
Katie Performs for Tom
What's She Thinking?
New Couple?
Someone Should Get Fired
It Wasn't The Drugs
Totally Gross
What's That Thing Around Her Neck
Halitosis Simpson
Final Season of the Hills
For Your Little Fashionista
Channeling Jackie
Just Dating
Moving On As A Single Mom
Not Cool
Hollywood Lives On
Oh, Please
I Wonder if Bela Was There
Michaels Still in Critical Condition
Move Over Gaga
New Arrival
Lots 'o Crazy
Blind Item
Sounds Scrumptious
The Next Princess
New Role for Aiello?
Spencer Says...
Carrie and Aiden?
It Didn't Last
Say It Ain't So!
Second Time's a Charm
GLAAD Awards
Hot, Hot, Hot!
Not Jack Bauer
Does Anyone Care Anymore?
The Dunzo Chronicles
Newest Couple?
Taxpayer Dollars Hard at Work
The Real Deal
Rent News
Every Appendix Has Its Thorn
Sorry 'Bout Ya, Jayde
Breakin' Up
Shania's Back
Tiger's Nike Commercial
Hump Day Roundup
JS Mania
Mary-Kate and Creepy
I Hope It's Just For a Movie
Phone Home
Real Baby Bump of NYC
The Baby Powder Excuse
Nervous Pervous
Jesse Checks Himself In
PETA's Newest Ad
SATC Scoop
Goodbye, Hills
Dunzo Part Deux?
Wedded Bliss
You Bet I Am!
Tiger Talks
Holy Injections!
Did Jesse Cheat?
Scorcese Loves Borat?
There's More to Life Than Being Really, Really, Really Good Looking
Glee Dish
Renee Pays it Forward
Mad Men Barbies
What Would Jesse Say?
Betty White to Host SNL
RIP, Corey Haim
Birthday Boy
Love Never Dies
File This Under, "No Shit"
Best and Worst Dressed
Oscar Live Blog
Another Dude in Angie's Arsenal
Stork Arrival
Great Idea!
Flirty Flirty
Make Up Your Minds
Anger Management Needed
What Does Big Papa Think?
Get It Together, Whitney!
Simon Found Someone To Put Up With Him
Marie's Heartbreak
Told Ya!
How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?
Sad Ending
Odd Couple
Is He Cheatin'?
In The Hole!
Eau de Carrie
Don't Diss Anna
Family Bonding
Boner's MIA
Congress Couldn't Handle Kendra
Congress Couldn't Handle Johnny Cougar
Gary's Tirade
Yoko's Day!
Where's the Coke?
Crispy Rose
Checking in With Roger Ebert
Coco Keeps Him Young
Curves are Sexy
Wedding Bells
Fatty Bobilatty
LC's Making Bank
Extra Desperate
Baldwin Hospitalized
Beyonce in the Morning
Wedding Bells
He Needs to Go Away
Super Bowl!
Good For Her
I Bet There'll Be a Nip Slip
Lookin' Good Snooks!
Reese is Back on the Market
We Are the World Remake
Way To Profit Off Your Wife's Death
Goin' for #2
Up and Comers
Wonder if Bob Saget Bought It
Wedding Bells
Grammy Roundup
Jessica Lets One Rip
Manwhore Strikes Again?
Father Figure
Kinda Random
I Can See It
Ugly Betty Cancelled
Rush Rules
Angelina's Tribute to Her Mother
From AI to DWTS?
ScarJo's on Broadway
Wonder if Obama Keeps Up
Off the Wagon and in Someone's Pants
Just Get It Over With, Already
Trubs With the Law
Jersey Shore--XXX
Pay Your Bills
Going For Gold
Thanks for Telling Us What We Already Knew
Gettin' Hitched
Role Model
He Didn't Get The Memo
Globes Fashion
Not-at-All Precious
Golden Globes Live Blog
Rue Had a Stroke
I'll Be Buying This
I Guess These Cops Don't Watch the Show
Get Better, Michael
Tiger News
Surgically Enhanced
Love Me Some Sue Sylvester
Simon's Movin' On
What a Brave Woman
Jon Likes 'Em Young
NBC Should Stick With Conan
Buble's Engaged
Eat Something, Rachel
Are They Finally Over?
Odd Couple
In Trubs
Watson Fronts for Burberry
Casey Johnson Dead
A Change at CBS News
Wedded Bliss
I'm Important
Baby Vida
Glee Hits Rome
In With Mom
Jon's Apartment Got Vandalized
Brats Probably Deserved It
Ashley Dupre's Cashing In
Damn, Girl!
Heading To Rehab
Get Lost, Jayde
Gettin' Married
Blame the Recession
Tila the Surrogate?
I Saw Octomom Kissing Santa Claus
Makeup Snafu
Diddy's Bad Day
Person of the Year
The Globes
Crockett's Birthday
Beaner Wants to Live With Grams
Inked Love
AFI's Best List
Gettin' Hitched?
Moving On
See Ya, Linda
The Drama Continues
Tiger's Back 9
Sure to Win a Grammy
The Tiger Slow Jam
Hands Off the Cash
The Right Move
Wonder What Alex Would Say
All That Jazz
Posen Designs for Target
Serena's Penalty
Movin' In
She's Taking His Name
Throwin' on My Louboutins
A World Without Oprah?
Dawson's Dunzo
Get Over Yourself, Buddy
Didn't Think They'd Last This Long
Terrible Choice
Remote Control Host Found Dead
Whitney Will Perform
Attack of the Flowbee
Nice Try
Looks Like an Agassi Wig
Chimp Attack
Get a Clue, Jessica
Kareem Has Cancer
He'll Go Tony On You
Luke Warm?
Broadway Bound
Once a Cheater
The Bitch Is Back
The Big 4-0
Sucking Face?
A Much Better Look
Ice Queen Turns 60
It's the Advisor's Fault
Holy Costume
Vote for Pedro (and the G2)
Chelsea Handler Does Playboy
Crazy Does Crazy
He's Shaving
I Used Crystal Meth
When Is This Guy Going To Go Away?
Gettin' Hitched
Super Fast Slimdown
Get Well Soon
Oh, Thank God
Watch Your Back (And the Skies), Reggie
Wino's Gals
Not With Jesus
Because We Need More Hoff
Paris Went All Out
The Big 3-0
She Didn't Learn the First Time
Limp Marriage
Can't Wait!
Arm Candy
Almost Famous
Go Away, LeAnn
Got Hitched
Seal and Heidi Have Another One
Poor Khloe
Ay, Caramba!
Oh, Boy
Good Sports
Best Wishes
"It's a 'Versayce'"
What Took You So Long?
Hotness Engagement
I'm Just Sayin'
Letterman Scandal
Drama's Drama
Make Up Your Minds
THE Question
Separated at Birth?
I Hate Those Kinds of People
Tuesday Tidbits
All For TV
ABBA Better Get It
It's the Pitts
Ummm, WHAT?
Baby Girl
Train Wreck
Wouldn't Bet the House On It
Emmy Awards
What Would Jesse Say?
Not Surprising
So Much Better
New Vogue
My Patrick Swayze Faves
Rob That Cradle
What a Jerk
I Love Kathy
One Weird Dude
Paula Who?
I Wonder What Tommy Thinks
Mo'Nique an Oscar Contender?
Upset City
Keep It Together, Girl
Whatcha Got In There?
Move Over, Vicky
Go Whitney!
One of the Great Character Actresses
More Beautiful Babies?
Sad Stuff
The Homewrecker's Free
Good Deed
Still Hanging On
Secretly Engaged?
The End of Reading Rainbow
The Williams Sisters Join the Dolphins
Lookin' Good
Happy Birthday!
An Eternity With Norma Jean
I Said No, No, No
Get the Hint, Doug
The Bitch is Back!
The End
Hayden's New Man
Babs On Sale
Lady Gaga Shows Off Her Goodies at Heathrow
Reality Show Mess
Welcome Back, Whitney!
I Miss the Mullet Days
You Go Rene!
Dumb and Dumber
Still Lookin' Hot
Another Day...Another Sex Tape
I Can Relate
Wedding Bells
A Stunt For the Media, I'm Sure
Poor Elizabeth
Mad Birthday
A Preggo Kardashian
J.Hud Has a Baby!
Her Hairstylist Should Be Shot
Cook Roasts Hudge
Love It Or Hate It?
Baby #3
Bethenny's Bun?
John Hughes
That'll Be One Hot Baby
Sharon Shows Off the Girls
Stylish Little One
What Will We Do Without the Tears?
Real or Hype?
Even In The Water
His Ego Knows No Bounds
Wedding Bells
When Will He Go Away?
Diva Much?
Romo's Romancin'
Kid #4
Shadow of His Former Self
Officially Over
Conceited much?
And the Bidding Will Start At...
Sounds Desperate
Still Close
This'll Be a Train Wreck
The Big 4-0
Holmes on SYTYCD
Twins for Federer
RRHoF Celebrates 25 Years
Slim Pickins
What Is "A Well-Preserved Game Show Host?"
Mayor Naked Cowboy?
A Great Influence for the Plus 8
What Would We Do Without Her Tears?
Happy Birthday!
Powerhouse Couple
Munchies, Much?
Reading Rainbow Guy Wrecked
'Bout To Burst
Still a Hottie
Stay Classy, Jon
And, He Gets to Go Home to Scarlett
A Close Bunch?
Avril Branches Out
From Champion to Meth-head
They'll Be Back!
Oh, Janet
She's So Techno-Savvy
Gettin' Hitched
Is Brooklyn the New Manhattan?
The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Happy Birthday!
Clean it Up, Howard!
Dolla Dolla Bills
I'm Back!
Wonder What Lori Singer Thinks
Expanding the Family
Morgan Freeman is the Next Woody Allen?
So Many Similarities
When Bad Style Happens to Good People
The Tony Awards
Miley's New Gig
Child #4 for Armstrong
She Needs a Break
Coming Out?
Adding One More?
Mommy Dearest
Slumdog News
Nice Eyeliner
Simpson To Do a Reality Show
All Kinds of Wrong
Tyson's Daughter Dies
Mel's Gonna Be an Octo-Dad
Harris is Broadway Bound
Angie and Brad in Cannes
This'll Be Interesting
Madonna Who?
No Wonder His Wife Filed For Divorce
Who Would You Choose?
Cynthia Nixon Engaged
Penn and Portman
Not So Dunzo
Give That Woman a Medal--Or a Meal
Jon and Kate Plus Infidelity
The Benefits of Youtube
Too Bad It Wasn't in "Trapped in the Closet"
Simon Intervention Needed
I Love Cher
Farrow Ends Hunger Strike
Nice Cornrows
Get Better, Daisy
Liam Speaks
Rob That Cradle!
Basic Thinstinct
Kiefer's a Drunken Idiot Again
JS Does VF
Jennifer Keaton's All Grown Up!
Swine Flu Chic
Another Talk Show
.39? Wow.
I'm Sure Biden Has Several
Kelis Files For Divorce
Coming Out
This Oughta Be Good
Really Over?
SJP's "Having" Twins!
Mel and His GF
Shirley's Busting Out All Over
Mary-Kate Emulates Ozzy
Good To Know
RIP Bea Arthur
J.Hud's Gonna Be a Mommy
Get Your Kleenex
Angie to Play Kay
Speidi Union--Part Deux
LC Launches Kohl's Clothing Line
Monday Tidbits
Another Bun in the Klum-Seal Oven
Roddick Wedding
I Dreamed a Dream
100 Movies
Madge's Pad
Here Comes the Cash
Game, Set, Match
Scott Peterson Update
Baby Time
Where's My Little Friend?
For the Love of All Things Holy
L.Lo Speaks Out
Sam Ro and L.Lo Split
Bachelorette Baby #2
Fawcett Hospitalized
Project Runway News
Can't Live With Him; Can't Live Without Him
Broadway Baby!
Extending Her 5-Minutes
In The Navy
Stop Feeding the Beast, Malawi
Moving On?
Get the Hint, Robin
Industry News
Monday Tidbits
Move Over Patron
Put a Ring On It
RIP Natasha Richardson
Another One?
St. Patty's Day Tidbits
Look Out, Daniel Craig
No Nude--For Now
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Brit and the VMAs Shall Meet Again
Poor Mackenzie
A Playmate Had Sex With Him?
Sure To Cause Nightmares
Smell Like Aguilera
#2 For Woods
Self-Important, Much?
That's Dedication
Celebrity Baby Sightings
Enough Phelps, Already!
Thanks For Sharing
Phelps to Host SNL
Caption This!
Wise One
No Talent Ass-Clown
Is It In the Water?
Let's Get Physical
Beckhams Crash
Cher As Catwoman?
She's Reaching For Work
Wedding Album
Applegate Is Cancer Free
Hefty Divorce Settlement
Wacko Jacko
Wedding Bells For Ellen
Dallas Reunion
Single Again
Holy Fox Trot, Batman!
Jay-Z Increases Empire
Trubs in Paradise?
Take That, Peyton
Tom Gets Replaced
Jen's Not Laughing
The Boss Bowl
He's No Goose
Jewel Got Hitched
Future Energy Strategist?
Lisa-Marie To Have Twins
Say It On a T-shirt
Applegate Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
Knox and Vivienne
What a Bummer
Bond Theme
Kanye TV?
Ridin' On
Quayle on DWTS?
Who is the Poser?
Caption This!
Wino Hospitalized
Godfather Bono
The Last Lecturer Dies
Whatever Floats Your Boat
No Surprise Here
Top Gun 2?
Mamma Mia
Baby Nahla
Good Lord
Brady Not Pleased
Another One On the Way
Emmy Noms
SJP Removed Her Mole?
Bret and Ambre Split Up
Wicked News!
Jib Jab
Baby Watch
It's Chilly
Another Trainwreck I'll Watch
Khloe Kardashian Sentenced to Jail
How Much?
Hef's Fourth
Drunk Much?
Tony Serenades Jess
Dumb Name
No Chance of ABBA Reunion
Still a Renegade
Snoop Goes Bollywood
Breaking News
Busty Heart
He's Out!
Watts Pregs Again
I Like It
Bangelina Babies
Madge and A-Rod?
Legendary Wedding
Is He That Cool?
Jakey Poo Moves In
Mayer At Least Called
Lindsay: A New Woman?
Crue Is Back!
Back To Her Diva Antics
Piecing Together History
Winehouse Has Emphysema
George Carlin Dies
Where Will Mario Sleep?
May Have to Download This One
At It Again
Derek Does Brit Brit
Jess Says...
Wino Fainted
Tony Awards
Is She in the Dogghouse?
Lucky Guy
So Wrong
Celebrity Rehab 2
Mario Feels at Home
Another Project for Simpson
Tori's Tot
Smart Move?
Survey Says?
Who Knew?
Who Would Have Thought?
Bill and Gina?
A Little Scare
Maybe She Snorted Them
And We Lose Another Legend
Another Talented Loss
Hell Yeah!
No Shock There
Back Together
It Won't Stop
Donna Martin Graduates!
Representin' Himself
The Decapitator Strikes SATC Ads!
Kinda Creepy
Indy 500
Breaking News
That Don't Impress Me Much
Broadway Bound
Ashlee Ties the Knot
Romo Romance Over?
The Bushes Partied
Next Up, After Susan Lucci Fashions...
Splashin' Around
Kelly Taylor's Back!
Fergie Takes a Tumble
Montana Sues Ex-Wife
Still a Bachelor
Wino's Arrested
It Happens to Everyone
I'm Just Sayin'
RIP Eight Belles
Baby Got Back
Oh, Jess
Mariah Engaged to Nick Cannon?
Poor Paula
Cher and Tom?
SATC Movie Theme Song
Dinner Conversation
You Go, Quincy!
Ice-T To Produce Documentary
Sure To Be Entertaining
Wesley's Heading to Jail
Breaking News
A-Rod Spawns Again
For the Love of No
I Ain't Sayin' She's a Gold Digger
The Prez on Deal or No Deal
Paris Forgiven?
Big Year for Eli
Easy on the Self-Tanner
Mary Kate Fugs Again
Just Shut Up
You're the One That I Want
Hide Your Children
Shotgun Wedding for Simpson?
It's Hers
Rock of Love 2
Baby Brigade!
Police on the Scene--You Know What I Mean
Blast From the Past
No, Natalie, No!
Ashlee's Gettin' Hitched!
The Secret About Men
Don't Do It, Meryl
Braxton Hospitalized
Whitley Files for Divorce
Nicky's New BFF
ScarJo's Album
Game, Set, Match
Quote of the Week
Let's Hope Not
Six Degrees of Candidates
No More
Cut It!
Removing Charlie
The Twins!
If It Makes You Happy
Whatever Happened To...
Kirstie Signs w/ Harpo
Get A Haircut
Lipstick Love
Berry Baby!
Cheesecake Factory
Greasy Thief?
Don't Say Her Name 3 Times
Brooke Fights Back
Trouble in Paradise?
Brit's Heading Back to TV
Initial Bling
Kimora Is Pregnant?
Adding to the Family
Roughing It
Oh, Miranda
So Sad
Why Can't I Think Of Something Like That?
One Inch Rule
Keep The Lights On
Dannielyn Could Inherit Millions
Tony Blair
The Names!
The Next Elle
More Chins Than Chinatown
Smell Like Halle
Lindsay Doin' Playboy?
Tom To Model Undies?
When Your Dad Does Your Friend
The Hills Are Alive!
Nice Try
Good for Her
Diva Britt
Take That, Stuart!
Baby Bump
J.Lo Has Twins!
More Frenchie
Paula's New Video
Ok, Mom
Love Me Some Tim
Another One Bites the Dust
Dancing Lineup Announced
The Lost Beatle
On the Prowl
At Least She Was Sober
Get a Grip, People
No, Thanks
Where's Skippy?
Knocked Up?
Best in Show
Lyrical Switch
She Said
DD Dilemma
The Clinton Library
Barkley the Politico?
Wino Does Bond?
Sole Men
Double Trouble
Make Her Go Away
Pay Up!
Super Bowl
New Bachelorette
Perms Suck
Psychiatric Lockdown #2
Hawke To Be a Dad--Again
Classy Guy
Romo Serenades Jess
Lindsay Parties On
What a Wimp
Another One
Hangin' Tough
Heath Mystery
Pregnancy News
Shrek Is Coming to Broadway
Perez Wins!
Lookin' Good!
The Fotog Breaks His Silence
Breaking News
The Big Noms
Probably a Fake-Out
Call Dr. Drew
So Sad
Ari's Crush
Wonder What Happened
More Hollywood Babies
One Way Or Another
Wedding Bells?
Happy Birthday, Smurfs!
Golden Globes
Kim Kardashian and Some Dudes
Celeb Fit Club Love
Yeah, Because She Should Procreate More
Blackwell's Back, Alright!
Good for Her
Nicole's Pregs
Movie Reviews
Shaq's on the Prowl
Psycho Lacey Will Be Back!
Jay's Movin' On
Amy Fisher's Back!
New Face of Lancome
Next In Line
Keeping Up with Reggie Bush?
Just Wed
Hoping They Are Just Hugging it Out
Ho, Ho, Ho!
Colbert Celeb of the Year?
Vinnefer or Jasefer?
T.O. says, "Stay Away!"
Samantha Wouldn't Have Done This
Family Values
Too Many Ex-es
She Definitely Has a Heart
Good for Her
She's a Joke
Celine's Out
Travolta's Out
Sneak Peak of "Piece of Me"
Hope It's Not True
Rollin' On the River
Knocked Up
This Is Jeopardy!
Separated at Birth?
Eva's a Backstabber?
Trollsen Twins
Yeah, I'll Probably Watch
Brit's a Klepto
Friendships Never Go Out of Style
Hell Hath No Fury...
Jack Bauer Goes to Jail
Brit's On Top Again
Sounds About Right
Good Deed
Scent of a Lawsuit
Can't Teach a Dog New Tricks
Blind Item
Happy Birthday, Brit!
Mommy Aguilera
Could It Be?
Katie's New 'Do
I'm Back!
60 Years of Dior
How Hannibal Lecter
Say It Ain't So
Hogan Knew Nothing
Gobble Til You Waddle
So Good! So Good! So Good!
Good Christ
Hoffed Off
Mary-Kate's Infected
Casting News
Poor Kanye
Eva Does What She Wants
'Bout Time
Liar, Liar Pants On Fire
No, It's Not Carrie's
Look at My Striped Shirt!
Top TV Icons
Dropping the V-Card
Be a Santa to a Senior
Don't Quit Your Day Job
Quirkiest, Maybe
Cry Me a River, Heather
Kate Gets Around
Am I the Only One?
Glad You Cleared That Up
Nice Pants!
Buy Lindsay's Car!
A-Rod Movin' In to Shaq's Digs?
Will Work For Food?
Katie Runs
Paris Goes Postal
Some Slash News
The Details
"Like a Prayer" Rehashed?
You Wish It Was a Halloween Costume
Just In Time For Halloween!
Breakfast Treat
Owen Talks On Myspace
Porn's Red Hot; Rock Is Not
More of the Lohans?
Happy Anniversary!
The New Face of Chanel
100 Years of NM
They Are So Lame
Pucker Up, Buttercup
More Kid Antics
Laying the Foundation for "Showgirls"
Nice Hair
My Own Personal Hell
I'm Sure She's Not With Him For the Money
What The?
My Day...Not Al's Day
Bobby Brown Thursday!
Breaking News
Tuesday Quickies
Xtina's Baby Bump
Poor, Troubled Bonaduce
What Time Is It, OJ?
Mommie Dearest
Pull Her Finger
Sex Is Back!
Hotels and Hotties
Hypocrite, Much?
Monumental Dumpage
The Emmys
This Makes Me Angry
Why No Ellen?
Shut Up, Kanye
Brace Yourselves
Spidey Weds and Halle's Pregs
Pitt is Ready For More Babies; Not Ready For Crazy Fans
Brit's New Song!
Thursday Gossip Bites
Kind of a Slow News Day
Everywhere Such As
Get Well Owen and Nick!
Less Time Than Most Men Spend in the Bathroom Daily
Papa Brady Gets Him a Future QB
Three Cheers for Barnes and Noble
Does Anyone Even Watch This Show?
I'm Tired and I Need My Coffee...STAT!
George and Laura are Getting a Son-In-Law
Blood Rain Is Romantic, FYI
Caption This!
Gotz Me a New Rizzide
Where Did This Week Go?
Someone Take This Humidity Away!
The Dog Stole My Homework
I Know You Thought I'd Skipped the Country, But...
My Adventure in L.A.--And, I Didn't Get a DUI!
Hot Town, Summer in the City
Gettin' Knocked Up, Splittin' Up, and Gettin' Fed Up
Wine Recommendation
Dirty Laundry
Flirt Free and Party Hard
Happy Wednesday!
Perez Pulled
A Whole Lotta Paris
Wedding Fever
Like, Here Are Some Tidbits for, Like, Thursday, Y'all
RIP Mr. Wizard
We'll Miss You, Tony!
Breaking News
Breakup City
From the Penthouse to the Big House
Get Pumped for More KFed!
The Lohan Trainwreck Continues
Enjoy the Long Weekend!
Check Out Paula's Broken Nose This Week on Idol!
Watch out For the Pot Brownies
Wednesday Tidbits
I Suck
Save Paris!
The Facts of Life Are All About You
Grab Your Hats and a Mint Julep!
Don't Catch What Kiki Has
Been Kind of Slow in the World of Celebrity Gossip Lately
God Help Us If a Britjaya Duet Emerges
"It's Endtime for Hitler...and Germany"
Rosie's Girdle and Jessica's Mom Jeans
Surprise--An Actual Post!
Wadin' In the Swampland
Hell to the No!
Maybe I'll Name My Future Kid ABBA
Fergie, Fasters, and Fur-Haters, Oh My!
Trump's "Do" Is Still In-Tact
Have a Great Weekend! But, Don't Pee Your Pants
Wax On, Wax Off
Who's the Bigger Ass: The Piv or the Penn? You Decide
The Manning Boys Make Headlines
I Want Spring
Reunited and It Feels So Good
Does Everyone Have Their Brackets Finished?
Ridin' on the Hip-Hop Peace Train
Now O.J. Thinks He's the Babydaddy?
Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
People of the World...Spice up Your Life!
Anyone's Better Than Mike Tyson
So, Does That Mean Kendra and Bridget Will Have to Move Out?
The Oscars
Promises, Promises
The Hollywood Trifecta: Lawsuits, Babies, and Rehab
Brady Babymama Drama
What The Hell Is Wrong With Her?
It's Too Freaking Cold To Think of a Clever Title
Happy Valentine's Day!
Gettin' Your Tax On
Goodbye Norma Jean...I mean, Vicky Lynn
Pink Faux Fur and Scooters: Why Hollywood is Reverting Back to Seventh Grade
Super Bowl Weekend Is Upon Us
All You Need is Love, err, I Mean, Sex and McDonald's
It's a Sunshine Day
Where are Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy When You Need Them?
Smackin' That At Sundance
Oscars and Razzies and Sundance, Oh My!
Have a Nice Flight Back, Tom
The New K-Fed? I Can't Stand the Old One...
Headin' To the Big Easy (And I'm Not Talking About Getting In Britney's Pants)
If You Receive a Box From Sharon Osbourne...
New at Starbucks: Metholatte
Passing Gas and Passing on "The Apprentice"
I'd Like to Pluto the word "Plutoed"
Pageants, Paintings, and Pathetic Resolutions
I Hope Indy Doesn't Break a Hip
It's Electric
Merry, Merry
What's the Buzz?
Don't Sue Me!
Simply Havin'...A Wonderful Christmas Time
Paris and Brit Break Up
Nicole's DUI? LOL! Brit's New Man? TOMG!
Your Dose of Celebrity Truthiness for Monday
You Say Charles, I Say Gnarls...
My Christmas Present Came Early: Trapped in the Closet Returns!
Stay Warm!
Jojo's Eating Cookies, Ruben's Eating Veggies
Let's Eat!
Celebrity Turkeys
Cruiseazy Weds!
Who Needs Luke and Laura When We Have Brit and K-Fed?
I Wnt 2 Dvrce U
We All Saw It Coming...
I Keep Thinking That Mario Lopez Couldn't Stoop Any Lower...And Then He Does
Tonight on the Food Network: How to Make "Meatlovers" Pizzas and Divorce Cakes
Donna Martin Graduates!
Cornippe and Tophka?
Rockin', Trespassin', and Suckin'
Have a Good Weekend! (And Watch Out for Naomi!)
You Say Hasselbeck, I Say Hassenbeck
Where For Art Thou, KFed?
Orange Juice, Bud Select, and Milk
It's a Twinkie-less World After All
Getting Dumped, Getting Slammed, and Getting Served
Someone Has A Case of the Mondays
Hopefully No One Bought Me Screeched For My Birthday
Your Dose of Friends, Fugly, and Fat
Which Two Stories Have a Husband-Wife Link?
Eat My Shorts
Andy Needs to Keep His Roddick In His Pants
Tuesday Tidbits
Happy October!
Is It Me, Or Is This Week Dragging On Forever?
I Sure Hope the Kid Gets Howard's Brains
Tuesday's Tidbits
Oprah in '08?
Happy Friday, Everyone!
Not The Kind James Blunt Sings About

Flippin' Sweet
Hell To The No!
KFed Welcomes Child #4
5 Years Ago
She Just Wanted To Go To In-n-Out
Paris Gets Nailed (By the Cops)
Suri Emerges!
Do I Really Have To Go To Work Today?
Can't Get Enough Piv
Monday, Monday
Friday Bits
Wednesday Night Is The New Thursday Night
Fair and Balanced News
Monday Mumbles
Hump Day News
Tuesday's News
Hil Is Busting Out All Over
Paris Gets Bitten
Brangelina Brawl?
SPF Worst Dressed
Peet Pregnant?
Screech Gets In Fight With Woman
Hatch Not Liking Prison
Emeril Cooks For Astronauts
Vaughniston Engaged?
The Owner of "Sexy"
Creepy Joe
Past Flames
Williams In Rehab
Dolls Fined
Miller Joins Fox
Laguna Breakups
The Battle Wages On
Suri In VF?
Baldwin Lands Sopranos Role
Life Imitating Art?
Next Batch of Dancing "Stars"
Swanson and Eisler Expecting
Scandal Tones
Shirt Says It All
Straight To DVD
When You Gotta Go...
Kevin Arnold Is a Dad
Kiss Fans Protest
First Kazaa, Now LimeWire
What Will Happen To the Rocky Statute?
Aim High
Carmen Is the New Anna Nicole
Lisa Turtle Settles
Beaner Wears Curt's PJ's
Who Is She Kidding?
Brit And Sheen--Business Partners?
Will Caught In Crossfire
Blogging All The Way To Jail
To Believe, Or Not To Believe?
Call Forbes!
Someone Tell Him He's Got No Talent
Luda Gets a Haircut
J.Lo Is Out of Dallas
Enough Already!
Ethical Line of Hair Products
Babs' Plastic Surgery?
Daisy Speaks
How Fun Would This Be?
A Piece of Paris
"Let Him Fly"
Yes or No?
Naveen The Cheater?
Secret Tomcat Wedding In The Works?
Sticking Up For His Girl
Queer Eye Canceled
Another List
Men of Mortuaries Calendar
Happy Birthday, MTV
Drama Was A Bulimic Pedophile?
MySpace or Facebook?
Hurley To Wed
Perfect Pair
Hot For The Hoff
Paris And Stavros Back Together?
Trouble In Paradise?
New VF Cover
Cruise's High Crotch Move
Mel Heads To Rehab
Fantasia Movie False?
Brad's Grams Talks
MTV Video Music Awards Noms
Bach Takes Over
Boy George To Pick Up Trash
Pam And Kid Done Got Hitched
Mel Gets Sauced
So Classy
Lookalike Poses for Playboy
Brandon Davis In Rehab?
L.Lo's Behavior
Where Will Kathy's Show Go?
Babs Goes Frump
Whoa, Simon!
Screech Talks About Sex
Naked Potter?
Red Carpet Icon?
Hilton-Richie To Make Up?
Girls, Bus Gone Wild
Fired Pool Boy Speaks Out
Relative Unknown To Do Bond Theme
Slap In The Face
Dehydrated Because She's Always Drunk
Pam's Several Weddings
How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?
Best TV Intros
Casting News
Poor Eddie
The Singing Office
Another Endorsement For Scarlett
They Finally Sold Out
It's Official
Jen Dumped Vince?
OCD, Much?
I Want It
Nip/Tuck Update
Mo'Nique Thrown Off Plane
Hurley Does Jordache
Gift Horse, Meet Ken Jennings
REM's New Album
Electra and Foxx?
Farrell Stalker Approaches Him
Getting Beamed Up
Single Doll
Jake To Play Lance?
Celebrity Justice
Hoff: The Musical?
Gillian's Pregnant
Hatch Goes To Jail
My Fair Brady
What A Nice Guy
SNL Losing Some Stars
Posh To Have a Fourth?
Alicia To Bare All?
Doherty Back To Rehab
Some Serious Tequila
Bad Boobs
Shopped Til She Dropped
I Bet Petra's Pissed
Celeb Baby Sweaters
I Didn't Know They Were Dating
Was Haley Drunk?
Clooney & Soderbergh Breakup
She's Nuts
Casting News
Good Deed
Eye of the Moron
No Hoosier Love
Navarro Opens Up About Split
Spederline Vow Renewal?
Celebrity Justice
Mom Says "No"
Tori's Movin' to NYC
Dan Baldwin Crashes
Snakes on a Plane
Totally Boyband
Housebitches Snubbing Awards?
Star's Marriage In Trouble?
Lance's New Man?
What A Loser
Back Together?
Good God
Culkin Escapes Israel
Separated at Birth?
You're No Diana
Wedding Bells For Pammy
Jack or Robin?
Another Freakin' Remake
Pfeiffer To Do Hairspray
Rescue Workers Get First Viewing
More Friends For You!
They're Killing Me!!!
Diddy's Bash
A Day In The Life...
House of Carters
Rent-A-K. Fed
Casting News
Quit Whining, Ben
Don't F--- With This Movie
Bad Casting
No More Foie Gras In Chicago
What Happened To Brenda?
K. Fed and Shar To Duet?
Kathy Ticks Off Some of Her Gays
Give Me A Break
Kirsten's New Man
When Law and Hollywood Collide
Once a Loser...
Cash Is Cashin' In
Lohan Likes Laps
Paula's a Biter
Proof Positive
Felicity's Next Gig
She's a Maneater
Chan's Drunk Antics
She Dreams About Pitt
Wedding Bells
Shiloh To Meet Gramps?
Fly Guy
Another Proactiv Fan
Tucker Max
Maybe This Time?
Dylan Musical A Go
Chris Inks Record Deal
What I Want For My Birthday
K Fed Thinks He Punk'd Us
Only Pot For Piven
She Pulled A Fast One
Gwen's Stylish Carrier
Rocky Trailer
Dee Goes Nude
Good Deed
Still Posing @ 71
Who Knew?
L. Lo and the Pink Taco Guy
Sparks Will Fly
I'm the Hoff!!!
Downey To Write Memoir
Nicky O
Coke Pays
Em's Tribute To Proof
You Remind Me Of The Man
Russell Has Another
Power Player
Spelling Home For Sale
More Chaos
Why Kathy Filed For Divorce
Woody and His Temper
Kidman Wedding Auction
What They're Singing About
Power Playdate
Mommie Dearest
Call Her "Rose"
Vaughniston Wedding Plans?
On Again?
Brigitte To Marry Mattia
Ashley Entered Rehab
Ashlee's The New Body of VS
Chad Had a Substance Abuse Problem
Oliver Says...
L. Lo Turns 20
New Laguna Season
Metallica To Meet Bart and the Gang
Mom and Daughter Bitchfight
90210's 10-Year Reunion
A Different LA
Star 2.0
Who Knew She Was A Poet?
Turn Off Your Phone!
Hanks Gets Interesting Honor
Not Surprising
Luke and Laura Return
Jess Has A New Man?
Denise Moving Out of Neighborhood
Josh Who?
What A Transformation
Singing About Her Abuse
Roddick Says...
Tom Takes High Road
Odd Couple
Jeff Gordon Engaged
Time Grows On
Hootie Helps
Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire
Ashlee Says "No"
Cassidy Steals Role
Miranda Loves Being Gay
It Ain't Bad To Get Mad
Playboy Buys Club Jenna
Gwyn's New Album
Mini Posh
Star Fired
Jacko To Move To Europe
Brangelina Baby Pics Stolen
Nicole Looks Fugly
She Hits Everyone
Axl's Hungry
Gwen's Day Out
Madonna Says "No" To Air Conditioning
What A Crock
RIP, Eddie
Stone Adopts Third Child
Wedding Bells
Kevin Leaves BSB
Quote of the Week
Mile-High Tat
Kidman Weds Urban
Take Me Seriously, World!
Em's Down Time
Marcia Cross Weds
Does This End The Feud?
McShane Not Happy
Breaking News
Nicole Has Urban Sign Prenup
To Dye For
K Fed's Important Cause
Jess Feels Betrayed
What A Trip This Book Will Be
Seal Has To Pay
Homey's Back!
The Game's Engaged
Hulk Sells Home
Gucci Movie
Hoffman To Be A Dad Again
Ryan Says...
Reese Sues
Confirmed Celebs Only
God, No
Kate and Kelly
Paris Ready To Puck?
McPhee's Battle
Get Well, Aaron
Movies On Your iPod?
Another One For Klum and Seal
The Feud Bubbles On
The Power of Blunt
He Gets An "F"
Blaine's Next Stunt
Call Her Tink
Wouldn't That Be Cool?
Nic Light
L. Lo v. P. Diddy
MySpace Sued
Tori's A Bitch
Odd Couple
JT's Back!
Pregs or Chubs?
She Just Might Live
Meeting The Family
Beckhams Renew Vows
Macho, Macho Man
Wish I Could Have Been There
Save Screech
Rollin' With Saget
Tapping In To Ken Lay
Odd Union
Moving On From Nicole?
Arrest Warrant Out For Boy
Vaughn's Mom Conned
Jacob Arrested
Schwimmer Wins Lawsuit
Heigl Engaged
Vaughniston Engaged?
No More Cristal @ 40/40
K Fed Has A Job
Cammie's New Schnozz
Affleck, P.I.?
The Celebrity 100
Madonna's New Pal
Up Next For Spielberg
Reynolds Museum To Close
Most Inspiring
Reese Expecting #3?
On Again?
Renee Pleads With Nicole
Shiloh T-Shirt Craze
Casting News
Get Well Soon
Mel's Had It With Spears
Good For Lohan
Who Knew?
Blowin' in the Wind
Call AA
Pink Draws A Line
Haylie's Hairspray
Abrams Gets New Job
Em's Next Role
Nick and Jess Move On
Get Her Some Prozac
Back Together?
Colin and Lake?
Denise Says...
Orlando The Vampire?
Luda Narrates Documentary
Survey Says!
Goin' To Jail
Matt Damon's A Dad
Richbora Engagement?
Unidentified Male Companion
5 Year Reunion
Is Baldwin Crazy?
Role of a Lifetime
Tony Awards
Hugh Grant Engaged?
Another One?
Can't We All Just Get Along?
A Little Copyright Law For You
L. Lo Is A Ho
Babs Is Back
Bargaining For Dollars
Ozzy Has No More Drive
I'll Take Park Place
Bynes Does Hairspray
Faux Buffett
Things That Make You Go Hmm
Marc Loves Lola
This Is What Happens When You Don't Eat
Margene Cheats On Bill
Coors' New Marketing Initiative
Alba Gets Sloppy Seconds
Life Imitating Art?
What Would Danny Think?
Clooney and Pitt's Project Is a Bust
Janice Tells All
Brit To Design Baby Clothes
Calvin Is Technosexual
Pee Wee's Back!
Jen Weeps
Harvey's Crazy
Meat Sues
Has Brit Called In The Dogs?
Teri Says...
Scientology and NASCAR?
Zombie To Do 9th Halloween
Stoners, Unite
Same Old Johnny Mac
People Wins Pics
Woody's Goddess Trilogy
Night Wedding
Did He Fake His Death?
Brit Has A Dented Son
Chris Says, "Thanks, But No Thanks"
Shannen Is Pissed
Jess Under Too Much Stress?
Vito Gets Sued
MTV Movie Awards
Good News For Jess
Tom Green's Back
Rocky Is 60
Surreal Life 8
Last Episode Until January
Master of Her Domain
Lindsay's Spending Problem
Say It Isn't So...
Tsk, Tsk
Cox Is Coming Back To TV
Luck Be Swayze, Tonight?
Weisz Has Baby
Luda and Kanye Win
It's Amazing What a Shower Will Do
Don't Mess With Lisa Turtle
Who Knew?
Get Away From Us!
A New Spin On An Old Favorite
Is Fey Done With SNL?
Madonna's New Gig
I'm Skeptical
Fake Monroe Exhibit?
Kind of Sad
Celebrity Sightings
See Ya, Matt!
Julia Does Avon
Where Was Whitney?
Sofia's Pregs
Courtney's New Book
Family Affair
Crowe's Mouth Gets Him Booted
Van Halen To Reunite?
It's Only A Matter of Time...
Surreal Wedding?
It Ain't Easy Bein' Short
Good Deed
Ice Cube Says...
U.S. Marshal Shaq
Weekend Leftovers
Breaking News
Nick's New Lady
Make Her Go Away
Go David Silver
The Hulk At The Home Depot
Too Funny
C.C. Says...
Gisele's Demand
Together Again?
The Way Mormons Do Myspace
Meadow's New Pad
Fashion Whore
It's Not You, It's Me
Brit Vents Via "Poetry"
Time To Go Home
Kristin Has Sticky Fingers?
Trouble In Paradise?
Just Wave
Spacey Says Stage Is His Passion
Wilmer Says...
Casting News
Wolfman Ashton
Johnny Cakes
Bluebell Halliwell?
Williams' Dad Evaded Taxes?
You Take The Good, You Take The Bad
God, No
Blah, Blah, Blah
The Secret Behind Hanks' Hair
Rebecca Says...
Dr. 90210 To The Rescue
Casting News
Bottoms Up
Still Going...
Jess Heading To Southfork?
Payback's a Bitch
Kate Kicks Pete's Ass
On Again?
Halle Says...
Now You Can Live There
Daddy Time
Any Moment Now...
November Pain
Garrett Unleashes on Abdule
Pink Loves Bears
Too Bad They're Neighbors
"Scary" Is Right
Art Imitating Life?
You're Too Old, Bruce
Elton Throws a Tantrum
Beyonce Took Role Seriously
Mother of the Year
Uncle Jesse Overshares
Jack To Pen Autobio
Lindsay's Revenge
Denise Dabbles In Kidtoure
Good Work, Nick
Wedding Off For Runaway Bride
Casting News
Class Acts
Over Again?
Meet The Next Bachelor
For The Best Orgasms...
I'm Too Unsexy
Janice's Advice For Brit
Kobe, The Power Ranger?
Oprah's Down
Single Shark
Trump's Scottish Golf Course
He Doesn't Wanna Hold Her Hand
Even He Knows They Are Ugly
Is J. Lo Pregs?
New Paris Song
Kristin's Back With Brody
Someone Incarcerate Him
Mama Angie
Hatch Convicted
Tony Noms
Who Do You trust?
Mother's Day Thief
Oprah's Not Gay, FYI
Maxim's Hot 100
Love Bracelets
Blaine's Next Stunt
Ready To Party
Keaton Does L'Oreal
Spice Girl News
Poor Mr. and Mrs. Holmes
Madonna Won't Be Happy
Josh Says...
The "Seinfeld" Curse
Who Needs Crate and Barrel?
Gwen Breaks Her Finger
The Electricuted Look
Tommy Dabbles In Fashion
Most Popular Names
Walk of Shame
Not Surprising
Bringing Tasteless To a Whole New Level
Blood Money
Jail is Fun
She's a Mess
Xtina's Back!
Rowland Sets Things Straight
Singers Turn To Acting
Cacee Quits
Brangelina Married?
Because Shoes Weigh Too Much
Pay Your Bills, Kanye
Brit To Spring Divorce On K Fed?
Roddick's Blog
Idol Shocker
Hanks' Records
Not Enough Time?
Ed Makes Vodka
Donna Martin Pregnant Before Married?
L.Lo's New Man
KITT To Hit Big Screen
She Did It Again
Paris Says...
She Put Him In His Place
Jury Duty Fun
Jake's New Woman
A PoweR Girl?
Eau de Doh
Mirrors Are Helpful
Suh, Suh, Suh, See Ya!
Blaine Falls Short
The Pivert Strikes Again
Casting News
Brad To Buy In The Dominican?
Chad Banned From The Prom
Good For Her
RW/RR Challenge
You Little Bitch
Barton To Be Killed Off?
On Her Way
Not-So-Pleasant Reunion
Didn't Waste Any Time
Bilson's Brush With Death
Casting News
More Children Than She Can Handle
Ashlee Gets Nosejob
Now That's How To Play Air Hockey
Depp Is Gross
Hicks Likes the Herb
Vaughniston Buys House
No Shit?
Just Say I'm a Billionaire
Fonda Lands L'Oreal Gig
Is Anna Pregnant?
Tony's Fine
K Fed's 3-Some Fantasy
Denise Says...
The Addiction Years
Hollywood Love
Run, Matt, Run!
MK Thinks L. Lo Is Creepy
Jessica's Blunt Flirting
Reality Therapy
No Manners
Battle of the Trumps
Not Too Surprising
Who's The Bigger Train Wreck?
Brit's Press Conference
Payback's a Bitch
Life Imitating Art
Nicole To Sign Prenup?
Guess Her Bra Size
Bruce Says...
Mr. T's Back!
Nick and Jessica To Reconcile?
Barkley Tends Bar
Alba Gets Hosting Gig
Paris Back On The Market
Rosie Can't Cut Her Hair
Brangelina's Water Birth
Brooke's a Class Act
Denzel's Football Star Son
Cher To Replace Celine
Anna Wins @ SCOTUS
Paris Sent to Gambling Rehab?
Basketball Babies
Pam Protects Apes
Charlie Removes Denise
Halle To Adopt
Fiddy Sounds Off On Oprah
My Bare Lady
Casting News
Em Helps Out Mom
Stars To Turn To Fashion
Richards Injures Head
Daytime Emmys
Rush Reaches Deal
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall
Cruisazy Continues
Rosie Heads To The View
Spade On Stern
Cruise Won't Lend His Likeness
Snoop Arrested
Fiddy Spreads Healthy Habits
Keira Snags Kate's Gig
Bon Jovi's First
Cooper Heads To CBS
I Feel Pretty
Cruiseazy Collaboration
The Elusive Pic
Mandy's Horrified
Friends Forever
Elle, Can You Hear Me?
Couldn't He Make Himself Disappear?
Hendrix Biopic In The Works
Baldwin Causes Actress To Quit
A Chorus Line Is Back!
Fat or Knocked Up?
Rub Down
Sexy Swag
Piv Carries It Out
Rodriguez Heads To Slammer
Margolis To Pose
Casting News
You Might Be A Redneck If...
Can't Even Be Single For 5 Minutes
Spidey To Wed
Idol Feud
Not A Couple?
Kill Me Now
MTV Movie Awards
Wedding Bells
Bow Wow Says...
Sibling Catfight
Gettin' Down With Her Bad Self
Getting Ugly
Federjerk At It Again?
Friends Urge Holmes To See The Light
Fertility Yoga?
Grammer A Politico?
Casting News
Cry Me A River
Wedding Bells
Roth Gets The Boot
Pointy Nose?
Leo's New Squeeze
Mandy Boots the Parentals
Mick To Act?
Big Oops
Snoop, the Author?
Daddy Grohl
Nowhere Is Safe
I Wouldn't Pick That Fight
Pink's Help Button
Jamie-Lynn's New Man
Brit May Sue
Lil Moses
Say What?
Miller and Buscemi Get Death Threats
God's Down With Bling
Donald Trump Park
Nick Dishes On The Divvy
Crack Is Whack
Unsexiest In The World
She's Everywhere
Why Must They Ruin These Musicals?
Tribute To Jessica Lange
Dylan Has a Stalker
Casting News
Get Over Yourself
It's All In The Name
The Alien Fetus Has Landed
Milking Her One Encounter
Funny Clip
Make Her Go Away
Because Crucifixes Make You Want To Dance
Eva Wants You To Know She's Smart
Your Cheatin' Heart
Flockhart and Griffiths Do Pilot
It's Lonely In The Slammer
Famous Last Words
Baby Machine
Heder Digs The Mormon Life
Don't Count Out LL
Lord of the Strip?
Jessica Says...
Michael's $ Is Blowin' In The Wind
Babyface Sues
Sad Statistic
Unofficially Engaged (Again)
Sculpture of Kate Moss
Casting News
No More Piv?
Spacey Determined To Stay With Old Vic
Girl Power
For Old Time's Sake
Students Stage Kiss In
I Like Big Butts, And I Cannot Lie
Fergie Pregnant?
Ebay Helps Him Move On
Go Janet
Poor Paris
Brad Tats Himself Up
Who's Telling The Truth?
All The Cool Kids Are Doing It
SPF Gets Dropped On His Head
Tone Deaf
Rob That Cradle
Madonna's Marriage Save
Oprah Says...
God, No
Lauer's New Contract
Elton's Closet
Babs Says "No"
Shame On You, Cacee
Denver Selected
Probably A Bad Idea
Is She Still Around?
Pink Gets Turned On By Tattoos
Jessica Gets Sued
Lohan Gets Dumped By LV
Brit's Binge Eating
Cher To Hit Vegas?
J.Lo Sues
So Wrong
Beaner Gets A Job
Seabiscuit Gets New Digs
Happy Birthday, Hef
GLAAD Awards
Scary Station
101 Best Screenplays
Ali Landry Weds
Heaton To Replace Vieira?
Star Faked It
Whitney's Got To Have It
Out And About
Abdul Files Assault Charges
KFed Violates Dolby Copyright
Watch Your Back, Naomi
More Than A Mouthful Is Too Much
Hitting the Big Time
Putting Their Differences Aside
Fillin' In For Tommy
Any Day Now
Matt Cheated
Trouble In Brangelinaville?
Jess's New Album
Motley Crew
Another Fiddy Movie
A Whopping 82 Days
Smells Like Old Lady Spirit
South Park Wins Peabody
Who Will Replace Her?
Get The Hint, Jill
Move Over Pam
Cruiseazy Says
Shut Down!
I'm Sure It Will Be Oscar-Worthy
Nicole Surprises AM
Hef Says He's Sorry
Casting News
A Message From Chris Farley
Is This Director High?
This Guy Has A Problem
P. Zitty?
New York On Prime Time?
He Works Hard For The Money
The Cover Up of the Century
Vaughniston Update
Pink Says
Worst SNL Actors
Best Celeb Wedding Dresses
Big Show For the Big Dance
Another Red Bracelet
They Were Dysfunctional From the Start
Don't Piss Her Off
Why Be Near Katie Right Now?
Unlikely Admirers
Joey Goes To Trial
Campbell Brown Weds
Simpsons To Hit The Big Screen
Hall of Fame
Wonder Who Will Get The Massive House
What Is Her Problem?
Makin' Up
She Gets Around
JT's Got It Right
Her Broadway Debut
Of Course It's Not About Food
Joey's Divorcing
Who Will Play Janis?
Going With Wang
Casting News
Crack Is Whack
Charlotte and Chandler?
Oh Blah Dee
Not Another One
Swag Bag Fetches Large Sum
Oh, Darn
Pour Some Sugar On Me
Mimi's Musical
If Seacrest Has One...
Because It's The Cool Thing These Days
Wilmer Spills It
Nice Shoes
Offer Them A BJ
Xtina Buys Racy Art
Coming Out Is Hard To Do
View Catfight
Walk of Fame
We Know You Love Them, Pete
You Know You're a Loser When...
FHM's Sexiest Women
JK's Demands
Maxim Lounges On The Way
Dylan's Back!
He's No Hef
Who Can Keep Track?
Vag Mon
Ocean's 13
Rod To Show Off On Idol
Demi Pregnant?
Lovin' The Little People
Jessica Stand-In
Morty and Apple
Babs Is A Slut
Those Lips
Nicollette's Bling
Brainless Quiz
Kiefer Sings
Working Girls
Entertainment Law
Little Girl
He Needs To Stop
Celebrity Cooking Showdown
Paula To Get The Boot?
Chad Robs the Cradle
Diddy Sells Cheap Clothes
Stars Do Voiceovers
KFed Celebrates His BDay
Blow Out Is Right
Wonder What Lynda Carter Thinks
Who Needs Dear Abbey?
Momma Latifah?
Sting's A Kinky Dude
Pumpkin Gets Canned
New Edition Reunion
Star Suffers Complications
Preppies Will Be Wearing Black
Moore To Do Play
Don't Mess With Faye
Who's Glib Now?
Tyler To Undergo Surgery
The Hiltons on Saturday Mornings?
Worst Rapper Ever?
Oprah's on Team Aniston
Prince's Purple Palace
Bruce Lee To Star In Bway Musical?
Stork Visits
Paris Squared!
She's Baaaaack!
Tribute To Angie's Mom
Pay Up--Or Else
Slap Happy
Paula's New Idol
Salma Bares All
Not Surprising
Wedding Bells
Della Starts Clothing Line
KFed Cleaned Himself Up?
An Ebay Room?
The Newest Trump
Flavor of Being Single
Just What We Need
Tupac In Wax
Ben Says...
Those Duke Boys
Are We Supposed To Feel Sorry For Him?
Lachey's New Show
This Weekend?
Put on Shoes
Susan Says...
Must Love Jaws
LL Loves LV
Rock Star 2
Divorce Battle
Best Celebrity Makeovers
Say It Isn't So
Lollapalooza Lineup
Madonna's Lineage
Bree Digs Chicks
Good Deed
Lucy Says...
Kanye Overkill
Bad Idea
Kelly Taylor Makes More Babies
KFed To Strut His Manmeat
Nice Car
Billionaries' Club
Michael Says...
Dallas Cast
Another Effing Remake
Sore Loser
Vieira To Be Matt's Co-Host?
Black Elopes
Indy's Coming
Brit Tightens Her Grip
Jack's Advice
No More Chef
Jay-Z's Wandering Eye?
Pink on Being Called "Fat"
Big Whammy
SJP Says...
Way Better Than a Boyfriend
C-Murder Innocent?
Connery Has Tumor Removed
Stinky Feet
New Face of Burberry
Back Together
TV News
No Hugging For Jones
At The End of the Day
Failure To Launch
Lohan's Mom Worried
Neverland Shut Down
Nelly's Kicks
Poor Pete
Lance Reaches Out
MTV Movie Awards
I Hope It's True
Harrison and Calista Engaged?
Lil' Kim's Reality Show
Hasselhoff Accused of Domestic Violence
JLH's New Man
Chloe Wins Project Runway
Casting News
Church Kicks Smoking
Paris Slapped With Restraining Order
Diva Behavior
CMA Nominations
Hatcher Speaks Out On Personal Pain
Bobby Arrested AGAIN
Just Friends
Gender Bending at Hood College
Kissy Kissy
Jess/James Jolie-Pitt?
Project Runway Renewed
Playboy Jazz Festival
Axl Sues Slash
KFeddy's Child #4?
Nice Answer
Alba's New Tat
Yanni Arrested
Runaway Bride Bobblehead
Cohen to Act?
Macaulay Update
Oscar Roundup
Hairspray Movie
Britney Smells
Have Some Taste, Nick
Abdul Causes Security Breach
Charmed Cancelled
A-Team Reunion
Bachelor Back On The Market?
Call Her Emily Dickinson
Burnett To Visit Wisteria Lane
Let's Hope Not
Maybe Next Year
Meg Resurfaces
Kid Rock Says...
Fonda Sex Tape?
If You Have To Ask...
We're Stupid
Alba May Sue
Cox Comes Back To TV
Silent Treatment
Celebrity Tokers
Two Shot At Kanye Concert
Coming Clean
Bush Seeks Annullment
Reducing Himself To Infomercials
Trying To Impress Angelina
Virginia Says...
Tab Energy
Hollywood's Word of the Year
Casting News
Stern's Sued
Secret Trove of Music Donated to Juilliard
Wilmsay Again?
Hard Rock Hotel
Matthew Found SJP "Peculiar"
Swank To Be Perfume Muse
Reese Is Rollin' In the Dough
Casting News
Smithsonian Preps For Hip-Hop Exhibit
Skating Scandal
Drew Lachey Dances to Victory
Cruise Control
Clay Gay?
George Michael Arrested
Crow Has Breast Cancer
Peace Prize Nominees
Poor Nick
The Beauty of a Prenup
Cool Photos
Renfro Gets Probation
Posh To Design Shades
Vince's Proposition
Lost Her Touch
Talk To Kristin
Fat Camp
Baby Time
Industry News
Jake's Matilda's Godfather
Don't Call Her A Teen Queen
You And Every Other Pregnant Woman
Trump Lays Into Martha
Cavalli Could Wear Stripes
Bennett Tribute Album
Elle Style Awards
White Gets Animal Honor
Get Ready, Feddy
Fightin' Over Mya
Cruise May Sue
Blake's Broke
Paris Enlists Pussycat Founder
Lee To Make Springfield Biopic
What A Joke
The Woody Creeker
Can't We All Just Get Along?
What A Shocker
Brit Hopes To Fill Lull
Hooked On Oxygen
Mary-Kate Adores Moss
Nick Reserves Right For Support
Famous Chefs' $12M Gamble
When Will People Learn?
Coldplay to Breakup?
Presley Goes For #4
Hoffman Celebrates Sobriety
Race Swapping on New Reality Series
Jess Cheated With Adam?
Breakin' The Law
Get Thee To a Stylist
New Bond Girl
Kiefer Says...
Baldwin To Give Divorce Seminars
Gay Cowboy Anthem
Neves Likes Kissing Chicks
Blige Overcame Criticism
Halle's New Man
Hayek Helps Battered Women
Oscar Dark Horses
TomKat Splitsville?
Brit To ER?
Redford Says...
Madonna Has Hernia
Denise Gets Tested
Twins To Model
Pammy Boycotts Derby
Brenda Pulls An L.Lo
Because 10 Just Weren't Enough
Mizrahi Designs For Broadway
She'll Roll Over In Her Grave
V-Day Lexicon Fun
Too Big For Your British Britches
Nicole's Nightclub
Penn Died of Enlarged Heart
Spears To Flash People At Mardi Gras
Judge Judy Marks 10th Year
Janet's Trimming Down
So Romantic
Rogers Likes Nip/Tuck
NBC Launches Idol-Like Show
Slater Refiles Divorce Papers
Brangelina To Live in Paris?
Barker Fights For Elephants
Page Six The Magazine
Cox Pregs?
Sure To Win An Oscar
Mena's New Man
JT's Street Cred
Wedding Bells
Casting News
Katie v. Pigeons
Jay To Do New Album
Cattrall To Join Wisteria Lane Cast?
Sorry, Linds
Grammy Winners
Damon and Affleck To Do Movie
Fiennes Separates From Partner
Daytime Emmy Nominations
Who Needs a Baby Seat?
Brady Joins 8 Mile High Club
Baring It All For VF
Give Her a Chance!
"I Didn't Ask For Them!"
Mariah Eats With Bib
Apprentice 5 Cast
Crazed Jen Fan Lashes Out At Angelina
Casting News
Witherspoon Paparazzo Found Dead
Jack Black's Time In A Sex Cult
Clarkson Talks About Contracts
Fey To Have Own Show
Roseanne On George
Glenn Close Marries
Keep It Together
Best Dressed
Bobbi Brown's Chocolate Bars
Brangelina Update
Shooting Leaves Busta's Bodyguard Killed
Brit Doesn't Want TPT Look For SPF
Paris Wants Diaries Back
Hot and Heavy
Cleaning Up Her Act
Not Strong Enough
Fashion Week
"Full" Admission
Zach and Mandy To Wed?
Manson To Star In Movie
Writing Through the Pain
From Bad To Worse
Number 9
Good Deed
Guilty Plea In Nightclub Fire
A&E's Movie Gets High Ratings
No Way
Nick's New Lady
For the Men
She Gets Around
Boxoffice Blowout
Kind Words
Industry News
Brit To Make Sitcom Debut
More Originality
Did Paris Lie Under Oath?
Sienna Digs Her Stretch Marks
Star Power
Like A Kid In A Candy Store
The Feds' Night Out
Jess Gets Slapped With Lawsuit
Nic Gets Sexy
Pam's New Man
Movin' On Up
Baby Boom
SAG Awards
Kristin's Sniffin'
LL Back In Hospital
Chandler's Back
Gwynnie Needs $
Bloggers Tend to Have Oscar Edge
Guy To Be Pitt's Best Man?
LOTR Musical
More Trouble for Lyonne
The Place To Be
Lohan Gets a Tat
Brangelina Baby
Spidey Warns Leo
Gaslight Remake
Seeing Red
No Originality
MJ Dresses In Drag
Fiddy To Star in Pink Vid
Another One Bites the Dust
SJP and Hubby To Do Play
Avril Becomes a Girl
SS To Collaborate With Elton
The CW
More Cruise Control
Off Again?
Sloppy Seconds
Sirius Standards for Stern
Paparazzi Help Spears
Code To Open Cannes
Itchy and Scratchy
Friends Reunion
Long Island Lolita Reunion
JLH To Pose Nude?
TomKat Bump
Twins for the Jolie-Pitts?
The End of West Wing
The Next Real World Cast
A Depo Transcript Doesn't Lie
Bobby & Whitney Not Divorcing
When The Opera Bores You...
Court Says Jolie-Pitt's OK
Cruz To Peddle L'Oreal
Zack Morris To Have Another Kid
Life After Boy Bands?
Feel The Frustration
Eva Cheating on Tony?
Gettin' Into Character
Lohan To Kick Butts
Winters Wed Before Dying
Andie McDowell Engaged
Fashionista U
She Won't Be Frock-Blocked
Hell To The No!
Tiffany Is Crying
Hasselhoff Blames Booze
Jackson Needs a Job
She Gave Him the Brush-Off
Don't Count Them Out Yet
Shatner Sells Stone For Charity
Gene Loves Indy Racing
Twins For Hunter
Golden Globe Fashion Roundup
How Romantic
Baby Girl For Damon?
He's Nuts
Murphy Engaged Again
Another Crowelet On The Way
Brit Shops Sans Ring
Voight Tries to Mend Fences
Shue Pregs
KFed's Romp With Porn Star?
Diddy's Ads Too Hot
Cammie Pregs?
Carrie Fisher Says...
Em Remarries
Final Season
McGraw To Try Politics?
Cameron and Justin Engaged
Should Brad Have Called Jen?
Thank God
Tori Clings To "Fame" For Dear Life
George's Dream Woman
Can't Party Like He Used To
Another One Bites The Dust
Shatner Keeps On Truckin'
No Cash In Cash Musical
Another Ruined Classic
Nick Buys House In Cincy
Fantasy Land
Winter Olympics Coverage
Em Gets Marriage License
Roberts To Make Film Comeback
Book Refund Available
Stork Arrival
iPod Jeans
Governator Rode Illegally
Mideast Barbie
Brangelina Baby
Doing The Backstroke
Blackwell Tells It How It Is
Flowers' Case Is Dismissed
Some Dude Buys Simpson-Lachey Pad
Not A Good Investment
Paris' Supplier Squeals
Staring Death In The Face
Rising Star Noms
Not Hard Work
Phantom's Record
Nick Sues Jessica?
Prof Prinze
Usher's New Woman?
Curry Bashes Banks
The Oscars of Porn
Turtle Needs Some Love
Beckinsale Slams US Sports
Moulin Envy
Depp To Do "Sweeney"
"The Producers" Get Stars
And The Celeb Breakups Continue
Ashlee Pulls a Paris?
Nicholson's Love Child?
Spacey Outed?
Pesci's A Singer
Wedding Bells
Tiger's New Den
Naveen's a Baby Daddy
GLAAD Ticked At Shalit
Casting News
Baby Mama Drama
Nick's Shoe Fetish
Trouble In Paradise?
What A Tool
Mariah To Buy hotel?
Lohan Released
NBC Show Banned
A Star For A Queen
Another One Bites The Dust
Koppel Heads To Discovery
SAG Noms
Kiss My A$$!
And the Oscar Host Is...
Lohan Pregs?
Oprah Plays Shrink To Roberts
Louvre To Host Premiere?
Divorce Is On!
Brokeback Oscar
L'Oreal's New Face
2006 Bloggies
Versace's Newest Face
Cowsill's Body Found
The Statue Wears Prada?
Robbin' the Cradle
Jude Banned
Lohan Hospitalized
Oscar Bound
Paris Lied
I Did The Same Thing
Kevin Arnold's Back
Industry News
She's Like the Wizzind?
Who Needs An Actual Divorce?
Stalkerazzi Law
Sean Says, "No Thanks"
You're My Boy, Blue!
Macaulay To Do Reality TV
Je T'aime
Hurley To Quit Acting?
Pulling Herself Out of Debt
Jess Goes Bicoastal
Diggin' for Clams
No Baby Gift From the Ex
Poor Mike
Jess Buys New House
Lots of Comments on Lennon
Watts Trying For a Baby?
Police Report
Janice Is Back!
Worst Movies of 2005
Brangelina Buy Yves Home?
Lauper Heads To Broadway
Donna's Engaged--AGAIN
Meet The Newest Barker
Bottoms Up, Bree
Desperate Times Call For...
Films Named To Nat'l Film Registry
Jack's Lost Weekend
Sweet Christmas
Did Brad Get Angelina Pregnant?
More KFed
Jennifer Affleck
Money Doesn't Buy Cleanliness
Celebrity Breakups 2005
Crow Still Friends With Clapton
Oprah's Plane Hits Bird
Porter Home Gets Makeover
Dern, Harper Marry
Yes, Virginia
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
Liar, Liar Pants on Fire
Simpson Asks for New Judge
Wedding Attire?
Folsom Prison To View Cash Biopic
Fast Food Nation
Happy Anniversary, Madonna
2005's Catch Phrases
No Thanks
Love, The Hiltons
Desperate Housewives News
Paris Banned From LAX
Turtle Inspiration Dies
B.I.G. Stabbing
Celebrity Romance News
Courtney's Broke
George Wants Six
Broadway Heads To "24" Set
Anyone? Bueller?
Griffen Gets Canned From E!
Jessica Strikes Back
Trouble In Sin City
Fox Heading Back Again?
Elton John Ties the Knot
Headin' To Space
Disney + M.A.C.?
Breaking News
Brit Brit Sues
How Do I Get An Invite?
A New Ben
Giamatti's Not Betting on Himself
"Spamalot" The Movie?
MacLaine Praises Aniston
Sharon's Going Smaller (Again)
Bice Hospitalized
Remaining Celibate
Divorce Drama
TomKat's Travels
French Flub
The Last of Hanks?
Nice Nip Slip Recovery
BosBloom Engaged?
Time's Person of the Year
Berry's Battle With Diabetes
Xtina's Early Xmas
Mad For Plaid
Jessica Files For Divorce
Sad News
Hell To The No
Shoppin' With Slater
What Really Happened
No Tracksuits, Please
Spidey To Propose?
Toussauds Is Team Aniston
Another Reality Trainwreck
Morgan Says...
Carry It With You
Box Office Blues
Spederline Update
Ashley Crosses Lagerfeld
Paris and Nicole To Rekindle Friendship?
Mrs. B.
Christina's a Cheater
Giselle's New Man
Spoof Single Life Shirts
Four Times Upon a Mattress
Prior's Request to Indiana Sheriff
McGosling Engaged?
Top Style Moments
Jenna and the Coke Dealer?
Too Hot For Prime Time
Don't Mess With Dad
Odd Couple
Wisteria Snub
Roberts To Model For Ferre
Levi's and Warhol Collaboration
Dean Museum To Close
Golden Globe Nominations
Farrell Checks Into Rehab
Tookie Gets Executed
I Call BS
Get A Grip, Nerd
Still Longing For Angelina
More Awards
Prince is Back!
House Huntin'
Fake Is Flattery
Hottie To The Rescue
Didn't She Learn?
"Dirty Dancing:" Geriatric Style
Demi Sings
Keith's Naughty Bits
Officer Shaq
"Sopranos" Actor Accused In Police Shooting
AFI's List
Overused Words
Mr. and Mrs. Pitt?
Daddy Damon?
Like, For Sure
"Dancing With the Stars" Lineup
No Boob Job For Mischa
Ponch Returns
Ross Hits Broadway
Matthew Says...
Porsche Products
Lagerfeld's Newest Show
"Today's" Still on Top
Wedding is Off
Goodbye, Earl
The Donald Says...
Kanye and His Ego
Botched Batch?
Gap Commercial.
Ashanti's Denim Line
Lohan Dishes on Wilmer
Mariah Engaged?
Movie Marketing
The CaCee Factor
Jen Burns Memories of Brad
Sound of Crying
King Kong Fashion Disaster
Kanye Performs at High School
Pitt's Adoption Challenges
Elton Picks a Place
Breakups and Hookups
The Christmas Classic That Almost Wasn't
KFed Boozes in Sin City
Justin Tries To Shed Choir Boy Voice
Theron New Bond Girl?
No Butts About It
Lockbora Still Happy
Luke Proud of Bulge
Springfield's Back In Soaps
Celebs to Face Chanel and Prada
ESPN On Your iPod
Hit the Road, Fed
Ang Says...
La Isla Vomita
Honest Mistake
Bid 2 Beat AIDS
Diddy Surprises Cancer Patient
Mariah Evacuated In Robe
Manson Weds
More "Sex?"
Woody Hits Oktoberfest
Papa Pitt
Donna's Pregs?
Ticked Violet
Thanks, Dad
Vaughniston Pull-Over
Around Her Neck?
Selleck's Back
Sure She Will
Hot Dads
Couric To Move To CBS?
Coke In His Undies
Buy Tom a Gravy Boat
SPF To Play Jesus
Cruise Grabs Cellphone
Levigne To Hit Big Screen
Stapp Goes on Drunk Rampage
Additions Named to Roberts Play
Jewel Comforts Simpson
Gotham Awards
Simpson Suit
Not a Couple
Independent Spirit Awards
Mullet Evny
Mother of All Bat Mitzvahs
LaSimpson's Nasty Divorce
Peck's Star Stolen
Keep On Truckin', Vince
Material Recordbreaker
Gisele Joins Devil Cast
Ozzy Says...
20 Cars, 7 Minutes
TomKat Fetus
Nick Is Sad For 2 Seconds
Laguna Gossip
Butt Buddies
Geisha Controversy
The Sound of Diaz?
R 'n R Hall of Fame
Another Stewart Kid
J.Crew Comes To You
Spelling Suit
Simple Life Has A Home
Rent Review
Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do
Law To Have Cameo
Thank God
Eddie's New Woman?
My Fair Brady Wedding
Bye, Bye Marcia
Nicole Wears the Pants
Not So Bright
Last Season For Alias
Breaking News
Happy Family
Could It Be?
Odd Couple
Stock Value Dropping
LoLeto Is Over
New Soap For Logo
Classy Toast
Kate Spade Baby Boutique
Danica Patrick Weds
Watch Saddam's Trial
Look Out, NYC
Oprah's Favorite Things
Jude Imposter
Guy Says Bye
Prada Pope
Snoop Campaigns for Tookie
Thank God This Didn't Happen
Brangelina Goes Public
Bowie's Back on Screen
Busy Bee
Absolut Online
Mod Squad
Donate Your Stripper Money
Chelsea's New Man
Who Knew?
The New Jeannie
Aguilera Weds
Broadway's New Low
As If We Didn't Know He Was a Loser
Uma Engaged?
Simpson Dumped By Publicist
What Is She Wearing?
Brangelina Prenup?
Another Nipplegate
Jen's About To Hatch
I Love the Holidays
Still Together
Stud Farm
Quaid Gets Star
New AFI List
In Touch Surpasses All Gossip Mags
Trapped In The Closet-Next Installment
What An Idiot!
Happy Birthday!
Pammy's New Sugar
Lisa Loeb's Dating Show
Well-Deserved Honor
Sexiest Man Alive
She's Nuts
The Sound of Mucus?
Fiddy Overload
Desperate Flasher
Good Husband
GQ's First Woman of the Year
Brosnan's Rant
Celeb Advertising
Lennon Murderer Speaks
New Bushnell Show
Monkey Business
On Again
Laguna Spawn
Holmes To Quit Acting
Time Person of the Year
Bad Celebrity Child Names
Rod Froze Sperm
Turner Played Drunk
Snoop Doggs
Brangelina To Go Public?
Janice's New Drama
Jess Heads To Kenya
Bruce Says...
Oprah's New DVD
Tea In Your Chocolate?
Around Their Necks
Oprah on Marriage
Broadway News
VS Show
"Walk the Line" Controversy
No More Coke For Rod
Fergie To Play Stripper
People's Choice Awards
Connery To Receive AFI Honor
Stork Arrival
Industry News
Berry's Baby Brigade?
Awkward Interview
Elton's Desperate
Shoot To Kill
Poor Little Rich Girl
MJ Ditches US
You're a Singer
A Passion For Cinema (and Shoes)
Mirror Mirror On the Wall
Spears Suit Dismissed
Kiss and Tell
Kobe's Wife Is Pregs
Desperate Actor Fired
Laguna Links
CZJ's No Domestic Diva
New Bunny Suit
Big Sale
Black Headed To Weather Channel
Cruise Dumps Sister
Joaquin's Odd Behavior
Paris Got Served
Another O'Neal Kid
Colin Loves EVERYONE!
Alley Dances Off Pounds
Wedding Bells for Elton
Diggin' For Gold
Nicollette Sick of Rumor Mill
Prejudical Bond Casting?
Let's Get Physical
Industry News
Where's Nick?
Shar Says...
Madonna Continues to Cause a Stir
Nic Says Bye To Urban
Beatty Crashes Terminator Rally
Estee's New Face
Randy Quaid's Sexy?
George's Scuffle
Glamour's Women of the Year Awards
Prenup for TomKat?
Big In '05
Glad They're Working It Out
Made Into a Miniseries
At Least She Uses Something
Ellen To Be On Baby Brigade
Sucking Face
Foxx Wants To Do Tyson
Tate Donovan Engaged
Romantic Roles No More
You Can Call Me Daddy
Pathetic Loser
Couple of the Second
Fiddy Says...
Escape Clauses
Buttafuoco's New Gig
Because Driving Is Overrated
Strathairn Puffs Away
Mayer Phonestalked Kanye
New Role For SJP
Laguna Linky Love
Simpson Sisters Open Up
Art Out of Drama
Sing Away Little Lark
Hollywood Halloween
Razzie Catfight
Hurricanes Make New Show Difficult
Kid Rock To Act With Pam
Walters' List
Stella Sides With Seals
Bateman Has Throat Surgery
Crow To Perform on Turkey Day
Tattin' Herself Up For TP
This Ought To Be Good
Nice Costume
Martha's Haunted House
So Long, Farewell
New Garner Flick
Movie Poll
Pitt Narrates Documentary
Depp's Odd Gift
Party Time
George Wants Love Like Brangelina
Nicole Saddened by TomKat Baby
Paris To Play Zsa Zsa?
Halle and Her Man
Mary-Kate To Try Acting Again
Rambo's Back
New ALW Musical
The Game Arrested
Odd Reviews
Brit Laughs At KFed's Music
Samantha Talks More Sex
When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People
Celebrity Quotes
Matthew Works His Abs
Another Celeb Fragrance
Lohan Joins Bobby
Brandy and Fiance Split
Keira Says...
Moss Out of Rehab
Brooke Pregnant Again
New HBO-Ball Collaboration
Janet Denies Love Child
Best Hair
Lenny's Loo
Laguna Recaps
Not Quite a Housewife
Charlotte Injured
Muppet Comeback
Lohan Almost Died
Gotham Award Nominations
Who Has the Biggest Ego?
She'll Do It Anywhere
Cage Explains
Tales from the Dark Side
Elitist Nursery Rhymes
Award Season Begins
Gwen's New Line
Headin' To Jail
H&M Announces Moss Replacement
More Domestic Trouble for Harding
Odd Arrests
Love Child?
The Power of Maddox
Elevator Chat
Stop Trying To Act
Martin Receives Top Honor
Danny Says...
Bono Lennon
Barefoot In The Park
Hero Falls
Gwynnie Preggers?
Not Ok!
Travolta As Bond?
Hip Hop Soap Opera
Better Off Without Them
Just a Matter of Time
Charlize Says...
Real World: Detroit?
Cowell's Newest Creation
Ubersexual Men
Have a Good Weekend
A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words
Partyin' With the Queen
Brangelina Engaged?
TomKat Update
Down In the Dumps
McGowan Involved In Scuffle
Banderas Gets Star
Bono and Bush
Marilyn Memento Goes on Auction Block
Just Announce It Already
Paris Denies Sizemore Encounter
Good Deeds
MJF To Guest Star on "Boston Legal"
Angelina To Be A Bond Girl?
Albright Puts On Her Acting Cap
Dr. Carter Has a Baby
Madonna Begged ABBA
Ashanti's Free Bling
Copperfield to Magically Knock a Gal Up
Couple Wants Fantasia Signs Removed
Lookin' Good (For Brit)
"Simple Life" Still On
Enough Is Enough
Shame On You Kit
More Rumors
Back To School
Local News
Top Mag Covers
Jessica Encourages Curves
Spamalot Brings In the $
New Makeup Line
Ugly County
Rachel and Zach?
Stone Still Not Wearing Underwear
Stars Revamp Lacoste Croc For Charity
Ginger Spicette?
Crazy Man
Melissa's Medicinal Marijuana
You've Got to Be Kidding Me
Get a Job
Kermit's 50th
Re-Emancipation of Mimi
Scotty To Get "Beamed Up"
Spielberg To Make Video Games?
Paris Cheated on Paris?
Chris Isn't Bitter
Craig. Daniel Craig.
Mariah's Born Again
Stella's New Court
Stones To Rock "Days"
Baby Alert
Dashton Wedding Pics
Papa Holmes Is P.O'ed
Nanny Shar?
Dano Gets Desperate
"Simple Life" Cancelled
Arnold is Back!
Cojo Receives Second Kidney
Suvari To Quit Acting?
Madonna iPod
Do They Know It's Halloween?
Pitt Quits Smoking for Jolie
Charlize Says...
Ashton Glad to Drop "Boy Toy"
Joel's Darker Side Revealed
New Breakup Book
Depp Digs Stockings
They Say It's Your Birthday
No More Spidey Movies for Dunst
Rizzo Pleads No Contest
Allure's Best Of
You're Elected?
Bid on Brit's Baby Domain
Famously Bad Tippers
Smell Like Marilyn
Steve and David Are Back!
Another One?
Lose The Hat
Roth Takes Over For Stern
Gwyneth Helps Out Brother
Evening The Score
Tofu Pie in the Face
Celeb Assistants Meet
Laguna Spinoff
Locklear Can Still Party
Saturday Night Lacking
"Today" Bans Bacon?
Lil' Says...
I'm Holding Them For a Friend
"Fat" Ban
W Backs Moss
Juilliard Celebrates Years of Excellence
Ring Still On
More Stalkerazzi Nonsense
Brangelina Gets Familial Thumbs Up
So Not Shocking
Another Celeb Fragrance
"The West Wing" Goes Live
Etheridge Surprises Students
Oprah Helps Ray
Harris Makes Euro Stage Debut
A New Bratt
Wayne Manor Escapes Fire
WalMart Launches Fashion Line
Hollywood Stars On The Moon?
Cancel the Cake
Em Sues
Don't Quit Your Day Job
Casting News
Another One Bites the Dust
Which Team Are You On?
An Odd Duet
Putting Her Skills To Use
TomKat's With Child
Nick and Jessica--OFFICIALLY OVER
Stalkerazzi Strikes Again?
Brit and KFed's Tape Scandal
Hugh and His Hair
Ashleegate #2?
Banks v. Banxxx
Sinead Says...
The Late Show With U2
They Say It's Your Birthday
La Tigre e la Neve
Pretty In Pink
Dior Show @ the Palais
Hopkins Will Do Hemingway
"Gold Digger"
Paris Moves On
La Lohan's Diva Behavior
Hef Says...
Britney's Charity Garage Sale
Ellen To Host Oscars?
Beyonce Does Vanity Fair
The Song That Will Not End
Hilton Has Bladder Issues
Brad and Jen -- Really Over
Renee's Man-Hopping
Did Miller Miscarry?
Worst Movie Sex
Stop The Reality Insanity!
Keira On Her Mom
Madden Sticks Up for His Woman
LL Says...
Lindsay and Wilmer On Again?
Charles and His Love Letters
Doherty and His Drugs
Paris-Paris Engagement OFF
Comfort Over Style?
Quit Whining
Duff Says, "Don't get fat!"
Carson Desk To Be Auctioned
Valentino Lashes Out
Couric on the Defensive
Theron Gets Star
Renee and Tom Team Up Again
Too Lazy to Fill Pages
Fires Threaten Homes
D&G Celebrate 20 Years
Lohan to Bare All
Spring Wedding For Crowstrong
Moss Goes to Rehab
I May Get a Cavity
Dallas Movie
Anti-Paris Brigade
Cox to Head to Wisteria Lane?
Jen Digs Deep
Johnny Cash Musical
The Benator?
Back Together?
SCOTUS and Anna
Gwyneth Says...
Ozzy Pulled a Jude
Kirsten Spills It
R. Kelly and Wife Separated
Tupac Screenplay
SJP Says...
Hollywood Wedding
Melania's Pregnant!
Were We All Punk'd?
Samantha Jones, Godmother?
Celebrity Quotes
Coach Suge
Clooney's Retro-Casino
New Coupling?
2 More Bite the Dust
AFI's Top Film Scores
101 Things...
Choo Does Music
Ashton and Demi Wed
Playful Rivalry
Fashion Disaster
But He's Not Racist
Watch Your Back, Kristen
J.Lo Won't Diet
Nick To Model
Madonna Dropped For Ashlee?
Miller To Replace Moss?
What A Mess
Jen Moves On
Pink Diddy
McSexy In Japan
Lohan On Her Weight
Can It, Love
Put It Away, Ben
Did Tori Cheat?
FBI Releases Files on Stars
The Jets v. the Sharks
Top TV Kisses
Jagger To Act?
O'Hurley Wins Rematch
The Next Surreal Life Cast
Sean Spederline Home
Paris' New Vid
Jay-Z Mum On Relationship
Utah State Fair
Cabrera To Do Reality Show
Nelly To Do Reality Show
How Lance Proposed
J.Lo's Mink Eyelashes
NYC Skyline Goes Pink
Expensive Helmet
More Blows for Moss
More Brangelina Drama
Hooters Handbook
Spielberg Annoyed With Cruise
Tupac In Bronze
Stamos Heads To ER
Alley Slims Down
Super Sizemore
She Gets Around
Aguilera Happy For Spears
Boxers or Briefs?
Broadway King
Gigli 2
Another Hollywood Breakup?
Vaughn Heads to Windy City
Tyra Takes Off Bra
Lil' Kim in the Big House
Dual Dumpage
Quit Whining Russell
The Game to Adopt?
Emmy Roundup
Valentino Says...
Hollywood Going Chaste?
Is Anyone Too Hot for Beyonce?
Like She Could Deny It
Neil Breaks Leg
New Face of Max Factor
VW Gets Plugged In
Another One Bites the Dust
Piven Likes the Models
The New Face of St. John
Pitt To Bare All
Trump's Soap Debut
No More Sports Talk
Here Comes Harry
WB Signs Nick and Brandy
The Cheeto Has a Name
What Happens When Mom Works For You
Laguna Spinoff?
How Portia Was Outed
Kim Inspired By Martha
Santana's New Album
Kelly Says...
Arrest Warrant For Rodman
Gerard Pens Cookbook
Could It Be?
The Way They Were
Tony's Angry
Timberlake To Hit West End
Birthday In the Buff
I Don't Want to Work...
Life is a Cabaret
The New Nancy Drew
Expanding the Tween Empire
The Godfather Returns
Matt Damon Engaged
Demi's Men Team Up
Colin's Hitchin' a Ride
Stop Talking, Kanye
Britney Baby News
Pierce Says...
Call Her Kate
A Look at Fashion Week
Stork Arrivals
Beaner Emerges
Elton On Vegas
Stalkerazzi Attacks Again
Monica Goes Back To School
Kennedy Center Honors Announced
Dillon To Be Honored
Advice From One Who Knows
So Long, Gilligan
Lance and Sheryl Engaged
W Snubs J.Lo?
Supporting Vince
Guy Wants More Kids
Lindsay's New Digs
Dream On, Jesse
Not As Pokey Outy
Telluride Film Festival
Broadway Update
Munch Painting Found
Scene Stealer
Is This a Punishment?
A Couple You Don't See Very Often
Pitt Parental Advice
Ga Ga Goddess
Posh Is a Good Mom
Snoop Sues
Tilly Wins Again
A Hollywood Plot?
Italian Wedding Bells
Viva Vegas Federline
Not So Sure About This One
Bad Timing
Babs Is Back
In The Ring With Another Hogan
Venice Film Festival
Fats Found
Juliette Sets the Record Straight
Jen Wins Cover Sales Battle
New Toy From Apple
Pfeiffer's Car Stolen
Warhol Jeans
Brad Comes Clean?
Is She or Isn't She?
The Feud Continues
Stars Gather to Lend a Hand
Another Actor-Designer
Diana Remembered
Get Out, MTV
There's Only One Manero
Rummy and Dave
O.C. Shirts
Wasted Away Again...
Being Bobby Brown
Like She Needs Another One
Another One Bites the Dust
Stone Won't Play Turner
Dr. Phil's Son Is No Fool
Ashlee Digs the Ladeez
Charlize Gets "Arrested"
Kanye Sues
Chelsea's Single
Art's Still High at Woodstock
Stones and NASCAR?
Is Susan Rexic?
Paris Says...
Ben Markets Deoderant
Gwyneth's Advice
'Lil Wench
Happy Birthday ImprovOlympic
CK Goes Chick Rock
Dorothy's Stolen Slippers
Little Marc
Big Sis Regulates
MK To Be Face of CK?
Dirty Dancing Forever
Tommy Flashes His Peacock
G&R Lawsuit
Tom Hanks Is Vice-President
Downey, Jr. Marries
Farley Gets Star
On The Road With The Stones
When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People
Nicky's a Bridesmaid--Twice
KFeddy Gets A Job
Snoop's Skateboards
Many Kids, Many Wives
Posh Digs Cigars
Tara Comes Clean
Wilson Under Fire
Crowe Ponies Up Some Cash
Mary Heads Back to TV
Poor Sienna
Jessica As Juliet?
Wahlberg Loves Third Nip
The Crue and Sgt. Pepper
Baby News
Bloom and Bosworth Back Together
Stick With Singing
Casting News
Mimi's Big Arrival
Gearing Up For the Open
Baby Phat to Take Over RCMH
TomKat Update
Something's Gotta Give
Fashion Fore!front
Deep Thoughts
Ledger Eggs Stalkerazzi
Mena Urges To Quit Smoking
Simpson Diva Behavior
Moore To Slim Down?
Pitt Stands Up For Aniston
Organic Baby Food?
No Breakdown For Joaquin
New Juicy Campaign
Garofalo on "West Wing"
Crazy Stones Fan
Keys To Act
Stalkerazzi At It Again
Cheadle Visits Hotel Rwanda
Pammie Sings
Get Well, Natasha
Bree Engaged
Dolly's Does a Cover Album
McCarthy and Husband Split
Clooney's New Movie
Miller Time
Fashion Fighting Censorship
It's a Sport
Preston Federline
Blogad Love
Get Better, Em
Levine and Sharapova?
Alba News
Coach Snoop In Trouble
Simpson a Showgirl?
Jolie News
"Yo! Stop it!"
Barry's Bling
Morbidity @ Blender
Lavigne Punk'd
The Royals Come to Springfield?
Private Divorce
Brosnan Says "Bye" to Bond
Pray For Cojo
Banana Republic News
Teb's Troops
Which Team Are You On?
Em Cancels Tour
Madonna Injured
Even Tara Has Standards
Still Gushing
Lindsay Says...
Not Directed at Lindsay?
ESPN Hollywood
Wear Your Pepsi Pride
Brainless Quiz
President Walken?
Angelina Takes Cameras to Kenya
Demi Wants Babies With Ashton
She's No Celine
Run, Daniel, Run
Ashlee Back to SNL?
Hendrix Played the Gay Card
Got Talent?
Brinkley's Back
Sounds Like An Oscar Winner
Jackman Says No To Bond
Connick Jr.'s Back on Broadway
Target and The New Yorker
Kim Knows Homely
Paris and Tinkerbell Break Up
The Blind Leading the Blind
Oh Here's a Shocker
ABC's Plea to Longoria
Debut Date Changed
Bad Marriage
Anderson to Open Nightclub
Taking Time Off
Lipstick Jungle
Teen Choice Awards
Trump's a Blogger
Roberts To Quit Hollywood?
She Misses Her Curves
More Episodes
Death Doesn't Necessarily Kill Popularity
Everyone Loves Kate
Independent Study For Olsen
He Pimped Her Ride
Good Luck, Ben
Think Pink
Another Bochco Cop Show
Unusual Subject For a Musical
"Trapped in the Closet" Cliff Notes
LeBlanc Gets "Friendly" With Stripper
Depp To Do Porn?
Jess on Angelina
Reese Says...
More Trouble for Love
Martin Snubs the PM
Simpson's New Line
Goodbye, Miss Ellie
Poor Jose
Kinda Like "Jenny-867-5309"
Snoop's Cleared
Laughter Through Tears
Christina Says...
Tara's Misunderstood
Woods Wonders Where to Park
Wanted Hair
Another Hollywood Breakup
Casting News
Mags Show Real Bodies
Caption This
Like Willy Wonka?
Singleton Says...
Cohn Shot in Head
Making Up
Zoolander Sequel
Jessica Lynch Goes To College
Monroe Got Freaky With Crawford
Albright To Pen Books
The Big 3-0
Stalkerazzi Gets Shot
Sienna and Gwen To Team Up
Reece Says...
Real World: Key West
More Bobby
Dream On
Richie To Model With Fiance
Murphy To Divorce
Aniston Says "No" To Friends Reunion
Osmond Garage Fire
Brainless Quiz
Charlie Spears-Federline?
Tommy Glad He Chose Booze
Theron To Wed?
Young Hollywood
Mind Your Manners
Summer Song Faves
CNN Suspends Novak
Posh Says...
50 Pokes Fun
What Coulda Been
Daddy Dearest
We're OK
Nothing Says Love Like A Tat
PETA Loves Duff
Word To the Wise
Em's Diva Behavior
Kanye Relies on Mom
Wayne Manor Away From Home
It's Over
Help Out John
Oh No
Papa Joe Puts Up His Fists
A Horrible Idea
'Bout Time
Courteney + Coco= Cute
Another Campbell Catfight
Ricci To Pig Out
Deuce For Sampras
Perry's Next Gig
To Sin Again
New Kenneth Cole Campaign
Long Drive
J.Lo Preggers?
If I Were A Gay Man...
Kate's Krystals
Nice Try, Jude
Trump Doll a Flop
Jen Says...
Bacall's Bark
Pod Person
An Expensive Stick
Of Course
Stork Visit
Thanks, But No Thanks
Indiana's Mid-Life Crisis
How You Doin'?
Just Say No to PETCO
Weird Diet
Naomi and Kid Rock
Julia to Do Broadway
Longoria: "I'm Sorry, Jen"
Green Day To Enter Movie Biz?
Kidman Casting News
A Beautiful Friendship
Spiderman Villain Announced
Wedding Bells
10th Planet?
Kidman and Urban?
The Brangelina Shack Up
Monster Cleavage
Still Waiting
Janice Continues to Make Friends
Eva and Tony
Garner Having a Girl?
Another Hollywood Marriage Over?
LuPone's Heading Back to Broadway
Target Trunk Show
Gap Favorites
Lopez Depressed About Ben's Baby
Rodman Still Gets in Trouble
Spears is Angry
Alba Gets Honest
They'll Make Up
Brooke Burke's Single
Beckinsale as Wonder Woman?
Hugh's Your Daddy
A Break For Nicole
Brainless Quiz
Is It a Musical?
Too Much Coq?
Aguilera Says "No"
Forever Lloyd
What Em Wants
Another Kid and Another Marriage?
She Dumped Him
Queer Eye Guys Love Bobbi
More TV, Less Guide
Casting News
"I Promise I Eat"
Smooth One, Bruce
Murphy's a Jordache Girl
Oprah Loves Versace
VMA Noms
Beyonce Wants a Break
Joss Stone Dumped By Gap
Another Epic for Gibson
Brainless Quiz
What a Dad
Matt as Lance
She Yearns to be Taken Seriously
Duff Battles Back at Ivy Leaguers
J.Lo Boutique in Chicago
Just Call Her Eve
Put on a Happy Face
Simpson Scam Artist
Huey Does Broadway
Face Lift for Tiffany
Sexiest Vegan
Paul Reubens Day
80's Quiz
The Artist Formerly Known As...
Joe Simpson Says...
Gandolfini's Tantrum
Lohan's New Man?
Pam Says...
R. Kelly Trial Update
Friends Reunion?
Madonna and Friends
America's Next Top Talk Show Host?
Nothing Between the Ears
Colin's Complaint
Anna Nicole Continues To Be a Moron
Jack Looks Great
Clean Your Damn Car
Seacrest Chic
Al Likes Them Young
Up In The Air
Not The Right Time
The Art of the Goodie Bag
Alba Says...
Smurfs! Coming To A Theater Near You
Emmy Voters Like Their Women Chaste
Lil' Kim Sues
Don't Bite the Hand That Feeds You
Murphy and Rock Team Up
New Stones Album
Did She Dump Him?
Third Wedding for Pam and Tommy?
Owen Likes the Coeds
Lauer Living Alone?
Good God
An ET Sequel?
Biel Wants To Be Taken Seriously
Becks Likes His Pits Smooth
Paint on Your Inner Bunny
Another Kid on the Way for Cuba
Colin Sues Ex-Girlfriend
Fergie Owes Justin
Pam Is Courtney's Personal Trainer
Swank, Costner Narrate 9/11 Movie
Jude and the Nanny
Caption This
Nick and Jess to Adopt?
Enough Focker Movies
Wedding Bells
Eminem to Retire?
Brit's Pregnant Voice
Owen The Troublemaker
Rod Found God
Usher Opens Summer Camp
Casting News
Village People Cop Arrested
Brainless Quiz
Another Sex Tape Scandal?
Jack Osbourne Has Framed Boob Implants
Lookin' Good
Federline Can't Lay off Booze and Smokes
Interesting In-Laws for Hilton
Braff and Moore No More
Nicole, the Writer
VS Show Back On
Aguilera Picks Lacroix
Hosting Announcements
Polo Time
Barrymore to Direct When Boobs Sag
Omarosa Separates From Husband
Extreme Dodgeball
Pitt Has Meningitis
Not So Happy Birthday
No Parisian Love for Cruise
Marriage Was Brit's Idea
Haylie's Next Role
Lookin' Good
Anthony's Outburst
Depp Wants Girlfriend To Propose To Him
Good Thing Celine Makes Fat Cash
Cooter Says, "Stay Away!"
Reason Behind the Sling
The Game Apologizes
Like Mother Like Daughter
Lexicon Fun
Mariah's Wardrobe Malfunction
Trapped in the Closet, Parts 6-10
Paris and Nicole Teaming Up?
TomKat News
Anna's Travel Companion
Davis and Barton Are No More
Snoop Cancels the Divizzle
Pitt's Got the Flu
Missy On Being Single
Spice Single
Becks Is a Gay Icon
Surgery For Lansbury
Usual Suspects Sequel
A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words
Kelly Kapowski Weds
Owen Wants An Oscar
Whitney on Idol?
Sunset Boulevard Casting
Minogue's Good Deed
Doc Baker Dies
Too Old To Party?
Keith Richards Is In
Willie's One Toke Over the Line
She Wasn't All That
TomKat Update
Hudson Sees Dead People
Jess Gets Dad Some Botox
9/11 Movie
Fiddy's Leading Lady
Leo To Produce
Fashion Olympians
Christina's Crazed Fan
Top Downloads of Past 10 Years
Very Different Sisters
Aniston Collapses on Set
Twins for Spears?
Top Sitcoms of the '80's.
New Business Venture for Pitt and Clooney
Christina's Broken
Two Diva Scents To Do Battle
Hall Has Lyme Disease
Lenny, The Designer
Civil Rights Leaders Honored
Music History
Vince and Jennifer Not an Item
Pam's Back With Tommy
Ashley's New Man
She's Goin' To Jail
Simpson Says
Eva, On Her Body
Becks Delivers the Bling
Knoxville's Wife Not Pleased
The Loonies Support Eachother
LFB Goes to LV
Love Child, Love Child
Sephora Picks Up Antin's Line
Jolie Adopts Again
Are They or Aren't They?
Kate Hudson on Cheating
Fergie News
Love Is In the Air
More Acting Roles for Timberlake
Ewan and Booze
J.Lo To Do Show Tunes?
The Color Purple Musical
So Moved
TomKat News
Charlotte Says
Thank God
Some Things Never Change
Brando Auction
Mr. Snoopy?
50 Years of Improv
25 Most Revolutionary
Couture Chocolate
She Asked Him
Wasting Away, Again, in Starvationville
Baby Registry
The Bunnies Get New Duds
And What Will the Royals Have to Say?
Boo Freaking Hoo, Saddam
Feed Lindsay
Live 8
Feeling Her Age
Steinbeck's Imagination
Wedding Bells for Bice
Dressing Like Grams
Bennifer 2.0 MARRIED?
The Train Wreck Commences Tonight
Jessica Gets Slammed
"We're Not Alone"
Brit's AZ Birth
Angelina Shocked by Conditions in Ethiopia
Party Time
Proper Tribute
Denim Details
Bourne Again
Tilly's Poker Prowess
Tennis Gets Glitzy
L.Lo Collapses
Hung and Cyrus Pair Up
Some Maternity Outfit
Don't Do It On Tape, Moron
Penn Says...
Engagement News
Because This Is So Important
Cruz The New Face of Sean Jean?
Vivienne Westwood Designs Rugs
A Striptease Birthday Surprise
Beyonce Sells Stage Outfits for Charity
Hope It's Not a Witch
New Dylan Album Available at Starbucks
Baby on the Way for Pitt and Jolie?
Aniston and Vaughn a Couple?
No Big Surprise
What a Mom
Quicky Marriage
Jessica Alba Says...
Will Smith Says...
Launch of Men's Vogue
By a Nose
Clarkson on Dating
Target Takes Over Rockefeller
Picasso Auction
Little House Reunion
Kissing Bandit!
Rosie Says
Batman and Malcom?
One Big, Happy Family?
Dakota Shines
She Eats!
Dr. Kovac to Be Bond?
Party Animal
Stella's Lost Her Groove
Twinkle Toes
Stork Visits
Most Humiliating Moment?
Crying Like a (Destiny's) Child
Like You Need More Beads
Spawning Soon
How Does Ashlee Get Cast?
Demi's the New Face of Versace
Celebrity Idol
She's a Nutball
Don't Lose Your Day Job
Funeral Parlor to Become Frat
Ebert Gets Star
iTune Tax
Famous Last Words
Would the Real Mrs. Smith, Please Stand Up?
Humble Home
Clooney's Single!
Bobby's Not Making Any Friends
TomKat Parental Pow-Wow
Fiddy Taps In to His Emotions
Stone To Do Playboy Again?
New MAC Beauty Announced
Brainless Quiz
Hughes Items To Be Auctioned
Sharapova Launches Fragrance
Gibson Stalker Sentenced
Frankly, The Best Quotes
Lohan Freaks
Tink Takes a Bite
Denzel is a Class Act
PJ Tight
The Pumpkins Are Back
Because the Beckhams Are Worth It
No More Love
Size Matters
Samantha's New Man
Gellar to Play Alice
No Spice Girls Reunion
Scarlett Said "No" to Scientology
Bennifer 2.0 Not Married?
Diddy's Ticked
She Always Falls In Love
Looney Tunes
Usher's a Freebie Whore
Madonna's New Album
The Real World--Austin
New Spade Show
Seymour to Be Topless in Film
Scent of a Younger Woman
Lennon Auction
ESPN To Become Less Sports-Centered
Take Me to Paris
The Legendary Couch Dance
She's So Deep
Big Mistake
Happy Birthday, Olsen Twins
Ashlee Loves Sloppy Seconds
More of Bale as Batman
Shakira's Shy?
Madonna Clearly Wears the Pants
DiCaprio Gets Stitches
Avril Says...
DeNiro Gets Choked Up About Dad's Art
Bosworth and Bloom Engaged?
Kate Tries to Keep Her Man Off Drugs
TomKat Engaged!
A Porn Welcome?
Forbes Celebrity 100 List
24 Movie
Is She Still Around?
Keri Russell's In
Profound Thoughts By Penn
A Different Kind of Live Programming For Couric
Missy Surprised By Smooch
On the Road Again
Stars For the Cure
Blanche Has a Cause
TomKat News
Sure You Eat, Girlfriend
A Moment With Kirsten
Duff's Ear Issues
Pay Up, Queen!
JLH Says: Don't Be a Hater
Posh To Be the Next Big Thing?
Jay-Z Plays Rough
Latifah Does Lingerie
Murphy To Be in "Dreamgirls"
Immature Graduates
Is Brad a CheaterHead?
Moore Shows Off Her Assets
Elephant Rides?
Luke to Play The Joker?
Penn the Reporter
Baby News
Get A Clue, Photogs
Movie Anniversaries
There's Basketball On?
Making It Work
Gisele Is the New Face of St. John
Joe Simpson's a Freak
Cruise and Smith to Team Up?
The Plot Thickens
Madonna Regrets Sexy Past
Destiny's Child To Split
Nicole's Bad News
Silverstone Weds
Rent Movie
Disney Says: Tone It Down
Because Americans are Gossiphounds
Nip/Tuck-ers Cash In
Celebs and Hotel Debauchery
Stars Join Forces Against the Stalkerazzi
Madden Back to Work
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Premiere
Spelling Creates Necklace for Spears
Walters Gets Flack for Comment
Murphy Bares All for Tropps
What Every Chic Pup Needs
The Donald on The Jacko
Suvari Moves On
AFI Honors Lucas
The 3 J's
What Inspires Missy
Moron Alert
Free Katie!
ParisSquared Update
I'd Like to Thank the Sponsors
Kevin Smith Tells All
Charlotte Expands Her Boundaries
Arrogant Usher
"Today" Changes it Up
Stone Booted By Legend
If the Shoe Fits...
Let's Hope
Are You A Betting Man?
Reunited and it Feels So Good
Holmes Will Not Play Cruise's Love Interest
Better Late Than Never
One Too Many Margaritas
Don't Have a Cow
Unknown Bach Work Found
Glamour Awards
Someone Needs to Stop Them
Candie's Picks Duff
If He Gets a Guilty Verdict...
Hanks To Do Marple?
Wal-Mart, Meet Prada
Brad Goes Blonde
Casting News
Gaining a Husband and Some Poundage
Keanu Reeves Weds
From Gotti to Botti
Posh Bridesmaid
A Star Studded Birthday
The CFDA's
Are You Kidding Me?
Aspects of Beauty
Alice Cooper to Behead Hilton
Seconds from a Catfight
It's a Girl!
16 Candles 2?
Another Celeb Couple Ponders Scientology
Monroe Auction
More Words Between Crowe and Clooney
Happy Anniversary
Liam Opens His Big Mouth Again
7th Child for Wonder
Fugees Comeback?
Crowe Arrested
Decisions, Decisions
Honorary Degree for Tyler
TomKat Update
Tony Awards
Ozzy to Write a Musical?
'Bout Time
Baby Phat Domination
Smell Like Madonna
Dido-Aguilera Collaboration
Kelly Osbourne Back in Rehab
Lohan Crash Intentional
So Wrong
Ask and Ye Shall Receive
TV Hotties
Richards Welcomes Baby Lola
What is Wrong With People?
Jackman to Host Tony Awards
Tobey's a Nice Guy
Stars Come to Indiana to Remember Dean
McCartney Engages in Child's Play
Controlling Cruise
Halle May Eventually Bare All
Stallone Clings to Youth
Fan Beaten at Snoop/Game Show
Spacey to Head Up Reality Show
FHM Editor Out of a Job
Stop Whining, Brad
Madonna and Sting Partner Up
Women Targeted by Cigarette Companies
Too Much Perversion on CNN?
One Small Snip of Hair...
Not Everyone is Sold
Breakfast Club Reunion
Big Bucks in Acne Prevention
Backstreet Boys Run Over Fan With Bus
Kidman's New Man?
Fergie to Act?
Baldwin Singin' on Broadway
Another Project for Barker
Stylemakers Strut for a Good Cause
Times Are A-Changin'
No Filming at Westminster
Another Talk Show
Paris Engaged to Paris
Nicholson Does Kelly
Shields Blasts Back at Cruise
Goin' To the Slammer
Don't Mess With 50 Cent
Stone the Stoner
Stewart Suffers Chest Pains
Wedding Date Set for Sir Elton
Slater Needed a Pick-Me-Up
Hiltons Show Gay Pride
Sweet 16 for Mariah
Clumsy Alba
Bad Ratings for "Chaotic"
Get a Grip, Gwyn
Rude Reese?
Will Anyone Hire Shannon?
Becks Flirting With Shakira?
U2 Says No
Style and Sound
Xzibit's New Shoe Line
Baby News
Ring's Still On
Idol Talk
Not a Far Stretch for Rosie
Sopranos to End?
Hot Rod To Be A Daddy Again
Tupac's Mom Opens Center
Crue Sues
How to Make a Hollywood Marriage Work
Eva's Next Gig
Timberlake to Be Jack's Man
Mayo Clinic Designs Underwear
When Politics and Stars Collide
Kevin Makes Brit Workout
Bono's Bloated
Dating Your Way to the Top
Anna's New Gig
Zellweger Gets Walk of Fame Star
Angelina and Jen NOT Friends
Ashanti's Original Career Plan
He's So Over It
Teri Hatcher To Pose for Playboy?
Benicio To the Rescue
Cruise, Get Control
Tara To Paint the World Red on E!
What's Up With Nicole?
Buh Bye
Naomi's New Man
The Jennings Freight Train's A-Comin'
Shakira to Lend Star Power
Paltrow's New Job
Stars Invest in Beauty Line
Kiss of Death
Another "Top" List to Argue Over
New Type of Mall
Brit's Poolside Morning Sickness
"I'll Tell You What I Want..."
Paris Says...
Housewives Finale
Top Restaurants Boycott Snow Crabs
One Small Step for Becks
Cannes Wrapup
Beatty for Governor?
Words to Live By
Friends--the Movie?
Brainless Quiz Time
Ghostly TV
Harper Lee
How Do You Say "Giddyup" in French?
Spiritual Spears
Odd Pairing
Not Wasting Any Time
Nothing to Wear
Silverstone to Wed?
Depp Inspired by Manson?
Too Far For J.Lo
Clinton on His Memoir
Porn Class
Paltrow's Depression
Simpson To Wear Bikini in New Video
Usher's a Possibility for Dreamgirls
Paris Is a Pigeon Lover
Salma's Stunning
Faux Beyonce
Sandler's Hands
Gwyneth Doesn't Want Apple to Be a Freak
Gwen's Design Frenzy
Kelly Worried About Superskinny Stars
Creative Juices Flowing at the Holiday Inn
Some Proposal
Nelly to do PSA
Up Next For Depp
Klum's Midas Touch
New Man for Eva Longoria?
Ellen Opens Up
Headin' North?
Out of Your League
One More Crappy Celeb Clothes Line
I Just Might HurlyBurly
World Trump Center?
Neil Young to Rap?
Ditch Your Friends
She's Baaaack
Love's Movie Comeback
Lexicon Dictionary Additions
What Has She Done To Herself?
Mariah's Makeover
Now THAT'S Bling
Holy Water?
Nike Changes Things Up
Because We All Need a Stuffed Tinkerbell
Sharon's Still Turning Heads
Words of Wisdom From Alice Cooper
Roll Models
Sad News for Minogue
Girl Dates
Jake and Lindsay?
Gellar to Play a Porn Star
Who's the Curviest of them All?
Timing Is Everything
She Wishes Him Well
Cruise and Holmes Do Mexico
Reading is SO Overrated
50 Escapes Jail
Kabbalah More Important than Cannes
Happy Birthday, Sin City
Letting Her Wild Side Shine
Mena Divorcing
Robin Sues Fake Robin
Brandon Walsh to Marry Again
Designer Coke Bottles
Reebok's New Face
GWB's Niece Stalked
Miller Not Quite Big Enough
I Got Your Back
Maternal Instinct
The Cut
Merci Beaucoup
Another Strange Pairing
The Iceman Cometh
Jen and Ben Expecting
Quit Whining
Female Heros?
Not on the Guest List
Becks to Tell All?
Gotti's Teen Bling
Jake's New Woman?
Daddy Bo
U.N. Trip for Jolie
No Boss at 'Bucks
"Macbeth" Casting
DMB to Do Webcast
Sci-Fi Hall of Fame
Win a Date With Carmen Electra
Brit Likes Eating for Two
Getting His Attention
Xtina Gives Love to Mickey
Close Call
Poor Jen
Hot List
Not the Fans she was Expecting
Posh Wants a Comeback
Threats From the Milk Bar
Talk Time for Megan
Could Have Been a Catfight
Goldie's Mumblings
Justify Your Love
Smokin' in the Girls' Room
If You Give a Poop
Montel Wants His Pot
New Beau For Renee?
Tubby Tobey
Clooney Apologizes
Fallon's Back
What a Feeling!
This Face is Made for Botox
Hungry Like a Wolf
Oprah Drops a Bomb?
What a Group
Tara and Tommy?
More Drugs for Danny
Sin City
Miranda Speaks Out on Gay Marriage
More Legal Woes for Lil Kim
Lohan To Boost "Morale"
Brando's Stuff for Sale
Vocal Problems for Timberlake
Garner Preggers?
Who's THIS Guy?
No Kind Words
Oprah Says...
Maybe It Won't Get Funded
Timberlake To Be in Shrek 3
Oxford To Hear From Snoop
She's "Over" It
Angelina Dishes on Brad
The Bobby/Whitney Trainwreck
If I Could Be...
Kilmer Bashes Americans
A Wedding in France?
Ask Usher
Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
Jess, Put Down the Gun
What Might Have Been
Desperate Times...
Just Friends?
Quittin' Time?
Winners at Tribeca
On and Off the Road Again
Don't Mess With Imus
Feed Them!
Now She's Camera Shy?
A Little Too Handsy?
She Sucks
Family's Blessing
Melania and The Duck
Doctored Photos
For Sale
How Do You Like Them Apples?
Drama Desk Nominations
It's the Cameras!
Cruise and Holmes are a Couple
Samantha and Ross?
On the Catwalk
Black Eyed Peas to Split
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
Kids Know
Tina Fey Pregnant
Simpsons' Staying Power
Happy Birthday to the Twinkie!
Paris and Her Privacy
Kate Spade Collect
Viva Las Vegas
Caption This!
Why They Called Things Off
Norma Jean's Little Black Book
Stork Arrivals
Downey Jr.'s Appreciation
Whore College
Scratch It
Is Lauer Single?
And Now They're Novelists
Good Deed
Elton to Wed
Ferrell's Next Project
Lash Liberation
On Marriage
Lopez Gets Kidney From Wife
Keep Them Crossed, Paris
Kelly's Pink Pup
Anna Nicole's Wardrobe Malfunction
Bond Poll
Even Her Dog's Famous
Cynthia Says "Thanks"
Ebert Shines
New Deal
Casting News
Hatcher Slapped Brosnan
The Blind Leading the Blind
I Feel the Need...
She's Down
Like, For Sure
Interference From Dad?
Watch Out, Greg!
J.Lo's Shoe Line
Ashton's History With the Ladies
She'd Marry Again
More Babies!
I'm Not on Drugs
Desperate for Brad
Pregnancy Problems?
Penn's Puffing
Scarlett and Josh
New Blog Showcase
Goonies Celebrates Anniversary
I'm Healthy, I Promise
Mariah's New Man?
Avril's Animation
Fonda Gets a Face Full of Spit
Pam Goes Off on J. Lo
Don't Drive With That Coke!
Affleck and Garner Engaged?
Jessica is Daisy
New Digs for Buffett
Blonde Ambition
Ashton Says...
Growing Pains Dad to Get Hitched
Won't Be Buying One of These
He Must Be Joking
Nip Tuck
Sting Teaches
Celebs and the Cops
Absent-Minded Winner
More Pregnancy Rumors
Andy Lets It All Hang Out
Clay Chats With Dr. Phil
They're Not Hitched
A Day in the Park
They're Hitched
Posh's Lonely Birthday
Reese's Run-In
Sad News
Downey Jr.'s Album Released
Remember Taylor Dayne?
Babies Linked to Memory Loss?
Strapped for Cash
Far-Off Birthday Bash
When Bad Clothes Happen
Nobody Does It Better
Diddy Day
Wedding Bells?
Harvard Says "Nizzo"
Biggy's Ashes With His Mom Now
Porn Lawsuit
DMX May Have to Ride a BMX
Raisin' a Baby in Vegas
A Question Asked
Is Lohan Clueless?
Tattoo Removal
In The Spotlight
Don't Quit Your Day Job
On Kissing Girls
This Show's a Train Wreck
Can She Sing?
She's Back
ODB's on Ice
Friends In Low Places
Cruz Digs Kissing Charlize
Brit's Odds
That's Just Mean
Graham's a Garnier Girl
No Shame
Samantha is Bacardi's New Face
Unlikely Collaboration
We Don't Feel Sorry For You
Griffith to Head to TV
Celebs and Law Enforcement
Dorothy's Dress Auctioned
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Do I Smell Bacon?
What Really Happened
Trash Talkin' Turleen
Phoenix in Rehab
The Passion of the Pope?
Celebrity Charades
Are You Kidding Me?
The Tunes of a Lifetime
New Project for Hurley
New Neighbor on Wisteria Lane
Snoop's Hopeful Collaboration
Laundry Time
I See London, I See France
Cobain Tribute
Man Dates
"Glitter" Was a Joke
Mickey is NOT a Fan
More Charles and Camilla News
Delivery Room Ban
School of Rock
Busted for Double Swiping
4th Grader Lands Brit Interview
Aniston is a Godmother
Move On, Shar
You're Busted
Diddy's Daddy Dollars
Casting News
Do Real Men Drink Pink?
Liar, Liar
Nicole and Russell Beaten By Wiggles
Are You Kidding Me?
Please God, No
Don't Mess With Nicole
Elton Praises Eminem
End of the Mockumentary?
Materially Annoying
Double Duty
Calm Down, Russell
MTV Goes Into Overdrive
Elton's Money Woes
Gisele's Language
Lindsay and Christian?
Good For Her
What's in the Box?
Mariah Says...
Becks Needs a Fashion Makeover
Blah Blah Blah
Husband Cuts Madonna
Oscar and Martha Collaborate
Walmart v. Target
Money Well Spent?
So Misunderstood
Cozying Up to the Camel
Kirsten and Jake to Wed?
Avril Says...
Pre-Show Breakup?
Dollywood To Take Over the World
Brad Buys a House
All Reality, All the Time
Marriage Woes
Chan's Cookies?
Lilly Pulitzer Barbie
Lettin' Loose
Keep Your Hands to Yourself
She's Right on Target
I'm Having Trouble Picturing This
Very Cool
No Sense of Humor
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!
From Boy Bander to Mayor
On Hold?
Celebrity Living Weekly
Keys To Do Film
Oh, Mary-Kate
Pretty in Pink Sequel
Sell Out?
Not That Desperate
Dropping Out
Supporting the Troops
Could Be a Dealbreaker
Get Well, Neil
Ledger-Williams Having a Baby?
A Different Project for Alicia
Ben's Not All That
April Fool's Drag Fun
Putting Her Boobs Away
Halle and Heavy?
Blonde No More
Wedding Bells?
Bye, Carter
Green With Envy
Shacking Up?
Lauren Lauren?
No Bette-Brit Collaboration
Thatcher's a Man-Woman
When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go
Grandma and Grandpa Kutcher
Britney Invites More Drama
Pat Sajak Has a Blog
Back to the Music
Home Handover
Falling for U2
Sneaky, Matthew
Big Loss for Knight
Move to Cool
Jerry Still Causes Controversy
Fashion Awards
Longest Lecture
K.Feddy's Escapades
New Surreal Life Cast
Love to Play Lovelace
Chasing Amy Reunion
Together Again?
Carmen's Bombshells
Like Father, Like Son
Baby for Karen Walker?
Beyonce to Play Dylan?
Naomi Strikes Again
Different Kind of Frat Party
Is She Or Isn't She?
Mariah News
You Ugly
Ashlee Grows
Reality Show News
Parental Supervision
Scent of Celine
Drummer Suicide
Ban on Foie Gras?
Ultimate Diva
Diddy's Next Business Venture
Dallas Casting
Gerber's Selling
Tommy Still Has Pam's Support
Horrific Discovery
Not-So-Sweet Charity
Pitt-Aniston Divorcing
Cybil To Do Martha--Again
New MAC Girl
Kidnapping Confession
New Reality Show
Happy Easter
April Fool's Joke on Jenna and Barbara
Lohan's Backstabbing Family
Shoot Me
Dallas: The Movie
Sheen Fights Back
Not Chaplin's Daughter
Serving From the Hip
Abdul's Misdemeanor
Star Power
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...
When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People
No Patience for Grey
Love and Marriage--Osbourne Style
Pacy Is Over Joey
The Price is Right for Animal Rights
From Sideways to Spiderman
Stars in the Courtroom
Idol's Back!
When Will It End?
Casting Call
Put it Away, Love
Custom Made Hollywood Teeth
A Different Crowd
Shut It, Susie
Taking to the High Seas
Sharpton's Stock
Affleck to Direct
When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People
Punky's Preggers
50 Cent a Role Model?
Grillin' With Matthew
Ashton's Weak Stomach
Dylan's "Inner Blackness"
Brittany Murphy Says
Taking Risks
Queen Camilla
Money Changes Everything
Bye Bye Breasts
Creepy Kids
Oprah Turns to Poverty
Tween Tabloid
The Versace Reality
Tara To Do TV
Couples Not So Cool
Still Sporting the Mullet
What's the Real Story?
Spears a Script Stealer?
Sticking Her Foot in Her Mouth
Big Fat Liar?
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Springer Jumps Across the Pond
'Lil Lies
Letterman Child Kidnapping Plot
Wingman Chat in the Urinal
Not Easy Being Green
More Bourne
Play Station Bling
Spock's Fat Liberation
Becks' Film Debut
For Sale: Neiman Marcus
Chalk Talk
Carmella's Stork Arrival
Sage Wisdom
90210 Reunion
Your Thoughts?
Newest Gap Face
LOTR--The Musical
Backstreet Ballad
Damon's Goodie Bag
Tennis Anyone?
Usher the Cheerleader
No Thanks, Timberlake
Caption This!
Casting Call
Anger Management
Bono Turns to Fashion Design
TV Tunes
Drunk Love
Haute Housewives
New Dictionary Definitions
Queer Eye for the Red Sox
The Stinking Truth
Wedding #5
Rap Dictionary
Babs Is Back?
Bracket Buster
Breast Vanity
Baby #2
Break a Leg
We're Done
LFB's Nude Flight
Gropefest Update
Nice Work
Green With Envy
Harvard Hates Hilary
ELF Cosmetics
Surprise, Surprise
Let It All Hang Out
Vandals Strike Clooney's Italian Pad
Drew's Decade of Achievement
Actress Battles Depression
Good Advice
Hip Hop Apprentice
Make Us Laugh, Britney
Put Down the Thickburger
Thumbs Down
Frigid Fashion Show
Prison Release Poncho
Can't Get Enough
A Door to the Past
Buy Mariah's Undies
Nick and Jessica Go Back to Singing
Prove It
Rosie Has a Blog
Robbie's All Talk
It's Like, Reality and Stuff
Aguilera Wants to Act
A Day He'd Probably Like to Forget
Chanel's Frequent Buyer Rewards
Jason's Back
Another One
Elton Reaches Out to George
Girl Power
"Desperate" for Employment
Changes at J.Crew
Hoosiers in Hollywood
Pink Flies Solo
Backstreet's Boozin'
Concert Couture
Radio Ban?
People Have No Manners
Didn't See This Coming
Bad Guys
Trouble in Paradise?
Million Dollar Third Choice
Not "Like Father Like Son"
Limp's Lawsuit
Backstreet's Back
Scary Movie
Next Year's Oscars
Sweet Treat
Martin and Davis Dating?
No Signing of the Cannage
Mike Tyson, the Singer?
Another Hollywood Breakup
Thank God
Racy Lady
Who's That Girl
Alley Wants Aniston's Bod
Napoleon Dynamite
Gen Y
Interning for the Olsen Twins
Richards Files For Divorce
Best Dressed
Not a Relapse
Morgan Speaks Out
Topless Dancers Greet Prince
Things Are Fine?
Moany, Moany
Shel Silverstein Archive
Dark Days
Warning From Kimora
Showing Off Down Under
Movin' In
Paris Says...
Would You Like Fries With That Oscar
White Wedding
Game High
Felicity's Back
Miller Time
Sweet Charity
Brave New World
She Needed a Change
"Reunited and it feels so good..."
Stripping Down
Baby Got Back
You're Fired
You're #1
Essential Black Films
No Award for Award Shows
The Prince's Bachelor Party
Kiss and Tell
Lucky Day
Oscar Roundup
Who's Gonna Be the Next Bond?
Fun With Paris
Newhart's Desperate
Hairy Penelope
Baby Time
Becks' Scent
Givenchy in Trouble?
Museum of the American Cocktail
The Best of the Best
Give This Girl a Burger
Trouble in Paradise?
Separated at Birth?
Quentin to Direct CSI
Eva Likes to Flirt
Now Presenting...
Whitney Voms on Plane
Travolta to Do Hairspray?
Press Gaggle
Anti-Smoking Billboards at Oscars
Convenient Store Time
Swanky Dog
Nick and Jessica: Out on the Town
Singin' His Sorries
Strip Your Way to Thin
Beckham's Boots
8 Isn't Enough
New From Starbucks
Breast Size Linked to Personality?
Dawson's Back
Better Be Accurate
Oscar Goodies
Cher States The Obvious
Cruise Has a Woman
Jessica Simpson Hospitalized
Penguin Party Ticks Off PETA
Fighting Words
The End of "NYPD Blue"
New BlogAd
REM Bassist Sick
Back to Black
Cleaning Up Her Act
You Could Be Dancin'--Yeah
Mini Skirt Is Here To Stay
No Peek at Crowe's Package
Yet Another One
Moloney To Play Frey
Broadway Update
Addidas' New Shoe Line
That's Not Curry
Paris Gets Hacked
And the Rivalry Continues...
Best Abs
Celebrity Passings
Madonna To Play Transvestite
D & G Break Up
A Visit From Mom
Posh and Becks Have #3
The Condom Caper
Feel Your Boobies
Pumped Up
Desperate For Attention
God Told Me To
Just Because
Travolta is Anal
Christina's Surprise
Go Away
Casting News
Fresh Prince to Host
Together Again
Flatulent Footwear
Love (and Booze) is in the Air
No Smoking for Brad
Bye, George
Rear View
No Tour for J Lo
Tacky Art Sells Big
Motley Midgets
Bad Prom Pics
Receiving a Granny-Beating
Cake Tip
Drea Likes Us All
Elfman is a Nutjob
Mellencamp to Tour
Daddy Cage
Strippin' for Charity
Young Mom Movement Continues
Nice Try
Kidman Is Single Again
Inside Deep Throat
Bitch War
Kanye's Bitter
ABBA Together Again
Just Disturbing
Lohan's a Doll
No Shit
Heaven-ly Recordbreaker
Keanu Gets Hammered
Jailhouse Rock
Blogs and the Workplace
Fashion Flub
Chandler Rushed to Hospital
Wax Brad and Jen
Hip Hop Hooray HO!
Love's Punishment
Non High Times?
Wedding Bells
Strange Attack
Should Have Been Miller Time
Wiggin' Out
Snoop's Schmooze Technique
Angie's Expecting
Triple Threat
Robbie the Cradlerobber
Cojo's Dumpage
Business Screw Ups
Chuck + Cammy
Playing House
How Quick They Move On
Trump: The Movie
Wedding Bells?
Mandy's T's
Curiously Skanky
Marriage Advice
Die Hard Part 4
The Perfect Fit
Bree's Gay?
"Little House" News
Stefani's Wish
Jen's First Date?
Scent and the City
McConaughey's NASCAR Debut
Davis to Do TV
No More Single Life
Big's Back
Sex Gland Alert
Boys Will Be Boys
Caption This
Barrymore Breakup Letter
Fame's To Blame
Unlikely Team
Rodman Shows Off His Assets
More Than You Googled For
90's TV
Quote Me
Love is in the Air
Heather Graham's Single Again
Amusing Shop Names
Chic Seat
Super Bowl Thoughts
Fashion Week Update
Stick THAT in Your Pipe and Smoke It
How Wonderful
Surreal Love
Playboy Video Game
Karaoke Therapy
Karl Blasts Nicole?
Watched Like a Hawk
Speedy Gonzales
Urban Legends
Harvard's Hasty Pudding Award
Zit Diddy
Juice and Jugs
Takin' It Back
Ad Time
Doctor's Orders
Desperate Pleas
Third Time Not a Charm
TV Funnies
Go Tony!
Enrique Smells
It Has Touched Us All
Restauranteur Spills Beans
Jennifer DeBone
Abdul to Grace Us With Her Singing Again?
Stamos Wants "Real Women"
My Dream World, by Tara Reid
Queer Beer
Blow Out Into the Market
Lifetime Shmifetime
Party Time
Tony to be on A&E
Mass Dysfunction
Hollywood Break-up
Angelina's Gift to Brad
New MTV2
Speedy Sperm
Catering to the Vertically Challenged
Random Blog Find
Queer Eye on Broadway
Just Kidding
Advertise Here
Snoop's Requests
K. Feddy's Lap Dance(s)
Faking It
Demanding Diva
Diesel--The Musical?
La Vida Forgetful
Now THAT'S Talent
Greg Brady To Get Divorce
Plastic Surgery Mag
Shadow of Their Former Selves
Arnold Palmer Weds
The House of Weed
Shar is Clearly Delerious
Usher is a Diva
Mariah to Move to Britain
Poor Peyton
Find a New Character
Porn Buddy?
Pepsi's "Super" Ad
Fashion Week
Gambling Suit
Grandma's Secret Ingredient
Dirty Debbie
No Bum Shots For Keira
Celebs and the Cops
Kiss Me
Those Duke Boys Know How to Party
Back That Ass Up
Prada's Future
More Ink for Brit
Love, Paris
Affordable CRIB
Job Swap
More Reality
For Jenna Jameson's Daughter
Buy Your Way Into the Sunday Styles Section
The Ladies in Red
Poor Paris
Indy's Elimidate
This Is Just Wrong
Because We Need Another Reality Series
Stiffler's Mom
SJP Does More Gap
Dumb Criminals
You Gotta Fight...
Slap Happy
We'll Be Seeing You
I Love the 90's
J.Lo Enters Reality TV Realm
Too Much Hasselhoff
From "Housewives" to Hosts
From Broadway to Film
Business Update
One Beer Short of a Sixpack
Hot Mamas
Usher Has No Love for J.Lo
Fashion Flashback
Simon Says...
Role Playing
VF Website
Nutty Auction
Just Say No to Swimsuit Issue
Brady Blueprints
Model Citizens
The Producers
Under the Radar
Webber to Sell All?
F'ing Patriotism
Scorsese to Make Movie About Dylan
X Files News
Apprentice: the Musical?
Couric's PDA
Getting Into Character
Shut up, Vincent
Rambo: First Viagra
MAC's Supreme Decision
Fashion Update
Big Finish for Samuel L.
Odd Opera
The Worst
On the Road Again
Get a Stylist, Diane
Spring Must Have
Casting News
Firey Passion
Ben's a Trekkie
Hairy Situation?
Men Getting Their Hands Held on Idol
Affair Again
Sizing Up the Competition
Disney Doing Tron
Sad News
Tube Initiative
Share the Wealth
Poor Taste
Men of Style
We Are the Future
From Broadway to Hollywood
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Nas and Kelis Get Hitched
Big Mistake
Fashion News
Beer Needs Image Consultant
Get Over Yourself
Boy, This Made Me Feel Stupid
Female Lawyers Score a Victory
One More Splurge at Starbucks
Was it Angelina?
Porn Club
Knightley to Become Bricklayer?
Motley Marriage
Cindy's Back
Tsunami Aid Shopping
Lopez and Anthony Buy Home
Cheap Drugs in Britain
Paris Squared
Samuel L. Says "No Way"
Neuman's Inferno
Rod is 60!
Sports Stars Unite
Broadway Update
3 More Years
Spacey News
Blogs to Check Out
It's Over
Jazz Hands
Spending Habits
Gere's an Idiot
Music Stars Who Think They Can Act
Politics and Hollywood
Celebrity Justice
Because People Are Dumb
Quote Me
Never Too Young
K. Feddy?
Ice Queen
Hung to Hit the Big Screen
Hottest Ticket in Town
Casting News
The Importance of Fries
Sexy Gramps and Grannys
Brit's Career Options
Cry Me A River
Halle Digs Her Kitty
She's Classy
Roll With It
Hot and Not
Small World After All
Lawren's Literary Corner
Baby on the Brain
Misused Quotes
Motley F-Bomb
Depp and Lohan Top Superstar Lists
"Ellen" Breaks a Record
Another Round of Beetlejuice?
No to "J.Lo"
Live Aid 2
Car Scents
Clothes Hoarder
Now That's a Nugget!
Another Year-End List
Desperate Diaz
Jellyfish Shmellyfish
Blogs Get More Press
Hollywood Dating Scene
Bridezilla of the Year
Jerry Orbach Dies
Teri Polo to Bare All
Broadway Update
New Year's Workout
Way To Shoot Yourself In The Foot
Odd Jobs Quiz
Aviator Sunglasses
Spidey to Model?
Did You Know?
Top 10 Search Terms
Recount, Please
Porn Phenomenon
Trivia Time
Santa Baby
They May Need an Exorcist
Peyton's Place
Merry Christmas!
The Dad Who Auctioned Off Christmas
'04 Round Up
The Real World: Austin
Just In Time For Christmas
Where's Martha?
Acting Class for Ashley
Replacement Found
Cure Drunk Dialing!
Bras 101
Christmas Quiztime
The Giving Season
Wear It on Your Chest
Celebrity Justice--With an Indiana Link
Celeb Presents
Even Lawyers Have Standards
You Know You Shop Too Much When...
Life After Sex
It's Falluja for Ford
McCartney's Faux Nails
Not Into You
Wyclef Dabbles in Design
Not an A Student
Neil Wanted for Assault
Lyttle Lytton Contest
Celebrity Name Game
Another Brilliant Quote from Paris Hilton
Celebs--Naughty or Nice?
Lexicon Fun--Holiday Style
Ashlee Won't Do Lesbo Scene
Love-Survivor Style
Disproving a Rumor
Quiz Overload
Who's Your Daddy?
Insurance May Not Be Enough
Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE
Wedding Bells
Robbin' the Cradle
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Socks for Sale
Kitchen Glam
Best TV Characters?
Celebrity Justice
GG Noms
Dance Spice
Bad Decision?
Kidman Quits
Ocean's 12
Party Time
Colts Clinch
Spears' Scents and No Sensibility
Sir Kingsley
TV News
Bah Humburger
Additions and Absences
Trend Alert
What He Won't Do For Work
Blog Alert
Not Your Typical Nativity
Tribe's Unusual Worship
Play Ken
Pink to Pen
New Chess Champ
Ticked Off Deliveryman Shares Beer
Stevie's Ticked
Puffy and the Pres
Who is the Most Smackable?
People Can be Wicked
Cheese Please
I'm Back
The Mother of all Martinis
All in the Family
Caption This
Like a Prayer
I love this bar and grill
Did you know?
Dolly Parton's Kin?
Stocking Stuffer Idea
Drinkin' with the boys
Leading up to the Oscars
Mary Poppins
Hot Words
Crue is BACK!!!!!!!!
Christmas Gift Idea
Bye Bye Blonde
Bergen's Back!
Like this is a surprise
"The Wall"suit
Boo Freakin' Hoo
Clooney's back problems
What was she thinking?
Spacey to quit acting?
Inventive Minds
Inside the Actor's Gas Issues
The Thanksgiving Aftermath
Circle City Christmas
Heritage Turkey
Odd Ruling
Survey Says!
Gobble Gobble
Your a moron
Trivia Time
Class Act
Fun Fashion Quiz
Sharon the preacher
RuPaul's Blog
Save Cojo!
Tale of a Wal-Mart Tutor
Creepy Christmas
Your 5 minutes of fame are over, girl
Gadget Giveaway
Baby Got Back
Getty has dementia
Dating advice from Dr. Ruth
New Kid on the Block
AFI's Quote List
Pitt Passes on ITAS
Fashion News
Julia's Honor
Dave's Back
Who's the Sexiest of them all?
Gropin' with Sharon
Denzel does Shakespeare
Designer Sweet Treat
Real World date
Poet Laureate
CZJ Poncho
A&F Suit Settled
Have Breakfast with Peyton
I'd Like to thank the academy...
The Babysitter's Club
What is she wearing?
Blog Love
Cruise to Climb
Becks' Sexy Gift
Tommy Likes 'em big
Lexicon Fun
Goldie and Kurt No More?
Cute Clutch
Becks' Beauty Regime
Martha's Bills and Buds
Liza Says....
Tips from Trump
How Much do you love The Who?
Sniff your way to peace
Meat and his bears
Brit Wuz Here
Theater News
6FU--Laid to rest
Tara is so Bara
Male Mating
Good Buy
P Diddy's Bday Bash
Yoko's Shakin' her groove thang
The real deal
Following through on the threat
One track minds
Bye Bye Minibottle
SATC Alternative Endings
Renee's Undies
Celebrity Mugshot Calendar
One More Reality Show
Fear Factor
What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?
Party Time
R. Kelly Servin' the Kiddies
Paris playing doubles?
Big Dummies
Technical Difficulties
Chic Worship
Nicholson's New Book
Ashlee Vanilli?
Condoms, Condoms Everywhere
Movie Weekend
Family Ties
Comedies Only for Affleck
Close Joins The Shield
Doesn't Jail Seem Fun?
Sex Ban for the Governator
Gavin's Secret
Says LL
A mother's love
South Beach
Rod's Rod
Broadway Update
Beauty Tips
VB Rocks
Pudding Strike
Mirror, mirror on the wall...
Friday Trivia
Voting Incentive
Sexual Healing
More Hilton Drama
Ralph Rises Again
She's so traditional
Lake's ashes
Prince Video Controversy
Real World Birthday
Martha says...
Big Day
The Bunny is Back
New Hollywood Couple
Good to be in DC
Friday Fun Quiz
Cher--Nude at 60
From Baywatch to Spongebob
Shawshank on DVD
Miami Vice Movie
Can you say, "OUCH?"
For a Good Cause
The Sounds of Your Youth
Stars and their majors
Gambling Movies
Material Bashing
Shatner Sings
They Say It's Your Birthday!
She's Back?
Great Parenting
Broadway Update
Jack hits the big screen
Strangers on my flight
Madonna going studious?
Voter Chic
She's watching it rain men from heaven now
What she's got
Casting Call
Weak Jack
Because you never know
Porn Again
Size Does Matter
Trump Smells
For a Good Cause
Daily Show viewers know
Cry me a river
Seinfeld Reunion
Dumb Lawsuit
The wait is over
Fug Bag
Lachey to hit big screen
Fun Quiz
Downey's Multiple Talents
The High Heel Defense
Lesbian Waffles
Looks Don't Matter to Paris
Bride of Frankenstein
Spacey Says...
Dream Contest
Long Overdue
Trump on Rathergate
New Union
Free Crabby
She did it again
Fun Quiz
Season Premiere of SNL
Buh Bye Slutwear
Broadway Update
His Prerogative
Carnie's expecting
Will, Grace, and Babs
Big, Fat Clerical Error
Go Rupert
I am not an average American
A la Tyson
Let's Dance, the Lap Dance
Endorse me like Beckham
Grab your Ice picks
We Fat
Looney Tunes
Stupid Law
The Big Dis
Christina's Cheap Ways
The Essentials?
Klum Insures Her Legs
P. Diddy TKO?
Unexpected Guest
Rob that cradle
Material Girl Ale
Tiger's Two
Nip No More
Cojo Says...
Wedding Trend
She's Got Assets
Mind Games?
Now THAT's a centerpiece!!
My new love
A Shirt for the Gutsy
Civilians Beware
Bob Knight--Sitcom Star?
From Backstreet Boy to Porn Star
Happy Birthday
It's all in the family
Bush-supporting Baldwin
The Passion of the "Clerks"
Laura Branigan Dies
Sweet News
Go Clint!
Beckham Baby
Drivers Wanted
Almost Famous
You Go, Girl!
Back to School?
Dave Matthews and His Dumpage
Rop Music
Great Web Tool
Mandy Sets the Record Straight
Geisha Movie
Hometown Hero
Monday Diversion
Trendy Product Alert
Wild Weekend
Who's Sexy?
Putting a voice with the face
Class Act
Top 10 Business Movies
Dr. Bond?
Goodbye, Charlotte
Come home, Tinkerbell
Bye Bye Silly String
Miranda goes back to blonde
Porn to be wild
First Day
Trucker Boy
Celeb Legal Document
How Low Can you Go?
Big Girl
Hilton Sis Marries
Jenna Tells All
Mr. Roboto
Give me an "N"...
Quiz Fun
Baggage Theft
Luck on the Ladies
Dicey Proposition
Disorderly Conduct
It's A Nurse-In
Photos Into Stamps
The Donald
Fay Wray
Security - - Anyone?
The Duke Gets Stamp
Kester the Jester
Rick James
Mayor in Stilettos?
Nair Emergency
Man Pillow
And in the "they deserve each other" category today we have:
Don't scratch it...
The Quiet Founder
Gotti Trois
Gotti, Part Deux...
Team America
Take That!!!
In The News -
Oops, busted...
Hey Laaa-dies!
Added Words
Revolting Fashion
Victoria Gotti
Pretty in Pink
Worst of the Web
Pinger Fixed
$50 For a Cup of Joe
Lawren's Away - Let's Play!
Cookie check...
The long arm of the bunny...
It's over
Crazy Man
So long, farewell...
Logo's Lineup
Amish in the city
Bringing home some bacon
Medical WTF?
Would you like some dope with that?
The perfect summer treat
There was an old lady who gave birth to a shoe
Brainless Quiz
Fancy Free
New Jazz Listener Seeks Advice
KITT 4 Sale
Swift Sperm?
Cruel and Unusual
She DOES have a brain, folks!
Switching it up
New Show
How's your image look now?
Canine Cocaine Catastrophe
Tom and Jerry
80's Poll
Not-so Bootylicious
Oscar preview
You may call me, Carmen
End of the Road
Federline's a dad--AGAIN
So Sew Me
Nacho Man
Safety Girl Emergency Kit
Maybe she'll get with Spidey?
Save Mary-Kate
Small-Minded Spike
Stuck on yourself
Bringin' You Back to Middle School
The Worst Brew
Cheer up, Timmy
Could it be?
What's your rating?
You wish, Martha
Those were the days, my friend
Hoosier Letterman to make movie
Animated Boob Job

The First Cut is the Deepest
Comma Khameleon
Brit's Got the Munchies
Friday Trivia
Odd Job
I need a hero
Christina going bald?
Tobey's a Diva
Election Site
The scoop on antifreeze
Usher is annoying
81 Years Young
Supersized Chic
Here's Lawren!
RIP Weezie
Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee
Quotes of the week
Lifestyles of the rich and impatient
We Pack Heat
Now THAT'S a Slit
Those Crazy Kids!
Pay Attention in Handwriting Class!
Fun Quiz
I'll have a foot long
Diva Tank
Get Well Goblin King
Hairy Situation
Latte Laughs
Broadway Update
Organized Drunkenness
Fun Diversion
Can it be?
Candid Camera
Italians say no to Atkins
Lachey on Charmed
Wedding Weekend
Happy Little Family
Weddings and old friends
We Lost the Godfather
Wedding Bells for Donna
Remember Alf?
To fart, or not to fart
Tara Reid Dating Online?
Who are these people?
No Class
Stripping Spaces?
I Ain't No Betty Crocker
Esther Blanks
Tiny Bobbles
Broadway Update
My Kind of Book
Wake Up Call
Unlikely Pair
Everybody Loves the F-Bomb
Batter Up!
I'm Batman?
Christmas Present
Darwin Awards
Judd Lands Lauder Contract
Those Are Fightin' Words
Movie Songs
Surprising Survey
She's Still Got It
For the Kiddies
He's the Champion
Skateboarding Pup
Where Was I?
Happy Father's Day
What she said
You've got to move it, move it
Divine Idol?
Who's the Harriest of them all?
Are you joking me?
Celebrity Yearbook
I Scream You Scream
On the Rocks?
Great--we get to see more of her
Money, Money, Money
Jagger's Joint
Don't Cry Over Rotten Dumplings
Fix It Tip
Better Late Than Never?
Scent of Spears
You Likey?
They Wish
Got Spirit?
What I love
Carb Craze Never Ends
Hooters Air
Random Website
Goodbye, Mr. Charles
Stay Away
Mental stimulation
Law and Order--the show that will never end
Note to self
Shittin' in style
Lead Foot
Chalupa Up In Ya Face
Oh the humanity
Fashion Icon
If you were a bettin' man...
Drunky Drunky
I Was Wrong
Major Dilemma
Ronald Reagan Dies
OJ Weighs In
The A-B-C's of the Beatles
No Respect
Let's Get Ready to Rumble
Lovin' and Leavin'
Indy Bling
Generic Names for Soft Drinks
More Lexicon Fun
I Miss You, Paris
NO Sex for You!
Fun With Names
Jen Wants More in Bed?
Scarlett's Sexual Encounters
Indy 500
Layover Treat
Buffyologist Conference
I'm Connected
Brad and Jen Ditch "Troy"
Gay-Themed Reality Show Canned
Quite a Change
Wedding Weight Watchers
You Know You've Made It When...
I Love the 80's
Broadway Update
Bar Review
Brief Invention
The Return of Andy Kaufman?
Germy Ties
Open Wide
Save the Chicken
Snoop's Single
Now THAT's an Ad
Jewel's 'Tude
Common Resume Blunders
Bar Review
How Good Was It?
Greasy Thief
The Diddy Has 12 Faces
Still Alive
Stars Race to Murder Scene
And the Winner Is...
Product Review
Apple of Her Eye
Anatomy of an Autopsy
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Jello--Not just for kids anymore
Lovitz a Stud?
Cry Me a River
Tony Randall Dies
You're Annette Benning
Rat Aid
Think Pink
Shake Your Groove Thing
And in the Hoosier state...
Shoo Fly Shoe
Breakin' Out
Soytini Anyone?
Moving Fun
Rutti Tutti Fresh and Fruity
Sing, Sing a Song
Inappropriate Isn't EVEN the Word
Frasier Has Left the Building
Or Something?
Minor Miscalculation
Women of Home Depot
Model Citizen
The Shining
I Fall To Pieces
Make it Last
She Changes Her Mind Like I Change My Clothes
Way too Chipper
Choose Your Own Adventure: NYC
If You Want to Destroy My Sweater
Broadway Update
Monday, Monday
Sex Machine
It's All in the Name
Last Night
Reason #4,865 Why Michael Moore is a Jackass
At Last--An Actual Rick's Cafe
Diva Drink
Penile Piercing
Is Fred Durst a Blogger??
Knight Rider
Not Quite Osh Kosh
Celebrity Yearbook
Save Your Pennies
Punk'd Gone Wrong
50 Years of Pop
Brandon Walsh is Engaged
An Unlikely Hit
Men and Their Roving Eyes
You're Not Getting Me on One of Those Things
I'm Alive
Can it be true?
Someone Was Really That Bored?
Word Game Fun
The Russians Have Some Serious Penis Envy
Third Time's a Charm?
Boy Kicks Bear's Ass
Entertainment Poll
Supersized Laughs
Best of the Best
Drying Out
She's So Excited
The Good Life
Demonstrators Get More Clever Every Day
And I Thought I Spent A Lot of Time in the Library
AC Slater Got Hitched
Given' Herself a Rubdown
Indianapolis Indeed
Question of the Day
Save Mona
Come on Get Nauseated
B. Diddy
End of an Icon
Movie Review
Nicki Noir
Face Lift
Gotta Love the Law
Where's the Beef?
Like Watching a Train Wreck
Tillman Dies in Iraq
Is This a Joke?
Miss Army Knife
Now That's Taking Your Garden Seriously
Spielberg's Next Masterpiece
I Wouldn't Be Laughing
Must. Suppress. Rage.
Armani Wears Faux Armani
Carb Craze Continues
Useful Phrases for Your Summer Travels
Duke Helps the Sleep-Deprived
Becks' Sex
Spacek Trying Hand at Horror Again
Cul de Sac
Poker Choker
Not Gonna Happen
Album Release
Saturday Quiz
Scary Broadway Update
Miami Welcomes the VMA's
The WOman Show?
Merger of Occupations
I Love Chuck
Manly Reality
Tax Day--in more ways than one
Did you know...
Beatles-Inspired Sneaks
Veteran Actors
Nicholson IS King!
Show Them the Money
Meeting a Murderous Mind
The Night the Lights Went Out in Vegas
New Digs
Condo Update
Question of the Day
I Don't Make This Stuff Up, Folks!
Uncle Jesse's a Bachelor
Even VH1 is Blogging
Pucker Up Buttercup
Janet Does Condi
Ode To Monday
Less than 2 weeks until
...dumbass move. A Wayne County
Sonnet 54
A model shows a hairstyle
Prostitutes in a Romanian town
An obese inmate was caught
Condi Rice is my hero.
My law school's blog (of
Take the quiz: "Which American
This story makes me want
After one man received
I found an interesting site
Via Just a Girl
Comedian Bill Maher, former Minnesota
Bob Dylan appears in
Hollywood superstar Jennifer Lopez is
Adolf Hitler's honorary citizenship of
...to TARA (my friend from
...in living color." Miss your
"Love Actually" hunk Colin
The 2004-2005 Broadway season has
Had 2 middle school flashbacks
I'm REALLY excited about the
Everyone has a pimp hiding
How disturbing is this? A
A vibrating condom and an
An inebriated Bill Murray gave
Two original Munchkins from the
Can you tell the difference
Hollywood funnyman Will Ferrell
The Indiana Pacers clinched the
You all know I'm from
Rudy Giuliani has been named
Name the movie and the
Sarah Jessica Parker to be
Here's an interesting article on
Johnny Depp's new film needs
If you get pulled over
Actress Reese Witherspoon and husband
Dan Brown's novel, is being
Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank
Did you know that Brad
Well, the lady accepted my
Here's a guide to sign
I made an offer on
Take this quiz--match the beer
George Michael has revealed
Gene Keady might leave
On a recent Howard Stern
Thought I'd relay to you
The "Beautiful" diva has been
People of Indiana (or anywhere
Thought Gwen Stefani looked
Elvis Costello, 49, has agreed
I was just thinking the
Reason #4,572 why if you're
With March Madness upon us,
A 4-year-old Head Start student
So I'm at the gym
You're doing a top five
As many of you know,
I guess the "City of
Jessica Simpson's new bath
George Clooney is single
First Lady of Cincinnati, perhaps.
Happy St. Patty's Day to
I was just checking on
Check out this ACTUAL quote
Halle Berry thinks she has
Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman
Some radio stations are bleeping
Andy Rooney said Sunday he
As the Federal Communications Commission
A group that analyzes the
My friends Heidi and Polly
Got this e-mail on my
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, long known
I heard "Baby, Don't Forget
Oh. My. Gosh. I just
Two years of celibacy are
Spinning class is the devil.
Pork products processed and distributed
Are you a Samantha, Miranda,
Being as dumb as I
Oprah Winfrey - talk show
Disgraced former U.S. figure
Robert Pastorelli, who played the
Watch out Josh--your beloved Norah
Fantasy movie + Nicole Kidman=An
...the moon and New York
As many of you know,
I have noticed that my
Don't expect a "Sex and
When I first saw this
I found a great website
Gotta get my work on
I just watched "Meet
Had a ball at the
Tonight is my law school's
Wow. Who would have thought?
The severed tip of a
Janet Jackson to host "Saturday
Here's the Friday Five: What
Twenty women have taken part
There are some really annoying
I wanted to alert you
According to an interview in
Oh yes--high school basketball sectionals
Unlikely couple Scarlett Johansson and
My generation frustrates me
Jack and Jill went up
NBC "Today" star Katie Couric
Please cast your vote for
Get your mind out of
I didn't get to
Hope everyone is gearing up
All I have to say
The law school ladies are
That's driving under the influence
My friend Shelley and I
I'm a bit perturbed with
...OUCH! An Ohio woman has
Please submit entries to the
Four men have been fined
Carl Anderson, the actor and
Ethan Hawk re: his probable
I'm just torn up about
As you know, I periodically
So my aunt recommended this
Click here for MSN's worst
As most of you that
...is still "A," but now
Tennis star Anna Kournikova turned
I have some creeping crud
A six-year-old girl with an
Proof that there really is
Click here for why Judi
It was perfect. His name
I sure hope so.
Scarlett Johansson, who gained critical
Blogging will most likely be
Click here for the world's
A Broadway revival of David
Friday Five: When was the
A farmer who wants to
And one more "respected" entertainer
Who says you have to
Work on my law review
I'm usually a huge fan
Tired of being angry
Oldest drivers more likely to
Workers accused Britain's biggest brewer
It's not over til it's
So the time has come
A "model pupil" has admitted
I'm sure I'm the LAST
The head partner stopped me
Happy Birthday, Dad!! I'm sure
Yes, bedbugs are making
The James Dean Memorial Gallery
My thoughts on "Sex and
Ruby Red Grapefruit Crystal Light.
"My Immortal" by Evanescence. The
Techies and Trekkies for a
Click here for an informative
Ok, so it's rumored
Looks like Norah Jones hasn't
Happy Valentine's Day! :)
Actress Sandra Bullock earned a
Here's a good guide to
Looks like the f-bomb is
Hope none of you have
Sick of bulky blouses under
After your romantic weekend...make sure
A costumed Disney World employee
Oscar-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is
Actually, disrespect doesn't even begin
Watching "Where in the world
Who is this famous actress?
Those of you who know
After the Super Bowl... President
For sale: Spacious dwelling on
"Never drink Diet Coke.
I have a friend who
Justin Timberlake has landed himself
There are so many "hot"
A few thoughts regarding tonight's
Well, the law school talent
Exhausted because I went to
Heat's back on! :)
The show went GREAT! (I'll
Blogging will most likely be
Did you know that fingernails
Valentinis! Combine 2 1/4 cups
The nation's unemployment rate dropped
Now here's a party in
..."unobservant." A Pensioner who lived
I really want to see
Nope! It's not Taco
A second-grader was suspended for
It's about darn time:
An overseas Internet site is
ARGH! I'm so angry! In
Nope, I'm not talking about
There's an interesting buzz going
Courtney Love is looking for
A London gym has developed
There is much talk about
Chris Kattan is going from
It seems to be
So I went to 2
Which Silver Screen Siren
How awesome is this? The
"Are You Gonna Be My
San Mateo County is charging
Water. Whatever you do, where
I've heard some bad pick
I thought this was quite
Yale Diva has a very
Poker has become THE hot
Paris Hilton's sex tape co-star
If there was ever a
And AVOIDABLE! A 10-month-old girl
Happy Birthday, Oprah! Oprah
For the first time in
For the past two years,
...I had the first "I'll
...how to get to
My Hoosiers beat the Purdue
The Oscar nominations are out!
I heard on the
I had no idea
Hispanics Across America believes its
It took me about 10
SO ANGRY! I had a
Hope you're all gearin' up
In a British poll, Michael
Look what fun stuff is
Wine is supposed to be
If you like Outkast
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates on
Well, the Oxygen network certainly
Today we lost a
Here's the Friday Five: At
An Amhurst, Massachusetts public high
...POT!" Art Garfunkel was busted
Thought I'd share with all
I found out yesterday that
Does this picture freak anyone
...but not cowdumping. Gross. My
A St. Louis TV station
Someone from work sent me
I was listening to the
Here comes another one of
With the football season drawing
(This one's for you, Kelly
I signed up for a
She says her homeland is
Take this quiz, and find
This article is a good
You are going to Marry
Several bloggers have written interesting
C-O-L-T-S! Go get 'em
I had a great time
Hi All! I'm in Bloomington,
I was in the grocery
Looks like good old Slick
Here's the Friday Five: 1.
Isn't this just like a
We've all woken up in
I thought this pic was
Love--Blog style.
Ladies, take note: Scientists say
I was SO sad to
The "Queer Eye For the
For all of you Atkins/South
I'm buying this as soon
Mr. Blackwell, chronicler of
What Would Tony Do?
I had class this morning
One of my former professors
...when you look forward to
I had a car accident
"Don't spit at me!!!" You
My thoughts on tonight's episode
You are Film. You are
Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura,
Move to Tacoma, Washington! The
1. "Six Feet Under"
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" actress
I just got in from
Now this is funny: Police
Jim Carrey tops the
"Stuff Magazine" reveals its 20
Indianapolis was the nation's top
Righteous Brothers singer Bobby Hatfield's
Damn. This would be sweet.
I'm excited about this: Michael
I'm gearing up for my
A soldier who lost both
A woman with the surname
Her firm is still at
My thoughts on tonight's show:
Josh and Michael both comment
The final episodes of
Pop star Britney Spears marched
How cool is this? A
I saw "Something's Gotta Give"
I'm officially an adorable little
...always a dirty slob. Apparently
Wouldn't this have been sweet?
Here's the Friday Five: What
Star quarterbacks Peyton Manning
I had a great time
I'm heading to the Windy
The Bush administration announced today
Actor Earl Hindman has died
A resident from the tiny
Some of the gals and
I really want to see
This story made me sick
I took a break from
I found this story quite
Head over to Josh's blog.
Way to go Colts! Mike
Stage and screen has lost
This story reaffirms: dogs really
The guy friends that called
I have a head cold
Let me repeat: Men are
...a pencil-thin moustache..." This robber
As 2003 draws to a
I had a great Christmas.
Hope Santa brought you everything
I was late in
What Classic Movie Are You?
Many of us have been
What movie did I watch
I've had a fairly productive
Did anyone see the Oprah
This week's tip has to
Like many bloggers, I wholeheartedly
I took this palm
Someone at the White House
And you thought the holidays
Man sets drinking world record.
This woman gives the phrase,
I realize I'm a bit
So I'm at the IU
I'm off to cheer on
Better late than never, right?
You just have to love
So I drove to my
That's Oxford English Dictionary. The
Lauryn Hill needs to find
Apparently Prince Charles doesn't know
ABCnews.com has a breaking news
"...to the sea." It seems
Many people ask me, "What
"Yes, Virginia, there is a
Cases like these are every
So my friend Heidi got
Professor Cooper, one of my
For Clarence Thomas, it was
...why I love Louis. From
Here's one more to add
So I took a break
There is something seriously wrong
Check out A Little More
Josh has an eye-opening post
The "Treegate" scandal is STILL
What?? I'm shocked! Funkmaster George
I think I'm the last
Just got done with one.
Not quite ladies and gentlemen.
Bill Maher's a freaking idiot!
Maybe it's just me, but
"Not guilty" tattoo identifies robber.
I love John Cusack, so
Sing it with me folks.
I've been quoted about this
Our little law school Christmas
Maybe this year Grandma will
Rudy Giuliani was in town
Well, today's little blogfest has
More economic good news.
A group of us were
Here's his take on our
Here are my results from
I wish this acting master
This teacher should be forced
"Chicks dig me because I
Acidman has a great post
What Pattern Are You? Via
Well, I got my Secured
A real life Hannibal the
Some of my friends (who
1. Do you like to
Happy Thanksgiving to one and
While I'd like to think
The Lord works in mysterious
Well, it seems I've had
"One day when my mother
The Rock and Roll Hall
Understatement: This guy had a
Clinton has released a list
Oh, I should be so
Johnny Depp is the sexiest
So I'm sitting at my
Ok folks, winter's weather is
Have you heard the latest?
The CANDLES (which stands for
It's bad when someone's cell
While driving to school today,
You know the drill, folks.
Broadway loses one of its
I had a great weekend
1. Using one adjective, describe
To the cheers of women
What?? Where the hell have
I think this fellow Hoosier
When you have car trouble,
It's interesting to see what
It's just unnecessary. I'm happy
Joe Lieberman should not be
A group of New Jersey
I honor and salute all
Had I not been adding
Leave it to China to
This just makes me want
Loyal reader of my blog,
Try to name movie, character,
Those of you not from
The best part of this
...about the crying game." Lock-up
Here's the Friday Five: 1.
Can someone explain this to
Those of you that know
I'm sure a lot of
You like to economize. Pinch
All I have to say
You put your right foot
I'll be cheering on Average
I'm all for a good
If you can name the
I'm so pleased to announce
You're still #1 worst in
Awhile back, I posted about
This is one of THE
(sing it with me now)
Good news: The GDP Leaps
Babs is just gross. (If
Today's tip involves making your
Rod Roddy, the announcer on
Mold her baby one more
Stories like this make me
"Television lover, baby, go all
Eureka! Here's where my Manolos
This Texas couple who was
Some lucky Hoosier (at least
Athinia to boyfriend: "No man
Are you smuggling eight dangerous
There is a very interesting
What 80's Movie Are You?
You KNOW a man came
Does anyone else find it
The beauty tip of the
I don't want to jinx
This just makes me sick.
Yo. I need me some
...then David McMillin is for
Ith at Absinthe and Cookies
Tony Curtis is begging for
So I boarded my plane
Josh beat me to the
REAL excited about this--especially since
I sometimes (about 20% of
I had to watch last
Michael Moore was in town
Would someone explain to me
Professor Cooper asks us to
Monkey receives brain implant and
Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't
Ok, I'm all for MANY
Finally, a Democratic candidate who
I hope this was an
So trusts and estates class
Ok, every girl loves perfume.
Reason #25,568 why I sometimes
I posted the following post
How 'bout those Colts??? I
I think this lady is
Name the song AND the
Inside me, there's a
To the coolest MOM in
...like a pissed off Ethiopian
You know how a few
Show off those legs ladies
This made me laugh outloud
I got home from a
While this is not a
This is just wrong. It's
I usually enjoy my 30
Boy, they teach them young
Why do I have a
Tender love is blind It
I used to have a
For those of you who
To add to the new
They have theme weddings, theme
Are you a man
I have a friend that
I've been getting some flack
They had to do a
Daily routines are important, but
Now here's a woman who
Although I'm a fan of
I'm not sure which "exposed
"When I was a kid,
Ok, 50 minutes down of
Ok, so I dig awards
Is there nothing sacred and
There's nothing more beautiful than
I'm all for trying the
This is why I still
Ok, PLEASE tell me someone
In Athens, Georgia, a jury
Check out these famous Mensa
I don't dispute that this
Well, it seems that I've
Happy, Happy Birthday HEIDI! Martini
Welcome to the Martinis, Persistence,
Presidential Candidate General Wesley Clark
R Kelly is truly dillusional.
Read this, but arm yourself
One more presidential hopeful? It's
(Thanks to Bogs for the
"Attention, Attention, there's a naked
"She's all that I have
Make sure you tune in
Shoes in trees? Only in
It's so damn hard to
Whether you agreed with his
Well, the parents are in
WHY does Hollywood do this?
While I can't say that
A true legend doesn't even
Please feel free to share
Tomorrow is not just another
My karaoke days could be
So I just watched my
Speaking of clues, you would
They actually looked in the
What the HELL is wrong
Is anyone the least bit
UPDATE: This is a MUCH
Uncle Jesse and Dharma heading
I hope he's OK.
Greetings, all! I made it
Ok, I've pooled, I've showered,
Hi everyone! I hope you
There IS hope ladies! Click
Hi all! I'm about to
Freak accident doesn't even begin
How great is this law?
I'm only 6 years older
You like it better in
Maripat, over at Right We
These people are f-ing NUTS.
Does this remind anyone else
I hope everyone is ready
So what's this I hear
Rustic and ruff John (Cougar)
Just read the most boring
I am going to try
LORD! I just watched The
I just love watching tennis!
I'd like to give a
I'm working on a copyright
Had a great time this
THIS is wrong on SO
Ahhh, there's nothing more relaxing
I love it!
Welcome friends, loved ones, and
I'm a virgin blogger! Let